The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1944
Page 6
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NEWS ps FSA Helps Curb Inflation n ( ts Farmers Urged To Pay \l Only Fair Prices For 'I Land Tfiey Purchase ^> LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 8 (U.P.)— ^ Jodie Anderson, Arkansas Fnrm n Security Admlnl&lsatlon director, •* iays the FSA's /arm ownership . program Is acting as a restraint ' .against what he terms "wildcat in- t- nation ot fartn prices'' ! / AndeKon sayi that In sections ,, where wiu-time land booms have "threatened to deyelop, the • FSA |* lias set au example for sound „ form purchases by buying farms . only at prices in line with the J long-lime earning capacity of the „ farm. '.'•.. , The, stale FSA director warns ^ Hint farmers who buy land an the ", basis of todaj's crop and livestock ( • puces may find themselves unable - to make then moitgagc payments I when crop end Ihestock prices re<•* turn-to a normal'.level. . And he £a>s the rarm 'Security ^ 'Administration will: refuse to make ,, loans to nny farmers for (lie pur- ••• ihatc of what he calls a "gold'- brick " ." Tills Is his explanation' of the i. action taken by 'the adminlslra- •• lion. j; "The Fnrm Security Adinlrilsirti- .. r'on does not want to disappoint - t;i)Jlles that desire to become " arm OMCIS But if the price, of £« -arm is above the level of the ... ifirm's earning capacity, we simply ••will not make the !or,n. We, arc '" not Hilling to put a faimfninlly " 'in the hole'.with a farm that will not pay foi itself oier n period of '• jears" Group * E0SON IN WASHINGTON Liitell Lost to /Machine' BYf'l'ETEIl F.I1SON Courier News Wusliliiil Correspondent Presidential firing of Norman Lit- Board of Economic Warfare, found himself stymied behind wlmt he considered the slow-moving, conservative policies of the old line tiepart- . ........ ........ ..... tell as Assistant. Attorney General ment of Commerce, nut when lie In charge of the Lands division at tho Department of JusUco Illustrates again the beautiful.truth that ft little mim in Washington, no matter how' brilliant or how right he may be; can't beat the machine system. Any time any Individual gels too big for his britches mid Hunks lie can effect reforms In capital bureaucracy, you can put him down as a marked Hum. He Is lending with his neck, putting his foot m hts mouth, stepping Into nn open mull-hole and offering himself us n sacrificial goat on the political allnr, nil ot the same (line. The llslj of of/lclnls who have preferred to be right than to hold office 'and who have consigned spoke out of turn about his nmbl- tlons to speed up the war effort, oft fall from grace went his head, Chester Davls's came from his saying out loud Uint he had been, given the Job of managing Ibe.War Pood Administration without the authority to do It, That was lose , mnjestc. He offered to resign nt a later dale, When he hnd coihpteled Ilio food .program for tho next year, but he was politely fired before ho could pdr/orm even that service, to his country. CANT atmcm: THE BOSS The bigger the fish, of course, the IC.M likely the chance of being cntiyht hi one of these foul nets of themselves lo. oblivion by slicking; clrcumslancc. Henry Wallace, Don- Biifdette Club Members Elect r New Officers fj. H. Autry Jr., was elected president of tho liurdcltc senior •!-!! Club Monday, when now members for the coming year itlso were enrolled.. Serving with Hie new president will bo Dunne Easily, vice president, and Oeraldlne Pierce, secrotury-re- iwrlcr. , The latter two were chosen ai; out- Btandlnt' members of the liuidetle 4-H Club for 1014, and each will receive an uwnrd at the achlevejiicjH day dinner to be held Dec. 18. \ Ajjotit 4d per cent of British war production comes from small wotX shops. 'fov the political observer In Washington. The subordinate official who shows loo much brilliance, who Is too sure of himself, who can't play tho machine game, who can't, put over his reforms within the party organization and without Upsetting up. for their principles Is long enough j nkl Nelson and Jesse JOIICB escaped ' (he administration applccart-that to convince anyone that In poll- tics, If at first you don't succec'il. slop trying. . • , . .