The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, September 22, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXV1I-XO. 1G1 lilylheville Courier, Blychevllle Dally News, Blythevillo Herald, Mississippi Vnllcy Leader. IUYTHRVILLF,, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, SKPTKM1JKK 22, 19.10 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ETOWAH MAN DIES OF GUNSHOT WOUNDS Uncover Kidnaping Ring at Augusta flflTTflll HI MiTrn i Confession Tells Plans of Five to Terrorize Wealthy Residents of State. -AUGUSTA, Ark.. Sept. 22. (UI'l -Three men were undo- arrest today and warrants have ben issued for two more on charges of attempting to kidirm W. n. Gregory, millionaire- plantation owner. The arrests were made after one of the men. Hush Lindsey of Scarry. demanded $25.000 from Gregory at his home here last ni»!u lie was captured by Gregory after n fiijlit in which Limlscv attempt- cd !o shoot (tie plantation or:n?r Afler his capuirp t.-indsey impli rated Peter .lames of Augusta. T C. Foreman of Scarcy. G. O. Cair and Thomas McLoud of Olarks- n'ale. Miss. James :uul Foreman were arrested. Lindsev said !hc five had organized a kidnapinR ring and wer" planning to terrorize wealthy per sons in this section. Tile attack norm Greaorv tni lowcrl an attempt to kidnan hi' s n n. W. N. firr-corv ir.. recently i'- Little Rock and hold him for r Sino.fKIO ransom. Stocks Hit Toboggan; Losses Big NEW YORK, Sept. Stock market values 22 (UP) — tost more than a billion dollars in heavy sellinjf today. Prices collapsed In every section of the list. Thousands of shares were thrown overboard. Selling I gained momentum until new high i speed tickers were hard pressed to I keep pace with the dealing. American telephone lest S5fi,- 000,000 in market value: International telephone losl SIS.OOO.QOO; General Electric. $42.000,000; Columbia Gas. $17.000,000; Consolidated Gas, S-14,000,000; General Meters. S-i8.000.000: D;i Pont. S-T.!.- Brazilian Churchmen, However, Tell Nothing of His Intentions. Prohibition, Tariff, Business Chief Issues in Fall Elections 000,000; Kadio. $12,000.000; Union Carbide. S19.000.0M; North American'. $28.000.000. RIO DF. JANEIRO, Sept. 22. <UP —Bishop James M. Cannon jr., of the Methodist Church South knew that churchmen in the United Stales planned new charges against him when lie left Brazil a week ago, Dr. H. C. Tucker, pastor uf the Methodist church here said today. Youths Admit Series of Robberies Her* The problem of four boys, rane ing in nges from 12 to 14. who sir; cd a series of petty robberies last •week.' will probably bs turned over to juvenile authorities bv police. A. D. Gwynn and Oscar Elliott officers of the ni?lit police fore' took the youths into custody. The'- admitted taking an expensive camera nnd other articles from the cp- of Everett Ballard. parked nea' the -Christian church, nnd the rob bery of several articles from thr car of Dr. C. C. Stevens parked in the driveway of his home at Mair and Tenth. The camera and oth er articles were recovered bv p.ilit 1 and the boys turned over to thei- parents awaiting settlement o their cases. 17 U.SJFFI Chancery Court Without Jurisdiction, Judge Futrell Declares. Holding that all jurisdiction in the Drainaae District 17 receiver' =.hip proceedings had been remov ed fiom his court by the order last Friday of Federal Judge John E Mortincau naming a federal receiver to take charge of th" du 'rict,.Chancellor J. M. Futrell this afternoon declined to issue an order to C. M. Buck, erstwhile chancery court receiver, to turn over the :i(Tiiirs of the district io Clifton M. Scott, the new federal receiver. In view of the chancellor's deri- Bishop Cannon sailed will! Mrs. Cannon for New York last Tuesday from the port of Santos. His ' departure apparently had been kept, ' a Uriel secret. In Rio de Janeiro it generally had been believed that the bishop was somewhere in the interior o] Brazil on a trip of study and ex- ploraljon. He was reported at Sao Paulo last, week to have left for the Interior with an Indefinite destination. Church leaders today were un- '.vilting to confirm where the bishop Iwd gune. merel on the high seas." New charges against the bishop broi^ht by ctmrch members in the United Stairs, include allegations of improper relations with his present wife prior to the death of his first wife. RICHMOND, VA., Sept. 22 tUl>) —The course of action on new charges against Bishop James Cannon, Jr., will be determined by Bishop "William N. Ainsworth. president cf the college uf bishops of Methodist Episcopal Church South, according- to local clergymen of the denomination.