The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1938
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 1938 / POLITICS ' TO IET JEST IN New Hollywood Radio Cenler KLYTIIEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Opposition Rises To Old Style "Circus" Way Of Campaigning I*V liom; CitAJG l.'tllli'il I'rrss Slulf (.'(im-spuinlrnt COLUMBM, S. C, April 20. CUP) —South Curoliim'K unliiuv "politic U cii-cii.s" which plny.s a raiiiljlii, > cli'fiiil election yeins. will fsei! ;H. U-inpts (it ii))[)lislimeiu (liuitiK [lie rcrUicoiuJjisf .sl;iu> jMjiocn.lic con- v-ntlon lime. Its survival is predicted. however. •hy I-Jini? L. Uoiuicr, seiTnlnrv of Die parly organl/ation. Hoimcr is of the .strong opinion its 13 years ol existence has esl il> lislieil ii as u "distinct institution in South Caroliiut which i-annot I/ eu^hy tijjioou'd." It til! l)<:3:iii when lien TillDmi. lip-milling politician of liie 'fills. hiiU:;t«i Ihc system of caii:li:ltUs following n beaten path, speaking on the same iluy from the same plalfonn. One-Day Slanils Tin' Itinerary from county to county, nil owing one ".spefch- jiinkina" a clay, moving t 0 aiiollier toimly the next day. Alike, giilicrnnloi'lnl cnmlUhitesI fall i" line with Hie procession of! seekers fo>- national congressional i teals, .slate legislative vacancies, i and .suite officers. j Bonner believes tlic "liUlc conn- j ties" appreciate the visits of tile I candidates, to which they have lie- ! come so acciisoincJ, a lliin? likely i not to occur should the system he] ' changed. However, there is some' limes only a small turnout for the meetings in these counties. Various plans linvc been siig- nested to supplant the system, .according to Bonner, among them circuit, court district meetings and congressional district meetings. "But i cton't think ibc .state will change from the 'circus routine,'" Homier nssei'lccl. "I have inquired around a good bit on this subject, and found nothing like a majority in favor of changing." To Meet April 2X Operation of tlic Democratic party machinery begins April 23. Comity democratic clubs meet then to elect delegates to Hie county convent ions. These conventions have been set for May 7. Delegates will then be nominated to the slate convention May 18. South Carolina is almost wholly nehiLcrntlD, .clhei 1 parties haviir; little liicojjuition among the vo.ters. 'His' executive committee al (he state convention will fix Hie en- Hants' fees, also the itinerary. in their statewide jaunt, ca-i. didalcs slick close to themselves, I not. associating .socially with Ihcir • opponents. Although registering at the same hotels, (he/ "BO their own way." At night they are free to mingle amoni; the Imvnfolk, gainhij goo:! •will. They cnii attend spL'Ci.illy .prepared political rallies, .should ii county stage one. PAGE THREE Clinins Crcale N<*w, 1 !- Slndios in llolly- AlllioiiyliT the gubernatorial rncc' '-"" ck Roo>*vcll, son Mrs. Kermii Roosevelt, sl this summer will be (on-ill a.s usual, j in the grip of the Roosevelt cJiuuirrnr, as he- Hears thc end'of a iwo- "" 10 llvo r IteBiy ii s«nnk Ciralon School nml \venl to BnUlniort, Mr!. VH ' le 'Mated (licrc and jilaced on a train for New in \ Sen. E. n. "Cotton Ed" Smith., r veteran lawmaker who walked out Vork in custody of (he nh.slter cliniifiem-. The .scuffle Imunwiecl s:,t a ,»K, i> ss a r^;' "z^^u , llle K r^ amua * m nimiUE thc irain srabtoi