Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on May 15, 1965 · Page 12
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 12

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1965
Page 12
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12-RENO EVENING GAZETTE MAY 15, 1965 Dennis the Menace By Hank Keichum ". . .and Lincoln and Washington and Elbee Jay an' Uncle Sam. There! How many presidents do YOU know?" New Books Available At Washoe Library Here is a list of n--v hooks s F?r ,Tr wo-k'-vj vm--." " , Donaldson. 'Toe C i v I Rants Yearbook;" available et the Washoe Oximy Gerald ,Miccim Dj-?, vwaqene T ihrav Manor;" Al'an W. EcVert. ' A Tiro1 Of LJ"li- ' Terra- " Psd Elcridge For A NCN-FICi ON: American Herifaqe vodern v.a-;" Nmi Dnl Fabncant. Magazine. "Churchill: The Ll'e Trium- Th(, p.nserv-s Co1,:: ,.lim Buller Tha ';" tlliam Bixbv. "Track Cf The p-a-q ''aWpc'''-"i se lvpr ' Rea, ," .,al G'n Eorlaod. : Cou-t-y cha'' p,:tfv V. 7 f-.ts " Cnnk,'ng Man;" John Bowie, 'Henry VII!:" A."!- c.,..., . p-viilS ...n ,.f calm VV Brow-'", "T-e Nrw Face C-f v c:r s- ' " j a ".V:a. v,. ' War;" David Vark C-a'm's. "Hc-cced ' Sf-e-oip tv' i Htrrey, "Toe Americanism:" Cnei-e. "Cnoir.-'s Boos ,,.,7 c., ...,.,,.7. Cf Numbp-s;" Cheire, ' Cheire s Palv ' isfry F;- All:" ,', s - J Cs.-ek .', n'' ; ,",.L M H'" 'q,' 7.7., ".7"",. '.'.'i G0.1 In Q.Sa ' A' in (Oar- 'Oa-n;-o - ' ' " E . 7' . 7,7 ' SI:'' Corpell-TcmpK 0; C?.."tv C tee For Free A-d Fa:' Elfot'O-S Fayette County. S'?p S'ep:" Dorothy (A-vte' Cc"c-. INHERIT BILL j SACRAMKXTO (APt The Assembly today passed a bilb that would give jlligitimate children the right to inherit cash or property from their fathers. LEGAL NOTICES GAZETTE LEGAL AGATE May 15 LM IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY CF WASHOE No. 2D7366 Deot. No. 1 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF PAUL MANUEL, Deceased. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, BILL A. LIGON, of the City of Reno, County of Wastioe, State of Nevada, the Administrator of the Estate of PAUL MANUEL, Deceased, will cn or after the 25th day of May, 1 565. seil, at private sale, to the highest and best bidder ujon :ne terms no u-.u'i'i"! hereinafter set forth and subject to con-, fiimation of the Cove named District; Court, all the right, titie. interest and; estate of the decedent wnich 'tv decedent! had at the time of his da'h, as well as ah the right. tit!e. t.-ff-es! r-H --'ate which has since accrued bv operation i of law or otherwise, to th f--"" ! said decedent since his death, in and to thai certain real pros': tv '."cue- f"a situated in the City of Sparks, County of Washoe, Stst o' Nevada. ?r3 i"0'e j . parficu'arlv described as follows, to wit: All D,rrol A in RLori- 1 as sh'.VO: on the map of PYRAMID PARK US-DIVISION NO. 1. SPARKS EVAC. filed in the office of the County Re-co-der of Washce Cou"'v, bta.e of Nevada, on .March 15, 19&7 EXCFPTING THEREFROM the Northern 125O0 feet thereof. Tow the with all and smo-i"' ;'e tenements hereditaments and appu-te-nance. thereun'o belcnqina or n -.nv-wise appertainino. and tie reversion and ro.ers.o"'. r.-m "r' ders, rent?, issues and profits Th '-r-ns a-d cooc-i'ir-s -' sa e e-e ,vi.,,, rsOi lawfal money of too LEGAL NOTICES IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, I r-J AND rUK I nc i-uuin I WASHOE. No. 214714 Dept. No. 4 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF FOREST D. HAYES, Deceased. Notice of Posting of Settlement of Account, and Hearing Petition of Distribution of Estate. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT ARDITH M. HAYES the Administratrix with Will Annexed of the estate of the above named FOREST D. HAYES de ceased, has rendered ana presented ior settlement, and filed in said Court, her First and Final account of her adminis- j tration of said estate; and also has; petitioned for distribution of said estate;! and that Thursday the 10th day of June, AD. 1965, being a day of Regular Session oi said Court, at 9:30 o'clock; A.M. at the Court Room of said Court, i in the City cf Reno, in said Washoe j County, has been fixed by said Court; for the rettiement of said account! and hearinq said petition for distribu-j tion of said estate, at which time and! place any person interested in said estate may appear and show cause, if j any they have, why the order should; net be made. I For further particulars, reference is. hereby!e to the petition on file j in the above entitled estate. Dated May 14, A.D. 165. (SEAL) H. K. BROWN, Clerk By D. WAUGH, Deputy Clerk MAURICE J. SULLIVAN At'ornry for Estate j 153 North Virginia Street ; Reno, Nevada May 15-22-29 -June 5 LEGAL NOTICES IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE No. 220483 