The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1949
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1949 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ru* p*i on* 10* OOUMCUUT* *n Minimum oo»Jt* ** i IUM P" tin* -i }£ a tuoM p«i un« per d»y uc » time* p*i iu» pet day Jjc • tuna* p« une p« W .'. w U umw per Un« p« day J£ MoaUi pel lin* *^ Count nve *f ermge wordi to the Up* ' jut orterM ioi tnr** QJ »l* tiui«* «no •topdta oeior* «*pir»ii(io will D« ctoar* •d lor tile oumoet nJ nmu IDr fed *P pwr«a &ua *aju«nv«iii ai oil I auwae VAII ouuuuiiea Aa?eruB>n« oup> «UD auii*a oy person* re*idlug ouuia* oi ttw ciw tuuBt O» accompanied bj c»*D ittl«* ay t» «**llj computed from to» MOOTO uiDC*- Aarerticmg ordei 101 IJTCSUIM in*«- m%n* u ten in* on* ltm« r»<* jSo reBptpnubtiiir win D* »* k * n lm mot* triko one mcnrw* umeruoa w >ny cjfc&suita MI JUJ *a* are re;suict«a to men P"^?* 1 r i..«iMf-t.THin nt'JIB fHO IJP« *"* SSSlil rWrw iflc tlgbl u> edll Ol rejtci my ka ^__ Services uaK« youi nou]« pretty for tprlDB perl Hua Cleaning b«rrlc« u ynun PEJ'JKLESS CLEAN EKS Pbnn* 24J:j mylhcFlUe nnuj tervlc* liQ-cf-tl HOUM moving Short or Ions dla- unc« Plenty cil equipment and experience Leveling and lounanuon work Vlrgtl Fotey 41J East Short Ash Fhunf •iHIS 4,7-pk-il? Notice •- "''/ We wlsn to thank the many Wends and neiu"l>ors lor all t«clr K.uuia-^ea ana lor Hie btamllul llorul oflerlnss clven in l»e recent bereavement of our Drotncr. Hubert CHUwcII. We ci- Ully remember brother E. U. Brown ms words ol comfort and consols- ' The tsrollicrs &nd sleiors Apartment tot Ktnt Rent sandevs Hefinish your own floors. Rout an electric sunder from Wards. Economical! F'ee instructions, Montgomery Ward 4-7 ck 11 ELECTRICAL AND REFRIGERATION SERVICE STABBS BROS. New Location 410 E. Main Phnne L>a7 334 Mgnl tttV Apartment lor rein nt ill Eusl Asli pnoueMOi____ _ MU-pk-M Nice two room lunllshcd npurlmunt. UpSlBlrs. Cull 42i'J. _ 4jl9-llU-22 2 unlurnislicd rooms 101 Wcsl -- 2 furnished rooms 1310 West Ash Elderly coujile preferred. Phone 1184. 2-room furnished ant. couple only 101 E. Cherry- Ph- 3535. 4;lt»-ph-22 T~room lurnlshed apartment. Utilities furnished. Phone 2018. 4il9-p*-22 •rro urJurnlshcd rooms Settled couple preferred. 100 E. Rose 4,l5-pi-22 LOCAL TKUCK1NG— HAULING HOMER FISHER 217 Lake St. Phone 2451 4-13-pk-5-l! Typewriter TYPEWRITERS "DON EDWARDS l'tt« l"ypewril*i no N eiccnnd at Curtnlns laundrlcd. stretched. Phon b'JVJ, 4;19-pk-2 3-TOOru apt. N Highway 6t Ph 3889 Modern catim^ and aparttnents Lost Boy Courta Fb ail 3| 3-room lurnlshcd apt Fh 740. 3-room» and bnth Iiiritlshcd. Ous •qulpnient and electric rcfrli:cri\tor. Simon, 4.20-cfc-lf Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services parts now available at POOi,E MOTOR CO. For Sate. Misc. Goal milk for sale. J. D. Al 1517 W. ASH. 4.:it-|lk-24 Oliver 3iyrtrnullc baler. Knit iirlcc |)CllecL condition. Also S. C. Cuse mower. JRtnes W. rcry. 2 miles norlh o Hteelc. Plione OF3. 4 2l-i)k-2! coiKllllon. Ph 4.19-CH-5I3 4' Irlgldairc. good or J46U alter 4 o'clock. coitillllou. Cn11 446( <lny good houtei, 1 4-room, l 3-room on lot 50x150' in Steelc. 13400 term*, iomer Cowley. owner. Inquire »t Acl« James aiore. 3tecl«. «,21-pJc-5,S 19-lfi Kord Super DeLuxe 4-rtoor, maroon, lias radio, healer, seal covers, sun snade, grill guard, driving and back-up lights, while sidowall (ires. 1949 license. Only $1195. 1946 Ford Super DeLuxe Tudor, maroon, has good healer . . . $1145. 1941 Mercury 5-passenger Cuniic, original black paint, equipped with good radio, and heater. 