Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 25, 2015 · Page 70
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 70

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 25, 2015
Page 70
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PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE • Sunda , Januar 25, 2015 • WWW.POST-GAZETTE.COM H-4 Allegheny County PITTSBURGH 1st Ward Pittsburgh City to Uptown Partn. Pittsburgh, 2031 Forbes Ave., $7,100. Uptown Partn. Pittsburgh to AHI Development Inc., 2031 Forbes Ave., $16,000. 2nd Ward Piatt Place Downtown Pittsburgh Resident to Quentin Beitler, 301 Fifth Ave., $419,000. Estate of William Burgunder to Richard and Victoria Mallary, 320 Fort Duquesne Blvd. Apt. 8C, $310,000. George Smith II to Thomas and Saverio Caruso, 320 Fort Duquesne Blvd. Unit 14E, $249,000. 3rd Ward Ranjeet Mullick et al. to Bastin Paul, 112 Washington Place, $98,000. 4th Ward Michael Pollice to CBX Investment Partn. 1 L.P., 3603 Dawson St., $250,000. Scott Andrew Hartman to Tsan Pin and Siu King Lau Su, 237 Dunseith St., $205,000. David Hartman to James Randal Sargent and Anne Wright, property, 3634 Frazier St., $197,000. Joan Michelle Scheer et al. to H. Anthony Duncan, 307 S. Dithridge St., $235,000. 5th Ward Pittsburgh City to Robin Snyder, property, 3530 Balboa St. aka 2518, $29,900. Shirley Muhammad et al. to High Knoll Development Corp., 741 Cherokee St., $13,500. Pittsburgh School District Board Public to Schenley Heights Community Development, institutional site, 3401 Milwaukee St., $65,000. 6th Ward Sharon Reiger Manion to bigBuild- ing LLC, 3326 Fleetwood St., $175,000. Kathleen Rossi et al. to Brian Rossi, 3820 Mintwood St., $61,100. 7th Ward Luke Aaron Klein et al. to Daniel and Sara O’Brien, 5814 Alder St., $390,000. David Deal to Abir Chatterjee, 5918 Alder St., $325,000. William Wood to Pengfei Gao, 5927 Howe St., $176,000. Marvin Tanzer to Ellen Solomon, 825 Morewood Ave. Unit 49, $180,000. Estate of W. Paul Spencer to Cara Galterio, 4912 Wallingford St., $333,000. H. Yale Gutnick trustee to Mary Catherine Linn, 5201 Westminster Place, $3,306,550. 8th Ward Ralph Schugar Inc. to Vitmore Baum Holdings L.P., commercial property, 5514 Baum Blvd., $600,000. Howard West et al. to Vitmore Baum Holdings L.P., 5518 Baum Blvd., $100,000. Katherin Peper- zak to P & B Realty Holding LLC, 4 Hemingway St., $235,000. AHI Development Inc. to Penn Mathilda Apartments L.P., industrial site, 4816 Penn Ave., $165,000. Catherine Rodgers to REKJR LLC, 305 S. Fairmount St., $95,000. 9th Ward Patricia Hammill to Monsoon Properties LLC, 249 45th St., $47,500. Monsoon Properties LLC to Candice Liozu, 249 45th St., $121,000. Patty Smith to Evan Cicirello, 354 45th St., $160,680. Robert Sobol Jr. to John Heffron, 4005 Arsenal Place, $199,000. Ethel Johnston to John Wojtyna and Lorelli Moser, 4228 Bruce St., $105,000. Atlantic Refining & Marketing Corp. to Sunoco LLC, service station or oil storage site, 5013 Butler St. and 51st St., $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $469,150). Estate of Georgene Vukela to Christa Cardone and Daniel Tallarico, 4214 Calvin St., $120,000. James Czachowski to Joseph Konzier, 4724 Hatfield St., $170,000. Helen Flajnik Horvatich to Swell Dwellings L.P., 4927 Plum Way, $60,000. 10th Ward Marietta Accetulla to Kali and Carla Stull, 1832 Antietam St., $80,000. Lawrenceville Maintenance Co. L.P. to Brennan Capital LLC, car dealership or parking garage or car wash, 5332 Butler St., $270,000. Virginia Bronowicz to Patrick Connelly, 5244 Carnegie St., $139,900. Daniel Petrescu to Vladic Bizyayev, 4817 Dearborn St., $22,500. Keller Henry Gaither et al. to Garfield Glen Housing 2 L.P., 4905 Dearborn St., $17,000. C. Dianne Williams Colbert to Delon Ziegler, 103 Elena Court, $132,000. Tiffini Gorman to Emily Schmidlapp, 5129 Kent Way, $75,000. Estate of Myrtle E. Eidel to Alfredo Russo, 1711 Morningside Ave., $47,000. Doris McElwee to Greentile Homes LLC, 5215 Poe Way, $55,000. Andrew Reichert to Dawn Posey, 1109 Premier St., $101,500. Robert Todd trustee to K Bennett Enterprises LLC, 5224 Wickliff St., $168,750. 