• "' .."Among the self-apiioliUed martyrs whose badly chawcd-up remains nrc'stl'l scattered about Washing- ton'you nlay remcinber Buch fo'rin- crly-lmporiant. people . as . Suiriiicr Wclles.'C. E. Wilson of General tcic'c- trlc,'Milo Perkins; and Chester Dulls. \ • . : : • •- 1 HOW TO UK A HAS-I1KF.N I Welles, feeling frustrated practically Untouched In the riling I man Is doomed. The man who gets JOrdi- ahead in 'Wnshlm'lmi nc ^lcnMiv; rt .- n Brings Larger Head Of Mustard To Town Now tlie cm) 1 of tile mustard uto- jy cnn be written. H Wits'Ciil'l Denton wlio brought the largo head ot siflKl (!> town which crenled wide attention because'of Its size. ' Grown by Ills 13 year-old son, Thomas Dcnton, al their farm iic in Hct't'o CojjiHjiiDlly, he noty is envied by other members of the Heece 4-H Club who plan ,lo get some of the seed for next year's planting, , lX! Courier News recently prlnU c<l the story of the mustard but the reporter lost the name of the frower mid the story was Incomplete. Rending the account In the paper. Hie farmer made a sccoiui W|> ti die Courier News office. Thla time, he brought nnothcr head of mU»» tai'd which weighed 16 pouhdi In 1 stt'iul of -the 10 pounds weight Of the first head displayed! lanltonWltl Hold Tour t At Harrisburg Circuit Judge ZB) B. Harrison will ™* ?*. at & «lv« tehn of Circuit -oil) I In Harr/sburg opening Mon- iiis session Die next Double Operations A father and daughter underwent Innsllcctomlcs to<lny nt VVnlU Jfos- pltal. Fred Ifodgc, Farmer at. Half up of 11 o wnteB by their aubordi-.!ahead in \Vashln K ton as elsewhere Moon, a lul his 12-year-old daugh- Pr n 'F nn H™ iu r'n " C '' fll ' S ,"* "' ma " Wll ° " cvc1 '' 110 ' ncvcr '' '"• Lo'vlo Denlece. botli-ncMled the Pinncls ]JI(ldlc:wi!l probably emerge well hardly ever, criticises his.'boss,' operations so -a double affalriwas untouched by the charges thrown even when the boss Is wrong,Tlierc's (If dried/while the wife find-mother nt him by Normun Llttcll, nb:futurc at all In that,'as Iii iill this there Is.a bltlcr moral tell is now finding oiit, Lit-, could •lookvnftcr both ol :tti'em at wire. / Farm Credit To Meet On Dec. 15th \ IJoyd Ciodlej', secretary-treasurer, <- his announced that the board of dl^ rectors of the Planters Production 1* Credit Assocmtlon hart fixed the ... date for their'anhilftl meeting to be — Held Dsc. 15. :..-.'. •- .The.meeting'will be held In the auditorium' of the high; school iiv Ciceola, beginning at 1:30 p.m. . j , A feature of the annual meeting > • program will be an address by Ray: C E Millei, secretary ot the Produc- . turn Credit' Corporation, St. Louis. Other (entities of the program will • be presentation of officers' reports, • election"of .directors, 'and' entertaln- '• ment > . E M Woadard of Dell is president , of the association Other', directors , are- D S l.aney and -Charles E, • Coleman of Osceola, E B. Cliilos of • Joiner, nnrt J P Halinmn of Le• . panto ', he considered ti stodgy Department of State, thought lie coulti force the ousting of Cordcll Hull. He failed he Is probably one of the most disillusioned men'In the couii- Iry, for Hull hns resigned mid Welles's successor, Ed stetlinlus, holds the number one cabinet' post to which' Welles aspired raid tor .which lie wns unquestionably fitted. Charles E; Wilson, similarly frustrated In', trying to force through his Ideas on policies for reconverting .American Industry from irar to civilian production, finally had to resign his position ns-yicc-cltnlnnan of the :War - Production Hoard, Mllo Perkins,, brilliant and Imaginative executive.director of Ihe old .Civilian Jobs •Must Be Filled -At Local Field An appeal to all civilian employees «< the Blythevlllc Anuy Air Field t 0 "recruit >om neighbor for the , local air base" was issued today by ( Capt James K Holmes, post food .