The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1944
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, tJECBMBBR G, 1914 INFORMATION Dally rate per line tor Minimum Charge .'.,., Month per !lne. before expiration will _ _ -->r the number of tlzueA appeared and adjustment ol bUl AU Classified Advertising copy Wbmltted by persona residing out' fjpde O j the city must be accom- * panled by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. AdvertUlng ordered for Irregular Insertions takea the on« time rate No responsibility will be taken 'or more than one Incorrect insertion ol any classified ad. For Sale 6 loom house on Kcnrn St, choice rcsldpntlnl section, door furnace Mardwood floors, garage & servant liquse, 35500. Jiminle Stevenson Noble Gill Agency. .' I2j5-ck-l2 1910 Chevrolet truck. Phone 25B5. Siiperfex coal oil regrigerator Lewy Ellison,, 31 \<. Adams, Wilson, Pishing outfit complete! 315No •Fifth. Mrs. Lucy. 12j6-))k-9 Electric/trulii with 25 ft. of track- also, ninny accessories. Phone 2449.. 12[5-pk-8 ,1935 model school bus. Good tires New motor. Reasonable. Phone 2253 - 12!5-ck-12 Qootl clean 1939 DeSoto 4 door sedan; radio and heater. Phone 2480 Breakfast room set consisting of 4 chairs, table, comer cabinet. Call Mrs. Collins at Penney's. See at- I ter 6:00 p.m; : 12'5-pk-f Fireworks. Buy early. All kilids of fireworks, Xmas trees, fruits, nuts and candies. Joe Hester's Grocery .and Market, N. Highway 61, Pho. 2832. I2li.tii--in' Bicycle In good condition. Mrs Edgar Borum. Phone 451. l2[5-cktf Circulating coal stove. Will heat 5 or G room house. Practically new. Phone 2482—after 6 P. M. call 11-23-ck-tf 1937 Ford. Wnuld consider tradlnif Hoy Vench, Lost Cane. • 11 -20-pk-12J7 I HAVE BUYER S~ for city residential property JIMMIE STEVENSON Noble Gill Agency. . . :' \11123-ck-23 King Alford 'jonquil 6ulb"s.~Sirst size. Plant now. Hcaton's Home of Flowers. ll|20-ck-t 6 room home on two lots in choic residential section. 3 bedrooms New roof. Outbuildings. Soli foundation. Shade trees and or chard. $5000—$2000 cash. Call Jim _1 mie Stevenson, 838 or 3131. H)7-ck-t Rent Hoom adjoining bath. Gentlemen only. Phone 3499. 613 Walnut. Bedroom •• --------V..T »>* WM*.«, M^yuu heat. 611 west Main. Phone 3325. Wanted to B0 >" s i wheel trailer. J. 9. Buchanan, Loy Eich Chevrolet, Phone 578, Before you sell your, fur, s?e Joe Hester and Son for highest prices Dealers In raw fur. Joe HetUr'e Grocery,- N,, Highway Si, Phone 2632. J2il-pk-2tl Wardrobe trunk In Photic 2786. condition. 18-dh-tf Soybeans, hay and corn. BlythevUle Grain & Elevator Co. lOJIJO-ck-tf Will pay eaah tot |NJ,«0# worth of good nsM •"' •"'" -— Wide - ' Small bob-tail Boston uw ,. white sixrt on forward a 'or 2161. ' e " C ° "' PJ j Ladies' yellow gold' Call 2197. .COURIER * * * PHILLIPS Will BUY YOUR CAR I Blytheville'sHighestUsedCarBuyer „„.„ ' Wl!l p°y y° u th ° T0p CASH PRICE for your Car. No Delay. No Expense. _ No "Come-Back". ALL CASH. * Avoid care and expense of your idle car. Turn itjnto CASH, Buy Bonds and enable your car to provide essential transportation. Come In Today. 50 Cars Needed PHILLIPS MOTOR OX ' Rectangular coral-gold Jaoe'd'-. ova mail ' s watch; ^ jtjt Ninth and Cliickasawba. Re Phone nursery opened Dec. 4th open.