The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1949
Page 15
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THURSDAY, APRIL 21, BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIFTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople , BO»T«P I TWATS IT OWTHM-ECOS14 — cocoa aeo DAMA.GES MV 6V6&, CAUSES DIZZIM6SS AMD KJAOS6A/— IT COMES AMD GOES ->- IKl SPRItOG IT'S ^AS ABOV FARM *IB HAD A COVJ I CCXJLDki'T GLAMC6 AT FROM A -THEM ITS LUCKV FOR VOO TUKT STOP-LIGHT)? OP DOS* TWKT BIG FAKe<? "Wi^ THIS Decoy WILL 66T WI*A OPF TtAAT 3O8 SETTING GOT HE WAS FAT-HEAPED ENOUGH TO RING OUR POORBELL AND MELD IT RI&HT UNDER MY MAS NOSEJ AH. YES, BUT X WE'RE eOlW OUT \ TO PICK WILD 1 FLOWERS. AMP THEV SMELL HEAVerJLV? THE SHEER JOY OF STROLLIKI' BACK AFTER THIS RUN.' YOU SAPS-' DIDN'T STAMP OUT OF SIGHT YELL? IT R6MINPEP HER. OUR GARBAGE CAN WAS. OVER LOvDEP.TOO.' y OM. ,.. r TEOTAWLVf 1. HER Ma. WHAT CAN t DO KNOW/ FORVOOT NOWvooVeGor zooi ZARM IMITMH A BUTTERFLY BURS1W6 OUT OF ITS COCOOM. ZAT ZO? MO,7.IWGV, IM A . Z.INGER / ME ZOOItiG IT T£|Q, ©H.TU& OP RED VJOOLO PABALVZ6 THE BEAUTIFI6R<9 ,,„ ... eve Mndome needs this." Again detected that iiolo of sorrow. ING KONG wns prcpnreii to FRECKLES A HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8ER Zing Z By Elizabeth R. Roberts comiGHi IT Mitmuc ruiL WiKHUUD M MIA SUVKL WC ii ii i: i r i s 121 Insurance •, For Complete insurance Protection Call. 3545 W. J. Polland Agency Planned Protection OblNCOB HOTEL BULLJJLNO lit n »SB BT - «| Can You Top This? $10,000 Life Insurance only $5 A MONTH* ic (10 year term age 29—for 20 year term $6.28 monthly) Maximum Written $200,000 CONTINENTAL ASSURANCE COMPANY W. U. Myers, General Agent Box 504 Phone 1604 Sikeston, Mo. Agents & Brokers Wanted •4-21-ck-23 TIIK STORYj Roper, Ifcr pr*V> l«-ni lodKi^r. JlTPM at Ik* h«>Mr of >lr- nnd Mm. Kultrrl* i» tir^-at KalL«, .Hani., during Ike war (!•»«• hnunlnK nhorliiK?- ItoR*"* 1 ^J*" tnkl^H avrr the huu»r. wrrrkcd it**' lloK- rr<M at' dun and •itide Chr MOM* Ibr Annrx ot tkr *Irb*«*. Ill* !•!• *«1 rjK-npnJc «*»• lo InvlK a P^rty of '£O (rnm lb#- OOlorr l"1nh i» «» JifOr-ffililnlKkt |inrl> til »hlrh Ih* • UIIKC >* a« !<•(( In n mr»». XVII T WAS still frowning a few days later, working my wrinkles deeper into the fertile ground of my brow, when Roger — he had telephoniUs — called, he said, to a what I was up lo. "Not a thing, 1 ' 1 fell into his trap. "I've just run into a good deal for you," he said. "Mot a chap who's introducing a fine line of cosmetics. He's giving away free facials. I told him I'd ask you if you'd like one." "What's the use of my bothering with skin foods and such," 1 argued. "You know I'm not the type." There was ft suggestion of pause nn Roger's part. Then he intimated^ — oh, ever so tactfully — that possibly at my age it was a good thing to think a little more about preserving oneself. Something about the deal sound ed so phony that I repeated, "You said it was free, didn't you?** "Absolutely free." "Well, send him over.** He wa sn' t a da pper 1 ittle Frenchman; he was King Kon himself, built square like a fooi ball tackle, with low-giro win thick black hair, Iccth as larg and yellow as an elk's. Sheer ter ror gripped me; I wonderet whether he knew his own strength If he got to erasing the wrinkles on my throat, he could erase me too, and never know he'd done it He suggested I sit at a dress in table; he wanted me to watch Uw treatment in a mirror. King Kong bound my hair wit a towel, pinned another aroun iy shoulders. He applied a gen- rous dose o( cleansing cream and iped il oft* my face. My checks emained as pink as roses. He ruliniied me closely. "It's lipstick. Indelible