lion, is expected lo ue in the lime- "'''' luln froln I'liutosraplicrs. nntli chntideur.s light dcfciKling hi.s sent ngnlnst "' n ljnpf srr(1 l ) " 1| "' 11 "w Histlor employe misconstrued I Gov. Olin Dewitl Johnston. i and rushed lo Dirck's aid. Distler fninled dnrlnc the Johnston Bides Time | -------- ___ ___________________ While JoIiiBton has not an- ,. . nouncKl formally, it is understood Windsor Pool Will Be he Kill be a candidate. There will .lie others in the race, but national i:sues arc expected to revolve _ :d:out these two. . LONDON (UP)— A spcclnllv cle- D '1 r n • Dllllt I'Or PrinCCSSCS For governor. Wyndham Man- signed swimming pool U to ly' built mug. Sumter; Former Sen. Colo at (ho Koyal Lod»e in Winchor U Blease. Columbia, and H. C. t'aik to enable 1'rince.s.s Eliivibcth C.oarrcy, Columbia, lahor advocate, 12. and Princess Mareurrt Rose l' have announced. I,, gct ,„,„,. „,„,,„,„. ( ,, ml , f " / ' Ihe first, primary will be Align.!. h,« the summer. 30 flir second primary Iwo wecfc^ The. nml. designed so that the „'' ., • princcfses c;in linurovc their swim- would be 'o^cT^me" 1 ? "™H| Ihe^ovll^nii -Tln^"'* C 'nm ''"'Vii n' ' 'iWtotem &M C * ™"utoT'inline r n , m-7 •>» Democratic party, and queen will DC able to suprr- fm 1937-38 are: Ben T. Lepnard. vise the work. . . 0 ' c " ailu>n: " Bonllcr - w' ; - , prncesses are iircnl swim- mbm, secretary: J M. Smith, mers. Princess Eliza belli lias swum Bo", princesses are iirdcnl swim- Columbia, treasurer: Mrs. t,. it.' Jennings. Columbia, national com- iiiitlcewoman. and Gov. Johnston, ii.itioi>.il commit tceman. Expedition to Survey Wilds of New Guinea SYDNEY. N. S. W. (UP)— Twen-1 equipped with divin'si-board's of ly thousand square miles of Now, various heights and will ix> )in w | '—'••-- - '•'-• • - with grcen-lintcd tiles. TliB kin». it is understood. Ins decided (hat thc piinccsses are length in Ihc Bath Club talh— jnsl short of 75 feet. Her sister is making rapid progress, too. According to plans whi:h have been drafted. Ihe Hoyal Lodge pool will be about the same dimensions as thai. ;it tlin Bath ciuli. but. it will have a specially shallow end lake lessons. • The bath will be Ciuinea on no white man li.'ts set foot mul which are believed to be inhabited by fierce >••'• '"... ...i. iiinin-.v-rr. are natives nre to be officially explored, studying Ico bard. Their morning An expedition led by J. L. Tny- • lessons now include several new lor, assistant district officer, will 'subjects, including Spanish, "lake the survey on behalf of the' Bo11 ' princesses are also being mandatory country, Australia. It, 'aught geography by a new metli- wlll lake a year. | oct (nat they find fascinating. They '.—1 —. j have large maps, several feet Pigeon Has Penchant For Barroom Society COUNCIL BLUFFS, Oa. (UP! — , Ju ,, George Jtmgferman, a bartender is j — acros.s. made of plastic material, so ; lhat mnmil.iim. valleys, aii,1 oilier j fcalni-ei; arc shown realistirnlly. On a level surface, (lean can jump 12 Inches. kind to pigeons and so are his customers. This was revealed when a pigeon wails each morning on the roof near the door or the tavern for a customer to enter, I hen rltfps In on Ihe customer':; shoulder. Head courier News Wtml Ail*. FARM LOANS i**** ISflO and Of Artinsas and Missouri I-owrat rales—Inwesl elpcnjr Alsn city properties DON R. KASSEKMAN 'tliotnis IAIH) Co. Office I', O, Box 410, Phone &n. Hoboes' Queen Doubts She'll Quit The Road GANANOQUE. Out. <UP>—Vivacious, blonde Dorothy Jones. 