Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 8, 1975 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1975
Page 8
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TV LOG DAILY FACTS, Redlands, Calif. Saturday, February 8,1975- 8 SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8 3:30 O What's Going On O (® ®) ® ffl Pro Bowlerl Tour "The Cleveland Rotary Open' From Cleveland, Ohio. (U>] Movie: (C) "Run, Simon, Run' (dra) 70 — Burt Reynolds, IngerJ Stevens. Q) Movie: "The Gamma People" (sci-fi) '56—Paul Douglas, Eva Bar toh. © The Virginian (p ® Gospel Country (23) ® Movie t Psychology Today Travel Film 4:00 B World of Survival jjj Impacto ® Star Trek (n) ® Water World Q9 Matinee 22 H Porter Wagoner Show gj) World Press f «D World Cup Soccer Bulgaria vs. Netherlands. g3 Voice of Agriculture 4:30 Q Name of the Game O Focus "Organizations Serving the Blind" Host Nicole Pierce talks with various members of organiza tions serving the blind community, including the Lions Eye Foundation which uses donated eyes for opera tions which can sometimes prevent blindness. ($7) ® American Outdoorsman 5S Hank Thompson Show §0 Saturday Matinee 09 Corona Now 5:00 O Inquiry O Movie: (C) "The Proud & the) Damned" (dra) 72 —Chuck Con nors, Jose Greco, Anita Quinn. ® Get Smart O(@®)®C0ABC'$ Wid World of Sports ® m News 8 Wild Wild West Movie: (C) "Don't Raise the| Bridge, Lower the River" (com) — Jerry Lewis, Jacqueline Pearce, Terry-Thomas, fij) The Untouchables QJ) (3) American Ski Scene @ (6) Name of the Game Si Nashville Music w| Assignment America §3 Little Rascals 5:300® ® ® News (6) Comedy Theatre (@) Movie: (C) "Funeral in Berlin' (dra) '67—Michael Caine, Eva Ren zi, Oscar homolka. gS Pop! Goes the Country 0D The Romantic Rebellion © Three Stooges 6:00 6:30 E V E N I N G O © 3D S3 News Khan My Partner the Ghost Night Gallery _ (3) Ringside Boxing gg Hee Haw g£) Firing Line 23 The Moviemakers Q Q News ® (H ®) Reasoner Report I (§§ ®) 6B Lawrence Walk I It Takes A Thief ® @ Jimmy Dean Show ® News I Black Perspective on the News] I Medix I Dr. Jiggers Invasion Hour 7:30 Q Wild World of Animals "Darwin] on Safari" D © ® Let*s Make A Deal Jeopardy Liars Club To Tell the Truth 8) Name That Tune J3j Wild Kingdom ||) ® Hank Thompson Show pi Bobby Goldsboro Show Bjj Inner Visions "Family Planning" EB Police Surgeon 8:00 8 Dave M ® ® All in the Family © ® S@ S3 Emergency "The) Mouse" The crash of a light plana into an apartment house provides! the Fire Department and its para medics with highly dangerous duty, O UCLA Basketball Bruins vs. Ore gon Ducks. ® Rock Concert O (@ ®) ® JS Kung Fu "Bat tie Hymn" Caine joins two itinerant! musicians who are seeking innen] peace and meets turmoil instead Jose Feliciano and Julian "Cannon ball" Adderly guest. Hee Haw Championship Wrestling Spanish Movie Boxing From the Olympic Soundstage "Donovan & Mason" (R) © Super Show Japanese Language Programs BO® The Jeffersons T} Candid Camera 9:00 O 93 ®® Mary Tyler Moore Show Mary takes on the frustrating) task of helping Sherry Ferris, girl with whom she once shared a jail cell, "go straight," even though the girl, herself doesn't seem too thrilled with the idea. 0 @®®SENBC Saturday Movie: (C) (2>/ 2 hr) "Cool Hand Luke" (R) (dra) '67—Paul Newman, George Kennedy, J. D. Cannon, Jo Van Fleet, Lou Antonio. The saga ofj a cool-headed, independent chain gang prisonar who is determined to buck the system. O <@8 ®) ® 6S ABC Saturday Movie: (C) (2hrl5min) "Frenzy" (sup) 72—Jon Finch, Barry Foster, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Anna Massey. An innocent man is accused murdering his wife and twists fate result in the conviction of the wrong man 8:301 8 Three Passports to Adventure Lucy Comedy Hour "Lucy Hunts! Uranium" Fred MacMurray and June' Haver guest. § Wrestling Bergman Film Festival "Seventh Seal" gj) Premier Film 9:30 ©(g) (D CD Bob Newhart