The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1938
Page 4
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TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 1938 IJIA'TIIHV 11,1,15 (AUK.)' COtnUlOU NHWS PAGE FIV1 BUYER AND CLASSIFIED 1 ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for consecutive Insertions: One time per line lOc Two limes per Hue per day ...OUc 5'hree limes ))cr line jra- day ..Ofc Blx times per lino per day ....05u Montli rnt« per line GOc Cards ot Thanks GOc & Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or s i x limes and slopped before expiration will be charged for the. number of times the add iippeurctl and adjustment of bill made. All ClUEsllicd Advertising cop> submitted b.v persons resldiii}; out Bide of th ccity inusl be accompanied by easli. Kales may easily computed from alwve table Advertising ordered for irrcg' insertions takes the one lime rale No responsibility "'ill lie lakei lor more than one Incorrect insor lion tif any classified ad. Business Directory H.'tvrv liitiluy's CURVE IN CAFIi Good Fond at Good 1'ricus FRESH RKKLTOOT Crappic EXTENT AUTO HHl'AHtt Garage opera led by Floyd Ilarge Haleliery Anlo Paris Baby Chicks j unuo II ATC 111 NO. Marilyn Hatchery, lilyllu'villt, Ark., H.W.I 1 North, I'hone Till. ! I'd r Repairing LAWN MOWERS Sluu'iicuc'il & Bly. Machine Shop I'iionc IKJ8 \Vanlctl Quilts & Blankets Laundered C lor $1 Jtuehanan's llrueery I<'unl-Clwn>lel-I'lyiit(mfli Cily Auto Parts Co. Next <o Kiis Station Cull SI I erlbcd the skill of his left to u vliiff that he wore, Male Instruction Male, Instruction. We \\unt lo !,e- Itxi reliable men. now employed, \vllli [urcsiglil, fair education uiul mechanical Inclinations, willing t« train spare timo or evenings, to become Installation and service ex- perls on all types A1K CONU1- TlGNlN(i and Ulcclric lU'ti'iili'ia- lion eniii|iiiu>iil. Write tiilly, RiviiiK j F ARM LOANS "•^•" ISN Mid Vt ArUiiw» anil Missouri Cx>w(bl rales—lowest eiptiut* Also city vruiteittes DON H. KASSEUMAN Ttionias Land Co. OJIlco P. O. Box 410, I'hona 631. there was \vlklicrnft li\ 11. Mo- raft nmitvocl lli(! itiii; itiicl |ilaj'C(l more luillliintly Limn ever. Drs. Wert & Wert or'rosir.TRisTS Over Joo Jtfincs' Siore "WE MAKE 'EM BKB" I'hone MO SCREEN WORK AT A SAVING lii'iulrinx A- New Srvfnis MADK FOR AUj I'URl'OSKB Barksdale Mfg. Co. I'hone 19 Veteran Soldier Mo. Highway Ul Call 7tK)[. lRl , ,,,,...,.,,1, cu'iiriallon. ' Utilities 1'J-lik-^G I|ls ^ > Uox ...j.-, C y 0 courier. 18|)k20, Shoe Kepairing Notice Quality Shoe Shop NKW KAMl'l.f.' SHOES Everj'lhlnt! For Your Shoes I'lionc \'M Vrce Delivery For Sale •l\VO TON'S Hlonevillo '1-A CoUun Kccd. S'J'i.M ))er ton. .1. C. liueh- nnan, yhciic MB nf 0:«. ll!-pk-21 Freeman Hrollici's. 1'ahUcis and I'apcrhangers. I'hono 'J21. Kooin ami Board Llauet! hall and liecr junior on Highway 01. Uoini; good busi- ess. li, li. ChiUvood. )2-]ik-5-ia Cignrcltcs 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Hiillaiiil. Mo. I'lioncs 5-l-'-l & 873 Till Worl SNYDER'S TIN SHOP Metal Work lor 20 Years Valves, Btott'pipcs, Eet-d Bins ALL WORK GUARANTEED Monoy Biick Gininuiicctl STOP-A-LEAK Hoof Coaling Also Plastic Cement 322 No. 6(h Plione -IBS- Coal Bly Coal Is Black Bat I Treat You WliKe. LOCAL HAUM.NU John Hurliaiiaii Blj-lhCYille, Ark. . '"'•'"' Phone 107 room whiie stucco HOUKC. 512 No. 1st. Call Quality Choc Shop, 120, . D. Campbell. 5-ci-U Room and K'aid. .W photic ISl. Nicely furni.'.nrn rooms, uoard If (Icslrctl. I'lion,'! C02. 