The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1931
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Served by the United Press V'.'i.. XXVii—NO. 25r- . BLVTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blythevllle Courier, Blythevlllo IJally Ne-vs, nivthevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley I-eadc 111.VYILKVli.UK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 111:! 1 . SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Two eachvitte Bankers Under Arrest 1 ™ Fight Scan Ocean J. F. and Former Plane Crew IIORTA, AZORES. Jan. 12 (UPI A strong northeaster, bringing . i j stormy weather and vicious winds. .Crick, whipped over the Azores today apparently ' hopeless Oft to Panana Mancuv(M % s Cashier, Face Charges. vine ta,Jfer/chL'ge°d C wiih rccfiv-l. while an watch was kept for a- man and a woman who had challenged the! Atlantic on u night of 2.000 miles : from Bermuda to the Azores. I Second Robbery In Less Than A Week Nets Yegg- men Ane '' had mounted d«ring deposits in an insolvent bank. waived examination nnd were bound . ?.'« . t!le 1 ." > .". ra .!. l Ly hlcl L N K S - . Bcr >'' officers wore of the opinion lo- V that expert, safe blowers have K t _ _ Hart and L(. William S. MacLaren , Invaded the' Blytheville territory R.°b McKnl|lit ll tliis 11 ar r ic^non'i StlCe ! whlle sca P !!ino "Tratleu'liid" turned | number of attempted safe robberies Thn,, ,v™-^" - H i i , i into a falllt ho ' 3t! tll ° 5 ' ln 'B' u llavc l i" the past lew months have grad- miSSed thelr mal% B Sma1 ' sroup! uated into the class of experts. I For Ihe second time within six I ' , days safe robbers made a haul at ° ;1CK " CoaSt ' ^ Ul , "° ™«1 <>f »'«'' j the wholesale office of the Gulf' P' 0 ®™ «ached Paris, their ul- 1 Refining company here last night. • . timalc dcstlna(ioll _ aml ships east | T |,e conipaiiy's war- house and of- i Highway 18, i ! E c !° f isli "" ls '," the , «*«»• and C CD, ice H C Dew and A F : tlI1U "' t0 ' hc s " fely ° f ' Robinson while each cf the ' de^ f-iid-inls il=o «'"iicd the other's i^nd.inl. .n.,0 ... O ned the others Captain Ivy w Crawford' rcpre- 1 of thc Azores hacl not re F orted flee is located near -eivrcl the defendants ; si ? lltin ? thcir l llan -- I just west of this city. ..i.iia ucienaams. , The ^.,,(,5,™^ lcfl Hamilton.! J. P. Hotlerick. president, and Earl Roderick, cashier of the 'de-. *.' funct Bank of Leacliville. were en- j . , . , . . . route here this altwncon in the! P' ckcd "P b >' a -'»P wlthol:l Bermuda, Saturday. The flyers j Sunday night the ;afe robbers were 24 hours overdue early today.! accomplished as neat a job of! ' "safe-cracking" as has ever boon . j reported in this territory, officers sca •"«> cuslody of nfficers to appear be- Icss it was feared Mrs. Hart and fore Justice R. L. McKnlglit in an llsr co-pilot and navigator .might effert to make band on charges j !iavc become victims of the storm sale, or' accepting deposits while the! "> nt jcllt Siant breakers crashing declare. The burglars removed J13041 from the gas company's bank was insolvent. through ITorta bay. night the combin- • ation of the, safe was worked, an inner dcor forced open and $15U I removed. • . •• All evidence—or lack of evidence | —indicates that both robberies were the work of the'same group. The eldDi- Roderick and his son| were arrested by Sam .T. llardin.l former Ulythjvil.'o police chief now ; :• deputy in the office of Harry.; Taylor, constable, anfl James • Tankersiey, another deputy con-1 stable. ! Tlie deputies were given war-1 rants for the arrest of the Rod-1 cricks from the court ot Justice. McKnight this morning. Ncill T Reed, deputy prosecutor, acting for! Juutsuuiu n, nu-| : A A xli-mpson company man-1 canai. A -' - -—district attorney; m i n j slra jj on Build! n.g I '«»r »f the -Bly|h«inc.i&tttcn,; puffier 0 ( had the combination of the safe!_ on Receiver of District WASHINGTON. Jan. 13 IUPI — The supreme court today refused ': lo i-uiiWl tin.