The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1938
Page 3
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APRIL 20, 1938 MR! TIES Cliallcnge of Four European Countries Will Be Met Fully BY IIAKIIY W. IKANT7, United Press .Slaft (;orrrspoudcn WASHINGTON (UP) -, T h i United Stales is ready lo meet tin, challenge or European countries in lie "cultm-iil arena" of Latin America, where the seven tuts have bc- ccmc major adjuncts to diploma"! in tlic struggle for national prestige commerce, and good will, Italy and Germany led '(he cl ii tl |. nil oHsIaughl against i/ilin America, to te rollcwe<i by Great Britah and France, with the result that United Stale* official nnd unofficial organizations, have taken new inventory of this country's facilities for cultural co-operation with the American republics. Unlike European countries, where propaganda devices and aids tend to come Increasingly within scope of direct governmental activity, tijc United Slates program vls- ;i-vis Latin America appears likely (o develop chiefly through unofficial institutions cqiilpiwrl to con- tlu=t programs on a Continental scale. Itailio Forum Encouraged Government officials will lend more active moral encouragement lo such efforts, ns, for example through the forum afforded b> the Pan American Union and the grant of radio broadcasting channel-; The underlying iJcal here an- pears lo be the stimulation ot cultural interests between peoples ami institutions rather than through the relatively iiiirrov channels of official, diplomatic or scml-guvcrnmonlal' agencies. In' all nscs, llie United -States emphasizes the co-operative and non-a"- ercssive aspect of its cultural aclivllles. Strong indication that Ihc United Elates interest in cultural nip- prc:!iem«nt has a .sound foundation was indicated in a survey by the division of intellectual co-operation of the Pan American Union, which showed that in 1937 a total of 320 cc-Hcgcs taught Latin American subjects, compared with 200 in 1931. California in Lead The colleges were distributed Ihrcughout the entire • country, although California led in (lie lumi- lier of courses—83. -Major interest is in history, but geography of uits hemisphere, lias become increasingly important. Other Latin American courses offered in this country iclatc to literature, international relations, economics, anthropology, ethnology, and archeology, pan American students' organizations have been established In Dallas New York, and San p^rancisco. At least 50 free scholarships an offered annually by educational institutions of the United States ID student.- from Latin America, and the number will be increased Among the groups which foster l.ntin American students arc (lie John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and tlic General Federation of Women's Clubs. Recent development in this field w;\s an announcement by the Pan American Airways that free transportation from Latin American countries to Washington would be afforded recipients of a series ot fellowships to be granted by the American University, at Washing-ton. Original inception of this idea was attributed to Dr. Os'.vallo Amnha, now foreign minister ot Brazil, at the lime ot his ambassadorship here. Ten Institutions Active Bibl|oGW,ph,ical and arch colost- ra! investigations arc the current major activities o! university re- sraiTh institutions working iii the liiln American field. Ten instilu- tions of tlic United Stales arc ac- BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Anglo-Italian Peace Pact Covers a Lot of Ground * * f * .**+^M ~<i «- ''iw-r ?""^ 5.