The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1946
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 1046 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION U p«r Ui. lor Cklrc. _ ..... ________ M , f» f Urn, __________ J "I, ---« «,«• »«r UM Si 4.7 ..::„:: }' w^tt "" U f »•* *»* ---1 Mo»u Ht UB> . ----------C«.»l ««• •<«•«• "«r*« t* tfc< I • *t* ordtrW far ikr"* «r ilx tlmM ttopp*4 b»for« uplntl>n wlJl b •«, ft «»«»U» •* tu>le « rt « •* •PP»»r»d i»4 •dju.tmtut of bill iuad«. UI1 Cluilfltl A,l.erU»iuK Mp r ,,1,. •ictvd by ptmoDH residm* oulilde of U* city mutt be accompanied by cash Rttea our lit uillr computed from the* «boi« < Adverttllnj- ord«r (or IrrftraUr taMr. tlou UkM the ou« tim« r»t«. No rMpoB.lbllitr will be (.ken lor more 1MB oa« incorrect ioiertloa of - any elaa- •ilUd »d. FOR SALE Newly decorated five-room house with bath, oh corner lot, plastered walls, in rood condition. Has nice five- room house, on rear of lot renting for $25 per'month. Priced—$7500.000. Five room house with bath located on North Fifth Street, has three-room house OR rear of lot. Priced $'i,000.00. : Vi For u good investment we offer three ' apartment i houses with two three- room'apartments and bath i inn each house. .Monthly rents $175.00. Priced'—. $13,500.00. j Five-room house with bath l on Main Streel.Wonderful location. In good condition.' r i'..... ! Priced—Sti.'iOO.OO. ' i 12^ii J i Duplex ' apartment on South; s'-n'k-'n *> st St - newl - v ^orated i .. . . , , 1 inside and out. Has three : Postal Cards and one 8x10 rooms arid balh in eaeli' enlargement $2.8;>. j apartment. Can be used as For Sal* Sturdy solid tap !!.>.!<• fi.r n.unis Al-i>.,. I.I.M, ('ill! -Jlilil :iU,r .1 ]. PIANO in «„„,[ n.mlili.iM. ]I|,M] f iji'' 1 . Si i KM", .^h. of; Cull 3001. O'Steen's Studio 5-7-ck-tf Nil',', lunil.'rii li room limn*: • hurd ivi>mi floors in two I) ili-rnrali'il -in.] in firm Hue fijirii-lini-iil Imililinir, room n|u. mi, | „,,« 3 r «o !j;illi Imi isuil <•«!,] \ialer, )j KK) Ijy ISO. iiicu flivvl, '. lor $7,OCIU. \V M. Hu . I'lKlllc lladl. nilh I,mil. roil'ililiun. apt. wHIl ,11 l,,,,,1..l 7-JI1.-10 2'H-alrr-conlrrs, l/nnil saw n-illl 4 sous. Hip BUM-, >:. ]j.|,. in ..... r ami (l>,xilili> shaft for 1/nffiHK. 1'lione 50U. 7-pk 1 1 1041 fiuiivr l>«lu»p Hurl, i- guc,,l ronililiuri. Will fin.ii,;.,-. .^f:n at Kilis linijletnc'iit Co. 7 Imlli >n.l t room tc l.y owner. . Terms. . 1'ttotie 22J9. home or duplex. Priced — $,•1,000.00. Several nice lots ranging in • price, five hundred and up. We have a business on Main Street for sale, good location,' doing a good business, one that is easily operated and will pay for itself in a year. Owner leaving town. We also offer for sale a nice grocery store located on corner lot of a good busi- ness'section. Can give long time lease on building; at very cheap rent per month. . , Walk-out proposition. New 75-r>ound Coolerator Ice Several lots on Highway 61 Box in good condition. I North of town,'city'water. hne 3633. 