lipstick," explained. "I gel tired o( having ouge blow oft* so I've been using touch of lipstick. Like cream ouge. You know." • * • ING KONG regarded me thoughtfully before he got lown lo work. He applied another ;ort of cream. I'm giving him iomething to contend with, J bought, s'iid of it. 1 believe in a fair fight. I've never seen such lands in my life. Like a bunch ol jananas. Now I saw me, now ! didn't Every time his paws passed over my face, 1 did a total eclipse 3ut he was gentle. And he didn'l scratch. So much creaming musi lave kept his skin soft. I gat tiered from his sorrowfu expression that 1 was in a bat way. He gave me hope, however "Skin ia made up ot tiny over npping layers like shingles on a roof," he said. "When you rub them every which way with coarse towels ..." I glanced down at my best linen, He opened i jar of cream an< held il toward inc. "Take a littl of this on your finger tip*, Ru it into the palm* of your hands. When it is well worked up, appl it lo your face, beginning at th forehead and rubbing it in wit long t gentle strokes." My strokes were long, if no gentle. 1 drew my hands frocn forehead lo chin. "No! No!" he cried. "Chee strokes go up in circles toward In ears." King Kong handed me a bale of tissue. "Now wipe your fac a nd Ihroat ca ref ully." W hi le wiped, circling half-noseward an half-earward so I'd be sure to b right 5O p*r c*nt of th« time, saw more jars being o]>ened. "This is a beauty mask. 1 b olTcr me a bargain. In cider i introduce this superior product, is company was willing lo sat/rice price right down to the i-osl asis. He could sell me tdal-si/.c rs of the entire line? Tot the bsurdly low price of $25. "Twenty-five dollnrs!" 1 could uy a lifetime supply for that mount. The dime stores still wild osmeLirjq. 1 was Ihcir best cus- oincr. They'd miss me if 1 stocked p with $25 worth all at once. n an agony of suspense 1 Iried o decide what wns the least mount 1 could decently buy. Free aetal! But I was at that unccr- ain age (I hoped nobody was cor- iiiti) when il was lime I look Lops before il wns loo late en- Jrcly. King Kong tapped the mnsk to eel whether it was set. I closed my eyes at the sight of those over- ;ix.e hands blotting out my face, 'd buy what he suggested. I knew hat now. I i c removed the in ask; (i cf Oy touched me with powder bnse, mascara, rouge, \ipslick, face powder. "Ah, Madame!" he exclaimed. "A Dresden doll, is she not?" Well, a doll anyway. 1 was watching for Roger when he arrived home for dinner. "What a transformation I" he exclaimed. "Pretly. My dear, you're nivisli- ing. M I passed up lh< compliments. "Where did you meel Unit man?" Roger colored a little. "We wcr< having a drink in the same bat last night." "What did h* give you W) .sick him on me?" This time Roger definitely blushed. "Why uh . . , he uh—" "Roger," I said firmly, "get Urn straight. Slickers don't need a shiU to catch me. Don't you ever give my name lo another one as long as you live." 1 frowned away nil the good of my treatment; and I must have looked aft stern at 1 felt, for he never did again. H* had other, more subtle ways o4 taking me. (To B« Continue*) ' "I got into the insurance business too lato, dear—everybody wants to postpone buying because scientists are finding ways for thorn to Jive longer!" Business Opportunity filling SUllon. Buy my stock. Dolnff ood business. L. G. Bornh. Phone 6 or 3670. 