The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1931
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 1931 KMTHEV1LLK, (AUK.) COUR1KU NEvVS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word 'ov first Ir.cution and one cent a word for each subsequent Imritlon, No advertisement tikisi for less llian 50c. Count llio words and send UK cash. I'hoiuj 300 DUCK PIGEON' 'IUL- AVC.NQNG PAWSDT' MURDER BACKSTAIRS' PAGE PIVF. OUU HOARDING HOUSE By Ahern l-OK SALE FOR SALE—Tlmolhy or Soy Bcim Hay. K-.IV O'orn ov Boy Beans. Write J. F. Cox or I. W. Van , lions, Slkcslo:i, Mo. I 12P-K10 , .. I Used IVz Horse Motor For Sale Will make a good motor lor 2'/> to 5 horsepower load. Needs one new bearing- Will sell cheaii- COURIER-NEWS TOR RENT IN DELL--FOR RENT—3 room hcuFe. $7.01: -i ro2m iion$«?. Sll. L-. Fov.'Icr. Phono 8B8 or 450-J. HIC-TF FOR KENT— Four room apartment, 810 West Ash. Call 510. 5C-TF -I FOR RENT—5 room .Bungalow, 603 Chickasawbn St. Apply Mrs. Waiter Rosenthal, Phone M9, OC-Klf 1-"OH KENT — Bedroom in strain heated house. Meti preferred. Phone No. 1, Mrs. J. G. Sudbury. 7P-KU FOR KENT — Nicely furnished aparlmciit, with garage, modern, new hcuse, so cheap t)iat you can* 'not afford to own your furniture. Phone 991-J, Mrs. \YerL at 221 Doug an. 12P-K15 ui:iii: 'IUDAY -•i!o%.\i!:" m \m:i: i. in \v\t \urli lnvr»(funHHi; lhL> iniirdi rn nl JIAV1TA SKI.IM nuil UIOXTUU > ri(.\(; L'P, und k - nrn* (rum M:i!i:\A IIAKT. turrrhklnl «in^r k <:i r. i li:i i NI to intirrU'd In IUI S. MJIH ftuun J<'»frlk'*l, Luc nut ill' innrd. in ID'J^, u iiJclurf tit .MCa aiin-:irvd vtl<h n mlttvjt nhuul (lie KtiU trli- of A.VlTA !.i:i:. \thU-b \\a* +}i:iHtmvt} In IltiiiiMlnii. Mln comr« to llninlllun, nftcr •Udutiiy, »trailer r.xvlli-MtcnC tivrr Ii[i-rurt-» of llniuLUun re.'i'lr, anil tlrpoiollH ?ll*,(HK) In crt«h. Dundrt' ivnu'Jrr* IT ll'l" «rri- "bnrk ull- iiLoity' 1 fnmi n liu»li:nirJ ^Im ImJ ncirnrd nfu-r In- ibuUKhi »ht- \\n* iit-Mj. r«iir i 1 ' nuuti(fi-*M pn*»Hiic *.Ukpff(« luflrrli-ii he\\\ rrn lU^li njiil [hi- tlia? t«f Ntln'n ilt-atlj— Jl IKili .1IAKSIIA1.I., owner nf llir ili-nlli weapon! JOHN Dlt.lKi:. T»A( :KV MI1.CS and I'Ul'KU Ul.M.Al'. In nllrntX *• uifldf "" ItiinJcrU II If hy uiriuiH "I u n I MI; en lout niL'cUanU'ul runlrlvnnce. In nrJrr l» tin*i rut IJundff'* irlllnj; nnj- t>r\r n hnt br (i>uiid «ur In Ne^r Vurk, und OunJcr innuv'llrUrlr pucsium iluil i he i>tlicr MVO tuur> '.'IT* N\I-TC mrcfaatilcal inn. Al Ttie Si-llin hniixi, hi- flmlrt llkNt Ilif nan 11:11 i]iiitii:i1ilt(]ly llrrd from u lilj; l:ri)nr«.' himv. %l'tlh a M'lik'rlriil i fn- \\lrr* IrnJInp to n brll In Mfn'n rontit, tvhlrb rnn^ In (Ur i.i:tId's rnnni In lln 1 Eili»>i-TLieiiI. In iif ilie cuii 111 rlliiu. Mlh tl* \iork. Aflrr lie l» lull 7 run Hi ten I he URU^» h,-w MCI tviii UlLtril, hr ilrckii« In 311 I'I!\.\Y CHAIN, ^liu IH VlM>Inf; nnni;r:iiiiM ivllli lu-r luntlirr. T<Uj IK- furntfi ivllh tlir nunJni lrlt<r« thr- nnmrs nl ;ill (In.