Dept. No. 2. DOROTHY L. BUCKHALTER, Plaintiff vs. JOHN BUCKHALTER. Defendant SUMMONS The State of Nevada sends greetings to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon plaintiff's attorney, whose name and address is: Lesiie B. Gray. On" East First Street, Reno, Nevada, an answer to tho Complaint which is herewith served upon you, within 20 days after service of this Summons upon you. exclusive of the day of service. If you fail to do so. judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This action is brought to recover a iudgment, dissolving the bonds of ma'ri-mony existing between you and the plaintiff upon the ground of three years separation wirhout cohabitation, as is more fully described in the complaint. Date: May 7, lcS. (SEAL) H . K. BROWN, Clerk of Court By D. WAUGH, Deputy Clerk May 8-15-22-29 June 5 . '0 it" iml'oiH States: t"n per c- tH amnunt h.r) to be ot thQ acceptance o o d 0,0 .vy - :: purchase prico cn conf irrn-To o s-1 e ov SfC-nd J-.-rci Distric Ccu-t Aii bids niL-' tv 'n w"it --0 00-Kyrr-.-J t 'n? i "vie - ioned Ado- ' V,v: - i-w notice cf h.i a'tornev, .V. C03iVv Si-:o ;0- J- ;n F,-.:- e-a: Buodoio. K5 Sou'h Sierra Street. R-no Nevada, a: gnv -ii-e t.''" s-.;d sae is mad". The r:a'-t is revved to -"eC" ."V a-rf ao h-d D AT F D To;s i-Th day 0' '.'av. 1 cr5 . (i K" A L'GN. A -jm '-or o 'w'Fvat. of PA'JL VANIUF'L, rocr.ced Mav ir--:2 lN tjo ;F-Afi oir'CIA' D.Sf'CT COUT Oc THK STA'F Cf N F V - D -- s .''Inr F.-po-t C a b 'd- i.t R C-:- P-vsrca: Reno Drainage Construction Scheduled -g Ao '.' -1 H-',t. 'Te : id k -itor . i n-ad " "O.'-a-d R, Lewis, c-'-'a'n Y:j Taise;' 1 "--e Ova-'ias Karate n r 3 k ed 'AcCie-i-t "-od' ' n E. V A D A . s.-.;n, rc oo:d aisr-t" s " ' "it jt u CF5 Y r'DrpEn ? " 1 i ' - a " -Of' tion so- : be 7n rtav o' ':3"! thjc '- - - .-t o- - b" - -n b, 0.0 -'"I a COPY ;;..-e - R.-o F re"e a' lr.'. v ?0' d . s dV" . -.- S ' 'or ' IN TH F JFCOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNtY OF WASHOT.' iv.o t.v Dept. No. 1 IN THE r.'.ATTER OF THE ESTATE OF PAUL MANUEL, Deceased. NOTICE CF SALE OF REAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby qiven that the underpinned, I L L A LIGON, of the City of Reno. Courty of Was'io". State of Nevada, toe Administrator of the Estate cf PAUL MANUEL, Deceased, will cn or -ftr tn ?5to cay of May. 1C6S sell, at p-ivate sale to to" hi:,h'st and best bidder undo to.i 'errrs and tenddiens here-inaiter 'et f-'fh ar't) s: bicct t- confirma-t o.:i bv 'ho above named D st'ict Court, all toe ricr.t, title, interest and es'ate o trv decooe'it .-.'cn to" decedent had at the tiee-i of his d'a.d as well as ad the ndht, t;.tk, in:e,r-d and estate which nas since accrued by operation of law cr othowise, to the e a:e of said dc-Cixlen s.rce his deatn, in and to tiat certain rel prope-V 'ooa"d and situated in the Ciy of' Sra'ks, County of vash, S:ae of Nevada, and more particularly cfesdbed a? follows, to wit: Tna obtain approximately souare tract of Mud located at toe southwest corner ot Pyramid Way and Tyler Way, fronting !? feet and havmq unenr umbered auoos to each rf said "-r.-os, 0"-i'": i" at.-.J .0 the Cifv of Soarx. 'A -:-.o,'? CO'jn'y, Ne.ada. peinq n-c-e rar'ci.:a'., do-cr.c-d as toi- in P. icx BIDS WANTED FOR 1 HIGHWAY IMPROVEMENT NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS I Scaled proposals will tie received by. the Directors of the Department of High-! ways of the State of Nevada at their j office in the Sta: Highway Building, j Carson City, Nevada, until and opened i at 1:30 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Saving1 Time) on May 27. 1965. for the construction of a portion of the Primary Hiahway System in Washoe Counfv, on U.S. Highway 395 in Reno between Arroyo Street and Liberty Street, a length of C.767 miles. The minimum wage to be paid en thisi contract shall be as follows: S3 75 per hour for unskilled employees; S3. BO peri hour for intermediate grade employees; and S4.10 per hour for sJti'led em--ployees. tmployment !it-- may b" obtained from the local office of to" Nevada Employment Security Department at 70 West Taylor Street, Ron. Nevada, Pians and spec 'ir atior.s may be ev-amined at the office of the under-siqned, toe Highway Depa; tmeot HiS-r.-ict Off ics at las Vegas end R"no Nevada, toe Reoional r' rf tne Bureau of Public Roads, Th.rd Floe', tJ-w Mint Bidg , 133 Hermann St not, oan Francisco 2, California, and th- Associated General Contactors c' ,Amerc, no (sjortn Z7ii S're"f, iicoe, id--ho, 419 South Main s'reet. Salt Lake City, Uah, and 300 South Wrl's Avenue, Reno, Nevada. Pians, fo-oi of proposal, contract and specifications may be secured by preguali'ied bidders throuqh the of(c of-the undersigned. A fee of Ten Dollars ' S 1 0 00 is required for foe purchase of each copy of the plans with proposal, term, plans proposal form and specifi-i cations co'a -ed rn to s basis a-e non-returnable and no refund will be mad" . Rids must be on the proposal form of t-- Highway p rirftner: ,10a must be' accompanied b a bid bond, a certified chock, a cashier's check, or cash in the v.