The Grape Belt and Chautauqua Farmer from Dunkirk, New York on April 2, 1954 · Page 18
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The Grape Belt and Chautauqua Farmer from Dunkirk, New York · Page 18

Dunkirk, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1954
Page 18
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April 1954 •is sponsoring an letvlelufor thfc 0SI follow,,it '\t -."V* .1^ '»«*>• ffit X * J? • t3*B of the the-Larger P«• the Das Methodist church r Sunday a riboh? and .evening. Transportation """provided ^'Bichard^awton, "-'"' «—-*--- and Nancye _. , _ wit). waS tin charge of recrektion. ,>The panel and, dlscltssion,'groups-Were centered afdund the theme, "What Does; a • Christian, .Believe". Mrs- Josephine Johnson r Mrs. Grace Norman.' -Miss /Ada 'Norman at- . - tended the film on.the last days of Jesus 1 and after His resurrection, entitled "t Beheld His Glory," which was the concluding number on the rally program. Mr. Clarence Zeches, Miss Jan ice Lamb and Terry Town, of Fredonia " Teachers College, wefe in charge of the church service last Sunday morning as the pastor was 'Mr, Zeches brought <*e mes- i The next meeting will be held with s Mrs, Belt Cadwell bn April 30. t Mesdftmea Tlorettee Puncher and i Florence Tanner will be in charge ot recreation. » FREE METHODlST--Jlev. Er• best J, Hyatt, paste?: 10 a. m., i Sutiday school,' il a, m,» Worship, • There will be no evening serv- "ice here, as the District' Confer• ence is meeting in Salamanca. ! fcev, Clark Snyder returned to I his home ifl Elnr-ira, Heights Sunday evening following, the special [evangelistic meetings in the • church since March 16. , EPISCOPAL— Rev, Leo W> Dyson, vicar: 9:30 a. m,. Prayer and f Sefmon; 7130 p. m. F Friday, Lenten service. On May 23rd,, Bishop Lauriston • L. Scalfe, of Buffalo, will make his annual visit. Anyone contemplat- . ing confirmation at that time is of, Eastern Star di and official visit. On Saturday Mrs. :on, Mrs. Edna Gush Ploren-ce Tamer w visitors of Miss Dori Jamestown. Mrs. Mary Van Visiting her granddt tfarilyn Wallace in Mrs, Mary Brickel i Mr. and- Mrs. Lei guests of Mr. and M art in Buffalo on Sui Mr. and Mrs. Orr tana were visitors a week of his brother, Walter Morse. Mr. and Mrs. H< Kiss Ethel Bowker, Valter Hancock vUl v? ni.t\*J> .lAttilWUU.JV VA9J lie Sage at the home :er, Mrs. Ina Bowk n Canisteo- Mr. and Mrs. Philtt sage. % HANOVER CENTER-8:45 Worship, Rev, William Oak- stor; 10:45 'a, m., Sunday school; April 6, Community Aid with Mrs. Blanche Smith. .The Adult Bible class held its monthly meeting with M,r. and Mrs. Walter Tanner last Friday evening. Mrs. Pearl Jones conducted the devotional period. Games and-contests were enjoyed. Sf,tf . / !**, A,-?,'* A * -* UPHOLSTERING! *£l%yt ',••'--'"" » ' ' * .For fine upholstering, restyHng om-built 'suites, always accredited and licensed Jfaetory,". . '..Not a fly by night f upholsterer who works falcel- '•#»' „ .. . ^lars, garages or chicken coops i >< r without sterilizing your A furniture. Call Popular Furniture. Phone.4041 and get the finest Work at the. lowest prices . . . be convinced of our superior workmanship! JWeatera New, York's Only Fully Equipped Shop* Phone 4041 Fbre.tyiUc; N. Y. i iffri* ,' • kVk'<t - **S -^ & feV *A<* %r*V A^\ ; {$&« VX« f>* -'«•*,. t ?i V*' f. 4' V>«t a.*?*',: •M, " ^.*' )Sl2N'NOW TO^ ATTEND t • ".'^ •™^ < '••• *•• ^»« »**• -»i^ ••. - M. .•>Ki^».