The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1930 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1930
Page 9
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10, 1930 RLYTIIEV1LLE, NEWS CLASSIFIED AftS 'rt'O cenw a word lor first In- •ertlou and one cent a word (or eacn tubseqiitiii liiset- tion. Nu Kivtrtusement mien lor lesj- than 60c. Count the words and send the tub. Phone 306 i''OK SALK of tOH SALE-'JO acres, one mile Manila en conercie ix-atl. Small down luymem. UaUu'.ci: easy Uuiis at o-.L. J. C. Cliainn, Mamiu, Ark. Wl'-'&'U A y/ L AU R.4> LO U B ROOK MAN A^y AUTHOPQF"RASU m:(ii.N n Kin-: TUD.IV (1:1.1 A noci.ns. ],JM out ot lil^h Ai-Iiinil, k^iriiLta n hul July il:t>- liM,kl:i^ for u jfilj. MIT motli- ••r. MAui:uii-:r itiicims, is » \\lc!u\v, oniiilnj-L'd n* n si-ntnslrcAs In jt Uri'Mt hliu|i. On I!K* Jjiy Ilii^ till FOK SALK u LJnjlu'.or car tk'sk. -Mrs. F. I' l-itlh sueci. mi lull . Carter. ioi> oihce Wj Nona FOR KENT FOH KENT—Front bedroom, acl- • joining bath. Private home-, rmmo -179W. nc--K'>2 1'OK Hli.NT—Ucht housekeeping rcoius. WHS Ream Si. L'lioiiu 818. ' 17-PK. 21 FOR RENT—From bedroom, convenient to bath. Mrs. E. M. Hitlfiiian, 522 Lumeiate. Phone KHJ. n.l'K 20 FOR KENT—Two story house, nine rooms, two baths. Main st. I'lionc C50 and 9C8. L. L. Ward; if FOR RENT—One of Shane ainrt- mento on West Main street Telephone 197 and 571. 15U. FOR RENT—Housekeeping rooms cheap. 914 Hearn. 15pk22. FOR RENT—« room v DDUgan. Phone 331. house, 232 lUcjktf FOR RENT—Five room house In three blocks of Central Ward school. Phone 290 or call at 91C Holly. • 18ck22 JCIKT t\h[oli khc Ollrr. 1) I* Jllll.V Jim -111:1. REr] lUlli i-vi-ry lu-nlli?:], Ir.-jvrl Ilun II .llnruu tn 1,, t>U]t ([„. i-il- IIAIIM'.V p:!|irr |,li I'vlla In- l)i:il wnjtl rli-il. .\I- hrr M'iirt- to Ibt- ^l nn,l SllliM.IIK. JCIIIIIM lii^r:itihi>r. Itrtrnr* lu\ 1-9 hrr iniJ k U:LV lli d:iy il fur i in hi-r fiilll 3!nr»;:i 5lltr!ii- i!» Jlr». iJ.K'iilj- III. 'Hi,, .K. bur I>| lolil liy n i ...... uM Klop \ k'( \rrln-.v u 1,-lu-r l :in,l lie,-, li ATli-r :i [r»UK intrr PAGE WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S Lake St. nck-tf TAKEIV UP TAKEN UP—Blue mare mule. Owner call at Ezra Hampton's on Route 2. 17P-K22 COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District, of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 17 day of -May. 1930, wherein American Building & Loan Association was Plaint-)!!, No. 4705 and .u. S. Griffith, ct al., were Defendant!;, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, on a credit of three months, at the front door of the Court Houie, between the hours prescribed by lav.-, in the City of Blyiheville, Arkansas, on the 11 day of October, 1930. the following real estate, to-wit: Let Tweniy (20), Block "A", Suuthside Subdivision to Manila, Arkansas. Snid sale will be had to satisfy said decree in the sum of SI,830.18, with 10 per cent interest from February 1, 1930. The purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a lien v.i]l be retained ii|toii iaid property as additional security for tlie payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court, on this 18 day of Sept., 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Commissioner in Chancery COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice- is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in co:n- i> J!:ilII- rili-i- hi- i-<-in 1,1, <>nri : r :ind In Ci-lhi K <>. \ii\v co n\ WITH 'I'm: STOKY CIlAPTKIt VI! /"•ICUA stood before t!ie droning ^ table, mirror In hand, stmlyint; her Drofile. S'.:a turned her licad. cliin tilted, and tried the en'ott. She