The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1936
Page 4
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PAGlJ FOUR - "i BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS , Social Calendar THUUSIIAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Herman cross and Mrs. Edward Scgravcs having bridge p«- ly. 9:30 a.m., for Miss Sue Bull, FRIDAY'S, EVENTS Democratic Women's Club, meeting Hold Noble, 9:30 a. in. Ladies' Bible class, First Methodist church, meeting at home of Mrs. W. P. Brewer. Tlie Ladies Jilble Class will meet \ itli MIT, W .o'clock/ P. M. F. Brewer nt 7:15 Miss Martha Robinson 'Biide of Hugh Whitsitt Miss Miirtlut Hobinson ivnd Hush. Whtlsitl were married last nlfiht at the bride's :hbmc with the Hev, W. V. Womixck, pastor o( the First Methodist church, performing the ceremony nt eight, o'clock. Only- members of the families witnessed the ring service. The vows were e.xcimnged before an Improved nltar ot fenis nnd smilax and bouquets of gladioli, . voscs and sweet' peas also clccoral- cd (lie living room. The bride \vas : attractive In u model of powder blue Sultan crepe with a navy blue trimming iichicv- cd in the buttons rind belt of the two colors. Her navy liat was trimmed in white nnd other accessories were in white. -' She wore Her and valley lilies only attendant was Miss Clam . Lonisc Davis,, who wore a chiffon frock, figured asalnsl an orchid and blue background, and a bouquet 'ot rases nnd sweet pens. The bride's brother, Jack Fin- lej Robinson was the bndegioom's best mill I I „ Immediately ••nflcv (he ceremony Mr. , and Mrs. Whitsllt. left for a motor tup to Ncy, Oilcans and """>" otliei cUli-i on Hie gulf coiit Up'» • on theii rctinn, in a week, they .- ., vill nuke thrii liomo with the „, * bride's, father, al lt:il W. Walnut — St Mrs Whitsltl, who is Iho daughter or Dr. Finley A. Robin . -.if. son nnd the late Mrs. Robinson, Is a iiicmlci of a pfoncci Blytlio- villc. family. She received her later education al 'he Unherslty ot AikanMs, rayctUnillc, \\hcic she became a member of. the Zetn'Tau Alpha sorority, and Aikunsas , Stale College, Joncsboro. f" -v> Mi Whitsitt, who is the .son of 1> ' D J \Vlntsitt, of Biustiop, La, is n graduate of the Pnuguuld high ' ' school and later attended llcndrlx College, Oouwaj, Aik Since coming licre from I'arnKOnld several 5 ems ac;o he In- been connected f jf \Ulli the BljthcUlle Cotton Oil .Company. Mole Affair-, Arranged Complimenting Miss Uult Mi 'S Site Bull, wliotc in ullage to W llliam M Robinson of Cnjio . Girardeau, Mo, will be tin oul- ..Eta'iidiiu! social event of the sran- mer season Is Icing complimented' witli a number of aftant, prior to lier wedding on Julj nth, at the First Baptist, church. This afternoon Miss Margaret, Keck ,\\ho will' be budesmald in the ncddlng is linung A blidge party: nt her home. Mrs. Itermau Cross, and daughter, Mrs. Eclvvnrd Segravcs, of Osccola, .will entertain with a budge Thursday at the Set-raves' home. Wlieii. Mrs Harman Taylor has Over (ho Britke Table By 'Recn With water overhead and underneath, Die new hwlmminj; pool was opened last night— not formally, because Mayer Shane probably heard of (he plans made by his attorney friomls and didn't show up. l-'rcd Sallta, lessee of Iho poo], substituted lor his honor and mis given a good decking, clcthcs mid all. Numerous small parties had been planned with picnics afterward.';, liain prevented the picnics but not the swimming. Sonic girl <lhc tine with the black and white cup) was Hie prclllest swimmer we've seen in many a day. ..llctty McCiitchcn looked especially fcl'chlni; In a while rubber -'batlilns suit... since she Is lo major in physical citu- cnlloir nl college, she plans" lo swim a lot Ihis frinmcr afler ildln<! hcrses at Hot Spiln^s lor several weeks. . .Kiilh Hull lias ;i itt-w