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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, August 14, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS . TJIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS 4lm efttm ,«.. 0 „ ^ "*~* » » K^ VOLUiME XXXVI—NO. 124. Blylhovlllo Courier Blytheville Hernld Apprehend Suspectln Wreck Of Train That Killed 2QHurt 111 RENO, Nev., Aug. 14. (UP)— Son them Pacific Railroad ?, -n A wla L ? rrested a suspect in the wrecking of the $2,000,000 City of San Francisco in which 20 persons were killed and 111 injured. The suspect was taken oil a freight train near here anil detectives said he had no ems. In the "man without cars" police believed they had a memlwi of the saboteurs gang. The man was seen yesterday Blylhevillc Daily News Mississippi Valley,(i«; ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI soon after the wreck looking down into Tnllsade canyon, nilcel with llie> mangled denel and the mlsor- nbly injured and the twisted steol of one of die world's finest train?. A deputy sheriff and ;i railroad detective called to him nnd he ran All of the 194 persons aboard' the train when it plunged from n small bridge into the shallow Ilumbolt river, 10 miles west of Carlin, Saturday night were accounted for today. The coroner returned a verdict that "20 persons came to their deaths by (rain accident and to the best of our belief and judgment the wreck was caused by a rail misplaced by a person or persons unknown. 1 George P. Patterson, of the Southern Pacific operating department, issued this statement after viewing the wreckage: "It was obviously the work of either a railroad man or someone wlva had had experience at track work at some time. The cleverness with which the track had been taken up and then replaced In position lo wreck mean only one the train, could thing—sabotage. . The person or persons who did it knew their business. Not even tl wires were disturbed lo break the • connection and thus set the block signal against (lie approaching streainliner. "We are proud of the train crew and the way (hey worked. They did everything that oculd be done. There was no distinction. Porters, waiters, cooks, conductors, barber, stewardess—all of them acted almost as if they had been trained before in what to do in event of such a horror. No one can he singled out for bravely or conspicuous work." Only three cars of the train remained -upright on tlie .tracks. ' -The-Iraki,-whose twin 000-horsepower Diesel engines are capable of turning its driving wheels 'at, a maximum speed of 110 miles per hcur, was west bound Irom Chicago U. S. Official Insists Mexico, Oil Companies Settie Controversy WASHINGTON, Aug. 14 (UP) — Acting Secretary ol Stale Summer Welles declared today that con- (inuad'on of the expropriation controversy between Mexico and American companies is seriously threatening the friendly relations Between the two nations and must be sellled promptly. Welles stated this governments position shortly after conferring .vitli the Mexican ambassador am vith Donald Ricliberg, represent ng (he American oil companies It was believed (iiey informed urn that negotiations for n settlement had reached prncficallv deadlock. Welles declared the American [overnment still insists that the Mexican government make "prompt adequate and effective compensa- JHA'TIIEVILLE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY^ AUGUST 14,"1939 Flame-Twisted Wreckage And Two Survivors Mav Bond Refunding Suit Submitted Today To State Supreme Court Mold Clue IUO DK JANEIRO, Aug, H (UP) -Two wounded survivors and lame-twisted wreckage held 'today the clues by which authorities Hoped to solve (he mystery of the eras)] of a Pan American Airways flying bout in which H persons <ned, including Prof. James Harvey Rogers. ' 'I'he four men of the cretv, Including two Me pilots, were, dead- he remnants of the plane were *<> leaily consumed by names that letoetlve examination, was dlfllcult and