wan smiling, half riciscJ, a half doubtful. Her soft waving hair was ranged ima new way. bark from the ears. It looked n:ore crown-nil, more sophisticated. Wonh] liiirncy like it? She pushed back the litllo curl which insisted on touching her chcel:. The curl promptly bobbed forward again. Celia's eyes were dreamy, blie was paying more attention to her aupearance these, days, thinking more about clothes and spending more time before the mirror since H;'.t:i€-y had told her sKo was hive- I> Mklng. Barney said silly things 11 -!ie liked to hear thens. "Why—mother! I didn't Lear yon!" The girl turned quickly, Mrs. Rogers stood in the doorway of the bedroom. Without replying she drew off her hat, laid It with her purse anil gloves on the bed anil sank into a chair. "You're awfully late," Celia con- tinned. "They haven't any right to ask you to stay overtime, these hot days! I was setting worried—" "Cut you shouldn't have, dear," her mother interrupted. "I told yon I'd be late ibis evening." "Yes, 1 know. Uut it Isn't fair for Mrs. Foster to ask you to stay." Margaret Rogers arose. "I wasn't at the shop," s'je said. Her bad; WES toward the girl. She did j>ot see Celia's startled glance. "-\'ot at the shop?" "No. ' I—I was talking to an old friend." There vras a pause during whirli Cilia eyed her mother expectantly. Aftor a moment Mrs. Rogers added: "J'lHcll you about it later. We'd 1'etter have dinner now, hadn't we? It niUEl be nearly six." • * * PRESENTLY they Eat down to the There was a salad of which Celia -was proud, rolls and a vegetable and fruit. "I planned to have everything cohl," the girl explained, "in the room wouldn't Ret healed." Margaret nodded absently. Tho precaution had been only partly successful. A slight breeze stirred tho window cnrlain but tho ail- was warm. "You're not catincr, mother!" . "I'm—not hungry." Margaret cleared her throat then . and looked at her (laughter. "We're going to liavo company this evening. I—invited my friend to call." "Hut who is K2" Celia could not keep the curiosity from her voice. "You don't remember him, Celia," ' I - ft Celia stood before the dressing latlc, mirror in hand, itujying her profile tho ninther fail "I used to know iihn long ago. Before wo lived in Baltimore." "What's his name?" "Mitchell—John Mitchell." Celia drew a sigh and laughed. "Well—that's a relief! Honestly, mother, when you first came in I thought something was wrong. You seemed so mysterious 1 vcas afraid you were sick. "Who is this Mitchell? I'll bet he's nn old suitor of yours! .-Isn't he?" For an instant Marsartit's eyes held her daughter'?. Her cliceiri tinged with pink as she answered: "1 was I'or.d of him once lit— yon must bo very nice, to hiui, Ci> lia. 1 want yon to look your prettiest. Wear the rose dress." "lint, mother, I dou't hare to ho here when ho comes do I? Barney's gong to take me to the Stanley, It's the new Ramon Novarro Picture! You'll want to talk about old times—" .Margaret Itogcrs' voice was firm. "You will liavo lo go with liar- ney some, other time. I want you here tonight." "Can't I stay just a little while and be excused?" Mrs. Rogers shook her head. "»N'o, Celia. Not this cvimlug. Don't ask it." There was silence after that. Celia had been in 'the honso all day. She wanted to see the picture and her niutlier'a firm insistence seemed an affront to 17-year old dignity. "What tinio is lio coming?" "Eight u'clock. I'm sorry to Interfere with your pleasure, but, really, dear, I have reasons." Tiio cloud passed from Celia's face as quickly as it had appeared. Slio slipped around the table, kissed her mother's cheek and bushed. "All right! Your