-. -!t 0i p-'ceof !S 'i cf nid Right is rese-vod to te;rct any 0" all L O O K e d ' 1 - ' -.e ' ' , r : : '.a ' r - ireec, -W ... ' ' --'CP a c - d ay .r'n : " .1 ' . pet a-e '. - ,- ; e .- 1 ord'' 0 ' 7 ar-; a of ;o '(', an a . , a d ma 's . .'-e,-e a oo ; t-e we . -e -' P, 1 A ay Sou'h 0 d'dre... 4--. ' .'.e-o :"ie f.-ef: toence Sou'h, d o-'---s i ' A'e't, '25 0 - -f 0 deg-es 2J r a-t '?sn f-o f, to the p'ace of b"- '.'-ictcrs de- I iw. I lo i- c. a r a r; of c ' I ' b'd co n,r,.-;. Li'y, f"- g ot bid., a coin-., . i ,,r ... - - n.. f :-r-i og 'O 0 e e- free of -' D-'oar- e Sfa'e C'l O'dlf" ;:r. , mat a - e e c' a c L Bscbau's ,ii m sa d pe a i a-d S ngjiao fde a":e-"s a'.d fixdV'1 b-1 o-o o: oo in a-, - d ' ' - re - ana-: - a - d rema -d- - ; r.f ,'S -e( doee'eg to La.v r- . a a-i-end-d to r :o a vaod h- p -.'d.-q to w-rk f - - i -nse rr ay Secretary of u e ird. 700 Rvla-d f, P C. ' - o , -:e-o. Nr. a : ois is a F'-dera -aid n-oieot and as S'ada LOnt-ac'n Sfl'e 0' t. to r ' cn - ! , c - n ' i" a - d o-,,.-.,r- "a' Cm f''h!i Xorthue-t P.eno in'o the Tniokt? PJer. !-no pu''!i; wnrks director P,!!y Il.-.loonib told ti".e Gaze'te Krid-iy. The project, uhirh will entry w -iter through 96-in. h p'.j-o fro:i i'it north of t!ie Tn'-rs'ite 80 f : eeway on south to the r:vn uill hf finanrer by city. Mate an 1 fedr-rsl fur..i. Hr.l.-omb said. Xo cost esiim-Te is pv-m1 --h at 'his lime, he ad ud. The rjustiein is 5sehpdti!"-'l '" o- ih-co,-fion nt M"Pday" cy i-t'iro h mee'inj:. The ; ar: r.f th Vo- ;-. within the f ree. d.y ,'s : and mi south will be fintie fi-t in "'':;"! to be completed t-rfore the fi way con'7"ict is ir-t. The r,',!"h-ern section. wl:;i h will i-ar";' water from the ieinity of the two Peavine d.-ms n .-.;i'h ' the freeway, m:rziX b" s'aftc-l "shortly af'r'r'' ;! si.tiiCin section. Holeomb sairi. The first j:e.-tjon v'-'ll start in tb.e vicinity 'if Sevt-rhii and Vine .Streets, c;o ;y water -':'': to the vicinity of " nd .,r Thii'd, ihen east t, Serrdid to Arlington and south on Arlin-.:-ton into the riser. Hoi. mv i:d. The project will take f,f the overload riff exfctin:: rlrains. reduce street flryxiinc:. awl cut Hie amount of .storm water he-ins dumped into the sanitary sewer system, Holeomb added. Dalitz, Kleinman, Tucker Seek Stardust Option IVS VEGAS i APi - Mnc Da-lite, Morris Kleinman, and Samuel Tucker, stockholders in the Desert Inn hotel-casino, have exercised an option to buy Hie Stardust Hotel - Casino for SIB million. The purchase price is $3 million, but the Desert Inn group will also assume repayment of a 57 million foan on Stardust property made by the Teamsters Union Pension Fund. The Desert Inn roup has been managing the Stardust, including the casino, in the name of United Resort Hotels Inc. under a two-year lease. In buying the holel property, the three men will hold title to the Stardust through their I,ode-Ktar Corp. United will continue to operate the Stardust under a. lease from Lodestar, a spokesman said. The majority of the stock was purchased from Mrs. Rella Fac tor of Southern Caluornia, the spokesman said. The option to buy the holel was Included in the leasing agreement. The investors must inform the State Gaming Control Board by-letter of the details of the transaction. Since only physical property is involved in the sale, the state gaming body need only be satisfied that all details of the transaction are in order. ' , , .. -.vada d. r -g Cf "r-'a I . :dd' C-a-tes J Fa'e- foq" in A-.d T-e f,o.., -- - r " '"ac'ar, ' e g , - " R ca"d V. A eei,"s. ' p-;ki a , i A- G-o.fh '' A .V.i :m r.v - ' ". "-.VY-- O- '' -. A See" "r A .".?. ..A" ' Vj-c . D'i fa--':, -an A'fa - ' 'O f- .--.) -- t.-.-dto' - a" " " j ' p ! ,t. LIC,on oe-eo - o-.r-o-'-d a-.-t -r-d 'a ece p , A L'G"',, Adom -'.oa-' of icon pa a- - e r"''"t- i sv' c' PACiL V.AN UFL -ocJ aod-'-s r o - a , A - V r-.'C-a.-- : , iO S's-e :,'-e, 1. i:i ,','ny t;2 ans,ve' h -' -c 1 ' ! ' w 'h -. ) uoo-n yti. ' -'l die, NOTICE T . ; CT, ' C AC I ::S a -' ' -IT j TO P D : Hea-.-d -; :s .'. o., - ,.r, ,.,d -y 'he ,v , .. ' - i- " of toe Cl'v '' :-- - . e : H r s ... .- - r o ' -o- .t. s "O- 0" - -f a-: rfv,-,ir 1" A AcHCr; -JF0-.. A '.', .'. ! T' S'ata o' f,e ' A I c ' T C I T COUNTY "OF ',0 4 P.-il roe.p. oa': '.and . A ' ' :.'.; for " e rv . - :. ippt-r' -nan' ' esent S-' s , ' -I'.' e.'"n o cck ; djv ' "'! a'e--n '310-1 sea e prapos- r t .