both survivors were suffering rcm severe slicck. The plane, arriving on a night rom Miami, pin., to Buenos Aires lad circled normally for lo San Francisco. Eurly this morning Soulhcrn Pacific detectives and a detail of detectives efirected by Coroner Harris went into shacks nnd houses up and doHii the right of way nnd for miles on either side, questioning every person they found. They sought either a disgruntled railroad employe or a maniac, but abcve all, a person or persons expert In railroading. The Interstate Commerce Coin- mission was expected to dispatch operatives here and Attorney General Frank Murphy was expected by authorities to crder Investigators in the San Francisco bureau of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to start an inquiry in conjunc- 'tic-n with Ihose already under way. Railroad officials sale! they had definitely determined that the sabotage was accomplished less than four hours before the wreck, since n heavier train hnd passed over the tracks four hours ahead of the City of San -Francisco. They said the locsening of the rails required at least, 30 minutes. Forty four spikes were removed, they said, and tumbleweeds were carefully placed over the faulty section. Stock Prices • . i NEW YORK. Aug. H (UP) _| Stocks rallied fractions lo more 1 than n point today in n recovery ! from the sharp decline suffered last week. AT&T H* 3-B Anacrndn Copper 26 Associated DO 8 Beth Steel Gl 1-4 Boeing Air 21 1-2 Chrysler 81 5-8 Coca Cola 129 General Electric 36 7-8 General Motors 47 1-2 Int Harvester 533-4 Montgomery ward 51 7-8 N Y Central 14 L-2 Packard 314 Phillips !.'.'.'!".'• ,12 1-4 ties. for the expropriated proper- George Caldwell and Eugene Barksdale Named In Indictments NEW, ORLEANS;'Allg. 14. (UP)*— THe-fe'deral grand jury today indicted George Cnldwell—ponderous fancier of golden bath tub spools and seven-foot beds—on charges of mail fraud and Eugene Barksdale. who briefly succeeded CaUUvell as Louisiana state University CDUstreic- tion supervisor, en charges of diverting WPA labor and materials The 300-pound Caldwell wns accused of mail fraud in 'two indictments. In (he first Clifford A. King, New Orleans construction adviser, was named as co-conspirator hut was not indicted. In the second A J olfrey, head of an art firm in New Orleans, was, named as coconspirator but ha was not Indicted. Barksdale was named alone in he seven-count indictment against ilm. The offenses Caldn-ell was charged with committing ranged frcm Jan- mry 1, 1035—when Hiley ix>n» wns alive—"to dale". ° He conspired with King, it, was charged, to raise the ante, of sub- n the harbor. People (walling it at he atrpsrt. relatives and friends if passengers and pan American 'fficials, saw it disappear behind the marine arsenal, as all planes do preparing lo alight. A few minutes later a message was received (hat SUprome court today took Gov. advisement, -... coini" briefs „„„ leglslallon. .*,—-HI The court wns In session 30 mln- • utes and then adjourned until tomorrow for further sluely of the ^MO.GGO.COO program. Chief Justice Griffin Smith nu- nounccel Dint the com't will con-1 vene each morning until n decision is handed clown, V. G. Holland, Blytiiovillo nttov- ney, who wns nnmoel n special lls,- socinte Justice by Gov. Dnllcy when Juslice Mohnlfy disqualified himself, was in nttenelance us , were (he oilier five associate justice-;', nnd Chief Justice Smith, rtcprcsentnllvc John vcscy of Hope filed n brief charging Hie net Is volel because it delegates leglslnlh-e Arltnnsii highway bowl re with (lie filing o 'K validity of tin Texas Oil Wells Will Shut Down =- . - _^ DALLAS, Tex., Auir. 14, (UP)— HeB7,oaOoll wells of Texas, biggest dl preiliicliig stale In (he nation h,",' 0 ,°'''! eWl to<l!ly (0 5lml < lo «' '' "WlMliHc ocltoii of th the ....... _..., ._ brunch of (ho stale I Ihc plane had crushed Into harbor in names. the It had dropped sudden!)', apparently after an explosion. It had crashed against the top of