The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVII.LB. (ARK.) COURIEH NEWS -.. t ' > . Mrs. Greene is having i the Young Muttons Bridge club. Woman's club is renting at 2:30 i session with the subject "Parent:, j | the Great Sculptors." • ' j Both programs and luncheon will church, j addreti | Turner, i by Miss . Winnie Virgil Bits of Neu)s Mosllv Persons! Humphreys will hnvj i te Tuesday Luncheon club at the! home of Mrs, Stephen H, Brooks ; .Wednesday. »" Mr - nlltl Ml ' s - '• »• relatives ol Mrs. fr,,,u,. , „ • i n i i family pimy at their home , Si ndav in Wilson as ol Mrs. Jones' namils. Mr. nnd Mrr ! Waller M, Card. .. • | James B. Clark transacted Inn;. i ness In Jonestoro this morning. I Mrs. Lucy McAdnms, whp ha; •been 111 for a short time, Is be'.t:r today, Drs. C-311 and Edna Nie's return- .cil last night from Memphis where IN'G FRESH AWO DIFFERENT ip NEG To PEP UP Twe OLO WARDROBE wo?e OROOPIWG MOWHIP etTiWEKl Mip.V/iWTER AND SPfflUS £J JACKET r«/>jr V/ITW A PiAiw BACK TH& TRIG^V HOTfr Or TIIE-GStC-M WOOL CCMA PROGfc; AT THE- RIGHT. .Tilt VE5rEtlS> Mis HUS;?:I riiilli|)s Ins gone to Mciniilils l.i consult her specialist (m- «< vi 1 ! n! days. . _____ Mv. ni'ii M:*. W. L Honier they attended the Mississippi Vats'. th.'iv ;;!K-s:s Sunday Mr. IIocu'- ley Ostcopathlc association meel- «'« inoihc'r, Mr.-. J. S. llorn?r, Mr ing in Memphis Saturday and Sun- H ,, jlU)i of uioomtlcld, dny at the Hotel Peabody. Mrs. RlleS' Jotfes is entertaining! cllv ' . , , the every other weel: contract chit J _ „ „. . . „ , The Parent-Teacher association! To Il: " c Nlzllt Pnrl> of the Junior High school will moet ! - Mrs - Joli!1 R - McDani;! Jr.. will at the school at 3:30 o'clock. : enterlaln members uf the Matinee ' Friday ! Bildse club and their 'iiis'.'anJ 1 : Mrs. j. Neal Gesell is hosteEs to j with u bridge dinner Wednesday tiro Young Matrons Bridge club i evening at her home, members find their husbands for a' ' ' * night party. : MliMVerk Club rosliinncd. The Music department of thei Because of the meeting of the Woman's club meets at the club i county council of Parent-Teacher house'. . | associations .Thursday the Mid- The music department of (ho ! Week, club will not have a party ! Woman's club is meeting at 2:30 this week. " ' o'clock. g u|m nrnv,,. loduy lor a brief visit W R].! J_ Mis. F. K. nurnelte, of I'nrasould OsCCola Baptist School Is sptsi'ihu: U':!ay In the city Mrs. QUO KBchlluJtj 1 Is In Memphis lodiy with Her mother, Mrs. J. W. MTISU of HI Louis, who is 111 at the Bnptht hospital. [tinkle WH:ink-.imp spent the weekend in Memphis. Mr. and returned to ihrlr home In Para- vcral days visit with QSCEOLA, Ark., Jim. 12.—J. B liimn was elected superintendent of th? First Baptist Sunday school nt a churcch conference hero yei- t;rday. Other officers were elected - i n Klrbv have' fts r °" ow ' 5: ' M - I> Sumncrs. church "• J '- Klrbi " a c!,;rk; I. S.-Burlon, church treasurer; Miss -Lillian Patterson, organist; choir director, Mrs. R. H. Mn.. Klton \V. Khby. Miss Hnllle s Kirlaml Mr. and ! Jones; nssls'.nnt superintendent ot the Sunday School. S. D. Carpenter; beginners department, Mrs. Bradshaw and Mr. E. M. Moore, t ,. ,_„ , . , both.'of Benton, Mo., took, place! *!'*• A!TLn!: I0f: ^^ for here yesterday with the R<?v. A. J. I a!m ' Hill performing the ceremony. 