The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1931
Page 5
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•'A'lTUDAY, JANUARY 10, 1031 Hm'lllWlM.13. .(AUK.) COURIER NE\VS CLASSIFIED ADS 'i'ivu cents a word for first insertion and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement Mkcii for less than 50c. Count Hie words and'send the cusli. I'honu 30G I'OK SALE BABY CHICKS — Souiliwc eh;ur.pi''H'J. rmiy crder tils- counts. aiilKvaler brecuii!;; F.-.rm, S'.ilhiater. Or:!a. PAGE FIVR -I'llXMi: 1 ' »1 MIKB « mi iii-:x'i 1:11 U-:irni ( rum ,n \ \rr.i SKI.IJ SPKM.fl-:. /mi! M::H^A IIMIT. Min-i-Hkim *in^.. ».i:ir. I hill Ml" imirrlrd In tlllf*. vv:ii unm drucrtrU, Ijiil mil ill- vc.n-.-it. In If*--, n iilfiurr <\t Mia L'i'iVhi^Mr^i.MTA M:I-:. »ku»i u-u* |n-lmr:l In llmullKHi. Mln t'Hiiirs ID I|!ii:illli<:i. lltliT Khi>u(:i>; Mr:mi:r r.vrlicniriii nvt-r pli'lurri Smith illy l!io ynitn:* ii elective strilrhcit for Ills tnu. If uii? miir ilcicr uoi'o BO lii;.:o:iiuu:i In lliU fuse, illicit lie n :it I,live hi/en L-uUiii.: Uic EH u i tier of XHu LiMfcli Stlim? i not ii "York t ^ (u toll llio (ate of hta Now ANN I- AUSTIN 'IIILGUCK PIGEON "1HL- AVP.N&NG PMJCOr Mi'RDEC BACK&TAK5 B u l Used IVz Horse Motor I'or Sale Will make a gotxl motor for Zy-2 to 5 horsepower load. Needs one new bearing- \\Jill sell cheap' COURIER-NEWS It lt:Ix n Iirsl>:i In- llHi'. l-'o-ir t hi "ti:ick nllniiiny" fri-tn 1 uUo Inul tiKtrrlctl uflct :'p\VKNTV iiilnisics later ho j liis car In tlio mil:. 1 i n;n 'llio Ki'llni lifiuse In I'rliiini-j ows, and hoiil:ed liis hnni I to ntlracl tlie auenllon of tlie rial:. \vlietlicr ho was rli'iit o. iig, Dundee- determined lo ils liniH'h a chance, llo went tlie over-ornate bedroom In i which Mln Leigh Sellm Imd tice:. iniirdercd—shot tlirousli tlie hae'.! !!•.<! rug whtcu «lmo«t entirely cot- ''ivil tlie Ijedrconi lliwp nnil rcvcnlci ll->> lu'll willed Dexter St>r:i|aio Intd ik«d ii|i no Hint Nlln infill mini- i»n l.ydi.A from licr haariiieiit i'-MII, In case- (if ill 10 need—n |ne- "uittim with which Iliu innnlerer W:IH familiar, slnco Lola Dunlap l:a-l Innocently spre.-.d Iliu ne«'B ol :irrfi-i! Pi i:f M lnc I'M Hi — II PM-: >].VT:^I1AM.. n«»!rr uf (tir dtriih o-nmiu .ions nii\Kt:. 'riivccv sin.i-:s urd I'I-:TI-:U m:\i,U'. Afti-r InWi-r. id Hrttl n rrninl «f MlnN mnrrlrr.f in Nc" VmU. I IliriOfr l-i Al'UiEiiniii-il liiinit* T)y n \\li .- from tEti> iitkirh'l atlnrnt 1 j , A I lirimr, Dnnilt't- flmU n nitic under lil» iKmr, mlvKljL^ him in 1i^(ik En \\ NO'S \\ MO («r n Hfi. rr.<l 1» iilidiil to On no ulifn ilir- AIT \nr.i rnicrn. Ill 1 Irnrn* ilini i tl 1 I IK- r]i^1il vi-rrU un <N'rtr FOR KENT IN DELL—FOR RENT—3 room 1JCU5.C. $7.00; 4 ro3ni hous:, $11. L. fowler, Phone 888 or 450-J. - 1BC-TF j FOR HEN T—Foi ir re oin a par t merit, 810 West Ash. CaU uiO. 5C-TF FOR. RENT—4 room stucco bungalow. Garage. Modern ceiKeu- icnces. Apply GOG N. Fifth Si. ' « P-K-12 III. rr;>y uf II IUVS \\IIU l>l:-i~i-[!. Intl *|JP "•nr* hht- tt-iirti [(. U'ti-u Kbi- M* 1 ' 1 ^- *i<* nrt'N t li urEdrn nn uU n-,» n iv|i Hit* nnil ll u'ulit, .allied imineillr.lcly aflcr the m.ii der to Kiiard the I'li-miscs ilniliiit tlio day. Tiiere was no ansv;cr. And a violent rinuin;; ot tlio doorbell also hroui;lil no response. The i guard hail