The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1939
Page 2
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'THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 1939 tuEiT" BTATHEVILLE, COURIER NEWS' "Bigger And Belter" Life Lived By Wealthy Oil King BV MASON OIXON NBA Service Special Cormponaejit NEW ORLEANS, La., Aug 10 — Bill Hells doesn't do things by halves, nnd Ills air-conditioned yacht and palitlal home tcslllv to thai /act. He bought (lie already splendid Fionacher mansion oji Atidtibmi boulevard In New Orleans—tlion spent many thousands or dollars Improving it. He mndc a special trip to Rockford, 111,, lo have his furniture mtule to order. The living room suite alone cost him $1600. And Ills friends estimate he spent $125,000 in funiHi- Sng the house. His boat, moored at the Southern Yacht Club on Lake Ponichaitrain, is the biggest private yacht in southern waters. 'Hie 100-foot- long cruiser is powered by two Diesel engines, is completely unconditioned, and boasts the finest radio equipment. It's manned by n crew of nine and is named Ihe •William O. Helis n, |,, honor of the oil king's son. Helis bought the boat, from Ur John B. Brinkley, the Kansas goat- gland man and politician who now lives In Mexico. Despite the .craft's beauty and performance record, however, Bill Isn't satisfied with It, A London firm is now building ft bigger and better boat at Bill's request. It's to be the kind of a yacht in which a fellow can cruise to the South Sea Islands or sail casually from San Francisco to Hong Kong. PISH, CAitns, SCOTCH AND SODA Hells' favorite amusements are simple. He does some salt water fishing. He plays cards. He likes to sit around .a table drinking Scotch and soda with a group oi friends. He's a great wrestling fan. This dates from Ms friendship with Jim Lonrtos, the Greek, who was grappling champion of the world. Bill Isn't a confirmed gambler, but he likes to bet on sports events. He won a small fortune on Max Schmeling the first time Max fought Joe Louis. When Louis got a return bout, Hells had some big deals on In Hells' American Castle New Orleans and couldn't gel .away to see the fight. But he be- Keyed that Max would knock out •Joe' again. •-' ,,. :He rented a suite at a"Now Wletms •noteli'installefFn new'$500 radio, and invited n group" of friends to ''sit around and listen while Max knocks Joe's head off" He has just lowered himself Into a big leather lounge chair when the radio blared the news of the first, knockdown. Disgusted, he started toward the radio to twiddle the dial. Then came (he knockout. "Thai's the first time I ever lost $25,400 in four steps," he told his guests. PRIVATE CHARITY Helis has a private idea of Christmas charity. Each November he hires three or four agents to do some quiet checking on the i-eally needy. On Christmas Eve he hires a warehouse, from which he dispatches trucks, each loaded with food enough to supply an average family for a month. Whole sides of bacon, whole hams, sacks of flour,, rice, beans, potatoes—nil sorts of groceries fill the hampers. On each is an envelope with a ttame ami address. In each envelope is a $20 bank note. And Bill's greatest pleasure is to ride one of those trucks, trip after trip. But those who get the gifts never know from whom they come. The task over, he returns to the Roosevelt Hotel where he makes lib downtown headquarters. Each hell-boy draws $10, en ch waiter $5, each telephone girl $5—and so on down the line. Last year his son heard about a Christmas party that the Roosevelt Hotel management was putting on for some poor children at the municipal auditorium. "I'd like to give those kids some toys," he told Seymour Weiss, president of the hotel, who was recently named with Dr. James Monroe Smith in the Louisiana Stnte University scandal. "But there'll be about 3500 of those kids," said Weiss. "What's that got to do with it?" asked William George Hells, Jr. He drove to a wholesale toy establishment