Show] Emily decides to redecorate thef _J KNBC News Conference ® Movie: (90) "Elmer the Great" (com) '33— Joe E. Brown, Prestonl Fester. f Gorrion (6) Other People, Other Places 23 Box de Mexico g 3 World of Skiing £ 3 The Protectors 23 Little Rascals 7:00 Q Other People, Other Places 8 Diamond Head Bowling for Dollars O Eyewitness—Los Angeles (8) The Jeffersons O Million $ Movie: (C) (2hr) "Blackboard Jungle" (dra) '55 — Glenn Ford, Anne Francis, Sidney Poitier, Richard Kiley apartment in antiques, and Bob] finds her choice of furniture un comfortable, unappealing and haz ardous to his health. (6) Night Gallery O Faith for Today © Collage 10:000@® ® Carol Burnett Show! The Pointer Sisters guest. O USC Basketball Trojans vs. Ore gon State Beavers. ® Police Surgeon Q Community Feedback m News @§ Musical Contest §§ Wild Wild West 23 Lou Gordon Show 10:30 ® Water World True Adventure Quiz Time/Mini Golf An Eames Celebration (R) 11:00 © ® News The Rifleman The Lucy Show SUNDAY FEBRUARY 9 MORNING 00 fD Bible Answers/Christophers :30 (gi Religious Special "A Conversation Wth Leo Rosten" :45® With This Ring :00 Q U.S. of Archie (6j Underdog (8) Rex Humbard Q People's Forum Q| Jabberwocky (2^ ® This Is the Life §6) Warren Roberts O Movie: (C) "The Lut Voyif •"IO.M (dra) '60 - Robert Stack, Dorothy" Malone, Edmond O'Brien, fig) John Wayne Theatre §§} Greetings From Germany © Jimmy Swaggart Show 0D Black Perspective on the Newt 3:30©Medix Today's program ex amines rape and explores proven five measures for women, includ ing self-defense techniques. O The Brainworks Magazine topics] include a filmed report on La Verne's Saturday School Alternative Education project, and a session ofj the Model United Nations at Pep :30 g Bailey's Comets Mormon Tabernacle Choir [61 Rocky & Friends O Voice of Victory (10) Insight on Religion (Q Elementary News §§ ® Rex Humbard 7:45 @ ® Sacred Heart 8:00 © Dusty's Treehouse H Rex Humbard {&) Around the World in 80 Days ® Lamp Unto My Feet Q Johnny Barton Show ®@® @Old Time Gospel! Hour CD Wonderama § Church With A Vision Lamp Unto My Feet O Teaching Children to Read Big Blue Marble It is Written Let There Be Light Meeting Time at Calvary © ® Katniyn Kuhlman (@ ®) Day of Miracles 9:00 Q Look Up & Live Q Serendipity O (§S) ®) Day of Discovery ® Real Estate Open House 8 Campus Profile CD © ® Oral Roberts 33) R Is Written Day of Miracles 9:30 ©Camera Three The Christophers (§f ®) Jimmy Swaggart Showl D Sunrise Way ® TV 8 Looks at Learning ©Amazing Prophecies To) Day of Discovery perdine. ©(®®)® CD »BCs Wide World of Sports Events include The Acrobats of China, from Spokane, Wash. @ Newsmakers m The Virginian Wjj Inner Visions ffl SB Insight 4:00 © Newsmakers Q S3 This Is the Life ©Movie: "Dead End" (dra) '37] —Joel McCrea, Sylvia Sidney, Hum phrey Bogart, Claire Trevor. CD Movie: "A Star Is Born" (dra) '37—Janet Gaynor, Fredric March, g) ® Seven Arts Theatre Korean Variety Wall Street Week Roller Games 4:30 ©Santa Anita Feature Race The $100,000-Added Charles H. Strub Stakes for four-year-olds at a mile and one-quarter. § Sunday Korean News Washington Week in Review ©Sunday Matinee 5:00 © Face the Nation ® Hogan's Heroes ©Great Adventure "Risking the Pan Am Highway South" Explorer Don Cooper continues his journey along the Pan Am Highway beginning at the Guatemalan border but is forced back by a landslide and must find other ways of continuing. ®®@®News The Avengers Daniel Boone Korean Drama Casey Santos Show Los Angeles News Review 3D La Familia Burron © Insight f Corona Now It Takes All Kinds Bill Moyers' Journal: International Report © Celebrity Tennis 23 Viewpoint on Nutrition (Oral Roberts } Garner Ted Armstrong I Japanese Language Programs ) The One Way ) Estelar '75 EB and FLO by Paul Sellers 16:00 {ft Old Time Gospel Hour 35 Musica y Palabras k.0:00 ©(17)® CBS Sports Spectaculai Today's events are the 16th Annual Times