The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1949
Page 13
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THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1943 BT-YTTTEVTLT,!! (ARK.V COtTKTFK NEWS PAGE Fine Beef Flavor Family Favorite From Lordly Roast To Homey Stew, Each I Cut a Different Meal There's hardly a food l IK doe-sn'L pro with bcel. Its hearty flavor almost demands that it, be served \vilh a different food each time, and (his Is more than possible when you consider how well all beef cuts, from a lordly beef roast to a homey family stew male with other foods. More than that, beef goes well wiili each of the seasonal food? points out Rcba Staggs, food authority. Spring's tender young vegetables, whether cooked or hi peppy tossed s:itacl. have luk . Roodr.css for beini! .served \» Mh lender Salisbury steak or m'<-~ pie Spring fruits, too. lend savor to beef. The next time you have a beef roast, .serve it v. h tart rhu- bamb .vnuoe In orange cups. In I he summer, when gardei produce is at, its best, there's many an opportunity for a good bee and vegetable combination, whc tlior served indoors or out. Mnvtx it's a pk'in'c, with n sturdy meat toa carried right to the picnic site it a pan. and accompanied by a var icd and generous assortment, of crisp vciictabl? relishes. Or may be it's heef rinbobs, threaded on a f ioasting fork with sweet onions and /omato halves, then roasted over glowing coals or broiled indoors, Falls finds savory squash, corn. green pepper, apples, pears and ece-plant on the scene, and ovnn better' for being included in a meal with beef. Green peppers stuffed with ground beef is one of fall's most special treats, while breaded eRg-plant slices make a fine accompaniment for a homey dish such as braised arm steaks, Wintre-time means hearty foods, and here beef shines again, in stews and meat pies accompanied by hot biscuits and mixed vegetable salads. Ground beef is the basis Tor adding flavor to some of the filling one-dish meals and CURSE roles so popular during this see.son. Griddle Cakes Keep a Man Happy Griddle rakes and syrup protlu ce masculine breakfast Miil Start tlie day with a "stack o! dratted, CM In ple-shupcd butter and syrup, the house will be Better Than Ever Enameled Utensils How Being Made ,« Enameled utensils are better to- dsy than ever before, according to Enameled Utensil Manufacturers Council, Cleveland. Ohio. Major credit /or the improved products goes to a cooporafK'e research project in the Department of Ceramic Engineering at the University ol Illinois sponsored by the group of leading manufacturers since 1941. As a result of this .scientific research, an improved type of enam eledware now is on the market. H is glass - on - steel enameldware since it has been proved that porcelain enamel actually is a hetw; glass which is fused at hit-h tem perotures onto steel utensils. Combining the sanitary features of glass with the durability of steel, thin Improved enameleciware otters housewives several unique advantages. As a, glass-coated utensil. It is non-porous. Tt does not hold or transfer food odors, nor does it discolor foods. The smooth glass coatings of enameled utensils resist stains and are r therefore, easy to keep clean and sanitary. And if a utensil dots become slightly stained after long use. the stain may be removed by rubbing it with a damp cloth .sprinkled with baking soda. Harsh abrasives and vigorous scrubbings are not necessary. Utensils, such as teakettles ami double boilers, which collect lime deposits from boiling water may be freshened by boiling a mild solution of vinegar and water in them. Of particular advantage Is the -fact that glass-on -steel enamel cd- (foTfire may be used to prepare, store and re-heat food. Thus, one enameled utensil can serve many purposes in the kitchen. In cooking in enamelertware, it is best to use sufficient liquid so thnt utensils will not boil dry. A good practice is to lower the heat when food reaches the boiling point. To receive long service from enamfled- ware, housewives are advised to give it the treatment due any good equipment. wheats" with The man of happy. * Griddle cakes (( i-e versatile They can be served at many meals. Meat roll-ups. a ariatEon of the basic reclp.e use up every lust scrap of leftover meal or chicken and make delicious supper entree Another variation is the apple pancake dessert which provides a hearty ending to an otherwise light supper of soup ind salad. Corn griddle cakes, new and different, will please all the family no matter what hour of the day they are served. Corn Griddle Cak*H (Makes 12 to 15 griddle cake*) One and one-half cups sifted flour, 314 teaspoons double-acting baking powder, m teaspoons salt, *i teaspoon pepper, 1 tcaspoan sugar. 