and placed a $5000 order. Weiss was worried, for the boy didn't have that kind of money normally. So older Bill wns told about it apologetically. The father's chest swelled with pride. "Now, isn't that the kind of a son to have!" he said delightedly. "Are you sure he got enough toys?" Crefk insignia hangs om- Amlnt.on Ko.iK-vard, Tiv rtnorwiv O,°ca,'>s. Two Students Develop New Iron Ore Oven GRAND FORKS, N. D. (UP)Credit for developing a special processing furnace for conversion of iron ores goes to two University of North Dakota engineering stu- Uents. Louis Savage and Harold Sor- stokke created the furnace The process involved converts low- gmde homntitc ores Into a higher grade magnetic are through the use of pulverized lignite Virginia: one of Ihree daughters of Bill Hells. That same Christinas Eve Helis was cleaning against the hotel bat- having a drink with a friend "Got to get home," he said. "Got to ..wrap up a Christmas present for my, wife." ••••... .. „ ... ^j . rMjivf did you' give- her this year, BillV" his friend risked Bill reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a worn, stained envelope. He fished out a platinum bracelet, set with square-nut diamonds. It was nearly two Inches wide. It was worth between S50 000 and $75,000. ' "I didn't like the PHONE 205 FOR YOUR POULTRY Nice, fat hens and Iryers & other poultry at all times. ffE DRESS AND DELIVER FREE! STICKLER-GOODWIN CO. 406 K. Main . box it came in, he remarked. "Going to wrap it up myself." He still has the husky build of his days as a roughneck on an oil ng. But there's a slight bul'C at Die waistline now. He stands 5 feet 11 inches <mil weighs a little more than J70 pounds. His taste in clothes is quiet but costly. His business suits arc made by the best tailor In the south, and cost from $140 to $150 each. He lias a big collection of cosily walking sticks. But Bill Hciis, when he carries a cane at nil (otes one that a friend gave him.' It cost exactly $2.35. St. Louis Zoo Loses Penguin Valued at $112 ST. LOUIS (up)-someone stole a penguin, valued nt $112, from the St. Louis zoo, and now Director George P. Vierlicller is wondering whether the person' in whose hands the bird eventually found Itself isn't having n bit of trouble. He says a. woman called up to ask about (lie proper cure of a penguin. Vlcrheller can't help wondering if. it isn't his bird, because, he says,, such creatures' aie not plentiful in this nrea. The woman said she had been given the bird by her brother. . Airplane parts will be standardized tm-oughout the world, thus affecting the plane itself, iU en- ffine pai (s, and fuel specifications Convention In Pittsburgh Will Be Kcynolec! By Senator Pepper PITTSBURGH, Aug. 10. (UP)Young Democrats will assemble here 10,000 strong Aug. 10 for the opening of a three-day national convention which Is expected to bring important preliminary skirmishes of the 1940 Presidential campaign. With a dozen, or more, national party leaders scheduled to appear delegates were reported preparing or a lively scramble for advantages to cau-y into next year's nominal- nc convention. Hen. Claude Pepper, of Florida, vlll keynote the convention, other iromlncnt leaders to npperu- will be: Assistant Secretary of Wav Louis Johnson; Sen. Alben lliirkley. 61 Kentucky; Aubrey Williams, Nu- lonfi) Youth 'Administrator; Paul McNull, federal .security ndmlnls- ralor; Robert II, Juctaan, .solicitor icncral; Sen. Josh, of Okln- lonm; and Mayor Edward ,J. Kelly, of Chicago. Ickcs May Attend Secretary of Commerce Harold Ickcs, Secretary of Labor Francs Perkins, Undersecretary of State Sunnier Wells and Gov. A B ^handler, of Kentucky, have im- lounced hopes of attending the esslons nnd requested that their nvltatlons be held open. Backers or Presidential nspl- anls were expected to utilize the ncellng as a sounding board for he coming nominating convention. Indiana has announced that it vlll send a delegation of 1,500 to ooiu the bid of the