^fc, «^mm^M, Jl'jT&iL ^ ^_rlBafl ^ VApHlf Si-i — kt the AricwrtghtGrange ADULT ADMISSION $1.25 — CHILDREN under 12 50o i-Vsf Supper Served 6 - 9 — Dancing 9 'til 12:30 CiEITIX Ell THEATRE ft ",; Silver Creek, N. Y. Two Shows Each Night; 6;45 & 9:00— Unless Mentioned Otherwise IN IN FRIDAY, SATURDAY, APRIL, 2, 3 JEFF CHANDLER, MAUREEN O'HARA "WAR ARROW" — PLUS — VICTOR MATURE, MARI BLANCHARD "VEILS, OF, BAGDAD" ,• SUNDAYS-MONDAY, APRIL, 4, 5 LADD, SHELLEY WINTERS, J. CARROL NAISH IN "SASKATCHEWAN" ,. ' t COLOR.BY, TECHNICOLOR > *. t MATINEE SUNDAY, 2:00 P. M. to get in touch with Mr. Beacffe or Mr, Dyson. CATHOLIC-Rev. PAul Miskc- wicz, .priest: 9 and 10:30 A. m.. Masses; Tuesday evening, April 6, St. Rose ol Lima Society at Mrs,-,Pjpank Press. -BAPTIST-Rev. William "Oakley, pastori 10 ». m,. Sunday schoofj 11 a. m. t Worship! 6:45 g. m., Young People: ^7:45 p.- m,, Service; 7:45 p. m., Thursday, Prayer meeting. " :roup^ from the church Youth and TUESDAY," WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, APRIL, 6, ^ > 8 """'" CURTIS, JOANNE JDRU, LYLE BETTGER IN "FORBIDDEN" — PLUS—, "LOUISIANA TERRITORY" Two complete shows each nite: 6:45 and .9 p. m. FRIDAY, SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 10 HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS f & DANE CLARK "GO, MAN, GO!" • „ ^ » —ALSO — ROCK HUDSON AND DONNA REED IN *"•* ^GUNFURY" ; IN, TECHNICOLOR AT 6:45 & 9;45 P., M. , IN i. in North Collins on Saturday-evening, and >aw the film, "'Light in the Jungle". • Mnranatht Cl*si The Baptist Maranatht class o Young Adults met with Mr. % an Mrs. Charles Brennen Jr., Wednes day, evening; March 24, with 18 present. The president, Melvin Foxton, conducted the meeting The devotionsAwere' in charge of Mrs. WilllanCOakley. M .Was decided to omit the April meeting because of special meetings in the church at that time., Refreshments were served by Mrs. Gertrude Salzman. Mrs. Barbara Oakley and Mrs. Ruth Strong. Women'* Fellowship The' Baptist' Women met -in Fellowship hall Tuesday evening-and honored Mrs. -,Mary. Jane 'Brennen with a shower. Firemen's Auxiliary The Firemen's Auxiliary will hold its regular Thursday night meetings at the American Legion club rooms,during April, May and June due to tlrtj fact that fire training schools are'being held at .the Fire hall. They held a 10-cent supper in the Fire hall Thursday evening, April 1, for the public. Junior Play ' ^,,[ •> The Junior Play, "The Profes- sbr Goes .Haywire", will be presented in the school auditorium on Friday evening, April, 2, With/; the following actors—Albert 'Rlchter, Nancy Kelley, Patricia Press, Wolfram Griener, Virginia, Everhart, Douglas Houck,, Brenda Bradigan, Beverly Jacobs, La Verne Hall, Eugene Kunzman, Sara.Neeb, Jared Wooley, Ronald CrOweli;«Naida Blrach and Barbara Y e a g e r. Charles Seibert is director. Mrs, Clara Schultz attended Thursday, March 25, in Buffalo, Dur Lady of Victory Basilica for jie annual Day of Recollection for the Bishop's committee. • * A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Luce, R.F-D. 1 March 28 at Brooks hospital, Dunkirk.' Thirteen Explorer scouts and a number of adults were at Memorial auditorium, Buffalo, Tuesday' evening to see a basketball-game. The Loyal Temperance Legion enjoyed cookies and milk- prior to their meeting last Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Josephine Johnson then presented a lesson on ''Pal Friends and Pal Enemies," The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 13. Alden Cooley entered the Hanover General hospital, in. Silver Creek Sunday evening and underwent surgery Monday^' , ' The Fores|ville Central school volley ball team* was in Jamestown Saturday, March 27 and played in and daughter of Canandaigua, Mr. and Mrs.