25- year-old -Queen of Canadian ilo- boes" paused lion.- to grniil, an audience to members of the press in tlic railroad yards while await- iii(I pulliniin aecoinmoctnlions on a wcsllxjimd way-freight. "Hoboing." Doroth, said, "isnntcli easier for a lady than for n man. In most places no provisions have been made in the lock-up for women transients, and authorities have lo pul. you ii|> nl a boarding house or hotel." Dorothy has been following the open road for nearly two years. Until a short time ago she had a. girl traveling with her. but her pal was stymied by love in Medicine Hat and decided to settle down there. Tramps bother her not at. all. "Most of (he jungle cats yon meet on the road arc more gentlemanly Ihan some people I have gone afler tor handouts." she said. "Do you think you will ever sclUe down .jourself?" "No. I've never met Ihc right guy yet. and from the ones I've seen I don't suppose J ever ivlll meet the right one." MEB BELIEF \vooil HV NOHMAN Nil-OKI, Kl'A Sm-lcc Itmllii Killlor I'M VOHK, April 20,-If Holly- wcxiil has censed to lie an impiir- "">• r.-idio proi'iam center. Ihe loiss two major brinidea.sllnj', ins iton't know it, Kor Ixilh imiblH mid Ni!C nre creatltin • mul ulgRer studios In ihr movii- cuplmi. And Columbia'* »''T lo recent, rmnorf Uml tho Ivwood rudlii gold rush bus end- v-'ill lie the dcillculloii of n tU.'.iJ,00« West Const kilocycle pal- It nil narrows down to Ihe furl thai Hollywood Isn't hislnis Us jirlp nn the network market u»,l that tin' new studios (hut nv K0 |nit ni> in Ihe Jii'iirt of Hollywood are be»K built to meet Increasing de- nanri:, of broadenstlng. The wild reports Unit. Hollywood was u( i, IS |, f,i,j|ii K [-,.(,,„ ,| |( . ( _ w »''k iJicliirc .stiirlrtl n few weeks "K« when Kddle Canlur, "wiy. Hudy Vallee nn <| I'hli all itHivi'd Rasl with their ur ft alioni the Mime time Viillei- 1111,1' n«kcr h;uc. been on (be air from the Baker They hnpliened to Ijc livondea.stlng from Hollywood for a few months this SMison, bccnutip llicy wore iiuik. Inn movies, fio their return Knsl WHK H nortmil move mid had no lje:| Inn on HIM Hollywood rmllii sUimtton. Uenny wen! Knst for only one show mid Is iinwliiivk In his Min-kls.sisl .slumphm mounds. utu\- inr went Bust to sturl his new ser- iinil us soon as II l.s well wily will lie buck In Ihillywiini., The new Columbia 1,1,11,, <.,.ji|cr, wlilfli will iiccnmmiKliile the II OILS iti'ttvork iiroinams Hint orlB- .tiiile eiieli week frutn the eoiisl, W| H '>'' <> f Ihe iniul compli'le bi'iuuli'iislln): plums In (he cimn- HV. Alllioiii'h II Is "Hollywood" In , feet, six Inches In tribute l of limp lu Nidlo. MS. The forgo nmlltorium contains ft- liugc clock, which meiisiires nve diameter ci'e- the Iniporliince In Huslin'M 25 Years at 31 HAN ANCHSUJ. Tex. (Ul-j-Only 31, Nnthiin Donsky, lounl merchant, iiclunlly lias bi'Cii In business fo/ himself Die lust 25 yews.' !it'«|ji- iilnt! as a newMioy In Dnllii-j nt Ihe n«i> of «. Doiutky wns sucdesslvely u i'«nei>s.sloimalre at iitliletl COO new houses have been'bulH In Orcat Britain since the war 'Sir Klngsloy Wood. Heallh MlnlstcT reveals In the latest Issue of the "Homo and .Empire," He declared the figure Jias: not, been equalled nr wen approachi'if, ID any other country. Last outpost or tlii.. : . United eintfs, Nantiicket Island, ' was '• foV '""" y ylm ll)0 »'OiM'.s greatest now ambassador lo Dejiniiu)! i)|ieruli»' i)| u linslneM ln. ru . 