*~ss ~ £••**»« L. ...... ' PAGE FIVi EFFECTS OF Immediate Aim Likely To Be Creation of Inflationary Business Boom RV UOONKV IHITCIIKIt Courier News Washliijton ('orre.vpondenl WASIUNCITON. April 18. - One Immediate nim ot the new lloosc- vclt spcndiiig-lending program Is . . I nothing haa .bAjft 1 done to eup«tfi 'to (lift Dyess MemoruUU avert ll, the economists 'ftro Sure bra'ry- Memorial u. the wrimnov ' sliiriiiv Wquid havo Mr. and MIS. w. a Handley . . quite pronounced. The out- a ™ leaving tills week lor Blvthe. look for rclaUtrartc, iin extremely vlllc.' ' •' ulyc " e '""•~ J ..... - ' '"• ' — .*..,.., it u vii., an VnvlUlllvr important factor .lu/Juio bitsfncsi picture, iv«s espial;* bad. I'rotmra Psychological And of course If/the siw taullng program /Is not In anj wny effective, the ribvlous Inhrcnbo Is that business will keep right 01 slumping inio tbc Hummer. But llie ecoiiohilst« : Jntcrt-lt;«-ed oy this writer tlilnk tliftt iftt mniw cted by in- • ., » .-..s«*^» i^f^jMjii i,-, wvivj on tno verge of CI T. T O '" llol !> c '- 11 »««l">»"'-yi'«kc new heaitana ha "' "'""" "'" '""""" ' - (tuslvlcs will ^6 infected by U\e hope of new business, Dial jiuiny plants wlilch might soon have on tho verge of closing will u'hleli will revive business Otvlons already Is the fact that Mr, is not yoins to (jet Unlike most recent maps of the Old World which have shown rpcu.s of actual or ...crence settled between Great Britain and Italy in their .'treaty of friendship'.^! Caleaao Ciano and tho E :,r, o, r cl ,,,' „, , One Down - - - More Coining Up the united front ii'jiiinsl "the de wlilch he hoped lo uHjjn "'hind Ihls program. Ills consistent "' s will lie reinforced by un «f ax yet, liidelermliKilc _ h which Is comiwspil ot liose wlio believe Hint pumping noro fcdnuil money Into the rco- innlc system Is noL n wily to end he depression. Some Si'c llmnn At one oMicmc arc critics who •sue Dint the new Roosevelt, pro- srani Is sure lo put U| 0 country on the rocks mid ut llie other are New Ucahir.s who conlltlcnlly imtldp.'ile " really spectacular boom. In the illei 1 category, for Instance, arc one or two member? of Ihu SEC who huve rmtlclpatcd such n rapid slock market rise Ihnl they Jiuve been discussing amendments to Ihc SEC rules. Kill whatever happens In UK. nc.xl fn w inoulliii seems most likely to be 'based on Rood or b.i;| psychology, since any cllcct of Ihc program's nioneliiiy mimciivcrln^; iid- mlltedly will .bo a psychological e,l- (rcl and 11* first rail big new money to (tot ln( 0 u, 0 streiim of purchasing power will hu llmt involved in the nubile W orks phase, which am hardly get, operating before Inle summer or rnll. Seeking to avoid undue Mv,n~~7V isimlsm or undue optimism, Myitlc Archer rms been Mltcr can repart t n'mlr"V . <k T'' cc ol divorce from economists believe (he ucnlford Archer In !m uncontesl-1 chief immediate effect will "be to fO case in vaoitlon by Chancellor hall (lobnlloiuiry lorccs which uiv- llnfu T\\n ,ln ... • Ml ...s,.. » . . . . """-" nil Divorce Decree Granted; Other Divorce Cases Filed .. ..y,, .ivt'if liltvl tuul. Illll trillion promises of reinforced chasing power will keep tat..,.™ oir a lower bottom until new PWA contracts begin lo lifted Uie situation. All this assumes llmt Congress will |KiS>s tlioso Items of the new program which inquire ll.s approval. The ohimces arc Hint It will. ..Bui duiiici's of (lie Supreme Court plnn, Ihe reoruaulwillon bill and wago-hoiir legislation, nlso , s , at one time or another, very Mrs. pcs- this livcly intcreslcil in research in Middle archaeological America and i America, Tlirsc inclncic th- I *. •ermitting 0 ,,,er nations to speculate as they please, Japan keeps augmenting her alrcad y large navy vitl, new war vc,sels such as the second-class cruiser Chikmn.,. pictured above as it SS do n the ways at Sascbo Navy Yard, Nagasaki. The Cl.i'aima ls Juil one ' unu . „, ,.