(5 days each week; 7 ajn. toTpm Rate $5 weekly or 25c per hr. Mrs Alvis Harris, 623 Park. Phone mi' " Call a n. cash for electrical' re- Appliances a specialty 4on E. Main. Phone 3312. 12k- Painting and paper hanging, Freeman. Phone 2434. Tel 453 at 5lh M you want to Buy more War Bonfa 8EIX US 1HE FURNITURE TOO ARE NOT USING, for cub! Also UbenU trade-in allowance for old furnltee on new, Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. I E.M»ln Phone UK ASTHMA AND HAY FEVEE ;i Immediate relief from the " " ,of bronchial asthma. PVo., lief from U>e distressing: tonis of hay fever, — *" Nefein. Full refund suits are not Wanted To Oil burners for electric > reTfigera-i tor. Boy Veach, Lost Cane." '.;£•. ~~~~~~-~^&*& Help Wanted^. Pair boys rubber galoshes size^l Worn only few times. $2.25. 3t ll|17-dh-t West Walnut. Modern 6 room house, built in 1940 ^3058 Holly. See owner. Il|20-dh-t Five room stucco house with bath . screened front and back'porches Two lots. 2238 Caroline St Addition. ll|9-pk-12iS 5 room ho\ise on \v. Chickosawba Located on beautiful 1 acre lot Call Jimmie Stevenson, 838 o 3131 ' 11122-ck-t: Electric and Battery Radios Hardaway Appliance Co. _j^__ 10-16-ch-16 '•-. Steel Watering Trtughs • - Steel oil Drums ••, Steel Garbage Cans BlythevUle Machine Shop. - • 30-ck-llj30 Twi . . or coai. C | rcu i ator neatcr Mght phone 3309. O. S. Rollisori Wanted To Rent Small furnished'apartment for permanent Army couple. Write Box LAV, % Courier News. 12'6-pkK My home has beenloid—must move In 3Q days. Desire unfurnished duplex or house. Rev. F. W. Nash. ra °»° 2880. ^ 12|l-cic-8 Save 50% On TRUSSES Sfccl ami Elastic STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 ELECTRICITY IN THE FARM HOME Fx* us explain how easily you may enjoy electricity in yonr farm home. Estimates on wtrlng nilhont cost! Charlie Stalcup 110 N. 1st. Phone 2993 "We Repair Everything E!ee«r!e»i" Two good white boys and 'two. colored boys to put out 'handbills jitter school.. 'Apply Wood v' ' Try Our "Own Mnde" ICE CREAM % Hickory lm>| Across From nigh School AETNA LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. _ AN ICA'S FIFTH LARQEST surtANCE COMPAD)Y : :-•: "•*. v; To the right kind of. represeh'tafjvc Jn BlythevUle, we can offer a nrie opportunity. . . . . .;•!'" The John Hancock is a.pollcyh'&d- ers 1 company with 21 year? o'f/ex- poriencc and operates under strict 1 ' Massachusetts laws. .v:'>'."*-;? r */.( One out of every ten .jwb'ons'ih--'' sured in the United StateV'h'as''a' ' policy with the John Hancock" Mu- ' tual Life Insurance Company: -V t Tins Company writes an .extensive' -hue of life, endowment,: grpup"and annuity contracts, ancKopera'tefrin West Tennessee, Eastern'ArEanjjs and Mississippi througli itHe'-' 1 phis office. - "'*••• Men who know what .aio represent an organizatlqh'i-with backgro\md, prestige and'Ja-fepti- tation for .helping its' afceW'Ket ahead will' be • i proposition. . ROBERT M. (General Commerce Titl Memphis, Tcmil Tel. 8-4116 and E. H. FORD, Representative . 