'I'" 'ri.eiiler In Anilmlaiire J'A.SADKNA, Cal, lUP) -] Orvlll< Ill-own 01 tt,.. CntnminiHV J'luy- hiiit.M. wiuildtri miss siii'lnjj;Ills win cdi'sslvelv )0 »'Oi.s greatest l<! cvi'iils Wlm1l "« I' 01 ' 1 - ri ' ml »y it is the least Owsli'v' fi ' :olll ' (i ''xmiipl? of how Americii'n iiuk u "»:'f""'»rs, '^ ' ' ,. -• "-i..! .. .^ uiiiiy\vukHi in "'">•"- .Miiiuiii i nn..^s seehitf his i-o'i every detail. It WHS de.sJuni'd l>y n hi the leading ,o!e. Of II iKoiluctidii New Yorker William I.esea/e, not-' Allhiiuuli he hut, breii | n H Jwiplt'ii nl wmliTii an-liKect. u | K u white '"' l«'o weeks, he insisted ijii ije|n:4 eiiiieri'te linllilln). nf .simple nnidern ''"'iveyed to the (heiiler In 'mi 11111- invliilecliiiv. lllliiiH nlmost IHII> en- hi'lanei'. then inside on u .slietcher Hie liliirk mi (he newly iniijieil mid allrr the pi'rfij|-iiiuiirf>' ri'lnni. '•(Jolllllllllll S, (U ;,|-,.." i|'| M . blllllllllK . f(1 '" I'"' Illlspltlll ill Hi,. M, mi . niiisiMs of Unir units, one of whlcli "'•'"'"'•r. I'diitiiins a KUidlt] dial will si'iil 1000 i peii|ile. ( Tnrce ol the .smnller slmllos in the biilldlnij have walls tlniL slum Jiin'iii'd loH'in-d ll»> eellliii!. This Is n railk'tilly new style of studio eon- (iti'iicdiin. dcsliini'd to ellmlnale the iieeasluiml acoustli'iil "llntter" or ""'lie lluililhif HlKl, I,, |i,.|| L1 |,, I.ONIJON Hit') A loin! <H:tm Meats ani; ) Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We pay Highest 1'riera (in Poultry at nil Times.: GAINESMKT. 118 IV. Main SI. I'liuile S3' 1 Mil soinwls. Lesniw hus even (if. (.iKiicil ii new kind of control bonlh tor tlin studios. Tin. ((lass panel In the front Is .slanted ut nn iinijle, lo eliminate, reflection, which now ot- len prcvcnl.s perfnriin-i-.s from j;ec- Ing the pvodni:er Inside. Hlutllo clocks are set In red Ine- punels nml huye brl|;ht, yel , .low fiices, so thm they Ije srcn b.v |ji'r!'oritii.'rs nml prwliic- Hemorrhoids^Piles ' ;' l) WITHOtjT .SUROmtY & (JlJAKANTKJili tittf, lure »n,J »|(h Irs, dlncamtart. fill dlvatri »nil conilltlunn ot nrrvoui orljin, f««i( ullnifrit. .11,1 t ktn ttiicrn trtiUrt unt I'urrd kl our rllnlo. I)RS, NIES & NIES BH Welfare Agencies Reveal Plight of Transients In Nashville NASHVILLE, Tenn.-W e 1 f u r e agencies here are faced with u new problem—that of the stranded trailer fnmilie.'i to whom "Home Sweet Home" Is nothing but a Mrs. J. H. Bogurl, a social worker for the Travelers' Aid. 1ms mot every type of transient. She has assisted In obtaining medicine for Ihe sick, food for (he hungry, and lias sung at the burial of n baby. Her Iriu.Vr "clients" range from those who have been gathering shells on the Gulf of Mexico for home manufacture of novelties lo be sold to those who fashion lable decorations from tin cniis they found in alley heaps. T)'nllcr cliildi-fii. an ,\ rule, she «xy{;. are poorly (educated, "since mcsl of them do not linger lon» at one nlace." Chililren l'u( !