liecn withdrawn, pr.iba-1 ... I uly to join Hie s.n.,11 army ot pk.iu- i aie "!"' " lo " B ,?'" ! dotliesnieu and imrolmcn who Had I "-""led. iirovided i heen foolishly and Iiilllelv search. ling for the New Vorli pur.iuau. | Wnli mi oath, lluudi-o used liH i skeleton hey lo reli':i>u- [lie fn>:i< derln^ her faro. 11 her innrdcr had been accomplished by mcchun- i-el mciuiR, hov: lirtd It heen done? Tl.i'M no Lot-nir register hue. ... . |.,; : , I-'ITI.I tlio drc::s!ns talile Dundooj W |. wr.llied to tlie v.'indow, uiion wlmse i-| n ^ [ n [:ale-!;reen inline thcro ivaij litill ll.e lluy nciicll mark wlilcl. Dr. Price There was a Imlt l.icii liuk r,\ tlie, !i.inlvfooil lloor, and out of it Issutd ^ luiftli at green electric wire, c'tiii- :u-i'!eil with two small, Hal metal one upon Iho oilier, FO Hint .'lipcil ii|ion a boll would. Oilia'B hascinctit I-IMHI. Hul Ihcro was soniclliUn; odd al.iiui I lie wire. Alllmii|!h It vvns 1'li.vlousl) 1 inw, n sci'tlnii of Ii urar u Ihe l-ollcl Inul hi-.,. Ul , llic i.., lllilU . d WM vnwcA H had trnvckMllv.ui, ,,. lioli m | h «lvo ia|,e. Another so far. Nollilng Iiero to sld In c incrlmnlcal murdcc— Hut hi :i Hash Diiiidee clmngcil D.imlic'a mind. n,,, hiou.-u !;uii|, . , . inliLd. For just sllsluly almve , ;ltll t , x:u .,|y ,ho riiino sor d>r titlonlti!! uiion The IIHIK roril of h.irt hoo.i rneinled t o[ lii|io nnv I "rum H ulr r<* A tiilt- U. :it OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern see. [(ERE ,-Tbw '. OF THe PRIO-RITV •\TiMo T3ACK To OLP MEPIBVAL EMGLISH LAW , OF FIRST Qse OF BATH TUB i J AM ; ATTrici-E TiAio, SEC-rioii WE, QFTrl'^ULES 1 QF LOPGIMG MOUSES* f AW 1 IMUktsSPERS 1 , 1 5AVS' TfiAT-frfQliEST/ > HAS" FIRST OPTlGKi To) V G •trie FOR RENT—Goo;l 5 roGin house, located North lOtli St., Call at DIG Holly, phone 290. Gc-Xll [IT. A Mrlnz. ii(l:iclir:l lo llu- hnoli. jiiillx (lie Iri^irrr. IHui- (!<**- rri'iivrr^ I He nuu. uinl findi .--" of i!.i' Etolr^ in Hie Iml :tlr rrr:(stiT li:isl (o '>»• ctil.-irKnl »ii lnil-1 ttir nnix/lc <if llie utirt. i";nl|)|iril u1lH list 1 il'.fnrcr. M»W cn nx WITH TUB KTOIIY CMAL'TLii XLVl r\b"XI)EB laugtiEil. the parroi * * v/lU-jli nail s:iveil Ills life echo I::?; hip iiilnh raiirnn^ly. as his eyes ':iit npO]> l!ic following line's of jisio pi::it hiilfway ib \vti ll:c third co!mini of page -111) ot "Who's Who in Anvrira": KLIVO l!:e iiuinlior of Captain Strain's home, ami hail Iho pleas. nro Qi learning liiat lie lind inter' niptcil Ilia former chief ut a laic Sunday breakfast. "When dlil you n-lllulraw Hie Riiard from Uic Eelini house'?" lie asked ahniptly. cutting sliorl Strain's cordial welcome home. •T.i'.tc- Thursday afternoon." the FOR RENT- 5 room Bungalow. 605 ClrlckasEuvba St. Apply Mrs. WnU (cr RoschTUtil, Phone U9. GC-Ktf , ol , r FOR RENT — ccciroom i:i stcnm \ heated hoi;se. Men preferred. ', Phone No. 1, Mrs.