Indoor Games, from Los Angeles Ca.; the European Figure Skating Championships, from Copenhagen, Denmark; and the Auto World Series of Racing, from Pocono Motor Speedway in Long Pond, Pa. (Ti Accion de la Comunidad Q Challenge My Sermon Q (10) Hour of Power CD Home Buyer's Guide © Domingo ® Wally's Workshop © Herald of Truth (§§) ®) Town Hall Meeting m Esta Es la Vida © Faith for Today 10:30 O 99 Meet the Press 0 (@®)®CBKorg: B.C. QT) Look Up & Live © Faith for Today flg Tony & Susan Alamo @ © Insight (26) Mideast Analysis EVENING (I) 60 Minutes News ©Movie: (C) (2hr) "Streets of San Francisco" (dra) 72-Karl Mai den. Michael Douglas, Kim Darby. g C0 Reasoner Report 70,0 11:00 § Agriculture USA © Movie: (C) "Wildfire" (wes) '4f -Robert Steele, Sterling Holloway. (6) Movie: "Three Blind Mice" (dra) '38—Joel McCrea, Loretta Young. O (© CD) CD CD Ghost Chaser: [8J International Hour § Gloria Grey's Pet Haven Meet the Press Movie: "The Champ" (com) '31| -Wallace Beery, Jackie Cooper. © Church in the Home EB Christopher Close-Up Pantalla Dominical •The - Tony Arthur § Movie: (C) "Don't Raise thejn:25 (To! Income Tax Hints Bridge, Lower the Water" (com) '68jn :3 o O @ QD (jo! Q3 NHL Hocke Montreal at Buffalo, PACIFIC DRIVE-INS Mon. thru Fri. Open 6:15pm Sit. & Sun-6 • Show* of 6:45 Children 6 thru 11-SOC Children Under 6 Free! With The Golden GunfPG Plus Charles Bronson "MR. MAJISTYK (PG) FONTANA BEELAIR C -i.irigi.aiiiiTii.i^ SAN BERNARDINO FREEWAY Cilrut Oil "imp • S27-0373 Adult Peek Showl "Conftssions Of A Window a »oner"(R) Plus "NAUGHTY STEWARDESSES (R) c Rl ALTO FOOTHILL DIIIVE-IN IHE1TKE 5S5 E Foolh.II Bud w. Oil Ramp Ri .rmdr I All Family Showl "LITTLE PRINCE" (G) Plus Super Surprise Hitl "THE DOVE" (PC) 3 —JeTry Lewis, Jacqueline Pearce. ©Movie: "Castle of Evil" (nor) '66—Scott Brady, Virginia Mayo. © ® Nightmare Theatre 09 Samurai Story m 700 Club gE Cinema 34 11:15 © ® News (@D ®) Religion—Help Line CD Rock Concert 11:30 © Fabulous 52! (C) "The Assassi nation Bureau" (dra) '69 — Tellyf Savalas, Diana Rigg, Curt Jurgens, Oliver Reed. © Don Kirshner 's Rock Concert ® Movie: "The She Devil" (hor) '57— Mari Blanchard, Jack Kelly. ©News C£) Movie: "The Roaring Twenties" (dra) '39 — James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart. © David Susskind Show (jo) Tonigh? Show (23) ® Movie 11:45 © Movie: (C) "Easy Rider" (dra) '69—Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson. 12:00 a rsPEciATI 1974 Clio Awards Bob Crane emcees a television special saluting the winners of the CLIO Awards Competitions, the advertising industry 's Oscars'. In addition to showing winning commercials, the show features performances by Ben Vereen ("Pippin"), Melba Moore, the rock group Tomorrow Morning, and Dottie West. BERNARD! Not MT. VERNON 1 DRIVE-IN THEATRE 632 So. Ml. Vernon Ave. South ol Mill Slreel • 984 0403 Family Entertjinmentl M Double Disney Hitsi M SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" (G)H Plus "OLD TELLER" (G) Mel Brooks "HAZING SADDLES" Plus John Wayne ^'CAHILl US. MARSHALL"(PGjy 12:30 © Wanted: Dead or Alive •J2& Happy Gooomans (@ ®) Horror Movie: "The Lad) & the Monster" 1:00 Q Ail-Night Show: "Attack of the Crab Monster," "The Abductors," "Buffalo Bill" (0 Movie: "Mill of the Stone Woman" (dra) '63—Pierre Brice. 1:40 ©Movie: (C) "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes" (mus) '55—Jane Russell, Jeanne Crain, Alan Young, Scott Brady, Rudy Vallee. O (© ®) ® CD Make A Wish ©Movie: "The Happy Road' (com) '57 - Gene Kelly, BarbarJ Laage. AFTERNOON 12:00 Q ® ® ® NBA Basketball Lo| Anoploc at Detroit. 8 Nashville Music (@ ®) ® C0 Directions (0 Black Awareness on TV (2JS The Humanist (£) International Gymnastics U.S.A, vs. West Germany. 