1919 license. . . $895. 1941 t'onl Tudor . . . SfiUii. 1941 Kord Tudor 1917 Kord (inn . Long . . 5995. . . SG'Jo. Wheelbase Truck, excellent cundl- For Sato, Rtal Estate Real Estate Farms — City Property LOAN Lost Loit N»TJ blu« coin puri*. conUlnln« aj >na 1 pr. orrlnii. Mr«. lr« W«l>». fb. tnt. 4,21-pk-23 for Safe or Trad* mt*r**i*o ID Noble Gill Agency Cecil Karls —— F. B. Joyner REALTORS Glcncoe Bldg. Phone 819 1 Irwn » reir old Jerwy cow Btrenl iresn and sprln^'t uclfen btuatnly plan for Ul J W Blackwell, ateclc Mo k»uon« IDf'J 3122-pk-4|22 for Rent Rooms titdroom. 1109 Chlcka&awba, Ph. Ught houseketplnK room Ph. 2920. 4!13-ck-<122 One 4-room house on lot 50 x 100 .'.lHJJJ 55S K Hose. i|16-pk-4|23 0 rooms find bftth on West A*h bcreet Practically new. Priced $4500 'i'erniB. 5 ruonis and Imh with two tola Iced cheap. Terms. 1 have other city UBtlneJj. List your operty with me for quick sale. BK11T ROSS REALTOR 209'i \Vesl Mali! Phone 241S or 381« 4 IS-clc-26 1946 Inlernalioiial 3/4-Ton Pickup . . . only $795. 1917 Kord 14-Ton Slake, lop condilion . . §1145. -I 19-iMi-Lt Sth at Walnut Phone 4453 FERTILIZER We nave several ton.« t>l LJ-V-lB that nav« not tincn sjitiKen lor PLAN'I'EHS COOl'EIlAllVE <JIN H1OHWAY 6) SOUTH PHONE 120 jinhing new ond used Also plumb- wnrlt dnne L G RnHlson Phtme Imm oui . * Ki t.ttt Jt?O(JUI. OWNER S, OPERA 1X1H South HlghwB., 61 At bteel*. lio CHAPMAN bEKVICB STATION *Ui at UL vision Piid iic ^ibJ Uon't «odangei jour rainlly with Ur*fr-BOY LEE IT'S moving day for <ilrl when you 1-1 n a Konir.1 on ruga nnd uplirvlstpry DEAL'S PAINT STOUE 4|12-cX-5|12 For Safe, Misc. Quick Menl S-tmrner oil stove wltti oven, $?U; itialioyniiy liuCfci. iiriicUcnlly new, SUU. 113J W. Ash. Plu 2124. One pair THU mmcs Sutlsfnctlon o jiuney Duck, Koblnscm CiLn 5QC \Vnllyii[ifr; SEC tlia nationally known onuuls i\t W.ircl a now Vou can't KUI bct-icr nn.icr anywhere for yotir tnoncy Montgomery Ward. 4]lJ-ck-5|l PIONEER Hybrid need corn with replanting agreement. Jack Fin bin son Implement Co 5UO E. Main, •4jl5-c)c-22 Loons Black Cockei pups rtione 2406 One 4-burncr New Perfection oil cootc scove wuli oven. Otio - Onk tlnl- stied aesk-SmnM-^ultable for office or ricn Onc-l ( J39 Chevrolet coach-Clean Cash sale only Will Bell separately i'nona JH2 After 6 p.m phone 2940 ADTO AND FURNITURE LOAN3 Prompt Personal Service General Contract Purchase Corp. 106 South 5lh. Phono B03 Money to Loan £X> TOU D«eo A loan to repair OT remodel? No down payment DO mart* ftff.e no rea tape rHA APPROVED RATB 5% ASK FOB DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phone ^1X14 Lynch Bulcdlos B!rt.rtll] < Ark New tractor wlieol no\ver" mum traction in tire "pncldlc u maxi- heavy \vct Dortchsoy No. 2 Seed Soybeans The highest yielding bonn in the Bounty contest last fall. Recleaned and sacked. Only $2.75 l j er Bu 61 Implement Co. North Highway (U Plione 2M2 4-15-ck-tr soils. Tread up to 20% greater than conventional design. Compounded to resist "weathering". Buy your "power tract" tires now Pay after you harvest. Sec them at Wards. Montgomery Ward. 4-13-ck-5-2 Usccl Mnytng washer In A-l cond lion. 550 Ph. 3256. 4:20-pk-: t'nrtLnlly biirnrd ho\i&c trailer fi il<! ni nav Holly. - 4j20-pk-: '(0 tons ol good nlfftUn for sal CUeitp. Crtll C. D. Long. 7B7. 