n high drydoek aeljolnlng Hie arsenal. One of its two motors had remained dangling on the edge of Ihe deck The rest of "the naming plane plunged into the harbor, nose fn the water, tall a blaming torch. Three men were' thrown clear. One died in hospital; the others were semi-conscious in hospital today. Mario Lyra, a survivor, slill dated, told the United Press that he believed the Belgian Vaienso was carrying $100.000 in diamonds with him. Vaienso was n diamond merchant. Tho diamonds and most 'of the plane's mail were lost. Asked it he had a clear impression of the crash, Lyra, speaking with ditlicully, said: "I saw it coming. The plane started lo drop suddenly, r knew something was wrong and •.unbuckled my safety belt," •Lyrii's -weak voice'dropped .to a mumble, but he resumed: "How don't I got cut of (he plane know. I didn't government nnd that Ihc executive' order is voiel because It eloc; railroad state the terms of the proposed bond snle. He attacked the emergency clause on no emergency exl: creates a vested Interest nnd that commission, of oil ,. , , , — ordered "ie shutdown for n 15-duy period barller tho commissioners hnd con- o ot' 8n0 ;T' nl " g ^ '» C "«W o ,ase°d f,f. W *l.:™ l .J» *^» nn« « the grounds that , ei ; l ° commissioners ists, Ihal the net, " M ''30-day shutdown. ' "' Slate Senator Paul Gulensohri's ' '" ovc nclltm >m n "V ° s vole which enabled the emergency first definite oil i)rcdeiclng clause to pass was illegal. Along with the refunding siilt ,, . - —" j" »•^^llvl^^(s stales have made since Ihe cut in crude, prices was Inltia'tcd last week byilaiTy p. Sinclair's coi remember contracts on I., s. u. buildings. King received what he had bid plus the amount Caldwell had cr- lered il raised and the difference vas paid lo Caldwell. The mails vcre used the indiclment charged o send correspondence about The deals and checks. All lold Caldwell was charged •with having received $11,500 from seven such deals. York Cotton Radio Echenley Simmons Socony Vacuum Standard Oil N J Texas Corp U S Steel 5 5-8 12 1-2 24 11 1-B 40 5-8 34 1-4 48 5-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III, Auz 14 (UP)—Hogs 8500. Top 5f)3. 170-23* Ibs 575-585. HO-1CO Ibs 450-500. Bulk sows 350-495. Cattle 6500. Steers 850-910. Slaughter steers 625-1000. Mixed yearlings & heifers 750925. Slaughter heifers 625-975, Beef cows 475-.'i75. Cullers & low cutters 325-450. NEW YORK, Aug. 14 (UP)— Cotton closed steady, open high . 878 . 802 . 8-18 . 837 . 819 Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. , 800 878 862 849 838 825 80G low close 870 874 854 8CO 843 833 815 736 847 838n 821 803 Spots closed nominal at D29 off 4. Vew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Atlg. 14 (UP)— anything until I wns hauled from the water into n launch." Maxwell Jay Rice, Brazil manager for Pan-American Airways, was one of these nt tlie airport, and was among (he first lo the plane. He went out in a 1'an American Airways launch, threw cff his outer clothing nnd dived in n n effort to save some of those in the nose ol the plane. His efforts, and tlrse of others who dived during DID evening, in an effort to get some clue to the crash, were vain. the court took under advisement, an appeal from a Craighcnel comity chancery coutt Injunction barring commissioners of Drainage District No. IS from spending funds to acquire right of way or floV- age rights for the federal St. Francis river flooel control project. Has 8,000 Signatures LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 14 (UP)— Stale- Senator Joe Klmsey, chairman of the Arkansas Taxpayers Association, said toelay his organization already hns nboeil 0,000 signatures on its petitions to refer the highway bond refunding act to the people. "We have enough signers al-' j /at !