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Reno, Nevada
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it- Reno Gazette-Journal Wednesday, August 28, 1985 5D Researcher studies meal-smoking link Great moments in cereal history LOS ANGELES (AP) A simple study shows what many smokers already know that a satisfying meal boosts the urge to smoke a cigarette and the pleasure the tobacco provides. "This is not a Nobel Prize-winning paper, lets face it," said Dr. Murray Jarvik, a UCLA psychiatry professor. "But it asks some important questions that have to be answered. I want to find why eating increases smoking pleasure.

"When people try to stop smoking, the cigarette they have the most difficulty giving up is the one following the biggest meal, which usually is dinner," Jarvik said Monday during the American Psychological Association's annual meeting. "That cigarette really is telling us something. If you could cure people of wanting that one cigarette, you'd go a long way toward stopping cigarette smoking." On each of three consecutive nights, four of the study's 12 smokers ate a 640-calorie, solid meal of their choice, usually steak, four ate a liquid substitute with the same calorie content and for got only water. The three groups were rotated on each successive night. Each of the 12 participants smoked one cigarette a half hour before eating or drinking, a second immediately afterward and a third a half hour later.

Jarvik used standardized questionnaires to determine the level of craving for a cigarette after each meal and the degree of satisfaction after each cigarette the participants smoked. He found that craving for the pre-dinner cigarette and satisfaction derived from it were the same for all 12 people. But cigarette craving and pleasure from the immediately post-dinner cigarette was highest for the people who ate a solid meal, lower for those who drank the liquid meal and lowest for those who got only water. "I've demonstrated the obvious, but it's never been shown before," Jarvik said, adding his extensive search of scientific literature failed to find any other studies on the topic. The degree of craving and satisfaction from the cigarette smoked a half hour later was the same for all three meal groups.

Researchers and smokers long have known that people who try to quit smoking often gain weight, and studies have shown smoking reduces appetite and increases the body's metabolism, Jarvik said. But he said scientists don't understand the mechanism linking eating and smoking. He said it is possible an increase in stomach acids, liver function or hormone secretion during eating triggers a reduction in blood levels of nicotine, which could boost the desire for a cigarette. By Robert Ferrlgno Here's a look at some chronological highlights in cereal history: Induction of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes with Tony a tiger on your tne riger. Tony is the ultimate cereal spokesman tor the Eisenhower era, a power-of-positive-think-ing predator who talks in exclamation points, the pertect role model for young aggressors who want to grow up and hit the fast track, wear beepers on their Sansabelts and make decisions.

How was your day, dear?" "Grrrrrreat!" 1954 Trix, the first fruit-flavored cereal, premieres. It is also the first cereal color-coordinated with Palm Springs golf apparel. In the early morning light, Trix floats in your bowl like a cluster of phosphorescent sea anemones. 1958 Cocoa Puffs, the first chocolate breakfast cereal, is introduced with the slogan, "Tastes like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy!" Cocoa Puffs also is touted as the first cereal that turned ordinary milk into chocolate milk. Sort of like Gravy Train for kids.

1961 Total, the first multivitamin-in-a-box cereal, debuts. 1965 Capt'n Crunch arrives. This rock-textured, pre-sweetened cereal has been extremely popular ever since, but it may be remembered best for the whistle that was included free in every box for the first year. An early "fone freak," a techo-criminal specializing in defrauding the phone company, discovered that the tone of the whistle was the exact pitch needed to illegally enter the long-distance mode of the Bell System. This individual, who used the moniker "Capt'n Crunch" before his arrest, electronically wandered through the global phonelines for years using his free Capt'n Crunch whistle as an audible passkey.

