The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1944
Page 5
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Hawkeye$ToBid! L - j" Another K 0 i e For Cege Grown COUJIIER NEWS Transfer Stars Will Boost Iowa's Chance For Championship CHICAGO, Dec. 1 (OP)—Those Io,n Haivkeycs "who came within one point of sharing the Western Conference basketball crown last \ear rrmke one of the strongest title bids in the circuit this season. Enearhendlng the Iowa attack will be n pair of transfers from Utah University plus the sensa tioflnl scorer of last season, soplio moie Dick Ives. .; '. The two stars from Utah's former national collegiate chnmps are brothers, Clayton nnd 'Herbert Wilkinson. Regulars Ned ' postels and jack Spencer,'top conference v guards last year, are also back. This roster of talent, plus n freshmen for reserves, represent Iowa's clamyto challenger to Ohio Slates hopes of repeating as conference titlists. But the Hawkeyes' chances are ill wrapped up in Ives ana the Wilkinson bOys, both of whom are fi foot 4 inch veterans.. Ives is the lari who set mi Individual''scoring recoid of 43 points in a single game last season. The Wilkinson boy ruuncd Herb is a polished ball handler, an excellent guard, and will glvc.Iown scoring strength from back court Mid the Wilkinson boy named Ctej'ton shows promise of becoming one of Iowa's greatest centers. ClaytonIsa big man who handles himself exceptionally well. He is also a great rebound specialist who cm score from far out as well as up close He is being counted on to 11)1 the scoring gap | 0 ft by the departure of Dave Banner. Tile only question mark to Iowa's chances hangs over their re*;"'<•, f ength. of the 27-mnn squid n are freshmen who will pla\ most of Iowa's game Satur,d-n against Western Illinois Teachers Americans Give British Chance For Humor, Too LONDON, Dec. 7 (UP) — liritlsh are firm adherent's ot tlm time-worn ndnge-"He w j,o laugh last laughs best." And here's n story to prove it The British are taking some well meant jibes at the OIs In london and It all comes under the head nit O r Turnabout's Fair p] a y or British 1 ? 011 n ° lICetl ° Ur JlbCS nt ' thc Some of the things the Brltlsl rind so funny about the doughbovi are, j n order named, their success with the women, their BUCCCSS li got Ing taxis, their high pay, am their .success In getting rlbbom JiU U ' Cy haVe "' t SCen fronl - )lne No*- those American Attribute.' 'Just Tell Mom Not To Worry, We're Doing OK' FAISBPRO, Qermany, Dec 7 cup) -The kid from Brooklyn was just aiwthei guy in „ long linfe nf Yanks waiting to ndvnnce down the Saar river toward the Ger- 11 ans The boy stood nlonc j n a roul- smellmg birnyard. At his feet a dead joung. German lay with hU tousled blond head in the mud And the kid spoke. ' How do you feel, Al?'- he asked the coii)«e "Personally I'm scored £1111. ' :-'.-- '\ ' . A chicken picked at the crossed feet of the dead : German. The Sroolljn boy ,'went on. Ytiu know, Al, you got no right to '(juaw)^ YOU make up for one of ours , . The kid's month curled, and he poke once more to the tinhearing *•<>?> Just because of you, I got a tour of Europe that don't cost me a thing. And what did .you set' You got.shot in a barnyard You big dope." The kid from Brooklyn slopped uddcnlj Sitting near him he saw United Press. War Correspondent Collie Small. Hie joimg Midler apologized in an embarrassed voice: "Just 'had a little talk with A! here. Guess I better be shoving off now." The boy turned to leave, then lie glanced back at the corre- 'Pondent How about telling my Mom Im O. K.? Small said,sure, and asked the tids'na^el.i -t , , G % W°okiyS) : toy looked back H We'! ficad' (German, then said Eoltly, "Hell, you don't need my name Just fell Moni, everybody's i r -)m not to worry, that we're * doing O. K." am, some' poinlci s on: defense.-. gj DOPE BUCKET •S I. F. VIEWS THE SENOIUTAS . From what Pvt. Boyd 3. Tomlln- son writes, all is not pouches and cream over In what once was Mussolini's proud Italy. "Sandy", who has been over there just about three months now, (£qd. A-5, APO 16382, % PM, New York City), does not even draw a comparison to some of the goodies lie used to serve over the counters at Robinson Drug nnd the Ole Hickory Inn. Mcbbe for the simple reason thnt none is available. Son of Mr. and Mrs. lioycl s' Tomllnson, Sanford was a Junior at the local high school when he went into the service about two years ago. His plans are to return and graduate, then branch out into the profession of his liking. His interesting letter follows; . IT.iMT Dear "Friend": . '. :..s .1 have liec'n reading the DopV Bucket ever since f have been