The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 1934 BLTTHEVILLE. fABK.Y COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Young Love, Blissfully Unwind f u 1 o f Marital Quarrels Ordinance Stations Offered Read Only Once Two mw aldermen and a city clerk »•«•• .iworn inio fice and E'ltulhiT uld<T:i:un I the clly iiUuriioy vcrc rc-iiuli | into office at UK- r.'Kular iiiuiilhly meeting of tiie t.ily coum'il hi-sl. night. ' | The new members ol the* cmm- j I ell, i-'k'dotl (it lh" I'fc'.'iit nn> Marion Willtauv.. lirsi I ward nld ruian, .•Mtciei'dui'.; L. Ci.l "Pcie" Tlumip.on. and Harold', Sternbeig, ECCUJII! ward alderman.! I succeeding John Hones 1 . E- "• ! Jackson was rp-nli'dod Hiird ward; alderman while linss Ueavei.s Ihe place of Sidney Crah i'S cily | |c!erk. Sam Manall was Heeled for | second lenn as cily iiitorwy . Without OppOMliOII. j Belure Iho iso'.v council was |s\vorn ilu 1 old council huled to j (advance pirn first veailing '•'» »''- dlnance proposed by Tom W. second ward ald'.Tni'.in, uhich would have prohibited eivc-! Uion of service .stations wilhin Ihc I liuiiLS, consisting loathly of Ithe business section of Hit cily. Huilding Code Applies I Tile ordinance. Mr. Jackson, i (who operates a service station, Iwithin Hie fire limits. explained. |provi: ordinance \vas repealed when Harry |Brov,'u was mayor, Mr. Jack-son Isald "we did have one bat when wanted to build hi: warped filial around to fil 3iis case." Estes Lmisford, Ihird ward aldrr- nan. w - a.s of the opinion that IlK 1 Ibuitdiug code prevented crccUon of service stations within the lire limits. II doo.s not prohibit erec- |llon bill only calls for certain re- qulrcmenl that, make the cosl al- fcnost prohibitive, L. G. Thompson l-eplied. Mr. Thompson pointed out Ihul al least one station has fcf-en built within the fire limits [since the code lias been in etlcct find does not comply with it. On Mr. Jackson's motion Ihe Ordinance was Introduced and (passed through reading, hut |t Incked the motion for a second calling. An emergency clause had fn attached (o the prepared (form which would have made it effective immediately if the mea- pure had been adopted- with the hlausc. As it now stands no fur- r.her action is possible unless the prOinance' is called up for second find third readings. . Outliffs Ktlitf Work Plans I Ii. E. Tut], city engineer, oul- Jined proposed civic improvements hoped to see carried out as projects under the new federal work relief program. He pointed hut that many who had hoped tor graveling of streels were due lo be disappointed. Where the lily had needed 300 cars of gravel lind had Moped for 200 it would robably only yet about, 20 or 30. Mr. Tull said. Gravel, which th? ity had hoped to obtain for improvements here from the | |>ld CVM set-up, is "earmarked" other places and the city kill only gel is not claimed. vlr. Till! declared he had teen in- lormed al a conference with state federal relief work officials at Little nock. The new engineer outlined, how- t-ver, certain projects for which iipproval is certain, including some ilready authorized, ire said the purport, Lesion lint and slorm sew- had already been .sanctioned hrul that ditching and workine: bf streets wnulrl follow. Lcvplin? hf sidewalks in various sections 01 Ihe cily In prevent surface water from slnndiiu; on the walks nko II 1» carried otil. Some work hi the puulic schools and builil- |ng of recri'.illonnl couipiiient will undertaken. Mr. Tull said he Jiad hopes that agreements of opcrty owners to pay for materials would brins about widening ^ various strert.s at