The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1952
Page 5
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-' WEDNESDAY, PEC. 24, 1952 Your Income Tax. Primer —• BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB Who Must File a Tax Return? Tobey Wants Legislation to Loosen lounges of Non-Talkative Witnesses By RICHARD A. MULLENS NEA Income Tnx Expert EVERYONE — regardless of nge or citizenship — residing In the United States who has a gross income in 1952 ot $600 or more must file a tax .return. Tills article explains -'what is meant by "gross income" so you can tell whether you have $600 or more. And it you must file it tells which return is best to use for reporting- th E\ t Income. "Gross income" means all income \v h 1 c h must be reported on your return. If you look at the middle of pnfio 5 of the official instructions, y o u will see examples of income which must he reported. j If you have Income of SGQO or more from any of these Items, tlien you must file. Notice that page 5 alsn has a list of income Hems which should not he rejmrfeil. These items are not hi chicled in "gross income." Even though your gross income Is less than 5600, it will pay you to file a return if any tax was withheld from the earnings you did get. Many students who work during the Summer and others who work port time earn less than S6QO yet have some tax withheld from their pay. They will have the withheld tax refunded if they file a return. And you can still claim your dependents even though they file n return to get back the tax withheld on earnings of less than spoo. For those who mtist file, the next q problem fs: which of the three forms should be used. Read the section called "Ko\v to Choose Your Return" beginning on page 3 of the instruction pamnhlRt. This describes Form 1040A, Short Form 1040 ard Long Form 1040 and ! tells who may use each. : Those of you with incomes under' $5000 will find'it helpful to fill out the form printed with this article. It automatically tells you which return to use. H your income, is SnQOQ or morn, joti must USE Long Form 1010. Married persons have to decide whether to file, a Joint or separate return. If there is any doubt about whether or not you are married in the eyes of the .Bureau of Internal Revenue, the official instructions on page 4 make the rules clear. In all but a few isolated cases it is advantageous to file the joint . return. Trie outstanding exception i5 when both husband and- wife have . large incomes and" capital losses' ore involved. This -fully explained in the ninth article which tells how to report capital gains and losses. Unmarried persons who' are HERE'S HOW TO TELL WHICH FORM TO USE IF YOUR «NCOM£ WAS LESS THAN'$5000 (If you file a joint refijrn, Include wife's Income and deductions) YES NO 1. Do you have deductions for contributions, interest, medical expenses, etc. which total more than 10% of gross income? (Articles 9 and 10 explain all about these deductions.) If your answer is "Yes" stop right here. You should file on Long Form 1040. If answer is "No" go to the next question. 2. Did you have more than $100 income from dividends, interest or wages not shown on a Withholding Statement? If your answer'is "Yes" go no further. You should file on Short Form 1040. If answer is "No" go to the next question. 3. Did you have any income besides wages, dividends and interest? If you answer "Yes" go no further. You should file on Short Form 1040. If answer is "No" go to next question. 4.-Do you have any deductible travel expenses? t (Fifth article explains travel deductions.) 'If answer is "Yes" you should file on Short Form 1040. If you answer "No" go to next question. 5. Are you (he head of a household? (Fourth article explains who qualifies as head of a household.) If answer is "Yes" you should file on , Short Form 1040. If answer is "No"- use Form 1040A. D YES NO n D YES NO D D YES NO D D YES NO U D NEW YORK Mt — Sen. Tobey (R-NH), who was one of the Kefauver committee's crime probers, said yesterday lie favors » constitutional amendment to loosen the tongues of some witnesses who refuse to talk. ' Such an amendment, he said, would curb the refusal of persons to testify nt crime inquiries on the Tied and Gagged Man Used Tongue To Dial Phone SAN FRANCISCO (A>i — A cafe owner .his hands and feet bound, summoned aid by dialing e telephone wllh his tongue after an attractive brunette and her male companion robbed him of $4,000. Globalta Perra&o, 49, was closing his Lucky Ace cafe when a tall young woman asked , to use the .ihone Monday nis;ht. Then, Pcrrazo told police, an armed, masked man entered, struck him and bound him. He said the woman reappeared and held the pistol as the man rifled a cash box. Perrazo struggled to the phone, knocked ,the receiver from the hook, dialed operator' with his tongue and shouted for help. The operator notified police. heads of households now get a tax break. This is fully discussed in the fourth article. The third article tomorrow deals with the nll-im- porlant subject of claiming exemptions. Tax Primer Q. & A. Q. I earned S50Q In 19r>2 and received S210 from Ihe Veterans Ad- inir.islrnlion as a disability pny- yit, Must I file a return? . i A. No, your (axifbfe income was j only S500 so you are not required to file a return. However, if any! lax was withheld from, the $500. file a return and the ,tax will be refunded to you. <!. lines the Director of fnlernal Revenues' office charge for giving tax advice? A. No. But if you have' a question, go early and avoid the last minute crowds. Q. My. wife and I are living apart. May we file a joint return? A. Yes, so long as you were not separated In 1952 by court order, Remember, both of you must sign the return. i Q. My wife and I split lip In April, 135?, and in January, 1053, .v.