The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANlVuiY li', .—:T.\'l 't-yj. 1 J•!'• (ARIOCiiKlM NEWS 'Louisiana's Mary" pfL^W^I Saying Goodbye for 100 Years J I Ircally, the llritWi povcrnment hail! T....,.y • . ' . ' -»- •"»• M3ry Mll! " farmers how ' Minis Helping to Put Life on Sound Basis in Nearby State. '*•• N'KA Si-rvli-p 3A1CX SOUOE, LA. — A£r!- tei Soundaticn tcdfly than ;t \va~- fn<- jt-.;]-^ rvo. tifspilc .t je business d<|.H-s'ioi:, [jiiil it's all dii:- to a wo- iti.'.n. Mary.Minis, ^tat; .cnv:.n::it>' ' Louisiana's Mary" a= ^h:' is fcciionr.lely known thro;i;v.oi!: sla'.c. has tlltcicntlv orva:il::td ccinniuniitcs so l!ic ilviiij ! standards of farn:..'ii htive I..-..-.-, raised anil Ihcir incomes hav: tro i steadily inouii'.lntj as Hie wnil: ci Lcientiiic kucn.-lf-the of a.. lU'.'.'.f. 1 .--' Klven.them by Miss Minis. Sho was born ami rc-aied 0:1 : a plantation in nur;h Louisiana.! SI;? tn-jjht school for ;c yean after . ''jr. erc\v up, '.net then deckled to ^fce.-o'r? (i CUB .v.unily organizer. T she heart! ol a pla-.i in Denmark alon? sliv;lar lines, and journeyed to that country to ija'.litr iuforma- tion. Sh? ri'turned to Louisiana aisd se'! up her plyi of organizing, receiving authority fro.n the state and assuming sole control. Visits Kadi Community Her plan is simple. Every citizen cf each community is included : . in liie program. Monthly meetings! nre he!rl in each center, at which ' -Miss .Minis . takes ciurgi. 11 listings arc bixmioreil by Louisiana Farm Bureau and State University Extension department. Er.c'n comivunity wcrks out its own objectives according lo its requiri'- incnts. Programs have a IlK'cefold purpose—business or economic, civic anil heaith. and serial, with a spiritual theme woven tlircuqhc;;!:. If the firsc connection. Miss Sims 1 aiiis in organizing !lie community ! work for grading: of farm and dairy I products, and organizing com nun-1 ity fairs which serve as nsents for j grading and improving livestock anil agricultural products. I Tlirough (he second and third j part of her program s'::c strives to j improve the health cf the eomrnun-1 ity. tor bEautilication of the hoir : and public grounds, and finally to j iir::rove the iccreational centers of the community. Aids T>airymrn A specinc- instance of th« goc:l f she has done is at Enon. in Wash- ineton palish. Each was Jfmveying his own milk to ill? rail- rtad and .losing a'lot cf time au;l money thereby. 3he _ established a central milk 'station at which all farmers delivered their milk, nnd I I( tJ. It built I other pub-1 . . . farm cciv'T.uni'.y organizer . . . she advises to organize '. . . she leads hundreds of voice:! in siivj- iiii£ at her cciriniimtv fairs. "illGermany Fails lo TT^r/i i ' Skull of African Snlta of funs to obtain I'cngrnmllonl o( tills In Tnu'jauylkii territory, I .but lliew efforts nioud incoiiclii.I bivc nnrt the exact whereabouts t>f' tin' skull hud. Ilifivfoci'. lit von It SP ri--, (hat -Sultan Mkwawa v.aii (]Uilt' 11 inin In 'iLs duy. 'Iliii- • hr.nyiUn. frncorly Gentian t.'osl •AlrlVa. i'J InhabUert mnlnly by I l;!acl;s of tlio lisn'.u trlb?. Hack i in IC'Ji Mkv.'itv. a v. :i' Eiil'.an cf '.lie Wuhelie 1:0 jj-l'. lli'fon- Ii's lime, ' tliey never had tven considered 1 •.,.!:!:;-:•, );ii i:i :! yw.i 1 they six'i- ! dmlv rla ivd up into open rebellion : :i2aii:-it Guiiian rule, which was • ccii'Idcsc:! harrh anrt oppressive. , ri.-v, ?.v. i -hc-v.-'.d hiiiu-eli such a o!tv<.- nnd wa:i;ke : leader thai his ivibc.