The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, TWCKMRKU 7'''1944 ' Air Teamwork Of U. S. Fliers Outwits Japs By FHAXOES TUCKKK (Jniicil I'ress Staff Wrltfr Using football tactics, two Army pilots figured out a maneuver to keep the Japs from knowing who was carrying the ball, or in Ihis case, the camera. And their teamwork resulted in valuable reconnaissance photographs of Pagan, an Island In the Marianas.' The pilots .were Lieut. Clarence Williams of.Salt Lake City, Utah, and Lieut. Alfred Wotlon of Buck'' eye, Art/. . • .< They went into a huddle at'the Seventh Air Force Headquarters in the Central Pacific after -(hey learned thi'.t what headquarters'-'needed most was pictures of Pagan, pictures of gun emplacements and of the airfield.' Pngan was one of the most, strongly, 'defended Japv uir. strips, and headquarters wanted to neutralize-it. But they had to'know where to put the bombs., Other Fliers Failed Other pilots had been sent out to take pictures, but they failed to get them.. Instead they came- back with huge iislc; In their planes where the Jap flak had scored. ' Willie they sat thinking over cigarettes, Wotton said, "seems'to be we could sneak in and get those pictures if we used P-38s—they're fast—" And Williams said, "Yeah, and yon can turn them around in a hurry, too." Then Wo' B!,yTIIBV!l, N'KWS Mighty Oklahoma Rises From Her 'Grave' Farm Contest U Driver Nogio Family Seeks Livc-Al-Homc Swcepsl-akcs Av/ard , Nt-Bi-o farm family heads who wen ili'tinutloii In Hie 10H l.lve- Al-Heine lonlesl sponsored by the Memphis Commercial Appeal will U- Ignored In Memphis tomorrow when tho. annuii 1 rally will b c held. Ailenn™* 1 first place winner In the Tenant Division is O, D. Dlxon f-fl,. of Driver, who will compete 'or the $(JGO sweepstakes prize '.1110113 Negro families of Mlsslsslp- |il, Tennessee mid Arkansas, He will receive tho $50 first prize In In cash prizes to farmers who have done Ihu best Job IhLs year In living nt. home, .soil comer vn- il.'in, rrojt dlveriilficalion and bet- I A A. iw f n rm and home maimijciii(.nt, '/»£ Trophies •••'" '•- •-• • *^"* fast and get the pictures." Williams thought it sounded reasonable, Wotton said. • "Anyway, it's worth .1 try." When they had worked out the details, the two .lieutenants went to their commanding officer and told him, "We think we have a plan worked out for getting pictures ol the Jap gun positions on Pagan." The CO wanted to hear about it. He listened to their plan, and when they finished talking he agreed that they might be able to bring back pictures. .. But he warned them of the dangers they were taking, saying: "Wotton, some of that gunfire realized that. Williams said he was aware that some of the Jap gunners might not be fooled and might really open up on him. Carry Out Plan The next day the two lieutenants set out for Pagan. Carrying out their plan, Lieutenant Wotton got there first, flying in high.. He made his first, sweep over the island at 16.000 feet. The Japs opened up on him. Then lie came down to 10,000 feet for the next sweep This lime the Jn|)s sent tip more intense anti-aircraft fire, but still it was inaccurate. He continued to fly in- front of «.«'?\Japs, sen'Jiig>asia'd«coy. to ke'ei> the lire away from Williams He roared over the island again and again, flying anywhere from 15,000 feet down, to 153 feet. While the Japs were thus distracted. Lieutenant Williams came zipping to Pngan j l]s l above the ocean waves. He flew up the wes>, coast of the Island until he reached the airfield, which extends from the west coast inland. He came in low along the coast and then whipped in fast over the airfield. He was moving 350 mile- an hour, and he was 'only 50 Jeet above the ground. It took him exactly 24 second.'