Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 20, 1977 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1977
Page 12
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TV LOG DAILY FACTS, Redlands, Calif. Monday, June 20,1977- 12 Sometimes sounds like Pollyanna MONDAY JUNE 20 | EVENING | 6:00 O OB (W Stt News O S3) ® (JJ S3 News O 3$ Star Trek C© Gomer Pjrle O m) CB) News Q Gunsmoke (D Partridge Family CD Alias Smith & Jones © Classic Country SD Electric Company S3 Dramatic Series 03] ABC Monday Night Baseball Cont'd, from 5:30. ED Public Policy Forum -6:30- O Movie: (CO (90) "The Spiral Road" Part 1 (dra) '62-Rock Hudson, Burl Ives, Gena Rowlands. (6 i OD Andy Griffith (id) Merv Grillin Show (CiTj r"3Q) My Three Sons , BDZoom (fizj) CD) Bewitched 7:00 O O <}i) CD S3 S3 News O Liars Club (6) My Three Sons (8) To Tell the Truth • O Concentration G) I Love Lucy ffl The FBI (C1;» (3D) Family Affair 69 Action Drama 3D Andy Griflith SD MacNeil-lehrer Report (85) CfJ) Partridge Family ED Steamboats on the Colorado -7:30- O Consumer Buyline O Love American Style GD The Odd Couple O Let's Make A Deal CD Name That Tune O The Joker's Wild tfO) Price Is Right CD Bewitched ((If) CD) Gospel Singing Jubilee 63 Dramatic Series (23) CO Wild World of Animals (Jf) Hogan's Heroes 03 Channel 28 Tonight (®) CD) Brady Bunch S3 Friends of Man 63 Cooking With A Continental Flavor 8:00 O (COCD) The Jeffersons (R) Lionel decides to move out and his parents hit the ceiling when they learn the identity of his new roommate! O S3) CD (I® S3 Comedy Pilot: (90) Mulligan's Stew Lawrence Pressman and Elinor Donahue star in this comedy about a small-town high school coach, his wife and three children who lind things become unbearably overcrowded with the, arrival of the man's three recently orphaned nieces and nephews and a Vietnamese orphan. / ^ O Movie: (2%hrs) "Inherit the Wind" (dra) '60-Spencer Tracy, Fredric March, Gene Kelly. CO Movie: CB "Mother Wore Tights" (mus) 47—Betty Grable, Dan Dailey. Q (S® CD) ABC Monday Comedy Special: The Chopped Liver Brothers Tom Patched and Jay Tarses star as two former white-collar workers trying to make it as a comedy team. QD Dick Carlson Public Affairs O Movie: CCD (2hr) "Imitation of Life" (dra) '59-Lana Turner, John Gavin, Sandra Dee, Susan Kohner, Juanita Moore, Robert Alda. fD $25,000 Pyramid CD All That Glitters A worried Jeremy takes things into his own hands; Dan plays all his cards, and L.W. makes David an 'offer he can't refuse <m CCD (2hr) "Operation S.N.A.F.U." (adv) 65~Sean Connery, Alfred Lynch, Martin Landau. 03 Tell Me If Anything Ever Was Done A personal essay by Dr. Jacob . Bronowski on the life and scientific inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. (3J) Movie: C ©(3hr) "The Nun's Story" (dra) '59-Audrey Hepburn, Peter Finch. 63 Best of Ernie Kovacs -8:300 (© CD) CD Shields & Yarnell Q (® CD) ABC's Monday Night Baseball Teams to be announced. CD Cross-Wits, CD Perry Mason 63 Bix Beiderbecke Festival 9:00 Q (QZ> CD) GD Maude (R) Part II. Walter is despondent over losing his appliance store by bankruptcy, and Maude's efforts to help result only in disaster. CD Merv Griffin Show 63 Dramatic Series 63 The Pallisers Silverbridge is strongly attracted to Isabel Boncassen, the wrong kind of woman in Plantagenet's opinion since she is a commoner and an American. ED David Susskind Show -9:30- O (SZ)CD) CD All's Fair (R) Charley meets Richard when she comes to photograph him for a promotion campaign of his new book. O S3) CD O) S3 The Man From Atlantis "The Disappearances" Dr. Merrill (Belinda Montgomery) is kidnapped and taken to a remote island where a mad female scientist is at work on a grandiose project. Mark must locate the remote island off the coast of South America and penetrate the carefully guarded complex. Darleen Carr, Pamela Peters Solow, Dennis Redfield and Ivor Francis guest. CB Mod Squad 10:00 ©(©CD) CD Sonny & Cher Show (R) Sonny and Cher present their version ol the ultimate disaster movie, with guest stars Alex Karras, Ruth Buzzi and Donny and Marie Osmond. GD Wild Wild West 0 News 69 Citizen Intelligencer US) Marcus Welby, M.D. 63 The Age of Uncertainty "The Colonial Idea" Host John Kenneth Galbraith trees the colonial adventure from the Crusades to the present. ED El Bien Amado -10:300 CD CB QD News Ann-Margret radiates happiness 11:00 O O CD (35) News O C23HDX1$> S3 News ® Si) All That Glitters 0 Firing Line CD Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman CB The Honeymooners (ClD CD) The Ranch Show 03 Black Journal (® CD) Love American Style 63 Dramatic Series S3 MacNeil/Lehrer Report -11:30- " O (3D CD) CD CBS Late Movie OS J) CO (TO) S3 Johnny Carson 0 Love American Style CD Movie: "The Missing Juror" (susp) '44—Jim Bannon, Janis Carter, George Macready. O (Sf) 00) (39) Streets of San Francisco/Toma CD Metronews CB Sgt. Bilko. S3) The 700 Club 03 Captioned ABC Evening News S3 News/Movie 12:00 0 Twilight Zone 0 Movie: CCD "Thunder Bay" (dra) '53-James Stewart, Joanne Dru, Dan Duryea, Gilbert Roland, Marcia Henderson. CD Lost in Space CB Movie: "Ringo & His Golden Pistol" (wes) '66-Mark Damon. ®) Streets of San Francisco/Toma -12:300 Gene Autry 1:00 O 81 CD CG8 Tomorrow -3:000 Movie: CCD "Terror of the Tongs" (hor) '61-Geoffrey Toone, Yvonne Monclaur, Barbara Brown. Haldeman visits his alma mater LOS ANGELES (UPI) Former White House Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman and his wife attended commencement ceremonies Sunday afternoon watching their daughter receive her diploma from the UCLA Law School. Susan Haldeman was one of 8,000 students who received bachelor and graduate degrees from the University which is Haldeman's alma mater. It was the Haldeman's last weekend together before the former Nixon aide enters the federal prison at Lompoc, Calif. He begins serving his 30 month to eight year sentence Wednesday for obstructing justice in the Watergate coverup. He will be eligible for parole in two and one-half years. Public Notices FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FBN 80476 The following persons are doing business as: APPLE CO. I-X. S18 Stuart St., Redlands, Calif. S2373. Cimarron Investment, Inc. Calif. Plus I, Inc.. Calif. Blakeslee Enterprises, Inc.—Calif. This business is conducted by general. Date 6-16-77 Signed Michael J. Leon President This statement was filed with the County Clerk of San Bernardino County on June 16, 1977. CERTIFICATION I hereby certify that the foregoing Is a correct copy of the original on file In my office. V. DENNIS WARDLE, County Clerk by tl Julene C. Overholt Deputy EXPIRES DEC. 31,1963 (Publish June 20,37,July 4,11,1977) LEGAL NOTICE STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH NOTICE OF DECLARATION OF INTENT Notice Is hereby given that the State Department of Health has received the following Notice of Intent to file an application for Certificate of Need. If the application U pursued, the State Department of Health will conduct a public hearing within the Redlands area at a time and date still to be announced. Facility Plymouth Village Redlands Convalescent Hospital 816 Salem Drive Redlands, CA 92373 Project Description Addition of 6 skilled nursing beds to an existing 42 skilled nursing bed facility Estimated Cost $4,130 Saleem A. Farag.Chlet Of flee of Statewide Health Planning and Development (Publish June 20.1977) NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY AND FOR AUTHORITY TO ADMINISTER UNDER THE INDEPENDENT ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT No. 4(379 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO In the matter of the Estate of CAROLINE ELIZABETH CREAMER, also known as CAROLINE ELIZABETH HESS, and as CAROLINE E. CREAMER, and as CAROLINE E. HESS, and as CAROLINE CREAMER, and as CAROLINE HESS, and as CAROLINE KRAUSE, and as C. CREAMER, and as C. HESS. Deceased. Notice Is hereby given that the petition of BANK OF AMERICA. NT St SA, by FRANCES CROSSLAND. Trust Officer, for the Probate of WU1 of CAROLINE ELIZABETH CREAMER, the above named decedent, and for the Issuance of Letters TESTAMENTARY, and for Authority to Administer under the Independent Administration of Estates Act, thereon to petitioner, reference to which is hereby made for lurther particulars, will be heard at 8:30 o'clock A.M.. on Friday. July 8,1977, tn the court room of the Probate Department 3 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse In the City of San Bernardino In the above designated county and state. Dated June 18,1977 V. DENNIS WARDLE, Clerk Bys/FranCarrlUo Deputy Clerk JOHN P. O'CONNOR P. 0. Box 949 Yucalpa, CA 92399 Attorney for Petitioner (First Publication June 20.1977) By DICK KLEINER HOLLYWOOD - (NEA) Sometimes, you can walk into a room and know who lives there. That's the way it is at Ann- Margret's house. If you know her at all, you know she's basically a sunny, uncomplicated person dedicated to the proposition that the best thing to be is happy. And so you walk into her living room and it's her. It's bright and airy, done in tones of green and yellow, full of flowers, and fluffy pillows and populated with cats, both real and embroidered. I told her the room looked like her and she said that was the nicest thing I could have said to