The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE FHA Conferences Show 80 Per Cent Arc Under $5,000 hoine-pliinnhig conferences will be held at Nashville. Tenir; New Orleans, l.a; and Memphis, Tenn. The mcellutis extend over n period of ! ivr-ck. ^ Paper Aid To Windproof Wall d:\f. or iwo thicknesses of a good inllly Imildliiu paper between Ihe lenihliiu and exterior .siding ' } untkt'x ijood, light, wlndproof Houses ranging In price from j v.aU'iied shealhiug which fib: $5,M)n downward form Hie mujor i | y because ol its ilesisn nmi nv.inii- pcr cent of the honie-owiKTSiiip f! , clim , is .,,),-,„ execllenl in prevenl- * demand in Ihe coinury today, ac-|j, 11{ ]; oneimili>ii of outside nil lidding to Howard I.ehiid Smlili, j i||,i;ugh the Jolnls. Building popci c/iief, Arelilteclurnl Section of Ihe Federal Housing Admini.slialion. This observation is based upon dala obtained while coiiducilni; .small - home - planning conference:; in 54 cities In 47 stales. Average attendance at each meeting has been In excess of MO! niniieiu ji'sii-lutiuii nnd Hie Fed persons. Tilese Include nrchilecls.j einl Housing Administration n per- binlders, developers, material men, mimi'iil Kovcmintiiital agency. De- financiers, would-be home owners, benlurr» issued againbl the llons- eily oflicials, and oilier organized j hip, AdinlntBtratlon's mutual moit- gloups Interested In promoting (jaKe-insurance fund art* Kiniriin- home ownership. [ teed by ihe United .Stales Treas- Durine the month of April small- my. laid over this type of .sheulhlng wilh Ihc edges ol the paper over- !:ip,iliV!, gives excellent protection. FHA IS I'KKMA.N'KNT The National Housing Act Is ])er- Efficient Kitchen Arrangement I Put Unused Door Space I Into Practical Usage Lighting Of Closet Increases Its Use -111111 leasl FALL INTO STEP! A modern, efficient Vitchen can be nude from an bld-faihloned, toiltom* one. Above is illustrated how one kitchen was modernized. The ice-box ipace In the buck hall (1). and Die pnntry space (3) were turned into the kitchen; the cupboard (4) wai discarded and the range (5) moved lo a new location nearer the tink (2). The new arrangement with the refrigerator (1), the sink (2), and the rungo (3) only a few steps apart and with ample work apace and itorage space between resulted tii saving hundrfda of eteps in the preparation of a single meal. A planning desk with cludr uml a broom closet in the corner were additional modern features. The structural change* involved hi such u reiiovalion and the n«w built-in equipment may now be financed wilh funds obtained from private Iliiunciiil institutions operating under the 1'ioperty Improvement Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Adminis(ration. Starts Work On New State Line Station Work stinted yesterday on the building of another service .station al the Arkansas-Missouri stale line, four miles norlli of here. E. M. NXcCnll is owner of Ihe stallon. wlilch Is located on Ihe side of fllgliway lil, after passing the curve, and is in the 300 fool zone on the Arkansas side. The stucco building will IK painted whiU; and will liuve an oranye colored tile Him. H will have a flal top design with Hie walls ex- lending above Ihe roof. The land, which was leased from Mis. G. W. Dlllalinnty, has been filled In for Die new building, which is to be modern in design and equipment. PROHCT YOUR HOME WITH THE LASTING BEAUTY OF PITTSBURGH PAINTS America is repainting as never before. Fall into slep and give your home new beauty and protection with PITTSBURGH PAINTS. You'll find that painting steps up both the value and attractiveness of your property. Start right now. Take advantage of our money-saving specials listed below. New Baths May Be Built Under FHA Does Ihe bathroom radiator taki up too much room? Arc Ihe fix Hires old-fashioned? The bathroom can be modernize! and the total cost of bringing i up to date does not have to be me nil at once. Funds for financing Hi purchase uml installation of plumbing and heating systems un fixtures can be obtained under th Property Improvement, Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration from banks, building nnd loan associations, and finance companies (it. reasonable rates. Spacious Hofils tlint lend lo noK'lieix wlnit old house hiisn'l nl line? If they luive n xullli'leiil di'pll Ihoy may be lltled Into n revised mum |)lnn In u nuimiiT Iliul Jusli- lies llii'li 1 existence. The