0;;er trie Bridge. Table By 'Hwn Ont of Town Guest Will Attend Dance A number of out ol town visitors will attend the dance at tlie city auditorium .Wednesday evening, given by the Menarnh B'nnl B'rlth lodge No. 832. Oliver Cobb and his ten piece recording 'orchestra will play lor the tpeakeasy Dance" which will ID arranged III the form cf a cnb- r.ret with dimclrig ' beginning at ' (] a y s arc go n e ailr | 9:33 o'clock: V '-. I cJo:hcs with a few _.. , . Joe Applebaum:and Kckci Jiedol ria;ll !n s yoim 3 misses and matrons'!?„« are members ot the commitice in O f H,,, c ( ty ,i.ess. charge. : ' '•• : . her i Mrs. Milton II. Allcnberg and ] daughter, Ruth Ann, accompanied by Mrs. Allcnborfi's brother. Ben Levy Jr., of Memphis, spent, yesterday with Ben Levy and his sister, Miss Addle Levy. '. { Miss Man 1 Dnllia KLnnln.tffom With absolutory no gossip e.xccpl the Blylhc Long mystery there's really nothing to talk about Thocshls ol the Christmas lioll- has moved with her family t:. Steele, Mo. Mrs. M. B. Hnlficld nnd daughter. Miss Mnry. of Paragould, arc guests of Mrs. S. J. Hc-aloit, 1123 West Ash street . Miss Frances Holland, daughter Harry Brooks. Betiy Lee McCutchen Is Chosen "iWiss 7B3' In the "Who's Who" contest o: the 1-B3 sroun'i of Junior; .Hig! school. Miss Betty Lee McCutchen, daughter of Irfr. and Mrs. O. W. McCutchen, won most of the coveted honors. She was awarded t'.::? title of "Miss 7-B3," and wns P.C; SHr SCARF Of POtKA TOT TAFFETA VJItl THE- A.V-HECK. . . v i t ; 5 spring! 0 t Mr a nd Mrs V G. Holland, claimed the nrettiest and cutest ' ' •!.._• . . seen on tlie;i s improving alter several days 111- Kettle Black, daughter ol Mr. The'invitations for llic B'nnl'and Mrs. Farnsworth nlack. who Delphian? to Meet: The members of the Delphian chapter w»l ^fe^,,!^ lesson of the January B'rlth dance Wednesday evening are the most clever ECCII in a lont time. ;An 6ld fashioned whisky bolt'.!, Ill gay Inscrlp-' has been ill several clays, is better today. Mrs .L. S. Briscce stienl the week-end in Wilson with relntivsb. Mrs. II. A. Tnvlor. who undrr- Rirl. Bernard McFarland. son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. McFarlaml. was selected as "Sheik of 7-B3." .'.'.I Butler Barksdale was chosen as the best lookina boy in the:class, Daniel Boonc won honors for • tlie cutest boy, the wittiesl.-noy and for,! hivliiR tn'e prettiest eyes. Ira Gray selected as the most inlcllrc- SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN _MONDAY ± JAN.UARV 12, !Q3J " > : 3cup" "scwdf; ["grated cheese. !ble;ih.i'3 raisins. j Add chfesj lo hot while ;v,ioi; '*land when me T I I'.ot Oi-er hot ! «t once. sj o o wile ;v,ioi; '*-^ elted add raisins, T K:fj Jf t water if ml -sirvA." ' Reed Courier News Want Ads. ...TTHC- FROCK A.T THS LSFT OSES c&s- 'S!!EIL PAUIB MO QOIOEW BKC ...Tit PLEATED FIOWOE-, START.-JC. AT THE- KJJSc ISA CEClKEO SElltF- FRCH tVEK, .„...„ f — ? ^fl --Ax.BEa JEWEIBY is. \_Zfi IOVELV -llnH TMtSE- COLORS. TAFFETA 8.THJSE- /;.-,/ WIIU PUT WLVJ tin- " '"" INTO ANYWIIITEU. SUIT. Tilt TIE 3SLT RELIEVES -W& itvERE HMMCOxT FtoxIT OF TiltOUE-OrJ 1H&- ftJGHT. BY SISTEK MAHV NEA Service Writer j Dried fruit of any variety will b: ! found an ever-present help when; ! strict economy must b3 practiced I in planning meals. Raisins esp> | dally are easy to use, for th;y rs- , quire no preliminary soaiinj as do I most of Hic'othcr fruits. Since raisins are an excellent source of natural sugar, their j sweetness decreases the amount of! sugar usually called for in a recipe.; They add much to ti:e diet in other j ways, increasing the palatabillty of I many plain dishes and furnishing | iron to a high degree. Their caloric value, being almost 100 calorl;; per ounce, is important. j The flavor of Hamburg steak is: greatly Improved by the addition of a few . raisins. Cl-.op raisins finely and work well with meat. Although the protein content of rai- , sins Is much lower ihan that of; beef, their iron content compares j favorably and they are Inexpensive ! and highly nutritious. | Boiled Beets I'ltis Raisins i t Hot boiled beets gain interest | j and provide extra nourishment if i i served with a sauce Lo v.