„ Work Last year, she said. 170 children of families helped by Travelers' (Md were out of school. These children helped In weaving bas- ket.s from boughs gathered (n (he woods and in tbc making of rough porch furniture from small limbs collected along the way. . : H is when some member of the family is ill. when moiicv is gi nut! all other chances for self- support have vanished 'Ami (he tifilcr families make leniH'Ms for lictp, MIS. r.ioBiul said. "Tins willingness lo help themselves is- a general characleri--'ic iimoni! them." she declared. "J)ul it is no wonder that so much sickness prevails HIIIOIUJ; them'--when yon consider the crowded livin- tomlitfons. the .slight, protection .'liitunst (he weather and Ihe In- adccpiate food." AM Is Restricted The Travelers' Aid can give onlv Riccenes niitl, medical care (o those in need, and cannot give llieiti pnsoline for n trip to another cily unless they have a ne.-- manent residence there. 'Most of the .stories of slrandcd uihcs nre Oiled with i>alhos and tragedy," Mrs. Bofart said -n\( harikhips exiierienced In theii stniBgle for existence are present m nil the cases. Some have given «I> (he fight. "Dealh entered a trailer fnmilv here recently." she .said. "A three- wceks-old baby whose father was m Ihc hospital with pneumonia, a stricken wllh the same disease. "There were no flowers for thc grave, no preacher to conduct the funeral and no rites with the exception of a song. A.s the casket was being lowered the mother asked someone to sing." Mrs. Bogart, who said she had not sung in years, sang n hymn Another case, she said, reached (he Travelers' Aid when'the trailer of a young man and |,|. s i v if e was burned. leaving only (he bare iron frame. The woman was seriously in. Mrs. Bogart finds hitch-hiking tourists the mast troublesome and says Ihere arc far more of them than there are trailer families. A rat entered a bottle when i( was a baby, nt Meridian, Miss Now it is full-grown and too large lo get out of its glass house SAVE AS MUCH AS ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE 90c IflO'/o 1'cniiK.vlvania Oil, Sealed Containers 25c SAVEONGASCO. 4 Miles Nr>. of State Line H. W. fil HOU,ANT), MO. Botllcol24"5.CHAIN ASPIRIN 25c Silt TIN FEENAMINT TABLETS 50c SIZE BonLE ERGEI LOTION '?;«• BOX-OOLPH MOTH 4 o BALLS I O 55c—7-oi. LYS °i- A K 43 :.35 SIZE BSTTLE INKHAM'S COMPOUND M«d'> OEXTRI- MALTOSE l-lb. Slit PINKHAM'Sqn C«rtHI«d Nllk Tooth Paste PACKAGE of 10 GILLEHE Bin: Blades 75c SIZE BOTTLt FITCH'S SHAMPOO 30< PHILLIPS MILK OF CLEANER 21 50c SIZE TUBE WILLIAMS S(ia»eCrea« LADY"STHER CREAMS 39 15c l,ux Flakes lOe FULL PINT BOTTLE MILK of MAGNESIA CIGARS-TOBACCOS F«ulty Elimination R«lpond(to MINOYL 1 gal. - - - $1.19 1 gal. with spout - $1.69 1-2 gal - - $1.19 Pint Thermos $1.19 rinllip Mor. 2Cc II. Tarcylon 20c BKISTU. GOODS < TU^sm WithKounJ. Mt^ t ritttti . 4O VeprclaMc Sprays Orecn 2 Th* "Darby ALARM CLOCK *ll Picnic Plates Napkins Cups 9c Genuine Azurinc Sun Glasses In a class by themselves to $1.25 I'hoti* 8H Dlylherme, Alt. KIRBY DRUG STORES Main at 2n|d - 4lh-Division Cash pud Carry BLYIHEVILLE LIFEBUOY llUX SOAP ANACIN TABLETS MOtLE Shaving Cream KLEENEX TISSUES, 200's Dr. LYONS Tooth Powder BAYER'S ASPIRIN CANDIES Old Fa Ruff * CHOCOUTE CREAMS ....... 39 C< HOLD KRUNCH Fines) Ice Oe;im Confection in (he Win-Id - .. |- c I'ROSTBI) U A I, T K i) — The frozen drink you \yifh a spoon. It's Cc 25 C . flitd delirious New Carton COCA-COLA 0 For ^^ ^ —^-^ — —..—^-^»^^Lia» " SPRING SPECIALS for HONES Toi»« «*• Katri | w«,V. . .- S7« Ue ItAlR TONE u • V Fin .11 r«iun.Mo .how. o* lyb il into f^i^^nn^fft^ty, ,«i p »i..| W HITE Gadi lOc and 19e ,- Griffin lOc & lOc fk Shu Milk l!)r. Chrom« or BED LAMP Clam? On 122 Circ* «

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