about onc- (he normnl cosl for such Tiie Iwithin llie fire limits, explained. I nr||ll| Til PI Jl T T I would take the place of a former 1 IJ L M 111 If 11 II I t- lordinance which iiad the same | f U HI ! ] 11 {{ I' | Iprovisions. He recalled imu llie 1 ' 1 «-'»'««-' t u II I I_ very pretty, but wmelhlng tells me that the painter of It has forgotten his youth. The state of belus veiy young and In love Ls aclually one of Ihe mosl piiln- ful In s«me ways Ilial n humnn! being ever 1ms lo live through. Kmulliilii vs. llllrllecl , Kvtn Ihe rapture Is lonehul with jadn. and a mir.y ol anslely iiliout Ihe loved Die's suur i>f mind results In allies to troh-Mpie tluil It's n wonder Ihcy ilviu't V.niil iln-ir pn- ornter In a luiinilc. n.syluiii. One nituilo you urc In Uiu clmids, Uie you are in llie depih.s and nil U'cuus? of n .smile Ihe pile! puts H. I plne.ssy IV:lm|vs hi ivtiospcd; certainly 1:01 in experience. The •iiduH wlio would know lii.c huppiniss in love IIHIM of nil cultivate bnlniK—. Tills may be done oy using Ihe head inoiijjh to glvi- the emotiuns an tccuslonal rest. II that sounds unioiiiautlc. Mop fur a moment mid consld'-r nil Ihe nianhi:vs you know that were overnight on tlu> slreiiigUi o! a trcal lovc-iii-flist-.sight. Just now, 1 can liotiw-tly re- memljer no .successes, and 1 run count up nl li'usl live [alliire.s without BoiiiB oul of Iho circle of my family mitt frlemls! I.ovr Thai Kiulun-s An instantaneous and oi't-r- whelming pliy.slcul attraction may bo, and often Is. u line ba.sis for a yreat. enduring love, lait here Is no umiiiiiilce Unit the liner llowev will glow from it. so better wall mid *c:-. A W!M; wo- ninn told me u:ice tliut .she had knuKn Unco men- about who ':he could luivc mud'.' a fwil of herself. Ami in v.very case I was jjlad aftcrwaiils that 1 hud kept my head," .she added, .sinlllnt;. "I loved sincerely the mini I married, and «e were happy, bill my feUlni4 lor him was MILC'I steadier, less heart-bin nlii)> niul hcait-.slutking tlutn llie eiiujlloii- lal calach.sms tluil had JUMIO be- Ain't Scarlet Fever Wonderful! Well, Junior, Such U Fate ol Mortal Man Some one has been playing Jokes on Junior Barnes, negro, or else he has hud a message from llie treat unknown. lie Ls displaying » hen eag on which Is plainly written: "Junior Barnes, You Musi Die". Several days ago his next door nelghl/or, fit their home near Arniorol, fmuH nn egg on which was written till! dale of the month. n (CoiHimu'd frr>:n (linn' Mini. "Vain 1 rc'cortl ol errvn- ntiy \vil! stnncJ oni hi ):okl relief. Yon have dune sonic? much nrtdcd woi k, "A ioc")U of this Ip'-jislauiro will l-i' piibUMiori In sinu- papers Sun('!>v. C1 '.p your ref - oi ci nnti save U." Pens-on I'li-n Qi;;i£hiMl Some controvesAy uro.-o in Llie ypslijrd^v ovor n rrpolulion offcrfd hy Liltlc of Mississippi to recjiif!-st il:e governor lo supplement his call with a provision for an olfl ave ;;wision measure. Upon a point of order raised by lloli- ]j]i?L-r cf VP)!. ho wove r. Sije;ikPT Tonoy riilrrt ihc resolution out of order. An "apr.eal'ffoivv the ruling of Uw chshr Inter wr.s wEOidrawn by Rcp- icscntallve Little. The .