-.iich ral- | ' sins have been added. The small j j seedless ones are delicious in eitii-1 [er'a lemon or orange sauce. I > . Oother meats besides beef are; made more appetizing if combined | wi(h raisins. Raisin sauce with; ha mis traditional but seeded or seedless raisins can simply be sprinkled over the ham while baking with excellent etlect. Hot boiled tongue with raisin sauce, baked stuffed heart with raisin sauce and braised liver with raisin sauce are inexpensive and worthwhile meat dishes that owe much ot their popularity to the sauce. Many plain puddings are made more inviting if served with a raisin sauce or if raisins are added to the pudding itself. Bread puddings and rlee puddings become a means of adding iron to the diet, when raisins are included in their composition. The following sauce is" unusual and excellent with a rice ant! nut 'loaf or plain toiled rice served as a vegetable. Quickly relieved by rubbing on OVERtZMItLION JAHS US£D YEARtV: •; villc, were uuests of Dr. and Mrs. pucsts will add to the interest ol i prettiest ryrs and Mollie Jean Son Born. Mr. and Mrs. Horold Hamby announce Ihe birth of a son Jannary C. The baby, who weighed ten prunds, .has been named Jam??. ... „ , Harold jr. Before her n'.Mriase y.-;.. The new Mn'.inee Contract club j afternoon filter v! There or; ?. few parties ^..« t . . . . . . „ . . cri here and there with som? of! dnnslitcr. Virgins, ot Rogers, Aik.. the hostesses forbidding pubficlly i «' m rctnrn . to M™° !ll s. Tuesday Mr. and Hamby was Miss Alma !il.:iUn. • * • Compliments Houwguest. Mrs. Fred Sandefur was hostess to 16 guests Saturday afternoon complimenting her hcusgucst. Mrs. J. E. Buford ir.. formerly of here and now of Rocers, Ark. Pastel shades emD^iasizcd the springtime motif seen in the decorations aiid refreshments of meld- i will !ot their husbands go to tliolrl Mrs - Fratl Sa»d"fur Io r a week parly tills week when Mlrlanl Mr- -ami Mrs. Dixie Crawford Brocks Daniel will entertain with I had as their iiuesls Simrtav. Mrv a bridge dinner Wednesday eve- j Crawford's oarents. Mr. an:l Mrs. niiif. The Tuesday Lutichcbn club'w. S. Hanlev of Slrr'.r. Mo., hi-r lialer. \vhichdivelopwl into R dinner club [ brother., Sam Han'.u-v of Mcimihis. coy and Gwendolyn Fisher tied for honors lor the prettiest teeth. Tho latest weapon in the war on pnennionia is so(la u mixture of-oxyg?n and carbon dioxide, administered through a common in- for tlie winter season will resume I and Mr. and -Mrs. Ncwborrv John- resume its weekly parties at one o'clock! son of Steele. this week. i Mr. nnd Mrs. Riiev .Irmrs Interesting scraps of news: Selma Allenb'iirs's husband Is in Bosten so rJie, the baby, the nurse. Toteni iiole^ of American Indians are monuments to their (lead, and not their idols.- ed chicken salad .hot rolls, cooties. Bcil ^.