Irnnstor- imillon fun he tlnunced wilh funds obtained iliuler Ihc I'ropoily Improvement Credit Him of Hie S'VO- <'inl ilouslni! Adiiihil.slnillon. In n bcdnmm or dressing room un uiuiH'd lUmrwtiy biirkiji'iiund nniy be ronverU'i! inlii a small divssini 1 , room with u bulll-ln mlr- 101' 111 till- ITIlIlT HIM) slll'lVI'Ji fl)l i-i.snirilis uml oiiiur make-up ulds lielow. Another practical use for Ihls space Is In equip it with shelves lor hlioo.'i, suit cases, and hat bOM'.s, In Die iluiiinlii i.'f the mull 1 , an unused doorway recess mciy bo 111- trnctlvely decoraled nnd used as u eiibby hole for 11 desk, 'nils will keep the iiondeciirnllve piece ol i>tllci' liivnltin'r from nmrilnu u planned Interior, mid, if Miclvcs for reten-nce bonks, paper, and lile^i luc ncjded, will ^erve us n compart prlvati- olllce. A clilna nnd i;lus:, enplward can be ilt k velope<l from u doorwuy recew the dining room. The kltclie.n ran ntwny.i find use for an (ixlrii closet or bulll-ln cabinet, so it innj lie seen that wherever there Is m nniisod door spucn there Is an op ixirtunlty to tuld lo Die comfort o room without IntcrfrrhiK wlt.1 the iippenrinice and lit. slliilit. rosl. l.lghliii;; lii n diirk closet Is very helpful- bill there lire (IlKiUlvnu- Inje.s to iHilli the most-used ways. Wllh n celling -light worked by pull chiilii or wiill swlloh, n person is Ilki'l)- to foriii'l mill Icfti'i.' Ilio llglil Imi'nlnu (in- hours, A switch nnl.sUlf (lie closi'l provided with u pilot lljjlil that dlows red when Ihc fliwi'l llxhl Is on Is (inn wny »l obvlullna this dUllMilly, VVIIli n lliihl (lint isors on ntito- imillenlly by menus of plmwrs when the duM'l ilnor Is opened, as In ti icfrisi'i'uloi', nnd noes oil aiiio- lullnilly wlji'ji Oil? door Is sliul, lie owner may llnd members of Ills iiinlly liuve n Imbll of nut <uilli' liulllii" dosol ilours. orcli Kail Joints Should Fit Closely When lusiiilhiig n porch mil inn rink of other extevltii' portions 01 he. house which uvo exposed ID tin venlher ull of tlie plrci's should Iji H lOKi'llUT so llml wnlei does iiu Irnlii Into the joints. Tills prwau .Ion will assist In prevenllnif do terlorntlMi of till' mulci-lul inul Mill In it loivor miiliitrimnri! r»s Rr+a counrr Ncwi WinE Adi Comfort, Beauty Can Join With Econom Fireplaces Improved By Built In Shelve* i With kiilcknncks Ihe order of the ly, u bulli-ln niantlo shelf has cn- enrcd Itself to Ihc housewife. ' These fireplace dccorailoiir. nnd ii v llreplaceu theniEelves tuny lie ulll wilh fiind.s obtained under he Properly Improvement Credit, 'Inn of Ihe Federal Housing Ad- ilnlslriilloii. They may be ennui- led to mnteli or contrast with Ihc woodwork of a room or lie of plain viixcd natural wixxl. Wllli more nnd more elcctrlenl iplillnnees on the mnrkel, the house, if loiiay neetls more outlets than ; consldcied essential 10 years i»o. l ;1 or this ven.son lionsing experts mini out llml It Ir, wise when biiy- iiiK un older hon>:<: to hnve an ex- [lerli'iiced elcctrlirlKil check llio v/lr- lni{ .system In delonnlne If It h To make n room look ns large, as possible widls should lie. lltdil nnd plain, lloovs slimiltl be cnv|iclcd from wiill to ivnll, draperies should lie llsilil colored, mirror panels may he. used mill iiuissive furniture must lie uvolcli'd. H Hikes ul leasl 10 per cent c.nsli to build a house, on it loan. Often tin? lol i'([iinh tills perreiitiisje. SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY SUN-PROOF. The protective paint for exteriors. Covers up to 25% more area and keeps its gleaming freshness from 1 to 3 years longer than ordinary " finishes WALLHIDE.Famous' one day WATERSPAR ENAMEL painting" finish for walls and ceilings. Comes in 15 soft-petal shades and 12 semi-gloss colors. Lasts for years. Easy to wash. . i Bring woodwork and furniture back to bright, gleaming lovcli- nesa with this durable finish, Dries in 3 hours. Long * wearing. ., - ^ HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. PHONE 32 19 Years of Service and Square Dealing COIORS *r NATUHE-PAINTS »V PITISBUDOH PITTSBUROHPAINTS Sleeping Porch Provides Sun, Air For Nursery A nursery is one of the most im- jioi'Uint rooms in n home. It should be light, airy, nnd designed so that t may be kept clean ami sanitary with us little effort ns possible. A sleeping-porch annex to u nursery will greatly increase the health-promoting feature as well as creale welcome additional space. Such an addition should be plainly bnl cheerfully decoraled. The walls done in light pastel paint or paper, woodwork deep cream, and n composition floor simulating natural- wood planking is effective and efficient. Wall-bracket lighting fixture. 