11th Ward Nuin Properties LLC to SPJ Real Estate LLC, office building, 5647-5655 Bryant St., $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $985,000). Nancilee Burzachechi to Philip and Katherine Phillips, 927 Farragut St., $237,000. Atlantic Refining & Marketing Corp. to Sunoco LLC, service station or oil storage site, 514 N. Highland Ave. and Hoeveler, $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $695,530). Estate of Raoul Rapneth Jr. to Gergana Nenkov and Dimitre Sirakov, 617 Mellon St., $162,000. Cartus Financial Corp. to Dan Bernstein and Efrat Levy, 708 N. Beatty St., $239,900. Brent Clark to Marc Sims and Debra Jo Roets, 711 N. Euclid Ave., $220,000. East Liberty Development Inc. to Stella Trading LLC, 610 N. St. Clair St., $20,000. Equity Trust Co. Cust Margaret B Lips IRA to Alfred Rebersak, office building, 6315 Penn Ave., $125,000. Arthur Sheffield to Louis DeVito and Dom Costa, 5444 Stanton Ave., by sheriff’s deed $56,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $155,870). 12th Ward Pittsburgh City to Barbara Goodwin, property, 1403 Oakdene St., $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $15,510). 13th Ward Eli Port Inc. to Tamica and Alwin Smith, 2020 Sonny St., $24,000. 14th Ward Robert Levin to Rajiv Swamy and Richa Agarwal, 5853 Aylesboro Ave., $964,206. Estate of Edgar Michaels to Jennifer and Ilia Murtazashvili, 1196 Beechwood Blvd., $570,000. Morton Markiowitz to Adi Sit- nica, 2789 Beechwood Blvd., $345,000. Jennifer Murtazashvili to Jamie and Laurie Brown, 310 Carnegie Place, $422,500. Peng Yuan to Yurong Zhao and Fusheng Qin, 6525 Dalzell Place, $450,000. Lynn Miller to Aarthi Gopal and Krishna Vis- vanathan, 5291 Forbes Ave., $300,000. Derek Green to Sarah Marino, 4321 Ludwick St., $137,695. Vera aka Veronica Kapcar to Marjorie Landale, 956 Milton St., $215,000. Gimeto LLC to Brereton Ave LLC, 7450 Penfield Court, $70,000. Anisa Kanbour to Alejandrino and Natividad Alfonso, 7008 Penn Ave., $176,000. Estate of George James Jr. to Mario and Mauricio Czonstkowsky, 211 S. Braddock Ave., $52,900. Francis Guyette III to Alexander Grelli and Meredith Meyer Grelli, 450 S. Dallas Ave., $365,000. Edward Santavicca to Gregory Evan and Michelle Reicher Newstadt, 5521 Woodmont St., $490,000. 15th Ward Federal National Mortgage Assn. to East End Leasing LLC, 3903 Beechwood Blvd., $74,000. Stacey Eisner et al. to Stacey Eisner, 1067 Flemington St., $30,000. Cornelius Cosgrove to K Alan and Grace Styer, 713 Montclair St., $94,500. 16th Ward Christian Kinkela et al. to Shrey Sekhar and Ritika Dogra, 2402 Cobden St., $106,000. Thomas Riddell to Mark Anderson, 2511 Sarah St., $200,000. 17th Ward Estate of Robert Lyda to Donald Pohl, 2016 Gregory St., $25,000. Richard Klonowski to Pook Investments LLC et al., commercial property, 90 S. Tenth St., $375,000. Thomas Dixon to Penny Project Properties LLC, 117 S. 13th St., $48,000. Landmark Property Development LLC to David Esaias and Kelsey Slanina, 91 S. 13th St., $399,900. Steel Mill Properties LLC to Stookey Investments LLC, property, S. 15th St., $77,900. Alexander Cashman to Eric Rossi and Valerie Yocco, 25 S. 17th St., $309,000. 18th Ward David Hartman et al. to Pritchard Hill Capital LLC, 67 Beltzhoover Ave., $105,000. Paul Dugan to Michael Marburger, 216 Caperton St., $85,500. Donald Wade to Sean Michael Kennedy, 521 Delmont Ave., $30,000. Coal Hill Properties LLC to Terra Building Group LLC, 407 Kambach St., $13,000. West Penn Properties LLC to Donald and Helen Oakes, 322 Loyal Way, $3,000. Louis Macri et al. to Jeffrey Hawk, 210 Millbridge St., $24,000. 19th Ward Estate of William Erb McPherson to S&R Sales & Rentals LLC, 2845 Ardsley St., $25,000. William Galasso to Guy and Julie Galasso, 209 Boggs Ave., $40,000. Mark Kaiser to Simione Properties Inc., institutional site, 517 Brookline Blvd., $122,800. Atlantic Refining & Marketing Corp. to Sunoco LLC, service station or oil storage site, 537 Brookline Blvd., $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $715,550). Gregory Barr to Anthony Polley, 827 Brookline Blvd., $167,800. Gerardo D’Urso to Richard Poole III and Donna Poole, 2252 Candace St., $90,000. Alan Burkholder to Thomas Staszak and Jane O’Malia Staszak, 628 Crane Ave., $50,000. Estate of Victor Lynch to Tunch and Karen Ilkin, 1000 Grandview Ave. Unit 1205, $335,000. Larkins Property Group LLC to Karen Baumgardner, 155 Hallock St., $91,000. Jeffrey Tagmyer to AX Property LLC, 655 Mayville Ave., $49,500. Veterans Administration to Joseph Meliton, 656 Mayville Ave., $50,555. Vincent Leone to Anthony Caggione et al. and Angelo Caggiano, property, Natchez St., $21,000. Robert Barie to Daniel Chajkowski, 1052 Norwich Ave., $35,000. Estate of James William Santek to RGK Realty L.P., 2808 Pioneer Ave., $37,500. Estate of Anna aka Ann Rusin to Andrey Bogdanov, 1546 Princess Ave., $87,000. Anthony Macklin to Michael and Sarah Hull, 238 Prospect St., $355,000. Joann Gyles et al. to Reno Perri, 2380 Saranac Ave., $82,000. Estate of Edward Radzyniak to Kiley Pollio, 1 Trimont Lane Unit 500P, $175,900. Catherine O’Donnell Tracey to Pasquale and Rose Rizzo, property, Virginia Ave., $3,000. 