The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1939
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUS'f tf, itf COUBIBRNEWS OPPOftTUNffY USES THE WANT-AD5-// w (ANTAfFOft0TOMlSS THEM - — if n ii-'' ' ' ' CLASSIFIED , ADVERTISING INFORMATION raf« per llhe tot conSccu- '!ve Insertions: Oiic lime per Iliitf .............. lOo Two lime's per line per day — 08c three times per line per day... Wo fix times per line per day ____ OSo Motttli rat* per line.. .......... 60c Card's of Thanks ........ 50o & 16c Minimum charge 50c Ads drder«d fo'r three or six tones and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of Mines liio add appeared and adjustment of till!' made. All- Classified Advertising copy lubrttltted By pefsons residing out- I'lde of the clly must be accompanied fiy cash. Rales nmy lie es«- Uy computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes t,hc one time rale. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect. Inser- lion of any classified ad. For Kent 3 room furnished apartment., 516 Chtckasawba. 9-j;!!-l6 4 roorti furnished house Reasonable. 1413 W. Main St. S-clO-5 Large front room, 2 beds. Convenient to balh. Phone 280. 8-ck-U 3 room furnished apnrttnent. 719 Chlckasawba. Mrs. liatnsey Dim- ran 1 . 8-ck-J5 Sale- SAFE: 38x48. Weight 3500 ixmnUs. TERMS. City, box 431 6-ck-9-5 Cypress Oum Oax, ASH timber on 400' acres of woodland, 8 miles southeast Blythevllle. D. R. Ciar- ner, Annorol. 3^pk-9-a Milk fcrt fryers. Battery raised. Mrs. Russell, N. w. Corner Holly and Division. 2l-pk-8-21 330' acres good land, (v, bales of cotton or 50 bushels cor)), to acre. 2 good six room houses and four tenant houses. Gravel road to farm. Localc'd 'i miles norlh of 0'ai.ron, Sib. $50 per acre'. 240 acres; 3<; miles north- of Gray Ridge, Mo., Stoddard County. 159 acres in cultivation; 90 acres cut- over. Two 4-room houses and barn-. $30 per acre. 2 and 3 room furnished apartments. 108 W. Kentucky. Plume 683. 5-pk-l2 4 room modem furnished apartment; 2 bedrooms. Private balli 1 : Reasonable. 1120 W. Ash. 4-ck-I! 5 room house, 110 S. Franklin. Mrs, S. E. Webb, 1011 Hcarn. 3-nH-10 3 room filrnlshcd house. Close' In. Utilities furnished. 120 Diij;an SU, Mrs; Belle Wood. 22-ck-tf Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping porcli. Mrs. Emma Hole!!, 310 W. Walnut, 22-ek-tr Comfortable bcdrcom. 1017. Walnut. Phone 102. 15-ck-tf Office rooms. Sudbury Building: See Graham Stionury. wit Personal MliN'! PEEL YOUNGER. PEP HP 'TODAY. Put vigor in that "Old at 40" rundown- body with Ostvex 7'onic Tablets. $1.00 size, special todny 89c. If not delighted; maker refunds this price: Gall, write Kir-' by Bros. Drug Store, Driving to New York August. 30th; Can accommodate one or two passengers. Notify njcliard 1 Tyler, Wilson, Ark. Box 284. 7-pk-iO ArmmB Shijcislsh liver, work off the bile, to rid yourself of constl- -pation. gas pains -and' that sour, wink lifelihft Take one box o. KMWY'3 ACTIVE MVER PILLS 25c' at all Klrhy Stores. Dairy PetWRCtory quality and service In Dairy products. Cattle free ot Bang's Disease: In best of physical condition. Call "VCrs Grace' Lotferv. 