2:30 B Pacesetters ® Movie: "Bend of the River" (adv) '52 - James Stewart, Arthur! Kennedy, Julie Adams. © (@ ®) ® © Issues & An' swers fD Movie: 'The White Cliffs of Dover" (dra) '44—Irene Dunne, Pe ter Lawford, Van Johnson. (0 Spring Street USA H Sunday Celebration § Public Service DEBUT Dieting Gourmet A neva. diet cooking show with home econo mist Winifred Scott. "Poached Salm on World at War © Movie: (2hr) "The Violent Men" (dra) '55-Glenn Ford, Edward G Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck. Night Gallery Children's" Cartoons Three Stooges |6 :30 ©Animal World ly Movie: "Little Princess" (dra) '39—Shirley Temple, Richard Green. Q News @§ Sunset H © Last of the Wild 03 Romagnolis Table "A Roman Family Dinner" (® ®) Hee Haw f^Chespirito m journey to Adventure @ Broadcast News Roller Games 7:00 © News 8 Wild Kingdom Celebrity Sweepstakes QD Jeopardy ©Million % Movie: (2hr) Great Imposter" (dra) '61 Curtis, Edmond O'Brien, O'Connell. © The FBI @ ® Golden Voyage © Japanese Language Program Sg ® 6D Wild Kingdom H Citywatchers 35 Noche de Gala 30 © (jz) ® ® Waltons Valentine's Day Special Jenny Pendleton, living with her father in the city, returns to her former home when her father remarries. Frightened at being alone in a big house, she accepts the Waltons' invitation to stay with them and soon she and John-Boy are in love. Sian Barbara Allen guests. O @ ® ® 09 World of Disney "Johnny Tremain" Conclusion of a two-part story about a young silver-i smith who is caught up in the whirlwind of rebellion in Boston and finds himself present at America's most famous tea party, ©(if ®)® CD ABC Sunday Movie: (C) (3hr) "Airport" (dra) '70-Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, George Kennedy, Helen Hayes, Jacqueline Bisset, Jean Seberg, Van Heflin, Maureen Stapieton, Barbara: Rush. This tense drama recounts one night in the life of an international airport manager's life as he's confronted with a snow storm, a mired plane, a bomb explosion aboard another plane, and personal, problems, too. ©Nova "The Lysenko Affair" A dramatization of the 20-year con-: flict between classical geneticists and T.D. Lysenko's "barefoot scientists" that ended at the 1948 Lenin Academy convention in the Soviet Union by abolishing genetics entirely. © Korean Folk Songs P:30©(@®® Mannlx Diana Hyland and Dabney Coleman guest as parents whose hope for happiness is rekindled when, after six years, they receive a new ransom demand for their long-missing son. ~ It Is Written Soul Free Calvary Temple • 3D The Sinners 2 Voice of Calvary 10:00 © Day of Discovery Religion-Help Line Victory at Sea News Dr. Jaggers Invasion Hour News/Sumo Wrestling 700 Club Encuentro ffi Lou Gordon Show 10:30 ©Follow-Up Sandy Hill takes a backward look at the earthquake of four years ago and examines the building processes underway in the San Fernando Valley areas, on the anniversary of that quake. ©KNBC Special "Off-Shore Oil Drilling" Newsman John Schubeck hosts a report on the pros and cons of off-shore oil drilling in California. © @ ® Mr. Gospel Guitar ©News (T) The Protectors © Movie: "The Bad & the Beautiful" (dra) "52-Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas, Dick Powell, (jo) Action: Inner City m Mission: Impossible Qg This Is Japan H ® Dialogue ©The Game "The Emergency Game" (R) t ®) Louis Paul Lehman limmy Swaggart Show gg) i SPECIAL! IS There Any Truth to the Rumor? 11:00© 0® @© News Religion-Help Line Kathryn Kuhlman I ® NYPD l Gerald Ford's America 11:15® Campus Profile Q News ® Rock Concert (l£j ®) Week in Review 11:30 ©Movie: "To Kill A Mockingbird" (dra) '63-Gregory Peck, Philip Afford, Mary Badham, William Windom, Brock Peters. 8 ® ® Best of Tonight Movie: "The Goddess" (dra) '58 -Kim Stanley, Patty Duke. ®Telepulse ® Movie: (C) "The Blue Max" (dra) '66-George Peppard, James Mason, Ursula Andress. (D Combat © Movie: "The Story of Molly X" (dra) '50-June Havoc, John Russell. 12:00 © Pacesetters 1:00 0 Speaking Freely fg Movie: "Outside the Law" (dra) '56-Ray Danton, Leigh Snowden. 