prido and jn> will stay right here hesldo* you Whon Barney cornea I'll tell him the parly's off." OUR BOARDING HOUSE W By Ahem I CAM see was a great deal to be -*- done to get tho apartment li order for company. Tho dlsbc were carried from tho table. Celia washed and wiped them \vhllo Mrs Holers bustled ubaut with a dus cloth, sctllng furniture at dlfioren angles, converting tlio dining room back into .1 living room. "it's after seven!" her danghtc reminded her presently. "Tint's all right. I'm almos tin-ouch, now. You'd betlcr star The girl had just slipped tb rtifn frock over her head whni ! Itogers raised the lid ot tho old trunk and begau fumbling through the upper tray. Sbo drew out her jewel box. "Here—Celia, I want you lo wear this." It waa the littlo gold locket. Celia had never seen her mother wear the trinket npr'liad Margaret Rogers ever offered it Jo her daugli- t-;t before. Tho locket Inini; on a narrow black riblwn and Margaret tied-it about tlic girl's throat. Celia turned to catch a view In the mirror. Sho felt her mother's arms .filing suddenly alwut her. "Darling—we've boon happy together—haven't we?" Jlargard! murmured brokenly. j ''Why, of course! Of course we J have.'' "Ho many tli;,isi other girls have tiiat you've missed," (ho mother went nn. "But you'll have them loo, Celia!" Tho girl drew- away, eyeing her mother; P' : _~jously. It was odd fur Margaret Ktgc-rs to show such euio- mlnnloa later a Blirlll whig- lo camu from downstairs. Tint's liarney," Celia gaU, "111 nn dnwn nnil tell him 1 cant onio." liail not attempted the new oiffcre. Tho brown curls framed bo girl's fuco us Usual. Tho t dress muled color to her ;s and her eyes wero shining is tlio hurried clown tho suits. "Ih-llo, Uainey." Tho young mini's grcellng was a second whtille, low, Intended to line.--! iiiuiizeincnt. "Saay!" Shields exclaimed. Hiinioboily'a looking pretty swell. dl'ln't by mlstnko tifk you (a dino at MID Hlut-Cai-llon, did I!" <•' lia Implied. "W course. Don't you r^mcm- i 1 ' I'm terribly sorry though. I ill't CD." ll-j thought It was p:»t o( llio "And why not, oh, maiden fair?" "1'itausu nintlier'n got company c<"mi:ii;. Heally, I'm serious, liars'. I mrnn I can't go to tho ninv- •s with yon. Sho only told me at niii'i 1 limp. I tried lo beg off but * nn use." "Can't you stay a while ami then duck out?" '•JV°. ' Ibonght ot dial too. It's * somo friend oC mother's aho hasn't seen for yearn anil she- saya I've not to be there." "Has your company come yet?" "Well, yon conhl hop In Ibo car and drive around n couplo of blocks, couldn't y cl ,7 Qosi^ !-,! | lli0 (o seo yon for a nilnulo or Iwi and we can't very well talk here." Cello- hesitated. Slio ghinccd up toward Iliu apartment wlicro her mother was walling. "1 shouldn't," she said Bottly,"— but 1 will!" 1-Tftcen in I mi leg later a girl In rose silk with windblown curia and sparkling eyes ran up tho stairs leading to tho third-floor apartment. Sho was Iato and yet her heart wr.s Hinging. "Maybe ho hasn't eomo yet,"- sho told herself hopefully." ll'.it as soon as she reached tho to|i ot the stairs she knew that sho was wrong. Celia saw Hie stranger filling bcsldo tho window. Tho light shone on his face. Involuntarily the girl stopped. A curious, terrifying feeling came, over her. Celia, standing In the shadowed hallway, felt (ho tenseness of tlio room's atmosphere. Kho drew back, steadying herself with a hand on tho railing. Her mother's voice came to her but Celia couht not distinguish th« words. Jl.irgaret Rogers Hat her back toward tlie door. The man nodded his. head as If in agreement to what had been said. Celia WM trembling. Kho