- Arkansas fotlerni' courts to iiliniiilun jurisdiction uvri I Mob IclKCS VCngCaHCC itTi'ivrrshlp prorcidl District 17. Altack Upon Young Wo : | man Last Month. E , -, ^nfttnr*' b 1'jnim.i a. Ill rilTllUr 1 K - "'«'iw. « boiulhokler. and C. i Inl r I I IHr I 1: Cll KSor. u landowner, uskoil lei 111 I U I U IILi hnvc the federal courts forced In i I drop til-. 1 ca::c us they had previous-! i ~ ,~ TI r> '>' 1: ioui;ht similar proceeding In 1 .— A mub "uincd Raymond Gunn, lit))'IllCIlt lor IhoSC Ke-;sliilc i:ianccry i-niirl. nvBia. to dentil near here today. MAllYVILLE. Mo,. Jan. 12. (UP) ceiving Help Will Be Pro- vulcci OH Public Jobs. The supreme court decision. It was explained (o Ihe Courier News by C, M. lluck. who was named leerlver by ihe dummy courl The rural school where he assaulted rmd murdered Miss Velum Colter, young school teacher, became Ills funeral pyre. The school was unopened lodny when the mob- AnanKemenls will bu completed \. u[or ,„ lh[ , ,. ram i,, B 0( ,„,. fcder-j reached" lac- scone of the crime to wllilii a lew days under which nil nl receivership, does nol menu an i execute ll.s vengeance on Gunn, as able bodied men whose families ure cm , lo , hc „„„,., lo tc ,.lmc the] a successor to Miss Colter had not dependent upon lhe Red Cross will | (tfv to i),,. state courts. i tocn selected and pupils bad not be mil to work, olllrors of ihe loi-al Today's doclslnn was oil n plea >• FIRE nluBLLtuE .esboro A. and M. .. In both burglaries the Iront door. Here's ihe striking picture mode by "the U. S. S. TCMS, flagship of t:ie I tl-e office was.forced open in | Atlantic fleet, as she sailed down New York's East River to the ocean exactly the same manner and the safe rolled rrom its position in a corner of the office out into the ! center of the room. s L;-Gladish, filed informations for ths warrants Ihe oilier dajyOue of the most jpowerful of Uncle Snm's war vessels, (he Texas Is to take part In defense maneuvers cl Panama, where llio recent revolution caused fears for the safety of the United' States' canaL Adm'.ral J. V. Chase, comfnnnder 9? the U. S. fleet, was aboard, snips. were to Join the Texas at. Hampton Roads, Va. • before Justice McKnlglit early today. Mr. Reed declined to stats on what specific cases the informa- -.ion's had been filed but it is re-'.^'y morning Destroyed Today. JONESBORO. Jun. 12. (UP)—All s ™P l th <> liably repsrted that a delegation of' administration building of Arkan- ritizens conferred with Mr. Glad-: 53 * A - and M - college, one mile ish Saturday regarding the prose- north of here, today did damage cutlons. " estimated at (1150,000. Thc Bank of Leachvills failed to Tile tuilding was completely de- • open its doors for business on: stroyed despite tile efforts of stu-! November !8!li. An attempt to re- j tlent volunteer fire fighters and' .-,.-„., bv eo , nnnn v -mn'oyecs open the bank ended In failure and J the Jonesboro department which re ' cmereu UJ >-"-"i'-"'y -' i • > 1 changed immediately after the i Tuesday night robl)ery. lie is of the opinion that the burglars, EUC- ces:ful in (heir first attempt work the safe combination, vercj thwarted last night and were fore- j ed to resort to explosives to open ihe safe. Tli" big steel concrete filled cioor safe was lying beside the )X this morning when dis- PO-X Will Start Flight Jan. 20 Is Announcement LISBON, Portugal, Jan. 12. (U['> its affairs were definitely turned over to tli2 state banking commts- sponded to the general fire alarm, injured in . *-• Anicles in ihe room were nor.. nt Special Criminal 1CITO ^r^^rjSi^i±rrr B i^&™^J - -=&—.. ^nd when 'rraTgned before J»s-L ch ^'! n \™ n ±*"£ "1!^!^ »'"l «l" he ™s offering a reward | to fall ,erm of criminal cmt. Id —The Hylr.g boat DO-X projected trims-Atlantic ; flight January 20th, officials an- W -M n - , ] nounced today. The first halt on ill r reside ! her flight to the United States will be Ihe Canary Islands. lice McKnight late today. King of Chicago Bombers ; Shot Dov/n by Gang Foesi CHICAGO, Jan. 12 iVPf— Pierc-' cd by six bullets as he stepped into ills automobile, James Eelcastro,; kirvvn as the "king of thc bomb-1 ers" and listed just three notches; below Scarface Al Capcne nmoivs. Chicago's public enemies, was in a I'litical condition early todf.v. , The two men who ambushed iV-lca-.'