^aiiip ntipstfon nrosc in ihc talP Monday when a similar resolution was presented for consideration bv Senator Abington. It wns pointed out Lliat tlie governor \v.ns v. it hi MIL jiowor lo supplement liis cull jificr the wos i" jllrad Musi Rule Emolions ! If You'd He Happy in Love I.uve ilnesn'l alwa>s bring hap- ( of ruinuiltic love, phu.s^—Ijiil it shnuld!....It's Ihisi "guch n one. hum^n iniKiiia lhal tuday's article, the third uf six in a .serir^ on "The Art of Happiness," .it- f*'niplF: to unr:n - et. RV MARV .MAKGAKKT McBKIDK lOupyright, I'JIt, NEA Service, Inc.) NEW YORK — The only truly _ happy person, asscrls a margin his i rtsl of the world mu-st, gel aloui; sixties, is the boy or girl between j as best it can!" 17 and 20 who is in the throes This idyllic picture .sounds lost in roseate imaginings, lakes no thought lor j SC | ranl i C i| butchers' bills nor rent collectors, worries not at all about uny of the practical bugaboos that disturb his elders," rhapsodizes the elderly gentleman. "The boy thinks only o! the girl, Ihe girl thinks only of her boy and the One thins sure. Ihe gusty, I whtrhvinil kind of hi-lni} in love! premium on .sdH'-hiic.s.'). The lover of this type is Ihliiklna if and his ow ns;itl.,[iic- tluas. , True hiipplness, nn the oilier hand, reinilre.s ininiiiil consideration, u-iideriies!:. nilnplnbllity. Even when two jieople huvc ton- ycnlnl tastes, there lire times wll( . n {Ml l|us|rej . arc ||s wll|d} as the Pacific and Al- They're making Ihe best of It, HIML' four uuforlunate lads behind the ominous sign—as who wouldn't, with the tevy of beauly .shown atnve, in help them along'/ They're the four studcnls iniarnnlln'jO In a sorority house nl Ihe University of California becmse the 10-eds became 111 ol ycarlet fever. They're wMllng awi Impi'Isonmnil whh danei-.s and other .social evenls, wllh l!ii ct)-ctls dclnii their level best to Keep them enli iliilncd. War Veteran Carrying 34 . Pieces of Shrapnel Loses WASHINGTON. lUi')—Allhough lie carried m pieces of slil.ipnel In Ills Ixxly. Dean SUiidey U;y- nolds last u Mill to fo.'t'e payment war risk Insurance Du- iho Ooveinmenl churned hti 111 wan r.ble to imike a living. Reynolds wafied a llucu-il-.iy gilt in Dls'lrlcl Supnine Court o itcover the money lost u(Uv Is iwllcy lapsed In law. He almi'd lotnl and periiuiiieiit dls- blllly. Wounded nl the battle of Soissons. licynnlils Introiluced In e\l- lem'C X-ray plutniffl which shown] :<4 pieces of KluapiaM edged In his body, lie lold the •ourl he hail undergone llnce operations lo.' removal of sluiipnel_ since Ills ri'turn Iroin Friince, Iluwuivr, A.-Mhtunt District Attorney Waller M. Blitu. govcm- meni cninucl, chiuactl thai lley- nuUls wns cnpahli; of earning a living de.sjilte his Injuries. lie- sides receiving $71) u monlh liom the government. Slieu lesllfled, Ihe veteran, us a shot culler, tarnti! SIG.OM In vlyhl years. The Jury returned the dLsinLvml verdlcl In 10 mlnules. 011(1 Ol I y Ihelr to run smooth., | Tlie St. Lawrence is Noilh Amur- r.s and 1-lolil-yoti-sofrsi ica's wldent river; It li DO mile' •u- huitic cceans. Tact and alfec- [ tlon nn\ sides are needed then, if disputes and ruptures are lo fct avoided. And if totli lltlle. neither will be boveU nnd neither will fuel thwarted. charge any atmosphere w 11U glouni null can kill love ul 11 sln- -sitoiic. Tu tell the InmciH-1 able InilU, women arc worse \ tporls tn love than men. They iiiuki! decisions or iironilscs mid llii-n -trouse bccauss everything doesn't turn out us they Ihoughl it would. The innn who finds a girl wllh a genuine .spirit nf advenlure will do well, ntlier tilings being U|iiul. to sign her up. lor n life yoytigi'. Her price is libove rubles for nothln;; daunLs her. wld» at Its mouth. l>ream Wurlh $5,000 KL 1'ASO, Tex. (UP)— AxseiiliiB :ml he dreams at night of nulo- lle uccldenis mid of "sereaiii- iliU,' peo|ili;," A. O. Alexander filed tsult against Ihe Wink i'lggle Wi«- JBle Company for $5,OuU In tlam- inge.s to Ills nerves. Alexander was Ihe ilriver of u truck which over- I turned, kllllin; live Mexlenns. Good sportsniunsjilp ant, loo, for the Is lin])art- course ol \K.