The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1966 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1966
Page 12
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Pag* Twelve - Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News - Tuesday, May M, 19M 'A Better, Product to Sell WR: 'We Have Victory in Sight' By JOHN R. STARR LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Seldom does a defeated candidate come out of a campaign with as much or more enthusiasm for the next race as the winner. Winthrop Rocefeller did. Hours before harassed election judges finished the tally of his 1964 defeat by Gov. Orval Faubus, Rockefeller announced as a 1966 candidate. He filed on the Republican ticket in February when many still believed that, his Democratic opponent would again ba Faubus. Now he must wait until July 26 or perhaps Aug. 9 to find out which of eight Democratic candidates he will oppose in November. But he cannot wait until then to plan his campaign. Actually, the planning has been going on for months. While Faubus was the main target of Republican criticism during 1965, the Rockefeller organization remained aware of the possibility that he might not run and gauged its strategy accordingly. * * * "I'm running against an organization, not an individul," Rockefeller said in an interview. Rockefeller noted before Faubus bowed out that, if the governor did not run, the candidates might get to discuss the issues In this year's election. The 1964 race, Rockefeller said, was a personality contest. He said Faubus "perpertrated 41 lies or half truths" but dropped them after a coup!e of tries because Rockefeller did not rise to the oiit. Rockefeller rose to the bait once and the result was disaster. That was when Faubus accused him of being a cemetery wrecker in the Robinson Cemetery affair. At a critical stage of the campaign, Rockefeller's people spent several days trying to refute the charge. They eralize now that it should have been ignored or dismissed. Rockefeller said the cemetery charge had more impact than his organization expected. Rockefeller confesses that his forces made six or eight major blunders in the campaign and that these probably cost enough votes to beat him. His team is geared to avoid such mistakes this year and Rockefeller believes he will run a stronger race. He is unimpressed by Democratic fight talk that he got as many votes in 1964 as he'll ever get. "We'll be stronger this year," he said. "For one thing, I've learned, and I'll be a better candidate." Other factors he believes will lead to success: —The steady growth of the GOP lias spread county organ- ization.into at least 70 counties. —Rockefeller's concept of regional planning have been finalized and put into terms that the layman can understand. * * * —There are several hudred Republican candidates over the state who can help him as much as he can help them. "I have more enthusiasm for this campaign because I'm a better-equipped candidate with a better product to sell," Rockefeller said. "At this time in 1964 I thought we had a fighting chance. In 1966 there Is every indication that we have victory in sight." Rockefeller said he is trying to give his campaign a broader financial base this year. Ha spent a great deal of. his own money in 1964 — Faubus said about $3 million — but he be- lives that broadly based financing will help him at the polls. "A man Who buys an interest In your campaign is a lot better workers than one who is just paying lip service," Xockefeller said. He said that he will try to keep himself out of the state and county Republican organizations. His involvement caused party dissension in 1964, ending In a feud between Rockefeller and William Spicer of Fort Smith, the party chairman. Harmony has been the keynote in Republican affairs since Spicer resigned. Democrats charge that this is because Rockefeller is in complete control of the party apparatus. Prepared for Democratic charges that he will not be a full-time governor, Rockefeller says that, if elected, he will turn most of his business interests over to the subordinates and will resign most of the board memberships and chairmanships that he holds. * * * This doesn't mean that he will stick in Arkansas as Faubus has done through most of his 12 years in office. "I'll be making a lot of trips in the interest of industrialization for Arkansas," he said. "I'll be mending some of the fences in the industrial development field that badly need mending." Rockefeller said he Will not spend as much time on the road in this campaign. "We'll have fewer but more important rallies," he said. "We hope to set up regional control points." Rockefeller said that one , of his 1964 shortcomings was failure to be specific enough in his program and he is moving to correct this. 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