- Robert Bennett and -son, Stephen, of Victor, Mrs. Dorothy English,, daughter, Patricia and son, James of .Victor, were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sheffield. Mrs. Lois Rich and sons, Bobble and Jackie of .Fredonia, called on Mrs. Corn Ferry, Jr., Tuesday afternoon, Rev. and Mrs. David P. Mack and daughter, Beth, were dinner guests Tuesday evo'ning of Mr. and Vfrs. T. H. Neathory in Falconer to visit relatives from the south Mr.- and Mrs. Harry Hall spen Saturday evening with Mr. anc Mrs. Walter Sheffield. -The Life members will be enter iained at the next meeting of.the Order of Eastern Star Tuesday; April 6. The regular April meeting of the Volunteer Firemen will'be held in the Fire Hall on April 6.. The Grapevine Rebekah L o d g „ will hold their next meeting on April 7- The Foresfrille Players club is working hard on their play, "Arson- c and Old Lace" which will be presented on April 9 and 10. Attend Conference Gloria Magavero and Alice Huff were invited to attend the Future Teachers session Saturday, March 27 at Fredonia Teachers college. This was the second annual mect- ng'to be sponsored by Delta Kappa Gamma, national honorary society of women educators. Highlights of he day were demonstrations, tours and the luncheon. Mrs. Ernest Donhue accompanied the girls to the conference. Etargett Attends VIoyie Meeting on Sxcise Tax-Cut the county tournament. and Mrs. Charles R. Wallace, ,Mr. and Mrs. William H. Nelson,- Mr. and Mrs- Frank Mahle, members of.Hanover Grange No. 595, attended a special meeting of Sheridan Grange Friday evening, March 26. • , > 'Joseph Coslntino underwent sur- jery and George Battita has un- iergone treatment at the Gowanda Tri-County hospital. The Latin II class, with John Lafferty as teacher, gave'a maple sugar party Friday, March 28," hon oring Jared Wooley's birthday. Miss Brenda 'Bradigan entered the Hanover General hospital in Silver Creek Wednesday, March. 24 and underwent surgery. Born March 22,in Silver Creek hospital to John and Audrey Valentine Gray of Forestville, a daughter. THEATRE _• GOWANDA- - v , That Proves M «vies*Are Better Than Ever SHOWS NIGHTLY 7:30-9:15 P.M.— Free Parking For All "FRI.rSAT.;' APRIL 2, 3 ' ' rERLING HAYDEN, JOY PAGE, J. CARROL NAISH IN ^FIGHTER ATTACK" PLUS"- '.' " IANTHONY DEXTER, JUDY LAWRENCE IN vijoka Smith and PocaKontas" [Tuesday,' Wed., ! Thurs. J-.Aprl, , 8, gfcSTAHSTHETOPSJN MUSICM.TAL«nT,| IQlVEA ] DEWK, & News Mr. and Mrs. Harry Watkins returned home from their Florida trip of two weeks Sunday eve ning. They spent a few days "with Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Dinkel of St Petersburg, then visited Mr. 'and Mrs. R- C.-Jones and Mr. and Mrs Floyd Ross of Miami'and'Mr. anc Mrs. Gerald Eggleston of Baxley Ga., and also their daughter, Mr and Mrs. F 4 C. Baumer in Roches ter. Personals Mr. and Mrs. Hans Esperson Mrs. Bertha Hancock, and Walte Hancock were recent callers .on Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bentley. Mr. and Mrs.