- Dr. Coston J. Harrell, pastor of Ihe Monument. Methodist Episcopal nnou 11 c e s Young Hoover ilas Tuberculosis Dodor Discovers WASHINGTON. Sept. 22 (UP) — A thorough examination of Herbert Heaver jr. by Dr. Joel T. Boon/;. White House physician, this week end. revealed the president's son has a limited tubercular Infection which Itoone believes can be healed by resl and diet 11 was announced at the White House today. Boom 1 said young Hoover would have to xlve up all business connections and laXe a complete rest for many months. He is a consult' flLBERT ttlFFEIf' HELD FOR m: DEOTH Williamson Meeting; Prosecuting Al-1'"£ r "<Jlo specialist for the Western ten icy Considers Action. | Ah 1 express. IT'S GONNA UK HOT SHUT! Democrats iuid Wets Expect Gains in- Senate and House ijirrLE uocic, sept. 22. <un— Lamar Williamson, chairman of lilt 1 Democratic state central committee, told United Press today he would meet with members of the committee here loinoriow regarding H charge made that Gov. Harvey P.irnell violated the corrupt practice net in his successful campaign for rcnominalion. Williamson, from his home in Monllcello, said he Irad received the loiter from O. E. Jones, editor of the Ualesvllle Record, who called attention to the alleged viola- lion. Williamson said I.e would have no statement to make until conferring with committee members. Cyiirri Will Investigate . Boyel Cypert. prosecuting attorney here, said he would,decide curly this week whether he would press charges against the chief cx- ccullvc. Violation of Hie corrupt practice act Is n criminal olfeiKC, Cyperl said. "Until I liave studied the stal ules." Cypou told United Press, "I am unable to say what steps I shnll i take I do not care to discuss the matter further until 1 can make a i careful study." No move has been made by eith- ,,01- Governor Panv.'ll or the Dcmo- ^ I state committee following a sion that sole authority with v- Olinrch. who still refused to makes ••wet to (he district now rests with | public the nature of the charges' the federal court the next probabl" '" ~" J "" ' move on the part of Mr. Scott will be to apply to Judge Marlineau Oan Cuoid Not Among The Unemployed Here "Hard times" didn't affect the marrying business here Saturday. Ttir-re were 14 licenses is cued, the first tim'j since las' fall that more than six have been issued in one day. This was a great increase as only 25 have been Riven li censes this month and then: were only 35 in the month of August. for an order directing Mr. Buck to turn over the records and assets ot the district. It is anticipated th?t Mr. Scott, will he in actual chargr of the district within a few 'davs. In the meantime attorneys for the plaintiffs who obtained thr original chancery court receivership, and for the drainage district, have filed an appeal from Juci-'.e Manlnco'.i's order removing th" case to federal court and naming the nev: receiver. It- is anticipate 1 :! (hat the appeal will come up for hearing in liie circuit court of appeals at St. Louts in December. Judgment in favor of Dramas District No. 16 against lands delinquent within the district for taxes as rendered by Chancellor M. Futrell in the openins wssio- of chancery court here today. lie and I luce other ministers brought against Bishop Cannon, said Bishop Ainsworth was expected to appoint a board of twelve By RODNE YDUTCIIER (Copyright, 1930, NBA Service, Inc) WASHINGTON.—Democrats and Republicans, wets and drys. arc embarked now on the fall elecibn, campaign which will end with the election of 34 senators, 435 reprei sentativcs. about 35 governors and a horde of lesser state officials and legislators on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Several hot. close 'figliis are in progress in the senatorial caro- i feat of Senator Ucneen and the letter made Saturday, by Jones In which he demanded the central committee probe the ex- Arkaiuias Bank Rohbers Identified As Men Suspected of Texas Crime FORT SMITH. Sept. 22. IUP> — Decision as to whether Hugh Rut ler and Herbert Stanley, tclcntin?