20th Ward Estate of Elizabeth Moran to Wayne Property Development LLC, 1140 Carnahan Road, $30,000. Estate of George Kerr to Donald Aubrey, 910-912 Elkton St., $6,250 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $16,968). Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Triple A Investments LLC, 2763 Glen Mawr Ave., $14,119. Pittsburgh City to Brian and Denise Renk, property, 535 Harker St., $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $14,300). Lhormer Real Estate Agency Inc. to Lisa Barreiro, 3538 Krupp St., $45,000. Chester Kepka Jr. to Samir and Habib Boulos, 261 Oriole Drive, $100,000. Estate of Lois Karbowski to Nicole Wilding, 1216 Shadycrest Drive, $35,000. Shawn Major to Triple A Investments LLC, 1115 Stanhope St., $5,800. Sunoco Inc. (R & M) to Sunoco LLC, service station or oil storage site, 351 Stanhope St., $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $355,080). Itay Edry to Mark Jackovic, 905 Steuben St., $65,000. Robert Bigley to Troy Signorella, 1429 Swantek St., $50,000. L & P Enterprises LLC to Renz Weinmann, 737 Wenzell Ave., $5,000. Joshua Treefelner to Wendy Lee Carrabbia, 2717 Zephyr Ave., $9,000. 21st Ward Ana Hernandez to Kimberly McMurtry, 1236 Juniata St., $229,900. Manchester Housing Development LLC to Molly Mae Arthur, 1414 Juniata St., $210,621. Estate of Marilyn Adams to Betsy O’Neill, 1417 Sheffield St., $125,000. 22nd Ward Northside Worldwide Inc. to Jeffrey Ryan Suzik, 1217 Arch St., $295,000. Charles Menzock to CMDB Holdings LLC, industrial site, 837 Behan St., $344,856. Dirk Thomas Design Build to William Parker Jr. and Nichele Parker, 1207 Sandusky St., $250,000. 23rd Ward Three Rivers Assoc. to Linda Minor, 917 Spring Garden Ave., $35,000. 24th Ward Helen Hodnik Pope to David and Pamela Barie, 1711 Cowley St., $20,000. PNC Bank NA to Brandon Ference, 1310 Firth St., $11,501. Pittsburgh Landmark Group LLC to Israel and Tova Michalsky, 1940 Ley St., $56,000. Mildred Spor- cic to Omar Abuhejleh, 1631 Lowrie St., $90,200. 26th Ward Clifford Todd Stewart to Robert Raper and Beatrice Lagorio, 3333 Delaware St., $89,000. Kevin McGuire to Big Babec33 L.P., 1120 Fabyan St., $8,500. Frederick David Coleman to Eric and Autumn Williams, 3202 Perrysville Ave., $290,000. Capri Properties to Observatory Hill Development Corp., commercial property, 3923 Perrysville Ave., $80,000. Estate of William Schmidt to Observatory Hill Development Corp., restaurant, 3917-3919 Perrysville Ave. 3921, $115,000. Douglas Dulski to Richard Valorie Jr., 1001 Shreve St., $61,250. Marjorie Hathaway to Hannah Brehm Sundberg and Matthias Sundberg, 91 Watson Blvd., $115,500. 27th Ward Theresa Wertz to Marilyn Notaro, 114 Bookbinder Circle, $138,000. One Pine 8 LLC to Brian and Kate Moser, 2826 Breker ST, $20,100. George Smith to John Phillips and Joan Russell, commercial property, 3900 Brighton Road, $117,500. Marilyn Notaro to Charles Mulligan, 4015 Cambronne St., $130,000. Estate of Charlotte Stephany to Anthony Blackburn, 1416 Casement St., $45,000. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Katie Jacobs and Carl Valenti, 1400 Dickson St. and Mullins St., $29,900. Daniel Onorato to Jason Dailey, 3941 Drexel Road, $149,900. Estate of Carole Partridge to John Phillips, 4000 Drexel Road, $60,000. Scott Hunt to Neil and Kelly O’Keefe, 3543 Massachusetts Ave., $29,000. Kimberly Ann Hemke to Albert Lardo, 3151 McClure Ave., $15,000. James Hanna to AR&R International LLC, 3838 Oswego St., $42,000. Iolean Novak to William Thewes II, 3408 Rigel St., $74,000. Marla Blagg to Kerry and Anthony Gossett, 3475 Shadeland Ave., $137,500. James Montgomery to Heather Lamb, 1101 Smithton Ave., $10,000. Raymond Kleppick Jr. to Jamie Lynn Norton and Virginia Myers, 2624 Stayton St., $25,000. Robert Martinac to Joseph Thomas Glassbrenner, 3818 Wilksboro St., $113,500. 28th Ward Kevin Wolfe to David Bechtold, 1317 Berry St., $82,500. Housing & Urban Development to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 3813 Chartiers Ave., $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $77,440). Steven Hutter to Martin and Susan O’Toole, 1065-1067 Logue St., $132,500. Steven Hutter to Martin and Susan O’Toole, 1069-1071 Logue St., $132,500. Patrick O’Brien to Timber Holdings LLC, 8 Oakmont St., $49,000. 