-r-' Oi: 30-- . e p ace at A!' pi-oo-'d s : . a ' b made on toe .ns --e : . ; -- a s '- a I - -i 1 r-i. -r-d J Sf ' ve J ' ' e-Y fi' McGcoeV; "f wc . . ... ..- . (-- 1 ( r-cd,' ' V 'c''-dore a." ' : O' Ac pc'a' a r. L.a i I- e,. in Boo's, :an yoij r,e hved secara'e . a s 'ast past v. a-- t aaoe rao-i.'s cf ad- Ge-e.aj Con- citiOT upon deposit :ay be obtai' or 'oe f : 28 1 - ri t d Sa---.- E -c'-oo; - r: C Z c Z S A -"-1 ! A E L Hi - o o jji'o -'drr-" o -j - r,.,-. ':' ' s Of '.' a ' - D 4, No-'-. S.c-'a -3eoc, ,.-. ,ada Ga-ci' s o r. : 'MT r p r oi- AND to K--.- o'f, a s- sn S.-rV. k- -e P ft,. Poor Ero.',-:-o. H -i-g o-' - :rJ,.k L'-.v s Car-o!' M ---' ''0"," 8-1 il Pa'-bo-e, "Fa -y Ta'e-- '-sea' .'.ode,-' ,' C iOel Rd-j-.Tp "T', Ot Mn-, Co-ofio .r-.-'sr-," Ca-i Sa-dn,-d, ' Pod'CS-l S'd'ies. Poems (' Children," ;0sro,o, S-o . lak -a u . "G-ioroo Fai'y Tale-" Aire "42 Robbery Set July 6 In Reno Court Mick M. Hursh, 22-year-old Reno robbery su-pcc), hns been scheduled to face trial in Wa-hoe Disu-ict Court July 6. Huroli appeared for arraign-mt rit this week. He is accused of complicity las! Xovember when two men entered ihe All-Nile (icirace at '.Vl'2 X. Virginia St. and stole Piuring a Reno Justice Court preliminary hearing, garage attendant. Mike Zmaek testified one man held him at; gunpoint while another took his key, and opened a cash box. He identified Hursh as the man who took ihe money. The suspect's address was given as 601 Willow St. Health Suit Filed in County I Deputy Dist. Atty. R. Gaynor I Berry has filed a Washoe Dis- 'i-.:. -a....i i a i nisi uun aoaiemeni sun against a Black Springs man accused of maintaining a health menace in an overflowing septic tank. Berry asks the court to order Frank Rohison to fill the sep-tick tank. He also asks power to amend the complaint to penalize Rohison if lie fails to comply. Robinson, 101 North St. Black Springs, was first ordered 1o abate the nuisance March 10, Berry maintains. . :me '-PC1 NT ! T- ("'AL D 'TP'CO COURT OF THE I-. "A " F r,t NryaDA AASHOF.. ',c ?'9,6t:r D--C No " l". THE '.'AT'F0 OF THE fi'ATF OF NOTiCE 'O CEDT0 cloned has be"n d-.y appo -r-d and qaii-'r-d by 'Oe arc. - o( io.-j r -OO toe '2 day of A.pnl A D '95. as arirrmi-tra-u-y cj t-e estate o (.I,.-: A-m-f--og 1 deceaced. An r-ed fors hayiod r(aim again t sa d Estate are recui'ed to f;ie 'he same Ai'h the proper yoaCh- rs a"acOed, .'. oh 'he iCerk of the Court within three months af-e- the fir't cuhilca'io- of this notice Dated April 12, A. D. i?65. EDITH M. ARVSTP.ONG LESLIE E. GRAY 'Attorney for the April 17-24 May 1 8-15 NOTICE NOTICE IS HERFRY GIVEN that Bill No. i B 30 vas introduced bofore tfie City Council of ft" City of Reno at the; m'-eting hld on the 1 3th day of May, 1965; that by sad Bel No, 1S30 it is ipropo--ed to enact -m o,rdl-o"ce entit'ed-1 "AN ORDINANCE DIRECTING THE CITY ASSESSOR OF THE CITY OF RENO TO A'.AKE C E P T A ! N SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS UPON CERTAIN 1 OTS AND PARCELS OF LAND IN THE ! city OF RENO NF7ADA, TO DE-, FPAY THE COST OF PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS THEREIN BY GRADING, GRAVELING AND PAVING CFRTAIN STREETS AND PORTIONS THEREOF WITH A PLANTMIX BITUMINOUS SURFACE; BY R E SU R-F AC I NG CERTAIN STREETS WITH PLANTMIX BITUMINOUS SURFACE; BY PAVING AND REPAV1NG CERTAIN ALLEYS AND PORTIONS, THEREOF WITH PORTLAND CE- VENT CONCRETE: BY THE CONSTRUCTION AND RECONSTRUCTION OF PORTLAND CEMENT CONCRETE CURBS AND GUTTERS ALONG CERTAIN STRFETS AND PORTIONS THEREOF; AND BY THE CONSTRUC-j TION AND RECONSTRUCTION OF PORTLAND CEMENT CONCRETE SIDF WALKS ALONG CERTAIN STREETS AND PORTIONS THEREOF; STATING THE LOCATION OF ; SUCH IMPROVEMENTS AND THE AMOUNT TO BE ASSESSED; PROVIDING THAT THE COST AND EX-i PENSE THEREOF SHALL BE EN-, TIRELY PA 1 D BY SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS UPON THE LOTS AND PREMISES WITHIN THE "1964' STREET AND ALLEY IMPROVE-! ME NT DISTRICT" FRONTING ON SAID IMPROVEMENTS ACCORD! NG j TO THE FRONTAGE THEREOF, EXCEPT INSOFAR AS THE CHARTER OF THE CITY OF RENO OR THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF NEVADA REOUIRE A PART OF SUCH COST AND EXPENSE TO BE PAID FROM! THE GENERAL FUND OF THE CITY OF RENO, PURSUANT TO THE DECLARATION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF R F NO BY ORDINANCE NO. 1505; AND PROVIDING OTHER MATTERS PROPERLY RELATING THERETO." NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER fifteen (15) typewritten copies of said proposed ordinance have been filed with the City Clerk of the City of Reno for public inspection. NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that Bill No. 1830 will be read for a second and final time at the regular meeting of the City Council to be held on the 24th day of May, 1965. E. E. GILL City Clerk of the City of Reno May IS only C e- o. ecu-' DF-ady C I e -.1 '.'a, i-S '5-22 Ti? J : D I C i A L C'CTF!CT ifc STATE OF NEVADA let COUNTY OF "r r.f the Petition of cJAtD BPIELVFiER, Asri.rne Anotne' Name. -ULINO OF PETITION FOR f.OF OF NA.V.E H:3EflT GIVEN that on pe . n .. . TOO cond pre opened. w " -. :? Ci.s a"t" .; . o r , Eid o'OF ' ne 'I :- '-" " 1 ron-pan ed bv bidder s t vrj, cash or a: , (ir. ,.:.