„„„., J^ul °* but Nipponese oflicials won't tell how many more i tlC OIllCIUlS (ild. IlO\V"iVPr sljimi rni-u-ii-k,. it.,, t IIJUL with A. Pickus Uses 'Phone lo Keen World's Big-WigB ts01 , Their T BY (iKORGE ROSS NFAV YORK. April 20,-Thc vlsi- tor we like tet from an antic point ol view is Abe Pickus ot Cleveland, who has come to New U. S. National Museum.-and lha Ills exploits with tlic phon Carncjie Institution, in Washington; the American Museum of Natural History and (lie Museum nf tlic American Indian, in New York; the Brooklyn Museum: University Museum, in Philadelphia; real.ody Museum, In New Hivcn; Peibody Museum, in Cambridge; nlliwcsl Museum, in Los An- Moscow Ihe 1 Am 1 "P Prime Minister Chamberlain. Anlhcny Eden. Mussolini and the tthciopian Emperor in London, lie left, mcssascs when the toys were out. It is all he can do. Mr."~Piciuis was telliiis llie toys In his hotel II DU'=ctai'noin e ;|?"i l V C r,r? !l i,!i IC * ? * W n°'" *"' • iin» lo i.ick and rum. He never , York lo Icok urouml and phone n tew friends. We had heard of A. Pickus and bul never hoped lo see him in action. And here he is, ready at the steady buzz of a dial signal lo call up Hitler in Berlin, II D U :e in Hoi,,,, F. Franco in Spain. J. stalin in Better Quality Chicks Are Being Obtained Hatchery records indicate that Mississippi county farm families arc buying belter quality chick.-, any oilier parson-la- ttisnn calls yon care to name. The pcint is Ihal Abe Pickus, who heads a pros|>crous oil com- •^•jui 11 vM.ii. JVIIE^UUIII. m UUS All- i'vavio t\ iJMJ!>|rt;iuus OIL Com- t'elcs. and Department of Middle' l >a ".v in liis home town, liasphone.i American Research at TUlanc Uni- 'heso gentlemen and once or t.vice versify, iu New Orleans Tlic United Slates is i nrtici- p,int in the following official and xcmi-oflicial entities engaged in non-political programs among (lie American republics: the Pan Amer- icin Union; the Pan American Sanitary Bureau; Ihc International American Institute for tde Protcr.- Hr.n of Childhood, headquarters at Montevideo; the Pan American In- .slilutc of Geography and History. headquarters at International succeeded In finding (hem in. No, ^'as not selling them insurance I'^'Mes. He was asking them please to help in (he promotion or inler- | national peace and poc:l will. And where wars were brewing, Mr. Pick- lis Ilas phciic;! Ihe enemy :a'|)itHl; to propose that the bays kiss and make up. It was in Ihc iuriiralional hour . Pickus reached for the phone and Mexico City; the asked the operator to connect- him Commission of Ju- ( with an A. Hitter in Berlin. A rlsls-Pcrnianenl Commission, with reasonable Interval passed and Dcr scat at Rio dc Janeiro; llie Inter- Fuehrer's voice sounder! a puzzle! American Trads Mirk Bureau. "Hello." Nonchalantly. Mr. Pickus headquarters at HaVaha; the Pan identified himself to Uie German American Highway Confederation; Chancellor and set off on a brief and the Pan American Railway suggestion to end the civil war in Committee. i Spain. There wa$ S0 mc juggling --- ? --- • °' voices at the other end of the Korean airl Top Schoiar Ich^rh^a! 1 ^"nd ^pTs HILVER BOW, Mont .UPl-Ro^' Irans-Atlantlc talk with tl ' Fo - halm. 13. born of Korean parents e lgn .Mitilsltr who came to Iho United States H And It was Oltlv last uwlt tlisl years ago. l:as demonstrated her M r. Pickus put IS a call to Presl appreciation of American educa- dent Ubnrn or franco to ».,.!