29th Ward Donald Dukstein to Maw Real Estate LLC, 9 Carrick Ave., $56,000. Kayla Workman et al. to Erica Sovic, 222 E. Agnew Ave., $73,500. Michael Wright to Jabbar James Jr., 235 E. Agnew Ave., $49,000. Rae Ellen O’Hair to Jennie Snyder, 1619 Mt. Joseph St., $19,667. Anthony Braunstein to Dominick Doleno, 1929 Mt. Joseph St., $96,750. Michael Czarny to Dana and Aprille Moyster, 2024 Plateau St., $85,000. Jeffrey McWilliams to Wood- wilson Property Group LLC, 211 Spencer Ave., $60,000. Estate of Jerome Sullivan to RaeAnne Lowicki, 138 Wynoka St., $52,500. 30th Ward Benton Kirk Industries Inc. to 207 Alice Street Holdings LLC, 207 Alice St., $5,000. Mary Jean Scullion to Sean Michael Kennedy, 202 Charles St., $25,000. Kelvin Ashby to Y&Q Management Inc., 425 Parklow St., $23,000. 31st Ward Jeffrey Egan to Emily Conroy, 5433 Halchess St., $62,000. Mark Dvorsky to GHMH LLC, 33 Slate St., $5,000. Aleppo Printing Industries Amerca Foundation to Vesuvius USA Corp., office building, 200 Deer Run Road, $3,900,000. Dorothy Taylor Lindner to Lawrence and Rebecca Lynch, 308 Sewickley Ridge Drive, $565,000. Aspinwall Wiley Properties LLC to Christopher and Tabitha Brown, 110 Tenth St., $366,000. Avalon Erika Saxey et al. to Nella Matthews, 503 Marie Ave., $93,000. Julie McArthur et al. to Carole Colalella, 224 McKinley Ave., $150,000. Housing & Urban Development to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 631633 Park Ave., $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $68,530). Housing & Urban Development to Quality Home Investments LLC, 529 Semple Ave., $53,000. Baldwin Borough Michael Skinner to Craig and Brenda McCracken, 5647 Sixth St., $87,000. Jennifer Prince to Mary Ellen Deckard, 1723 Cathell Road, $5,000. Jennifer Prince to Mary Ellen Deckard, 1741 Cathell Road, $15,000. Stoltz Contracting LLC to M&M RE Holdings LLC, 206 Sunny Drive, by sheriff’s deed $98,900. Bell Acres Estate of Patricia Louise Rose to Pete and Rosemarie Kappas, 545 Ambridge Ave., $23,000. Steven Bohn to Werner Thiel and Elizabeth Fyne, 1993 Big Sewickley Creek Road, $380,000. Estate of Lydia Gibb to Joshua and Nichole Burt, 105 Fern Hollow Road, $170,000. Bellevue Eugene Easter to Rachel Cohen, 123 Crawford Ave., $84,250. Frank Nedwidek to Andrew Belsick and Rebecca Gallagher, 303 Glaser Ave., $134,000. Estate of Mary Morrison to Casey Purcell and Mark Purcell Jr., 154 Kendall Ave., $72,000. William Frank to Shawn Patrick and Michelle Lynne Gannon, 49 N. Harrison Ave., $99,900. RK Case Inc. to 20 S Euclid Assoc. LLC, 20 S. Euclid Ave., $121,000. Ben Avon Estate of William Trondle to Salvatore and Regina Diana, 6911 Merton Road, $170,000. Bethel Park Udaya Rao to Barbara Spadafore, 903 Berrington Court, $145,000. Donald Link to Brett and Chellee Schmidt, 5580 Brightwood Road, $105,000. Sharon Diday to William Huehn, 403 Broughton Road, $145,000. Robert Fallert to Aigul Allison, 1604 Calico Court, $123,800. John Kulish to Gregory Hillard, 5404 California Ave., $122,000. James Barozzini to James Cox, 5947 Dashwood Drive, $150,000. Maria Deramo Welsh to Craig Jernstrom and Jenna Graham, 2933 Eastview Road, $193,500. James Newton to Suzanne Sedor, 3017 Eastview Road, $165,000. Estate of Betty Lubic to Wells Fargo Financial Pennsylvania Inc., 1005 Harrison St., by sheriff’s deed $123,784. Grace Sahler to Shenghuo Tian and Xiaoling Yang, 225 Horning Road, $118,000. Joseph Amorose to Ashley Kudranski and Andrew Egli, 5920 Irishtown Road, $184,000. Regis Manion to Benjamin and Jill Kowalski, 5940 Kings School Road, $180,000. Harriet Buxton to Ryan and Valerie Franks, 550 McMurray Road, $145,000. Suzanne Sedor to Robert Charles Meussner Jr., 3904 Mimosa Drive, $267,000. Lynn Willison trustee to Marge Smith et al. and Julie Smith, 187 Old Village Lane, $179,000. John Ladasky III to Emily and Jared Nicholson, 210 Orchard Ave., $156,000. Jennifer Cinca to Belinda Ann Marino, 5335 S. Pennsylvania Ave., $160,000. Jesse August to Marcia Carson, 5054 Sherwood Road, $146,500. Linda Kable to Zachary and Jacquelyn Jones, 5717 Smith Drive, $148,000. Robert Gallaghar estate et al. to Robert Moncavage, property, 3220 South Park Road, $28,000. Thomas Purmort to James and Kristi McGill, 124 Stonewood Drive, $329,250. Kenneth Herz et al. to David and Caroline Harvey, 2635 Strathmore Lane, $150,400. Jared Stepp to Thomas Miller, 2708 Summit St., $166,900. Sean McMillan to Andria Krupa, 913 Tanglewood Drive, $164,500. Lea Michelle Mastascusa Bacco to Jason Mark Schulte, 1402 Timberidge Drive, $103,500. Constance Worley estate et al. to Margaret Jean Wooddell, 2619 Wyncote Road, $300,000. Braddock Edward Murray to Dove Partn. LLC, 203 Seventh St., $22,500. Bradford Woods Connie Coble Roe et al. to Diane Faulkner, 717 Elm Road, $309,000. Brentwood Samuel Caruso to John Dougherty, 2921 Brentwood