4;20-pk-5 For Sate, RcoJ Estate SPECIAL RATES by the week Fur Permanent Guests NEW GLENCOE HOTEL Air Conditioned lor Summer Phone 4464 4.20-ck-5.20 Would you like a alx room home on Dice corner lot. thiu was built when cm sea were homes and not showcases vcrythmg inside new. Alr-Tenvt hcat- Ulnnl. Price £16.000 REMEMBEH OU (JET WHAT YOU PAY FOR Well foul J l elRht room home, outside nuance to .sin Irs. two baths, gooi omr with income, Otic ol the nicest . Duplexes or .earn Mix room home on corner of Frank ti ntul DonKnn Grocery on back of >l Doing more hushicxs than mi; tile store In BLythevllie. Priced $15, Mniall home, fiinre fixtures, nud sloe' r groceries One of the best loca Inns Priced SI 4.000. Have Timny olhrr houses priced from hrce to r)"htr<-n thousand. MPS. J. L. LEWIS 111 East Davis Phone 4659 4 20-|)k-2 Hnarn Street Just n cross from Ontral school. 1 room home, corner tot, All parts of city, homes. $1000 to S8.000. Vacant tots. Br.YTHEVILLE REALTY Per so no! rmriy minute phftt*wt»tif iervtce Oh-1'KENb tiTI'lJIO ll0»ck-V for Sale, Can & Trucks 1U12 Tudor Chevrolet, good condition, radio anrt healer. Ph. 6605. 4]19-pk-22 SEE THIS CAR! Private Kooms Clean cool room, shower oath. References exchanged. 101 West Cherry 4,19-pk-22 Bedroom. Kitchen privileges Convenient to bath. No children Ph 2423. Comlortahle bedroom Phone 2675. 4;15-pk-2!> Uedroom. convenient to bath 611 W Mam. Phnne ^26 ai31-pk-4[30 1947 HUDSON Commodore "6" 4-Door Sedan Only $1295 •riifu's ]ust one of the really Special values you'll nnd at the 61 Motor Go's Ured Car Lot Before you decide on ft car, see our used cars or compare our trade-in allowance on & new Kaiser or Krazer You'll be glad roil did 61 MOTOR CO. North Highway SI Fhon» 214!J 3,9-ck-et Nice furnish"*! room adjoining hath. kitchen privileges If desired. Ph. 6306. 4.2l-pli-24 Bed-room private bath. Ph. 4643. Here's a Bargain! 1941 Chevrolet $ 945 Special DeLuxe Tudor Sedan, black color, has new radio and heater, [n really excellent condition .... only 1936 Ford in very good conililion, has '-1'J license, ' special price. . $305. 1036 Buick Coupe, has good I ires ami good motor, equipped with both radio -mtl heaier. . .only $-145 19-10 Chevrolet Special Del.DM* I'lidiii Sedan, has new painl joh, body, motor, and tires in excellent condition. . .§705. 1947 Chevrolet -1-door Hectnnslei Sedan, equipped with heater, while sidewa.) lires, and 1019 license .. . low mileage . . . §1-195. 1939 Ford Tudor Sedan, has practically new motor and tires, equipped wilh iadio & healer. ..$525. 1939 Ford 1-Ton Truck wilh 19IS Mercury molor, body and bed in first-class condition, has new 700x16 S-ply lires . . . §695. 1947 Buick Super Tudor Sedan with radio, healer, and low mileage, excellent condition . . . $1695. OTHO STAN FIELD W. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH Salesmen "When Better Cars Are Built, Buick Will Build Them." Langston-Wroten Co. Cottonseed Soybeans Breeder's, Stale-registered (Purptf lag) Hale DeUapme 78 coitc-.nsGCd. 510 per 100 Ibs. Breeder's, Not registered or certified, Hale Dcltapinc 78 cottonsi-ed ?8 per 100 Ibs. Slute-certifier!. Grade A (Blue Tag) Otidcii soybeans, ?3.50 per bu. Stale-certified, Commercial Grade (Red tag) Ogdeu soybeans, 53.25 pur bu. Non-certified (from certi- lied seed) Ojiclen soy beans. 53 per bu. State-certified, Commercial Grade (Red tag) Dortclisoy Nu. 2 soybeans. $3.25 per bu Phone 702 HALE SEED FARMS Burdetle, Ark. •l-13-ck-U Residential Lots New Subdivision, Country Club Drive Add'n. On North Highway 61 in city limits, -vith citv water. MAKE YOUR SELECTION NOW and face yi.