conhl not take her eyes from the man's face. Wlio was John Mitchell? What had he come for! Sho comniured her fear and slopped forward. "Mother—I hope I'm not laic— tried to hurry—" Margaret turned. "Oh. Cclta! I was wondering what had become of yon. Wo havo coin puny." The girl moved toward John Mitchell, lie arose, bowed formally and held out his hand to her. "How do you doT J he said slowly. "So yo'i are Celia—" Tlio girl raised her eyes to Mitchell's co!d, appraising glance. "Celia." Margaret Ilogcrs cut In In a voice that waa a sob. " —this is your father!" (To lio Continued) we WILL MoWE OUR OWL/,5 CLUB MAV BE A PROBLEM AV-T6R OMS, POOL TABLES'; 5-tcAye.., cHAiR? AI^P ALL OTHER WILL Be A-TASK! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WHAT'S IN A PROMISE? By Martin of the Court House, between I hours pi'oscrilxrd by law. in pliance with the terms ol a decree I City of Blythcville. Arkansas, en rendered by the Chancery Co'.irt for I the llth day of October. 1930, the the Chick.isawba Dis'.riet of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on th-' 17th day of May. 1030, wherein American Building Lean Association was Flaintiff, and Gertrude No. -1703 Sou'.lnvortli. et al were Defendants, will sell at public auction lo the , Inches! and bos'- bidder, on a credit | j of three months, at the front door —Auto Parts— We sell used parts at one-half price anil less. JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at 21st Call 6G Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Taz, Buokkeepins Systems Thone 51 Ingram Bldg. HlyUicvUle, Ark loUowmg real estate. to--.vit: Lot five 15) and the East o:ic- half of Lot C. Block One (li Sucltury Additicu lo BIyllieville, Arkansas. ^ Said sale will Ix? had to satisfy fair! decree in the sum of S3150.83. witti 10 prr cent interest from March 1, 1930. The purchaser at laid sale wii! be required to execute bor.:i with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money. Gild a lien will lie retained up"!i said propr-rty as r-.cidi'.ional secur uy for the paymer.t of such purchase money. Witr,er-s my and the seal o'. said Court, on this, the 18tii day of Sepieuibc-r. 1930. W. W. IIOLLIPETER. ;n Ciiancery. D-19-26 V. K. WASUAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will Pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-Sj] WERT ! He Makes 'Em Set NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the imdcrsiynccl has applied for license certificate for the operation of motor vehicles for the jcarryins of passengers under the j provision of Act. No. 03 of the iActs of 19i!7, as amended by Act C2 cf 10'JS, over the lollo-.v- hig public hidnvays of Ibis State: From Blvlhoville lo Huffman over Stale Highway No. 18. C.^e Nn. 813 The application will be heard by the Arkansas Railroad Commission at 10;00 A. M. on tile 1st. day (if October, 1930. In the Lawrence County Court House. Walnut Kid.;e, Arkansas. T. J. BARNES | PAINSVII.LE. O. tUZ'l—I'rrd ' Va'ikcnlnirg was. wcrkr.ii; n-.i h;r, car v.i'.in a tiro hle-.v o-.;t. The :nm blew off the wheel at the fame • t:me ar.d struck Van Vaken'ourg's j leg, breaking it. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THE GUILTY ONE! THE TOOH I.OWSSB TWAM I TVC-JSHT IT \jjooi-o... SOT LES VJOWT HA\'S O Mit'LL SOON ooa. IM FULL IT sere w,e \'IHO TOOK THAT IGSHTIOM - OM DEC. THE OP OfJ A BUWK. CAM LI HE ALL SET OUT'.! PASS THE MEDICINE HtiuDICn-r 0;t IfcKE THIS COVJ TO WAITING FOR IT. PUT ON xovra COA.T \ / A-nce! / i WANT YOU GEE BE NOM'S GOT (V UOT MORE. COUGH BS>MtDICINE AT HOME AND IT TA3TTES ii JUST UKE.CANW.'

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