The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1949 Cifriculture Has Valencia Orange Vitamin "C" Sections Smarten Up Puddings, Cakes and Salads Wave an orange banner! Give a grateful cheer! Valencia-type oranges arc here, the bis beauties that are Florida's pride and Joy. They're . heavy with juice as King Midas' bags of gold, and they've beautiful, plump sections into tlie bargain to smarten up salads, beautify cakes and puddings, arid put the citrus •seal of refreshing flavor on your cooking these days. Valencia is n type of orange long known to citrieulttirists for its special quality, particularly sweet fla vor, snri extra juiciness. It shares with other oranges the reputation for being the richest natural source of vitamin C, and that's going to • come in very conveniently what with the sniffle season leading rishl into .the spring fever season, anc a daily renewal of vitanrn C right in order. The perfect oran< fc sectioning Into salads and fruit rnps, you'l find there Valencia-type fruit do beautifully by the refreshing sidR- salads and luncheon salads the winter-weary appetite crave? at thi season. Florida oala<!s To section oranges and grapefruit for salads, remove pec! ami membrane by cutting rounc' and round with a sharp knife using a sawinc movement. Go over frutt and remove remaining outer membrane. Holding fruit in hand, cut along each dividing membrane and remove sections. Sarasota Fruit Salad Arrange Florida orange r.nd grapefruit sections on salad greens with pear and apr'- slices dipped In orange juice to prevent darkening. Garnish with watercress. Serve with mayonnaise thinned \vith citrus juice. Southern Star Salad Arrange Florida orange and grapefruit sections star fashion on salad greens. Pile sliced crapes In center. G rnish with mini. Serve with French dressing made with grapefruit juice. Mi.11111 Tossed Salad Break chilled crisp snlncl greens (lettuce, watercress, escarole, ro- mahie, endive, chicory) into small pieces In large salad bowl. Arrange over greens, J /j cup Florida orange and grapefruit sections, and ',4 medium sized avocado cut In wedges. Add French dressing and toss Ingredients together lightly. Spring Dessert Of Angel Pie is Sunday Treat For Sunday dinner seek a won- icrful spring-like dessert. Here is a suggestion from Uic K"l<i<'» )"'"- oe edition of the Boston Cooking School Cook Book: AllKfl I'lf (Serves f.) Four pgR whites, 1 cup fine uran- ulnled sufjar, 'i teaspoon cicitrn of .urtar, ',•: teaspoon vanilla. Beat CKS whites until stiff in creiun of tartar and siifuir. a spoonful at a time. Beat in vanllhi, drop Ijy drop, and continue beating a few minutes. Spr.-ad In buttered 9-inch pie plate, having mixture higher around cdRe. Bake 10 minutes at 275 di-Kiees p.. then 30 mjnulcs longer at 2f>0 decrees If dcslrrd, spread with 'i cup i heavy cream, whipped, and lot stand several hours overnight. This makes a softer, richer base. Cover with crushed, sweetened strawberries, crushed pineapple and whipped cream, or •'<! cup apricot pulp folded into 1 cup cream, whipped and sweetened. Cabbage Among Best Vegetables For Health, Flavor Properly prepared, rahhiU'i' is one of the best of vegetables—bolh in fliu'or and nutrition. Conked properly, or oaten rn\v, 11 Is oiu- of the ti'.iM expensive tjoixl vegcitskble. sources of vitimin C. Sei'i'o It raw or rnok it qu hly —just lonu enough Ui ms.kc It ial- i(l Iry like Hroilcd h,tn inter or ?tn wji cl ni loo.s phu broillmr and crusty rolls coi CllO] e.m bo" -si 1 Kl U] (' C'.S] f lack while rd yx>t aloes d complete