5-6-ck-5- c J Two-acre tract of land' oh 61. ( Good for building or home. Three-bedroom' ti'ome; close I in, good location, hardwood Floors,' Butane equipped, servants house and garage. Grocery Store and fixtures.-!- -Shown'' by' appointment See F. M.,Davis. 1101 S.'- only. ' • " Lake St. ' 5-G-pk-5-20 TVv'b' moderately priced • homes, one $1750, one" 52,- Have a home" located Street on 100 Priced $10,50.0. DAVID REAL ESTATE .t INVESTMENT CO. Phone 3633. Call E. B. David or 'F^ 'B. 'Joyrier, Salesman " ! ' ••• '•'•' : 5-G-3t for Ford Service POUBDBB NBWB " Political Announcements Tb« Oaurtv H*wi biu r> authorised to usnouae* tb* fallowing candidate*, lubfeet to tint Deiuocntta primary: SHERIFF AND UOLLBCTOB JACK XTN1XT ROtmmOM WILUAM BERRYMAN COUNT! JUDGE UENK E. BRADLKT ROLAND QREBN FOK TAX ASBE88OB DOYLB HENDERSOW W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT Cl.EUL HARVEY MORRIS COCNTY COURT CLT.KK ELIZABETH Bl^YTH* COUNTY TREAStlREB DELI.A PURTI* STATE KKPKESKNTATIVB ALENE WORD E. O. FI,EEMAN UBIOE "DUKIU" BPEOlt L. H. AUTRY W. ,1. WUNDKRMCII (I'or r«-flfcllon) STATE SENATOB J. I.EE BEARDKN JBPFEllaON W. SPECK PAGE KINB ix Room water, no bath. A bargain S1900 Cash'. H. C. > Cffinp- bell. Phone 440 or 2930. Get your .car ready for . Spring and Summer driving PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythevllle, Ark. ,Tel. 458—154 FRIENDLY Traffic nrcMciits killed n lotnl of 11,1(50 lici'.sons clurlii); the first hlx months (>I 19-15, ncconllnt; to icc- tnils. BABY CHICKS Finest qnarity at :ill limes. C(>!ii|i!(!te line of ponllry il. The handiest place In town. VWe Buy Foullry * Ket»" Chester Lewis Poultry 41 ii East Main St. Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Mail? phone 3616 8»lM - Phillip. Robinson Berrle* - WtUx Can*) For Kent l-'our Itilnin hoiisn PHOTOSTATS of your service discharge. O*Steen's Studio. • 5-4-ck-tf lftntH *l por luitnlreil. nl. It. o. Hum. two-story colonial Main on foot lot— J*hn Dpc-r^ pick-up liny lialor; rnk«. with il.'livpry; seviT Jra^n farm iniplT-iiiuiiLs Hiinl . Cull 8. Manila. . 2.pli-G;'J . l liu Pict.ure frames-made to!order O'Steen Studio. '4-24-ek-tf clarificaCiou tvitli suflntr, ur Ulf). r systcii chenp. Used radios, electric and battery.- Guaranteed 30 days. Perry's Radio 'Service &. Appliance Co.,- phone 3414. *" ' : ' "4-19-ck-ti irfty fnrn Kt-nluck.v. npartmfiit. 108 W. Xiflil A f. m-iv Arvln rnilio". ?5S.1t7. Itn.lin l!u^|litil^ 21li K. llii nit. 207 Doti-an. iirniKhpd trpilniniu I nl. LMS K'. |.fficirfn-j- . iiflcr 0 Kl't linusekprplnn I' f,'. A14iolnTng Kitti 2930. ,. • • near [own. Call '2087. frnnt Leilcaoni. Ca BcilruooJ. 314 We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blyrhcvillc Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone:'073 Ninth. Phona - 233S. . Btnre with liTing quarters, to- Ki;lber n'tth 4 rent;ll houses AHIJTOT- irantely 2 arroj of land, yvoals L3 Hwy, • 61, bonlcrs on C'utlon Belt K.H,-, iileal locatiim fur Industry. See Buchanan's Uorcery, N. Jlwy 01. 1 • •• , 4-]ik-u;j s'cw /«aland white ralibils. 3 dues anil H 4 toniiiarlnii-nt hutch In your tac-k yaril. WiS] do wonders lo rt-lieve l!ie IJieat sliort:ige at your lioiisi.