seersucker bathlnj siiil whicli Is the envy of all of us who have In ^rar our la^.t summer's ours. ' We feel more a«|imln(cd with Ki'ihtli, at the country club. Mrs. W. 0, I'Dllard, Wednradny, July Rupert Crafton will iuivc a bridge party - Friday The rollowlng nlulit, .Inly (cntli, Mrs. \V. A. Afflick is having a dinner parly. The llnal affulr planned will be n InldBC parly to be Riven by Mrs. Samuel- P. Nonis Monday! July "111. Miss Hull was (nic-sl of honor al n bildce party and linen shower t'iven by Mrs. Meyer Gmbcr und- Miss Helen Alice Steinberg (jalurdfiy night and' Mrs. .Ipc IJt- /cifelncr, of Wushlnijtoii, D. C., Mrs. Carlcton Smith ,of New Or- lenns. unit Mrs: J. W. Addms had a handkerchief shower nnd biidijc party Thursday. > * i •Ccniilry Club .Iijly Fourth- I'lcnlo Cancelled The annual Fourth of July plc- iile, given each year at the country club In connection with a special (jolt .program, has" bocn cancelled Ihls year because of the formal opening of Walker park, Tho social committee, made up of Mrs. Samuel P. Norrts, chairman, Mr. .and Mrs. W. J. Pollard, Mrs. Riifsell Fan; 'Farmer Engr land and Dr. U if. Moore, '(ins announced that the weekly social affairs on Thursday nlghUi will not be held during. July. * • * 1>. A. li, Chapter Is Invited To Unveiling-. Members ot the- Charlevoix chapter of Ihc National Society of the Daughters of the -Aincricnn Revolution Imvu been Invited to Jonesborp Friday for Ihe unveiling of a tnblct, marking Iho clian (rail lo tho Soulh. Tlic ceremony, to be held al 4:30 o'clock, Is sponsored by Ihc 'Jcnesboro chaplcr. • • * i)cmo(raliu Women To Answer Questions. One hnidrcd questions, prepared by the Centennial commlKce of Arkansas on mailers pcrlaln- clher continents since wcin-j'tho sorvonlrs Addle nnd Alexander Leech brought buck from' Ihclr \vcrld tour. \Vhlle they call them "souvenirs" ivc U'lm Ihcm a wonderful colleetlon and say all Ihe "chs mid alls" in our system. Among' thorn are u nesl of black- wood tables und a 250-year-old I'.orcdlan vase she got In Hong ICoiig, and a wall banning which I'nine from Iho palace of the lasl cluwiigcr empress of China... She has a carved trakwood fchest, »Ii;o, from China, fans made from bulTnlo sklus which she picked up nt Butdvla, Java, malacca" walking canes frtm Manila, brass cifc'arcltc boxes Iroin India, carved lmae.cs from temples In China nnd India, a laiae busket filled with Japanese lanterns (which Addle promises to use for a luwn parly sometime),, a brass walcr jivj (from a woman's head> lo bn -uficil ':(; a 'fmw fU.vcr nclder. Mnhntmn (Jamlhl in Ihe fcrm of .'black nnrkle paper wclghfri will, his nrsuro Inlaid In mother of pearl, which Alexander Save; lo his fellow Holailf.ns and clncr; friend!!, and many more ap- . . -u ailIclcs from llu: lands lliL-y Visited, /nicy look 2000 moving- pictures which they also promise lo show us soon, •; -. Eomo of Ihe oilier more fortunate ones are also travclinc • 'Irginla wiiiion <M IS , u cbr ;. y i Mocks, of Memphis, writes from :an ..Dlt-so, Calif., u m i she Is iRVhiB. nnclhcr wonderful (rip Itroutth ". Ihc west...Frllii and Umcsl Hnsson are hiking their '•>! Irek to New Orleans and no by Hie Dallas Centennial icforo rclurnlru li o in e... Peggy McKeel has asaln -(jbno lo L-ikc -lire to lencli Ihc younger .girls low lo swim 'nnd all Hie oilier .iilngs 'of camp...Kfilcllc Cookc I'ollmer returned last iii K hl from »;Jaunl to rnyellcville to .see her iimlly, 'wlilcli is Iherc for six ivS:ckn., i .q]| l yta... Ohamblln wrllm from Hardy that lln: nlghu are ccol there.,,Virginia mid Kcnk Welcnkamp are al Rio yishi for i month and guesting with Ihcm .his week are Whit iiiul Juanila tt'illi her parents within a few days...Leila 'Klrshncr writes from Frankfort, Mich,, Uinl n i s cold I'P Iberc... < The nicest, news' aboul town today is