her. I could think of a few nicer things, but that's her business. Anyhow, she fits her room and her house and her life. At this point, she appears to be the happiest person this side of the continental divide. And she talks about her happiness so much even she realizes it's almost too much. "Sometimes I know I sound like a Pollyanna," she says. "But I can't help it - it's all so wonderful. I really am a happy lady." There are two chief contributory causes to her radiant happiness. She's happily married and she's happily occupied. She loves being Mrs. Roger Smith and she loves being Ann-Margret and doing the professional things Ann-Margret does. "I can't believe," she says, "that Roger and I have been together for 13 years. On paper, it's 10 years, but we lived together for three years before we got married." Despite that record, she's hardly the domestic sort. You won't find any Ann-Margret recipes in "The Collected Cooking Secrets of the Stars." "I still do not cook," she says. "I've never had the slightest interest in cooking. My mother tried and tried to teach me, but it wasn't any use. Actually, my mother and my grandmother were great cooks — they had a bakery in Sweden. "But I don't cook, and you know something? I don't feel guilty about not cooking, either. And I guess that's what's really rotten." She considers herself a totally liberated woman, and says she was liberated even ANN-MARGRET says she was liberated even before the term became fashionable. She doesn't know how to cook and doesn't feel the slightest bit guilty. before that term became fashionable. "I've been liberated since I was 13," she says. "That's when I first won some money singing in a contest. From then on, I knew I could take care of myself." Still, taking care of herself does not mean she wants to be completely independent. Far from it. In fact, she says she likes the -feeling of being dependent on a man. "I am dependent on a man," she says, "because I choose to be, but I could exist alone. Just the same, I find I'm more comfortable with a man around. I find it a comforting feeling to have a man protecting me and looking out for me." Roger, who has abandoned his acting career to guide her career, makes a good counterpoint to Anri. They enjoy each other's foibles and peculiarities. "I call Roger 'Garry Gimmick,' " Ann says. "He runs out and buys every new electronic^ gadget that comes along. Last night we ate dinner outside, in our gazebo. He'd seen an electronic bug killer in Miami Beach and bought one. But it makes so much noise as it disintegrates the bugs — zzzzt! — that I asked him to disconnect it." He has his gadgets. She has her animals, mostly cats. She's down to a manageable five cats now. She used to have so many that Roger and the rest of their friends called her "The Cat Lady of Benedict Canyon." But a few of the cats have fallen victim to the coyotes that roam the canyon, and Ann hasn't replaced them. Mostly, that's because she's so seldom home. That's the only problem with being as popular and successful an entertainer as she is. She loves her home. In a culture where most people, particularly stars, move on an average of once every three or four years, -she is something of a stick-in-the-mud. She's lived in the same garden spot for nine years now. It's a 10-acre place, far up in the canyon, off the beaten track and yet convenient to the city. "I knew when I walked in the entry hall," Ann-Margret says, "that this was my house." Still the demands on her time — movies and doing her stuff in Las Vegas and other places — keep her away much of the time. In the calendar year, 1976, she was at home only for one month. For five months, she shot "Beau Geste," for three months, she shot "Joseph Andrews," and three months were spent rehearsing and performing her act. So, when she's home, she indulges in her favorite luxury — entertaining. If you have to find an area where Ann-Margret is less than totally happy, it is in the fact that she has no child. She has three stepchildren — 19, 18, 15 — but none of her own. "Yes, I'd like a child of my own," she says. "That's all I really need. We'll see what happens." Her health, considering the terrible accident she had on stage in Las Vegas a year or so back, is remarkably good. "The only thing from the accident I notice," she says, "is that I can't turn my head all the way around to the left. And when I get tired, there's a slight tremor in my right hand. "I can see the difference in my face — there are some bones missing in my cheek — and Roger can, too, but nobody else can. "I just don't invite trouble any more — Roger has grounded me from my