\T: II*- Happy In Middle ICK RELIEF for stuffy heads ''Boy! lean breathe now!' f PREVENTS many colds — what // means Steele School First in Pemiscot County Meet STEEl.F.. Mo— Steele high school tnok highest lionoi"S at the County Literary anil Curricular meet, held at Ha\Mi A]iril G and 7, making n iolal of 118 points. The .schools ^coriiifi next were Caruthersville.. with 72 points Hayti. with 48'-j; inel Holland, with ^^ 1 .;.. Nine high schools participated in the meet, s is the fifth year in sue- in thai Kteele has won the to store /O million dollars worth of tobacco Smiles Yarbro Club Elects Officers of the newly organizer Varhro Home Demonstration clul have been eleetwl as follows: ^Trs L. M. lioytl. president: Mrs. Ada HeiTy. vice prcsitlctit: Mrs. Luc; Koont-!. secretary: Mrs. Victoria Thompson, rciwrter. There are 27 members who \vill crmperate in the activities which include the canning kitchen. ryrhc wVo- council, on snger-sliou of Shane, gave its official approval to ihc plan for raising funds to purchase materials to hake advantage of (he federal kvork relief ofTer by Ihe scrip tax B)lan. The rejrart of Dr. I. li. Johnson. Icily health officer, also contained ' warehouses It means something to keep 70 million dollars worth of tobacco in storage. It means just this: We. */<> everything fHixsihle ta mitfn*, Chestf.rjichl the cigarette tluil's milder, the cig<irvtte tluit taste* Imtter. s. Criscoe. (tlie' report of Dr. milk insj»ctor. showing numtcr of dairies still not meeting tequiremeiits of the slandnrd milk irdinance but ^wosress iwing made. No claim that enforcement Is nny- lliiug like rigid was advanced biit biope for "reasonable enforcement" held forth by Major Shane. Steele High Seniors at Work on Class Play STEEl.F.. Mo.—The senior class hf Rteelo liigli school has he'tun |>raclice on the senior plav. "The College Hobo." under Ihe dlrrclion bf MJ.S.S Ku'jyc Ashley, senior cbss Cponsor. It is lo be given Tncs- llay cvenlnst. April 24. nl ihe high «hool auditorium. The cast Is composed of Burel owry. Jultettfi FranVi. Hazel Veaver, Thomas Wlillliehl. Winifred Rhodes. Mildred Tate. IVlcia Earp. Opal - Earls. Rnymotid Vrlghl, Bfliy CilBswock. Ray f.'.wipbell, Olea Kotiry, anil Pnul Boy Injures Leg in Fall From Bicycle Jack flood. 13-year-old son of Mrs. \V. O. Ueed. injured his leg when ho fell from his bicycle late yesterday. II was believed that a bone was broken but x-ray pictures disclosed no breaks but severe lacerations and bruises. Sheddan's Salve Hrraks ('h^\ Cnlils That deop. rallllns; chest cold: rnmlilUm nei'ds Iho s\\|(t acting, evlr.i powerful, deep peiiclrallon t'f HhixKlaus Ralvc-tlie isalve (hat coninins a medicine not. found in] nrdinnrv external rubs, aheddau'sj ?alve has (he most mysterious j •vnriratiii'! power yon h:ive ever! •••ion FliThl ihron^h >.kin and lls- -"'• i: i or-.s in warm up Ihe flrsh \ ronvi-siivr oolik . anrl| •:'ii>-rul: r pain T'vn ki n( l 5: MILD; hiliinti; F/lTIONCi for adults. I Adv. 4| .1 CRAUR, Raw Milk rhotw 74 Craig's Dairy Everything that Science knows about is used in making Chesterfields. One thing we do is to buy mild, ripe tobaccos and then lock up these to- bacc<» in modern storage warehouses to age and mellow like rare wines. // titkes about 3 years to age the tobaccos for your Chesterfield, for Time does something to tobacco that neither man nor machine can do. the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER * Mrm To*«co Co.

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