- J. G. Sudbury, 1P-K14 ' . WJIHatn .Tolm. detective; cliiet of llio homicide siiuad swcrcd uclligoronlly. "I needed all my men, mid the lii'llm house had Nothing here? . . . Nol now, cause he hnd taken tho l:ini;i lo tlie courthouse for safeHcepliif;. lie saw it clearly lu Imagination —that hronie floor lamp which Lydia can- had skon lo Xlta l.ciKli, Its hli; round howl sludded with ijrcal jewels ot colorod glusa. Ami in rccalllns every detail of Ihc lamp ho saw what ho had dismissed £niio over a (MHLir.orc. Oct. , ls comb half a dozen limes. . . . Why?" "Oh, nothing 1 ." Umiiloo rctorteil wearily, find hung u|i the receiver latter assuring Ills old friend thai 5SCH |n| nl1 ' aa of no initiiiitauc'e nl the time nnd c;,,, in the excitement ol lindlnt; Hint Iho lamp's bull] hail been Hhallcred liy the "baiiK or hninsi" whleii Flora Miles had (le=crll>c-il. One of the hit; "A launt and ;i joke whirl, liirncd ho would call on him later lu the FOR RENT — Modern furnished apartirrni. Uava^c. 224 DQUJCUI. Phone DOI-J. 10P-KK glass jewels had heen missiUB, leav-1 | lca an unsightly hulc. N'o wonder there hail been "b:i"E or bump" hard enough c;ist of l.ydla Can's lureincut rnoia. Ami lie foiHiil wliai lie wau loo!;lus for—adlicalvc iajiu wrardictl abynl jltio wire which hnd liceii droiijicd lliron^h Ihe Hour of Nl.ii's room bo- foro il had heen catricd. l>y menus of a horcd hole. Inlo Lvdla'a rootn. He was loo laic—thanks to dp- Sirawn. The hell which no hnil rl^Red nil waj in work- tut; order ne^ln. lint nn ho wns Siassin:; out of Iliu hajeiiKiit ho lil.iiiccd .at the celling of Uic laiee room devoted lo fiirnnce, liui-n-ntor aler and launilry tubs. And lu the rcllli.s he 6:.w a hole. . . . The murderer had left n trace •lent the franm nf Iliu v.-imlow! Fur u:t, v.xdyed Inlo Ihe big howl toi he could hut nlilUcratcl Ai ii]rco 0'cUicl; .hat ^j.i.lay , . 4 r . • - - — --•> -- ..ueiuiiijii Koii.iic Duiiiloe, fntlciiod .No use lo oxidam now to, hirawn i a , 1( | s || s | U! j. pro , r1ldi! i s trom i|,e, :1 r Lc .r a Btrennoiis day and M.rfer- that he had given the mmdeicr I jcwel-hole, Iiad "kiclicd," just us II ; | nt - to Ills own somewhat disgusted every chance lo remove any hstrny , ::ill i- ick(:i i a ,, i lul]r |, c[or( ,. whon i amusement, from react lou-cven n . ing traces ot his crime. Hesh'.ea h t had dislodged ilsclt from the •• ,letecllvc tola his first excited hunch after liis | i, n : c i,, t i, e ifut-air register and' WANTED POULTRY \YANTED—?.Iarkcl prices, any quantity. Hnrilyn Hatchery, ^iO E. Fourth St. SC-TF WANTED - Family Waslitngs. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lnkc St. ov.n aUeu.iitcd mnrder luiyl.l veiy well 1.10 a wild, gronnillcss on,^. In his .easo UIG inipossihilily ot the murder heiiiy delayed or nrracged Ir.ttcrc.l down Hie bii: |iipe to the reservoir of th-D furnace. That Ihe big !anni, when he. fol lowlr.s; blrawn. had first examined so that the dctcctlvo might he slain j ( | 18 ecc . ll; ot Nita - 3 Lmr d er , hnd not WAITED — To buy poultry, any .'^,; J.-...E,- Pisfier'nt C. 0. Bennett- Co. Feed Store. 210 .V. R. R. GC-K20 my dear \Yat£r,nl" he cx- •jltci! lo the parrot. "A Juke I was net intended to live to lau^ih Tver!" Mf 1 rleied the hook and replaced It in the hnu!;case. careless of finijcr- p.'iiits. for he was sure tiic mur- •i'lrer had !>:e:i too clever to leave my hchind h.ini in that room—or «i;o:: UiO gun and silencer either, tor that maticr. Interestedly, Dundee surveyed !!in scene of his alteintitcd murder, it he had unsuspecting!.*' none tip to tile high shelf to reach for Iho hooU he \vonld have stood so close to the register that th:re would have been powder burns on his shirt front— 17CK-TF 1 j usl ;,, t | lc . re ]. al | \ KKU on Dexter Siiramie's. And lie wonid have heen _. ^sijot EO near r,n ojien wlndoy.