.ro fired twelve shots six c! which struck tMr mark. One which hit him in thc back was ex- jrchool in temporary class rooms to- | of ^ for th(! nn . cst nnd .^..victLon I 1 •'• • of the burglar or burglars. I Members rf the city police force, sheriff's office and constable's office investigated the case this morning but all admitted they were completely baffled by the robbery. scheduled :o begin WedneFday. Jan. 14 has bwn called off—except; chapter announced loday A.s scon us the necessary details can be worked out. focKl requisitions for families conliilnlnij men able lo work will be Issued only upon evidence that they have been earne;!. Those who refuse lo work w-ill b; denied food. Thc national Red Cross approves Lhe employment of men receiving Red Cross aid, but does not pcrmtl their use on private work. City residents applying for aid, therefore, will be used as far as possible at the Red Cross woodyard. and on city work, while rural residents will be put to work on the county roads, at cleaning put drainage 1 ditches and ditch banks, and ht clearing school section!)! i Arrangements arc now being made with thq county highway department and with Drainage District n for the employment of a considerable number of the Red Cross beneficiaries. At Dell thc school district Is arranging to use a number of men clearing school land. All men employed on theso various projects will rccelva cpm'censu- tlon at the rale of $1 'ixjy.-rtay.-iii requisitions for food. Each will bo given employment each week sufficient to provide food enough for his family. Over ICO requistlons were filled at the local Red Cross otfice Saturday. Today, to enable the workers In charge of Hie oflke U> bring their records up to date, the office was not opened until I o'clock, by which time a crowd of 100 or more had gathered at the city hall. Assurance was given that, the office would remain open until every applicant had been taken care of. for an- order from the supreme court restoring the receivership to Ihe chancery court. An appeal trom the federal district court or- ccr csliiblKliinj! the federal receivership Is now pending In f been called back lo claosea. Si'licd un Way In Court Giinn was Belied by the mob as he was being taken to court here • 1 to plead guilty lo the nunder of ."•' Mies' Colter. He was half led, half ctl " i drugged 'rom Mnryvlllc lo the . receivership will nulomadcally revert to the clmuuery court. Clillton Scolt (it Lltlh. Hock, the federal receiver, has been In charge of alfalrs of the district since his appointment by Judge John E. Marllncau sonic months ago. Prepares to.Svyihg Rapidly ''Into Roti'iJn'e'bf'Cfo Two Months' Work. LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 1UP> — The -IBlli biennial session of the Arkansas legislature convened at noon today. Formal opening of the t\vo houses was accompanied v.-ltli brief services and legislature leaders quickly swung into the work of organizing their respective branches for what Is expected to be the mosl Important session In years. The usual crowd of spectntorr were present- and' the bustle ana £tatc School Librarian Wil! Be Here This Week Miss Christine Sanders, librarian for cases which may be disposed; of by the presiding judge without jury trials or witnesses. Ncill Reed, deputy projecutor, Ftated this morning that S. L- •GlEdish, district prosecutor, was' engnsed in a court session at Pig- poll and could not be here lor thai three-day adjourned scrsion as or-' iginally planned. Mr Reed stated' WASHINGTON. Jan. 12. (UP)— I hat he made the announcement In swift succession and without rec- ns nrn as possible to jurors ord voles the senate loday con- Senntc Acls Favorable on Four of Six Men Named by President. 