-men lcol:od njion him as hnv- ; Sn» rnavit 1 r (n - - r ^. Xa'.ivi 1 :, E''i:u£lil lir.ivt'ly 'Ihe Cienuiuis foiiiul him n diffi- lci:L 'o- to ov: rcoiKi 1 . In fad. the icLi'Mion 'a'lcil not only throuijh- cu! the year Ifl05. but extended ov- ,ir i'slo IJOO. Tlic Germans llnally , wc:i, nf course, but not so much : i.y ! '.k:u\ !h? V/niuh'j warriors as l:y (i^stioyins their crops and thus ; :'::...::: J \'.v.m into .submission. II ', MI- i-i'ii'-ntwl mat 120,000 natives : died in that way. 1 Nov.- ill? r.suvrs of Africa have ^fr.:-'. '-irrnie beliefs. Tiiejc nre |i;ircf wlio bollvvc that if they eat ; the Hesli of LI brave animal like a ! lion, some of its bravery will be 1 imparted to them. So. with the I Wahehc tribesmen, It was believed that the possession of the skull ot :a ;.r:al wan lor. who also posscss- ej magic against ihc enemy, would import that faculty to them. They wanted ihc old Sultan's thinkbox. It would help tlinn figure a way ! cut cf their troubles. It would -il-.elp them fight, if need be. It, iv.ould give them the nr.iijlcnl fnc-1 ulty of licking the foe. | 1 hat is why article 245 was wrlt- j ten into the Treaty. It is, yet-. lisipr. the oildest article that was 11 !:',?: wriui:ii into a great treaty ' between bis nations. .M)MlM.-i'l'ityi'OK'S NOTrcu jrcnulicd to give noii: v...,i sccur- "'' SALI: i Ity to bi: approved by me anil Niniff Is hereby given tliul ns j lien ujwn the Innds will bs ic- AdniliKstratiir of ihi' Esinlc ot'tallied for (hr-payment cf thd pur. •• ia:c money. Hated this Oth day cf. January, I Vary C:iu-:u. dcfr>|. 1 \\lll, |jc- 1 tw:',':i ihr trairs uf leu o'clock 111 i Hi-- inriiiirii ami thre.' o'clock In •li..' ai 'rtn:.::i. i.n l!n> Jh'. iby of i J.inu.nv, iiui. m ilu. ii'ont doir .0:' tin- mm l lui.s,. in Dlytheville. { Aikiins.;:;, ullor Icr sale ot public ! ii.:dinn in tlic hli, .fit. bidder up. j (.11 n indil ul '.lire moiilhs, Hie : iolliiw.iii; i!r:,rrii»> ( | lands, lo-wlt: I I.i.lf. .) ami 7. lilci.'* 11, Alllsuii Aiidilliin in (hi- City of lily- 1531. 13. Rcld, Evror<l Attoriuvs. n. noBEnis, Admlnls'.rotor. Ilendorson, i-e-)o *agxfi. Gilbert Jl. lifssoinyer. w:io Icuicil the CJiuu-anly lli.ildim: ,v i.onii ASMI-! li.Hlon ut i. us Aniieks of S8,COfl,COO. Miyln;; n.nn.lby n,r ,, ],,„,, (|n,» i —perhaps i ur ;( l . en iiiry--when Mils pli-ture was trhiu Liken, lie , Just about to li-iive tor Hun Qiicntln prison lo bi'ijin a ::HiU>nci> of .10 t" ' 109 yi'iii^: with him lire hLs son Klmer. nl the Ml. :iml his wlft-. Mis. i Matlltlii ncssrinj'fr. • - I i" (lit- Wai Id WLI: mulched 10 nbrensl, day ami iilBlu. It would, dike them ft'.n inniths In puss a liiven p.oint. Tantalum Is the mcst nonccrro- sive iiii'lal kiiDwn to sclcni'i 1 . It as were kllleil BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON Coughs fiom coWs miy i rious truuljtc. You can TIOW niili Creomulsioa, ^n creosote thai ii jil«saiil CrconiuUion is n medical ir.itl lo sis loji lliciu cmuhificd lo Like. <LL=c<nvr)' wjlh Iwo-fold aclioii; il soollu-s an,l heals (lie iiiflainuil uiL'mbniu-s aiui in- hiliill germ itmulli. Of all known dingj creosote Is TCC- ognizcj hy -hi[;h muilic:d nultioillifs as one of llie BiMtgst hcalinr, agrm-ira for CO\IB!JS from c^lils and lirmicliinl irritations. Ciconiulsion cunlains. in addition to crcosole, otlier healing elements vliicli soolho anil lieal lire iniljuti.-!! iiK-nilnaiK^ anil stop lllL k ir< ritution, ^vfiiii; tki! ricu.ule i^ora on lj the slulllucli, i-. .ih.-inlu'd illlo I ho MODI], utliK-^s llx< ti\it of ihu lioubl sni] (.