The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1930 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1930
Page 10
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PACK TEN Delegates Bring Box Car Historic "Doughboy Pull-! man" Will Go lo Museum' After Convention. • ny XEA Service NEW YORK.—"-10 Homines el t Chevaux." To every American who stiver; in Prance during the war, this *:t:!i ' on A French freight car mean! .something that could be rlassiiu-;! i among (lie horrors of war. Forty men packed in one of '.Hefe ; cars never had much comfort-- . ccilainly less than even eislii hordes would liave enjoyed. ; And yet, afier all these years. • the sigh! of or.c of these lntir ; tars, willi Die memories tha! ii j will recall, most certainly will] touch something aroinul the hear 1 , j ot every veteran and lliere will be a friendly response. Such a meeting is born;; marie i l»s>.ib!c by the Fidac society ol [ French war veterans—Federation! Interalliee tics, Anciens Combat- i tants—whoso deleyaies now In I America look with them a wartime | "40 nnd 8" box car. The I-'renc'i were among HO veterans' of olplil I allied armies attending ihe eleventh : ann'ual congress of Fidae. To Legion Convention Some of tl'n delegates, as well as the Iwx car. will attend the American Legion Convention In Boston in October. The veteran "volture" ultimnrely will be added lo th3 collection of war memorabilia of the American Legion Museum at Indianapolis. Box car No. M23087, wliich sav. much service transporting American and oilier troops dining the var, was turned over lo (lie Fldac society by Ihe Nord Railway in fitting ceiemony. It is being taken tr- America as a symbol of Franco- American friendship and comradeship -in arms. The old "buddy" iias been done ill) In full dress uniform. It ha\ n fresh coat of gray paint, lt> joint.-, have been oiled so Ihat II will not squeak quite so much as in those.days when it was In action. ' mm IIV ISKAi:i, KI.KIN Srli-iiie IJIItnr, NKA Service After a ne\v ear has been "broken In." It .slio'.ild be al the height of i'.s ixnvcr Nevertheless, it doesn't t:iko much to reduce this power. '1 l'.?ie may be a leak .somewhere in I!K' engine tu it to lObf; completion. Tiie valve action may breoine faulty. The Ignition may nol be tiineil properiy or the carburetor may not. he adjusted to suit. cm r frn is lo tighten the : | cylinder head or replace Ihu .^park plut;s. Valve" nrlhn has to l)c timid' I accurately with the Hnikes ol the! I [listens and the Ignition by tin; i I sjiiivk lo make for perfi ct pruver. 11 Yit lif-re h |-.- : rhaps the most lick-; I lish adjustment In the entire cn- It h not so much the inlet as it I i-- the cxliaiu.t valve that uui^t be j liinrx! ant] adjusted prop'-rly A ' '•'•'"'' llm h h<;i1 ": 1C '"' <ilu; ^ \ M ' f - The highest efficiency of the 011- fjlii'! i:; oljlaineil when the spark , iKMltcs Hie mixture In the cylinder ' "' """'""'.isre r:.?iween ihe stem and at just (lie iieak dl Its compressed ', 1hl ' 1 '" sl ' 1Tcl lhal ri ' i[s (1 ' c cam., slate, nnil while both hilul and ex- j'-:" 1 '' 1 -- the L-:;iii|]ressed gas to eseu]» , hiiiist valves are Uglily shut. I [ lll ' :u » l1 lllir ojinimi; tjffore li has : That's (in!!? an order for even 1;tl ' n '!!'>i"''l by Hie spark. The the best of modem engines, for il represents a minute fraction of t:u',e and a small panof-n fast recurring process. The best engine loss in in lc' ; s The [uttered skyline ol Manhalta: 1 . makes :m ;IICUII;III:UIIK sclliiii; for the li'.lle Tfi'iu'li box car—of a (icsitin all too familial 1 to every ex- iloufshbov—as it was ferried across the liuds.on River uilh I'leiti'li delegates lo the 1'idiic COUKITSS. The car will he presented lo l!ie Fo:iy and Eiglu society of Amerimr. vtteratis. ccpted the society whole-heartedly And that's why the Fidac .h a 5 sent the box car back lo the Forty and "This car is a symbol of American sacrifices In tlie war." wild M. Javary. director of the Chernins d? I'cr (In Noi'il. when Ihe car \iaj j tinned over to the delegates. "Mav it slaiul for .sncccecHiiB ncnevaiions of Ainei leans as n humble but expressive monument to ihe spirit << the American armies who [nii;>ln on 1'rench soil." Responding on behalf of American veterans, Hcclley Peck, com- nmndcr of Paris Post, No. I of tlie American Lesion, said: ,C.