2mecl Jewish Phiianthrop- i ISt Slir.CUmbs in New of the state department cf educa- ! Mid ^ witnesses^ the expense oi a firmed four of six nominees"of the York al Age of 82. tion. is to be here this week la con- , ' ri P here for the cession. fer with Mrs. H. A. Smith, libra- I Virgil Greene,-acting judge, who commission. A stiff and perhaps long fijhl NEW YORK. Jan. 12. (UPi—' Blytheville public library. , 'rian. regarding improvement of Hi: : V'tcslt!?d at the adjourned week of was anticipated against E(i?ar B. Will Rnaprc Mac Family jexcitement that accompanies such niu Rogers Has family cvcms wns not lacklll(f Team for Polo Competition SANTA MONICA, Cal., Jan. 12.: WlUon Takes Oath The senate responded to the gavel of Lieutenant Governor Lee Ca- polo game Stmdny nnd todny Ihe cowboy humorist was contemplntlnj organizing an all-Rogers family team. ^ Playing ihls Jimmy Rogers. 14. teamed up Sunday with Will sr.. Will jr.. who is 13. and Carl Beiilcr. and defeated Ihe Buccaneers ill the Uplift club, 11 to 7. i m I t 1 I'll- Ull-ILIUVta ' "™^._ s ™ e !ll.c roll called rcnce E. Wilson, lieutenant gover- or elect, who took over the dir3c- Ulon of the upper house as soon ar , the members were .sworn In anc Members of the house of rcpre sentatives, numbering 100, w ? r t lef : criminal court held recently will Brossard of Utah. After retails': Will jr.. scored four and Jimmy Wll, s,. was the star of the game scoring seven goals, as many as all four players on t!'.e team. | A !fv tcm|X)r|11 . y omcfrs „.,,.., =c ot miles. Handcuffs were left on him diu-liiK Ihe trip. The negro plcr.d:d rcpeulcdly for mercy. The mob was noisy as It marched ovnvd Ihe schcolhousc until it iciircd Its uoal. Then silence sct- Icd on it and directions for the ex- cullon were given by leaders ot the unb In voices almost subdued. qiinn was marched past the gul- cy In which he lay in wall Ipr Miss loiter until classes" wer t dismissed on the afternoon of Dtci.Torr 13. was then led up lo life schcol- louse Into which he had sneaked to seize, attack and kill her. Shingles were hastily, ripped '•• from a section of the.roof arid the' b»re rafters formed Improvised stairs on which Gunn was led to ' the top of the roof. Gunn had Etecled himself.for. the ordeal he • knett-awaited *hln> at ot-< the inarch. He sold hot a word and offered no -resistance when he reached tlic. school house as prep- . nratfons were made to burn liiiri alive. Accepts Kale Culinly He lay .down on thc roof when ordered by Ihe mnb leaders and wailed to be chained. He made Just one move to adjust his coat under him so Hint he would be more comfortable. The negro lay there In silence while gasoline was brought and poured about him on the roof and those preparing for thc execution stepped down from the roof. : The torch was applied and almost instantly the entire roof was enveloped in flames. The crowd watched In silence as the fire rapidly burned the light frame structure. Suddenly Iherc was a wall of agony from the negro then nil was still except for the roar of the Dames. In a few minutes the roof crashed In on top of the desks in th= schoolroom, carrying the charred bcdy of t-he ncijro. The tire was left to burn Itself out and ths body- was almost cremated as It lay In Ihe center of the burned building. A crowd of more than 4.500 saw him die. pocted to. prove fatal. He would-Nathan Strauss. 