* Henry GlasJord Mrs- Nora Thompson, Mrs. Daphne Town were in Dunkirk Saturday. Edna Cushman'of North Tona wanda was a week-end guest o Mr. -and Mrs. Walter Tanner. Saturday afternoon visitors o: Mrs,.Edith C. Hall were her cous ins, Mrs, Ruth Schifferli and Miss Lena Patton of Fredonia. Mrs. Delia Cadwell was a Sun day .dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs Walter L. Tanner. •Mrs. Marion Bowker was a Sun day visitor at the home in Wes Sheridan of her daughter, Mr. am Mrs. Carl Loiooano, Sunday afternoon guests of Mr and Mrs. Clarence. Black were Mr Delia , Cadwell and Mr. and Mrs [Walter Tanner. ,Mrs, Henrietta Ault is ill at he home. ' Mr,, an'd Mrs. Max Huff, Mrs Marion Bowker, Mrs. Jean Loioca nptwereju -Mayyille Monday eve wng,' March' 29, attending an' Orde were Saturday Rennselaer Is Homer Bowker, ».••, i «*»u *,>*»u* A i**+HfJ fhfAM^n. WJ. ,*-»l4£> i spent Sunday at the Methodist parsonage with their son, Rev. David P. Mack, who is ill. He "and daughter, Beth, returned home with hem. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bennett sley Whips Armaiid Savoie In 10-Rounder ST. LOUIS, Mo. (UP)-'Arthur Persley,- a 28 : year-old lightweight from Red Cross, La., today promised to make his future opponents candidates for disaster relief. Coming off a five-months layoff, Persley gave Armand Savoie his favorite opponent, a severe beating over the 10 round route at the St. Louis Arena to win a unani mous decision. Both Persley and the Montreal Canada, battler, Who was a decided favorite, weighed 138 pounds but that was the limit of their similarity. Persley took out after Savoie as soon as the bell rang for the first round, crowded him into his own corner and staggered the Canadian with a furious flurry oi rights and lefts to the head. That set the pattern of a bruising setto, with Savoie on the defensive except for rare intervals. Savoie was cut under the eye, alongside :he left ear, and suffered a badly battered nose as Persley carried the fight nearly'.all the way. The margin of Persley's superiority was indicated by the scores of the referee, Bob Ingham, anc the judges, AI Graff and Gene FarVell- Ingham scored it 55-45 Graff 57-43 and Farrell 56-44. Jackson Scores UpsetWinOver Dan Bucceroni Dal ton B. Burgett, owner of four ocal movie theaters, was one of the national representatives of the Aotion Picture Theater organization that met in Washington D. C., ifonday to discuss reduction in excise taxes oca theater tickets. It was through the work of this xmference that movie and other entertainment tickets were included in a bill that passed Congress Tuesday. Excise taxes cut hi half by the federal government when President Eisenhower gives his expected signature. 'Mr. Burgett flew ia" to Washiag- on Sunday' evening from Flori[a, >aind returned'there late Monday when the .meeting ended. Practical Nurses Meet in Dunkirk A meeting of the Chautauqua bounty Association of Practical Curses' was held Wednesday night n the conference roam of Brooks hospital. ' After a -business meeting, Mrs. Helen Hanlon, RN, gave an instructional talk on polio. Mrs. Hanon has had special training in handling,polio cases. (Next,'meeting of the 'association vill foe in Jamestown April 29. Navy Films Seen By Dental Group * * Vincent C. Bentley, BMGC, and Slgm Benjamin, DMC, of the New York state naval militia armory n Dunkirk presented films at a meeting of the Northern Chautauqua County Dental association held Wednesday evening at Shorewood Country,,club. 