1 ; with shades will eliminate glare and make exposed wiring unnecessary. Plenty of closet, space niui built-in shelves for storing piny- things nnd nursery equipment me handy adjuncts. A sleeping-porch addition to tht nursery m!> y financed will WAUHIDt • FLORHlOt • WATEHSPAR • SUN-PROOF funds insured by the Federal Housing Administration under tlie Prop erty Improvement, Credit Plan. i' .' •' u &ID GOCM *J WLD COCW -i.ri ifelj ••* I"! KB BOOil Sill msi FLOOS PLAN; SECOHO FLOOC PLAtl The above horns, ailuatrf In Palisades Park, N. J., lias six rooms and bath and i* two and one-half stories. An unusually large living room with large fireplace is a feature. The properly was* appraised by the Federal Housing Administration at JG.uOU and financed by an injured mortgage of J5,200 aaturuif iu 20 years. Monthly paymenti ire 134.32. The Hist objective In designing a house Is to provide comfort, and protection, the .second Is to make L beautiful, ami Hie Ihli'd Is to do hesc things In an economical maii- ler. Saving In the [irst cost o( a iiousi! Is elfccled by making It us small us possible wUliiuil siici'lflclnt) any of Us essiintlnl rcimlrenient.s. livery house should be liullf so thai It will be pleasing to Hie average 'muse buyer. Expensive conslriuMlon and peeullai design often Interfere with ihe sule of u house, or compel I he owner to sell at u snerlllce. Adequate Storage Can Be Provided By FHA A kitchen tlml Isn't convcnlcui to work In will make a housewife dlK.sall,sf!e.d with her home, lit Ui'rdless of equipment, (hi; kltchei Hint does nol have ndcrpiale .stor use splice will be*-a trial lo UK ii'rson who lias lo work in it. .Shelves, ciibinels a n d clnsel: :nny be biilll In n kitchen will funds obtained from a private fi inuclnl Instllnlion Dial opeiale, uuler the property Iniprovcuien 'ilnu of Ihi! nedernl iroiisliig Ad inhil.slrallnn. Walls may be refill islied. Hours repaired, or a new sin! ii.slalled. linprovi'iiicnt.s which be come 11 permanent part of 111 sliuclLire are eligible for pure.lius and Inslallnlioii with fiitul.s Insure by (lie Federal Housing Admlulf l.ralloji. Housing Question Box Wiiidproof Wall Out or two thicknesses ol n good quality building paper between ihe sheathing and exterior siding makes good, tight, windproof walls. Matched sheathing which fits tightly, because of its design and manufacture, is also excellent in preventing penetration of ouiside air through the joints. Building paper laid over this type of sheathing, wilh Ihe edges of Ihe pni»r overlapping, gives excellent protecllon. Read Courier News Want Ads.. Q. Does an insured mortgage become due if a mortgagor dies? A. Not necessarily. It is governed by the Icrnis of the mortgage and varies in different states. It Is not affected in any way by the mortgage Insurance. Q. If there is no bank making FHA loans in my town, what can I do alxnit obtaining nil insured mortgnge? A. The FHA will furnish yon with names of Institutions In your vicinity that have such funds. O. I have n fireplnce in my game room which connects with Uic first-lloor chimney. H smokes considerably. What can be done to stop il? A. A single flue serving two fire- aces often is the cause of smok- ig due to poor draft. Each should ave its own flue. Q. Is It necessary for a lending istltiitlon to obtain n security <le- ,ce when making a loan to finance cost of building a new dwelling tructure under Ihc provisions o llle I? A. (1) No, If the maturity o he loan is 5 years and 32 days o ENJOY SUNSHINE- and COOLNESS TOO* INSULATE YOUR HOME FOK COMFORT AND ECONOMY! Your liomp will l>e cooler and more comfortable all summer (and you'll use Ifss fuel dur- iiif Ihc winter) if your allic is insulated witli Red Top Insulalinff Wool. Anrt It's morp economical Uian you think! FINANCE SUCH IMPROVEMENTS THROUGH A "TITLE ONE" LOAN ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 ess. (2) Yes, If Uio maturity ol In,' loan is In excess of 5 years nntl 2 dnys nnd less Ihnn llic mnxl- luini permissible pcvlod of 'I years iiul 32 dnys, n first inoiiKngc or lecd of trusl covering Hie property mprovod by the new structim mist bo obtained by the flnnncla nstitutlQii. cxceirt