-.. - payab'e to. r '; re rf Re. -a n p- amoi nt one fa s- ; o nis bid. as surev aga.nst - a c ' S ;f 'r-e: t rf " Perforrrd art A"er a.arq : and. checks sna1 be v ',".,-ryes '0" riaOt 'o reiect: t:'-: O" 'O are..;d t'e prd Lf-r p." st o- 'hrf in'e-esfs of f d -f i n. a nd I 'tr: D.,t- inn To-. vo-k sha. corrrr.cnoed v.'i'h- -e County of A'asnc-'. da by ( hARLES EDAARD '' i U L '.'. F I E P , praying for an O'rier of t-.e Cc: f sirtir.g o s name. to CHARLFS ED'.VAPD MEIER; '' l"-e""Cn desiring to object to the d' rj v"; d iae'dion may do so 0 t ' no said obiection in writing, with tne C 'f of sa d Court. DATED- Mav 7tn 19 I i rU.'. Dl C C cn,tl,ori Dnril i,rtn Of , TOr eat II WIJITV I'f UO, I -;Vt ,v ... soeci'ed -,:; un'il toe work is of con'n.,-- s3 pr0-,-.Ci,'fd riiao.en:: --o as in be ccmo e'er:, of'- i ,:r' i workiog days frpm the date of award. 't to,;, rcstOir'r- ---',1 "' or 0-iiiS 0 complete f-e work within the time pec-if ed. in: cid.-'j oi'reiK cf o-s, there sha I be deduc'f d from he moneys due ihe Cona.-:,-',.,' no: a' a pen-aitv. but as iia'ilda'ed damages, 'he sum Hcno-f I t ."y dooa- s dou.i'.'i Petitione H. K. BROWN, CLERK By E LIVE R.MO R E , Deputy HAWKINS. RHODES & HAWKINS Bv s; F DeArrrord Sharp Attorneys for Petitioner May 8-15-22 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT Or THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE No. 22047S Dept. No 4 HELEN M. COCHRAN, Plaintiff vs. OR A L. COCHRAN, SUMMONS romnvted -od a,- cer. d 17) This proiect is carried out with pub-: lie moneys and the Contractor snail be reanireg 'n net reeve spt-ciai t,ryi. sions concerning rates of wages, hours j of emciomeni and selection ot labor, j -'81 The minimum wage to be pad for la- bor on this contract shall not b less than i required by law. I i9: No c scrirriinaiion in emptoyment; practices shail be made by Contractor! -,r his Subcontrac'ors ; 1 0 1 A Bid and Installation Scheduie Is, attached for the convenience of bidders j Defendant a a. 9ulde To . sc0.?e 0 I (i HO ' S t J' l V i. rr - a cm i . v j ' tt: u cj The State of Nevada sends greetings u"'' b'd Summation of t' hd- v. ,u ..... .,.. 'iied items may not eaual me tumo narr u ii - cn,uve-iiaiiifij iieienurj ii i . i uu are hereby summoned and reguired to serve upon piaintiff's attorney, whose name and address is: Howard E. Browne, 57 Park Stmet, P. O Box 186, Reno, Nevada, 89504, an answer to the Complaint which is herewith served upon you, within 20 days after service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fail to do so, iudgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This action is brought to recover a judgment and decree of divorce absolutely and forever dissolving the bonds of matrimony now and heretofore existing be llied items may not eaual the lum bid. It is expee'ed tnat the schedule will be rompif 'ed as pi io--s alfaroe.: to these units may be used for the purpose cf varyina the scope of the woik shou:d this become necessary. Reference is made to the Proposal and the Contractor's responsibility for Including all work to be done in his lumo sum bid price as given cn the Proposal form. (II) No bid will be accepted f-om a Contractor who is not licensed in accordance with th' law, under the provisions of Chapter 186, Statutes of Nevada 1941, as (ur'-dlv amended. No contract will be awarded to any contrac- or who has not procured and paid tor iccnse. t'jyeen the nlainliff and defendant nnnn the nrnnnrt that the narties hereto have : a valid City Of Reno business lived separate and apart from each other j Dated: May 12, 1965 for more than three consecutive years last past without cohabitation. I Date: May 7th, 1965. (SEAL) H. K. BROWN, Clerk of Court By D. CAIN, Deputy Clerk May 8-15-22-29 June 5. E. E. Gill City Cierk May 14-15 IN THE JUSTICE COURT OF RENO TOWNSHIP COUNTY OF WASHOE, STATE OF NEVADA Mo. 10.B63 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT i EUGENE J. ISAEFF and DORIS ISA COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE No. 220649 Dept. No. 4 CAROLYN JEAN FARRELL, Plaintiff vs. FRANK CHARLES FARRELL, Defendant SUMMONS The State of Nevada sends greetings to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and reguired to serve uoon plaintiff's attorney, whose name and address