113 K. Cherry Mrairl made a concert, lour ill the. age of G. One audience ns- VAU1) Sand & Gravei I'Limie TOO rniUo co COTTON s i). P. & /,. - I Mai VOUK 1'JtKSCHiri'ION DHUGGIST & 1st I'lionc HI ELECTRIC * ASY TERMS on used Friglci- aire.s, MayliiB Washers. Delco flit iriaiits & radios. E. E. Gee ales Co. louse, uptown. i> rooms and bulh. 1 room seiTanls house on rear f lot. Easy terms. Write Box "A" Courier News. 2t-ck-l-21 Hay Soybeans—Oats Seed Coin—Milch Cows And Tractor Work. Sec W. L. Talc, Annorel, Ark. Complete 10 volume set ol Standard IJcfercticc, Books with loose leaf binder. Call 230 or 192. 15-tu-fa Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here \Vc pay Highest Prices on I'oullry ul all Times. GAINES MKT, US \Y. Main SI. I'hone 'J3 WELDING AT BEST PIUCE3 PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. Ili'lieatrd Cii'rinlinitlnn Tests K lu Ifl07r. 1 lUHtlured over llati- an Acre »» |i»<ir limit. 1 Riiaianli'e. lids wed as KIIUI! as lli« best obtainable. A. l<\ DIKTKICU I'lunin 7t)D or TO SEED \Vc have on hiind for xulo or (rude, lor other products, Bcan-s —l.amlo, D o I s I n, Mammoth Brown, Wilson anil Virginia Drown. 5>ens—Wl)l|>s nmt Now Km. Lesiicde/n — Korean, Col- Ion STOl-1). I 1 . ],. 11-A Hill! Kloncvllle 4-A. Will sell lor east or Inuk with you for olhci kinds ol bonus or cotton seed L, R. Matthews Gin Co. Tel. Il-l'-;i, Varbio, Arkai rittlmi, Collim Kccii .t Coal HORIZONTAL 1 Head o( , American forces In tht World War. J2To wander. • 13 Eagle's nest. U Inlet*. 1C Always. 17 To feel one's way. 18 Unoccupied;. 10 Dojjmn, 21 Kislt. 2'i Aslalic. SSMollllks. Antwer.lo Prtvlflus 2 Kiln. 3 At this place. <) Harb. Of ELECTRICAL Kxpri'l Wifinj; WALPOLE'S "'I'lic- Cumiiklo Klcctrlral Sli 1111 So. 2nd I'liiiiio 3M Now Locnled nl 101 North ticcoiia ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITES SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAKIIS, rroprlclw v Cdlculators—KepalrlnK—yarto-Ulliliom Ali makes <it Hclnilll Tjpcwillcrs, Ailtllnjr Machine* ml Calculators—Hciialrlne—I'arls— millions CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB Moor Show livery Night Sl u I MIC Tursiliiy. April llnu Sunday. April M. Till. HOIMIi Kill I'll Itiirlirciir, Kltf.i Cnukvd Slraks, frlvil Chlekrn 15 Acts—2 Shows Nightly—15 Acts Itc'iucst" Hand OIKT Charije 'Kir |irr iiersun l\ir Ki'Mrvallniis Cull Ilol- luiiil n—Illguwiiy Ct, Holland, Mo. 45 A lo the steeped cofisuniei'. <7lo 30Cidl (01 help l ' lotl1 ' a ii.i/jii-<is. ;1 ( M ..| 52Seed covering " ro conode, ITo oust. S3 IJiulal. ' Becomes 32 Man who 5 ' Ui'Kcst loud, rp|t;iifs tcrlli: S6llis niililmy 35Aulo. title. 17 MiniiiK .sliiirk, 67 He was heiiil insect. o( the —— SOShuuldcv uniiy Ihe U, liliuli^. S, ever had, l"' u i 1 ' 08 '' 01 ' VERTICAL 44 Mohiimnu'- diin Jndiie. 1 Jupiter, mature. 8 To observe. 0 Colored pail of eye. 10 breeding places. 11 Festival. from service in 1924. 1) He. was r— to Mexico in 1916. • 20Gtnys of. wheat, 22 Maintained. 24 El). 2i To.wurd. 27Nighl bctorei 28 Bfiking dish. 29 To perform. S3 Sun/• 31 Boneset. 35 PcrluiniiiK to Ihe wrist. 3t> God of llw sky. 3'J To make rough. W Anxiety. •II Related by hlood. 42 Heap. •1C Kilhcr. •18 Taller. 40 Bra. DOWiitter. 51 To devour. < n Musical, note. ' 51 Sixth note 7 in scale. Beans . . . Seed LAI™DO JJKANS l)Ul,STA liEANS Plciily to HUDpiv Your Needs! iJella linitlonifuts, Inc. Call !!02 Batteries DATTEUiT SERVICE j. Ben Chine Phone B ot Tom Jackson's For Rent Mlcely furnished hccirocm. Innerspring mattress. Miss Hall, phone 2t!0. 