< us the "torch murderers" of Ro; Hawthorne In Port Worth, Tex last July, will he returned to Texa or lace charges here of bunk rob bcry was to 1« decided at a con ference tcilay of Texas and Arkan Eas nllMnls. Requisition papers for the relur of ij,^- IAO svcie issued by Governo rainell to Sherllf J. R. Wright an District, Attorney Wnlter Morris Fort Worlli after Stanley and But lor had been Identified as belt! allegedly Implicated in the murdn Stanley and Butler were an<;.-,ii_ for the robbery of the Alma.- Ark.. Commercial "bank near., here and were being held on ttls charge when their identity - .— _. _-.....„. „ ^ central comnmuT yium; n". •-" former probability that she svouk 1 mi( | itllros O f Paniell In his recent be the first woman elected lo th,- '' , n fol . rc iiomlnation. Cnl.ntn ,»n,ln t\\r, TIIL.mln »-!,.. n». i *-'"">"**H ._ __ .._ , , „ - made the Illinois prln: one of the most Interesting of "'• v i Jones, in his letter said Gover""•' nor Parnell nied expendiuncs of Her subsequent troubles with Sen-i ,,,55035 wh i cll is in "excess. Jcne-s ator Nyc's campaign committee j ^\ mc a of t h e a gubernn- thnt investigated her campaign ex- I lo ' v | n ] candidate may spend. Jones I penscs, her promise to vote we' ; declare(! the law specllicnlly pro*.) *„ i.i j_ M.. . . . governor nl exceed- bishops in accordance with church i paigns nnd interests in the con- rules. Appointment of such a j grcssional elections is heightened by board would make mandatory an! lhc possibility that the Democrats investigation of the charges, ac- • ma - v capture Congress. cording to ministers here. The outstanding issues being advanced by rival candidates arc th; record of the Hoover administra^ (Ion. the tariff, the business depression, prohibition, unemployment and conditions among the farmers. The Democrats are expected to gain in both House and Senate There Is some chance that they may get a majority in the House. Four Men and One Woman' Thcro te 1css cnancc ^ th(iy *"' capture the Senate, although they strengthened alliance with thr THEFT OF B r , r i • i Clievcd Lonnected With Robbery Near Leachville (despite her personal dryness )iij | wbi ; s „ can afuotc for case tr.e wets carried the Illlnoi: i { spending an amou referendum and the eomplicatln , $5000 finfl-i) nT llftr fll-nl\ nnnmi, >*>-r , D f entry of her enemy, Mrs. j O'Neill, have produced one of the ' most interesting political shows • ever seen— made still more color- Deny Violation i possible steps were bcin? as Democratic circles thrown Into a turmoil by the Arkansas" offlcYais" 'desffclp hold' the pair here, nl least,- they said, until after a preliminary hcarinr for four oilier men held in connection wl(h the bank robbery. wc fill by the pink whiskers and per- , nnexpcc tcd actlcn of Jones who - J. Ham Lewis. lhc- ;s!ll( j , le wrote t | lc letter for Ihe of Democratic, nominee. | sake f tll .•Democratic parly in OiIOs Favnr Morrow i sta[[ ,,. Morrow's overwhelming victory g ur mortcrs of Governor Parncl! in the New Jersey primary and h ! msis [ed-he had not violated the opposition to the 18lh amendmen | | v contending the act referred lo 1^1 in one of the yfar's political | b i oncs wns pnJM;( , wh cii the gov- ?i«'!l""." "?1. 'J'TE '**"*! ernor was receiving a_ salary of $4, 'limit Morrow as a 1SS2 presidential possibility. The betting favor (Continued on page three) Attendance Far Below School Age Population Editor's Xotc: This is the seventh' nf a scrips nf articles prepared by Superintendent Crawford Greene dealing: with the. various phases of the local school system. By CRAWFORD GREENE Superintendent of Schools The last article discussed Ihr sources of revenue of the local district. The bulk of the school revenue comes from the 18 mill tax based on approximately three and one-half million dollars valuation In round numbers, the district hopes to receive this year $ from the county. S20.000 from thr state and $5.000 from miscellaneous sources. There lias been a decrease in UK state funds this year due to various causes. Last year the stat" paid about 55.30 per pupil, whereas the Sentember payment this yea-was $2.66 as contrasted to $3.10 las'! year. The Marcli apportionmc' represents chiefly the money oc cnrring to the cigarette tax. Contrary to public opinion, the ctea- relte tax does not go dlrectlv to the oomnnmlly where It Is paid bu thronuh state channels. Attendance Officer XreJeil In brief, the local'srhool district ornr.iiinn on Its nresont stondar-' and with a full enrollment nee 1 * from SI05.000 to SUn.OOO a year. If 'he attendance dfcrea^es. redn"- tirns In the tcachiiiR force may br- affected. However, less *hnn oil"- hMf of