-—no | iiujviltrs with "S^KiSow-taH 'fin:ii. | crisis. ,Xo. the'murderer—or intir- 'for niTgcrprinls 'there, j my." thn't i;peelal Investigator Una- j found no difficulty In either, since lie had not closed [he! (lee. expected hack Ir. Hamilton pijifji-]^ iiie hiq lamp ono fool when the whole "crowd" was ns- Eeinbled was obvious. The muidore: hail read in a lale Saturday afler- noon extni—a copy of which oor! in front of the window frame did not dampen Dundee'* oxcllc- L-i.'iu in Uic least. After Karen Miir-hnH'r, Fcream that room had WANTED—Nice clenn. soft r.'. free of buttons. Courier Nev:s. • CHANCE OF LIFETIME — Re- Hr.'jle. ambitious n:iri to estab- li=h local business. W: finance you. Experience nnncceisaiy. :\l-.Ai: Sfi.OO -S12.00 day. Fill! or part tin-.c. McNESS Co.. Div. B-553 Freeport, 111. WANTED—salesmen to sell nalicn- ally arivertiseii inr,;hicl lo S'.or;s, Garages. Factories, etc. to wake S4.W an lioui' or Sr.00.00 or more n'nntlily. Te5tert sales plan. No money rcci'.iircri for slock. V/e delivrr and coilcc!. Par cheek mailed on Saturday?. Big surprise v.ait- in^. Write Fyi-Fyler Co.. 2153 Fyv- Fyler B!dg.. D-.iy'.uii, Ohio. now In Dundee's pochet-Dislricl | I, P; .:I filled with excited ncoitle. who Attorney Sanderson's lioast to tl.c' rushed iihoiit, looking out uf press that his onu/e had hr-en work-1 t iie window for Iho murderer- nnd ing on on entirely different theory | ( !n;n s nil sorts of things which Ihan that which connected the tmi' ieri.u-.ftrirl:cn pco;:lo do in fiich a winduws on his deiiartnre for New Vovli, not v/isliins to reuirn to a stuffy apart nicnt — Jhat the police would have hr-cn justilied in think- i in^ he hn^l b^en shot from outside. Vcs. i!aninctl Ingenious, this at- ttaitjleil murder! I'ndnuiitcrlly Stra\v:i would have dismissed the nnta as tlio v.orlc of a crank, not hittinK upon the fact that it had been written In that very room, on Dundee's own typewriter and stationery. Strav.u might oven have Hut a mournful sort of amusement Sunday laoniini:. , nr-arer Inu chaise IOHBIIC. to the . N'ila [.eigh's past life | ] ,!;i C(i jt ] ia ,| always occuiiied be- itl N'c-w York. And lie had hinted sensational revelations connerlod witii the ]^- ycar-o!ii ro\-al b!ne velvet (ires< which i\ita !:nti Jjlsascn to be l:c: siiroud. And in his (Jov.-e lo n ; ;.s- sure the public throni;h tile ]iri | fore l!nt—r.ov, 1 had the f;uti been fired fviim tiie iamp? Eleclrically. ol course. Anotiier [lielnro Hashed Inlo i):imiee's mind, lie f,~,w himself ilcoplng. oa Monday afternoon, to s"0 if Ibc i-his of the lamti's cord Saiukr."on had vaguely [ircmisei! i had been pulled from the socket, evun more specific i'G*elatio]iH Dundee had actually brought huu:e Lvitii him. Tlio exasperated young detective 1 nut of Ihc fact l!;at Dundee bad ; could picture tliu mm derer rc.T been artvlsc-d to call upon a greater those gcasational hin 1 .^ and iscs. conl'l imagine hi.; iiani,-. detective than himself f-.:r assistance! . . . Yes. ingenious indeed! hicc'l for Immediate action. -And so amazins-v siinnle— isnccinl lnv-?=ri:rr>ior Ui::nl-..