-..—»..— -- -— vu ».. u \itnv wtviuu ui rrftiice to dlvus^ llonal facilities. She won the Silver the Nazi march on Vienna Onfor- county scholal-Bhlp, which Is based tunately, the President was out hut on the nationally Used examlna- two execute secretaries rendered lions prepared by the Kansas efficient Up service and score Of 339 College, with a to deliver Ow'm'Msagel'-lrtv.'Pickus also has had Ideas about salving to bo switched onto President. Roosevelt's extension but he keeps lits hand in at the White House ivilhstraight telegrams, urging moderation in domestic issues Mr. Pickus' telephonic panaceas to a sick world cost money, naturally tut he considers il a small and useful Investment to keep the bij boys on their Iqc.-. When Ine newsmen dropped in j on the visiting i\ir. i'icktls, Inci dentally, he was en the phone. ever, ir Ihe Quality pmclrawrt ill baby chicks is to IM carried on to the laying Heck the chicks must receive proper feed nnd care, rtmrfcnualc feed v.ill quickly olT- Etl the advantage of good breeding, she jKiinls out. The « 4-it club boys and gilts who secured purebred chicks through the assistance of the Uly- Ihoville chamber of commerce recently arc feeding them accordin.; to recommendations of the county agricultural agents and reiwrt a very fine start with them _ -, -J vuillJll,! tUl F. Gaiitncy. The decree was oil 'he eround of indignities nnd Vlrell arconc wus allomey fnr the philn- Mrs. Ethel Burns Allen charges nciifinities In her siiii. nentnal Join, H. Allen. Mrs. Cicncvicve Pnlr iil- Icgcs IndiBiiltlcs | n her complaint against Fay Edward Fair Partlow and Bradley represent, both •.'vlain- O'Ncil Criilg niso uses IncllSnllies ? ,.^ c u ? sis or his complaint against Beulah May Craig HJ, ,,i to'rhey is Neill Rccrt. now have been splrallns at an 111 . . „, alarming degree. Tills group Impiwns to inehulc those wlio ac:m'atcly foresaw the fivrejjnt depression. Members <f tlic aronp also t'houglit there wcnld he a "spring use" in business and when (lint failed to materialize went running In the hlirhcr- iips lo -urge inflationary ectlon to prevent what tliey feared might be a real panic. Hope for Leveling the meat these experts really hop;, for the next few month *j v ^^^ — *'^>.ii. ..-,.- .v,. <ilo Mt<%l , i uw inonins is Mrs Myrtle Williams complains lhn ' tl>cre » la y '"» l>c some f'cor- or- indignities In her ncllon ngaliat rccl 'u»s" In cerluin lines of bus! plltc Williams. E. E. Alexander Is ncss whlch «'»' level olf the pro her attorney. viously down-ciirvliij chart-line - - -- . o[ business activity niul employ Hying SYDNEY Dyess Personals ycwi schools closed lliursday iiflcriiooii for the Easter holidays, and various faculty members spent the short vacation with relatives nml friends In their homes 15. 8. Dudley spent palunlny and Siiiirtny In Llllio nock on business. He WAS nccompnuled by Mrs. Dudley. who Is convalescing from recent Dr. and Mrs. John n. \vilson Sr, UL . Kastel ' s '""lny with Mrs. WllMiiB mother, MJ. S . Sm | th or OlluOt. Miss Helen Ilcrrhi, Mrs. Cornell 'lrt 1 i'.T' ° f l !, 1C Dyc * s l> tiitT. Mlw Emily walker, Miss Kathcrlne Ecliols and Rev, Lynmn i. Hnrger spent Saturday aflcr- «ooii In Osccola. ., A ., "J?" , wns >>orn Wednesday April 13. lo Mr, n.,,1 Mr.,. Glenn °'. ^'•B™"" "»• Hie Dycss hospl- 111. Ilic baby, weighing '?'.