°' ls '" Mississippi County went ready, 1 ',.he Eaid, "but we intend to ,, " Ql s l lrl »B3 toelny where Ihey BO right ahend until we double or " """"' "" Ireblc the present figure. Regardless of what llic supreme coeirt rules on Ihe governor's program' we int.ciul to place the Issue before. Dy tllelr .Instructor In vocntlonnl the people." ' ' agriculture, Freeman-Robinson ' In ndillllon lo taking purl In (lie ^convention activities, an (illiletlc program Is lo be carried out which llOnllrl F.F1 County Group To Parlici- I)ate In Cam)) Couclidalc Convention One hundred boys fro the eight --•'•' *•«••• vn\; VI til I ^ J£enure farmers of America organ- attend the annual P. p convention nt Camp Cotichilalc Of this .niunber. 15 were from Blytheville. Their, were accompanied Dell Farmer Hurf [ CMC I T I In rail harly louay «, C ,?" S '? 1 cf «>m>aii, ,, U!E ' olim <")»"it 'of lcllllIS( cl}cck . s a slob l ,,,,', """ swimming contests In „!„„„ I "' lllch SC ™™1 "onors wer Mother Dies After Birth Of Triplets ATLANTA, "On,"Allg7~i4~*(UP)H- Mrs. Fred T. Allen, 28, of Atlant.i died in a hospital here yesterday a lew hours after physicians brought her triplets into the world by a Caeserian operation. One of the babies was a girl. Their combined weight wns a llltle over H pounds. They were reported In sac- sifactoiy condition today. ing along vcni , pictures were nors were won last I crs and boxing. The'group will also H. G. McHaffcy ivns injured this I ? omi , llcle '" n . wunlwr of track morning when he fell on after slipping while walk n ditch bank. X-rny lieing mode at the Walls hospital to determine (ho extent of his injuries which ure believed to include several fractured- ribs. The 64-year-old farmer was nsh- Tlicsc Hlyllieville.boys mndc (he 1|K'0,-D. Ellis, Hugh Hnrucrl jr illy Melmrit, J. u Gurley, -nieo- Crnlg, John Darby, Charles Gaincs SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Brawl On Highway Near City Results IflBELlLflnDeathOfMan SlHaS!?^ 1 "^"' "S»*5 Conference With German Ambitions Discu s s i o n Topic Is Rumored liy Uuut,i i- m , Undon heard ri'iwit, loilny Hint Iho norchlcsgaeien conference of Adolf inner W ith the cicmum niul Miilliin foreign ministers hael resulted in a concrete plan lor sola- (Ion of (he umtty dispute. What Hitler's actual Intentions were, however, remained u question murk, Nnzl .sources In nerlln hinted (hat the llorchu-sjmdt'n mifi'rrnce miiy hnve found a ixw wny out of tlie Kuroiienii dingle, pe-rluips „ conference of Ihe powers ut which Germany's colonial untf olhcr aims would be discussed. There wies an unconfirmed report llml Itnly Imd submitted u far reaching "pence plan for Europe" lo lllllcr. The London Dully Mall snlrt It wns believed such a plun had been dnuvn up by Premier Mussolini nnd van 'the main object of the Ucrch- csgadcn Inlkti. Under the plan, tho Dally Mall said, economic and colonial prob- eins would be Included nnd "cer- nln plebiscites" would lie held Despite all Die Inlk of u settlo- uent Pclnnd remained firm in j| S •efusnl lo permit a onc-slelc<l Cler- iian solution.' A competent Polish spokesman n London said that before the Bcrclilcsgaden conference Poland UK! delivered em official mcmoran- lum lo Ilaly, making .its nttltuele plain. Diplomatic nuiirlers In Ixmdcii icted with Interest em editorial In he Timer, uhlcli they regarded us veiled invitation lo the, powers o negotiate a soUlcmeiu. of ml other problems. It wa:< recalled that a year ago icfcro Germany took over the Su- ictenliind from Czechoslovakia tho Imcs hnd suggested llml 11 should o to Germany*. SOF . R. y EJBEIIS bivc Government Become Ac I i ve, Inspired B; Tourist Travel Loss LIJV u-j-^irm-';ju iujuicj u|ZS H5J1- i 17- n .l m i T ~......... : near Dell when tho accident i™l " d %^T? "° BCrs - chnrle - s mrred. ~° ncs - Mnyncld Lloyd. Clyde Wills- occu He is resting verv, well this afternoon. Infant Prince Is Refugee tie and Junior Atwood. Mrs. Freeman Robinson am! Harmon Robinson also accompanied Ihc group nnd will remain there for a brief visit. Carnthersville Gets Its First Open Boll CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo Ang 14.