'Twenty members attended. One film concerned the-invasion of Okinawa and the other, "Floating -Fortress", dealt with life on a- battleship in Korean water. Dr. Joseph Caflagee arranged the pro gram. The next meeting will be held in Westfield April 28. Car Mishap In East Main Street Cars operated by Dorothy R. W Denea, 203 East Main street, Fre donia, <and Eva Hunt, 95 Valley street, Mayville were involved in an accident Wednesday in Eas Main • street. The two cars collided as the Hunt vehicle pulled up on the righ side of the Denea'car as the driver of*f the -latter was attempting a right turn'into her- driveway. Both machines were traveling east in East Main street. . ANCIENT "WONDER" DOUBTED, Addressing -the London Society of Antiquarians, Herbert Maryon cast doubt-on'the legendary size of 'the Oolqssus of Rhodes, dhe of the-Seven 'Wonders of ^ the ancient world. 'The- statue could not have stood 'astride' thjC . harbor of Rhodes,'he said. The'harbor there stood only ;I20 feet- high, which would have given 'the whole thin;, absurd proportions. He Believes the Colossus was not solid meta but made of sheet metal, shaped and riveted. ' YORK (UP) -'Handlers of Tommy (Hurricane) .Jackson boxing's sensational new slugging star,, laid plans today for a drive they hope will carry him to the heavyweight championship by September. That's mighty big dreaming for a lad who only three months ago was fighting in preliminary bouts, but Monday night's spectacular'six round technical knockout of Dan Bucceroni gave ' Jackson's . pilots the' right to dream just as big as they want. Matchmaker Teddy Brenner of Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway Arena, site of Monday night's televised and broadcast slugging bee, disclosed these tentative plans for ;he 22-year old whirlwind from Rockaway Beach, N.Y.: A fight on May. 3 at the Park way, possibly against Roland La Starza; another in June against 2uban hevyweight contender Nino Valdes; and then an outdoor title claslj in September against cham- )ion Rocky Marciano. Jnknown To Contender As for Jackson, who is a little dazed by his meteoric rise from an unknown to contender for the world's - richest sports prize, he said merely, "Whatever they tell me to do, I'll do." And Tommy convinced plenty pf _n-person and television viewers hat he can do almost anything ic's asked by the' way in which ic polished off Bucceroni, No. 3 ranking heavyweight contender who went into the 'ring favored at 2-1. Jackson, <- now ranked No. 1 in the heavyweight class, simply ignored Bucceroni's famed right land blasts, swarmed all over him rom start to finish, and -never stopped belting Dan -with larruping efts, and occasional rights until Referee Al Berl called a halt a^t 1:58 of the sixth round. There were no knockdowns. The surprise defeat wiped out Bucceroni's hopes for a fall bout with Marciano. , Automobile Club Names Committees A quarterly meeting of the board of directors of the Chautauqua bounty Automobile club was held recently at Hotel Dunkirk with Marvin Rose presiding. It was announced that the executive committee will meet in"the near* future with owners of garages in the club's area, which-are contracted ,o render emergency road' service. The secretary, Marion H. Erb, presented a report on the second mnual conference of AAA clubs leld in January in'Boca Raton, Ela,, to which she. was a delegate. Frank Martin, Arch Milligan and Clifford C. Cain were appointed as a committee to nominate 12 * directors for election at the annual meeting of the organization June 28. ' • Two SMA Seniors Win Scholarships Two seniors at St. Marys academy have been awarded scholarships to Mei;cyhurst college in Erie, 'it was disclosed this morn ing. They are Mary Hayes, 409 Mullet street and Katherine King, 421 Washington avenue, who won the awards as the result of a competitive examination