-. 'a • ln-il- l^reed trt-il coes wiili hutcli $1>U: a registered lircd does with hulcii $!:">. Koulh Side Kibliilrj-. 3 inili-s Ku li-vy. til. 'Blythuvilli, Ark..' • l'hon« 339t>. Don't worry about hard water in~ your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. ' 2-21-ck-tf Piano. r'tlwlstrm Kcliool of Mnsic. W seen at 809 Oliickasr-wba or oa'.l 2019. 24-ck.lf t e ^llen Jlotor Ttine-up in\chi]ie fac tory reforfilliioner. Motor Sales. Hast Main, I'hone 509. 41'20-ctv-tf 140 acres' of fine cypress land on graded'' road neaVi KenneU, "Moii has plenty of houses and barns.' This i-S surely one'of the' farms of 'this entire ' sec"- tiorij lias made two an'tl half'bales to acre, .10'bush- els' beans, will be planted this yearl GO acres cotton, baia'nce' beans, and should pay as high'as 5-10.0.0 rent, which is included in the price! $175.00 per acre, thu large part on terms. If you ilfant good landj : don't miss this'! }\. M. Burns, Realtor. Phone 3361'.' -• ' 5-7-pk-5-10 Wanted to Rent r\irnishod apartment liouse. Call 2cr»n. I two berfrnmn .iianent. IS-ek-tf Wanted To Buy 1 siieil liouse. Phono 2239. 30|i». r i|30 jiay cas>i for nsrd furniture. on« iece or a liouse full. Cull 2:10:;, Al. Ilnnly Furnilum C'l). JIlOck-K Y/anted Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or,2642 CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOUR HER VICE" Phon. 2241 Farmers Furniture Store • Now Located at 405 East Main St. New and Used Furniture ETTER SERVlt loy Eich Chevrolet Company 7>xoco Cos and Qil- 301 West Walnut Phon. 571 Deo owners nloiiB Uiu Nllu plucc tliflr lilvcs on lionls "lid float them to rtfluns wlicrc Mowers ure nljliuilniil. FOK SALE 3 Uedroorn home.' Well located on '75x150 lot. Imjrned- iate ' possession. A REAI Buy. Jimmie Stevenson, ZVoble Gtll'Agency. "' 5-3-ck-5-10 Wood, 855. N. - loth. House-moving, leveling;-' re" pair of foundations. 1 '-'• yrs experience" Necessary equipment. 'Virgil Foley, phone :!917 or 3292. - • •'• 5-7-pk-G-7 rilnilor i^nnlc,! s?ll ne ;170^k;i nun wiTTl II) \H-r ' <i, >vliirh !na lior rt'nt 1>DT f.rtliition. nsitnn-r Inr ll.l'J. l.ttrK-- i^trilmt,)r. KaM im.vSni.' ii nil Hc, [inlcnt^.l r^nt }»HT, k<-s 1 pal, Welling" tn |n-.,(i[ f.'r i'tll'HT ilpiil. li<in KI.CX OI.M. <';ir.- S-rk-'J C.C 1942 Vj ton U.l.lcn Irurk. milrace 7.IIUO. V. s. Wliisllr. Klin (irovf HereTortl Farm. Vhntic r>04. 2-i>y-9 50 IJu. Whippoprwill Peas. Ulylheville Ciirl) Market. 130 E. Main 5-7-ck-U Rooms furniture. Pre-war. Phone MSI), 1.101 So] Lake St. "•' *• 5-7-pk-5-lO Kiltiuc Statinn. (Jooil ttiralinu ..f .1 T-J.k-l I Bring Your Poultry To W. T. DAVIS Poultry Co. >VR PAY HENS -Today- COX 24c l^c Prices subject 1» MaikH ' Chmiscs Note Our New Address Highway 61 North Phone 528 nip* -clrjiii iiiodiuil— NP -.J liv (!