- i-ni>Mt« :if Ml:i SrliiuN IIH- ..TUMf.ul.- hrtilfip inrij. nuil n"il- ilrnly ftirniw n vvw name. Ik- ti<m I;MOM. ivhn kllk-tl Mln. NOW GO OS WITH THE STOlll CHAPTER XLVI1 FAIL (o sec any necessity for this secrecy and hocus- JJU-HSO in- vilo ihein to aceoniinuijr you to iln? Si-Urn house. For tliaf'—amt he llHVO L'Oj:lCd. TT was lialf'jmst *• grinned—"Is where tlio i:ol is relied- take uled lo boll over. I'll liHc wei-ybudy lo be there by u:15." "U'hero do 1 cuino In?" C:i[itnin Slrawn dcmnniled, almost Jcnlnnsly. "Now Uml you uro no Limger looklriK (PT u New York KUIIIM:LII. i sumwso you hava ii|[ ; niy of [iliilti- cLothesir.eti at j'our disposal?" Oun- dfcc AikoJ, ami was htsiauily aiu-ry. "Plenty," Slniwn atiiswercd sruft- ly. "Hun 1 many will you ticcilV" I'.'.IPNOUGU to keep every pcrann I LJ , "Not n cliniu'c— wjtfi tny uya tl: ictn!" Cnrraway retorted ousltU-dy. "Fine!" JJumlco t-rlcil. "May \ . . . Vo:i 'o o'clock when linndcp. after » much imcilcd luui'h, (uitUcd his c~<\\' ht ihu driveway of one of l!iu most i:;>Icu<ll<) Mr. Miles!" Uinutco cnllcd. "\ t'tiol. Never mini) llio rn nl:-.":t 'I low's irLrks?' HlLii|ily no Im.t rl:i; dhtitiK room, with Mia. l>i-i:lap, to mix I'oi'lilntJi. You'll llnU nil tho lni;reclleu(R sllll on llio slikl;u:trd. cxnotly • us tiiey wlicu MIS. SL-UIII scut yi'ii 10 clilnUs mi May 'j|. Kx. Mil ymi. |ircti'inilHK t . Ami Mi.i. houses overlooking Mirror 3.;ike— a lioino wlinso master and mistress I ore N'ila Sellm. KO lo (Kiwdcr your wcru now aUL-ndhig an Imnie^t iiuol f::ce ui Mrs. S&liin'a drcs&lii;: ui- t\V(i i::iinlerti. . . . j{;iU an liuur later ho rllmUol iiilo lii.s roadstor nzalii. hl-i head spinning. "Did 1 say Ingenious?" !;e niLirvoicd. . . . He drovn directly to the Scltin ' -^ oti Mi 1 . Sniidcrsun's mvltnlloi) HEI under strictest observation HU- ill—the pot bolU ovar," IKiudco plied. When do "you want iliem to SOL put.-iory f,ue?ls fit 5:IS. re- house, fol tin had much lo do lu Ifurc the arrival ot Sanderson's com- on the joU7" "As soon as llicy can tin bo. aftct you get back to your ofll-ji!." "Are" they to follow tho whole gan^ clear out to the Sellui Lojat''.' 1 "Moei dccideiUy! After '.tie unwilling fiwsis ^re safely \vltlihi tlie house, your boys must iiuard l!ie Ilia first visit there wns to n small room in tho liasenienl— a dark cuhliyliolo next to the dial riiiim. Me had locked 11 carofnliy after c.\ntur!im H t!:e ilr.y Ijefore, for he liail taken no ehnncc on leav- premises EO ttiat no oi;c r.'Etho;it permission." l "That's nil as yoo'l as done." Strnwii assured him. "Nmv — ahoni tliein Inquiries you asked me to make yesterday ot tlie cccrcliiry of the American l.o£lon." Ho drew u | Fcrap of paper from lils breast I pocket. "1 flu'' El»n John Drake, Peter Dunlap and CHvc llumitioud were all In servicu, In the — in Dl "I .a rocus. Dlslrlci Attorney Situder- nit; iiiiKiinrilcil—rw lie li:nl round tt —lrc;isuve worlli more lo liliti tlmn leaves j Ms v/olclit In yolil. Anil ipiccr irciisuio U w;is lliai 10 cxuai'toil now—a rolled lentil] of <?lcclrlc wire, wliicli lie line! li MuiiKiLouil liail [iiensnrcd Ltic? day before, «llli n Irlunipliaiil n cllemcut; a box of llninib inclin many «; llioin hiniiriKiiiyty IrtlH al Iliti [luiu;; an ^iii;ur ultli a i;el u: lilts of vrvrvius sl7ts. n s[cii-t:ultler anil a hnmiucr. If llcxler Sprogu I I,!,! Her faoe wlilie antl ilrawn. 