away Irom BlylhcvlllD. Not that I didn't read It before, because I did HEADS OP ACE J. P., I want to congratulate you on the swell Item. I enjoy reading them very much. It hi-lps to keep In touch .with the boys. In fanl. I Just finished reading your little bit to Captain James Ace Puckett Ace is doing oic for himself, isn't he? He means every word he said about football. Well, f can't, tell you n »y">lnB about Captain Puckelt! There's not much I cnn say about Italy, either, except it's a good place to be from—far, fa r from Shall we. say Blythcvlllc? I have had 'he pleasure of visiting (sorrv but the censor decided the names that Ennford listed were of military ynliic nnd politely eliminated them. It could have been any of n half dozen places, Naples, Rome Florence.) The people and their customs arc entirely different from ours. Their "lingo" is n 'little' different, too. (hs). About all 1 enn ™y is " Tll "e is a restaurant": uon vay chay con-rcc sto-rann lay." That's the way II sounds. The Italian women aren't ns n,l, y 0 VOU but they bring down the hoW in London. For example, a very British 'comedian will' start following i Blrl playing the role of an Ameri can WAC araun,! th e S ( n \, e . »<, 1 or?' n° r f ° r " (iflte - P h<? toal) >' gives him one. And no sooner has he done so, than she'll start nam- "g (lie nlHht clubs she wants to H Ml, aim ihc drinks she wants ; thiwinagne mm c hnmpn»ne -mil .chanipagiu.'. Whereupon. the .comedian will nise an eyebrow and hiuttcr In a lou, voice - "Hey, lt . s yo!I „„,,, getting pni,] by the -American AI- j my, not me." I,™ 0 ." 'toe's -the one about the Uilllsh soldier, who's just been inducted. He Immediately demands medals or at lensl ribbons, yvnrt his ""Uor, with lifted eyebrow of course, replies, "You're in'' the wrong aiuiy." " ' Mill the best of all is this one. American, traveling on a star hl comes up t(1 l »e on""" j ' s ' " You And tlie conductor retorts "From I many or pretty ns the American Bills, incldcnlly, I haven't seen a good looking signorina yet. They nrc crnzy nbout Ajncrican clgu- rettes. They offer you 50 to GOc n puck. But we GI's nrcn't dumb We keep them for oiir own use They are rationed, you know. ITALIANS HIDE RIKF.S Their , nen ns of transportation con.slsis 90% on bicycles. Their tneals arc mostly spaghetti and vvine Cveiro). Good wine, too! If the American lioiBeivlvcs could see Italy, and the living conditions here Ihey would never fuss at the butcher again. Say, J. p., if yoll jf, mv how : could gel J.T. Victory's and Carlos fJeiil^ addresses, I would appreciate them very much. (They arc forthcoming, fella) Pvt J T vic- tW£ Sr. 136 \v, 1th Street,, Pitts- ,,vj° ( '.« ^^'''•-•-fn.Qofp. Cflrlos' Deal APO- Ifi779_r.'l I" a/ n n , »v_"* '_.' -•. ? m.fft?' " icttci ' ' froln Hnrl T (Hank) Hnlnes yesterday. He says he cadet life is pretty ' rugged Well, Hank, If anyone can take it Us you, so gnotl luck! I wonder how ftllher doing in the in- iniitry? As for me, I am doing nil light, but rd ,.„(„„,. be bac g ™ n Blytheville Hlgl, g c i 10 oi ,u m0 ylng thai, redheaded librarian ngriiri 1 have been in the A.A.C. almost two Mars but I still miss school and the girls-plural. I sorlR ml ^ t , dances and jive. 'Course I mi.,., , 3 Blrl, too. (naturally). r. i ,i't ls " lc slln K ni!s ''own In Itnly.JI, say , so ,o,, B . GOO( , luck Sincerely, Sanford Tomllnson. Ring Favorites Referee Brooklyn Bond Matches NEW YORK, Dec. 7 (UP)Brooklyn's Sixth Wai- Loan : Drive Bot a million dollar boost t!m nlBht as the result of tlmt Uor- -.Hlghs war bond bouts at ..Broadway Arena. - : More than 4000 civilian ^observers saw- Staff Sergeant Joe Lo'iiiS referee one of the card's knockouts. In which Private Andy Schpeider disposed of Private 'Frank : Coven Lieut-. Commander Benny v :'Leonnrd, retired world ,: , lightweight champion, officiated in one for (he quickest rights D f the evening Merchant Seaman Walter Lecompt knocked out -Houston "Powell u rival camp lightweight, in 50 -co onds of the first round. Cnptniri James Brnddock and Corporal Melio Bettinn were 'among .*••>.? ..f»"ic.i;.. boxing ...favorites^ who rofereed! ' . :? T£.., The plum blossom is china's national flower. Whifehaired Boy * : 'iS Uuane Whitehead, fullback arid' krv; defensive m;m for Southern California, is also ;i capable .ball' carrier _'. 'ritish Pin Heavyweight T itle Hopes On Woodcock LONDON, Dec. 7 (U.P.)-A ringi laster by the name 'of Bruce Vcodcock currently carries the opes of English fight faixs- for hiu-- country's first world h'eavy- •elght championship since the urn of the century. According (.