-lieck-: [lm ^nnvtii of thu |lcrJH3. CreunmUiim is i;iLir:inlci:il lory in lift In-^lnicii coltU. hruniliilia niui lkroueiii:il iirilaliivn*, uml fa cxcrih'iU for liiiililitin ii[i the syslfin nflvr colili ur fin. Money rcfiKuIcil if no] relieved aflrr lAiiiny accuriiing loilirec- ikma. Ask yuur ilrne[jiBt. (ailr.) i ..- t ol C(iii{ih» fr^lil i ininui- foiiiiA of C,-nir!cr.New5 Want An-, GREOMUL FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS 7HA THANG ON save mo ne You'll liml your clothes will lust toiijfi'r »s well as look better if you lot us chnn ami press them rcKuhu'ly. Don't neglect your personal appearance when it costs ao\ little to be well-dressed. "Sna|){)y Service" Phono 180 munity now has an orchard and n flock, of the same kind of chickem. She showed then j how. In Natchitoches parish there are j 18 orgonizpel communities. Last' surrmer a community eeting was hrld by Miss Minis and 10 com- nniiies participated in a n'linity sing." Over 2000 voices those of grandmothers and MT>na- fathers. their children and children's children, participated. Then groups from each community competed in chorus. Mary .Mims has a singing "army o! workers in Naichiloches. and with'them she is wimiinj victories in co-.opemtive marketin;;. and community' service. Fairs Arc Her Ilcbby If she has ft hobby, il h ccm.'nuti- ity fairs. These she calls "laocra- uas llir request nf uativrs like llitj= that .irlklt 2'A \vrit- i (en into the Treaty of Versailles. 'Iho T?u;an}ika ucniurs pictured I rlir.vr arc part of the Walielie trib e ivliifh is a^kint:, thrcujh Great ! BY J1ILTON RRONNER SEA Scn-icr Writer LONDON—"We v.ant Mkwau-a's skull!" In the tropical forests of Tanganyika, Africa, when the moon itself in the Treaty of Versailles, article 246. "Germany will hour! on-, j his Brittaiiic Majesty's government t'le skull of Mkwawa which was removed from the protectorate of . . ... - - i German East Africa (now Tancan- hehe .nbamcn are chanting this | yil . a) an(| tokci) to Germnn y.-. dsmand to the accompanying rum- . Gc , : ,. anv scys , t ,,<,?; no!, know I I what has happened to the blink-j ln» ikull. It is not in any German : tovernment office. It is. not in any , "com-j shines full through the trees, Wa- . toiics" where the farm, folks brine b!e ol native drums. "We want Mkwawa's skull! Alii virtue is tciu"' cr.u of . . . w_ i ! jr.c longer are the warriors we were: o " c ,"man e!hr.olc B ical musc-um. It . . . Bravery has sneaked from is llot iu L i, e our hearts . . . Wisdom has left . C!elman ijiMver^.,,. .„ our brains . . Magic 1ms de- j thc Qerninn government's rccollec- serted our efforts! We want Mkwa- , jon lnc skul| never was , n!tcn to was EKiiil. I Germany at all. but buried locally. And the yearning still is unr.n- , sku]rs W hcrEitoi:fs Unlincwn' snored. It's a!] Germany's fault. Germany has failed to fulfill the possession of any sity. To the test of Treaty of Versailles. This time it Charles Williams, a Tory inein- Ler of (he House of Commons, the other day asked Hendcr?an about this. The Foreign Secretary replied dun the government had j their experiments ci the yei<r tr' 1 -" is Great Britain that is involved, home, school and field to be studied The Inst time ii was Fr.tnce that : in the blggc-M laboratoiy there i--1 claimed a section of tual treaty | ma(lc rcp .. cscma iions aboui the the community.