2:10 © Movie: "Hell Canyon Outlaws" (wes) '57— Dale Robertson. «itt e rl\[ S ^ C J£n c ^ JM»© Bobby Goldsboro Show am® ® ® The Superstore w « Umji I. „ hrt ..u, omil Burt Reynolds "LONGEST YARD" (R) Plus Richard Burton "UANSMAN"(» SPANISH MOVIES TUES ONLY J 1.75 PER CARLOAD FAMILY TWIN CINEMA 862-15501 P373 N. 81k Sterling N o< Highland | CINEMA I LUCILLE uiur BALL mHIM. SUTHERLAND — GOULD M*A*S*H (PG) CINEMA II (R) CLINT EASTWOOD THUNDERBOLT-LIGHTF001 PELHAM 1-2-3 WALTER MATTHAU Open - Adults SlM-KldUl til 3 "Men's Qualifying" © Movie: "Magnificent Obsession" (dra) '54-Rock Hudson, Jane Wyman, Agnes Moorehead, Barbaral Rush. (1:30 © Friends of Man © Sherlock Holmes Theatre §6i Day of Miracles |2:W Q (?$ @ ® © Bob Hope Des ert Golf Classic Final round coverage! of this fifth event in the pro golfl tour, and the only five-day, 90-hole| tournament in American golf. Coverage is from the Bermuda Dunes] Golf Club. © Movie: (C) "Voyage Into Space" (sci-fi) '70-Mitsundbu Kaneko. © American/Israeli TV Hour §6i Faith for Today 00 Yoga for Health 2:30 © Today's Religion O (@®) ® CE American Sportsman Peter Benchley, author of the best-selling novel "Jaws," is host for a visit to Australia's Great Barrier Reef for a spectacular visit to the realm of the shark. (D Movie: (C) "Warpath" (wes) '51 -Edmond O'Brien, Dean Jagger. Q) Movie: "Pennies From Heaven" (mus) '36 - Bing Crosby, Madge Evans, Louis Armstrong & His Band. Cg High Chaparral 03 Ahora 3:00 © Sunflower Celebration Company [6) Daktari © Movie: (2hr) "Woman of the Year" (com) '42 - Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy. © Movie: (2hr) "Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River" (com) '68 -Jerry Lewis. Jacqueline Pearce. (0 Passport to Travel § Nippon No Uta/News Survival Korean Historic Drama 8:30 ©@®(jDKojak "The Goodluck Bomber" An unknown bomber has both Kojak and the bomb squad| baffled because they can't defuse his intricate devices and haven't received any ransom notes offering to stop the explosions. 0@®®SE NBC Sunday Mystery-Columbo (2hr) "Troubled Waters" Lt. Columbo's vacation aboard an ocean liner to Mexico goes off course when the ship's vocalist is found dead. Robert Vaughn, Dean Stockwell and Patrick Macnee guest. I The King is Coming _| Sam Yorty Show (26) Psychology Today 0T) Masterpiece Theatre: Country Matters "The Black Dog" The Hon. Gerald Loughlin is introduced into the reality of rural life by a lovely young girl named Orianda. After a bout with jealousy and sex he questions the beauty of country living. By Bernice Bede Osol For Sunday, Feb. 9, 1975 ARIES (March 21-April 19) You think you won't enjoy participating in activity with a certain group. You're wrong. You will. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) This may be a day of rest for others, but you have an ambitious interest you'll pursue successfully in your own subtle manner. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) A plan you're thinking of trying is off on the wrong track, but one you'll talk with today will bring it back into focus. CANCER (June 21-July 22) You and your mate will be tempted to spend from your household budget on something frivolous. Best you don't. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Don't let anyone rush you into making decisions or you'll come up with the wrong answers. Study the matter. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sopt. 22) What appears the easiest and quickest way to do something you're working on may prove the most costly in the long run. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) You're a little too impulsive for your own good today, especially in financial affairs. Be careful. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Plans made for yourself will be disrupted to take care of others' needs. You'll be annoyed at first, but it will work out okay. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) You'll let something slip out today that you should have kept to yourself. Fortunately, your listener won't pass it on. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Something you want for yourself can be gained if you deal directly withe person who can make the decision on the spot. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Your effort to reach a goal will suffer a temporary setback. You'll see where you made your mistake and rectify it. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Something important will be told to you in confidence. It's to your advantage to keep it to yourself. your drthdoy Feb. 9, 1975 Advantages will come to you this year from the use of knowledge and expertise you've acquired in you've acquired in your chosen field. Also, conditions affecting your income will be more stabilized. Dear Ann Landers: I read your column regularly in the Akron Beacon Journal and was delighted to find it in the Star- Phoenix, in Saskatoon, Canada, where we are vacationing. Please reconsider your answer to the minister's wife who complained because a certain couple did not give her husband a "gratuity" for performing a wedding ceremony. You agreed that the minister was certainly entitled to something. The clergyman is paid a salary to minister to the needs of his flock. This includes baptisms, weddings, funerals, counseling, visiting the sick and the bereaved. I realize all this is over and beyond the Sunday sermon, but most clergymen would be insulted if you suggested that they worked only on Sunday. What is this "fee" business anyway? Why shouldn't they charge for visiting hospitals, then? It makes just as much sense. One final word. I wonder how many clergymen declare those "extra gifts" on their tax returns when they officiate at weddings and funerals and pay taxes on those monies. Darned few, I'll bet. - Raised Eyebrows Dear Brows: Clergymen are among the most poorly compensated of all professionals. Those who are well enough paid so that they need not depend on "honorariums" to keep food on the table should be given an extra bonus for officiating at weddings (especially if it is part of a festive social affair which requires a rehearsal) and for good reason. These monies are needed for his ''contingency'' or "discretionary" fund which enables him to help the needy members of his flock — something most people aren't even aware of. Honorariums for funerals are almost always turned over to the church. Dear Ann Landers: Last evening my husband and I went bowling. It was 11:30 p.m. Seated near us was a couple with a baby who couldn't have been more than a year old. The poor child was crying from fatigue, rubbing her little eyes, begging her parents to take her home. The mother gave her a bottle and some crackers and told her to keep quiet. That scene broke my heart. Maybe it's because I have a child the same age. It was all I could do to keep from going over to that mother and asking her to please take her little one home. I actually wanted to but my husband said, "Ann Landers would say M.Y.O.B." I realize that people need to get out of the house once in a while but if they can't afford a babysitter, couldn't a better arrangement be made? I need to know your views on this. Was I right to keep my mouth shut? — Concerned Dear Concerned: Yes. That mother would have viewed your concern as interference. I agree that other arrangements should be made if the couple can't afford a sitter. Perhaps the child could be left with a relative, friend or neighbor and the mother could reciprocate by keeping her child or children overnight or taking them for the day. A bowling alley is no place for a one-year-old at 11:30 at night. Confidential to Should I Speak Up?: Samson slew the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. Every day thousands of people do themselves in with the same weapon. Keep quiet. Oil import fee