is: Howard E. Browne, 57 Park S'reet, Reno, Nevada, an answer to the Complaint which is herewith served upon you, within 20 days after servic? of this Summons upon you, exclusive of Ihe day of service. If you fail to do so, iudgment by default will be taken against you for the relief de manded in the Complaint. This action EFF, his wife. Plaintiffs RONALD FUR IA and AILEEN FURIA, his wife, and EDWARD BLANTON, Defendants SUMMONS The State cf Nevada sends greetings to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned to appear within five days after the service upon you of this Summons if served in said township, or within ten days if served out cf said township, but within said county, and in all other cases within twenty days (exclusive cf the day of service), aid defend the above entitled action. If you fail to do so, judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This action is brouaht to recover a is brought to recover a iudgment and I iudgment against the defendants and in decree of divorce absolutely and forever favor of the plaintiffs for the sum of dissolving the bonds of matrimony nawiS3O0.00 for money owed by defendants and heretofore existing beiween the to plaintiffs for rent, plus attorneys' fees and court costs, as is aescriDeo in the complaint plaintiff and defendant, uoon the ground of extreme cruelty, and for such other relief as prayed tor in the Complaint. Date: My 14, 1965. H. K. BROWN, Clerk of Court By E. McKENZIE, Deputy Clerk May 15-22-29 June 5-12 Date: March 23, 1965. William R. Beemer, Justice of the Feace Reno Township By Helen Cormier, Clerk May 8-15-22-29 June NOTICE READERS- Please Investigate thoroughly any investment offer In merchandise, vending machines or similar enterprises before you Invest your money. Although we make every effort to reject all fraudulent or misleading advertising we cannot be responsible for the Integrity of 'he firm or indivduals who place advertising In our publications. ADVERTISERS To provide better service to our customers users cf Display and Classified advertising are asked to check their ads when they first appear. If not notified of an error Immediately following the first Insertion these newspapers will not accept responsibility for any errors In suo-seguent insertions. DEADLINES FOR NEW WANT ADS For Sunday or Monday Mornina Insertions 12 O'clock Noon On Saturday Tuesday through Friday 4:00 P.M. Day prior to Publication CANCELLATION DEADLINE Dally 3:00 P.M. SAT. TO NOON RENO EVENING GAZETTE NEVADA STATE JOURNAL HELP WANTED, MALE 74 HELP WANTED, MALE 14 323-3161 o V E R i LOST AND FOUND 8 R E A L E S T A T E I LOST: Parakeet, Vicinity S. Arlington; Speaks German and English I words. Reward. FA 2-3252. Classified Index ; LODGE NOTICES 1 'public AUCTION 3 j LOST AND FOUND PERSONALS 10 TRAVEL U MASSAGE EQUIPMENT 11 HYPNOTISM 11A j TRANSPORTAT'ON 13 HELP WANTED, MALB 14 HELP WANTED, FEMALE 16 MALE AND FEMALE SALESMEN, AGENTS SITUATIONS WANTED ' BABYSITTING CARE OF CHILDREN SCHOOLS OF INSTRUCTION SPIRITUALISM DRESSMAKING, TAILORING) FOR THE HOME RADIO, TV SERVICE CARPENTRY, REPAIRS DECORATING CLEANING , MOVING, HAULING 'GARDEN, toffs DO IT YOJREELF RE IL DEV, TRADES HOUSE MO. '.NO ll'.RVICES. MISCELLANEOUS jMONEY TO LEND I LOANS WANTED IREAL ESTATE LOANS REAL ESTATE SPARKS REAL ESTATE I Vanmen - Truckmen - Movers CAREER OPPORTUNITY with our "AIR RIDE FLEET" Professional Training Graduates receive Accredited Movers Diploma OPPORTUNITY TO EARN TOP MONEY CAN YOU QUALIFY? FOR QUALIFICATIONS WRITE P.O. BOX 37 Giving Full Personal Qualifications i I INCOME PROPERTY INVESTMENTS i REAL ESTATE WANTED TAHOE SIERRA, MTN. FEATHER RIVER 1 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES , BUS'NESS WANTED 18 I V) 2j ! 28 30 I 32 I 34 i 36 J 38 j 5 i 43 i 44 46 ' 50 51 52 S3 54 ' 56 6C , 41 ; 6? 62- A 63 , 63- A i 64 I "l 67 l 68 70 I HELP WANTED, FEMALE 16 HELP WANTED, FEMALE & EARN $298 A MONTH RIGHT FROM THE START $312 OR MORE AFTER 1ST MONTH BELL OF NEVADA'S starting salary Is lust one of the many Q004 things about being iona d'stance or Information operator. And cnefc these ther advantages: FULL PAY WHILE YOU TRAIN. REGULAR RAISES & A CHANCE FOR PROMOTION YOU W ORK ALONG SIDE CONGENIAL PEOPLE IN PLEASANT SURROUNDINGS Come in and talk to us now about becoming a BELL OF NEVADA OPERATOR We're open Monday Through Friday from 8:30 A.M. TO 4:30 P.M. at 8 STATE STREET YOU'LL GET MORE FROM A JOB WITH BELL OF NEVADA An Equal Opportunity Employer LOST AND FOUND 8 I LOST: Wednesday Sfatler-lves, j Toy' Sliver poodle. Male Red ! collar. Sizeable reward. 329-4712 i after Sunday. . FOUND: lnured Siamese cat vicini-i tv of Gentry and Kietzke To identify ; phone 322-5605 days or 323-3606 I evenings. LOST: Red, 3 speed bicycle. Nec- j essary for paper route. Finder I please return. 