^ cnm over ycslercby p:ckles and tea. from Mcniplils—and of course knew Mrs. Joe Trieschman won tlie n let about the disappearance ot first prize, a double dcrk of con- lilytlie Lous: Elizabeth KoonU's clave cards: a olcture went to Mri. husband is away lor n month's Dixie Crawford lor second honors i business trip ,v> she's down from and the guest ol honor received a I Springfield for u visit with her UDRIDGE lancy duster. ilcar Slcrios. The 20 children who attended t::; free story hour at Ihe library Saturday heard the story of "Thum- biLsa" by Hans Christian Anderson and that ol David and Goliath. irom the Bible, told uy Miss Delia Purtlc. • Plans were announced for the doll and costume s",:c>v next Saturday when the girls wilt bring their dolls. Both clrls and bovs arc Invited to wear- costumes as thet desire. j family-. Mary Salterficld, of Mem- By W5I. K. McKF.NXF.V Secretary, American Bridge I. There is no question but yi ^ i« ! C(11 , tract | )rirtBe bvlllgs mll lllc t ,, t ,| !C jack. WK|- covering with the fMl- i lllcve ls m B " laj '" m tilc tlb - v cf n " een ' Nortl1 ' tlls dcclav "' trmnp ' phis, is coming over tomorrow to keep house for FIT ^'ha'sV'^^^^^ !lnnd duc to llle f;lct lb!U wh011 h: but she doesn't 'speak" of lle , a eanie contiact is arrive:! r,t in th,hick; Harriett Bonun has a new bidding of the hand, it Is up lo His /.aracul coat which is quite the' clcclnr{ ' r lo mnkc " lf ttoc ls a »v smp.rtest thins, short with no cuffs, Possible way. In the iollowiroj liana nor Irhnming-. Kathleen and: H'-e declarci -was f creed to use ciu Black nnd daujhlorj °' t 1 ^ most inlorrating plays In Bcllir. -my [io to Oklahoma City; "ridge to make his contract—the • soon for several months stay: Don"-1simple grand cr.i.p. i na Cook Wundcrhch and her loin-'. ?/O?TH ily will move to Kansas City in the j I early spring. lace of clubs. West plays the eight ^'iu I showing control of the club. suit on wii.U i the next lead. East follows with Little WllSOll N CWS \ "-* ' Children of Confederacy Have Ixre, Jackson Pragram. Miss Thelma Worthington \vasi Frank Peters has moved to High- j leader of the program en Lee and lo'jer. Jackson, two outstanding southern! Will Lawiiorn has moved lo Lit-1 heroes, at the meeting of the Chil-] lie River where h; will make his dren of the Confederacy Saturday ; future home afternoon'at the home of Miss:'ij Mr. J'.mior Bradford. Vireil Byiv: Helen and Jane Baines. ' ;ancl Frank Uradio/d accompanied The prize winning pap;rs in Ar- i by Miss P.^'.tie Byrd nv.torcil to kansas cri "Why Stratford, the! Flccdway Sunday. Homo of Lc^. Should Be Preserved" i Ji -" r ' ~'-'^~' Morris was ;hc Sim- il-K-MO 8-5-2 U-S-5-?. C—4-3 D—10-64 C—Q-9-8 SOiJTH—DIALER S-K-1-5 H—7-3 C—7-5-2 ' The Hiihlinj A*, auction, the Wddm; cnr diamonds. EAST E—irj.j. S-'.-Z H-0 U-8-3 C—A-X- J-1C. 0 Ncrth leads a small diamond, winning in Ihc dummy with tiie jack, and returns a small heart. When West plays small, declarer flncsM-s liie ten spot whirh ho^d* the tuck. Tiie nine spot falling from the East hand, warns the ric- clari 1 ! tlua West nniy hold the are. quct'n atul small heart, therefore thr declarer swings the ace of Fiucics and then the queen. ov?r- iakinc in the dummy with the kuiK. A smaLl heart is returned frcm cli:mmy. tast playing the six ar.d jack. the si>: o! IVclarcr's next load is I five cf dinmonds, winning in t'.ic dummy uiih Hie queen. • Tlie cc;;,d Jark of spados is i--! tin neti. lv.;t the declarer miist .iiisi't • en himself in Inimp in order to i:e down t:i the s.ime numb::- of trum | Ilia: West holds. Iheiofaro he .tim-.-.p.- \\\e good jark of sp.