The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 11, 1947
Page 11
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FRIDAY, .APRIL 11, 194? BLYTHKV1LLE WEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION M'UOB"'* "" ""* '- r «»««»«'• la- Jllmluiuia OL»U« lot 1 tltno jet Un« '" ?Kc - tluiua ucr Uuo p»r daj~I~"_~~-.~ lac a times Jjer line per day oc i; tliuca vtr U»e par day „ ^ c l-i times per liuo uar day ^ cc Mouth ner lino "".." BOc Count livo averaao words to lu» Hoc. Ad ordered for three or el* times and 'wmicd before expiration will be charged for the jiuuilMr of times the ad appeared mid adjustment of bin made. -•--sltieil Advertising cony Hub„.-. -- jo accompanied by cash, uatea ua easily commuted from iho above Advertising order for Irreiulir Irner- llotss takes tlie ono tlmo rale. Ka responsibility will lie taken for more than ono Incorrect Insertion of any classified art. For Safe JJsr« Imrt'r for yoar iouia H O. ('Mnpljrll. I>)ioi, 0 4«o — 2030. Office V20 South Second. 10!2-ck--(/ s—call 2903. 1*AHY CHICKS Qutnjriii>]« A $13.75 per knndrcd .Jlra Jlruwn Slorc". 3! .>:iin uiiil san.lwErli <OiO[t. complete i!ilii'* for HxnkiiiK uiul ftorlni; m, T.srtr" nuota of milk. Kcusoii- ,!. Karl Curler, ilnnilil. Ark. Komi'lliin;: you ilon't nerd T i'rnilo .•)! il :it .Sivau Slioii. 'I'M K. Mai". MKKf'HAS'l'S '™ civfi yni] imrLU-diiitc dolivorr O" ilnuMi" ijjitv uii'.it (vises in nn)* I'-iiflln. .-M™ linvi' tievrrniic coolers. \v:ilk in rcfrl^ornlors. arm deep frpoze r.iliinr-1!. Hntrlii-r suliplirs. Also .Mills co rx'ssurs. Phone IMI KcMl. 22SO. 3!2S-l-k-l|25 Salt good ua«d WMhlDV uteblav and Iroa- rr BljtLevillo M»cLIne Bliou. , «|22-ck-tl 10 m-.'ks old fryers. 112 Kn«t Mnllils. I'h<int< 2!>is. .Snlurday only. NIMV ire box, never been useil In 1'iionv 3m day or 570 nl«lit. ton Sportsman's ijiodfl 12 K«iat?o alje ,s)](»lKUft c<WII>it.|«> \\ilji iT CH«O. I'll. M07. 4|!0-|ili-i:l W. C. Allln Clialmor tr.-Klor will. I'.mrr Jin. a hullinn l)'"'«k'-r« mut rullSvnliij-. 1 A John Dpfrr-. L> Inisl.TS. |>tni'i'r lift. tAinl cntllvgtnr. 2 milt's l!10|ik 17 I'hono 737. 1A Dlowl Tested Chicks. M-l P''r liuiuln-il. Also rotujil.-ti' lino of |»>ullr>- In'il. l.i-ivis Panltry, uhoni' 'JIB. -110 K. Main. .HlO-rlfl? Xrittnnal Homr Trnllfr. ?4 H Slopiis •1. lli,llv«.iii.( lu.l. ]!ol!l>. k .aK »V- frJtrff.-tlol-. .'I rndnrs, Krn.ty In roll. >LOIIIP. Cili.-s H.-rvit-Q HliUiim. lliKliwny 01. Koiitli. ll-nk-M I'lvonitli; :iml t»;ir'>" clrcssos. styes 8 to 13. Ill »'. Brno.-III I-lik-18 Orocc'ry store nnd figure*. IOKK liMse. (-•nod Inrnlliui nnd llviuu uiurlrrs ul«> ].i«k-Mn iriKk. Writs liox MN ", RABY CHICKS FRYERS SI. Raised in brooder. Abraham's Poultry House, rear Abraham's Cafe, next to American Legion Field on S. llwy. Gl 3-28-ck-tf ml clinln linrrmvs. Henry Hip, fitniu'rly Dun Sldilt Owner Int. MU- }:miff. Knllv nnil Ilivi- finn St.. ii![-;il loenllmi. Spvernl di- firal,!,. I ir. i.t. wfst nnd nnrlh side. J'lcvui. Vi,-M '^:l3.t. Alf.-pk-lS C'lttnn jsocd l")l'l, It one yenr frnii) Ijrenl- Duplex locale<l in high class neighhorhood. Low tax and insurance rate. Will net Rl^. Small down payment will handle. Can finance balance at •!% inferesf. See or call Max Logan, Hsaltor, phone 20H-1, Lynch lildp. 4-5-ck-12 1 ft. ,lii!»n ])*>cr.. tr.irlor will, '2 roW <.,illi>:i:,ir M •!. K,H'lilrr. ]>,.