802-J, for JMIsell's Grade' A Raw Milk. Cream. Country Butter, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders Inspection o'ivcouraecd anytime. HalSEll's Dairy Promised Land: Route 2 School For Boys SUBIACO ACADEMY, Rubiaco' Arkansas. Famous Boarding School, Catholics and- Non-Catholics attend: Rates moderate. Write Us. B-pk-16 DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's dangerous and expensive lo cliive with Steering. Gear and Front Wliccls out of adjustment. Keeping them in pond order is so simnlc :>mf inexpensive you sunrilil never trust (o rHatiCM; ADJUST STEERING GEAR C'OMPr.KTK STBEfUiN'G- GEAR ADJUSTMENT, >n- f^ rtV cluiling— nAjiislnieat >{) | JfD of all Ball Socket I joints — tifchtcttiftg' ~ front Spring Clijis aud Shackles. I Tar Is Extra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (Tlic altovc iiicliirtcs a. complete INSPECT/ON- and REPORT Oil coiKiition of Wheel Alignment and factors affreling tire u'euro PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, 5th & Walnut Phone 810 ' Help Wanted WANTED—A.iitq parts salesman to' work Pmilscbt and Uunklln counties. Must furnish good references ntld bond. Address- Auto Parts, c 'a' BlytheVllle' Courier, Dlyllioi'lllp, Arkansas. ' J-ck-li Lauiuleri ring Whslilni; anil Ironinf done well. C'allcd (o'f and delivered. 3'i7 1,0- clede. 5-ik-n Welding ~ •100 acres. New Madrid Counts', on« mile south Highway 62, on tittle' River, lixtra fine piece of cypress land. 390 acres In cultivation. S1C,- 000. Several other good pieces of land ranging in pi-Ice from $15 to 360 per acre. See me before buying. A. T. Earls, Lilbonrn, Mo. ['hone 22 AND ACKTYLKNE WELDING Bras line and heavy welding > specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 10 or Res. 1019 Notice Fishing License FOR VOUR CONVENIENCE, WE ARE PRKPARKIV TO ISSUK YOUR FISHING LICENSE AT O13B STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 Washing, Ironing Expert washing and irohins. Chea')). Hough dry and finiiih. II ijuilts Sl.OO: One day service, Willie Hell Green, behind city Ice Plant. 8-ck-O-S Wanted Man ctyinblD of himdliiiff office' for co),ton .gin. Must make bond'. Give full details and references in writing Box "I!" Courier News.' 8/4-ck-tf I c.e ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ICE COLD' WATKrtMEf.ONS Minnows For Sale MINNOWS *Mfl Ramon. Cxir. Bailroacl *. Ky Strayed or Stolen Pair of Soi'rell horse mules. Wel«ht 1150 ponruls: Higlifill and Dban Mule CO. 8-clc-iS IN THE DISTRICT COURT OK THE- UNITED STATES, EASTERN DISTRICT OP ARKANSAS, WESTERN DIVISION. Oulletl Gin Company, Plaintiff, vs. No. LR ]« (Crawford & Connedfjc Gtn Company, O. W. Copiiedge and E. K. ^Stevens, Defendants. NOTICK OK SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, ptirsunnt to a decree cnlcvcd by the District Court of the United States for the Eastern District ol Arniftiui, Western Dl>-ision, on July 21, 193D, In a cause pending in .salil Court entitled Gullelt Gin Com- iftny, plaintiff, against Crawford & Copiiedge Gin Company, O. W. opijcctgc ami- E. E. Steven^ dcrcnd- suits. r, Lcc'Gnzorl, in and by sakl .decree n|iimlnled to be the Special STaster Ilicrein referred to, \i-ill sell, ,at jjiiblic aiiclion, to the highest bidder, at the front, door of flic County coiirlliaubij In BlythcvlllJ, Mississippi County, ArkaiiBas, on tlic 8lli day of Septcmlicr,- 19M, lit ten o'clock in tliu forenoon or as soon thereafter, prior to three o'clock iii the afternoon ou the same date, as may be convenient for said sale, the following described personal property, to-wit: A complete 3/BO saw direct connected alrblasL cotton ginning outfit, more fully described', viz: 3-80 saw model 88 D'rh Dir Conn Ali-bliuii Gins No. , , with couplings, extractor support casting and drive p'uile'ys; 3/80 Saw multiple hull ex- , trading feeders No..