! to fly the entire length of the strip and not a shot was fired at him by the Japs. They hadn't expected the second plane, and they didn't have lime to aim. During those 24 seconds he took 200 pictures which dearly showed Jap installations cs" Ss iy v^r n ^ d em c """ acc - O th H BC S S"^" ether. He explains it by saying that "ay Jnps WCrcn l shooting well that wnu'L' 1 "; p , hot °sra!)hs Lieutenant Williams took have served as guides °» Thunfebolt fighter-bombers, v.ho have thoroughly plastered Jap positions on Pagan thl 0 ?? A , meric;in Pi"'"* dying over «ie island rarely receive anv flrp from the air r,eid, which once was Hn " ic . most strongly defended Japanese air strips. Dyess Youth Joins Navy James Carroll Phillips, son of Mr and Mrs . wmiam [{ phj uf Dyess, has enlisted in the Mavy ' W- S. Army doctors and nurses "him Saved 97!i " Dr ccnt of »» "" casualties treated in this war. Oourttr Jir Thursday — Friday — And Saturday NighU 9:30 to 1 O'Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE 'Admission OOc-IncI. Tax, La ^ |)uovano , Manila Gunner Serves Aboard Navy's 'Luckiest Destroyer ^.'''Single-Shot. Seiners," the Navy's can and 133 prisoners taken- par- inootin'eu and luckiest destroy- [Iclpnffon In the Normandy liind- according to the men who fight her, Is back In New York Navy yard with five German ships her credit, and a - itory that not all lo , , member of the crew is Williain David Slrackelford, gunner, nephew 1 Mr.?. Loy Veach of. Mnnlin..' In hom' he recently .sent- a picture of N'nzi flag. holding . |.It wasn't battle damage -that the U. S. s. SqmciVinto ina, ami a uold sweep into Marseille harbor under the f>mis „[ German forts ' to protect minesweepers clearing ;i . channel lor other craft. T\yo of the enemy vessels sunk- one 'in the South Atlantic and one In the Mediterranean—each went (.'own under the impact of a linale tajvo from (lie Seiners' gun to give her' Ihe nickname. - ,.. „ That she has been in baptism « captured ° r fire manv limes without having been' struck or n man injured Is regarded as mirartiloiB" by all familiar with her history. ", «"b llv iiiu \j. o. O. QUmCIS 11KO J """'"*t V*ILII IIL'1 lllMOiy. home port but just, a general'need. •' n ' e ship now Is being prepared for overhaul and '-.a little recrca-' for lts ' nc xt tour of duly, which lion f.'ir her men, It iounccd. : For in all her long fighting record no enemy shell has ever tquclied the ship and not a single member of her'crew has julfered so much as a scratch Her record includes capture of thre , is expected to be In" the .Pacific. , IF THANKS We wish to .express our deepest appreciation for the kindness and comfort of ou'r friends in the recant Atlantic; sinking' of two German I combat ships in ' the .MediteiTan- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Webster and family. Chester Riggins Returns To U. S. From Philippines Yettcrday wns i. red letter duy for . members. ;il (\K family ol Chester • A. Hlgglns, chief" petty Officer in the Navy, formerly ol Blylheville. ' ;' For yesterday morning his slitcr, Mrs. Earl K. Lowry, received n IckwnJii lellliif of her brothei'r safe anivnl in the States nllor sevci'flj mrijillis-.oVcr.wns -sen Ice, during which lime he participated iJi the battle of the Plillippincs. • Then last night Mr. Kleins telephoned his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. nigglns and members of the entire family'"visited" with him over Ihe telephone. Because he has only a five day leave. Mr. .nigglns cannot conic here, but will spend the time in Smi Francisco with his wife, the former Mi's Pauline Husscll of Blylhcvillc, who hiis been making her home there while her husband . was on overseas duly. | Approximately 75'per cent of the women in England are brunrts. ' London contains 04,800. Irishmen, 00,000 Welshmen, and 54,000 Scat. 1 ;, In normal times. . . ':•; reive honors. Uolh couples also will rccclvo i M ?' n| ' llls '' •''' Certificates of Honor as countv ' ™ nl ' winners la the'two divisions. ' i » <ml «°'» cr )'. • borne 4(10 (ounly annual Live Do |,eld ,it — • -'"*iij wuuii'i.s nnu ngrleultiirril lenders are expected t« «Uo.«l tho f evenlh At-IIome fully- to Mo.HHssa.s HlKh Sch. .'HishlWils of the ,,i|.[l,,j. pro• rain, which will include a luikcv !l'»i(T. ivlli ta nwai-din,. cf $nw The Golden Brown Loaf Enriched with Vitamin B-l and Energy For Victory. Your Grocer has it FRESH every day! T CAKE -Your Grocer Has Them! grocer W1 II have these cakes for the next few weeks— try Weekdays-Open 9:30; Close 6:15 Saturdays-Open 9:30; Close 9:30 CLOSEDALLDAYSUNDAY Hart' •y.y- BlythcYiUe Owned, Employing BlytheYille PeopA Second conlest, THREE 5 Sentenced A « k f ,'/If /VO hies will be presented county, ' ^**-3 lB who - piwluccd lluj MWU-'!