1969 Quaker Puffed Rice drops its advertising slogan, "This is the cereal that's shot from guns," sung to the 1812 Overture. Quaker's new "Puffa-Puffa Rice" campaign, reflecting the popularity of Don Ho music and "Hawaii 5-0," uses a Hawaiian drum chant, loosely remembered as "Awonga-awonga! Ahunga-ahunga! Quaker puf fa-puff a rice, tastes more bettah!" 1972 Grape Nuts, responding to the back-to-nature movement of the Age of Aquarius, hires naturalist and food forager Euell Gibbons as its advertising spokesman. Gibbons' commercials feature him eating a handful of dry Grape Nuts out in the woods and proclaiming that they taste "like wild hickory nuts." 1982 In response to public concern about excess sugar in the American diet, Sugar Crisp changes its name to Super Golden Crisp. The sugar content remains a steady 51 percent. At the same time, Sugar Smacks changes its name to Honey Smacks.

Honey Smacks which uses no more than 7 percent honey has the same overall percentage of refined sweetener, 57 percent, as Sugar Smacks. Mothers feel a lot better about the name change. Children under 12, the main consumers of the two, continue to eat it by the handsful. Distributed by News America Syndicate. Grocery shoppers to learn healthy buying Cereal in the arteries that carry blood to the heart muscle.

The buildup progressively narrows the passageway until a blood clot can stop the flow and bring on a heart attack, Gotto said. The heart association recommends eating less than 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day, which is about the amount in a large egg yolk. The average American man consumes about 500 milligrams per day and the average woman about 320 milligrams, Gotto said. The association also recommends that no more than 30 percent of daily calories come from fats, but the average American gets 40 percent to 45 percent of daily calories from fats, said Maudene Nelson of the Institute of Human Nutrition at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York. Surveys show the typical American food shopper knows about the hazards of cholesterol but "people aren't translating that awareness into shopping behavior," said J.

Hurly Myers, associate professor of physiology and pharmacology at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Carbondale. Next month's project for shoppers, which the association plans to make an annual event, will be aided by the supermarket corporations Albertson's, Jewel Food Stores, Kroger and Safeway, as well as regional supermarket companies, according to the association. Activities will vary among the stores. Shoppers in one supermarket in Washington, D.C., will be offered a tape-recorded tour that discusses the nutritional benefits of foods in each aisle. 'Brothel Wars' book published "The Nye County Brothel Wars," an account of the legal and illegal battles between brothel owners Bill Martin and Walter Plankinton, was published Tuesday by Linden Press Simon Schuster.

The battle reached its climax when Plankinton's Chicken Ranch Brothel in central Nevada was firebombed in June, 1978. Author Jeanie Kasindorf is a Los Angeles magazine writer who recently moved to New York. NEW YORK (AP) The American Heart Association hopes to tell 90 million grocery shoppers in more than 8,000 stores next month how to cut their risk of heart disease by eating less cholesterol and fat. Nutrition-oriented tours of stores, recipes and food-tastings will be among activities in the nationwide "American Heart's Food Festival" Sept. 8-14, the association said Tuesday.

Under the theme "It's high time to lower cholesterol," the association wants to increase public awareness about cutting back on cholesterol and fat to reduce the risks of hardened arteries and heart attacks, said association past President Dr. Antonio Gotto. Levels of cholesterol and saturated fat in the diet affect the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream, where it can accumulate Housewives can also be 'Type A' LOS ANGELES (AP) A study of 95 housewives found those with hard-driven personalities feel the same stress, fear and dissatisfaction as earlier studies found among men and career women with the so-called Type A personality. "Type A housewives are very much like Type A employed women and Type A men," University of Kansas psychologist B. Kent Houston said Tuesday.

"They have hectic work situa- the licensing trend. Says General Mills communications specialist Kim Dickey: "The initial success for products like Strawberry Shortcake is phenomenal. We couldn't keep it on the shelf when it was first introduced. While these products have not sustained their sales like Cheerios, which has been strong for over 50 years, our character-licensed products have lived up to corporate expectations." Quaker initially had reservations about marketing celebrity cereals, according to Ron Bottrell, the company's director of corporate communications. "Philosophically, when we introduce a product, we want it to have a long life cycle five or 10 years or longer," Bottrell said.