<. iwuii has been named Ulclmrd O'Nell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kersey are " ' 8 ° 1IU1C 8"'1"0'' Thin I lliursd , pcimcls. April H tit the Dycss Tlic baby wclehed 1% Miss WBiHlcnn Plckcns, who lias been III at | tlc Dycss 'JibsDllal. was Vl 1 Easier hoU.lays wilh llcr ' , lnronUi Rev. and Mrs. Taylor ot Rector ' °y c Turner WHS In Memis on business Prldiiy tin Paul WiKB!n,V spent Easier h St. Louis, the guest 6t her E on, SJiarojj Cromceiics p| ' Billy fo.ii. Htlic 'so,, of Ml , d with > - ss Irene Barnwcll iu Funerals Mela montli , " S ' 1C ", C " Ste '?'" y ilas nn "" llc 51 "' lll!! all:l " - ,, , , Plane service to scatter over the !".?, T , llc 51 "' lll!! all:l " d °^ ean the ashes of crcmnten nnr V ? lln * umn > fr "= a result o us has been «tauS^J W ; ' ± a ..«* c . n "5 d " s ""'""" f«lor» has been cslablishe Sydney undertaker, 'flic first of these nying- fimcinls occurred wnr/n n plane was chartered lo Ihe ashes of ten people. put Instead of .nil upturn in March business actually took a dip. The hard-headed boys now li'jji that, ,is a result ,of the spending lending program, the tradilloiia WASH & GRBASE §1.111) Wash, Gifasc, Polish anil H. II. SCHMUCfc" 1 ' "K-sso" Slalion M»in and Division KE«RVEi THE UPHOLSTERY 1938 SEAT COVERS O Retain the Itinh. rtovr appearance ol your upholstery \vilh thes» atlracliTa seat carora. Thoy h:» Irtllatod to ^ 5 ^ ug | y . A7<ri!at!a (n Aliasing colo:a— mod* oi Wrong, neat ro3is;ihj fabric, H your «oa| 3 aro spoiled and worn, Ihetft covets COT Interior look llks ne thr PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th and Walnut ...MODERN ELECTRIC COOKERY IS CLEAN, FAST, ECONOMICAL... Be modern. Be smart. I'm your kitchen in die mode —with modern clcctriccoo It- ing. You'll thrill to thcsparkiinij.siream- lincd beamy of the Hotpoint Electric Range. Its gleaming, all-white porcelain finish brings new distinction, new cleanliness to the kitchen. Cuts Cooking Costs Hotpoint's sensational new Sclcct-A-Spccd Calrod cooking unit cuts costs 20?£ to 64% in many conking operations anil brings more speed to electric cookery. Installed Complete SiVMU. AMOUNT BAMNCK MONTIILV SEtECr-A-SPt£0 her home hi Uatesvillc Mr. and Atrs. nilcy Knight and Mrs. S. K. Ruirin of Hornersville, Mr. and Mrs. j. p Wells of Blythflvlllc were Sunday .guests oi », n ! ld Mrlj - ^° ' rHal>klns .?i*, cla La>«t*f. services were ob- oy both Methodist and churches of the Colony, •i no Young People of the Moth- otlist clmrch conducted a sunrise .service at the church. Miss Lou Gardner wiio In charge M ss Virginia Echols at tlio organ. MISS Helen Shaiv was guest spcaJc- LT. iho jjcv. Lyman T. Barwr s ing "Calvary" nnd Roy Cash read tlie Easter story from Ihc Bible Mr. nnd Mrs. J, c, Wingfield nL J °',?±'' C ,', f01 ' lll<:rl y °I I** Col- Mrs. Harold Humphries of .loues- i-oro was Ihe Accent giiesl tit fi'taxis tuid relatives on the Col- Four-wheel brakes on the avcr- nse ciir .ihoiii,i be ahtc [o stoii It IMI , s a » ioi- «ith In six feet from the very moment llie brake* <i« . BUY O.K. USED CARS YOUH 'CIIKVUOLET DEALER JMfi Chevrolet Co-.ich Only 1935 Ford V-8 l) c - tuso Scrlon .. ; 103(1 Kord V-8 Oe- Aoj'r Coupe $J4<) 1034 Cilicvrolct Airir- C'oach $195 1036 Fold V-8 Truck $295 Many others lo choosts from Ensy GMAC Payment Plan Tomlittle Chevrolet Co, Phone 633 All Klcclric Kitchen On Display At Hie Cooking School City Hall Auditorium Mon. - Tues., April 25-26 Arkansas Missouri Power Corp. Look At This Value . . . PHILCO TRANSITONE B-Tube Electric Set $<f A OK itnt/i tki »k.,li .»«._ • ri tr.. tti ..i ., :• ^1 M ^m ^^ t-'om<5 hi ,-itKf sec' if. sntafl apjictirance . . rich tone. You'll like its . you'll like its Snuill Additional Charge I'm Easy 1'avmcnl HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Btythevillc, Ark.

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