Martha. Robinson's marriage lo Hugh Wlillstll lasl night, It's been "Martha and illicit" foi some lime and so their friendb were not .sm-jirlscd lo hear • he had boughl a wedding .ring, nugh who Is n nephew (if Alice and IJellc Wlil.islll, came over from I'aragould four years ago.. Othei Jiews of Ihe day—Dr. Fred Child gol a card from some one ,ottl wesl without, nny sl3nalure...'thc island In ihc lake of Ihc new park Is lovely '• for an oiillng... Hit' dance Friday night at the new park auditorium' promises, lo l» a really big. affair and comfortable loo, as -a cooling tyslcm Is being Installed... ing to this stale, be asked Younger Set Bridge club women's club the Tuesday, jtilj sc\cnth s.hc will , cntcrUm in siwcial honor of Miss Butt, uho is n member of this club A moininf biid[;c partj, fol- meml-crs nf the local Democratic in a mcetiiig Friday morning, 9:30 o'clock, al the Hotel Noble. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, who Is in charge of the prcgram, will follow these questions with a round table discus- lo«cd by lunch, \\lll bo gucn by Miss Butts sister, Mrs Puns- i jion" or :: "tlic' possibilife r of'"Ar- \\oilh Bl.ick, and her aunt Mrs. | Kansas. Ocodiiian, of Memphis. ..Ccoll'c Joyncr plnns lo slart homeward bound, to'- Oklahoma for a visit Ferguson Baby Dies Charles Edward "Peryusoii, Ilirce months old .son of Mr. nnd Mrs Albeit Ferguson, died at the family home in (lie Pint Lake community at 10 o'clock this morning. Funeral services' were held at the home tliis afternoon'ami Interment wns mudc at, Barfield cemetery. The Moss Funernl Service was In charge'of funeral ar- ningemenl.s. . , . , The baby is survived by his parents, one brother and one,.sis-' ler. Written in l(i3D. a history of Ymatan recently was printed after bt-ins compiled by Luis RD- sndo Vena, director of (he Yi'ca- Historical and Archcolosica'l Museum. TOO l.ATfJ TO CLASSIFY' •1, cylinder Incilan MOTORCycIc T. F. Fox nt 327. l-ck-5 I'UU, I)Kf,r(!ATKSSIJN UNE Cheeses for nil tastes Cold Meats of any kind J'rult Juice & Giiigcr Ale TRISSIf YARD''EGGS. DAILY I'lCKAKIVS' ORO. & SWEAT MARKET Phono C7:i —We Deliver 1011 Chfckastuvba The Purity Bakery Cl'l'MCliS TO THIO t'HOl'U; OP lliA'THKVll.l.liAN]) VICINITY KOlt TIIRIIt Al'I'UOVAI, DAN-DEE BREAD Ami ;i Full of Ciilios, I'k's, Dnnuta ;ind Cnoliics 104 West Main Oberst Store Co., Sue HAIUWAKK, ihii finu cunlinucs tho policicn of its founde the l^le U'. T. Oboist. Privilege Taxes, Street Taxes, Automobile Taxes,-Dog Tf,ves, and Inspection Fees arc due ancTpayable for the period of July 1 to December 31, 1936. Your prompt attention will be apprcciat- Ruffi Blythe City Clevk. Goryeous Blijlhcville {/iris will wear these gorgeous swim suits at Walker Park pool! JANTZEN SWIM SUITS $495 Slap linos at Walker Pool will be "knocked for a goal" when this c li i c , model appears. H hiis a"'//' adjustable halter neck ami » back line that slarls cameras clicking! Tailored of ricii Kava kriil fabric lhal molds l!ic body in lines of grace nnd beauty. Exclusively at MEAD CLOTHING CO, 31S WEST MAIN STREET Biylhfcville's Swim Suit H.eadquarteis .»• ^s:-:' Everybody's Going to; Celebrate July 3rd, 4th, and 5th at Blythaville'si New Park \\: SPECIAL VALim " [THROUGHOUT OUR i STORE Shop at 'Graber'ti and Save Enough for a Real Celebration, RABER' DEPT. STORES FOR THURSDAY--FRIDAY--SATURDAY Graber's Greater Dress Values Hundreds of Beautiful Frocks Summer Sheers ONK AND TWO-P11CCK l>KMSSi:S T\VO-1'!ICC[C SUITS Here's Ihc Rrcatcsl Mlrcllon of new Sumuir: !W:nc'i that you will probatl'/ ever ;;ce...l;cauitiil rviun^r slylcs Jiifil, arrived. Every garment well l?ilo-nl anil liouelit at n price to enable us to olfei yen reiU'l'"' :»ivin^s. All Etyle's...ln p.iclels, white:; und" e--.! l)!'l»ts. 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