Ave., $52,000. Mary Samosky to Joseph Samosky and Ashley Williams, 3820 Dalewood St., $83,710. Todd Aston Reese to Jay and Jennifer Michalka, 211 Mira Ave., $110,750. Matthew McNeil to Danielle Coury, 47 Owendale Ave., $82,000. Regina Silk to Todd Mackin, 3609 Shadewell Ave., $73,500. Bridgeville US Bank NA trustee to Richard Nagel, 1420 Critchfield Drive, $100,500. Joshua Huth to Herbert Cherry III et al. and Susan Cherry, 130 Pennsylvania Ave., $120,000. Kristin Deichler to Robert and Debra Pilar- di, 129 Vesper St., $14,650. Carnegie Lisa Rasmussen to Samantha Sloan, commercial property, 222 Third Ave., $46,000. Christopher Flaherty to Linda Valant, 314-316 Knox Ave., $94,900. Estate of Virginia Anestis to Susan Anestis, 5 Summit St., $28,000. NVR Inc. to Bradley and Sandra Wells, 349 Sunrise Drive, $202,257. R & R Property Holdings et al. to Chris and Jill Mangum, commercial property, 427 W. Main St., $123,500. Castle Shannon Mark Heinauer to Willow Avenue L.P., property, Rockwood Ave., $130,000. Churchill Nellie Hayes to Marsha Myerowitz and Randall Boswell, 1055 Black Forest Drive, $105,000. Marjorie Herschberger to Walter Kerin, 2522 Collins Road, $82,000. Clairton James Chisholm IV to Solomon Milton, 429 Baker Ave., $14,250. Kenneth Soubeyrand to Michael Popko, 866 Miller Ave., $5,000. Edith Arelene Wolf to Juanita Hope, 314 N. Fifth St., $31,000. Arkille Moresea to JKM2 Squared Properties LLC, 384 New York Ave., $7,000. Collier Paragon Homes Inc. to Ronald and Marcy Gevaudan, property, 1103 Baxter Way, $94,500. Maronda Homes Inc. to Jake Swick and Brittney Giovanelli, 173 Centennial Drive, $286,440. Maronda Homes Inc. to Daniel and Vanessa Stout, 174 Centennial Drive, $308,201. Maronda Homes Inc. to Mark and Amy Boyd, 176 Centennial Drive, $367,109. Margaret Wickerham trustee to Edward Wetzel III and Judy Wetzel, 203 Cherry Hill Drive, $400,000. Dennis Martin to William and Denise Brown, 120 Normandy Court, $620,000. Estate of Frederick Meyer to Jefrey and Sherri Walewski, property, Thelma Road, $20,000. Coraopolis JM Properties LLC to AJDJ Rentals LLC, 1214 Second Ave., $8,000. Federal National Mortgage Assn. to John and John Kennedy, 1234 Ridge Ave., $74,900. Crafton Adam Mishkin to Matthew Megyesy, 617 Broadhead Ave., $105,000. Ruhullah Barekzai to James Dailey et al. and Sharon Dailey, 125 Dinsmore Ave., $59,000. HRG Crafton RE L.P. to Gary and Pamela Elster trustee, restaurant, 40 Foster Ave., $909,090. Estate of Lydia Martineck to Dana and Kimberly DePaolo, 246 S. Grandview Ave., $72,500. Equity Trust Co. Cust FBO SEP IRA 94669 to LCS Realty LLC, 61 Warren St., $110,000. Crescent Michael Forsythe to Mark Peterson, 858 Bocktown Road, $169,900. Donna Lee Cregan to Andrew and Candice Wyant, 1175 Cambier Drive, $148,500. John Teleha to Casey and Benjamin Davidson, 1142 Huntsridge Drive, $164,900. Dormont Estate of Thomas Francis to Joshua Baker and Mamie Stein, 2958 Crosby Ave., $145,000. Lynne Oncea to Jonathan and Jennifer Franks, 3235 Eastmont Ave., $165,000. Ralph James Maiette to Superior Properties Group Inc., 1258 Illinois Ave., $220,500. Dravosburg Donald Minchoff to Jordan Gasparovic, 619 Riverview Drive, $27,000. Tracy Shockey to Jill and David Minnick, car dealership or parking garage or car wash, 413 Washington Ave., $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $17,655). Duquesne Patricia Koloskee to Duquesne Cottage Apartments L.P., 105 107 Viola Ave., $253,000. East Deer Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Ryan and Shelby Eckenrod, 542 W. Eighth Ave., $42,000. East McKeesport George Homze to Edward Werner III and Alicia Werner, 800-802 Punta Gorda St., $44,000. East Pittsburgh Housing & Urban Development to Re- gaire Investments LLC, 541 Collins Ave., $17,619. Estate of Elizabeth Ryan to Ak- lilu Bahta, 302 Howard St., $37,000. Son Nguyen et al. to Andre and Menera Dixon, 610 Sunnyside Ave., $27,000. Edgewood Jon Troxel to Luke Klein and George Heigel III, 300 Maple Ave., $365,000. Elizabeth Borough Paula Stevens to Eric Bauman and Tamela Jo Sexton, 710 Fifth Ave., $68,000. Stella Godlesky to Christopher Farkas, 201 Williamsport Road, $15,900. Elizabeth Township Ronald Tyler to Ted and Janet Lippzer, 2018 Country Club Drive, $125,900. Carol School to Matthew and Kaleigh Zim- mick, 253 Lincoln Hall Road, $68,000. Carol Buck to Eric and Lauren Bedont, 965 Peairs Road, $165,000. Gregory Vasko to Michele Roth, 826 Pinecrest Drive, $112,000. Emsworth MRL Assoc. LLC to Gregory Rosatellil, 10 Walnut St. Unit 5, $165,000. Etna Keystone Residential Properties LLC to Jessica Taylor, 120 Cherry