1245 Butler St. ! PERSONALS 10 SAY SAM, YOU REMEMBER OLD OPCHARD TRAILER SALES, WELL THEY'VE GOT A NEW MANAGER WHO '.'UST HATE USED TRAILERS BECAUSE HE IS SURE SELLING THE V CMAF YCU CAN R LI V T.VO FOR ABOUT WHAT YOU'D PAY FCP ONE ANYPLACE ELSE. AND THEY VE GOT ACRES OF THE'.' A T T.iRIR USED LOT AT .",935 SO V'RGINIA. WITNESSES Head-on collision March U. S. 40, near Bcx'er (25 mi. east of Auburn) 'nvciving Ford S'a' on Wagon, Acercury Comet and Rambler. CaM Oakland collect, v.- Sutter TE 6-2466 or TW 3-1892. FORMERLY Paraco Industries of Fresno, California now Bob's Drain-Oil Service, 1685 Clemson Drive, Reno, Nevada. For service call 372-5714 after S:30, weekends anytime. POSITIONS AVAILABLE FOR YOUNG MARRIED MEN 21 TO 35 YEARS OLD. APPLY IN PERSON AT THE: NEVADA CLUB 224 N. Vlrfllnia Ren 9X12 rugs washed, SI. Pickup extra. 24 hour Laundrette, Cleaners. 8 Lbs. cleaning, 51.50. Professional pressing. 141 Vesta Street, Reno. 323-9J96. RANCHES, FAR'.a PROPERTY 72 iSUEURBAN PROPERTY 73 i LOTS SUBDIVISIONS 74 EXCHANGE REAL ESTATE 76 APARTMENTS FOR SALE 77 I APARTMENTS FOR RENT 73 JfURN. APTS. FOR RENT 78-A ; HOTELS MOTELS 79 HOUSES FOR RENT 80 j DUPLEXES FOR RENT 81 ; WANTED TO RENT 12 WANTED TO LEASE 82-A SHARE LIVINO QUARTERS 83 i ROOMS FOR RENT 84 I TRAILERS FOR RENT 85 I will not be responsible for any bills other toan my own after Vay 13, 1'65. Signed Helen V. Hawkins Damelson. TUTORING: Excellent teacher. Reasonable charge First through 6thgrade. FA 3-0150. IF your child has difficulty in schec'. why not call on me? Vincent W. T. Copcutt, 329-6786. A L C O H 0 L:CS ANONYMO Us" Call 229-7593 IN JAIL' NEED BAIL? CALL MAC 329-7888 MASSAGE EQUIPMENT 11 NIAGARA OF RFNO P O. Box 5477 329-1111 TRAVEL 12 NEED driver; my car to Peoria, Illinois, Will pay all expenses Cou- ' pie or Student Must furnish ref- erences. 323-8263. DRIVING East, late "May, Tiders j share expenses, references ex- ' changed. 322-5215. ! I NEED a rids East to Chicago j vicinity. Male. Sha'e expenses. I First week in June. P.O. Box 302. ! PART TIME CREDIT CONTACT MAN to handle telephone and personal contact work on collections. Experience helpful. Must be in good healtn. bondable, have an adequately insured ca- and a valid Nevada drivers' license. 20-25 hours Per week. Sl.75-S2.00 oer hour, depending on experience, plus mileage. Write Personnel Department, P.O. Box 290, Reno, Nevada. MECHANICAL APPRENTICE, ! 22, high school graduate k good health. Must have mechanical aptitude, and be well above average in spelling and arithmetic. Five - da week. Si. 50 per hour to tart. Written eppllcatlone only to: Personnel Department, P. O. Box Reno. MAINTENANCE ENGINEER Must be experienced. Apply In person, Supt., Sunshine Laundry, 440 East Second St. HOT men, shlnglen aV estimators needed. Bob Franks Roofing Company. 329-7007. j HELP WANTED, FEMALE 16 LADY for customer service in credit department. Must be neat, attractive, and able to meet the. public. Age 25-40. Light bookkeeping experience preferred. HigH School graduate, resident Reno Area 6 months. Liberal Co. benefits. Including Insurance, saving! plan, retirement, paid vacation, etc. Apoly Personnel Office, Montgomery Ward. SALESLADY. Experienced In selling draperies and bedding. Neat appearance, High school graduate. Six months Reno Residency. Liberal Co. benefits, includ ing insurance, savings plan, retirement, paid vacation, etc. Apply Personnel Office. Montgomery Ward. B A R G A N S ! ROOMiS WITH BOARD J REST HOMES ! GUEST HOMES, RANCHES i i ROOM AND BOARD WANTED i CABINS FOR RENT ! TRAILER SPACE BUSINESS RENTALS WAREHOUSING STORAGE SPACE GARAGES FOR RENT MINES, MINING MACHINERY CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT MACHINERY OFFICE EQUIPMENT BUILDING MATERIALS FURNITURE FOR SALE TELEVISION, RADIOS HOME APPLIANCES MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS COINS, STAMPS ANTIQUES MISC. FOR SALE MISC. WANTED FOOD, FARM PRODUCE FLOWERS FUEL LIVESTOCK PASTURE HAY, FEED, GRAIN PETS POULTRY, RABBITS BOATS AIRCRAFT SPORTING GOODS MOTORCYCLES, BICYCLES AUTO SUPPLIES AUTO REPAIRS AUTOS WANTED RANCH & FARM EQUIPMENT HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRAILERS TRUCKS AUTOMOBILES 86 87 i 88 90 92 93 94 95 96 7 100 101 102 103 104 106 107 108 no 111 112 114 116 118 120 122 134 125 126 128 130 132 134 136 138 140 142 144 146 147 150 152 HELP WANTED, MALE 14 Yes door to door. But where else can you make $200 up per week to start? This Is an established sales route, 80-90 stops per day. We give complete training program, guaranteed first week, $169. Neat, married, resident, car, bondable. Phone 329-1593. PERMANENT, live in babysitter, housekeeper. Make our home your home. Year around at South Shore, Lake Taboe. Family of six. Four children, 6 months, 6 years, 8 years and 10 years. $100 month salary to start. Call 972-1262 LADIES-PART TIME We need some one to take phon orders. Must be neat and good taiker. No experience necssary. SI. 25 hourly salary to start. Call 3229877 aftr 12 noon. CASH I ERS Age 2135. Steady emptoyment. 