Uic alnble. Cooked porpcrly, it \a a bright, iijJiH'Uv.iny grecu color and very mild flavored, with no odors arising from the keltic. Quirk Cahbare (drives ti) One head at green cnbbngc (about 2 pounds), salt, pepper, butter or for tilled margarine. Shred CL..J.X.BC fine, Cook rapidly, uncovered, in a small amount of sailed bokliiiK water for nboul 5 inlniitf.s, or Just until crispy tender. Season with pepper and butler or fortified margarine, Serve at once, while hot. l-'or Pressure Shred cabbaRo and cook, follow ing manufacturer's directions. Shredert cabbage will cook In '.-: to 1 \' t minutes. Scu.son. \Ycslrru Cabbage (Serves fi) 'Ojic head gi-cen cablxiyc (about, 2 pounds), \'i cup butter or f<"Li- ned margarine, 2 leasopns prepar- ed mustard, \ teaspoon salt, pepper, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. Cut the cabbage Into sixths. He- move core and hold leaves together firmly by IhrustiUK a toothpick Into each wedge. Cook, covered, one to 15 minutes, or until just barely tender, using a small amount of boiling, salted water or the water hi which ham or corned beef was cooked. Drain, Ifnecesary, and remove the toothpicks'. Meanwhile, melt or margarine and add remaining ingredients. Arrange the cooked cabbage on hut pin tier surounding hot slic ham or corned beef. Pour sauce over cabbage. For 1'rcssurfc Saucepan: Cut cabbage Into .sixths and cook following manufalurere's directions Wedges of cabbage will cook In 2 to 3 minutes. Read Courier News Want AcJs. Ret a// Markets Furnish Lamb All Year Round Although some people consider lamb only a spring time dish, It is available In most retail markets throughout every .nonth of the year. And families that. Include Hits meat In their year-round menus fine! thai they can change Its appearance si-lth each of the seasons, simply by combining the different cuts of lamb with seasonal fruits and vegetables, says Reba Staggs, food authority. Best known and favorite of spring dishes, of course. Is roast leg of lamb. Served with parsleyed new potatoes garden peas, it's »of England. dial) fit for a king. La i and mint are practically synonymoi- and you can dress up the platter with Mint- Meringue mounds on pears. All of :he spring vegetables go well with lamb, especially when tossed In a colorful salad. Tomatoes from the garden and snuffed peppers go veil with a lamb shoulder roast, as do glazed young carrots and buttered lima beans. Lamb is one of the few dishes that are equally good hot or cold. It should i ever be served lukewarm. Cold sliced lamb sandwiches with a little mint and lemon Jult mixed with the mayonnaise are a cool delight for summer's hot days. The name Maryland was given to the eighth smallest state In the union in honor of the wife of Charles I, Queen Henrietta Maria Swimmers in the Ulh Century WOK special cramjis rings which they thought would ward oil stomach cramps. ! You Are Cordially j I Invited to Visit j The [ |Accessory Shop; ! Feminine Apparel • J (Mabel Hogan Jessie Srite { ; Hole) Noble Ulctg. i ' Blytheville, Ark. 1 Barbecued Lamb Riblcts Good With Roasted Corn If VOI'VO II lOVCT Of rjlll'bCTllO.S, U"> iKir.jcewcl liiiub vibloi.s with con- on Ui- 1 cob, \vhci] the Ural Inwc.s n1 spring appear. You c:in prartJe; cirnp cookery by ron.siin^ poliUor* in the conls. Have hard I''midi bread along to break riylit oil tin louf Whon chilly d;iys start oomiivj there's nothing more warming tlmi a rtrh la;jib slow lopped wltli tender dumpings and served with buUotc<, sn'ren l:eans. Tomato a.spic tnukc.s a line sah'.a for this nii'nl. Ft it a 3 icart y broak! Scot t 1 ) i p.inrf>;cs nhvays makes a hit nnci are Iv.'ppy thouglit for iiKiking usr of leftover lamb. Combine ground cooked Inmb with coukctl oalincai West Germany Hits v Production Peak ,- ..MTRANKFURT, Germany, April Sl.