1 egg, welt beaten, 1 cup milk. 1 cup cooked or canned corn, '2 ublcspoous melted shortening. Sift flour once, measure, add bak- ng powder, salt, pepper and sugar and sift again. Combine egg, milk and corn. Add to Hour mixture, add shortening, then mix only enough ,o dampen flour. Buke thoroughly >n hot. greased griddle. Serve hoi ivith butter and maple-blender syrup. Meat Roll-Tip* <6 servings) Use your favorite pancake recipe Spread each pancake with abou 2 tablespoons of meat mixture made by mixing together I'.i cups ground cooked meat or chicken, teaspoon ^alt, dash of >*cppcr, '' teaspoon onion Juice, and few drop. of Worcestershire sauce. Roll care fully. Serve at once 'with gravy o ftiui serve at blended syrup. wedge maple Vift D«strter Turns }ut to Be Prison Escape* LONG BEACH. Cullf.. April ai — 4V— Mrs. ClmrlFA Wntte says her us hand ran awny from htr ivnd hell 1 six children: HIP htntc of Ark- nsus says that 2'J years ngo he inn \wny from pvbou. Wade was miesiccl In I .us VTRUS, pv., on a cluugf of wife de.senion iml broughl here, Then, sold Detective Inspector hut Carslonsen. Wade was UU-nt- ficd through fingerprints as (he M, C Wude who fled frdni (he Arknnsas prison fnrm In 1920 After hiR four months of H two year sentence for auto thefl. Arkansas will seek his return io pit.scm, Caslonson said. \vell-seasoned white sauce to which ' a bouillon cube has been added. Apple Pancake Destert (6-8 servings) Use your favorite pancake recipe, making six 7-Inch pancakes. (Allow about \z cup batter for each.) Stack in two piles, spreading spiced sweetened apple sauce or apple butter between cakes, Sprinkle top with confectioners 1 sugar, if I r 61157* you »om»lhinq in on opioa lull ol Ihort (ACH AP*OH a, MADY MADf - NO SI HWV - S1MH Y **> SACK SfAMS -OH 25 LI. 54OCS QHLY KROGER PRICES ARE LOWER GET KROGER CUT BEEF FOR BETTER VALUE 1'lxi' Ixtne mid wiislc arc removed before your nii'iit is weighed and priced. Kronei' Hcef is col from top U. S. gnulcs YniiiiKer Helter lire!'— Holler Values At J. D/s MEAT SHOP U. S. Graded Good ROUND STEAK Ib. 69c Delicious, lean PORK CHOPS-lb.55< Armour's Sliced Bacon-lb.47c Pure Pork SAUSAGE - lb.35< U.S. Graded Good Pork Roast • Ib. 49c Young tender Beei Liver • Ib. 49c Meaty, full of flavor HAM HOCKS-Ib. FRESH COUNTRY EGGS - doi. 47c FRANKFURTERS! STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE 88 A delirious jhorlrake covered with lot* of fresh, juicy ripe j-traivbrr- rie* . . . And nil set to put on the table. Order yours today. FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY CURTS BAKERY At J. D.'s Meat Shop and 211 Soulh 1st We Deliver J.D.'s MEAT Shop J. D. LUNSFORD 1949 FRESH DRESSED FRYERS Full Drawn — A/so Cut-up Buy choice pieces. Ib. 59* 55 89 STEAK Ib. I9c KROGER Cuf U.S. graded good or choice. Ib. 59c U.S. graded good or choice. 25 WHITTO Dressed Ib. 19 C BACKS 37 WINGS BREASTS 98 LEGS PORK LOIN ROUST 49 SALT MEAT Klb Cut, 7 to 8 Kibs.—l,l>. Slrciilc O'l.eiin SLICED BACON „, 49 GROUND BEEF ,„ 49 pon F| , LETS on Dexter Hrnn.1 Krcsh Daily Will fll.^ 1 0 Ib. 03 — Bakery Items — — Baking Needs — — Stock-up Values — COFFEE CAKES , 19 FLOUR Dale iind Nut KrirKi'i- I'liiin nr S SHORTCAKE ft? 15" FLOUR Kroner Shells COOKIES Kroger Varieties CHEESE RSTZ K No. 2 isint; Standard KT 3 73 PEAS I'liihi or Sflf-ltisint; Slmidiml No. 'I can 10* CHEEZITS instiine ~*N ;l |)iscii llk , 17 MILK 2 Clovci-leal' Dried. Skimmed Slnndiinl E 27' HOT ROLL M!X ,,„„. 29 Dullard's nr I'illslmry P Jr \T MARGARINE 33 ICED TEA Kroner 49 C IHuiid KROGER | R R F A D • Windsor Club> 20 oz. loaves No. can 32c KROGER Sliced or Halves. EMBASSY. BANANAS Top Quality Kroger Ripened Ib 15 C *U» ' *~ Embassy Peach. TOMATOES Red Ripe Slicing Quality TUBE 19 C CABBAGE "S-J- Ib. 3tf RIHS 2-lb. jar U.S. No. 1 Medium Fresh Green. FRESH CORN 3.... Across from ttoff Hotel Phone 832 34c 31c 3k 31c Only New Rinso contains soliutn. Super Suds - 31 c 17c Lgc. Pkg. Washes clothes sparkling white for life. Lgc. Pkg. Lge. Pkg. DUZ does everything. Floods o' Suds—for whiter duds. Strawberries te p, 9 O c Layer Cake ' 59c ^^^^^^^ ^^ l/*f*t+fim \/*••*•!lit ^VAVMO Piirln Red Ripe Louisiana Kroger Vanilla Creme Fudge.

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