- stipen'isor. , Captain Holmes said: "I am call- Ing on every nlr ncld employee to i help obtain these workers. Ask your neighbors,' your. friends and anyone who is not already employed in nn essential war Industry to apply for these positions which are ivnv .open. 1 ! k *' The following are urgently needed . butcheis, cooks, kitchen lielp- * ers, bakeiSj iw^at^crs, etc." • . All persons." iht'or>stcd are urged ,to ifjsltltlje, Iff. S rEmployniont Set-, .vice OJIiCc for nil Interview with Captain Holmes between 0 n.m. and J2 o'clock noon. Tliose who already arc employed in essential war industries ucie reminded not to apply. Placeti On Probation For Manufacture Of Whiskey Alfred Thompson of Manila charged with illegal manufacture of liquor on Big Lake near Manila, Mras T given a. three-year probationary-term in a federal penitentiary „ after facing trial last week in Federal -Court: at Jonesboro. -i Case, against Ora A. Delta, indic- 'cd with the other defendant, was ! pressed.. If You Want Russel! E, Riaies Hf. Have The Buyers/ WALES LAND CO. Gfencoe Hot*/ Phone 464 S^i A GIFT to gladden the «y« and he«il of every lovelyUJyon your lisllThis sparkling clear Pyren "Big It" Set .includes a 9% Pi*.p)atej lO'/t" 'Utlllt? Diih; 8'A' Cake Olsh; anc) a 2-Quait Double Duly Casserole (ktie covet makes a'a extra pie plate). All for only,$1.85. Every dish can be used for baking, serving, and storing. She'll use this set every day! Come in...get yours while ihey last! SHOP OUR WINDOWS! For COOKIE JAR cotidinKntl, Choice of six dcii^ni. Large ii7e. M»deofch7C(l carchcnwarc in ilpr«I colorj, _,-•••• 1.19 REVOLVING SERVER Largo crystal, pjiEnioned relish diiS \viih mcul hue. Perfect for huffci SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS Set your table with tliesc quaint imli- vidual shaker sets. Sparkling' bird design with sterling silver lops. Buy several sets for jour home at (Ms Special Vricc. 1.19 WtCUnr THE »HT DM Of ' SNKKERSET. (Wiuiiful Chini Set in an itinctivc rfiiroon edged rieul dtiign. Fin mem China pattern}. MMHU IMTOW IVDtTPUHT tlQtilH- MOIT HOME MIRROR Vinilj-anJWill Mirron. Choice of thuc bciuu'ful putetns. Lirpe ii !c „;,[, fccvelcJ JnJ (rimed t jj;o. 59c $2 HOSTESS SMOKERHTE Fcr set 1.65 6-pe. combination glass ash troy and cigarette box. An ideal Christmas Gift. FITTED CASES' Only 5.95 High qiulUy Men's kit. Genuine black leather cose, 12 fittings. A practical Jill. FITTED CASES Only $9-93 Men's dressing kit, . russet leather, contains 10 fittings. Use Our Layaway Plan! term of civil division will be at Osceola Jan. l, at which he also will preside. ... PLANTERS HA 126 W. Main Incorporated Phone SIS DtAIl ONI; IS CONK A precious one from us 1ms gone, A volco we loved is still, A place is vacant In our home Wlilch never can'be filled. Was n ycnr ngo today Our Dear One passed away, Tho days, months, and >>e fl r 3 may go How much wo miss Him no one will know. Mrs. J, L. Flnke Mrs. Lnivreiico Young Miss Gcnnette Flake ° Everybody Was^s Spvething for Added Con- viBriieiice. : WhQi Could be More-WeScomeThan .'•-. V ; ; V DAINTY FURNITURE PIECES? The pieces shown above—and the hundreds-of olhera in our store are fill smartly designed and of unusxmlly durable quality. We invite you to -/ '!;.(•"" KO through our assortinant witliotit obligation. Occasional Ta'bSes A wi(le selection .. 1^49 ^ 37,59, Coffee Tables Somc llfivc ^emovnwc tops . 5,95 to 39 95 Floorlamps .AH ^ntcr s t y i es 17.50to24.50 Table Lamps Bcil MffrOTS A" s ' zcs anc ' shapes Tier Tables Itlcal for Smoking Stands A)l sl Hassocks In sevcral Phone Tables wilb Pictures A variet ^ ° f 5.95 f-o 19.95 9.95 fo 29.95 19,95 to 24.50 2.75 to 12.50 9^5 ^ o ^2,95 12,95 fo 17.95 Cord Tables s P ccia "y pnccd nt only .................................... Q Also— HOOK RUGS, RAG HUGS, 'CHENILLE BATH SETS, Etc. Special Reductions On OVERSTUFFED LOUNGE CHAIRS . . . These are new chairs that have become slightly shop-worn EVERY ONE IS A REAL VALUE! P Furniture Company BLYTHEVILLE, ARK.

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