^(47^West Germany hit a new p<;j(tr 1 pii i ;i?tproductlon peak last montii/Jti^was reported yesterday. In M«ifch;:.the':British and American zonesi.produced 89 per cent of the outp'ut''.Jpr 193G—the lust year of normal peacetime production In Germany. There was a rise of nine points q«r February. wondrous flavor without waste when it's veal roll TO ROAST MAYROSF. VEAL ROLL Place a Mayrosc Veal Roll on a r;u-k in nn open pan. (NO WATKR). Hoast in n slow oven <;12.V). The fat covuriii[; melts and hastes the meat during cooking. Roaaling lime: WEIGHT TIME Thawed 2 lo 1 pounds 3 hour* I to 6 pounds 31 i to \ hours 6 lo 8 pounds 4 lo S hours IF a roast mrnt thcrmomtilrr pcraturoof 190'F. Scuwin niter 4 houra 4"i lo 5 hou™ 5 lo B houra d, ro;i.-t to nn Jntcjual U'in- VEAL CROQUETTES (Yi.ld: 8 eroq^tl,,) 2 cups ground coaled veal roll 1 leaspoon sail 2 tablespoons butl«r or mG![n« 2 tablespoons minced onlom 4 lahle.poon. Hour Silled cracker crumbs Icupmillc MayroiB Ld[d Make a white Faucc of Viutlor, Hour and milk. Add the \ pal, fall and onion. Cool. Shape into 8 croquctus. Koll in sifted cracker crumbs. Heat \ard in n deep heavy unn. Fry croquclte,-: in hot lard until well browned. Drain on soft paper. Serve with hot spicy bcctg and other tart relish. Sacramento All Green ASPARAGUS - - 8 oz. can 151 Kountry Kist CORN - - - 212-oz.cans25tf Liberty Cash Grocery's MEAL OF THE WEEK COCKTAIL - - No. 1 tall can 18f Tcxsun RAPEFRUIT JUICE Red Dart ACHES. Yellow Cling or Sliced Sacramento TOMATO JUICE 46-oz can No.21-2can 46-oz can Dinner Pork Chop* (Rtcipi b«lc«) Ha*K-Browncd Potato** Grapefruit Salad Rye Bread Butter or Margarine Jelly Roll Hoc Coffee or Tea A'OTE: Sutt.tJ itemi (m^l-of-lhe-WMi Dinner Pork Chops whol* 4 pork the fc« 0 «ViJ ^cupPtMilfc Drain corn, saving liquid. Measure 1 A cup Uciuid. Mil flour, salt, pepper and paprika, RoJI pork chops in. flour mixture. Brown slowly on both sides in, hoc shortening. Stir any left-over flour into fac remaining in pan. Stir in mixture of «oup and corn liquid- Caver; cook over very low heat 3O minute*. Turn chop» now and then. Remove chops to warm platter. Add drained corn and milk to sauce in paru Cook slowly, stirring until thoroughly heated. Serve with the chops. Make* 4 serving*. YOB Will TVeeJi Pet Milk, can 12ic Pork Chops, Ib 59c Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup, con 18c Pure - - - - 4lb.ctn.55c PEAS - - - 3No.2cans29c Church's (qt. 38c, pint Ic) CRAPE JUICE-- both for 39c AM popular brands CIGARETTES - - cm $2.07 Extra fine quality PET MILK - - 3 tan cans 37c When It Rains, It Pours Morton's Salt - - 2ibs17c T/ie Pause That Refreshes COCA-COLA - - - case 89c Delta Club U.S. No. 1 New POTATOES 4 Ibs. 25c Sunkist 490 size LEMONS Doz. 25c Florida, 4 Doz. Size CELERY Ib. 15c Iceberg LETTUCE Ib. 15c Fresh crisp CARROTS 2 bunches15c Grade "A' Chuck Roast • Ib. 49c Did fashioned Hoop Cheese - Ib. 49(f Hcil or Budget Brand Sliced Bacon - Ib. 48c Mar-Gold OLEO COLORED • lb.35c Uncolored--2lbs.43l Pure Ground Beef - - Ib. 45c All meat BOLOGNA - - - Ib. 35c Meaty Shoulder Pork Roast - - - Ib. 39c Liberty Cash Grocery low Prices Everyday" St. I.cuis Iiidependent Packing Company . 4C.ES', O f MlGME«T QUAtlir MAYROiE NlfAT PRODUCTS

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