|i. 1'luuu' 71S. :i-7-i,K-i'l M.-ff lnK an- tin- iiieot iti limn. Strivl Kill !.!• t-r,.v.-l,'<l. Wnd-r ii( ri-nr of c'arli I,.!. li.Hn.-l,.,! to JS liy 2-1 size hrni'i- }'.rt,X ,Jr<M> .-.i'lN:;.-. ,\sl».^(<is ^liincl''. Divi-H'ii pt. O, W. HolHson. 'lOf. Itrfi •rrliiinil fln^ks. Ko»( trmvini: mil y,i(,,l ];jver«. Cti^tnni li.-itehirlL' ()r,lfr I,on\ Hlnrnrk- llnl.l>r>rv, .V.frfli '! 1 llU-luvny, I'linne 3172. .llll-ek-lf 'K>f poullry (niilo in tlTiniiiiij; \valpr i >,N |i'inliry nf mites, ]i,-<>. \v<inns. I !. Ar r,-l llrnii Co.. 'itolhrnrV llru K Cn. ' 4!l 1-rk-lH Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. \Vnde Auto Salvage, North Hiway 01. Phone 3785. 3-27-pk-4-27 o^s nf any fci]nl lU'llvered lo inLll onl S. 10th. SI! nr N'. Division, or off lil oi\ Cutilp Jtftilllrip Orivr. O. S. llnlli- son. -105 Hrondnjiy. -117-ck-l-l Old kodaks and camera* for parts. O'Steoti's Studio. 3111-ck-l'H For Rent TJwlroom. 311 N. Oil, St. l>Jl. Bc.lrfjoras. DlrtlKsvillo Hold. 100 E. Alain. 3'honc D5U. fllrs, <.'unt[iHns. - PAGE ELEVEK 1 [ietjruoni. close in, 310 Walnut. 3Illy. Ci:i Walnut -llfi-lvk-li Front licilronm. forrril. 10H -I rnom furni'licil np.irhiirnt, rliii-kfi, s^ unit B ar,lon. 2211 Carolyn St. S.,,k--M .oilrrtmn nrnr (OH'II. T,vo tcirls |irof<T r<-.I. I'll. 20S7. .llS- t , toilnrn "-rnnm fnruislieil ni>l. fnnnl" only. I'h., nt- 2r,fl;-.. -l-0-ct-tf lif-.lronni. kildirn nrLv ' ' nnii "[,!,(,n',iL,-r:,|iTi .-mj.l.ina! 1 Hel-i;,!! ltr.iv.-nl,. i: uani:,! iintoinntir. Also I'.Tr.-!,).. nrnin and ttnie;il,].> tnni- Qolmish bait, again available nt Planters Hardware. When buying RoUlfish register at this store for the Arkansas fishing contest. §1000.00 in cash arid 100 other valuable prizes. •i-8-ck-tf |,iinl,rr Si ial j.nltrrnP cut a1 mill -,ii,l i,,«l:ill.'il 11,1 XnrlV. 1011,. Vl>st .'.f (Mull. AlniillnV. 1'Jit.™ 3.109. O. H lt,,lli,o,,. 9-ck-2il Fresh River Cat fish. Phone .'2")70. 13o5> Cunningham. !)27 Lilly. 10-pk-17 :; l.nil.liiis: l.'tt, 7r, x 200. -p.:.' inilcs v.,.} .it lUvlli.-vilU'. -?1T;"» (M-r k,{ OU! ::.-^j('. -l:IU.],!i-j:l i'rri,lir..lls- n^w lialiy IniBcy. 'J«l S. L.iV... I'll. Sdlirt. IO-1'k-M t _.-,-. OolMi: c""<l IniKiiK's's. Wriln ALU', ran- Courier \>u-5. i\ Furr N.'«- , ni'.u.' I li. I'. niitlri>:tnl luin.- Qlvv-.M.fl >...^t, ,^*>.. Jo,. Al.'x:m- .1. r aCKVIiiMinril Ilnnhvnrf. 1'liono • •] 1'ocri' Irarlnr Inmlcl Ti. Into innil- OH i:>'"(l via>livr. 1 Cuitwn^T 1 , I l,nttl'«n Lrriitinj; iin. li |,ln,v. 1 nil in t--ooil ill.- -.i)V- . . aK.r. 1 ltrinl<.<- ini.l.ll, Molin- linsllT. l."1h >'n 12 (!. il C,.<jtrr. Mi>. Position Wanted 'sT'erimfed man i»i nil "ft rnlr'jjij) J»ro- duns ,1,'siros work in l.ulk |il:inl nr »< Fl-ition Mleriilonl. Write .1. W. Ktn«.'.ifr 1527 W'nsl M.i in S1-. Blv- tlioville lfl.pli.12 . Plenty of Nothing The GuH of Guinea, off the wcs const ot Africa, where the prime meridian crosses the collator, at sea level, lias no longitude, no latitude, nnd no altitude. KEYS MADE LocljS Opened and Repaired. Door Checks . or Overhauls. For Service Call JIMMY "SPECK" BROCK at Chisum's Bike Shop ''• ••' 123 So. Third St. Phone 59G _. . Geologists read "the record ol t|>^iocks". rcconslrucl the ifc^Jbry of a mountain.', Consumers read "the 5rd" of products from their >rand names. The brand lame ol a responsible man- ifacturcr stands for good tjiKility and value, backed by