„ /"» es' chiimplcns und obtained iff \jfflS •—»••• ilnkf Ihe largest tiirollinrnl. Walter nurhnin. conlesl tllrcelor will pMenl tli« prto. lo climax j-Five iWKons'haw'teS ,,,„ ftt which aitrlculliirnl In the Nashville district Federal NAS1IV1I,1,B, Tciiiv, Dec. 7, (UP) n»l will [Cowl (or B || fK «l IHegnl (IWrlbution |or possession ot nvla'tloii fut MLtslislppl County's Nemo cxlen- rllt> I've convictions c-amg In rbn nucnts rire 'Mury Bnnls.'i U. P. ClrlRsbv. Temperatures Atlanta AUgusln Chnrloalon . . Clmilotlc . .. Chattntioogi) . iKlowncr Division In Arkansas I Oliidmintl . . o arc from Mls.rlsalp.ul County '.Denver , ... Cork mid Mn Nellei vilie of near D< " r °" •'•••. ixoru. """'"" " : . The Nettervllle couple wii| re re- cntli. award for second Macon '' Jncksonvlllo Kiinsils City , 52 07. , •!!> low nectlon wllh thn -hijacking of - Hnc ullpirnled to the Army, Originally '17 persons were charged with Imiitlcullou.ln tho case. SI't of those have' pleaded Biillly nixl nre-«wni(- liift wntcnces and r ^x^iuo yet to bo Of the 'live seiit'tecd ' yesterday, ' Ilirre.' eiileral picas. The . . vtfto Llmti-ll I,. Kent of Milan, Water IJ, HoiVdKt of Memphis and wil- lle.H. May of . Jiicluon. Tu'o others Wnll&f n. Viillca of flumboldt, fljid Cuitls P, nishop of Jiickson, were tiled in court, notli of them have filed motions for new trlnla. Loss Of Cigarette'Taxes t fjlTTLE ROCK, Dec 1 (UP.)l- The glowing •ayjrta'gc,of cigarettes may i ffcct the'.Arkamas schcol system * Revenue ComrnU^cijer Murray p. MeLcod fays the school system I'M he majors b«n3ficlury from ilsaretle ,taxet ;&nd permit, fees And roseola thai revenue ' fiorh thlj i6unt declined nearly $32,000 timing November 4s compared with thi samo inofalh a jcar ago, * * '•"ifnd soyk the j|lu(.tion shows ol string wor;e „ And adds, , . lials flfriculluial schools will feel the effects ,m.cfl sln:e they have borrowed money from bulW- liig programs, and depend largely on their share if Ihe clfoMto tax maturity payments oh •bonds/''-' < n •'' Commutes Sentence UTTLE HOCK, Doc. 7. (UP)~ •12 Governor Akhw has committed' (he 51 2'1-year seiitPiicij of William Coy „„,, Sun Antonio • Savupnfth , Tnlnpn . ,. Washington Houston , . .Ifickson . . '. Ultle Hock y 13 Cluylon, convicted In 'Miller county •ID it) '10-12, to six yours. Cluyton was 30 convicted of robbery (UH{ klilnnplng. M ' Adklns says clemency wns granted because of good behavior of Citiy- ton am! on rcconlhtondatlbn of ail ' •II MUler'coiiuty of/lclitls. The heii,| , ,P ' on Into lt.i moulh <|u«rt«rs. Girt Scout.Mw, Glrli of the sildtury Troop of Girl Scouts rttld a rehearsal Tuesdiy fifternoott of the Investiture ECI vice to be licld Saturday afternoon,fioin 2'30 to 4:30 o'clock fit the LiUlc House-. Following (he pervlce theie wil! be games and reire»hmonts plannct by the girls themselves. The color guard will be, Franc}<' Dowdy, Deloris. Parker, Joyce Cava- sh«re and Ld?enna Crump. Tiiose Inking putt will be Sadie Biunlng- hnm, Ann Lane, jane Norton am Betty Wnde. i , , A troop committee composed ol Mrs. N T. Wade, Mis George^ Stil- weli And^Mrs, Ftyssla Hill, has teo;i hcn'di Prices Good Friday - Saturday - Monday ' ' " • • ' • - v 20 Lb. " Wooden Pail $389 Lb. AH Sweet t'rcsh Pound Z5' PORK SAUSAGE ,;„ 25' BACK BONES '; 10 CHEESE .35 LIVER Pork I'D und P.Mll I WiLwn's Certi([e<! vniLi p ollnd . ( FRESH Umjt RADISHES FRESH SPINACH Lb, 'i > POTATOES with tops 2 Bunches Florida Scaldswett Jonathan Lb. Red Triumph 100 Lb. Sack .45 CORN Jack Sprat Vegetarian Style Jack Sprat No. CAN 16c or. Jar 2 For Large Can MILK SOAP POWDER °" M - ""' Large Box , MIRACLE WHIP ENCHANTMENT Full Qt. TOMATO SOUP FOLGERS COFFEE KRAFT DINNER I CM V Grape JILL I Monarch Pts.. . 28c Qts. . . 47c Campbell's Each Plenty of Parking Space On Lot Back of Store SUPERMARKET J. K. Sanders, Mgr. 109-111 WestJylain J.D.Lunsford/Mt. Mgr.

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