—The first open boll of cotton' of the 1939 crop was brought to tills city by Frank Cunningham, who said it wns picked on his farm ) two miles south of town by a colored sharecropper. It was of Dip Stoncvllle 4-A variety, and was planted about the first of April. Cunningham said there were numerous open bolls in the field and that he would start picking about Sept. 1st. Abandons Search For Sunken Ship's Treasure oft Ihree points to m> two points. open Oct. ....... 888 Dec 810 Jan 859 Mar. l\fay Jul. . 848 830 810 high 88S 810 857 818 334 812 low close 682 880 8C4 869 856 847 856 825 810 832 812 Spots closed quiet at 890, off 9. Chicago Wheat Sept Dec. open 64 1-2 64 1-4 high 65 1-2 65 1-4 low close 65 1-2 65 1-8 C4 1-4 64 1-8 Chicago Corn open high 43 7-8 44 1-4 low close' 43 1-4 43 1-4 inn expedition seeking the treasure "iat supposedly sank on Iho ill- fated passenger liner Mericta in 1011. announced today that the expedition was being abandoned nnd that the treasure ship palco would sail for Italy Friday. The Falco returned to port here at noon today alter a fruitless final search for the sunken liner 220 feet tjcnealli the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, off the Virginia coast. Deer Hunting Over Quickly • COLUSA. Cal. (UP) — Tlie 1939 cpcn deer hunting season came nnd went ejulckly for County Clerk 5. E. Crutchor. Under the law each hunter is entitled lo bag two deer for the season. On the morning me 5eas:n opened. Cmtciier Illness Fatal T 0 j Nine Months Old Baby Ellis Clay Urandon, son of Mr sinel Mrs. John n. Urandon of near Dogwood, died a't Ihc family home nt two o'clock Hits morning. The baby was nine months eld. The Rev. p. H. Jernigan, pastor of the Baptist church nt Manila and formerly of here, will conduct Ihe rites at four o'clock this aflcr- ncon a't Sandy Ridge cemetery. Besides his parents, the baby is survived by Iwo brothers, John and Leonard Brandon. Ccbb Funeral Home is in charge. Negro Suspect Held In Attack Cases GEORGETOWN, On., Aug. 14 (UP)—A 17-year-old negro v,as held in an undesignntcd Jail today charged with attempted criminal assault of two white women.'Sheriff W. G. Ony reported "feeling is running high." The suspect, Daniel Patterson of Quitman county, was arrested yesterday 15 miles south of Ciithbcrl Ga., by n group of Georgia and' Alabama officers nnd volunteer possemcn who had been seeking him four days. The two women reportedly were tHtacked on n farm near here Wednesday. «-. Refugee Prince Alexander, four- monlh-old son of refugee King 'Zog and Queen Gcroldlnc of Albnnin, is carried down gangplank of liner Brabant al Antwerp. Parents and prince came lo Belgium from Oslo, Norway, on axis-skirling journey to France. Arkansas Action To Await Oil Conference I EL DORADO, Aug II (UP) — Chairman O. C. Bailey of the Arkansas oil and gas commission said today no action on shutting down of oil production in this state would be taken until after the meeting of the Interstate oil compact commission at Oklahoma City tomorrow. Bailey said he planned to nt- rV. D. Osborn Stricken With Paralysis Saturday W. D, Osbron, long time Blyilie- lllc resident who has been crltl- nlly 111 for a month, wns stricken I'ltli paralysis Salurdny morning .1 len o'clock niter having appeared o be much improved. His right Me is paralyzed. The condition of Mr. Osbron was o Improved Friday that Ills daugh- er, Mrs. Hlchard Heeclmm, and Ir. Beechnin relumed lo llielr omc In Chicago. Another daugh- cr, Mrs. Harvey McCall. of Joues- oro. who returned lo her home a week ago, \vas called back ns were his olhcr children, who started lo return to their homes Saturday. Barbers Must Renew Licenses By Sept. 1 LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Aug. H.