-, WANTED taw It again as it was (hen—nearly out, so that no current could jniss Crom the liasobosrd ontk-l under ll.o'hix>kc;)F2 into Ihc hronr.o laaip. How far fro::i truth bis conclusion that Monday Lad been! PUT «h.~t Tva:i the real (ruth? l> Si.duc.ily Dundee Ilmr: l.irl; shock .11 hav- inn iinrrowly cscaticd death — ncr- milled himself Hie luxury of a call upon Penny Crain. He found the girl and l..i i.:» playing anagrams. A tier greeting him, Mrs. Crnln ruse, to surrender her iilacc lo Iho visitor. "Vnn |i!.iy with Mils ylri (,: : c, Mr. Dnmlte. She's too clever for me! Site's beaten me every came so far, and ivhcn I jileail [or Iwo- liandcd hrtilsc aa a chance lo f.ei even, one shuu.hrs at the very "Why di,! ;.uii il,^ r.,.:- :...,.:i av:ay Iroin hh ([inner here Iciiay'i" 1'enny deiiianikfl. KcramhtlnE the liKte wnrrku lilerhr. until ib?y made a wTir'i jiMlmi of letlers. "iJccause i K.ialcd to (Ind out ex- aelly how Mia Keltm was Killed— 1 did." Dundee anr.worcd. "I wish 1 Inievv n:i well tt/io murdered her!" Mule liL'Ioiv 1'jnnj's c:.clijil ijjoj- lions, the detective idly seleclerl letters lima tho mass of faceup blocks on the table, and spelled out, in a low row. Uic named of nil the BUI-SIS at Klin's fatnl hrldac party. Siuldcnly. and within cry thru slarllcil Pfiiny. Dundee made a new iiriiiic \vilb the little wooden letter-. ... Now he kus-.v tl.3 r..jj>v.k:3 lo bot!i "Jlnict" nnd "\VliOI" • ' ' (To Jtr Continued) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ItlVALS! By Martin especially r>::nl c-xpcrt. wi?!,-onicd on? Christ- Casli Puid For Littc Model Used Cars W. T. H7-H9 East Msii! St. Phone 888 o: 687 amount, l-'isher's Place, 213 South First St. 23C-TF LOST—Ladies square, green cole: \vrist v.alch. Finder return to C07 Walnut. Phone 7GO Reward. T.oral ;ind long di.slanrr hauling. .Special rates nn carload lots. Team fur local hauling. V. Ii. WASIIAM TKANSFKi: 1400 CliicUsaHlu rimlie SSI We can S;ive you money mi Aulo G);isa JACKSON AUTO I'AUTS 2020 Main I>], or ,e 00 HVSINESS New York Cotton cksed quiet at 1C!5, off S i New Oncniia Cotton PRt^DtMT P.NSHES IIP Tilt-^ In MseiaFa:cr.r snk is the ciicap- ='. form o! clr.thiiiE material ^m^E^Wffijw .\ FOXV out> BIRD ut is! HE WILL I'jHXr : IF VE ROT i,\] A faLOOMV KVEN1NG THINGS Ul> &&, FRECKLES,.. AU we SHARS THIWS V1ITH EACH OTHER, DOUT VIE...X By lilossiil 6ETWEEU YoO ME IS FIFTY FIFTY, UOH? /[ ', SORE / TAS = VB6TCHA BOOTS ITS FIFTY-FIFT/...• ' TriATS OS rf !.' , ITS YDOR TUKM \ TO 8U2M PAPERS, Tf-^e J OUT TIM CAMS A>J' / CUE AM THE \JIALKS \ VJJEEKG To CO\\6, I 1VS BEEiJ "J D01S1G IT VJl!ll_e >bO \IICKE AM/AY H,\V One l)D!e or a train lead. EAH CORN', shuck on, Me bu Shut;-, oil. ECc por bu., in car lots. Codon Stitc.-i SaUs Co Inc r.lythcvillp. A,::. l'!io::o 1"! or LD 1C03. FOH SAuK-Sc;i!e cf liie \ciy fcrst s-,ibiir!;:-;i thcvil!:.'-i - rit-i-cs ianri. p!en:y o! on! biii;n: I..:? of I'.iv.vr;? anci s:-.i-i;l)l:ciy. 'bcniiultil l.-iv-ti r> I'.i-p.l. --everal payrr sl-.e!l prcan Ircr.. o:v irii-ii! i:omrs in Bl>tl:cvil!o. Price i:r:c«i o! cotton, willi terms. 1 a'.if) linvc ;-vo or tlirfc c.-;h buyfrs :&r -r:.;:.\ '.if \\.-.r.t I" sell Vo;ir farm iist it with ir.^. I r.ivo ar.l c'.'.e i\s.acnco in ;i:r past 30 clay.*. SHOWING HIS TRUE COLORS GCTTINT.

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