state's former governor, McNull. lo head the arly's ticket In 1940. McNull has nnounccd lie will seek the noml- latlon unless President Roosevelt nnounccs for n. third term. Texas will boost Vice-Presldcnl John Nance Garner, • while Sen epper was expected lo draw the' upport of the Florida delegation Postnwsicr OcnornJ Jnmes A. FIW- '<>)' «'lll i) L . luivunccd uy Nuw Ynvk's Ueporls liav a wnimiiled from Washington Hint New York imd IVxws party leaders were 1 1111 »iUl-Rodsvvelt bloc nnd would "lU'mpt lo overthrow New Ut'iil central o( ihu Young DomocnUs. Joseph A. Hurt-, Pennsylvania »OI«IB iX'macnit president tnul ciiiiltnmti of (ho convention's cre- iieiilinls committee, commenting on the reports, suld the sllimtlon wns »lng watched" in Washington. "There probably will be nn iit- tcmpt nude nt- the convention to chunge (he constitution's voting provisions." he S nkl, Present provisions p.lve eneh stale (ive votes reyiiixllcss of mem- •"rshlp mid an tuidltlomil vole for ich 1,(WO piild members up (o flee Hit! number of Ihu slate's niljivsslorml I'epre.srntntlon. JJnrr Id it would be possible to "pad" ''t'Biiliims by paying Ihe ICr cent t'mlji'tshlp fee for "plianlom" Outstanding In Ihe Imlllo for control of the orgnnliuitlon will ba (he, for the national presidency. In the Held for (he olllce m-e llompf M. Ailimis, of Chicago, nlilo of Mayor Kelly; 1'ul Dencon, of llmiUngloii, \v. Vn,; John Nell, oi SluuiUon, Vn,,; mis 11111, of Oklahoma ulty, mul Hnvry Slmnk, of Ohio. -, , , ; Other amlcsts will center around nuiemimeius to Ihe organisation's constitution. Mnny proposnta nl- remly Imve been sttljmltted lo the committee on' constitutional changes, which Is bended by John S. Brcslln, of Pennsylvania. Included among the proposals arc those made by Tyson Mnncr, president of the organization, of Montgomery, Ala-. They provide for •••• NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service placing Ihe ndinlntslmtlon of the organisation'!! mrni rs between bl ennlnl conventions in Ihe Imiuls o n nine-member executive commlt- Jcc. Instead of the 00-meuiter i )a llotwl cotntnlttee, mi<l requiring " nallomil president us Jonesboro Council Hears Radio Proposal JONHSBORoTArk,. Aug. ved o. orlmivoost of submitted B p ropcs ,,, (o 3 _ of Jones- for police broadcitstlug: stalloti" 1 in nt u cost of $1100. nld (ho city m ralslneVimh [„ j»i«lmw and install Aw stallon >i thu city would iipprove It No action iv,i s ink,,,, lt '(...|.., r ilnlwl tluu Uic ,.|(y W1 ; S w ,, h ^ V,? 1 1 ° 1 , > ,'"' d " l::t! »"' •••"'llm. mi<| bo n,mic°'•"''' '"' IV " r ' r °'' ri "" ls '" It woiiUI be iimvls/ M,\l^ ^ (o launch such n campaign Also, It was pointed out,' muy in thi sltite police nntr Ititin-o tocalo a IfniisniUler In on n ctty stntlon until the slate pvo;>osnl wns denitllcly dccldwj or nbniittoncd. Cabinet Maker Carves WPA Worker in Maple UNESVMXE, Pa. (OP) ~ Ed mund Angercr's impression of ib men ho works wllli Is embodied li n 3<J-!ncli ngnrc carved In !;olli maple. licforo he left his nallvo Buda. Ml 21 ycai-s iigo, Angerer's limn bio cnblnct-mRkltie workshop wn: pntronlzcd by the toynl /timlly o Austria. Hut America wns nloof to his ilclu-ate carpentry nnd carvings nul he turned to hard work among mni working men for Ills principal source of Income. fn Ihreo months of his spare time he carved the figure of a miseulitr workman In solid maple iml llllwl it "wi>A Woikmtiii." It ms Hlliacti'il fnvorablo coinnient. Case School Will Aid Aeronautical Research ,.. .: - ="«B'-.