«lure (if rrirnilshlp "This presentation is a magnificent gesture of friendship which will be appreciated throughout America, and will unite still mure cicty of Veterans in the United States, which "look its name from the 'MO Homines et 8 Clievaux." This simple printing on the typical French box car never secmc'l at all funny to the French, but It ready amused .the American lo'.ightoy upon his arrival In franco. Hence the society nnd its name. A Motile Memorial During the convention of the •American Legion In Paris in 1927 (he Forty jnd Eight Society very conspicuous and French newspapers tried their best to inform their readers, in a friendly way of this "quaint American humor." The French veterans, who ten years before had begun to understand their American comrades, ar- There are gay decorations, French and American Hags inlev- Uvined, and the doorway of the car has been draiwd with it reel velvet curtain with gold fringe. Not like the old days of the war. except for that laconic sign: "Uom- THEATER Monday anrl Tuesday LAST TRIBUTE—To 0 u i I.on Clumey. See & IFoiu Him Talk for tlie First am Last Time. RITZ THEATRE Friday and Saturday "HELL'S HEROES" WITH CHARLES BICKFORD & RAYMOND HATTON— From the Story of "The Tlivce Gotlfathcrs" l>y PETER R. KYNE. Three Bad Men and a Tiaby! See What Happens. The All Talking Outdoor Classic. Fables and Comedy Matinae—10-30c. Coming—Monday & Tuesday I.on Chaney's "The Unholy Three". His First & Last Talking Picture. flOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday SEE & HEAR ZANE GREY'S "LAST THE THJANKS" OF THE DUANES An All Talking Picture Jade Box' antl Comedy, Adm. Jiatinee & Night— 10 & 25c. THE f/i •s 40. Clievaux H," originally in- nded only tti indienle the capacity the car. An cxhnnse vnlvc Hint opens i.-(j latp i. 1 . nr.ahle to permit all of l!ii? ' litisn'i hccn alile to fill tills -oiclir bin nod KO.S '.o ncaii';. Tlie result ' I IJOrfctlJy. liut tilt; a[ipro;icli t« Oils j Js ill-', il'.c lint rcinuuiliifi i^as tHids' I s almost at perfection. • lo jx.-1-lu'ni llie hicomlni; mixture, to j - ' ' iive:-lic:it tlir engine, to cause an j' ii4hi;ion kncfk ami abov,? all toi In the case ot faulty compression, Ihe driver may feel a sluggish en- «ine esiicclaiiy when starting or when (<ain^ ii|> hill. Tile pistons may nol fit perfectly to ilw cylinder walls The piston lines may nol he snug. The oil in tin; crankcase may not effect :'. tight f,eal between piston riiius anil cylinder walls. And. especially, the valves may not 5?ai properly. Other leaks in compression occur ut loose cylinder head Baskets or loose spark Joints. A hissing sound at each compression stroke of the piston will reveal this. a consider.'ihle loss of prjwer. || It the inlet valve o]>ens late and ; closes (>ai Iv. the chamber will get j insufiici'-nt mixlure for tlie |inwer,J rcquind. Compression wr.nld IK- low:' becauie of the small charge duuvn| in the cylinders. j U is ihp exhaus'- valve's operation, hottcv?!-. that is most important lor full |H>wcr. A slight derangement of its liming, lack of stiffi- i cieiit clearance, or too much clear-' ance. breaks down the engine's et- fici.n'.cv. TRADE IN YOUR OLD TIRES II ALLOW Yon MORE T RADE IN YOUR USED TIRES NOW. We will make yon .tliliernl tragic-it! allowance—on one tire or a full eel. If your tires are vorti smooth lliej- are worth money lo its, as we liave an np-lo-ilule lire' repair department imd etui upply a nrw treml. and wo. have n ready sale for these tires. If your lircs are only partly worn, or if they arc new and do not provide you with tin: Riifely ihnl you want for Jhe wel and slippery weather this full and winler, w« will give yon still more for your tires in Inidt: for new Firestone lircs. ' Why take chances on tires thut are nol safe—ynu can liave the safely thai race drivers demand—at the lowest coat ever kiKiv.n. ^ e are in ihe lire husiness—we know lires and tire values, and give yon Iietter service and Inner IraiiHportiitinn cost. SAFETY ana ECONOMY THAT Is _ DUPLICATED at THESE PRICES T HE lirn-liuyiiig public is entitled lo ihe truth about lire vidiies. We joined wild Fircslonn lo j-ivc ear owners (he fuels. When we sell you a lire we not only eell you the most economical IruiiBnorlutiim lint greatest safety. u " . fir****** O1.UflV.lM OarTlrf *11.H Order <C..h l'tk-0 Tiro *.'io.2i_$5.55 $5.55 6.J5 6.35 4.75.i9_. 7.55 7.55 5.00-20- 8.15 5.25.18_ 8.98 5.25.21... 9.75 8.15 8.98 9.75 12.90 Olbir Sliti Picporllinitdr I.°w H. R. TRUCK TIRES so«s__l9.45 19.45 32x6__14.10 34.10 COURIER Our Tire *H.]I Ord.r (CMhTrtct) Ti:o 30x3-/ J ..$4.ZO $4.20 4,10.21.. 4.79 4.79 •1.50.21 _ 5.35 5.35 BATTERIKS 13-Plato Sentinel.. LV.HK $1.OO for Your Old Halii-ry ANCHOR ' Super Ht-avy Dnty Our Tire *Mall Oiip$9.20 $9.75 4.75-i9_10.ZO 10.25 11. 75 5.25-20.12.35 13.65 5.50-20.. 1J.90 15.15 6.00-20.. 14.70 17.10 7-40 18.95 7.0B.20_19.05 23.45 Olher S1:*i Pro portion ale IT LOT COMFAJIK CONSTRUCTION ana VALUES UNHOLY 4.5 0-2 1 Rubber Volume Weight Width Cords per Inch Plies at Tread Price Our Tiro 4.75 in. 25.5 cords ft plies *Mnil Order Tire A 100 cu in l."k f)tt Ilia 4.7JI in 21 cords »i plies *Uali Ortlor Tiro IK 11 fill ll\o 4 7!* in of* *> r* C^V«»P«P t'omvln anil Kviini/nc ihf Tire Section*— The Fartt Speak for Tlicnmt'lrrii A HEPABTMENT STORE FOR MOTOR ISTS «.i AH \\TI;K Kvcry lire made in llir FircAtonr Fnclories rarrica W i? crt r AX'i^ cr'-otrrrr* »i t ( ^ r ti r *''tone n«mc. 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