The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1946 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1946
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 1946 et May Bear Fruit Let* Prwifent Hoped F«r Conference on HHMOH Resources. HEW YORK, May 8. (UP)—Plans to the late President Franklin D. liaonTtlt for an international eon- fennc* to evaluate t[ie world's phy- ik*l and human resources were on their way toirard realization today. The plan was r*\ ealed at a meet- lac of the United Katlons 'Economic and Employment Commission by U. S, delegate Dr. Isidor Lubln, an adi-Mor to Mr. Roosevelt. Ittt late • President suggested tlic conference as a means of finding out "what the world has and where it stands," Dr. Uibin, former head of the Department of Labor's Bureau of statistics said. After an hour's discussion the plan'was placed on a reserve list of Ideas to be acted upon later. , Lubln said the survey of world resources by the UN was niwlo- fdus to the survey a business corporation makes of labor, rnw materials and markets before going into operation. •Dr. Alexander Lovedny or the United Kingdom said, "The Idea makes no sense at nil to me. It would involve much too much guesswork, and true figures trould be Impossible to obtain," Births In County Whit* Everett and Virginia Ferguson, BrytheriHe, boy. Tom »nd Beatrice Gray. Blythe- TUle, boy. Henry and Majls Wells, Luxora, girl John and Addle Howard, Stccle,- Ho , girl Howard and Frances Martin, Ca- nrthersville, Mo., girl. ChaUle and Margaret Terrell, Blytheville, twin boys. Carroll and Delphia Wnddcll, Manila', boy. Curtis and Anna O'Neal, CnruUi- ersville, Mo., boy. William and Dorothy Irvine, Bly- Uieyille, girl. \ Russell and Mattic Waldron, Caruthersville, Mo., boy. •William and Bethel Lester, Cooler, Mo., boy William and Charlcne Fitzmau- rtce, - Tyler, Mo., boy. - Lester and Naoma Gill, Dell. boy. ;3ohn and Vaudle .Bailey, Blythe- TlU*, girl. Thomas and Betty Hardest}', Bly- thtvUle, girl. Monarch and Zullia Wilson, Wardell, Mo., boy. William and Mary Green, Osce- ol*. girl . Cmrl and Bonnie. Anderson, Caruthersville, Mo.,- boy. Lowell and Nona Reid, Blytlievillo, girl Walter and Ruby Dooly, Blythc- »ille, twin boys. „Charles and Alice Wilson, Blyihc- fille, boy i Cordon and Ethel Harris, Bly- tiieville, girl. ;' . . 'Earnest ancl Edna Kooncc, Blythi:- Tllle, gttK •/' •,;•,- i . j( ', ; . Raymond! aha Jessie': SbiiUiarcl, QeU, boyf.,1 {'tf > '..[•.! ," i Joeeph and'LaFetra Walters, Bly- MSWlle, boy..; ••.•', Cliirince and-Lula 'Kenfrb, Biy- levllle, boy; . :, , i . -.filbert and Sue Hiiflman, Blytlie- t£lle, boyV" *•-»-'•*• -••••'••"-'•-• -' / ' -Jessie and Opal Tosh. Manila, boy Eullce and Flossie White, Blythc- •rille, girl. James and Flora Brock, Dell, girl John and Avis Smith, Steelc, Mo boy. Leon and Willie Reed, BlyUicvillc prl Joe and Willie Baker, Blytheville boy. Herschcl and Gladys McKay, Bly tbevUle, boy. L, R. and Virginia Brawn, Bly IheYille, girl. Jack and. Dortha Higgins, Hull man, boy. Franklin and Audley Grccr, theville, boy. Junious and Phyllis douse, Bly theville, boy. Radio Service tV AS"** Refrigerator Service tnt I/awkr Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service FhlU» Fns Vacuum Cloaners, Fans, Irons •ad Small Appliances Repaired. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. J. Tjt, Adams, Mgr. '2*71 m-« W. Main John nnd Henrietta Mister, Blytheville, boy. . , James and Vcincll Taylor, C»- ruthersvllle, Mo., girl. F. Don and Margaret Smith, girl; James and Lucille Perclfull, girl, BlytheylllCf. John W. and Pansy Munell, girl, Osceolu. { James and Dorothy' Eubanks, boy, Blytheville. Henry and Addle Curtis, Armor;), boy. John and Jnnc Fleming, Dycss, boy. James and Grace Hunknpiller, Os- ceoln, girl. John and Mary Alley, Blylhevlllo boy. Clyde Ellzabeli) Graham, Tyronza, girl. George and Hosa Turner, Tyron/a, V»y. Jake and Ethel Ballard, Lench- vlllc, boy. Clofus L. and Mamie Wnllcy, Dy- css, girl. George and Eralulle Dickcison, Luxora, girl. Carl nnd Ruby Lloyd, Dycss, girl. William and Elnm Jacobs, Memphis, boy. Rogers and Ltlllc Berry, boy, Joiner. Raymond and Doris Choatc, girl, Blytheville. Leon and Darline Carpenter, boy. West Ridge. Claude and Krassic Ramie, girl Luxora. Buford and Anna Gamble, boy Manila. Everett, and Lucy Rcclstock, boy Tomato. Ira Junior nnd Thelma Jackson boy, Leachvllle. Thomas nnd Dorotliy Toweles boy, Manila. Doyle and Dorothy Crouch, boy Lcnchville. Alvln Lee and Carrie Holt, girl Blytheville. William and Reba- Noblin, boj Dvcss. Carl and Dorle Bngctt, girl, Del George Elliott, and Zelphia Craig boy. Wilson. Ricahrd Henry and Frances Lee gErl. Luxora. Homer and Ethel Patterson, glr Burdctie. Robert and Mary Coolcy. girl, Bly theville. Lennder and Miicie Weldon, gir Osccola. Jasiier and Losle Clements, sir Lcachville. Bcrdnrd and Junnlta Fisher, gir Blytheville. Wiley J. and Vivca Elizabelh Ai Joan Fontaine Marries derson, boy, Lcachville. Buford and Ruuy Gould, Bill, Ml nila. . Vestcr and Willie Bevills, boy, Ma nila. Joan Fontaine, former wife of Brian Ahcrne, a s she appeared in Clro n Mexico City with her new husband, Win. Doxicr. Miss Fontaine an Mr. Dozlcr were married in Cucrnnvnca, Mexico. (NBA Telephoto x>y, Etowah. Alfred E. and Phcbin Roberts, boy, Manila. Willie and Ednu Chcntlinm, Eirl, Mnnllrt. Leva and Co'/.clta Brady, l»y, Mailla. Edgar nnd lincliol Bowers, t'lrl, Aixorn. . Clarence and Day Ethel Hill, twin ;irls, Luxova. James and Ila Cobuni, boy, Wilon. Enes and Vera Cason, Blrl, Cura- wny. Arvol nnd Pannlc ITerron, girl, Manila. Sam and Gcraldlna Ward, girl, Wilson and Mildred Scroggins, boy. Joiner. James and Dorothy Norman, girl, West Ridge. Howard and Sadie Felts, boy Wilson. Lynn and Estella Mayer, boy, Manila. Hurry mid Arnona Liles, girl, Osceola. Grovcr and Hazel Smith, boy, Kelscr. Car! Sidney and Mary Cole, boy Wilson. Noel and Josephine Crlddle, bo> , Lepanlo. Thomas and Lena Holt, boy, To ato. Lloyd and Cloa Couey, girl, Wes Wye. Kyle; and Notra Wllbanks, boy, Manila, Orady and Mary Loftln, girl, Oseola. William and Not™ Burns, boy, Oscroln. Klllolt and Lassie Lovelady, boy, Blytheville. Adrian and Ada Davis, boy, Wil- 011. Curtis and Rosa Brewer, boy, Bly- hevlllc. i. Allxiit and Ida Johnson, girl, Wili). Ectgivr and Vonnte, Murphy, girl, Manila. Iluland nnd Ruth Bellinger, twin (•Iris. Manila. William and Fannie Clements, boy. Wilson. Joel and Irlnc Hnrrel), girl, Lcach- ville. Carl and Sue Byrd, boy, Manila, J. W. and Audry Greer, Iwy, Bly- tion In spite of legislation signed plus Items—such as automobiles and hevllle. John and Elhel Specdo, Ixjy, Joiner. ' Barley and Ruby Rlggs, boy, Mailla. Alvle and Jonlc McDanlel, girl, Leaehville. Friday by President Truman which uthorlzcs federal surplus disposal gencles to sell the scarcest sur- Arkonsas Legionnaires Offer Suggestions to WAA LI'lTLE ROCK. May 8. (Ul>) — The Arkonsas Deparlment, American Legion, will make eight recommendations to Ihe War A&sets Administration at Fort Worth, Tex., today, designed to give veterans more surplus government property. The Legion Is taking this ac- Joiner. Robert and Willie Benson, gi Luxora. John and Lilly Lancaster, girl, I.cpanto. Jnmcs and Vcincll Allen, boy, Osceola. Jessie and Myrtle Harrison, girl. Celestial City. Hnrley and Ruby Brvker, girl, Kelser. t Roy and Myrtle Yancy, e'rl, Wilson. James and Stella Olive, girl, Lepanto. Melvin nnd Bcations Tripp, Eirl, Manila. Charles and Delphia GofT, girl, Driver. Clarence and Lucille Murphy boy, Wilson. Talrnadge and Pauline Brilcy, girl Manila. Frank nnd Mathllde Wesson, boy. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sixes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H Webb Loct trucks—exclusively to veterans, Read Courier News Want Ads REPLACED We have just installed the latest machine to make Keys. And we cany a complete stock of blanks, When you need an extra Key, see us. BLAN HEATH UY KXl'KRT MECHANICS For All Makes of Cars Our complete .service includes . .. Motor Tune-Up, Molor Overhauling, lirake Adjustment and re-lining. Electrical He-pairing, liudiator Repairs, and Oil Change. Don't Wait! We will pay you tlic top cash price for your car. Drive in today. Get the cash. We Are Approved Blytheville Dealers DESOTO — PLYMOUTH and PACKARD CARS and carry a complete stock of Genuine Chrysler and Packard Parts SEYMORE MOTOR SALES H. SEYMORE—Owner Corner, Franklin & Walnut x Phone 886 or 3534 Estcl L. nnd Annette Quails, girl, Burdclte. W. H. and Lorlnc 1/wrcnce, tx>y, Blytheville. , ' Earl and Opal Cooper, girl, Lcncli- ville. J. B. and Evicy Trailer, boy, Manila. - L Cyrvis C. and Mildred Green, girl, Pine Blun. • ; Tom and Jenhie Rogers, girl, Ty- ronzn. . ' • -_ Lawrence and Florence Hayes, e'rl. Lepnnto. ^' i .'...* Raymond' aiirt Goldie Ferguson. BONDED AND INSURED 24-Hour TAX! SERVICE CALL 96 8 Railroad Street Bill Wunderlich — Rear Robinson's Drm( BUre RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any • - - "able .. Reliabl Wffcnumahip. fHONE 2642 We Call tar and Deliver IMS^ HnlSt 'Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 W. Main Hwy. 61 at State Line Phone: Blytheville 714 Stationery ........ $1.00 to $2.50 Perfume ., $1.50 to $15.00 Bath Povr^ers . t . r ... $1.00 to $3.50 Toilet Waters . ... .$1.00 to $5.00 Hallmark Cards .... 5c to $1.00 W.'A. MINERAL OIL Heavy U.S. P. 39' Full Pint !Sc Cty Pluh'c SOAP BOX With NOLLE SHAVE CREAM Gift of Gifti! TRIOMPHE PERFUME Beautiful, Expretsive MOTHERS DAY CMPLETE IHttTWC! Illustrated in colon. I RQ OKE-FORTK =^ OF »N OUNCE VISIT OUR TOILETRIE DEPT. FOR GIFTS Irontzed YeaSt , Metal Sprayers SOcto $1.50 DISINFECT NTH LYSOL owerful germ- Absorinc Wallpaper Clciiner DDT Bombs $2.95 DDT Spray or Powder 25c to $2.50 BUG PIZEN v FOR INSECTS Sprty or pour; JOHHSOrS 6LO-COAT * * 59' No-rub polish EXPELLO MR6ER-TYPE Kills ill [orm» of moth life' Johnson Wax PALHOUVE URVEX MOTH-PROOFER CTothcs for a year; pt (UtiR Cleaner) WIN-WO-GIX) JIUSTRITE ])rv Cleaner 25c SCKICK IIJECTOI j fWMU 20 ISUIIFOO •2 •» 49 e 98c tool value. sum SH CLASSES .Ici'Ren's Lotion Multiple Vitamins 1 too - 50c Size 39c $1 Size - 79c AYTINAL (8 in all) Capsules con- _ uin 8 POTENT VITAMINS IN EACH CAPSULE! FRHSH, PURE, POTENT! -, rt , - r " % C«rton < 50 BOOK" Cream Oil Hair Tonic 1RRADOL A-Fjor ABPG; ONE-A-DAY— A, D; Bottle 90 Tabut. AYTOL—ABDG; Bottiaioo capsuis* 60c Size 49c $1. Size 79c Women who "know their knitting" say, "If it'* Hanes, it's knit for long wear HRNES riG-LERF BRIEF is one example o! Hones experience in knitting fine underwear that gives extra wear. Exclusive construction provides gentle athletic support. Conveniently placed ily- Combine with a highly absorbent Hanes Undershirt for warm- weather comfort HANES TAILORED SHORT! oto cut to lull »il«—n» lumping ol clolh. The seat is Toomy. the logs tha right loncjih lot ptopet til. Shown hcio with a Hauea Sport Shut which doubles" as <t "Navy-slYlo" undershirt. THE HSNES FfC-LE»F SUIT is designed in on<^ pi«c» 1o give alhlelic support and waistline camlorl. A»k your dealer lo 1U y° u ' n your coned trunk »ix* — measured Irom ahould*r througH crolch and back again. P. H. Hanc* Knitting Company. WinMoa- Salem. North CaiolittG^ -the National Underwear

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