«*• Yo — MoiliTii — Yi V\*,iitrosscK wanted. Gnmt sulary. I*Jion» 1 U, OsccolA. or iTtlytlivvtlie 2171: IJABY CHICKS^ 3 (o 5 days old—$4 lo J12 per 1(0. Sei-erM'bretds '— Feeds, Founts Fetters. '• ' " ; -• ' ELEVATOR FEED STORE Broadway'at R. R. TracJu Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We nek Up and Dellvet Just Received! Several NEJrY Six Tube Electric Radios We. Buy and Sell Used Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 324 East Main I'hone 2407 Perfect repairing for today's ei- iluisUe fimUveiiT Assured wlien rebuilt iti our modern shop. Local A- Lone Distance Moving Comp«tcnt Help »nd equipment. Ado- quately Iniiired. ' Contract Hauling tad" Misc. Services. Home SeiTlce i Storage Co. Pn'on* 2801 Max Logan, Realtor. Office I,ynch Bldg. Phone 2634. Residence 1134 W. Ash, Phone'502, Licensed broker, Arkansas &' Missouri.! Prompt attention to all in- Quiries. ' List your property for guick cash sale. : ••"'- : '-4-27-ek-i5-ll .nwn mowers KhRrpentd «nj repairs. AM l>p«* ftnj kindj. We e|>rciftlixu in power mower •karpc-niiiK ftnd^inolnr uverkMulinK. Tes, we pick up and deliver. BlrtV.»ille Mkcblne Sh'T- I . 4|12-ck ir Tractor «P«irs and service. Electric 'and acetylene weWinfc. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone Wonted to Trade RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AD Types E*e*p« Cancer ' ' DRS.NIES&NIES CUnle 511 Main, BliytheTtlie. Ark., rhoM ZtZl \Vill trade g<»od 1?37 model car and cash fok- 1939 or 1940 model car. $o dealers. Phohe 361'6.' -' 6 Will trade 41 42 model cars for 38' or 39 modeli Good deals. Phillips Motor Co, 5lh and Walh'iit. : 3-27-ek-tf FOR SALE 35TQNSofD&PL Planting Seed From 1944 Certified Seed TO | SPECK, Sr. FrcrKhmqn's Bayou, Ark. M-RLT lUflUITY SHOC ' PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Beat Prlew Kirby Drug Stores PLANTS— Tomatoes, lo each—Flat nrrich Culiliuer — Cerlincil ToUlo I'lintx KLKVATOR FIORD STORE ' Droatlwuy at It. K. Tracki Kills Rots Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member Nat'L Pat t'ontrvl All'n. 115 8. Third St. Phooe 1751 DON EDWARDS •*fb» TjKwriUr MM" 3TAL, PtTTH, OOaOWA. ANP REMTjHQTOH ta- rYPIWRITKR* lit N. Tud VTRJECT f.Xwr TruMHter MM* B* I STORM SKWER Alii, BIZED Cbrapcr Th»n Brld(« Linker OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phon* 6Sl OKfola, Ark. d Dr. J. L Guar Optometrist ' ^ at ' I., GUARP'5 1 ... JEWELRY '-\ 209 W- Mqk» 5 BOOTS AND 1IRR BUDDIES Plain Talk See us nbout your mechaniea^ trouble. Our expert lea working vyith n*»ter)i ; tools uiul equipment can ,P«rt your car in' top condiiloa. .' We also have a paint and body shop repair service vill fix your car or buy your . FOU CASH; '"•'•' •• •"' ""•:: T. L SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete S(ock.i nf Tart!! For Ckry.sler PradacU - ;.' .,1.... ;iii!; t> Ul F.. Main FRECKLKS AND JITS 'FRIENDS <^ A Bird for Jackson BY Phorw 234S Residence 2309 VAUGHN JACKSOM/ Me'S THE GUV L GOTPA'PRTTHRM MV LIFE APTEB. TO LOOK ' HE BOMBARDS MIS HEAVY-HEART VVIfM CANDY; DO YOU , NO- eur OM HIS COULDi Quire A TOTSY TOO' WHV DOES A GUY LIKE HIM HAVE TO CO.\AtT ALOMG- AMD COMPLICATE' THE LIFE OF A GUV LIKE HE? ALLEY OOP HOW ABOUT A VANTAGE POINT HI&H OM TH 5EAVVARD SlD CF TMeSE MOUMTAIMS:

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