6 day week. See Stan. Bill & Effies Lunch Stop Interstate 80 at Housen Road, Verdi. TWO men wanted: for responsible position with large National distributing organization in Reno and surrounding territory. Some mechanical aptitude helpful, car necessary. If you're available, immediately write for personal interview giving name, address and phone number to Gazette-Journal Box 313. IMMEDIATE opening. Experienced Mobile Home Trailer repair and setup man. Must be under 50. Also lot boy to help clean and service trailers. Please phone 12 toon to 5:00 p.m. only FA 2-1506 for interview. 154 Want Ads Set Results! MAINTENANCE engineer. Must be experienced in all phases of plant operation including boiler, refrigeration, air conditioning and plumbing. Starting salary S400 monthly. Send complete resume including recent work references to Gazette-Journal Box 305. FINANCE subsidiary of American Motors offers e career position with our Reno branch office. Excellent opportunities for advancement with a sound future. Many company benefits. Some college, credit, or finance experience desired. Mr. Murphy. 329-3403. APPLICATIONS now being taken for experienced tire mounter. Full time, only permanent dependable men need aoply. Enjoy all fringe benefits. Applicant must be high school graduate. 6 months residency reguired. Ages 20 45. Apply Montgomery wards. EXPERIENCED heavy duty-diesel mechanics and mill maintenance mechanics. Steady year around employment at good wages and fringe benefits. Must have hand tools. Apply Personnel Dept., Basic, Inc., Gabbs, Nevada. MECHANIC: Journeyman W-foreign experience only. Best working conditions and compensations. Apply In person only. 1840 B St. Sparks, Nevada. WANTED Reliable woman t live in. Light housekeeping and some cooking. Room, board, small salary. FA 2-7891 after 4. CaU 329-4123. 'P you are (1) Married, (2) have auto, (3) Have a few evening hours each, (4) Need $50-up per week, call FA 9-9833 . 2:00-4 00 p.m. weekdays. Absolutely no In-vestmertt. No canvassing. EX p E rTeNC ED GnerTi offiM girl able to type and work with figures. Afternoons only, S day week. Start June 1. Reply Gaiette- Journal Box 308. SECRETARY for administrative headquarters. Security National Bank, 180 W. First St., Reno. Bank-ing experience preferred but not essential. Excellent starting salary. PRIVATE Secretary, 2T4o" All around office experience necessary. Salary open. Gazette Journal Box No. 314. MOTEL Mirf. BYnftriBn, . U ; trainees. Apply in person only. t 'viuiri, 30. VIT- ' ginia. ! HAIRDRESSER WITH FOLLOWING) I Good commission, good location. One of the most attractive shopt I m Reno. 322-9621 after 5:30. i CHANGE airis and Casino help I wanted; under 3S, neat, personable. Apply person, Jim Kellyt Nugget, I 233 N. Virginia. HOUSEKEEPER for white elderly lady, live in, pensioner preferred. FA 9-2649. CAREER opportunity with major life insurance company. Ages 25-45. Call R. L. Bernard, Prudential Insurance Company of America, 323-1053. SERVICE Station. Midnight shift. Must be local, mature and have local Service Station references. Gazette-Journal Box 310. USED Car Salesman. Only experienced need apply. Teddy Bear Ha-vas Motors, 1500 South Virginia, Reno. BAKER wanted. Must be first class. Apply Rauhut's Bakery, 22 West Commercial Row. RETIRED Bookkeeper or accountant for part time permanent employment. 322-8323 after 6. MEN 18-25 for upholstering traln-teees and general help, apply Carter-West, 2500 N. Valley Rd. EXPERT Beauty Operator with California License, Lake Taho Shop. 786-1786. EXPERIENCED seamstress. Do not phone. Peerless Cleaners, 691 Forest Street, Reno. STEADY WORK FOR reliable 25a'dwA'FO0urr3htlma ma!d- Appr MOTEL maid. Interview In Person Thunderblrd Motel. 420 North Vl Sinia. TELEPHONE- eolicitor, part timel your home, $1.35 747-3515. ir. BjABYSITTER, 3 children jvw home. 5 davt week. Contact Mr2 Roberts. 1495 Royal Dr. BABYSITTER, live In, $30 w references,, private room. FAJ-' 7709 mornings. MOTEL Maid - Experienced -nnghT6nt P0S',iOn- 330 Norm Ar- HOUSEKEEPER, 3 .duffs, MuJ bgocook. Room .nd',. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS i act CHANCE COFFEE SHOP MILES WEST OF RENO 11 HOUSEKEEPING, cook i no dren, live In, referent,. 6e2n u ary, 329-2686. pn ah PHNE"Olicitort, DeTTtimT Call FA 3-0797 5:30-6:30 jTnV. ,lm-

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