the school nopiilfltlan Is now Inatlendance. The school dl r trlct is In dire need of an attend- .can The wets have no chance of cap„ . ~ : ., . I luring cither house, but they ore One man is- in jail here, three I expected to gain in both, nen and one woman are being held i The most ^citing contests seem at Osceola and officers are seek- ; to bc tnesc Ing another man, all of whom they j ii|jn 0 T 5 - Mrs Ruth Hanna Mc- say are implicated in th; robbery! cormick. Republican, vs. James Huffman of approximately S800. representing Hamilton i^-is, Democrat, vs the life hoardings of an old man, I Nlrs (^^,5 nolman O'Neill. Inde- who lives near Leachville. ' pendent dry Pete Ciider was arrested near y cv jersey: Dwight W. Mor- Ij>achville and placed in Jail here j rmv . Republican, vs.. Alexandei while memberi. of the sheriff's of- si mpson . Democrat, flee at Osceola arr«tcd J. c. Her- , N^msku: Senator George W. rell, John Anderson, Oliver Deni- j Norris Republican, vs. Gilbert M. son and Eunice Herrell a: a house Hitchcock, Democrat. ance officer although n full attendance would fill Ihe present build ings to an overflow condition. It the schools are to te maintained on the present level, the only legitimate solution of the financial situation seems to be Increas . ed revenue from the 18 mill ta" The addition of one million dol lars assessed valuation to the (*• j accused nf being accessories to the! books vlll produce $18.000 adril-. RficlicS \Vitll I\OCI1CS Wllll ! OM and that when the salary was I hiked $1,000 the governor auto• mattcally was allowed to spend M.- 000 rather than S5.WO In his campaign. ' i Various attorneys were ; statutes tcday nnd action was b?- 1 llcved to be awaiting their opinions. ;Car Left On Street Catches Fire Early Today A car temporarily abandoned by r 13 •' Al • j A car temporarily aoanaoneu oy Ulin 10 rail'S AblJSlvejlts owner, when the gas supply Language. on the Keiser-Mane road John Anderson and last Pete AJaluma: Senator J. Thomas Hcn | n . independent . Cridcr will face charges of high- lho Republicans, vs. way robbery and the others are j Banl:liea d, Democrat. endorse*! by John H. tionnl revenue, or enough to on crate the scl'ools as thcv are tndo'- A possibility far in the future r n constitutional amendment allo"-- Massachusetts: William M. But- ing the extension of the tax rat' | of the victim of the robbery. bevond the present maximum of J p mills. With thp present valnalii" a tax rate of 25 mills world lak- caro of the scrrvok and ^llow frt> many badlv needed additions to I th" nresent limited rjrtwram. j It is n fundamental truth t!v crime. Jim Herr.-ll is also sought; ,„,._ Republican, vs. Marcus in connection with the robbery. . CmMgt . Democrat. The robbery occurred several; davs i oh , 0 . senator Roscoe C. .Mc- ag~* and members cf the sheriff's | office loday did not rocall the name Culloch. Republican, vs. Rober 1 ! J, Thomas J. vs. Albert J Last Rites MA Today Bulkley, Democrat, i Montana: Senator j Walsh, Democrat. i Galen. Republican. gave out, on Chickasawba Avenue _ ! last night caught on fire early this win n " ' morning. The machine was not Willie Browning. 10, sustained a heavily damaged, firemen called flesh wound in his left leg to the scene succeeding In halt- l>e was shot by young Adron i nE u lc b | a70 ' Robinson at Robinson 1 store, in I ^ residence al 401 East Vine the Huffman community, northeast' street was sli'lilv damaged "bout of this city early last night. ; f hc n,,! eirl • k mornlne when •nrnn-nlnr. -,„.! >-., - , -._ ' lne "" e eflr1 - 1 II11S "'Dmlng « »*" n« • Heg.nal *, I, T companion. ; woodwork around the flue became Hiifjr.?s, arc alleged to ! i el ,| 1( . ri ! , have entered the store in an intox- ! Icated condition and stalting abns- i A • i IT i ing Mr=. j. w. Robinson with pro- 1 Agricultural leachers InvitprJ tn Dairy Snnw invliea 10 U3iry 3nOW Elsewhere strong battles will be For I onp Oak Infant i put up by lhcse Dcmocrals ttho ror VAK littititt | hopc to succee ,i Republicans; Ed- . hope ' ward P. Costignn against George , Funeral servlros are being held'^n. Shaw In Colorado, Thoma.' HIP schools of todav r^st mire than ', Mils afternoon fffr Belva Smith. 