- — '- -, , , Vilh 's'pouts, S" hull conv. in steel box with drive, etc.; 1—48" Steel battery condenser No. - with hood, slide, supports anil down disch. dust flues; 1—3/80 saw conveyor dlstr. No. 880 complete with hoppers, spout and shield and drive shaft, etc.; 1—50" Rul. Cltir. separator No. with! dlist spout, inlet and outlet; 1—50"x<! duim steel HC cleaner N O. with hood-, dust pan, supporters-, etc.; I—3 ; /80 saw right hand lint WELFARE WORKER ffORIZONTAt, 1 Social worker *licf special- izecl in children's ivork. J'O-Hub. 21 Viol - . instrument. 12 Not armed 1 . H Obscure. 1C Electrified particle. 17 Behold. 18 To rub. 22 Hair ornament 23 Grariodt 24 Impeluous. 20-Food mollusk. 30 Low of a cow. 31 Gold. 32 Haunt. 33 Hoop. 35 Repast's. 37 Round- handled bnskcl. 38 Deliverances from injuries. 40 Seats in .church Answer to Previous Puzrlc chancel. •12 Long inlet. 13 Male child. •I •! Prominent. 48 Green 1 . 51-Measure. 52 To drag along 54 Ratile hird : . 55 She was of the U. S. Children's Bureau /or 13 years. 56 She also' did work with foreigners or s. IK VERTICAL 1 Anlelope. 2 Hied. 3 Kava. 4 Cherry red. 5To' retaliate. r>To offer. 7 Exclairinljon. 8 Ancient. 3 Mfllp scwcr. 13 Klighllcss bird 15 To'cut grass. 18 She was a ——• of a university faculty (pi.). I95rfiall wild oxen. 30 Passive. 21 He] i eves. 22 Gongs, 25 Gazelle. 21 Heathen god. ' 28 Fairy. 29 She worked to reduce modality. 34 Pcrlaining to lli'o gvill family. SB Purposed. 36' lloi'sc fennel'. 37 Scoria. ?9 Pastry. 41 Drone bee, 45-Trcc. 46 Rumanian coins. 47 Three. 43 Vigor. 40 Wine cup; 50 Convent worker. 53 Form of "be/ line sy:;lem coinplclc wllli gh> ttvifs aiui Incline NO, 1 double box hydraulic steel down packing press complete. ivllli lain, cylinder, pump No. ------- wllli lank liasc, pulleys, Irampcr No. ----- with screen mid fcrdeis; 1— '10 Airblast fan wllli Intake and allatliiiienls to Bin ivo/ixle; 1—10" elevator suction fan complete with piping from waijon to separator, gate valve, piping to overflow and from sepnrntor to fan aim from fun lo seed and cotton house; 1—25" hull fan complete wltli air connections to extractors, oto. mitt to blow rofuso to outside location; 1 line seed conveyor under gins and seed feeder; 1 Ihic of C" hull ami niot'o coin', wider gins for concrete V complete; 2 t'cxrorjo' drives for nil-bins!. and suction fans; 1 main uolt tightener, main drive belt and pulley; all traiW- inlsslons lucluding stub shaft, collars, pulleys, liclUs and Irtll licnrln floor slnnris; tranipcr right iingle drive counterslmft complete will) Iwll benrlng lumgcr.s-, collars, coiiplinys. pulleys anil bells; Above to lie complete cotton ginning phmt with telescope, Valves, connections, etc. and all tKinsiutsston appliances; situated In the County of Mississippi, Stale of Ai-knnsiis, nn<l located on the followini; <lc- • scril)Kl lands In said County, lo-wil: That piece or parcel- carved out or the Northeast Qimi'tcr ot Swtlon iv, In Toivnshli) 10 North, IMiiKc II Kilst of Die fifth principal meridian,' 1» Mliwlssl|)|)l county, Arkansas, described a .s follows, to-wlt: l!i'i;iimlni; :\(, , ( point, on the Krtst ami West luuutei' Set:-' lion line, T.':I feet Kast of