- Llcenscel Arkansas barbers must nay a $2 renewal fee on Ihelr 19.1D- 40 before September 1 , Ireland, Aug. M. (UP —Tho Mire government move against the Irish Republican Arm for the first lime today, rtildln 20 houses, nrrcsllnir an unsliUc nmnbcr of leaders, scMng puiwi nnd (Hiesllotilng scores of persons I'he raids were under (lie recent ly ennclcd public safely Inw. Those iii-rcsleil w m uiideratoo lo include three dcporled fror Oieal Briliiin after n wave o I. K. A. ucmblhgs and lerrorlsn The house ol Ocorgo Plunkelt s unnlory ol an I. U. A. procla (Ion declaring war against, «'as r«l<led in PHinkctt's absence. It wns estimated the bombings ii Orent Brlliihi hnd cost Eire nearly WOO.OOO In tourist revenue as sum mer vlsllora dccrcnjici) bj- 1200 compared with lust year, Official Directing Louisiana Federal Jury Angerec .By Lelters NEW OrtLEANS, Aug. 14 (UP)Two threatening letters, oiie o death, wore received' today by ns sistant U. S. Attorney Oenerni o John Rogue after the federal grniu Jury he Is directing Imd handed up three new Indictments. • One letter accompanied by two .38 revolver bullets snld: "Vote will die, before Wednesday If you don't get out of (his clly We hnve jusl paid $18,000 for yom (lealh. 1 "You ,inust die. You are n crook and the underworld men have lo avcld penalty, Secretary II. A. MCDougal of Ihe stale board of barber examiners said yesterday Mr. McDougal said no extension for payment of (he fee would be mnde. He said only n foiv had been paid lo dale. been on your trail tor three weeks. 1 The olhcr warned him against Investigations Into Ihc acnulUal In 10,15 of Abe L. Shlislmn, former 'of Ktngflsh Ilucy P. Income lax Invasion the Idlers were |iost- mtirkcd In New Orleans. noggc. angered at Ihc audacity to threaten Ihc United Slates department of justice, said: "I can only say any threat like 'his will only make me strive harder to uncover any scandal In this lieutenant Lonif on charge. 1 ;. Both of Camera Doesn't Lie; So, Divorce Hale or any United States other plncc. The department of justice cannot be threatened; Red. Cross Broadcast To Be Heard Tuesday n. j. Pillow, 30, of this city, was fntnlly slabbed and Percy Joslln, JO. of (he Gosncll-Cahimct neighborhood, Inter ndmlttcd to officers Hint he knifed Pillow after- Pillow nltemptcd to strike hirri with nn automobile jnck during Hie. fight In which Archie Harry. 30, of Blytheville, Raymond Slitniks, 31,. of Steelo, Owen McKay, 22, of Blytheville. Don Jos-. Hn, 21, brother of Percy Joslm* nnd Alex Murray, 21, nlso of the Closnell-Cahmict vicinity, are said. to have Inken part. The. brawl occurred n mile north of Blytheville on Highway 01. ; Percy Joslln Is Ijelng held hi the county jail hero on a technical charge of murder although no warrant lins yet been Issued. All of the others are also held in Jail on charges of fighting except McKay, who was released on his 'own,/ recoejnl?j\nce. Preliminary hearing for Percy Joslin will 1> C held be- . fore Municipal Court Judge Doyle Henderson Tuesday afternoon,. one o'clock, nt the court house, it was announced today by Deputy Prose- ceillng Attorney if. Q. Partlow, The other cases, which are 'mls'de-'. mennoi- oilonses, hnve not yet been set. . Tlie affray, which took place oh (he highway In front of the .R. p. Klrslmer residence, wns 'the'jcH-/ max 16 nn nllcrcnllon between Harry nnd Percy Joslln which slarlcel In n cafe and beer place, on Highway III a short distance .lorth of the railroad, which Is mown as "ohubble's Place," nn Investigation roveoiled. John P. Reltiinlller, chief dopu- :y sheriff, mid another deputy, tayniDwl Bomnr, chanced upon the scene as they were riding along Iho highway, arriving thoio iusl after Plllov. 