-ur new home in the direction of your choice. Smallest lots 70 by 150. Majority >nuch larger. Best buy in Blytheville. Terms. See or cull— JOHNNY MARR . REALTOR Phone 4111 or 2596 / 1112 South Second St. Salesman Wanted DISTRIBUTOR WANTED-Man now working reinll grocery n n d cafe ac- countfi can add fast moving package items. Guaranteed sale. Exceptionally BOOil profit margin. Write Box EFG c.o Courier News. 4.21-nk-24 TRUCKS TRUCKS TRUCKS! Reconditioned Money-Makers 1948 Chevrolet Cab-Over-Engine Tractor with 26 foot Carter trailer, equipped with fifth wheel, saddle tanks, and spotlight. Tire size: tractor 750x20 front( 825x20 rear; trailer 1000x20. Special price ... $1995. 1946 Chevrolet l'/,-Ton Cab & Chassis, heater and cab lights, 750x20 front tires, 825x20 rear. 1949 Arkansas license. 1946 GMC 2-Ton Short Truck, equipped with 825x20 front tires, 900x20 rear. A bargain. 1947 GMC Long Wheelbase Truck, 12 foot body, extra good tires. This is a real farm truck. Three 1947 Chevrolet 3/4-Ton Pickup Trucks. All in perfect condition . .. and the price is right. Two 1947 Chevrolet [/.-Ton Pickup Trucks. Two 1946 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup Trucks. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN {J Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company Large comfortable bedroom, close In Men only 310 w Walnut 3|2«-pk-<|26 Exceptional opportunity to oarn unlimited commission calling on truck operators and farmers with complete line of batteries, oil, tires, canvas and other truck, tractor, and passenger car every day leeds at tremendous savings o your customers. Prefer local resident. Car is essential. For interview see Mr. Lash>rook miy day this week at MONTGOMERY WARDS. 4-20-ck-26 Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for Service FARM EQUIPMENT Special Offer! 1 Ucud Fnvinall "H" Trac tor, 1 cultivator, 1 No. S 2-12 Slat Wing Breaking Plow, and 1 IIM 100 Planter for just $1895 Delta Implement. Inc. 312 South 2uO. Plume SG3 FARM LAND! We pave several cash buyers for fa:'m land, who will t;ike possession January 1 lilnO. RIALESLANDCo. Russell E. Rialcs, Realtor W. T. Barnett E. E. Williams 3322 — Phones — -1139 fcilylheville, Ark. 4-5 ck If Female Help Wanted WANTED: Lady with some <no\vledge oi bookkeeping and designing for position in florist shop. Write Box DEF c/o Courier News. 4-8 ck tf For Rent \Varehouse yo 1 X 40' on railroad ii£- Midwest Dairy Products. Ph. 4,19-clr-tl t-Tasti cameras for UiiTEEN'S STUDIO til occasions For Rent, Houses Six room hon*«, newly papered ISO. 526 Lunicratc. Ph. 3157. V21-pk T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. USED CAR BARGAINS 1946 Chrysler Windsor 4-cioor Sedan, beautiful blue, low mileage. Equipped with radio, heater, and white sidewal! tires. An exceptional buy. 1947 Plymouth Special DeLuxe 4-door, ma- ruon color, lias radio, heater, and white ^idewall tires. Only 18,000 miles. Priced to sell. 1946 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, has clean finish, good tires. A bargain price. 1941 Chrysler 4-door Sedan equipped with radio, heater, good tires In perfect, condition. This car value can not be beat. 1946 Mack Truck 2-ton Long Wheelbase model. In excellent all around. Amazingly low-priced. 1946 Chevrolet 1'/2-Ton Truck .with Army body. Priced to sell. 3 room furnished house and bath, t'none 4335. 4.I9-CK-22 U-room unfurnished house. with shower. So. Highway 61. Ph. 761, Supti house paint. For greater protection and lasting leauty use Ward's Super [louse Paint. No heltci pahil anywhere. Gallon in fives S5.02. Single gallon S5.ll Montgomery Ward. •l-Ui-ck-5-1 Homo improvements. * neve rooi *parKlhig * all tUe. cooling Insulation riuiactivc siding, arc yours Tor the low rsi posMOLe cost Select the mAtcnai ana \VrUds do the rest Ask lodny at Mon.iomcry Ward. <;!3-ck-5|l SEED - rSRTIUZER e-8-U Fertilizer. $55.00 ton, D P L No 15. State Certified. 