"Consequently, we never really sought to introduce what we thought were faddish products. "So far, we've introduced only one product in the license category Mr. cereal. Mr. is going to have a shorter product life cycle than we originally envisioned, but it's still going to make money for the company." While Adweek magazine reports that some of the most recent licensed cereals such as C3PO, Cracker Jack and Mr.

are on their way out, the ultimate judge of a cereal's life is the children who eat it. And kids know what they want. They're ready for the space age, and they're ready for space food food that doesn't betray its organic origins. It shouldn't taste like "wild" anything. Kids know that food should be fun: It should be sweet, crunchy and have a good storyline.

If parents had their way, kids would eat things like Product 19 and Wheat Chex. Kids know that Product 19 tastes like when you burp after eating a vitamin and that Wheat Chex is only good for making bridge mix. Real kids don't play bridge. Robert Ferrigno is a feature writer for the Orange County Register. Distributed by News America Synidcate.

From page 1D the highest cereal-consuming group is still aged 12 and under. This is a slow shift; nothing revolutionary is happening." While adult-oriented high-fiber cereals have done very well in the last few years, the old family classics continue to dominate the market. The top-selling cereal is still Kellogg's Corn Flakes, while Cheerios, Wheaties, Post Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies and Grape Nuts maintain their long-standing popularity. Not linked to any fads or gimmicks, these products are basic cereals, comparatively low in refined sugar, perhaps closest to the original formulations of the Kelloggs and C.W. Post.

None of these cereals looks like junkfood or glows in the dark, although Rice Krispies do provide their own soundtrack. "The first cereals were for the entire family. They weren't segmented to slices of the market," says Ken Defren, manager of corporate communications for General Foods, manufacturers of Grape Nuts. "Grape Nuts was created in 1897, and while we may think of it as an adult cereal today, it has a universal appeal. Our Grape Nuts ads stress its appeal to people who love the great outdoors, who pursue an active lifestyle.

With the recent interest in fitness, we think of it as a cereal whose time has come." Another development in the market has been the buy another image and reformulate the product. Producing a new cereal is probably the cheapest part of the process, Merrill Lynch's Teitelbaum says: "It probably doesn't take much to change the configuration of the product. You just turn a few dials on the basic cereal machine and out pop little whales instead of little robots. It's distribution, advertising and packaging that are expensive." General Mills' introduction of Strawberry Shortcake cereal in 1981 is considered the beginning of tions. They have less satisfying marital relationships and they report more health problems" than more easy-going, or Type women, Houston said during the American Psychological Association's annual meeting.

APA spokesman Dan Mezibov said the study shows "there are such people as Type A housewives, which no one ever looked at before." UCLA psychologist Marie Morell said Houston's study demonstrated "you can structure your own home environment so it's as stressful as some work environments." WTOn mm. DMA "Do you, Harrah's, provide unforgettable wedding receptions, including planning, catering, arranging for flowers, entertainment and free valet parking for groups of 30 to "We do. XTiatevcr kind of edding reception you desire. Hurrah's promises to make it memorable. If you have something small and simple in mind, e'll make it simply wonderful.

If you're thinking of something big, we'll handle every little detail. If a edding is coming up in your family, call Jennifer Mannix, Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. 788-2993- To truly appreciate Oranqina, that all-natural, I- I .1 i r. i i Harratfs. nanny carponatea son annk trom France, you have to shake it.

Mixinq all of its real oranae Reno 'f Harratt and tangerine juices with the natural pulp. And if you've never tried Orangina before, now's the perfect time to give it a shake. Because we're shaking off the price. to f- a 1 5(5)C save 500 on orangina; 5(o)C I THE NEW, LIGHTLY CARBONATED, 500 off one 6-pack 12 oz cans or one 4-pack 9.5 oz bottles. Retailer: We will pay you 50t plus 8t handling for coupons redeemed in accordance with this offer.

Invoices proving purchase must be shown upon request. Customer pays any tax. Offer void where restricted orprohibited bylaw. Consumers limited toone coupon per purchase. Cash value 120 of lc.

Mail to: Orangina International, PO. Box 4733, Clinton, Iowa 52734. Smtfl 1QDE7L III llll III llll Expires Dec 31, 1985 1985 Oranqina International Bi wa.

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