1'lora ! iiia Muinljtcil (roin tlit? louin. Just j :nr ImMnnil, diiinh fur mice with | Ki 1 . entered ihe dliilns; room \vltu lJ:i!n!i-^ \\.ig ntxnit 10 fiillew iho it<T lv,n \yin-n an Inieii.uiillnji nc- 'inlull. 1-VlliMii;.| ijy a iilalitcltiiliea- •inn. n mlildU'-iiKod man entered :lio llvliiK r.mni. Toll, Imiail- i!ivinMi:ri-{l, ilcU'i mined, do mnnle m il.o lirldKu l:iule. ills liaiiilsiiinu l»'iil upiluiiK. tils Inmvn oyes IHcd i!!\ni I!LC wiilciircl lnowu cyos ol WANTED POULTRY V.'AKTED—Mar!:ct prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery. 210 3. Fourth St. 9C-TF WANTED — Jamily Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 701 S. Lake St. 11CK-TF WANTED — To buy poultry, any amount, market, prices. J. E. Fisher at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Store, 210 M. Jl. R. GC-K20 sun protested Irritably. "Why the devil don't you come clean anil give us the low-down—if you have It! — on this miserable business, instead of hliOi-hanilcdiy summo lain Hlrawn to niy oflicc. sri Ihtit you can give orders to us both?" liefore Dundee could answer, Captain Strawn came to Ltis assistance. "I worked with this boy for prrity near a year, Bill, and never yet did lie full to mal:e good v.-lieti he said he had a pot on to boil. If he says it will hoi! over this evening, provided we help him, bell over it will, or 1 don't know Botinie vision, which was held up loto lo January. 191S, for nearly two weeks in Hotoken. bsforo the War Department could set transports in semi 'em to France. .Miles, who enlisted tho day war wns declared. had not ovcrebtlniatud the amoun of eleutrlc wlvo nenlud for the jo' of Installiii;: ati alarm boll bctweei a's bedroom ai.d Lydia's. . "lind!" ilif n1vl lircadird. ili'ii. .'\vni|i|y; "()|[, JJaiP Yoil'Ve I "IMC lint Diinilci! hallctl iliu iccom-lllu- tlon with a picrii woid nf nun- niaiiil. "1' jnln Hie nr<ni|i In the corner, Mr. Cialn!" llecurilless of Hie cnsiilns htili Uuli Dimileu strode linn Ou? ilinlnii rooin. wlicio Traccy Mile* iiium! al Ilic sideboard; iiourlns »lils!;y fiuai an almost amply decanter t snnll glass. "May 1 ilrlnk Hie Scotch Traccy lias poured fgr me. Mr. Dundee 1 !" Mrs. Dliulaii aslicd shakily, leaning MUST" HAVC , Accowpu s HMH.M-T.' W IP MAKE A oti-r OF vou -WEM AH, BUT -THAT B£ TAIR A CAST TOT? MOUTHS' I HAV6 IT V l(oW ( "tWO OTF CHECKERS 2 WITH' ALL VoUR ' SPARE -la ~ee ABLE -To WELL EAtiM G> WE/LL. SLEEPIMO Dundee v:.i* uljout lo <:k>«o the tool iisalnst ihe bit; rninid t.iWo. clieal vrhon bis eyes foil uiioti a I "Yes. but— Stlotice, please!' was \\ounued and shipped home i piece of hardware bo -Kite In 1317. He was discharged as I iiecied ever to fi:ici. alliniu^li lie had is. instead un (i t [ Or furtber service—siiinal | known of I!3 existence, (or more Nltn'a nuislcnl rum-ilcr l:.ix. [iciio- niiig Cap- operation—from a New Jersey base ihan an liour. irnliti;; ilii; Iblii null briuiru ilio Dundee'." PanderFnn ECO'V] lat.'il. "Ail right! >V Iicspltal on Jan. 12. 