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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 18

Reno, Nevada
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Reno Evening Gazette Saturday, Dec 31, lafJ-n Public meeting calendar avj The following is a partial listing of public meetings scheduled for the coming week. Public hearings and matters set for specified times during meetings are noted. Other agenda highlights have no time designated. TUESDAY WASHOE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS, 9 a.m. County Commission chambers, 1205 Mill St.

10 a.m., Consideration of land exchange Incline Enterprises, and Sierra Sage Golf Course. 10:40 a.m., Second reading and adoption of proposed amendmdit of an ordinance revlsinffprocedures and criteria to be utilized by the County Commissioners in considering application for open space use assessment for real property. 11 a.m., Discussion of annual plan for Senior Citizens Center. 11:30 a.m., Discussion of groundwater problems and possible solutions in Sun Valley 1:30 p.m., Hearing on complaint of nuisance in the operations of sewage lagoons at River Inn, 9400 W. Fourth St.

REGIONAL PLANNING COMMISSION OF RENO, SPARKS AND WASHOE COUNTY, 7 p.m., Reno City Council chambers, 490 S. Center 7 p.m., Possible amendment of Washoe County Land Use Ordinance changing the classification of M-3 (Open Space) to DR (Development Reserve) or some other appropriate designation; and to add to and redefine permitted uses in said zone. 7 p.m.. Consideration of Camelot Estates Unit 4 subdivision, 35 single-family lots, 26.5 acres, located on both sides of Sagittarius Drive and Camelot Way. 7 p.m., Consideration of Lake Ridge Shores East, a density subdivision, 67 single family lots on 32 acres located on Spinnaker Drive adjacent to Lake Stanley.

7 p.m., Consideration of Neil Manor, a condominium subdivision. 144 units, 7.2 acres, located on north side of De Lucchl Lane, east of Neil Road extended. 7 p.m., Consideration of Colt Heights Unit No. 1., 154 single family lots, 68.9 acres, located at the end of 7th Street extended. -7 p.m., Sky Ranch Unit No.

1. 198 single family lots, 272 acres, located on cast side of State HigwayB, Spanish Springs Valley. WASHOE COUNTY SCHOOLS CITIZENS ADVISORY COMMITTEE (bond issue), 7 p.m., board room, district administration building, 425 E. Ninth Reno. Discussion of comprehensive high schools and their optimum size; vocational education classes and their enrollments in Washoe County high schools; building cost information, and a proposed $52.6 million bond budget.

FRIDAY UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA BOARD OF REGENTS, 10:30 a.m., Nevada-Las Vegas campus, teacher education building, room 399. Discussion on hiring of former chancellor Neil Humphrey as a Reno campus consultant. Award of sabbatical leaves for university and community college faculty. Approval of budgets for 1978 summer session studies on UNR, UNLV and WNCC campuses. Proposal to request $250,000 more in state money for Mackay Stadium remodeling because all construction bids exceed the original $440,000 budget.

Review of plans for third phase of WNCC-Reno campus building complex. Retention of legal counsel to make claim against Howard Hughes' estate for HughesY donation payments to UNR School of Medical Sciences. Proposed loan to allow Morrill Hall restoration project to begin on UNR campus. pv i mm fl 9 OflffiopoOfc HfTHtrmq 3 ttGHTLY (EXCEPT TODAY) IDI THE NUGGETS KEN 325 SEAT CAS?) CABARET EVANS OH CHE! ss SPECIAL HOLIDAY KECK WALL PATRICK MAES' Ef.GAGEf.EfJT -m w- mm mm IS, 'AVZ 'Am v. ft 8 mm a DEC.

30, 31 Ml I AN ALL NEW REVUE CREATED V.JtV Vf SS ESPECULLY FOR TtE NUGGET STARRING 11 SLESTYand featuring HKEO Staged and choreographed by MICHAEL DARRIN 9, 11 pm and 1 am except Mondays mm White mates in 2 moves ANOTHER WORLD The art of composing chess problems is a world in itself. Competition in this arcane field is just as fierce as that which takes place over the board, and various international contests are held each year by mail. Composers compete not only against each other, but against tradition and a general standard of excellence. Their works are judged on beauty and originality. In conjunction with the 22nd Olympiad 310 entries were submitted to the Israel Chess Federation from 125 authors in 23 nations.