-«™ unit tui' oinii city would want l«, mk,, no action ,'omt W.YKIA. O. (UP)-Edwar.t Mller, 28-yenr-old Avon farm W crk- cr, arrived liere lo <lo jury duty nil Instead spent five dnys In [ho counly Jnll. Miller stretched n 10- nlnute court recess Inlo half an iour and ju ( i ge C luy n. fhullcy found him guilty of coiricmpl of YELLOWSTONE Trans-Aflantlo mailplanes are now being refueled in the nir at the rate of 1000 gallons over a 10- miiiutc period. TAYLOR t WtLUAMS DISTIUERIES '' Oiilrilinlnl lij- UNITKD LIQUOlt. \Vliol«aIcn ' nocfc. Fan Smith. Weal TKJLICK saw/re If You. Arc Thinking of Buying A USED TRUCK Don't Buy Until You Have Looked Over (he Largest Selection lo Be Found in N. R Arkansas. Corner Vine & Second. A Few of the Main/ Bargains 1038—Chevrolet 1 y { Ton L. W-B. 7.50x20 Duals. Perfect Condition 3937—Ford, l'/ 2 Ton S. W-U. A Heal Bargain 1037—Chevrolet lV t Ton S. W-B & 22' Trail cr. A-l Condition 1337—CMC Vi Ton Pick-up Perfect Condition 1937—CMC Vi Ton With Stake Hotly Looks and runs like new 1937— International |/ 2 Ton Long \V-B. Panel Botly—Will Painf. Choice color RIodcJ A Ford Coupe A good buy at Distributors of International Trucks $259 $495 $367 $396.50 DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. 1-ton Panel, 133' W. B. US' body (Hoot length behind driver's seal). Detroit <leliv«rod price includes 2 bumpers, front shock nbsorb- ets, spare tire. Fed. lux, etc. Transportation and State and local taxes (if any), extra. 855 Vi-tan Pickup, 116' W.B.7Sl/,",xW,'body. Spare tire, 4 double- acting shock absorbers, l'"ed. lax, etc., included in Detroit delivered price. Transportation, and State and local taxes (if any), extra. 590 lV4-ton Standard Stake, 133" W. B.9-fu body, Dclroit delivered price includes Fed. lax and std. equipment. Transportation, dual wheels and Slalo and local taxes (if any), extra. $ 780 TRADE NEXT 30 DAYS DEPENDABLE ASK FOR OUR EASY BUDGET TERMS! TO TRUCK HEADQUARTERS during August and see what we mean by TRUCK BARGAINS! We particularly want you to take a good look at the MOST DEPENDABLE truck on wheels-one that will put money in your pocket by its economical, trustworthy, service-free operation—DODGE TRUCKS They are engineered to outwork and outwear any truck you've, ever owned-and you can depend on it, this DEPENDABLE DODGE will do it. The quality of Dodge engineering; matches that of the most expensive trucks — Dodge prices are down with the lowest. USERS' ^ ° Ur St ° Ck ~ a " our reconditioned USED TRUCKS-every new DODGE TRUCK-goes into this big Annual August Truck Event. thJm S '7r° Ur Ch u? CC t0 tUm in your P resent tr ^k on Ln^ ^ V ° rable te , rmS ° f the ^ ear and START NOW cashing in on the MONEY-SAVING operation Of a DEPENDABILITY-ENGINEERED DODGE. Make no mistake about it, this is the smartest time of the year to buy a truckl Come in or phone today! BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 117-119 East Main St. rhono 888 (UP) ^ Case School of Applied Science here has M ,. a eianl of $1 ' 8W from National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics to be used in iimmtlng a research project The problem to be studied at Case, assistant urofcwor'or aei'o- dynamics, l<j "a, basic aerodynamic Invcsllgallon of . boundary layer control lo study the ellecl of air upon the drag of airplane wings" Preliminary studies by Dr Weske « ml Karl BcheucJier, a senior at Cnse, have shown the possibilities of reducing the wind resistance of airplanes through such a study, M/fr Coolest Spot in Town Watch Society Fife Of Courier Newi F« Free Show Guetb Last Times Today Also 1'ammoiml News * Comedy 2Go Admission Mnlliice 10c * Night Wo & .ICo FRIDAY, AUG. V 150 GOOD RKASONS M'hy You Should Attend Msitince qr Nighf 5 : -. $ $ S ? $ ;^->»i. AHM SHERIDAN- DICK POWElL.QAlE PAGE HELE?{ BROOERICK-ROMALD REAGAN-ALIEN ENKINS-ZASU FIHS-MAXIE f;os£NBLOOM o^d fh* Norkmcl Jintfbvj Owmpttn. itrl b ? So, !/«> D hi • A VVASKEft JROS IW« MAHKPD TRFF AinTm, rn AT , L °, U J S GEORGB ftlOTOR CO., Osceola, Ark. MAHKLD TRRR MOTOR CO., Marked Tree, Ark. C . W. WHITE AUTO SALES, KcnncU, Mo. Also selcclcrt shorts Admission Matinee lOc & 2Go IGc & SGc ROXY Admission always I8o * 2 Mallaee* Frl.-S*t.-Snn. Last Times Today PAL NIGHT! 2 adoilUcd JACKIE COOPER Also selected shorts Friday - Saturday Also earloon * serial "Hawk of Wldernrsj. Conliiiuoiis show Saturday.

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