82, widely known | gj,,, w m ^\so help catalogue th? ' ^ on tllc bench Wednesday. He perfunctory debate Henry P. Kiel- \ tniw tell who shot him. [taiian Trans-Ocean Flyers Feted at .philanthropist, merchant nnd lead-!libraries of the Reiser ami Whit- • w '" RCC<! Pt Bnl'ty pleas that may cher, Pennsylvania, was confirmed i cr of American Jewry, died yester- ; ton schools and will visit all "'- i be offercd a " d attend to the rnu- as chairman. The opposition to him ;day In his apartment here of heart gro schoo , s ' ai(lcd t .y th'° We'i- I!K! dlltie ' i rt tlle C0llrt ' | failure and high blood pressure. ! wald Memorial fund. At the negro ' strnllss had bccn in fnilln B health ' schools she .will make InvestiBa- since tl:« death of-his wife bstiuons concerning library facllitie-- .May and had been bedridden f=i- for future references r.e duties rf the court. was voiced chiefly by Senator Bo- cd polo on her father's field nnny i served only until Irving c Ncalc —— ;rah, Republican. Idaho, who said limes. Rogers now can assemKc a'sebasllan county, was sworn in a« Sixty-five nrr c:nt of the cigar- Fletcher was "wilfully ignorant" of full team in his own family. .speaker BAHTA. Brazil. Jan. 12 (UP)— Ihe last two weeks. Italian Air Minister Italo Balbo. Outstanding accomplishments of and the crews of eleven Scaplanesjhis long career included the estab- that crossed the south Atlantic and '• lishment of pastuerized milk sta- flew COO miles down the Brazilian • tjons where pasteurized milk was coast from Na'.al to Bahia were; S0 ld below cost, his relief work in honored and entertained by Brazil-1 the panic of IBM, Ms world wari ian officials and Italian societies: «-ork. which Included the sendln-'i here today. of a snip load O r food to Palestine' els made In the United States are tarlrr matters i W " hin M mlmilcs nfter actl °" frrm North Carolina. They'll Dance to Arkansas Traveler al Oklahoma Governor's Inaugural • on Pielcher Ihe senate confirmed ! Thomas W. Page, Virginia.. John A. ! Coulter, North Dakota, and Alfred ' P. Dennis. Maryland. There re- i mained thc nomination of Bros- f \ named by Representative Archer 1 Ford AgS'ilCV at Havti ;Whcat!cy, Craighead county, who I IT n n- • , wncaucy, uraigne^u county, who u n TV • T The humorist's daughter Mary. |had been agreed on as tcmporarv! " a S DC6n Discontinued 1C, Is an expert rider and has play-;speaker at a prc-sesslon caucus. He' County Teacners Attend Conference at Burdette I The 40 instructors of nine Mis- CT. First Bills Tomorrow Chief Justice Hart of the slat? administered the s of both lious:> n Lieutenant Gov- |crnor Wilson and the hous; speak- suprcme court to also s ahead since the majority of its Mamages in County Fall the death of a small daughter from .ray. whose appeal to the ••common 'tlon ID "all \vho like good nu^'c I contaminated milk, has been call-' people" swept him into office 0:1 a like 'Arkansas Traveler' and "Li::!?! led one of the greatest factors in | Democratic -landslide. ' .Brown Jug" 1 came from ths gov- 238 Under 1829 Record ' cutlln * lnfallt mortalft 5"- ! CKlah Do*- Thomas Murray. 91.! "nor-elect Murray hlmsfk and | '•> ; In 1874 Strauss established a'his father, who "guesses Bill turn-J General Richard A. Enecd. 8V in-j HAYTI. Mo.-^starting Monda'yj January 12 Hayti is to be without a Ford agency and garage for the first time in ten years. This step became necessary after' the Ford company adopted the plan of haying only one agency In counties as sparsely psnuljtsd as Pemiscol and. Nev: Madrid ccunties are. There have b;cn three Ford azencics In Femiscct county at Stcele. Hayti, . - — . i *-••- •--*• ,,UK,,.. .11.0 oi^n-A, u ui-,and CamtliErsvi'sl-? Can:thersvill° is he «mn»«;t=n *» He able to Association who attended the all : nctally present Hie gavel to Hep- to have the remaining agency and ho.-,,! s , n ^ th. m,i n niv n f if, day Incellng M BurdeU e yesterday' resent-itlve Neale upon his election, there will be no branch officers heard an Intcieslmg proaiam. • which was expected by acclama-1 Luke Van Ausdale lias been man- ' ; Demonstration leacning In the 1 , tlon. jaecr of the Hayti agency, known as (Junior high and intermediate; The afternoon session probably Hie Hayti Motor Co., fcr t'^e last | grades, talks concerning art appre-: will be devoted lo organization ! five years. • elation, a leaching philosophy, j work and the selection of employer,. 1 Ti-.e Havtl a?