The above problem by T.H. Bwee of West Germany won first prize in the two-move section even though the key move was not as surprising as one expects. Unfortunately the two-mover is virtually exhausted after all these centuries. The judge wrote: "It was rather sad that the standard of the 84 entries was not satisfactory and certainly not up to expectations in a distinguished Olympiad event. There is but one comfort: it would appear-that the orthodox two-mover has had its time and only once in a while the opportunity to display refreshing contents.

The quest for an absolute originality was given up long ago." Out of 52 entries in the endgame section, 30 were disqualified due to various faults. I am happy to report that one of the winners was my first effort inspired by a game I once played where my opponent missed the difficult draw. MM. XX i'e ft it otnimu IMH nutim fart NUGGET jj THE DON CONN ORCHESTRA irn: 2 SHOWS NBHTLY 3 SHOWS ON FftOAYS AND SATURDAYS RENO AREAS FINEST xx irrin ni ni i i I.L LLLftLJIUwII 22 3 SHOWS NGHTLY (EXCEPT MONDAY) Today's JohnAscuaga's jj NUGGET 1 STATION CITY RtNO CABU KTVUSKOaC OAKIANO.CA KVtEtKXTV SACRAMENTO, CA KTXL KTVN KENO, NEVADA KOLO RENO, NEVADA (Q) KORA SACRAMENTO, CA OQ KCRL RENO, NEVADA (D KOVfl STOCKTON, CA QB KHBO HOME BOX OFFICE fi HotelXasino jj BEST OF EVEITTNIflB EVENING White to play and draw 1 P-R7 (not 1 K-Q3? BxPI 2 BxB K-N6! 3 B-K3 K-N7 4 K-Q4 P-B5! wins; or 1 K-Q2? K-N61 2 K-K1 K-N7 3 P-R7 B-N2 4 B-B5 B-B6ch 5 K-Q1 P-B7 wins) B-N2 2 K-Q3! (not 2 B-B1 P-B7 3 B-N2 P-B8Q 4 BxB Q-N7ch 5 K-Q3 Q-R6ch followed by QxP; or 2 B-B2? K-R6 3 K-Q3 K-N7 4 B-Q4 P-B7 BxB P-B8Q 6 K-Q2 Q-KB5ch! 7 K-Q3 Q-N6ch followed by QxB) K-N6 3B.Q41P-B7! KxB P-B7 5 P-R8Q P-B8Q only draws) 4 BxB P-B8Qch B2 0-N7ch 6 K-Q3! (not 6 K-B3? Q-B3ch 7 K-Q3 Q-Q2ch wins) Q-K3ch 7 K-Q2 Q-Q4ch 8 K-B2i Q-B3ch 9 B-B3 Q-KSch 10 K-Q2 0-N7ch 11 K-Q3 An undefended pawn on the threshold of promotion against a queen, where it is beyond her capacity to capture it. The final position is instructive.

Bmueieejui 19X-0 1 tNOIiniOS On the day after the night before You may need help. Eat out. Special Menu New Year's Day ENTREES ROAST LEG Of SPRING LAMB with Savory Dressing, Natural Gravy and Mint Jelly $3.75 BAKED SUGAR CURED VIRGINIA HAM with Candied Yams and Pineapple Sauce $3.75 PAN FRIED MOUNTAIN TROUT Drawn Butter PETITE CHOICE NEW YORK STEAK Baked Idaho Potato $5.00 APPETIZERS Choice of: Fruit Cup Chilled Tomato Juice Shrimp Cocktail SOUPS Choice of: Cream of Mushroom or French Onion with Crouton SALADS 'Mixed Green with Choice of Dressing or Fresh Spinach Aux Crouton POTATOES: Whipped Potatoes Southern Yams VEGETABLE: String Beans AJmondin DESSERTS Hot Mince Pie with Brandy Sauce Pumpkin Creom Apple Pie A selection of Ice Cream or Sherbets Coffee, Tea or Mik DIE FLEDERMAUS Zubin Mehta conducts' the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in this zany opera of mistaken identities, misalliances and masquerades. (3 hrs.) SHOWDOWN AT THE HOEDOWN A behind the scenes look at an old-time music festival in Tennessee examines the genre and the various forms of country music Including fiddling, dulcimer playing, buck dancing and square dancing. (60 mln.) MOVIE "The Band Wagon 1953 Fred Astaire, Cyd Charlsse.