motorcycle for a year." Otherwise,, she's the picture of a contented lady, and she's smart enough to realize she's got it made. "I am so fortunate," she says. "So many people my age have no joy at all. I'm really a very lucky person." Ann Landers answers your problems CB Buddies: This is Battle- Axe Annie in Lincoln-Land. Hear me one and all. The letter from "Mad in Illinois" (her nose was out of joint because people in Florida hog the air with their ultra-powerful equipment) unleashed a torrent of mail from CBers from every state in the union. For example: Dear Ann: "Mad In Illinois" has a valid complaint against the braggarts from Orange County, Fla. I've heard that Bucket Mouth down here in Dallas. He blabs endlessly and must be throwing at least 500 watts over the channel. The FCC must be dead on its can. This is Lonesome Rebel going 10-10 and standing on the side. Dear Ann: "Mad" is also ignorant. That crock should know that those Floridians (and others from Pennsylvania and Arizona) are not pushing power. The problem is an atmospheric condition called "skip," caused by sunspots and other solar activity. There's no cure for it.—K.A.IJD—7777 North Carolina Dear Ann: The worst offenders are teenagers who think the CB is a toy. They get on and shoot the breeze for hours—as if it was a telephone. One 18-year-old whom I happen to know personally yakked until 5:00 a.m. last week—"garbage talk." The government should knock this riff-raff off the air. Dear Ann: I live in Ohio. We get power jerks mainly from North and South Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi and Georgia. When the skip rolls in, as they say, it's impossible to talk local— and annoying as hell.— Buckeye Bill Dear Ann: It's not those rich Floridians who go for broke on their high-powered equipment, it's the extrovert whose brain is in neutral while his mouth is in nrv * O J in neutral while his mouth is in 111)1)1 tlenClren highgear.Thechannelsarefull 11 of bragging about equipment released from hospital Getting over gout By LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB - I am getting over a fight with that devil gout. I've never had such an awful time in my 80 years — thank God! I can put my pants on now and walk some. It has been two weeks since the attack started. Is there anything I can take to purify the blood? Some say cream of tartar. I am taking a medicine called Colbenemid. I was in awful shape for a while — couldn't even get my pants on or off. I drink lots of water. I think lots of water can help get the gout poison out of my body. DEAR READER - I'm glad you are better. Anyone who has had one or more acute attacks of gout should be on some form of preventive treatment. The idea is to prevent forming uric acid salts in the body. And drinking water is a good idea because it helps decrease the possibility of kidney stones and kidney damage. Things have changed a lot in the treatment of gout in the past several years. The diet is important but not so important as it was before we had some of our current medicines. I am sending you The Health Letter number 2-3, Gout, Uric Acid to give you a better picture of gout and what can be done about it. Others who want this information can s.end 50 cents with a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for it, to Post Office Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10019. If you are overweight you are better off to reduce but it should be gradual since crash diets or too rapid weight loss can cause an attack of gout. The medicine you are taking is a combination of colchicine, a medicine that has been around for a long time (it is used to treat the acute attack and it is very effective), and Benemid (used to help the kidneys flush out the excess uric acid). Usually Benemid is not used during the acute attack nor is the combination medicine. One of the newer medicines is Zyloprim (allopurionl). It acts on the body cells to keep them from producing too much uric acid. When it works and has no side effects it is the best preventive approach I know. In gout the normal cell mechanisms to form new cells and regenerate the body goes awry. The person's own body produces too much uric acid. That is why diet is of limited usefulness. The problem is not so much in what a person eats as who his parents were. So the old picture of the gout sufferer who is fat and over indulges in food and liquor is not really true. Many thin people also have gout. Men are more prone to have gouty arthritis than women. Only about 10 per cent of the women with high uric acid levels also develop painful gout. In addition to the painful episodes like you have experienced a person can slowly develop gouty arthritis. This can lead to major deformities of the joints and it too can be prevented with proper preventive treatment. Any one who has gout should be followed regularly and treated sufficiently to keep the uric acid level down. You will get some more hints about living patterns and managing gout from The Health'Letter I am sending you. Cream of tartar will not help. For Tuesday, j U na 21,1977 Attn* (fatftfc ufaBJ Junt 21,1977 Potential dealings with the public have favorable aspects for you this year. If you have something in this vein in mind, it might be well worth a try. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Your first thoughts are not necessarily your best ones today. The longer you mull things over, the better the solutions you'll come up with. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Your Insights and hunches today are worthy of serious consideration. You may be able to derive Intuitively something you've overlooked logically. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sapt. 22) One whose friendship you've long sought Is not easily won over. If you work on this person today, you can finally gain his confidence. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) In areas where you'd like to attract attention, you'll gain more by underplaying what you do. Then, others will trumpet your accomplishments. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) It behooves -you to be philosophical about today's occurrences. Keep them in perspective and you'll see that things actually happen for the ast. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dtc. 21) Your ambitions may best be served by something that happens later in the day. Regardless of the time, contact people pertinent to your plans. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Important agreements should not be entered Into hastily today. Take time to explore all the complexities before you sign. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Fab. 19) Someone who needs your expertise today might try to grind you on your price. Stand fast. Chances are he's bluffing. PI8CES (Fab. 20-March 20) You have a gift for managing others today because an image of fairness emanates from you. People sense you live by the Golden Rule. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Something beneficial .that you can do for the family may present itself today. It could come about toward evening. Qet on it promptly. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) The early part of the day may be a little rough for you, so take a pleasure break tonight. Dining out could recharge your batteries. GEMINI (May 21-Juna 20) In situations today where something Is at stake, don't toss In the towel early. Your position grows stronger with passage of time. LANCASTER, Calif. (UPI) — Actress Tippi Hedren has been released from Antelope Valley Hospital with ..her crushed ankle wrapped in a cast. . kUA. Miss Hedren's ankle was squeezed "until it snapped" by Tembo the elephant while shooting a scene for her new movie. She was hospitalized overnight Friday and released to go home Saturday afternoon. "It absolutely was not his fault," insists Miss Hedren. "We're old friends, Tembo and I." She said Tembo thought she was in danger so he held her up by circling her ankle in an iron grip with his trunk. O.J. rushes to glory in advertising CHICAGO (UPI) - O.J. Simpson, who runs footballs for the Buffalo Bills and races through airports for Hertz Corp., also has rushed to glory as Advertising Age's Star Presenter of the Year. Hertz's "Superstar of Rent- A Car" was selected by Advertising Age editors from more than 150 celebrities who appeared in commercials this year. Hertz' 1976 net profit was $41.2 million, up 50 per cent over 1975, Advertising Age said in making the weekend announcement. bragging about equipment and distant points reached. Then some clown puts on a six- year-old kid who talks nonsense. This, plus the foul language and name-calling, kills it for everybody.—Corn- Balled in Wrinkle City. Dear Ann: CBers who dominate the channels are "BAD Buddies." The worst are theshowoffs who operate out of souped base stations that send out distorted signals. They ruin it for the fair players. Dear Ann: That Illinois griper said she couldn't get through to her mother who was parked outside in front of her house. I suggest she throw her 10-9 station in the Chicago river and get a set that will put her in 10-8 frequency.