-c were divorced. yMtj v we file a joint return? A. Yes, because you were not I legally separated or divorced in i 1952. Keep in mind, however, that each must Include "his income in the joint "return and each is liable for tile ivhole tax. Q. My husband died In January, 1952. May 1 file a joint return? A. Yes, provided you did not remarry in 1052. If you re-married, then you can file a Joint return with your present husband. constitutional grounds that their statements might tend to Incriminate them. Tobey talked wllh reporters upon his return from Europe on board the liner United Stales. Such an amendment, he 'said, would curb the refusal of persons to testify at crime inquiries on (he constitutional grounds that their statements might tend to Incriminate them. His comment on rcealcllrant witnesses was made during a discussion of New York Slate Crime Commission investigations of waterfront racketeering and other aspects of crime in New York City He said he believed Ihe refusal of some witnesses lo testify wa: an abuse of Ihe constitution, anc added: 'I'd amend the constitution tlmt we could curb Hint goings on somewhat." , Tobey was It) Europe as an adviser lo the American government at meetings of the UnKed Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO! In Paris. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION IN THK PROBATE COURT, CHICKASAWRA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS ETATE OP CARL GEORGE PAUL % DECEASED. Last luiown address: 'ice West HuMKo are rich, moist; tender COOKING FAT Wt's Wonderful! Kentucky Avc., Blylhevllle. Ark. Date of death: Dec. 6, 1952. Thp undersigned has been ap- pointed admlnlstratri* tt tht ibor* named decedent, All persona having clalnu agaln«t the estate must exhibit, them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall ba forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice published first on Dec. M.MW. Mva F. Po*. 10« WMt Kentucky Av«_ Blythevilla, Arfcanwi frank C. Douglas, attjr. Ull-M-1'1 . * !• generally accepted th»t th« word "Glasgow" Is Celtic and means "dear green spot," accord- Ing to the Encyclopedia Britannic*. MOX Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:0fl Always a Double Feature YOU8 FDIEHCLY THEATRE Gov. Byrnes Picked fro Head Campaign To Present Sough's Views to Nation ATLANTA f.fl — Gov." James F. . cepted Ihe appointment. i Byrnes of South Carolina was so-, At the same time, Talmadge ' Entertainment at its Best" TODAY & CHRISTMAS , TECHNICOLOR: ,^, Rhonda FLEMING-Sterling HAYDEN U June t, nceai L MNT. B.K4 » lt< end tt fort Kcttr • firfairf t> UK HAT!** . OncM h) <J lected yesterday to head a cam- nounced other 1953 committee 'ap- paign of the Southern Governors' pornlinnnts for the Conference: Conference to present- Ihe South's Gov. Hugh .While of Mississippi viewpoint to the nation. is chairman of the Freight Rates Byrnes' appointment as chair-] Committee and Gov. Allan Shhers man of-the Southern Foundation of Texas beads the Tidelancis Corn- was announced by Gov. Herman Talmadge. chairman of the Southern Governors' Conference. Talmadge said the Southern Foundation was set up by the Conference In 1948 under a-resolution introduced by Fielding Wright, then governor of Mississippi,-"but so far' has not been very active Talmadge suggested that with Byrnes as a' spokesman, if each state would contribute to n sizeable fund "we could adeqtiately present the South's viewpoint on radio, television, in committee hearings and in magazines.",' He said the South has been iic'K- ed around and conceded the section has done a very poor job of public relations. Talmadge said he bas discussed his ideas with Byrnes and the mittee. Tnlmndge commented that these Uvo committees now are "ap parpntiy successfully about to conclude the two most important pro JecUs ever undertaken by southern governors — equalization of freight rates and return of tidelands to state ownership," Other committee chairmanships announced by Talmadc were Gov. John S. Battle, Virginia, Regional Educatjon: Gov. Theodore E. McKeldin, Maryland; Treaties. ( South .Carolina governor has ac-lubes. First automatic steering system for aircratl canters is a lubciess version of the electronic automatic pilot which steers Navy destroyers under control by radio from aircraft. A magnetic "brain" Is employed instead of the electronic We express our appreciation for your friendly patronage and wish you all Ihe joys of Christmastime ... at this the ALV1N HARDY Furniture Co. May Santa's well-lilled pack hold wondrous things in store: AK the things you've ever wanted, and many, many more! NU-WA Laundry Cleaners LAST TIMES TON1TE Double Feature WtNDtU. WALTEt -COREY-HUSTON —Plus— 2 Cartoons CHRISTMAS & FRIDAY Double Feature TOMIC 'CITY —Plus-^- « Pir»mjunt Pictur» Also 2 Car loons RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEDNESDAY "ATOMIC CITY 1 Michael Moor* Nancy Gate* CHRISTMAS & FRIDAY 'easong fjeartietft patronage and friendship in the past. May ** coming year rtoew out pleasant R.CFARR&SONS Fuel Bill Ford R. C. Farr DISTRIBUTORS Oil and Petroleum "Product! Jimmy Davla R. H. Farr Alyin Webster Harry Farr (USAF) _ MAYD NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 WEDNESDAY . "Brave Warrior" Jon Hall Christine Larson THURSDAY "THE RAIDERS" Richard Conl* Viveca Llndfors FRIDAY "Rio Grande" John Wayn« s. y ET MO bun;. 1 NIC. Holly'd. * Vtoe. IdeAl for office, buiinezl living. Adj. to NBC, CBS ITS month. Mr: Dtsur*. HT-4115 BEAUT. 2ND FT. OFFICES ON HOLt-YT) BLVD. * IN HUNt- NGTON PARK. RXAS RENT. NEIL ENBRIAR Betutlfnftr tarn. I 'i Lrg. E. Coitv italn Ave. newly eh, ijU tchbrd. 6500 Yuc« spam, 1*819 Ventura real evt, pubHc s^ Plenty at pa •>r mi Siifeway. DRE— Fon\ all. San Roberts lv-18065 keep your eye on bl. lifts. 2t-l rcni. St. > el. 5533 Hollywt UT. newly •)«. > Accom. Ichbri Tltas- the WANT ADS 3000 iq. tt. Offfc* «ultr. ilto 1 rm. 50x40, oiw 18x30. 2 lavaloriti. Park's lot GL-3384 1 Ada placed before 9 a.m. will opptar tarn* day. All classified advertising payable In advance. 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