experience and research. . PLANTiRS IIAnmVAKE CO., Ino 120 Vt. M'.iin rhonc 515 futtrnlfo! FARM LOANS / Prompt SOTU» RAY WORTHINGTON Tune (n PrndentUI Program Sanity at * p.m. over WREC Senint This Section for 21 Yean 115 So. 3rd Bljthf Title, Ark. ; We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads ', Let Your Next Tires Be j GENERALS [ Cost More — Worth More MODINGER TIRE CO. ; U6 K. Main Phone Phillips Out Front with that real FORD Service! Attention Please! SVc please your cm- and yon with plenty of nUoiUion where it jounls most! Your an- is oiu' baby, too. Drive in now for our supcr-cltipcr spring iitnc-up and :hcek-up. - ' PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY • FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Services MONEY TO LOAN to you need » lo«n to repair or rcmoilelT No down payment, tio mortgage, no red ti»l>e. HI A approved r»t« 6' ( . Ask for details. MAX Ix>g«n, Realtor, phone 2034. 9-23-ck-tt nl, rli ««|lli, «ni • mill .1 owe «iiccmHj ()ni> uml two lay imlw. k',,.,1 c.llilia,, ]!„,[,„ Kur- vlco. 116 ,s,, 0 ,|, Hr«. I'lioni- lima. See us for nn estimate before you luu'c your trnctor overhimlcd. We specinlizo in steam cleaning and ]>iiintiii£. Klcctrie and ncct- ylone welding. Uiissetl Phillips Tractor Co. Hiwny 01 South. Phone 2171. 'M-ck-lf SEEING IS BELIEVING! ;| And you sure won't believe this unless you come see these wonderful bargains to choose from. 75 lafe !; models to choose from. Lef us slmrucn and rcnnir your Inwn nunver, reKiiiHl- less of hint] or size, (H't yours ready nnw, aiul avoid (he rush. We nick up ami deliver. lilvllieville Machine Shop, 211 H. 2nil .HI., iihono 2828. 4-;i-ck-lf THE CHANCERY COURT FOll THE CHICKASAWBA DISl'KICT 01' MISSISSIPI'I COUNTY, AK- KANSAS esslu B. Rlciimuiirt I'laititiff vs. loj'rt 1). Iticiunoml Drfcndnnt WARNING OKUEK. Tile dcfciKlntit, Ployd D. Richmond, is wnniocl to appcnr in tlic ilianccry Court in the abjve c ioned cause witliin thirty cfays nd answer' the complnitit of t lainliir, Bessie 13. Richmond. Witness my ]mnd and seal as leik of said court this the 20 day f March, 1947. •HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Smith, 1). O. i21-28-4|4-U Famous Neolite heels by Goodyear Step on it* fvieml ... 1C yim \v.\nl rtsil re« f »'Lii- cinnftirt from ihosc oltl sliucs. ISrins tUr.m lu us ',\iul save the iirice of a uuiv pair at high inrtcts! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. CAMERAS EOR RENT Free 5x7 Enlargement with each ItoJl of film developed. Home of Bonncc Buttered Steak Sandwich 25c 25c BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 3MT . .-J louse moving, fonucliilinn ro- l>air.s. Kxperieni'td. Have all iH|i)ii)nu>nl. Call 1 .|<)ii nv see I'l-ank CrocUclt. SOU S. HoJp Wonted IA|E can actually give you magnificent new-Bulck engine performance right in your '37, '38, '39, MO, '41, or M2 Boick; We'll Install a new factory-built Bukk engine "Power Package"—in one simple operation; If'i easier and cheaper in the long run than parl-by- part replacement, and it makes your Buick as good as new as far at engine performance is concerned. Tho cost is a lot less than you might fhink— come on in tmd ask us oboul it. And if you like, we'll arrange for easy payments to suit your budget. IANGSTON-WROTEN Walnut 1 & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL l'.,ll|,l|, M llv,. Ill ,,,y l.o ,,,| rnr ,, f,, r , t^r. .IUI.IT..M. H,.i,f ; JitfM*. untcr frri', N.i i>lijt'.