given in .March. ,Both girls- intend :to use the scholarships, which are worth total of $400 each. Penh State Grid Schedule Lists Middies, Cadets i *- ** STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (UP) — Pennsylvania State Vjniversity announced today ' a nine-game 1955 football • schedule ' which features the return of both Navy and'Army. Navy, which last met Penn State in 1947, -will be the homecoming attraction Oct. .,15, when the school's alumni will mark the institution's 100th anniversary. Other home games are Fordham, Sept. 24; Syracuse, Nov. 5, and Rutgers, Nov. 12. A TV set license in Italy, where daily television has started, "costs $24 a year. Cancer Drive to 3 Begin Monday in Cassadaga Area CASSADAGA - The 1954' Can cer Crusade ' house canvass for Cassadaga and Lily Dale wilt begin April 5 and continue to April 10,.with Mrs. Gilbert Johnson and Mrs., Phyllis McNeight as cochairmen for Cassadaga and Mrs. Charles Swift general chairman for Lily Dale. Albert Straight will be in charge 'of the special gifts division. Cassadaga house.- to - house solicitors are as follows: Mrs. Albert" Straight, Mrs. Morris Richardson, Mrs. Roy Holcomb, Mrs. Fred Wills, Mrs. Ernest-Bernard, Mrs. Scott Wilflcens, Miss. Ruth Berquist, Mrs. Dean Peck, "Mrs. Lawrence Straight, Mrs. Harold Derby, Mrs. Jerry Milligan, Mrs. Gordon Wilcox, Mrs.' Gordon -Josephson, and Mrs. John Fessenden. . Other, callers 'are: Mrs. Khlar Holcomb, ' Mrs. David England, Mrs. Vern' ' Holtz, 'Mrs. Harvey Beebe,. Mrs. William Renckens, Mrs. Lyman Wilcox Jr., Mrs. Leon Derby, Mrs. Roy Olmstead, Mrs. Stanley Sherman, and Mrs. Vic Sawkins. Lily Dale' will be cohVassed by Mrs. ,J. Donald .Chalmers, - Mrs John Pastor, Mrs. , William Ve'r- hague, Mrs. Ernest Whitehead, Mrs. Gerald Swift and Miss C. Jane Hurd.. Mrs. , Charles Swift, general chairman,^,will - contacl Lily Dale organlz-ations apd clubs. The combined quota for Cassadaga and Lily Dale is set at $105, the same as in previous years. Last year this community raised $236.64 and the committee is hopeful of exceeding this amount this year. Although the house - to- house campaign ends April 10, the drive actually will continue through Jhe month of .April. Albert Putnam Cff Frec|onia Dies Suddenly Albert L. J Putnam, 73, retired, of 42 Central- avenue, Fredcnia. died, late Tuesday afternoon in Brooks Ihospital. He suffered a heart attack ait his home in the morning and'was token to the hospital where' (he later toad. another attack. Mr. Putnam was born in Fredonia and had resided here all his life. His father'was'Albert Lawrence Putnam, who was a merchant associated with his brothers. Mr. Putnam's grandfather, Aaron L. Putnam, came'to Fredonia from Massachusetts 'about 1832. Mr. Putnam, a member of Trinity Episcopal church, is survived by his wife, Mrs. Julia Foster Putnam, a sister, Miss Adelaide Putnam, and two cousins. 18,000 Boxes of Cookies Sold by Area Girl Scouts Mrs. Henry P. Lally has announced that 18,000 boxes of cookies have been sold by members of area Girl Scout troops. The sain will be extended'for an unlimited time and persons wishing to purchase additional' cookies may do so by.'contacting tire Girl Scout headquarters in the Masonic building. SAUCE EXPERT BURNS ALL-IMPORTANT FINGER CLEVELAND, 0. — (UP) — A minor catastrophe recently hit Jules Arnaud, a sauce cook here. He burned his finger! To most persons this would have aeen nothing, but hvArhaud's case he was forced to take several days off. As .he> explained *it, "I burned the finger I lick to taste the sauces I cook,V jr , ,. Largest lamasery in Tibet, housing more than 3000 monks, is lamed the "Island of Completely Victorious Joyfulness." WINTER GflRDE FREDONIA NOW thru SATURDAY L c plOX " _ _ l^jK (Plus Africari Thrills— SUNDAY thru TUES. Sunday Coxx't. 2 to 11 P, M. »,,, .