1 had been killed ami Hnrry, Shanks and McKay had led leaving their automobile parked on the; side of the highway. The three, younger ineii./were itnndlng lo one side when the" officers, who baw a hat lying In tho road and tlie parked "car, stopped lo investigate, These men Ihcn fled"" with the • offlceis close behind ns they ran hroeigh (he fields. Don Joslln • was soon overtaken nnd ho gnvc.aii account of the trouble to officers vho. after nn nll-nlght search, np- irehemdcel Hnrry, Shanks and Mc- <ny. Percy Joslln nnd Murray came to town yesterday morning iml surrendered to officers after \tr. Itelnentllcr had conferred With' datives of the two younger' men vho nlso live In the Gosnell-Calu- net neighborhood. '. Stories told officers coincide, nc- ordlne to Mr. Relnmiller. The rouble started nliout midnight' lion nil of the men wore ' nt 3lmbblc's Plnce." Harry, who is aid lo hnve been drinking, ac- oslcd Ihe Joslln brothers and lurrny nnd Ihen continued mnk- ig unpleasant remarks to Percy oslln. Percy Joslln Is alleged to nvc answered the- repeated re- arks by striking Archie Harry ut the men were separated 'and ils.s Clnudle White, who oper«tC3 ic place, told the younger boys o leave, it Is said. They slarlcd walking north on ic highway toward the Gosnell cad nnd a few minutes later, airy, Pillow, Shanks, McKay and "iss Gcrnldlnc Bishop of Blythe- •. lie got inlo Harry's car nnd also • ft the cnfe, the operator said. „ ., When the car overlook the pe- Commemornllng Ihe 75lh nnnl- ] dcstrltins Hnrry allegedly called vcrsary of the Treaty of Genevn, out that he wanted to apologize • n special inlcrnattonal broadcast for having slarled the fight and" highlighting Ihrcc-aiinrters of a- for Ihe Joslin brolhers and Mttr- :e:iitiiry of world-wide Red Cross ray to wait. They stopped and Service will be heard over the NBC Karry Is said to have alighted, I3!uc network Tuesday afternoon,, ivnlkcd nroimd to where the men See. that black eye: It marred Airs. Helen Bingham's nppear- aijco, but won her a divorce. «w..Oklahoma City meeting I This'photo,'snapped by candid camcrnii).in just after J.-unes and would cooperate with oilier states In an eifort to Increase cruele oil prices. Dally average oil production is about 65,000 barrels. from 1:30 to 2 o'clock. CST, It was announced today by officers of the local chapter. The program will also be beamed to Europe, Latin America and other parts ol (he world by short wove. Featured will be talks by Norman H. Davis, former ambassador-at- largc but now chairman of the American Red Cross nnd of the Board of Governors of the League of Nalional Red Cross societies, and Mnx Hubcr, pieslelent of the International Red Cross committee, who will speak, from Geneva. Also to be heard will be music by the United Slates Army band and n short dramatization ol Henri Dunant's experience at the Solferino, which led him (o write hts famous "Souvenir of SolfeYlno." It was this book which established the principle that voluntary re " c t societies should be organized In every country under n neutral banner and that aid to the wounded should be Impartially given to both sides, since a wounded foe said Dnnant was no longer an enemy. Gov. Bailey Attends Festival At Sheridan UTTLE ROCK, Aug. U. (UP) — Gov. CarI.E. Bailey spent t:day nt Sheridan where he attendee! the court to the state's forest resources. were standing nnd to hnve alleg- •• cdly struck Percy Joslln. This started Ihe free-for-all in which all of Ihe men In the car and Ihpse walking are said to have taken part. Miss Bishop told officers that Pillow cnme tack to the car where she was sitting nnd took "n piece of Iron, crooked like mi automobile Jack" out of the car and returned to the fight. Percy Joslin told officers that he drew- his knlte ns Pillow was attempting to strike him with the Iron piece. Tlie blade penetrated the center of the breast and he died within two minutes, it Is said. When Pillow sank lo the ground, his companions are said to have fled into a field, leaving the car with (he engine still running, and the Joslln brothers and Murray were talking In low tones a,short distance from where the dead man's body lay In n ditch when the officers arrived. Continued on page 3 WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy, showers tonight and Tuesday. . The maximum temperature here yesterday was 93, minimum 11, partly cloudy with .30 'of an Inch rainfall, according to Samusl P. iVorris, official weather observer.

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