«l:«. j declarer fmejising tlie | shows out discarding r ' Connly Council P. T. A. lo Mtct Here Thursday. : Mrs. Frank Dcdge, cf L:lt!e Ko:k • \v i last WCC'K v,lih her parents. Mr. : five hearts,and tvo an.l u:>r-I By lv,i:; e ( ;ii: tl-.e cards janci Mrs. Drr.dford. ' 'M quick tricks, two heart-. wi;;:lii ' List luuv irUky. c; r vc»lr'< 01 Mr, ar.d Mrs. Shcster Mori is" br birt. Wc^t might rir-'r: li.iv? dui;-, ra^ih »n:!fi..:,;iH v.hv the- cl-r'vc Luxora Society—Personal daughter of Memphis are visiting; friends and relatives here this week. They were formerly residents of Luxora. The Senior B. V. p. u. met at the church Sunday evening and reorganized with Rev. Kinsolving as leader. Miss Helen Howton left Sunday for Chicago where she will continue her studies at Northwestern ' University. Miss Anna Margaret Wood returned Tuesday to William Woods college at Fulton, Mo. C. B. Wood jr., was a business visitor in Osceola Friday. Mrs. Herman Spicer was a My- thevillc visitor Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Vollmer of Blythevillc were Luxora visitors Wednesday. New Yorks Pennsylvania and Illinois contribute 34.2 per cent ol all goods manufactured in the United' States, according to the Business Research and Survey, New York- Mrs. S. J. Smith spent several ays of this week visiting friends i Missouri. ' ' '• \'. ' ' ~ '-,. Miss EiizibclhSpnnnwas a Bly- leville visitor Tuesday. Tho Bnri!tts Junior basketball oys and ga'ls played the Luxora iiniors on the Luxora court Tues- ay altcinoon. Tile Burdeitc boys efealcd the Luxora hoys 1C to C nd the nurdctte girls \vcn 0 lo 3. The Reiser senior basketball boys nd girls Hams played Luxora sen- n- boys am! girls on (be Luxora ourt Tuesday night. -Mcsdames S. J.. Smitii mid C. B. Voocl were Memphis visitors Wed- -The Tntcrmcdiate B. Y .p. U. net in the church Sunday ni 3 ht. There was a goad crowd in alterid- nce and tlie following officers were nstalled: Leader. Mrs. Dave Rich- irds; president, Robert Forsythc; ice president, Joe Cockran; secre- ary, Margaret Richards; boys roup captain, Mable Jessie Galop; Birls' group cnptain. Mnble George: different Bible readers and committees and quiz leaders will be appointed each Sunday.' Roy Young and family have noved to Joiner. The Woman's Missionary society if the Baptist church met at the home of .Mrs. C. B. Wood Tuesday iftcinoon for the business and royal service meeting. A report for the •ear's work wns given by the treasurer. The Royal Service lesson was ed by Mrs. Roy Graham. The fol- owing officers wore Installed: prescient, Mrs. C. B. Wood; 1st vice president. Mrs. Willis Howard; 2nd •ice president. Mrs. John Conkren; corresponding secretary. Mrs. S. B. i Terry; treasurer. Mrs. Dave Richards: Royal Service leader. Mrs. B. O. Wilkins; Bible lesson reJdcr. •\trs. S. J. Smith. The recording secretary will be named later Th- I cr co "2 lls '" lj minutes or money lev. Kiusolving was a sues! at Ihe) ^ ck ' p " 1 'i 1 ?^"? 57 ',° ; ' " sc '" 35c meeting S0c - und sl -°° bottles. Sold b> George Lane of Trmnann was the K lrb V- Bc11 Drug. Co. and Kirbi Speedy Relief for Sore Throat This Doctor's Prescription Rtriuires No Gargling No longer is it necessary to gargle and choke with nasty tasting medicines to relieve sore throat. Now yon can gee almost Instant relief with one swallow of a doctor's famous prescription. This prescription was refilled so often (hat t!ie druggist who originally filled it decided to put it up under the name "Thoxine" and make it available to every one. The remarkable thii'.j about Thox- ine is that it relieves almost instantly, yet contains nothing harmful. It is pleasant tasting, and safe for the whole family, nnd is guaranteed to relieve sore throat guest of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lane nnd Mr. and -Mrs. Walter Wood Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wiil Tluveat and •Drug Co., and all other good drug stores. -Adv. 6 Tate of Afcnorcl. prrslScnt. vrll! (-.,? ,; r o preslde. Mrs Jtodge will be. tlieil:,!!. dc.ith ra:e in : V.