10 ! Gore against W. B. Pine In Okla- schools of yestervpa*-. school costs have onlv Increased I- nro'xirtlon to other costs e'xrent that in snme instances the Increts- ed rost of education is due to Hi* 1 cost of Increased education. Thr _ schools of todav offer m.inv in-M-- 1 1 made nt Mr.plc Grove cemetery, j \vest Virginia and formcr'senaloi than the school of n j Funeral plant are In charge ot tlie I p c t er Gerry against Senator Met""" "" '--• ' Cobb Undertaking company. j calf in Rhode Island. The deceased Is survived by her ] Illinois Race Hot months old daughter of Mr. and : - horna. Governor William J Bulow Mrs. Amber Smith, who died at the j against Senator William H. Me family h'me In the Lone Oak Com-; Master in South Dakota, Thomis munity Sunday afternoon. : p. Bayard against Senator Daniel , The Rev. Works Is officiating nt j o . Hustings in Delaware. M. M I (he services. Interment will be; N M I V against J. Elwood Jones In fane language. She ordered the young men out of the store and ! they refused, continuing upbraid- Ing her when young Robinson walk- ' ST - LOUIS. Sep:. 22 (UP)-Invl- ed to the back of the store and se- ! tall °ns have been cxtenaed to 761 cured a gun. promptly 1 opening fire' «*atlonal agricultural teachers and shooting Browning in the !." . lfrom slx states to attend the na- The two men left the store and i lional D;ilr y exposition here Octo- Hughes brought his companion to' 6 " n to I9 '"elusive. Blythcville for treatment. He re- i Teachers have been Invited from turned to Ills home last night. ; Illinois. Kentucky. Missouri, Iowa, Browning and Huglvis will face • Arkansas and Oklahoma. charges of disturbing the pence, --while a technical charge of assault • with Intent to kill has een placed' against, young Robinson. LEHES EOF DEflll Huge Properly Damage, Many Lives Losl in English Channel Gale. BREST. PRANCE, £.3pt. 22 (UP) —Nations on both sides of the English channel took stock today of the toll In lives and properly damage exacted by the storm which rnged 3D hours. Tlie 70-mile an hour wind which caused extensive damage to shipping and left behind an undcler mined number of dead, has abated missing, making an exact cluck of Many sailors were still reported the loss of life Impossible. Five persons were drowned when the Dutch motor boat Foxhol capsized jiear the mouth of the Thames. The British steamer Illingsworth arriving at the Havre from Oalves ton. reported a mechanic had been swept overboard. The captain o the steamer Oregon reported n sea man was killed by a cable snappc< during the storm Five persons were drowned in the tiny port of Concarneau near Bres where they were swept off ships The steamer British Advocate radio cd it had rescued the crew of th Greek vessel Theodora Bnlgarius The Greek ship was derelict ani isted as a menace to navigation Fishing craft suffered chiefly i (lie enormous damage done by th storm. Wreckage was strewn r- the rocks and sands at many point n the French coast. The air Bf-ncratimi a»o. The tMchiM-s be'ter trained, the curriculum l« broader, bill most nf all. n far larger proportion ol the nintilMiin numbers in^reis" so raoldly. crwt.<. mount n>-n > -nrtinpi«t»lv. Altliruiffh thf> BlvtheviU" svc(^»- Is sni"rnllv recosnlzrd as lielnn an •Continued on pace three) 1 parent and one brother. BIG CANTALOUPES i No one knows what will hipnen , in Illinois since Mrs. O'Neill went ; Into the senatorial fight with her GREELEY. Colo., (UP»-A Grec- j /uitl-Saloon League behind her l«v W-nder cantaloupe veighlns she Is likely to take enough dry 16 3-< pounds was raised by Charles: Republican votes away from Mn. Adams. There were a number of,' McCormlck to assure the election melons In his patch weighing more j ol Lewis. than 10 pounds. | Mrs. McCormlck's primary de-' lort Will Observe Jewhh New Year This Evening Members o! tho Temple Israel' from several surrounding towns are ' f-vi»ftcd here this evening tor Ihe' special services in observing Rosh Hashono or the Jewish New Yijar ' Richard. Jledel will'be acting rabbi : and special music has been prepared under the direction of Mrs. Walter al and .Mrs. Rowland Wol- i '' Villiam Dorsey Johnson, 21, Victim o{ Shooting Saturday Night. Willie William Dorsey Johnson, 1-year-olcl Etowah man, lay n orpse this morning Albert Griten, 35, of the some neighborhood, valvccl preliminary hearing on a liaise oC murder and. was return- d to the Osceqla jnll to await ths ctlon of the grand jury. No bond vlll he made according to Justice G. L. Wnddell, who presided at lie hearing. Johnson died at the, Blylhevllle lospllal shortly alter midnight this nornlng from eim shot wounds in- filcled by Grllfen liilc Saturday light as the climax