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(90 mln.) 12:00 ON LOCATION: YOUNG COMEDIANS 1:00 MOVIE "Wives And Lovers 1963 Janet Le)gh, Van Johnson. (2 hrs.) BOXING ABC NEWS 1:15 (D MOVIE "V4 The 39 Steps" 1960 Kenneth More, TainaElg. 1:30 ON LOCATION: SHELLEY BERMAN 2:00 MOVIE The Paleface" 1948 Bob Hope, Jane Russell. (2 hrs.) 2:15 NEWS 3:00 MOVIE (JOINED IN PROGRESS) "Go Ask Alice" 1973 William Shatner, Ruth Roman. 4:00 MOVIE The Ape 1940 Boris Karloff, Henry Hall.

(90 min.) MOVIE The Bab Ruth Story" 1948 William Bendlx, Claire Tfevor. (2 hrt.) retaliates by critically wounding Starsky's girlfriend. (R; 60 mln.) 9:30 GD THE TONY RANDALL SHOW Judge Walter Franklin suffers from a guilt complex after learning he has sent an Innocent man to Jail. (R) MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS 10:00 (7) KOJAK A mobster's girlfriend Is an eyewitness to a cop killing, and Kojak is ordered to leave her alone. ON LOCATION: FRANK GORSHIN PBS MOVIE THEATRE "The Last Laugh" 1924 Emil Jannlngs, Maly Delschaft.

A proud, elderly doorman at a Berlin hotel is shattered when he Is demoted to washroom attendant. (90 mln.) MOVIE "V4 "The 27th Day" 1957 Gene Barry, Valerie French. Five people are whisked aboard a spaceship by a creature from another planet and each must decide the fate of mankind. (90 min.) fj) CD THE LOVE BOAT Three vignettes: "Message For Maureen" Stars: Bill Blx-by, Brenda Benet. "The Acapuloo Connection" Stars: Charo.

"Gotcha" Stars: Milton Berle, Audra Llndley. (R; 60 mln.) 11:00 QT) IRISH ROVERS ON LOCATION: SHECKY GREENE rj) CD (E) NEWS MOVIE "She" 1965 Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee. An Englishman, In Palestine, meets a girl who convinces him that he is the reincarnation of the lover she killed 2000 years ago. (2 hrs.) fj) CD ABC NEWS 11:15 (J) MOVIE "Petrified Forest" 1936 Leslie Howard, Bette Davis. Gangster holds persons hostage at roadside restaurant.

(2 hrs.) 11:30 (tj'Q NEW YEAR'S EVE SWCIAL Guy Lombardo'a 6:00 f) MOVIE "Fun With Dick And Jane" 1977 Jane Fonda, George Segal. A suburban couple suffers fiscal upheaval, and resorts to awkward crimes to regain respectability. (99 mln.) (3) Q)IB NBC NEWS FIRING LINE Host: William F. Buckley, Jr. "What Have We Learned From The Failure Of British Socialism?" Guests: Margaret Thatcher, head of the Conservative Party.

(60 mln.) 6' 30 (TUB NEWS (T) CO ABC NEWS 09 HEE HAW Guest: Sonny James, Marvel Felts. 7:00 (T) LAWRENCE WELK SHOW FRENCH CHEF "Spaghetti Dinner Flambe" CD NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 7:30 COUNTRY CORNERS The centuries-old tradition of the colorful Contra Dance, a commonplace community activity In New England since the early settlers brought it to America from the British Isles, Is traced as it flourishes today. ALL STAR ANYTHING GOES 8:00 (D BOB NEWHART SHOW Dr. Hartley's attempt at providing psychological aid to men about to leave prison has him climbing the walls. (R) MOVIE "Nickelodeon 1976 Tatum O'Neal, Burt Reynolds.

A wry chronicle of the early days of Hollywood fllmaking. (2 hrs.) KING ORANGE JAMBOREE PARADE Rita Moreno and Joe Garagiola will be the hosts of the festivities-including 23 floats, 16 marching bands and five specialty groups-from Miami, Florida, site of the Orange Bowl classic. (60 mln.).

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