->n"v is ti'l-mivH Standards for Judging certain lypr, | Introduction of the bills will -Ur * 5 sard and Lincoln Dixon. Indiana, '.sissiypi county schools. Included in 1 Dr. W. H. Abington, siwakcr o! Rfgr.rdles> cf the action on these'groui> 2 of the Countv Edticition ! . . . ,,, O.MUJ^ M Ml till. ^^IILII.I titlML.lLluJI | ver. Democrats through Semtor i Harrison. 1,1 1930 the business depression - chlna and B' 85551 ' 3 " Importing bus- led out to be a pretty good boy af- coming secretary of state, will (Inure , ,„" affected the marriages to such a -i: iness - which he open« a de-!ter all." was selected to admCiis- tho nrst sot to the acconrn:iii:-.'nt! ' _ extent that 238 fewer licenses wcre: p(inment of tho B ' H; Mac y store.'ter thc oath at noon. I of scraping fiddles nn:l mouth or-1 _. . . ,. : ;„„(....! ««..^.i.. *, 'From this start thc Strauss hjut- ~. - i _*_.. _.m u_ i..'. 'sans. i ,Niv IVl^n i 5"hSt,mJSc Ol llls attlu ' cle have_ served, of lesson, the work of the prlncl-Ucmcrrow. the teaching of arithmetic! ** the program. For lunch < tie Parent-Teacher asso-1 Saiador Landslide served an appctljinl menu.' Issr.ed in Mississippi county than in 1929, when 1493 were Issued Irom the BIytheville and Osce offices. Most of the 1260 licenses sccu in the pnst year were in the firs', j n ber a: Ing a decided decline which wen: j to one-third in comparing las'! month's records with thos; of D> i The usual pageantry will be hck- 8 a , n , s - ~. «X Men in Boat IL-UH ^,i>i.-u tui HIJ^IK-UII iiienu. VII 1rtJ r\ «i «r i Miss Sarah Parkinson, Burdetts.i ftlilS Ia4 Kail Workers 'and Miss Vclda Adcock. Blythevllte, to Newport, Ark. Maize Chlsm, oresent manager of PorUgeville Ford agency. Is to ba miniger of tl'.e new agency at Newport. Oscar Wilkinson, recent parts man at Hayti. U to takj Chism's place at Portagevllle. „. n -I i dkt:u ss<xl the art programs; Mis,-: GUAYAQUYT,, Ecuador Jan 12- Since Sunday j Winnie Virgil Turner, county su-!(UP>—A landslide on the Guay-^ !pervlsor, took up the instructing of aquyl, Quito railroad Saturday kill-i ' WEATKER in the pnsL JL.VI »civ HI uiu n:s • nine months, the Ocloter. Novom-1 Ohio Senate Get* Four ber and December receipts show-1 "° £ e "' ue U«» rour Dry Law Repeal Bills '' I mand of all state departments. The governor should set an ex- for COLUMBUS, O., Jan 12 (UP)_ no state funds of the corts. cember a year ago. Four bills to rcpea] thc SWf The local cffice wrote 727 licsns- ! hibitlon laws and repeal state con- 1 Chief White Horse, leading adM- ; last year while M5 were issuer stitutinal provisions creating the! i P01NTE A LA HACHE. La Jan ' aTi thnu2lic m primary and Inter- ed 194 of a group of 200 workers, I .„.,. ...... „ , . ... , in mv less but I rucss It w-l! be ill 12. iUP)-The waterv wastes near : medll >'e Eradcs; Benjamin Hartoa, '• officials of the road said today. ARKANSAS-Fatr and cclder in riCh;' tonight." SnVd replied ' ; here were being searched tcday for' XVill »°n. spoke on "Tlie Principal! ™**™ V?rt™. freezing tonight; Murray had his firs! virv <". '.^ ' six men who left Buras. La, by' ?' ld " is Job ' ° n!l M|5S w "«« A 'i Japan Train Plunger I governor's mansion which duri:i<!: boat Sunday for this fif.ilns and Ln V°"' .,, coum - vv superintendent.! -""^an I rain riU.lgCS j Accord , n , 0 (h( . offlc[al ^^ the cainpp.tgn b? threatened tc ro:i'. trapping .village and who have nol. spoRe on _ A Teaching Phllosaphy."I . J n l 0 R lver Killing SlX observer. Charles Phillips, the mln- nnd live (n the «ragc. bcfn heard cf since. . •; .imum temperature here yesterday "Dnn't know how we'll arrange There was no otlklal record of a ; The first seaplane, "The Loon" i TOKYO, Jan. 12 (UP)—A fast was 35 degrees and the maximum trims'n the mansion yet." he slid, boat leaving Buras,- authorities; was tried rut by Its imvmtor, olen express train en route from Shi--60 degrees; cloudy with .23 In:hc3 from the Osccola office of the coun- j prohibition department were Intro t>- court clerk. | duced in the Ohio senate today,

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