the' Center of Section 17 aforesaid; Ihnn-D Hast 9£> feet; Iheiico' •'.WO fool; llu'iice t>9 feel; llicnci- Kuulli ;m feel to the. puliil ot licHlnniiig, or wherever "illtl personal proiiorly may be. »>ld s;iln W ||| bi> on a. credit of lirct' niHiilhs. and tint pui'cluuicr 'hull )»c required (o execute LI bovid ivllli siirrtlus thereon to be up- iiruvi'il Ijy Ihp .spcvlid Ma.sler, »nd i lien ;,hall ho rolalnrd npni) stilcl pMDi-rly lo secure Iho paynieiil ol snld Iwnd; provided, If plnlnllll slmll bminuj u, u purdiascr nl sulil •ialc It shall make bond only for such an amount as their lild cx- 'i'ds the debt mill cost IVt'rhV. Dated: August 7. IDIIO. LUK CAZOIIT, Special Master. J. L GUARD Optometrist Only Gradiialo t)|il»»ic- triKt hi Blylbevllle. Glasses Fitted Comet!; his first vacation In ail years. Supervisors discovered the' only tlino liS Inid losl In lily service us JaiV- llor ivnu ilurliig 0110 or two- brief periods of, iimi unva itlm ao days leiive with pay, lifeli K|)ecd motion picture' cam- cms- show! tluit, u cat can rl||lit It- fclf In ;i) U air In 1 C5S limn two' Hint V.u-.illmi In 23 Years CAni.Yl.K, in. iui') — llobert Shade, elderly janitor ut Clinton county courthouse hero, enjoyed PRESCRIPTIONS - , Snfe - - Accunito Your Prescription Fowler Drug Co. Main & Hirit l>h one 111 RECTAL DISORDERS Olltilml ntenrvntlonii rtls- oloso Hint r n etui disorders nvo rc.spntislbln for more wrecked iwrvoim s.v.slems limn any other rmllmlonli'ifl condition, Many encra of «MV- oral nri-voiiNiu'si. heiidaehcs, Inw-lwck aches. leg-«clie.s', cohstlfiallon ami iHsomnlii nro diio to rectal pathology, Our modern ofitce methods hnve Mmiiy iidvaiUimes nn<( a|)))]leiil)lL- to aboiiL OD 1 ?!, of all rases. 'I'lie cxi-oilllons !je- lim cancer and tulioveulav fistula. Very lluie <ILscoirt- fnrt mid lilconvi'nU'nce Is os- iwrlctiml while ticlut! ImiL- eil. nciiiilii)' work limy ht> conllniieil, No htxs)illu)luiUnn, nn ucneral aneslhellc, A very safe and sure trciilmctiU Drs. Nies & Nies feet of di-oi). l.'lrsl, the front fCct make' Iho turn, and then the lilnd , Ark. Tel. 98 SU PRESCRIPTIONS - Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Pric«« Kirby Drug Stores [HOLD EVERYTHING•-Jgy Clyde LewU Wcrt Optomctri»t "HK MARKS 'KM SKK" Oiw JOB Isaacs' Store I'hono 510 feel, with Die tall acting as a balancing polo. No\f Located at 101 North SITOIX! ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON Kinv.UtftK, I'ronrlrtor All Makes of Koliiilll 'ry|K'«'rl(cr«, Adding IMaohhltj »nd CulcuKilors—KcpnlrliiK—l';irt.s—Klbttons "Whin's Iho. Iroublc—cnn'l you Iliitik of iinylliing funny lo draw?" ~RY FRKf) HAKMAN D REET)- ETiiS FOCUB Ori THE 5WXGT GOtt), V. T. HAMLUS HEV.' LOCK cut THERE, YA S11LLV W1TWIT/ WHAT'S TH'&IG IDEA* :OPR. i si? at_N» SERVTcr. IHC, T. M, no, u._3. w.' OFF.- * BY KfiGAR MAR'I'IIN ll! Thai's niffcrcnl! BY KOY CKA ; MK OH 7U6 COS1RMJV, SHMt? TCli. VkOW YOU (W KlUtP EMll 011IER /I'M WOllT TO DISCOVER SI HIE SOtS VJITXESS DON'T SHOOr I'U HAU6 VOO rr? F P£NT> BESIDE HIM REVOLVER IM ntrccKLEs AKD'HIS FRIENDS The Boss is In fnr a Surprise BY MERRILL B!,OS8EK THOSE BOUGHS TAKTE OFF . . LEWES AMD WHITTLE M To A SHARP POINT GOT TO k*)OW ROUND UP ) WHO THE FELlAS /SENT STARF 7NUBBIM LOOKING FOR ASKED MB To COLLECT FOR. THE .WEENIE i ARE IN MY SoOM / X DIDN'T HAVE? ' TIME TG WHITTLE THEM

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