151S. Furthermore, .fudge Marshall was In New York tlio wbolo wiiilcr ot 1917-'IS, attache'! to llic Red Cross in some legal capacity. Ho donated his tcr-l "0!:, Mr. Dundee!" Carolyn Drake tio crlcil. as tliero cnnie the first f.ilnt. notes of Juar.ti'i. from r>:Ili he was entirely ready i hi'duvjni atid dining room. I). A. Kandcr/nii. Optain I "As 1 li;ive t-.a!il." the detective wii. a:id tlicir piiily ot tnclls- 1 spoke luncliy ami clearly almve Ilic nant ami unwilling vices and—" ' "All l!iat doesn't matter now, ! Captain, but tlianlis just (he same." I Dundee lutcrruiilcd. "Sow If you! "You're nn! j;olng nuke us jilay tint invliil mml 1 a^aiu. arc you'.'" Tliey ncre all cvo'.vtllni: aljoiitl. tinUle uf 11111^:1;. "ccfrythlny is twic «3 if itru icltcn ,Vi(u Xcllm .' rcrtnil me to shr-w Lbal murder v;as ac- 'dcalli jyDii all how will Loth excuse me, I've got a lot i him— t-ie men anil women who Imd i overturned. ot work to do before five o'clock j been Ni'.a Selim's Kuesls at lier last A ehair at the bridge lalile was today!" ; briilce anil cocbtui! party. :fi, lint r-ariilu-1 Dundee bad not exaggerated, j ".Not o:i!y arc (be briil \Vbut do you •""•-•••---••-- WANTED— Nice clean, solt free 'of buttons. Ccnrier Ne rags,. •'Thanks. Chief! And thanks. Cap- WANTED — To renl, licuse frain owner. Apply 211 South rjil- road. 10P-K15 WANTED—Fake Ucth. We pay as li:-ii r~, 010 fo:- Jull sets. Any! condition. V, T e buy crowns, bridges, jewelry, solo, siher. Wrstern Metal Company, Blcominston. Illinois. hardware ten. peculiar in.=lru-! 'JOVSL' incut and making annoying in^uir. ies as to when and to svhom it li;id been sold. Unt at his sixtb pnrt nf coll success BO completely rewarded s that he was jubilant. i tntn!" U-jii(!c= cried, with beartfel; . . 6 ra< "Firsi. 1 want to bo cs- ( J czcn »| Hamilton s rased from attenrting the adjourned 1 store3 ' ™l»l»'.>ne hiiiue.sts into the two nitirders, bclicduled fur three o'clocli tuday." ~~"~' r CJ~K.." Sr-uiiciEuii agreed shortly. "Rcr-onil. afier about nn hour of j {^' roatisi'e stufi, 1 wish you'd ask for p.ndtli'jr aGiminiment until lomor- rn\v. on the pica that important \ javclopuients are expected today.' "0. K. asaln!" ''Third. I'd like yon personally to rcnuctt ihe appearance of every jipr^nn cnruecied in any way with each r>f ihe murders, in your otBce rather strangely, by vi&itlng half a j thin ull stepped chauering to Us' " LOST AND FOUND WANTED—To buy chickens, nny amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South First St. 23C-TP l.ois Uuulnii iiluu^t