-, the Marquess of. :ucensbury, Woodcock is a Man-- ici-tcr factory worker who is so ood that he cannot get any of he leading British boxers in the "g with him. England's boxing overseer sny.s Woodcock has outclassed everyone he has met nnd that lie sliotik be in. line for a heavyweight championship bout shortly after lhe;-war .ends. Cnpuillns) relieves KcuinlBla »na llcntlaclic rust because It's llquu. Ato> I nlrays tlic resulting nervo tension Use! only ns directed. lOc. 30o nnd 60o sizes GASOLINE POWERS THE ATTACK— OONT : _WASTE A DROP) RINGLING CIRCUS ELEPHANT »18 YEARS OLD-BUT YOUR CAR IS'OLDER*THAN THAT! CW 'WHAT ARE VbU NEGteCTING ? ESSO DEALER R.A.W. OF " 'BIOOMFIELO, N.J. HAS FOUND' j 0 ,Lc*wBeT~l •; THW " 9 <*nof (o ofLCMNQE MOTORISTS NEGLECT, i ,ONE OR MORE OF ' ' JTHESE VITAL POINTS.-. iYOUMAYBE'KILUNO" YOORCARFORTXE DURM10N.SEE YOUR IESSO oeAt-eRi SjMSVftJ. «e«v m WFEMNTIW. BATTBW. RADIATOR TIRES I6MIT10M . vim.i? you CAN GIVE we A LITTLE EXTRA TIME OH YOUR CAR ir WILL HELP iALOTl' STANDARD .OIL COMFANX OF WUBMNA"! MA4>iUA*jU fltyt/jevi//e Residents Attend Bunch Funeral •Several Blytheville people, attend- edtlic 'funeral of Mrs. Dellar Bunch yestei'day at Rector where Mrs Buricli' died Tuesday. Wife of W. R. Bunch of Maiden Mo., she was G4. Services were conducted' at the home of a son, where she died. The RevyJ,' W. Collins of Conran, Mo., officiated with .burial aUlie .-Hector cemetery. V .- T. Besides her husband, she : js sur- wcd by a son, Gurchie Buiich of Rector; a stepdaughter, Mrs.. E. S. &* FIRST ON EVERY VVISH LIST What is so rare as a Christmas without ties? They rate aces high with every man . . . especially if they are from our excellent collection. We have oil the standard favorites, with some brand new winter wools tossed in for good measure. They'll give full measure of satisfaction! to 3.50 R. D. Hughes & (o, JTIIUKSDAY, DKCE'MnEH Y, 19.M BarnhiH Conference 'Coach Of The Year' NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 7 (Ul>) -Coach John if. Barnhill who will lead the University O f Tennessee I Vols Into their .•second Rose Bowl! contest against Southern California Jim. J, lins been named the Southeastern Conference's "Coach of the Year" by the Nashville Banner. BarnhiH will be awarded the Banner's silver football [rophy in recognition of hU leadership which brought the Vols through an undefeated season this year. Coach Wallace Butts, Unlveriity:, of Georgia, was runner-up to Barnhill In the balloting and Coach W A. Alexander, Qcorgla Tech was third. .. . . Pan winners of the trophy chosen by vote of conference coaches: Jack Meagfi"er,'JAb$ii'fn;-i93S' Roy Morrison, Vanderbilt, 1937;. Bill Alexander, Georgia Tech, 1939- Allyn McKeen, .Mississippi state | 1940; H, R. Senders, Vanrtcrbilt' 1941; and Wallace Butts,. Georgia Tough Job Ahead Krutz ot Blyth«vllJe; a brother, Jess Johnson of Gosnell, and a sister Mrs. Fred Cuitls of Holland Mo and live grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Olan Allison and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Allison also at- ended the funeral. • Tomasz Arclszewski, above 68- year-old Socialist leader who has been placed at the helm of the new Polish cabinet in London, has pledged himself to seek a settlernenl o( the controversial Polish-Russian problem. H*a<J Courier N'ewa Want Ads. 1233 Arkansas Deer Killed In November LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 7 (UP) Secretary T. A , McAmK O f ( Arkamas o.nmc nnd irj s!l ,,,.. mission reports Unit n loi-ij • 1233 deer , were killed 'during ti polled of cleei- season '• — In November. n c sn ' Includes H deer dcclar McAmis soys the game wnr( j f: checked 10,145 deer hunters in r field. And some 3000 drive" mmters were not checked T Commission checked some or 'leer hunters last year. 'ihe hugeit number of deer.wt killed In Baxter County, \vhc» 1 v.'ere reported killed. T Ihe mushrat brings the grcau financial return of any snlylc f" Dearer in the United Stale?" ti unrig total receipts. USE! Preparations as directed A Practical Christmas Is A Patriotic One He could save his suits for the duration if he could put on a leisure jacket at night after a hard day at the office. Besides, a leisure jacket is just as smart and trim looking [as c suit coat. And, oh, so comfortable. You'd be patriotic by getting him this jacket, yet you'd be giving a gift that would please him. LOAFER COATS !N A VARIETY OF COLORS AND COMBINATIONS 9.95 * Leather Jackets and Coats In AH Sires' Smar In Worsteds, Tweeds And Gaberdines Not Sure What Size He Wears -That's Easy! Give him a Gift Certificate. . they come in any denomination. R A Hughes & Co.

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