St., $71,000. Stephen Brian Simek to Robert Tunon et al. and Megan Tunon, 19 High St., $113,000. Fawn Edward Lojak to Michael Meharey, 2057 Millerstown Road, $167,000. Kathy Yeager to Blue Bird Farms LLC, property, 461 Ridge Road, $580,000. Monica Roenigk to Matthew and Kimberly McLaughlin, 2121 Saxonburg Road, $228,000. Findlay Maronda Homes Inc. to Theodore and Natalie Toomey, 203 Birchwood Lane, $251,868. William Lambert to Anthony Brosneck, 88 Enlow Road, $105,000. Doris McElhaney to Benjamin Lee and Brittany Ann McVay, 386 Hebron Road, $148,000. Mark Mihalo to Diane Rowell, 316 Larchmont Drive, $140,000. TSC Properties PA Inc. to Van Bilsen Freeman LLC, office building, 105 Pine St., $350,000. Betty Tomazich Balsinger to Britney Atherton, 277 Plum Ave., $140,000. Nancy Mancini et al. to Gordonna Wiltfang, 3013 Santiago Road, $139,000. Maronda Homes Inc. to Todd and Christie Kosenina, 47 Trotter Lane, $317,015. Amy Beth Ulanosky to Robert Cronin, 127-129 Van St., $110,000. Forest Hills Laverne Farine to Ida Washington Durkin and Eugene Durkin, 175 Fieldcrest Drive, $105,000. Jupiter Properties L.P. to R&R Leff Homes LLC, 20 Marion Ave., $230,000. D. John Powers trustee to PAA Minoan Village Inc., property, Woodside Road, $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $38,060). Forward Frank Staffen to Stephen and Heather Hultz, 2420 Manown Road, $103,000. Fox Chapel Douglas Hampers to Arun Gupta, property, 1618 Powers Run Road, $529,900. Franklin Park John Nock to Gregory and Ashley Simpson, 1582 Bellmonte Road, $235,000. Mary Dyer Rozzi to Lijing Song and Joseph Hadinata, 2441 Bellwood Drive, $300,000. Anthony Camut to John and Diane Regule, 2500 Birchwood Court, $465,410. Ridge Forest Developers L.P. to NVR Inc., property, 2814 DePaul Court, $85,869. Sung Hee Lee to Ryan and Jianina Duchi, 1604 Eaglewood Court, $305,000. Ridge Forest Developers L.P. to NVR Inc., property, 1946 1954 Georgetowne Drive, $218,565. Evan Miller to Jessica Austin, 2712 Meadowcrest Court, $155,000. Leo Decanini to Justin Flagg and Erin Jarvis, 2359 Nevin Drive, $255,000. CZ Franklin LLC to NVR Inc., property, Syracuse Court, $123,000. CZ Franklin LLC to NVR Inc., property, Syracuse Court, $123,000. Green Tree Estate of John Consigliero to John Sothergill Jr., 1024 Greentree Road, $45,000. PWC Pitt LLC to LIFE Pittsburgh, office building, 875 Greentree Road Bldg 1, $2,800,000. William Flaherty to Leonard Malley, 99 Poplar St., $82,000. Hampton Miller Homes LLC to Christopher and Janice McGeary, office building, 4045 Alpha Drive, $295,000. Minnock Construction Co. to Minnock Land & Development Co., property, 3233 Camberly Drive, $18,200. William Leja to Matthew Luster, 2973 E. Bardonner Road, $185,000. Estate of Jane Gray Schwartz to Michael Piovesan, 3161 Morningside Drive, $177,500. Bruce Sulkey to Matthew and Laura Muldoon, 4586 Nature Trail Drive, $525,000. Shirley Prevost trustee to A Roberta Bish, 5101 Polo Fields Drive, $190,000. Minnock Construction Co. to NVR Inc., property, 3130 Raintree Drive, $159,600. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee to Catherine and Robert Rau, 2424 Trotter Drive, $166,500. Harrison Stephen Valencic to Angelo Cialone, 1250 Tenth Ave., $77,900. Fred Ottaviani to Christopher Devola, 1419 Fifth St., $75,000. Maronda Homes Inc. to Paul and Edith Boyce, 246 Cherry Bark Drive, $221,187. Dominic Cardamone to Andrew Stanonis, 1201 Harvard Ave., $104,000. Estate of Matilda Mangone to Amy Howell, 1529 Melrose Ave., $82,000. Raymond Waltenbaugh to John and Betty Jean Michael, 2724 Sumner St., $72,000. Maronda Homes Inc. to Seth and Michelle Dickerson, 103 Willow Drive, $226,356. Heidelberg Estate of Charles Joseph to CARRIC LLC, commercial property, 1709 Railroad St., $86,000. Kelly Herold to Katelin Plitchta, 1713 Walnut St., $64,900. Indiana Thomas Weigand Jr. to Dayna Shelkey and Patricia Bray, 752 Heathergate Drive, $289,700. Rocco D’Angelo Jr. to Bernard and Kristi Caplan, 5 Margaret St., $182,500. Jefferson Hills Estate of John Harrigan to John and Margie McQueen, 1516 Gilmore Drive, $70,000. Willard Rockwell to Jeffrey and Melissa Getty, 1532 Gilmore Drive, $133,000. NVR Inc. to Anthony and Amy Beth Sorrentino, 311 Greene Drive, $293,295. Environmentally Sound Enterprises LLC to NVR Inc., property, 321 Greene Drive, $43,650. NVR Inc. to Madhav Desabhotla and Sreevalli Nirmal, 323 Greene Drive, $309,732. Estate of Harry Farrell to Noreen McDonough, 6358 Jefferson Pointe C, $156,500. Estate of Mary Kneicht to David Karako, 402 Payne Hill Road, $30,000. Dennis Dowling et al. to Montoour Trail Council, commercial property, Peters Creek Road, $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,750). Estate of Donald Anjeski to Patricia Hamilton, 4011 Walton Road, $90,000. Kennedy Scott Byrom to Michael Alexander, 206 Barbara Drive, $150,000. Estate of Robert DiYanni to John and Jeanne Hudson, 211 Barbara Drive, $142,500. Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Jesse Dymond and Robin Levine, 44 Coolidge Drive, $258,700. Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Timothy and Claire Megye- sy, 48 Coolidge Drive, $232,900. NVR Inc. to Ryan Dowiak and Laura Coperich, 247 Long Ridge Drive, $305,780. Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Crystal Palermo, 4 Truman Circle, $197,325. Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Tarah Ceccarelli, 8 Truman Circle, $193,355. Leet Harry Leonard Omecinski to Charles and Michele Marchetti, 122 Eckert St., $109,900. Estate of James Kumer Jr. to Maralee Traipzona, 175 Oak St., $45,000. Liberty KOCAFA LLC to Darren Theil and Kelly Molanick, commercial property, 2600 Liberty Way, $18,000. Marshall Joseph Candiello to RRGT L.P., 125 Autumn Lane, $370,000. Elizabeth M Kolakowski Trust to Muriel Petschke, 45 Blueberry Lane, $146,900. Barrington Homes Inc. to Peter and Amy Marsalis, 301 Chinquapin Lane, $759,900. Stephen Viehe to Sunthar Tharmalingam and Malini Jagana- than, 612 Ciderberry Drive, $610,000. Patricia Marburger to RRGT L.P., 1160 Freeport Road, $500,000. Chapel H Estates LLC to Daniel Ward, 208 Malbec Lane, $199,900. Crossings of Wexford L.P. to Michael and Heather Laurent, property, Meadowvue Drive, $25,000. NVR Inc. to Chakradhar Gangineni and Sowmya Mannam, 309 Osona Lane, $282,125. NVR Inc. to Anna and Jay Carpenter, 327 Osona Lane, $323,620. NVR Inc. to William Urbaniak et al. and Joann Urbaniak, 329 Osona Lane, $363,659. NVR Inc. to Michael Gallagher, 331 Osona Lane, $390,952. RT Partn. L.P. to Infinity Custom Homes L.P., property, 911 Penticon Lane, $2,725,000. Carla Robotti trustee to Terrence and Shirley Paulat, 136 Strawberry Lane, $188,000. NVR Inc. to Kesava and Suneetha Chaganti, 810 Whitney Drive, $282,195. NVR Inc. to Ann and Robert Collins, 812 Whitney Drive, $340,260. Patricia Fulton to Mark and Katherine Davison, 129 Windgate Drive, $290,000. McCandless Arlette Harper Uihlein to Katherine Balouris, 10533 Abbey Lane, $283,000. Joseph Lukes to Kevin Katchmark, 9300 Aldenford Drive, $180,000. John Moy to Thomas and Katherine Stuart, 1536 Hazlett Road, $290,000. NVR Inc. to Srikanth Jonnalagadda and Shruti Kakar, 1490 Jameson Court, $402,990. Carolyn Brahney to Mathew and Christine Derr, 1966 Lammerton Drive, $339,000. United State Postal Service to McCandless, property, McCandless Drive, $250,000. Matt and Tammy LLC to Carmen and Beth DeSanzo, 10425 Meinert Road, $333,000. Timothy Adams to Scott and Melanie Byrom, 336 Natick Court, $295,000. Jae Kim to Marc and Deborah Couch, 8041 Oxbridge Drive, $255,000. Joshua Titler to Joann Kim and Christopher Freee, 714 Parkwood Court, $472,000. Patricia Zinno to Karthikeyan Murugesan and Hema Karthikeyan, 9069 Pine Heights Place, $269,000. Estate of Helen Pelly to Lawrence and Barbara Delisio, 8388 Post Road, $274,900. David Case Barnhorst to Kyuyeub Yeon and Jon Wong Park, 181 Ridgeview Drive, $335,000. Carol Stitt to John Semanchik, 553 Sloop Road Unit 32, $71,000. Lynn Sofranko to Douglas and Jennifer Saunders, 608 Victory Road, $293,550. McKees Rocks Kay Leone et al. to Andrew Hieber, 230 Greydon Ave., $26,000. McKeesport Mary Ropar to M11 Development Trust #100407, 407 11th St., $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $10,670). M11 Development Trust #100407 to Zina Lincoln, 407 11th St., $3,500. Estate of Charles Wilson to Joseph Smith, 445 28th St., $32,000. Marvelous Josie LLC to Gerard Magnelli, office building, 539-543 Fifth Ave., $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $58,666). Atlantic Refining & Marketing Corp. to Sunoco LLC, service station or oil storage site, 600 Huey St., $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $451,330). PNC Bank NA to Robert and Joya Boord, 2306 James St., $68,000. Robert Gray et al. to Stephen John Gray, 219 Pacific St., $20,000. Karen Beth Little to Michael Thompson, 1303 Patterson St., $3,000. Patricia Kissell trustee to Jonathan and Jennifer Stark, 803 Summitt St., $20,000. Estate of Thelma Sharpe to Richard and Amy Dellapenna, 221 Wainwright Drive, $168,900. Cory Fast to James Singer, 826 Woodward St., $20,000. Millvale Jacob Soeder to Raymond Wappes Jr. and Georgia Wappes, 676 Evergreen Ave., $2,500. Eric Wilkerson et al. to Kohser Investment Properties LLC, 922 Evergreen Ave., $52,000. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Angela Noga, 106 Logan St., $28,325. Lawrence Richert to Patrick Wetherhill, industrial site, Sedgwick St., $162,500. Monroeville John Smith to Baljit and Sukhdeep Malhi, 119 Alpine Village Drive, $59,000. Shaun Delano Powell to Global Hardwork Inc., 4507 Coffey St., $10,000. Estate of Marie Parise to Nathaniel Halter and Caitlin Zollner, 309 Drexel Drive, $138,000. Joseph DiMatteo to Raymond Morton Jr. and Catherine Heidrich Morton, 2165 Haymaker Road, $314,900. Brian Reed to Daniel and Natasha Wright, 114 Himalaya Drive, $239,900. Anthony Lucente to East End Leasing LLC, 143 Kilbuck Drive, $30,000. Dianne Baker to Kingsley and Judith Evarts, 403 Malcolm Court, $160,000. BIP Inc. to Michael Ricciuti Construction, property, 209 Mallard Drive, $35,000. Cochran RE L.P. to Pingree 2000 Real Estate Holdings LLC, car dealership or parking garage or car wash, 1609 McClure Road, $3,325,000. Atlantic Refining & Marketing Corp. to Sunoco LLC, service station or oil storage site, 2700 Mosside Blvd., $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $667,810). PDMS Realty Monroeville LLC to Store Master Funding 7 LLC, shopping center, 5040 William Penn Highway, $8,180,000. Moon Cartus Financial Corp. to Ryan Arreola, 111 Convair Drive, $139,900. John Nadzam to Lynx Homes Corp., 337 Hemlock Drive, $85,500. Kelly Babcock to Zachary Tomsko, 957 Montclair Drive, $175,000. Ruth Pcholinsky to Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC, 2119 Montour Street Ext., $37,500. Pierre Levesque to Robert and Jennifer Briggs, 236 Randy Lane, $189,900. Timothy Svarczkopf to Jared and Ashley Yevins, 1303 Sara Court, $385,000. John Bell to Gary and Tina Honkus, 109 Serendipity Drive, $92,500. Francis Bologna to Phillip Timcheck and Lauren Herrmann, 204 Serendipity Drive, $106,000. Hilton Go to Alex Murray, 1051 Thorn Run Road, $97,500. Mt. Lebanon Christopher Dolfi to Sirva Relocation Properties LLC, 427 Arden Road, $514,900. Sirva Relocation Properties LLC to Stephen and Jennifer Cohen, 427 Arden Road, $514,900. William Rectenwald to Luke and Luci Holbrook, 550 Austin Ave., $399,900. Mark Giuntini et al. to Matthew and Victoria Way, 143 Beverly Road, $215,000. Oreste Carioli to Steven Psilos, 341 Bower Hill Road, $149,000. Estate of Alice Molinaro to Craig Stone, 280 Catalpa Place, $75,000. Joseph Moidel to Christina Kinkela et al. and Shelby Silberman, 857 Chalmers Place, $169,000. Richard Martin to Larry Robert Ulery Jr. and Twyla Fields Ulery, property, 860 Chalmers Place, $110,000. Robert Kunec to Troy Development Assoc. L.P., 1543 Cochran Road, $385,000. Michael Spelar to Nathan and Amanda Michael, 812 Flint Ridge Road, $470,000. Pamela Dickinson Finsness to Kehl and Gina Hendrix, 171 Jefferson Drive, $435,000. Stephanie Laduke to Shibing Yu and Hongyan Li, 969 Lindendale Drive, $232,000. Shanan Johnson Jackson to Joshua Bilak and Sarah McGregor, 975 McCormick Lane, $175,000. Lauren Engel to Jacqueline Klentzin, 265 Newburn Drive, $240,000. Michael Kovarik to Doug and Melissa Bilec, 893 Old Hickory Road, $400,000. Jean O’Connor to Andrew and Kathleen Bierer, 397 Orchard Drive, $273,000. Derek Lehane to Michael Julius Troiani, 626 Osage Road, $470,000. Michelle Bien to Wendy Downs, 321 Pennsylvania Blvd., $165,000. Jacob Clarke to Andrew Geisler, 629 Rockwood Ave., $172,000. Shane Sullivan to Silvia Barbon, 721 Roselawn Ave., $119,000. Mary Happ to James Gouker II and Giulia Gouker, 740 Scrubgrass Road, $315,000. Estate of Jean Louise Hubbard to Dan McCarthy and Ashley Fedorko, 809 Vermont Ave., $180,000. Wells Fargo Bank NA trustee to Principal Commerical Lending LLC, 823 Vermont Ave., $141,001. Masayuki Nishimura to Linda Petrilli, 114 Woodhaven Drive, $290,000. Mt. Oliver Benton Kirk Industries Inc. to Steven Nourie, 1740 Arlington Ave., $5,000. Atlantic Refining & Marketing Corp. to Sunoco LLC, service station or oil storage site, 427 Brownsville Road, $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $346,280). Gerard Galster to Timber Holdings LLC, 158 Ormsby Ave., $43,000. Munhall Estate of Julius Walters to Curtis Gaudio, 205 E. Miller St., $68,000. Debra Kehrley trustee to Linda Grace Mears, 4205 Harvey Ave., $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $50,396). Rattan Real Estate Trust to Justine and Alan Manning, 140 Lea St., $132,500. Cheryl Shipe to Eric David Brantner and Jennifer Schragl, 213 Vivian Drive, $183,500. SEE DEEDS, PAGE H-5 www.RealSTATs.net

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