ci:okcd oa her drink ot Women screamed. In a few seconds every ];or?on lu iho llvliu: rnoin. lit That Monday was one of thrj bnsiust' rsai-iiy ivbcvi! they were r.t thtaj rliiNln;; l!ie dlsirkl allonicy ::r;d rays ho had over spent in all the j liuio ":i Hi'; uvc-ninji of May 24," j St::«vr. was liiuldieil in tlio wlilo 27 years of his life, lie beirr.n, j Dunclco :::iswc-red so slynilicaiitly nponihi; Into li:? dining rnom, liielr eyes lixed Lu boiror upon U Dundee. Me sjinlce asain, bi3 voico clear, hut slow ami weighted with a dreadlul Gl^niiicaiico: • "Mri. /J[(«?-:ji. slip nn the licti b:nr(itli 11.C rii;ih:g l-ililc"' Luis Dui)l:Li. (iiuppcd the einrly whisky Klaff. l:i>r pleasant face to- inx blank wi'ii ani:i^eiijcnt. "Sto'i mi (t:il bell. Mrs. Dunlap— jllSl SV VOK <h'l fr^/O'C.'" As it hy|i:ioti^t'd. I'Olb Uunlap he^an to i:r.i;'0 i.'ilh tbu toe of her right pump for the sliglit liul^o under Hie rns which indicated iho f eif) i/thiny else in the i-JuJj/ as it u-o-v tJiui. Tin Innately, utit even tlie electricity l;ns !:;-( n i^il ofi"[" 'i tit:i l:i-: KiiL'Sts trowilcil iiUo ilic liulc fityer ;ind on into ihc l.-dir- :n. T'.'crc ritncul the h!.: Two other rails—both in office j bronze lamp, set stjuarely in Irnut buildings—took up only an Imur j of the wi::Jow frai:io and in a di- this afturiiouu at four, o'ctork—so t;:o whoio hunch will be kept to- cether and have no chance la go 10 their homes or anywhere else until j n labeled sf. of fingerprinls s i am ready for them." jout before fc!i:i. of bis time, a.«icl a tasicab delivercil him at pulicc headnuarlcrs at ncxju. He was lucky enough to find the fingerprint expert, Girraway, in his cubbyhole of an office. sect line v,i!h tlie immiral iiox cm Mia's dressing table BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin RKKLECTION Fivs ininutca later I that desk, photographs \ T ;::5. Poar.y Crain. Karen Mar- sl'.all. Carolyn I)ra[;c an'! Flora 1 sat al xilcs. who bad been mrjisitioncd . by Dundee (o l>lay the \iarl of the Sprague's dead body, just as it had '. T:lllr dercd n-oiunn. were sealed positiuti of t'nc! 3 used for sum- inoniti',- tlie taaiil (rein the kUcbni. Witt a strangled cry Traooy .Ytles InnEC'l ncrosa tlie few feet LOST—Ladies square, green r,°lo* wrist watcli. Fir.der return to] C07 Walnut. Phune 760. Reward, j 9P-K13 LOST—Ladi?s stcrrr hide purse containing compact. Kcvvard. Call 785-J. or 120 Dougan. 12C-K15 WARNING OI1DEK CHANCERY COURT. CKICKA- SAWJJA nfSTRTCT. MfSSISSIP- IH COUNTY. ARKANSAS. N'orthes.rt Arkansas <J:n Company. et al.. Plaiiuill. No. 4S81 vs. S. R. Gibbons, ct al. Defendant. The defendant. Buckeye Colion Oil Co., R. E. KiiiR .inci Con Ward, arc warned to appear within thirty days in the CGUit named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the. plaintiff. Norlli- cait Arkansas Gin Company. Dated Jan. 10. 1031. R. L. By Harvey Morris, D.C. Jesse Taylor. Ally. Ad liitem. "Do yon want nil the servants I ousht licre, too?" been discovered on the floor of Ibc 1 j ( r .