-Here, Miss Mimo j had not been cairied out. And \ maUer lo Germany botli In 19:0 asserts, "we test life." toek [.tempi action. It sentl aiKi in 192 i but r,cv:r had gotten She is well informed on sgrltul- troops into the Ruhr, paralyzed' tural conditions IhrDtr'hcu' 1>" industry, was met by th" ccuntry and in Europe, havhi? I p-.i!iivc icsistahce of inaiiutaclur- mado 'addresses in s:vcr,".l Am;ri- I t:s and wov/.nien. helped en the ^.in citi;s and before nobility oT cataclysmic fall of the German Toieign countries. She Is in con- mark and brought, mad times and j stant demand as a lecturer. Glycerin Mix for Constipation Neighbors Island Mrs. George Bunch and Miss B2? Jordan were guests of Mrs. Wil- coxsen Sunday. C. B. Bunch and George Euncli •were Tuesday visitors at Blytheville. Miss Florence Wolcoxsen and Mr. Gordon Bunch attended a party ruin to thousands of Gtrm.ins. A Minor Problem j But Britain is not going to be so I simple glycerin, buckthorn bark. | strenuous. It i= not going to march saline, etc.. as mixed in Adlcrika. .any Tommies into German terri-1 relieves constipation In TWO hours! tory. It Is not going to grab an inch of German soil. It is not go- to write any indignant notes. In fact, recently when v.-ac ask.'rt in Parliamci:! Germany's flat failure to ^ luu ,. - — <- i-,^, lhe lrcat >'' thc P" lse ° f Eiven by Miss Lila Glover Wcdn-s- ! Henderson. Secretary lor Foreign day night. 'Affairs, dirt not'even nicker. Mr. and' Mrs. Bob Meadcn- spon' ! And 5' ct lnOTC it stands, all by Sunday afternoon with Mrs. C. B. i ~~~ -~"' ZIH Bunch. Miss Myrtle Wilcossen was tr.p guest of Miss Bee Jordan at Ekron Sunday night. Goilice Glover was the guest ot Mtss.Vera Brady last Sunday ni^h 1 .. Paul Seymore was the guest of Mr. Wilcoxsen and faintly \ 3S ; j Sunday night. | Mr. Brady and family have mov- i ed to Dell where they will mil:? their future home. medicines act on only lower bowel, but Adlerika acts on BOTH and lower bowel, removing a question . plains you never thought were abouLJin your systtir. Just ONE SJKOII- observe • ful relieves GAS, sour stcnuc i and Arthur : sick headache. Let Adlcrtka give stcrrach and bowels a HEAL cleaning nnd sec how good you feel! City Drug Store. —Adv. F-2 When Rest Is f)cal Promptly with Irregularities, I F Itolticrrrf ivillt Madder irriln- li - lions, selling up al nij;lit nut! inslant imckachc, d.on't Infre clinnccsl Help your kidneys al tlic firct sign uf distinlcr. Use ^?>;P> Uoan'i It'ills. V- ; -V"^€ - '. ' Successful for more. iTmn 50 k -' "£& ,,;; *.-. :VS ' T jjolil hy dealers cvcrj-whcrc. 50,000 Users Publicly Endorse Doan's: Imagine a minister's daughter starting a nighl club! And in a little corn belt town like Rod Thrush. Iowa! - - - Thai's what Ginger Ella Tollivrr did. Bored with small town life, impatient at the restrictions placed upon her lively imagination in "i' jtlir church-like atmosphere of Red Thrush, Ginger organized a Junior Country Club where parents, babies and ministers were barred, where joie dc vivre became the "younger set's 1 ' shibboleth - - - - CHRIS. BILKOKN, 703 E. MAIN ST., WEISER, IDAHO. s»y*:"l WM troubled with my kidneys. The iccrelion* weic ctoudy, contained n th-clc s«dirr.ent and v.-eie ic<;nty and painful. My back w:n jo lore and stiff in the mominKi Ihol sometime* I coul J hardly net out of bcJ. After uting Dcir.'a Pills I was completely cured of the attack." s Pills A Diuretic tor the Kidneys Whereupon Ginger, after falling in love with a nice young man, was kidnaped and held for ransom and the thrills came thick and fast - - - - "For Ginger's Sake" is a lively story without a dull minute, told with a sense of humor and a keen appreciation of lhe psychology 1 of that part of young America known as flapper - - - - A story of gay youth from a youthful viewpoint, written by Ethel Hueston. iln 42 Installments Starting January 14th ! BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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