4.21-pk-24 Read Courier News Want Ads. Constant growth of our business has made it necessary lo increase our telephone facilities. This necessitated changing our number. Our telephone number is Think of An Apple 812 / at* one fool EFFKCTIVK APRIL 12, 1!)4<) UNITED INSURAIMt E AGENCY "Tlic Friendly Insurmice Service" First & Main — Ingram Building We Insure Everything WE Make All Type LOANS "Who*—You're worrying over a few bills? Brother, you don't need this rope/ Get a personal loan from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION!" COTTON FARMERS Chemically dellnted notion Med terminate quicker, plant and plow the lame week. Reduce chopping expense and produce more eotlon per acre. STATE CKKIIUKI) VARIETIES A VAII.ABI.K U. * P. L. No. II, per SO l.b. Bat (10.011 l>. i> P. U So. l.i, Per SO Lb. Ba( 10.00 SUneviUe 2 B, Per S» Lb. Bai 10.00 SUmeville I C, Per SO Lb. Baf , 10.00 Rowdcn tl-B. Per at Lb. Bar. 10.00 Half & Half lillbred). Per 50 Lb. Bar 10.00 Coker's 1DO Wilt Resistant, Per M Lb. Bag 10.00 Paula, Per SO l.b. Bait 10.00 r.mplre. Per 50 [.b. Bajr. Come In and pl^cr your ordfr or Ret yonr snpply today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone S5« Blylherille. Ark. Phone 857 Branches: I*eaehvilk. Ark., Hornersville, Mo. and Senath, Mo. .STUDEBAKER. CARS and TRUCKS You'll Be Proud to Own 1947 Studebaker Land Cruiser . . . hcaufifii! blue, an ideal family car. 1942 Buick 4-door . . . drive this car for a bargain —t price c 1940 Plymouth -l-dnor . . . gr.od .tires, new paint . . . and offered at a real price. ** 1939 Chevrolet 2-door . . . equipped «ilh radio & m healer. w 1917 Sturiebaker IVj-Ton Truck with new paint and > a good body. y$ 1947 Studebaker 1 '/2-Ton Cab and Chassis . . . good m tires and heater . . low .nileage. „ 1!M2 Dodge 1 '/i-Ton . . • new paint, new motor, and a good Army body. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 'STUDEBAKER t'RISCll.LA'S I'OP By AI. VKRMEER FOR HEAVEN'S T 6AKF.5.PRISCIU.A! WHY bON'T VOL) FORGET THAT BOY/. 1 ' fl I.IKE HIM bECAUSE HE'S SO LMUCH LIKE POP/ RICHARD WALKED RIGHT PAST ME.' HE DIDN'T EVEN 5AV HELLO/ BUI YOU SHOULDN'T f'RET ABOUT HIM, DEAR) THERE'S PLENTY OF OTI-IUR FISH , IN THE SEA.' BUT I DOMT WANT JUST ANY OLD 1 -WANT ONE. JU5T LIKE POP/ Hy MICHAKL O'MALUCY and RALPH LANE /IA5V. BOSS. I IT'S ME ... V RO5SUM GO OM, BUGS. YOU HEORO HUMORS A80U1 ME AN'JIGSER WHEN JAKE DOLL GOt BUMPED OFF. WHAT WERE THEY WERE JUST RUMORS, FOG. I...I... NEVER BELIEVED THEM GUYS GET UR1 REPEAT1N RUMOBS. KEEP THEN THEY'RE \ AT THE FARM V 8Y NOW . AND FLINT [wilt SMELL A RAT / i; I GO! STUCK WITH THE POND SfRVANT STAFF HALFWAY TO 1ME FARM, LIKE MOU TOID WE.F06. BUT THEY THUfl RIDC WASH TUBIJS \ Child's Grief By LESLIE TURNER YOU CAW S1AY WITH ME Tilt THEN. HONEY; IT WON'T BE FOR lOHui CATHY-MUD ill BE SEEINff VOU. 1'tL COME OUT A5WU TOMORROW I BUT, CATHY! YOUE DftD CANT TRKE YOU WITH HIM YET i YOU SEE.,. BEEN LIVIM& IN THE OIL FIELD6 LAfELY. I.. I1L HftUE TO FIND U6 A PLACE TOWN' OAN, DIDN'T IHEAECATHY CKVIUO ? YES, MOTHER. SUES AFRAID HERDADDV DIDN'T TAKE HEC. BECAUSE H6 WAS WSAPPOIUtED IU NEK.! BUGS BUNNY Hy FKED HA KM AN. • /5HE WANTS HER. FISH BOWL BACK _^ THANKS PER TM 1 BUCK... I I SEE A GREAT FUTURE I PER "«k/ YER CW?R.OT .T CROP'S GONNA BE r ~?^i COLOSSAL... I DlDKT KNOW Y IT AWT ME, YOU COULD ) DOC / IT'S TELL , f WHAT I SEE FORTUNES.' 1 IN TH' CRYSTAL irv BALL/ I SEE.,. SCR AM, KIO, CAN'T YA SEE I'M BUSVp y CAl^T HELP IT, BUGS/ PETUMIA SENT ME... J By V. T. HAAIL1N NOW WITH THIS LEMIAN MESS UNTANGLED. I CAN TAKE UP -^V. CASE I h AWCK5HT. HO\V'D YiTU AN' OOP SET MIXED UP IN IT 7 R7K ABABA 5HANGHAIED ME... BUT ALLEV GOT IN IT TRYINS T<9 DO PRINCESS ZEE A FAVOR: I VVASf HiTLY COW. WHY 15 IT I CAN'T REMEMBER. NONE OF THIS? BALONEY.'. WAS TRYIN' TO MAKE HIMSELF KIN6 OF LEM. THATS \vHAT.' BECAUSE BEEN OUT Of HEAD FOR. WEEKS.' Vi r? V 5*i>«i«.*i» BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN JL.

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