|,io No. 2, and behind Karen's trophy room in tho-Miles boms?. ai;d | c | i:1 i r EIO od l.ois Dunhip. Llivc pr! ^ j Hammond and his ucw wife were which sejiaraled tho woman nnd jrv.iin logriiicr lu the solarium. Hut himself, sei/ed her arm and whirled •rsn ' tiiere Dundee's restating of tin- i.r»! crii:in?.l scene in tho tragic ciraina "You're sure there can have Sanderson j no i ms i a xe?" lie askoil. "No cl that these flngrrprlni p!iotog hul LyJia Carr." Dundee i were rcccrscti wlien the yr"--.iy d. "After ibout an hour's ( made?" iplis ended. Kveryouts else. inclnditiK ytr* ! !,y<!ia CaiT and Peter Dnnlap. were .ogelhcr in a far corner of her vio!c!iily fi^ay from tlio tahlo. "/Jo yf>u uoiit to kill JHI/ icifc. toot" ho iiaiileil. his usually fiorld face the ro!nr of putty. (To IU) Concltnlcd) New York Cotton within thirty days from tills date • ] and r.nsv.'er the complaint of tlie: plaintiffs, American Building and i unto set my hnnd nnd the seal ! No sucl; cxeciitivc as "president 1 of tho above court this 26tii day as t!?e hcatl of a nation lias cvci of Dec., lOoO. | existed until Die United Stales pro-' Lienl) W. VI. HOLLIPETEa. posed and adopted Ihc idea. Clerk of the above Court-! By IJIossw MEW YORK. Jan. 12 (UPI— Cot- Loan Association, and W. L. Deton cioscd steads Jr.n In Witness Whereof, By Harve;- Morris. D. C.', Read Courier Ne'.vs Want Ads. mi Jan (u) Mar Mny July Oct Dec I'Af! LOOKS AHEAD! 11 FRECKLES ANi) HIS Fins. i Pa Wt. A Bicycue rw n\ JDA SCARED TO SUo.'J >AV Re POET CA3O To SHOVJ IT TO UI!A AW SAY THAT ou TUWk IT'S i. WAS JUST u AT TAG'S F3EC02T CARO, POP...AH' IT'S A's UEB£ AT /v'.L...ViO 3. PHOM.1SEO VSU A EicVCLS IF GOOD, TAS... & CIDS A BICYCLE .'.' cltird quiet at 1000. olt 15. BEEN OOIUS M ->"--. J SF/-R ew Orleans Cotton NEW OliI.EANS. Jan. 12 (UP)-Cotton clcscic open blah low close lush 1001 993 1027 1011 1018 103li 1CS8 1057 1C76 10W 1089 1089 1035 1085-lb losed slsariy at US8. o!I 12. ! IN THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ' "CHANCSKY COURT: CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. American Bnlldm'-: and Loan Association nnd W- L ' Dctony, as Trustee. I'laimilfs. M. llctr,. ct al.. Defendants. WAHSING (tRDEIi. The acfendai/.s. J. PTnscr Smif.i K. S. Novinan, Trustees, arc warned to ap;xar in this court To vJKSH f\WD tr\^,V WOT Trt-.y OM A PHONED MOWER 5COM ^S POSS1SU& Cash Piiiil 1'or nlo IModtl Usrrl Cars W. T. KAKNKTT 117-119 r.ast Main St. I'lione 8C;; or 887 r.ociil anil long dislanrc hauling. Sporial rr.tcs on carlnid tols. Team for loca V. it. WASH AM TRANSFER UOO Cliifb^^avvbn I'liotie 851 We can Have you money on Auto Glass .UCKSON AUTO I'AUTS 2020 Main Thono fir. HAY O-,;^ i:^ie or ri train lead. E\ii CORN". .O-.nrk on, S3c bit. c'hurk oH. 2Co per bu., In car lo'.s Colloii Sl-itfs Sales Co., Inc. Ulythc-viilc. Ail:. Piioi:c \'A o;- LU 1806.

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