battle opens WASHINGTON (UPI) Opening their drive to delay President Ford's foreign oil import fees, Senate Democrats said today Ford's energy proposals would fuel inflation and push unemployment even higher. In a separate move, Republican Sen. John Tower of Texas called for a "producers caucus" of oil-state legislators to counter the influence of northeastern state lawmakers — setting up a three-way fight over energy policy along opposing congressional camps and the White House. The attacks on Ford's proposed energy package came at Senate Finance Committee hearings on a House-passed bill that would delay for 90 days Ford's order to raise tariffs on imported oil by $3 a barrel in monthly stages. The first $1 per barrel increase took effect at Ford's order last Saturday as part of administration efforts to reduce domestic oil consumption by raising prices. \ Public Notice \ FICTITIOUS «JtINE8S NAME STABMENT N *.F|rii «n The foUowtaf pann U dotnf buiIMM u: Production Madko* Worki, 1UB D Park A TMW , lUdlaf. CtUfornii M71. ChtrlM B. Gould \ US Franklin i fUdlanda, CalubrnlMm Thli tnutnMa la comuctad by an to- dividual. \_ SUBMCbarlM B. Could Thli Matamtat wai flladirlUi UM County Clark of San Bamaro>o County on January 11, ltrs. \ CKBTTJiCAIliN I baraby cartlfy that Uwtmolnf <* * cM-racl copy of the orlftlnalic flla in my offlca. V.DENfcSWABDLE Ibuaty Clark By a/ Catharla Rodfan. i Dapsty EXPnuES (R .ai,i«o 1 (Publtah:» ; rab.\B,ltT») NOTICE OF PUBLIC BXaJUNO Notice If hereby (Iran that the City Council, City of Rcdlandi. County of San Bernardino, will hold public hearlnf on UM followtof: Ordinance No. IMS — Amending Zantac Ordinance 1000 - Section 41.10 and the Uaaa Permitted Section of Sec ticca 29.00, 16.00. 17.00 and M.W Resolution No. UU — Adoption of PredM (Specific) Street Plan No. IS, at fbllowi: To aaiure future accaaa, circulation, drainage, and orderly lot development In accordance with the General Plan for properUei generally bounded by Judaon Street. Brockton Avenue, Occidental Drive, and Lugoaia Avenue. Said public hearing will be held In the Council Chamberi, Safety Building, 111 Brookilde Avenue, at 7:09 P.M. on February 11, 1*76. PeggyA.Mofeley City dark. City off (PubUih: February g, 1178) NOTICE TO CBEDITOEI Na. 44110 SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STAVE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNt' OF SAN BERNARDINO \ Estate of GEORGE RICHARD REES JR. , Deceled. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN toThe credltora of the above named deceimt that ell peraona having claims agalnat 'U said decedent are required to file the>. with the Decenary vouchers, tn the offta of the clerk of the above entitled court, i to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the offlca of HALES AND HALES Attorneys at Law, tK Brookslde Ave.. P.O. Box IMi Redlands, Ca. 02373. which Is the place of, business of the undersigned In all matters' pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within four months after the first publication of this notice. Dated January 21,1175. GEORGE RICHARD REES SR. Executor of the will of the above named decedent HALES AND HALES Attorneys st Law OS Brookslde Ave. P.O. Box 111 Redlands, Ca. 92373 Telephone: (714) 783-5411 Attorney for Executor (First pubUcatlon: January 11,1171) BBTN MAWK MUTUAL WATER COMPANY a eerperallon Principal place ef businessi Bryn Mewr San Bernardino Coanly, CaUierai*. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a meeting of the Board of Dlrectora of the above named corporation, held on the 4th day of February, 1975, an assessment of ten dollara (110.00) per share was levied upon the shares of the corporation, payable to the Secretary of the corporation at his office, tat Dearborn Street, Space 103. Redlands, California U173. on or before the 4th day of March, 1173. Any shares upon which this assessment remains on the 20th day of March, 1178. will be delinquent and unless payment be msde prior to delinquency, the said shares, or as many of them as may be necessary wttl be sold at the office of said corporation at IX Dearborn Street, Space 103, Redlands, California »2373. on the 10th day of March, 1171, at the hour of ten o'clock A.M. of said day, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with s penalty of five per cent of the amount of the assessment, or such shares will be forfeited to the corporation. BRYN MA WR MUTUAL WATER COMPANY T.P.Sargent, Secretary (Publish: Feb.l,117S) NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND HOLOGRAPHIC CODICIL AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENT ART N0 .441M IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO In the matter of the Estate of HATTTE WILLIE GROH, Deceased. Notice la hereby given that the petition of BEVERLEY T. KTNG for the Probate of Will of HATTTE WILLIE GROH the above named decedent, and for the Issuance of Letter! TESTAMENTARY thereon to BEVERLEY T. KING petitioner, reference to which Is hereby msde for further parUculara, will be heard at 1:00 , o'clock A.M., on Friday. February 11,1171, i 'n the court room of the Probate Depart- nent 3 of the above entlUed Court st the EOurthouaelntbeClty of San Bernardino In fee above designated county and state, f Dated January 27, 1178. V. DENNIS WARDLE, Clerk ByMarjorieArdea Deputy Clerk KENNETH 1 HOPP 7101rooksldeAve. RedtndS. CaU. K373 Attorney for IMlUoner. «tat Publication-. Feb.7. 1*78) NOnClTO CREDITORS Ua, 441*1 t SUPERIOR COlkT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA F|R THE COUNTY OF SAN BEkNARDOO Eatate of CHARLES L. SAIVER Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the creditors ot the lb** named decedent that all peraona bavut claims against the •aid decedeat are retired to flle them, with the necessary vofehars. In the office of the clerk ot the aboi entitled court, or to present them, wh the necessary vouchers, to the underlined at the office of Guay P. Wison, Ktfaet State Street. Redlands, CA 313W, w&fa Is the place of bulla ass of Uie understated in all matters pertaining to tie estateW said decedent, within tour Booths vtar the flrst pubUcatlon ot Ola notlcA Dated February 4, Iff! 1 CeUa Server AtmlnUtreHx of the aetata of tsa above ^med decedeat GUAY P. WILSON 106 East State Stiect P. O. Box IN Redlands, CA totn Telephone: 713-2041 Attorney for Biblical Bit orney for Antntaurtratrix i (nrat pubUcatien: February l, 1171) Answer to PrevousPuzzh ACROSS 1 Eli was his teacher 7 Doubling apostle 13 Things to be done 14 Ripped again 15 Volcanic "mouth" 16 Suction 17 Glossy fabric 18 Thurify 19 Sigmoid curve 21 Through 22 Green vegetables 25 Onager 27 Pathological fluids 31 Scottish alder tree 32 Ermine 34 Carry 35 Be seated 36 Window ledges 37 Follower 38 Levantine ketch 40 Gypsy husband 41 College cheers 42 Before 44 Bishopric 46 Japanese city 49 Nautical 53 Traveling bag 55 Long step 56 Ascended 57 Grudges (coll.) 58 Newest 59 Fiery DOWN 1 Membranous pouches 2 Tai Mahal site 3 Flesh food 4 Loosens from bindings 5 British statesman and family 6 Gibbon 7 Three times (comb, form) istna sua 8 Therefore 9 Musteline mammals 10 Mournful sound 11 Clumsy boats 12Koko's weapon 20 Juvenal's forte 21 Sacred songs 22 Go by 23Bombyx 24 Against 26 Song for one 28 Lamb's pseudonym 29 Book of the Bible 30 Lifetimes 32 Steamship (ab.) 33 tensile vength (ab.) 39 <J>lor 41 Bought up 43 Aiifices 45Ptietrate 46Ett3soidal 47 Ariient Irish cafjtal 48 Larded 50 Lore, live (Fr.) 51 Aratiangulf 52Forjjarthat 54 ArJjfctival sutfi) 55 Minejal spring 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 13 14 i 15 16 i 17 L J 19 20 1 i 22 23 24 • r W 1 I 28 31 • ST • 34 35 • 36 1 3, 38 39 I 46 I 43 44 45 46 •7 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 a 1

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