luslltiillons tha under Pcclernl or stole supervision and nre prohibited, by law or rcgulnlloii, from ranking a tea estate mortgiige loan etiiial lo Ihej full value of the structure. Insti- liitious that nrc thus prohibited Property Owners FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY WE WILL PROVIDE FREE SERVICE CONNECTIONS Until July tKt we will provide free service con- iifL'lions from tin 1 water mnius to the meli'r for consumers who wish to chmitfe from a meter useil )>y several consumers to an iiMlivuluiil meter,, or for those ivlio are building new homes where wu(or miiiiw ttn;'available. This i.s ;in opporlunify '<> «'*'«' » wnhslnntiiil .sum and we urtfe all properly owners who will re- <|iiirt' vviiter service on their premises in the near future to tulte advantage of it before July 1. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Cnurlpous, Prrsnnal Allcntlon lo Kvery Customer rhone 81) 113 So. llrojilway Ilrriinril Allen, Manager from Title making fiill-V.iHie-f*ciire(l I residential-structure loans need not, Require collateral security of any kind To make such loans eligible for insuranco. Q. Should second-flooring joists also be reinforced with bridging or Is it sufficient to reinforce only the first-floor joRls in this manner? A. Tn order lo give stffneM lo the floors and prevent vibration and springing, all Joists on every lloor should be reinforced with rigid bridging at Intervals not to exceed 8 feel. )penings Free Of Litter For Safety Scuppers, or openings used as drainage outlets on porches, should be kept free of all leaves, dirt, and oilier litter. Otherwise, some of ;he moisture they hold Is absorbed !>y the porch flooring and surrounding materials, thereby causing deterioration. For this reason it is Important that outlets of this kfml be kept clean, dry, nnd well cov- [Room Arrangement Can Economize On Plumbing ered with durable, paint, water-reslslaiil A resourceful English university graduate is Ihe father of a clever space-saving idea in Interior dcco ration. His small bachelor apnrt- ment seemed to offer no possible place for a liquor cabinet, until lie thought of using the space imdei his gateleg table. Off went the legs and In their place he put a square base of Philippine mahogany It match the table lop. Tlie baw holds a roomy cocktail cabinet. In one-story houses, the greatest economy can be achieved by planning kitchen and bnth ns adjoining rooms, running all pipes In the intervening wall, placing plumbing fixtures on each side of the same wall. This way only one vent slack is required aiid lengths of drainage, and water pipes are reduced to a minimum. U would he false economy, however, to do tbts If II resulted In misplaced rooms, as the lowered market value of the house would far otlsel Ihe plumbing saving. SAVE MONEY ON INSULATION Attic Insulation is-a fine thing. C!oo<l insulation nvopcrly installed in Uio fillie will make your lionic pooler in summer ;iml snvc I'nel in winter. Theiv. are many kinds anil types of insulation. Ask your ju-cliitcct which is hest. ROCK \VOOI- is used more extensively (ban ;my other fypc. It comes as loose wool in nodule form or as spun wool in ball. form. Halts arc 15" wide l>y 4" Uiick and various lengths, The Iwlts make belter insulation than loose wool. LOOSK WOOL comes in paper bas;s and is worlh $02.50 per ton delivered on (lie job in Blytlicville. A Ion will cover 10(10 sq. fl. '!" thick ' and about $7f>.00 worth will insulate Ihc average resilience. II doesn't need lo be |>ut in an attic by a blower. Von i-an do a belter job by .simply emptying the bags of loose wool bnlwoen the reilin{j joists and leveling il down to A" thick:*. Anybody 1 cnn do it. >.•''• ' It will |Kiy yon to have us figure your INSULATION or ROOF JOB bcfoi-e you sign a contract at a "GRKAT RAVING" with an out-of- town concern that use.s high pressure methods and will be gone as soon rts they have gathered all the sherktes they can from this community. F. H. A. Financing E.C.ROBINSON Il A fire-proof, well-ve nt 11 a tedjl clennlng-rqiilpment storage closet! should be tdded lo Hie kitchen and ;l 10 the second floor of the house.') 011 mops, waxed polishing cloths, I etc., arc fire hazards and should he slored properly. Head Courier News Want Ada, LUMBER 1 •--.00 j I SlYTHfVILLS <-'-. J> LUMBER CO. PHONE IOO We Do The Res-b • LUMBER MOO ARKANSAS L\

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