206 Lynch Bldg. DRS. NIES & WES OSTf OPATHIC PHYSICIANS Rectal Diseases a Specialty L (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-72:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Slain Blythevllie, Ark. , Phone 2921 Lost or Siraijed Large blue horse mule and black horse mule disappeared hut Tuesday. Notify Harvey Brown's Gin, Hermoiidule. ^ 12(5-pk-l2 White and tarTbird dog, tiikeJ bearing plate reading "Tom Luns- lord, Whitevllle, Tenn." Call 3101 or 2197 - Wanted Elderly white nurse maid for daughters ago 5 mid.3. Home and sal- iSlSl!5L2C3SSuJ2g^i» Jobs Wanted Soldier's wife wank housework o"r child care In exchange room and board. Mrs. Eyler, phone 2188, 12|5-pk-8 I Noted Novelist HORIZONTAL 55 Auricle 1 Pictured 56 She is a writer, Mary famous — Roberts 59 Quantity 8 She has G0 ? isc written many —— VERTICAL 12 Exist : Scarce 13 Song bird 2 Metal 15 Born - ' 3 Seine it* r% 4 Grasp IS Decay ' 17 Lieutenant ' <ab.) 38 Upon .19 Long fish 20 Half an cm 21 Doctor of ~*<*Wu Behold? """ 21 Female deer 24 Place (ab.} 25 Therefore 26 Negative .28 Woody plant ,30 Let fa 11 33 International language 34 Us • 35 Shout ' 38 Observed •40 Exist 41 Paid notice 42 Any 44 Oleum (ab.) 46 Near 47 Doctor (ab.) 49 Sheltered side fit Overtime (ab.) 53 Bismuth, (symbol) Si Enemy F.B. JOYNER SERVICE STATION Corner Anh * Second Sii. (*armerly Tom Jutkson SOY. BU.) ESSO GAS & OILS WASH—GREASE TIRE REPAIR - Call 2011 For Itoad Servtoe Dr, J. L Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Moln CONCRETE STORM SEWKH ALL BIZE8 Thu> Brtdj. 0»c«olo T1U t Culvtrt Co. «1 . Ark, WE FILL AM DOOTOKI 1 PRESCRIPTIONS ""> HAve vov MWNir STEWARfS Of if S Drag Store* BIDDLE .EXTERMINATORS BoachM, Ritii. ^nd Mice' ellml. ni\lc«. Contract service In control, odorless Methods. 115 6. Tlilril • I'tione275l O.P.4. CF/L/NG WJ/CFS ON 4LL USED CARS will If you contemplate selling your car -MOW IS THE TIME! . j is always in the market for used cars buy 1 or WO! DON'T SELL BEFORE YOU GE T OUR PRICE ALLEY OOP MEANWHILE, AM A&EMT OF THE.' MDPVIAKI SECRET 9sf?vnc ARRIVES AT THg P,VIA£E BY YOUR PACE, OF YOUR PAC1CASE VOJ'YE • MO TRACE: PRECKLES^AND IHslWENDS ~~~ Won/J1 FRECKLES, CDW>E BACK HERE.' 1 SOT OUTA I BED ON - .UAWStWiE.^'WKN6 x'/V A «iopf. v: >^ i<{® > < . WOkl'T HAVE YOU GOING- AROUMD LOOKIMG LIKE 7WAT/ Bur. pop,THESE ARE.TH0 CLOWES YOU ACTUALLY WORE AT SCHOOL/ BLOS8H ~\ HAVE PHIUIPS "WINTERIZE" YOUR CAR 1. Tune Motor 2. New Spark Plugs 3. New Motor Oil 4. New Brakes PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY ™- 453 ' Walnut at 5Hi. YOU DIDM'T LIKE MOOERM CLOWES, SO I WAS clusr TRYIMG TO FIND A r j£. MEDIUM '' ; x-\ •* 23 Finish 25 Southeast (ab.) 27 Either 28 Attempt ' 43 Tidy ; j 45 Burden 46 Tunes 47 Portal „....,. . «-- 48 Network ol 6 Rhode Island 29 Fish eggs nerves (ab.) 31 Be indebted 50 Age 7 Toward 32 Writing 52 Tungsten STw^lcd implement (ab) .9 Individual 35 Pound (ab.) 53 Snake 10 Retain 37 Lion 54 Influenza 11 Transact sale 38 Was seated 57 Transpose 39 Editor (ab.) (ab.) 42 Beverages 58Hira' •• RED RYDER By''FRED' HJUULLN , BUT . 10U HAD NO S. RIGHT TO TAKE) THE LAW IM ,-^ , 1 STILL THINK THET WASH TURKS RY.f.KSLIE TURNER ~ AFTER 35 MONTHS IN TH 1 JUN4LB, THIS SEEM$ LIKE A PALACE CHUMi VEP, WE'RE Sri TIM' IN TH 5EB4EAMT LINK. MAKE KWRSELVESATHCME LUXURX BUT THERE'S ' . SOWNS,I'0 LIKE JUST ONE CBACKAT PM WITHTH'OPOSW - FAVOR BOOTS AND HRH Wot la You Know! BY EDGAR MARTIN lOWKi. S\\t VOOV-b XOO 5. New Battery 6. Anti-Freeze 7. Glass Installed 8. Fenders Refinished

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