-..tii>n lo ont< thIM M own. lim 'Y t'" 11 ",'' 1 1 "'"! ili '' l 'i > " 1 ; "'"I'"'''!' "f 'in .MM,.- r>«,r , m ,i ..M.,.,!;.,,',^ \v'!io i: "i'i"x 1. •'. ',;. Cunrli-r .Ni-iv.i. .||| |.,.|,.<( Wanted to Run* SAI/ERMAN WANTED ^c 'M 'U In cover Im-nl territory. 1 C'onrii'r Xows . XYX.. . .1ilO-i-U-l I I0<12 Pontinc 8 Sortau Coupo. Two- tone color, rci\I Kood viihbcv, rn- (lio and heater. 1!M1 Chevrolet Town Scdnn. Largo hot water lienler, black finish. A honey I ID'll llnSoto 'J-Donr Scrlnu. Two- tone finish.' Kaclio and licntor. Uadio and heater. BenuUful biiie finish, , • • i Brougham, finish. Kcal clean, runs like new. liadio niitl lioatei 1 . , 1SM1 Plymoutli 2-door Se<1an. Kii-j (116 and heater. ]5lua XiiiisH .. . . a i)cau(,y. : ij • ,, J9.12 Ford Tudor, radio and heat- er. A real nice; clean cnr. !(M2 Clirysler Royal Vdoor Sedan, EASY G.M.A.C. TERMS I (ML Dodge '1-dooi- Large ' liot water heater. New paint job. A rail buy. . L ' ,, .... .'", LOY EKH CHEVROLET CO, We Never Close . . , Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m. 30V W. WALNUT ST. PHON5 5^4 CULVERT PIPE of Copper Steel We rarry it i;i slack ill 13", I.T', IS" nnit 21" st/cs. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Rlyllicvlllc, Ark. . Pov lii'.i r.l'.o, Rl.rciiRll»> nwl fat s«l>ply. n hoar Is the ll|jhlo«L rater ut nil cvc.nUou. PRESCRIPTIONS . . , .Fresh fSlock Guaranteed Hest Prices Kirby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Tjptwriler Man" ROYAL, SMITH, COKONA and KUMINGTON roilTABLH 110 N. SECOND ST. £HONE 8382 (EveiS Tionsnetlon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone 491 nna sour order will bo on It's wny In record lime. Our Moral Arrangements tell n complete story. FLOWER SHOP „, .r, F ' TiDi Scrrfce We Deliver Anywhere Ph. 431 Mrs. J. M. (Mac) Williams, owner Glcncoo OWf. ^iipM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PftlV/VTE ROADS OR ANY . JICOHEN Contractor ^NCHBLOG. BLYTHEVILL^RK. .' .•'Phone3646a*<{2S25 : Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parrs for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors ; Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT SERVICE DEPARTMENT 1 31 E. Main St. Phone 2122 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phong 975 "Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch M Ft 7 Crown .., ...... ....... 1.35 Klnsey ....... ........... |.35 Schcnley ............. 1.35 Philadelphia ......... 1.35 Three Feathers ......... 1.35 Hill & Hifl ............ 1.40 Old Taylor ........... Four Roses . .......... . Pt 2.i65 2.65 2.65 ' 2.(S5 2.65 2.75 4.3$ 2,85 4.15 %.I5 4.15 4.15 4.40 4.JJ0 ,- ......... per case $3.35 GAS, rcg ..... . . . .17.9; ...... ,,. Ethyl 19.9 Cigarettes ..... .... ..... ..... per carton $1.55 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Weil, Who Hns? .. KIODIWG. FELLAS. I'VE GOTTA HUNCH \YEAH, HOW CAM n-:= GALS ARE PUUJNG- A 0U.UFF.' YOU YTt-ieY RESIST US? C*M'T TCLL ME HILDA, WOULD RATHER HOtO A OOO(C TWA.M N\y HAMD ' BY MERRHtj BLOSSEJ HOLD YOUR. , HORSES. LAROI TH£ ' ISNT OVER ; You GOOU5 CAW , TALK— I'M CMMWA ACT/ r TOLD YOU 1 HAD IDEA / I'LL VJQKH THIS 6Y MVSELF-.' THEY'LL, seer Wfto's <3or THE ' i

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