>n plays Hi- nine .ai-.i dr;-l, ; - f lhe ^ E(lst co;i; in-..:., wi-.h il\ The perfect moment for the hostcis . . . when she hears that murmur of appreciation as her guc&U break the seals on crisp new packs of CONGRESS PLAYING CARDS Haisin Sauce One cup white sauce, 1-2 cup How Weak Nervous Women GrowStronger •eel Better, LookYounger and Have Steadier Nerves H you only k'ncw—^yo:i Viin(tau : n^ inemic women — who are dr.igcmj ; joui'sclf aroimd on your "nerve 1 "-- i rdiat a wonderful intrcase in strcajlh and heakli Tanhc will give you, you • srauldn't hesitate a moment about j joinglo'your druggist anil gelling a •i(i bottle of this splendid medicine. Mrs. Dora Uobillan!, of BcllinRhani M.iss., R.l-'.D. I, Uo\ 17, say»: "I baj r.o digestion nor .ippctiic. Sii:k hcarl- aches hid me up in bed three daysat& time, i couldn't even flo light housework. Now I i!o all onr cooking ami \vasliinginacldilion totlxoilicr work." Tanlac is as free from liarmlul liruti as llic water you drink—<mly Nature's own mctJicinat tonic lierli?. Druggists '•:now tins an<l for the past 10 years • uvc rccoinmenclod it to men and women who need a quick- "pick- up" that will put them on tlicir feet ami give them a new interest in life. So confident aretlic makers of Tan- r. that if you are not helped by it, you ;,ct your nxney back on request Improve Your Game with ; • Milton C Work! ^, Auction and :' Contract Bridge .; ; ; Tuesday ;: ;;'- WMC 0;; 3:30 P. M., C. S. X:'.,: PLAYERS :i";'",'. ! South (Dealer) — Mrs. Gcorp.ene . ; . B. Sickela, Bccchwccd Park, CA.' ,.-. . West— Miss Marguerite Cohn, Tort: :~ ...I Smith, Ark. .'-i:. r- . North- -Mrs-GeorgcS-Fitzgibhon/ : • " Molinc, 111. - : •'•'••• East — Mr5. Dwiglit E. Au^tmau, .... Norman, Okla. * AQ7 O Q ID 5 0 4 * KQ10986 48651 <? K 0 A9652 4 A 72 N If J 10^3 t 43 V A 9 2 •-.-..:. 0 KQJ1073 ' •••"•• ^ * JS -..!.. Can South, playing DSatrsnnds, cc,,"... .„ game if V/cst leads correctly? How" „,", ,,-. many "raistrs" lias North for "a "'"" two-Oiatncnd bid by South at CortV '." tract? Deride your answers now .'.'•' ' ll then hear the experts iu Ihe radio" 1 ' '" What's Your Bridge Handicap? -•• Millm C. Wwk will le'.l you. Tv/o cosy" lest q-e*;:i-4Si in cveiy H^tllu Ga^it- ' Uon'i tn;!i ihii chance lo P.ud out iicr*-, • you really r^tc! A summary of this, gam? i in this paper PARKHURST CO. The Service SUilion for Office and Home Office Furniture and Equipment ;tl New Low Tribes, Sold on installments. We buy direct from niiinuUic-' tui'ers and not jobbers. \rt 109 E. .Main One Door West of J'ostofficc We are pleased to announce, lo our ciisliinurs ;iiitl friend:;, tlial we h;ivc puvcliascd the Red Hal! B;ir!w Shop at 318 West Main, wluro \vc will l>u \>u\.iur equipped lo serve you. We extend to you a most cordial invitation to p:iy our shop a visit, wheiv you aiv assin'i'ii the IiLvi of our .ship a visit, \\liero you ;ire assured tiie best of Children's Hair Cute»-25c RED BALL EAR SHOP \\ r iliiani^ & Damon. ' i Felix Kyle. Fred Hoyrit, Guy Ro \ r irgi! Williams. Furl Damon " :

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