18-ck-tf Cotton Seed D. P. LNo. 11 COTTON SEED Germination Test 88 l>cr ccnl SGO Per Ton al 1'ecan 1'oint. ArU. JOHN Ii. UZZLI.L 5 room anil balli modern, iinlurn- ished :ip(. With Snpcrfex oil heater, .shades and hot water hcal- r. 'i'.'.'i E. Uavlr,, call '1C8-J. -1-ck-tf room funiislK'd apnrdttent. ClilckasLiwba. Mrs. J. S. Gescll. V Several Hundred Bushels LAREDO SOYBEANS 100 Bushels DELSTA BEANS also il lot of D. P. LNO. 11 COTTON SEED cotton seed vrcic ginned on our OKU private RI". Nol :i If.tlc of any odicr rottun pinned on Uii: giii but llii.i one variety. C. F. TUCKER Used FuniHure \VK 1HJV & SKLL ITSt-'.l) FUllM'l'Ullli IJL'V NOW - - PAY NHXT FALL HUBBARD "ml Hand Furniture Nc.xt to CJolT Hotel Tailors Let nr, moth-proof your clolhrs elo?ets *: living room suiles. Ciitaranlerd prulc.-iion 1 Mo- nilc prorcss. Band 13ox Clrnnevs. J'lione 1"). 38-ck-l-30 Seed COW 1'F.AS, CAM'- SlCKi) SKKD CORK. W. J1 6!'REEVES So. B. K. a!. Blyllievilli 1 . Phoii:s 5 Piano WE'RE ISJ FOR IT, OOP, OKAY, BOYS-' \ l'\ye QOT A HUWCM.' ALL TOGETHER, ) HERE THEY CHARGE !^ ALL ^ BUNCH.' k UGHTW1K16 /{ STRUCK 'EW! v. VOU EXILED VILLAINJ5, IV 1 BETTER. SCRAW- LEST OS) 'BEAMS OUR AHE5 3IL B12AIM "TH FIR.5T OMB OF VOL) 1HAT MOVES.' BY EDG/\R MARTIN TO Trtt 6RAOE 1 aiTCTi land, four iiousr:s and ham. in Half Moon community. WASH TUH13S ](• acres of alfalfa. See E;irl Makers. SAIKITS ABOVE! \SURE. AW BV TH WAV, EASX ASAVBl: CLEANED) YOU'LL HAVE TIKAE TO RUM DOWN TO THAT AkAUSEWENT PARK IM TH ^N' euv MV CAR BACK. $300. A.W SPEAKIW OF «AOMEX, HERE'S TH' HUWNERD BUCKS 1 BORROWED FRQM GPZV IM ORDER TO OPEN. s»" USECOMO NIGHT DJEM A .. BIGGER SUCCESS THAW THE FIRST. Kirby's Aclivc Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers TOPSY TOW CLUB CROWDED TO CAPACITY. ArU. frnrk tirrasc. No. I-or 'J"\vo Ton Tnick. Owner inny huvr s;iinr by iiayiiVs cost of this ;uk Courie Wanted r JV) Rent \|>ai(meiil Inprani Huiklini;. (inirc Co. -t-ck-lf 2 or 3 furnished rooms. 2 upstairs. GH Ik-am. 2-pk-5-2 lodern :t vooin aparlnicnf. Newly decorated. Untiiriiishcd. Corner Main & 2ml. K Simon, phone V64. Store and resilience combined. Modern conveniences. Near fac- .or\'. L. Fouler, Blvtlicville Motor C(\ Call K88. 30-ck-U I'or Kent: liedioom Main. vooin Imni:.hed aparlniont, newly decorated. Phono 185-.I after (5 P.M. Mrs. Belle Wood. Ill-rk-lf Hell. Arkansas Coinforlalile bedroom, mil. Call 102. BY MERRILL ULOSSEF I'mnos tuned and repaired. Call Gcovgr l''oni nl Wiuie l r urniUnc Co. Phone 155. J lard ware \ t'scd l.iwii Mowers SS.M i;sed Oil Slovts S2,. r iO m> Used Oil Clink Stoves .... S2.MI up V'tci! liicycles SI.50 "!' •\ll in Viiir Conililinn SHOUSE-HENRY ' IIARDWAUK CO. iSMAI T luritiohrH \V. J~iV(Ttm:ni, 5 c;nii r. ia-j)t-251 Poullry "wE"Birr"pbyLTRy" HiB'T'l M»rkrl I'rires 1'aiil. S2I K. JIain til. Wanted To Buy S2,i80 \vor(li of USF.ll FURN1TUUK All Maki>s Radios Krp.iircd WA»K KUKNITUKB CO. 112 W. Main rhono, 155 ITS DECIDED TMW OLIR PROM WILL FEMUR!; ^IWE BIQ &PPLE! MOW MOW ABOUT CLOTHES-WILL IT BE _^i2s=ac7r/ FORMAL • fi ; iy \,' ATriRc OR.JY Yx .> SPORTS } ( ME&M .OTHES ? // REAL. ' FORMAL ? YC5.AMD S PEA KINO I"OF< THE GIRLS % 1 TMIMK we SHOULD GO FORMAL, WITH THE THOSE FORKED COATS; THE KIND ' 1V1E SPlitS THE Oi\CK? '/{ WHERE THE I-IECK'LL • } wn err vv TAILS"? TU-.-CI-.5 ARE BAD Uk'O'JOM •— BUT TAILS!!. ' YOU BORROVJ THEM FRC*A YOUR- FATHERS? ME'S A LITTLE GUY, AND IF 1 WORE HIS SUIT, AMD/ 8EMT OVER ONC£ ONCE, MIND YOU — WELL/POPS PANTS'D LOOK LIKE Mts: COAT.'

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