4900 100 Ih Kmpire. State Certified Stonevlllc "2-B I'edigrecd, and Ambassador. Pedigreed. Cot ion Planting Seed. f L Rfjfln Gin CO South Elm street Phone '2631 Vli-pk-2-1 Tomato plants now ready 4 varieties lie dozen Rt bcd«, 2208 Carolyn Pride aadiuon. and 2204 Chlckasawba W P bh&rp. V2-pk-26 THEY'RE OFF! • DOWN THEY GO! • CHECK THESE LOW-PRICED USED CARS & TRUCKS 19:!(i Chrysler Convertible with '12 UeSoto engine, good condition . . . 5275. 1!>;!7 Chevrolet, new paint, new seat covers . . . $325. 1937 Plymouth 2-door . . . only $295. 1941 Port! '-—Ton Pickup, new tiics. good over-all coiidiltcm 295 1939 Niisb 2-dour Srdati, completely reconditioned only 495 1939 Plymouth 2-door. radio & healer 595 19-11 Plymouth 2-door. lias radio & heater .• 850 1946 Ford 4-rtoor equipped wllh heater & scat covers $129S 1947 Dodge -U-Ton PicKup 1050 1947 Dodge '.b-Ton Pickup 1295 1948 Intcrnattonai '.i-lon Pickup 139S 1947 Pord Sedan Delivery . 1295 1941 Chevrolet 1',4-Ton Long Wheelbase Stake 650 1946 Chevrolet I'.i-Ton Long Wlicelbase 995 1948 International l',j-lon Long Wheelbase Stake 1795 PAY ON EASY TERMS Blylheville Motor Co: You'll be gt(\d yo 1 t)eiore you bought. Rroachvay & Chickasawha Phone 4422 7. /. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main St. Phone 2122 Notre* 301 West Walnut Phone 578 Specials for Spring Here are bargains you can afford. We now have a selected stock of all models cars and trucks. Compare these prices. Bargains you can not turn down. 1917 Fleelmaster Chevrolet Club Coupe. Radio, Beater, Spotlight and Seat Covers, 1949 License $1295 1917 Fleetmaster Chevrolet Club Coupe, Radio, Heater, Seat Covers and 1949 License, Maroon finish Ii95 1917 Uodge Custom 2-Door, Radio, Heater, Seat Coven, '49 License 1345 1940 Chevrolet Coupe, clean as a pin. Only 495 1939 Plymouth 4 Door Sedan. New overhauled motor, new paint * 495 1936 Ford J-Uoor. New motor 295 1935 Chevrolet 4 Door. Bargain 95 1948 GMC 1 Ton Pickup with deluxe cab, new motor with less than 3,000 miles. 1949 license J1295 1948 GMC I'.i Ton LWB Truck with grain bed, driven only 8,000 miles. Bargain at i695 1947 Ford U<, LWB Cab and Chassis, like new. Only 795 1941 GMC Ui LWB with stock bed, overhauled motor 49> 1941 Ford Vt Ton pickup. A steal at 395 These cars have been reconditioned and are in perfect condition. Use our easy GMAC Time Payment Plan. LEE MOTOR SALES, me OLDSMOBILE— GMC TRACKS 311-317 East Main Blytheville, Ark LATE MODEL USED CARS ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charged in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 4-21-ck-6-21 Wonted to Rent Unlurnlihed or ficmKuralshed 3-roona apfcttmeni wanted by working couplt Occupancy not needed until June 1. Call A. A. Ftedrtckson Rt *46l from 8 to !> p.m.: 575 alter i p-m. 4|12-dh-tl Wonted to Buy \v»ntc<l « modern Duplex—S or S room liomc on West Walnut, Chlckft- tiwbi, Horn. «nd Holly Sw«t«. Fhont 2391. 4;21-p*.M (Continued on N«xt Pagt) I -O- 19-16 Mercury 4-door Sedan, city driven, equipped with radio and heater. 1947 Dodge 4-door Sedan, has radio and heater. 1946 Pontiac 2-door Sedan, good condition. 1946 Ford 5-Passenger Coupe equipped with radio and heater. 1946 Plymouth 2-door, good radio and healer. SPECIAL—1939 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, painted. 1947 GMC Pickup Truck. 1946 Ford Pickup Truck. -o- STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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