—Purple Pickle Atop The Golden Gate Bridge Dear Ann: How can that Illinois idiot complain about Florida interference when she is trying to call her mother who is 100 feet away? It's nuts like her who loused up the VHF and Marine bands, once used for emergencies on the Great Lakes.—Mad In Connecticut Dear Ann: High-powered sets make it tough for people who respect the law. Most of those dummies don't even know the people they're talking to. All they say is, "How's the weather down there?" Or, "How am I getting out?'' Where's the FCC, anyway?— Also Drowned Out Dear Ann: Please remind "Ratchet Jaws" in Illinois that CBs were originally used by truckers who kept their conversations within range of a .few miles and were helping one another in time of trouble. If it's distance the kooks want; I suggest Amateur Radio.— Beaver With Her Ears On In Meriden, Conn. Star Trek to go into new production LOS ANGELES (UPI) - "Trekkies," some sporting pointy ears like Mr. Spock or clad in glittery spacesuits, rejoiced about two items of space news this weekend. Hundreds of trekkies — fans of the old television series "Star Trek" — gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center Saturday and Sunday for the two-day Space Con-Four that featured space exploration movies, discussions and exhibits. First, they learned that after a six-year hiatus and a massive letter-writing campaign, "Star Trek" was going into new production this fall for broadcast next spring. And second, they learned that the space shutUe-orbiter Enterprise — named by NASA officials after the vehicle in "Star Trek" — made its successful first manned flight on the back of a 747. "I'm thrilled about the Enterprise flight," said Bjo Trimble, considered the "First Lady of Trekkies." Gene Roddenberry, creator of the original series and producer, of the new one, said he hopes, to sign most of the original cast for the new show. Grace Lee Whitney, who played Yeoman Janice Rand, told UPI she, at least, will be back. Bess satisfactory KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI) Hospital officials have no word yet on when former first lady Bess Truman may be going home. , Mrs. Truman, 92, is in satisfactory condition at Research Medical Center, where she is being treated for a fall Thursday night at her home in Independence, Mo. ACROSS 46 Crazy 49 Set of two 53 Grain 54 Flower 56 Show displeasure 57 General Eisenhower 58 Boy (Sp,) 59 Arm bone 60 G-man (si.) 61 Horse directives Answer to Previous Puzzle Caroline becomes copy person NEW YORK (UPI) - Caroline Kennedy became a $156.89- a-week "copy person" at the New York Daily News Sunday but an armed security guard and a tight-lipped personnel director made sure there was no audience to record the event "She's not on exhibition," the paper's personnel director, Ed Quinn said. "She's an employe and we have to respect her rights." Miss Kennedy will spend the summer running errands for reporters and editors. In the fall she will return to Radcliffe College as a sophomore. Now You Know By United Press International Although Horace Greeley, editor of The New York Tribune in the mid 19th century, is credited with coining, "Go West, young man," it was first published in an article by John Soule in the Terre Haute (Ind.) Express in 1851. 1 Natural color 5 To be (Fr.) 9 Upper part 12 Ages 13 Stray 14 Genetic material 15 Sleepy 17 Here (Fr.) 18 Sugary 19 Figure in a Millet painting 62 Stool 21 Brioche 23 Actor Wallach DOWN 24 You (Fr.) 27 Manner 29 Short article 32 Thole 34 Behind scrimmage line 36 Whacked 37 Powerful 38 Tibia 39 King Mongkut's land. 41 Automotive rFTT si 19 |E K E si N E c K |p_ D H i •H0D • BOE3IZ3DI1I1E] HndElEIDGI BDOQD ••ID OQDD BMZIG •ODD GI1E1G EHD HBBtSD UnOHOClE 1R E V Q A l B E A D W o R K E K E E L s A D E 1 S A V E M 1 R K A N A L E ••nca A P E R E N 1 Electric fish 2 Short haircut 3 Price per unit 4 Theater attendant 5 Stray 6 Securing pin 7 Wading bird 8 Master of ceremonies 9 Groups of three 10 Single time society (abbr.) 11 Pair 42 Foulard 16 Kind of power 40 Nonmetallic 44 Spoken exam 20 Unbalanced element 22 Golf course 24 Prepare a salad 25 Vow 26 Sore 28 Without face value (comp.wd.) 30 Authoress Ferber 31 Parcel out 33 Carthaginian 35 Itinerant 43 Scratching out 45 Wolf constellation 46 Make hairdo 47 Roue 48 Pennsylvania port 50 Warsaw citizen 51 Roman deity 52 State (Fr.) 55 Urgent wireless signal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 . 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 • 19 20 r 22 I • 23 • 24 25 26 H 27 • 29 30 31 32 33 • 35 36 1 „ 38 • 1 40 I f 42 43 • 44 45 46 47 48 I 49 50 51 52 53 54 1 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62

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