••. Will Rogers, Jr., as the Dad! Two Free Tickets for— Mr, Levi Oowden, Berry Road,' Fredonia Scout Council ' Heads Survey Off ice Damage MAYVlLLfi—Boy Scout officials from the Chautauqua County council surveyed damage done to Council office equipment and records in Thursday's fire and found all equipment will have to be replaced. President Bruce H. Ritenburg, Fredonia, with other key officials found' nearly all records intact in an inspection tour at Camp Merz where the Council office is temporarily located. Joseph M. Betsch, council executive, said that basic records escaped unscathed. Many of the other records will have to be recopied. A small portion of the lesser records were destroyed completely. All of the furniture and office equipment was found .unusable, he said. Practically all of the supplied of Scout Sterns, such* as .badges, plaques and other similar items were damaged enough to m a k e^ them useless. ~ - • - . l TKe whole 'interior of the dining hall a't Camp Merz is filled with Contents of the former council offices here. The four professional Scouters and , three office • em- ployes have been busy since the fire sorting and attempting to salvage." "' ' ' , , •Meanwhile, the office and meeting room on the south end'of the building have been temporariy; set up as headquarters for the council with Scouters arriving -regularly to carry on business. Site of a permanent office has not yet been found,'but Mr- Betsch said it would likely be in May- vilie. \ ' Only about the first 30 miles of the Yalu River lie entirely in Manchuria. The Chicago Board of Trade is the primary grain exchange of the United States. MEADS FARM STORE An Important Message* to Our Valued Customers and Friends Customer Appreciation EN- HOUSE <r ;A*PRIL 5 to 1 During the past year, International'Harvester has introduced a long "list of new machines designed ,to meet present-day farming conditions and'to'lower your production costs. - - ;J , F ^ ". ,„ ~We want you to see this new equipment, along with many other machines from the world's largest line of farm tractors and'-equipment. To-show you these machines, and at the same time to express our appreciation-for your business, we 'are holding a big open house during the wejek of April 5 to 10. .' We, sincerely hope you'll plan' to, attend, for \we . think you'll 1 find the exhibits both interesting*and informative. <, * PS: Don't fprget to tying along those certificates 'which ^ • ' '>' ,' you have beeji receiving with your^piircha'ses during the ", - . past few months. They may be worth valuable*prizes. ' . •• . ,"-''•MEADS FARM STORE — Phone 319 — 19 MARKET ST. WESTFIELD, N. Y. — SUN. thra .WED. — Every TRAIL a WARPATH! Every HOUSE a FORT! mm DENNING • WARMER PI/US!—It'll Amaze You! A Thousand Times STRANGER THAN FICTION! Starts SAT, Thru TUBS. OK NEW WIDE-VISION : SCREEN1 IIS CELL BLOCK 11 FILMID ON THt SPOT BtHINO PfllSON I AN ALLIED ARTISTS NCTUIC -'«n mill tmt • tab Mcjftr • ffirt FiftM." In Mi • Robert (kttM: Cist if HMosads!' Dmted bj Dm Sup! • Wnlttn t, tehm! total NOW! Thru WED. ^^ YOU SEE IT WITHOUT GLASSES! ONE How To Marry a Millionaire TECHNICOLOR P AVID; WAYNE

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