to an argn- nciH. The shooting occurred tit the ionic nf George Henry Pierce, two miles cast of Elowali, --where both men were attending a party. Grlften Captured Sunday Grllfen, who Is said to have been captured by .officers Sunday alter \t having teen In hiding since tli e shocllng, has made no formal statement. There nre said to have been several eye witnesses, The Injured man was brought here where an operation was performed but the sliot had penelrat- ed the abdomen. Funeral services were conducted at Onrden Point cemetery this afternoon where burial was made with the Cobb Undertaking company In charge of arrangements. Relatives who survive the deceased are: his wife and nine months old son; his parents, Mr. ami Mrs. W. S. Johnson; four rothers. John, Jim, Orion and Cocy; four sisters, -Mrs. Minnie Lee phuston, Mrs. Alice Miles', Misses letjecca.and Mary Ruth, Johnson, oil, of near According to reports the two men were friendly until the night of he tragedy when an argument ch- ucd over the theft of some chickens. Young Johnson is said to have eft the house and to have called Grltlen to follow him, which he jld, a lew minutes before the shot was fired.. . Johnson had lived there for five years where he worked for his Id- tier who owns a farm. The fam-' ly are natives of Mississippi. •. Segroes in Fatal Quarrel Over $4 Gambling Debt . OSCEOLA. Ark., Sept. 22—Albert j Newton, negro janitor at the Bank ; ol Osceola, gave himself up to officers last night following a search ' after he had shot and killed Clem- ! mons Scales, nesro chauffeur for j F. W. Cnrtwrlfjht, mi Eeale street J- here yesterday at noon. . i Newton is alleged to have shot i Scales because the latter owed him | a gambling debl of 54 which he re- j (used to pay. Association Will Take Cotton of All Staples A statement was issued today by the local office of the Mid-South Cotlon Growers association branding as false alleged rumors that the association is not taking short staple cotton. According to the local cor-oper- atlve authorities the Blythevllle office will remain open through the entire season and will take all cotton offered, regardless of the market condition. The association says that in many instances short staple cotton is being purchased by private buyers at n higher price than it is worth. Co-operative members wlio have short staple cotton for sale are being advised by the association to sell elsewhere when the association price is lower, but the farmers are urged to first consult the Blythe- fillcd with S. O. S. calls during the vtlle office and have their cotton gale- The tug Irolse brought ; classed before selling. the] here i Mi-air,,:r Uvivaldi Into port here Hnlil I a«t Ritps fnr with nil ran,«lu.,« r,f ih. ,r»»- wfr. " Ola L3Sl IUICS IOT with all members of Ihe crew safe. The Uvivaldi's wheel house had bt-cn damaged. NEA Arlist Features Local Athletes Today Werner Laufer. famous NEA nrtlst and. creator of the "Brush- Ing Up Sports" series, featuring unusual f vents In sportdom, tells in word? and cartoons in his daily feature today of the achievements of two Blythevllle athletes. Turn to the sport page of this paper for this feature which Is regularly ufd by thousands of ncwspajxTs ever the country; Put Loss at $5.000,000 LONDON, Sept. 22 (UP?— The storm that raged over Britain and the English channel during the week end swept on to the North sea tcday after Inflicting damage estimated at $5.000,000 In ths British Isles. Full reports of- the damage to shipping wcre not yet available. ! DISAPPEARS, WEDS i NEWCASTLE, Ind., (UP)— A na- t tlon-wlde search tor 18-y^ar-old : Agnes Lawter. who disappeared six years ago, ended when Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lawter, !he parents, received n letter saying their daugh- ! ter was married nnd WRS the moth- ier of three children. Harry Alexander Sunday Funeral services were held at Cape GIrardeau, Mo., yesterday for Harry Alexander, prominent at. toney of .that city and brother of E. E. Alexander of Blythevllle, who succumbed suddenly Friday, from c.n attack of acute Indigestion. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Alexander and J. T. Hall of this city attended the services yesterday. WEATHER ARKANSAS - Generally fair tonight and Tuesday. Yesterday's weather here was 63 for a minimum and 89 for the maximum, according to Francis Carpenter, official weather observer,

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