Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 6, 1972 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1972
Page 12
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TV LOG DAILY FACTS, Redlands, Calif. Thursday. April 6, 1972- 12 Televiewers to see variety of telecasts SIDE GLANCES by Gill Fox THURSDAY APRIL 6 fcoo f) O OS §D S3 Nm Q®IWd Wild Wot ID 13355] Tl* Nncc Streo] Hajari Aladdin's Lamp" The Aral bian Nights fantasy is brought \\ life by the Prince Street Players al magical tricks produce genies, pal & Spade* of tbt Week (R) CQLacka L »rt |l(h30 O Torn Tim to Tata Back CBWCHbySkM Q3 La Smtaaka |I1HW Q o GD ® O) 03 Now Q OM Step Beyond [gkUrekal Diikw Q Tnrtk tr Coencqoencas © FtsMMH bTsatrini Lucille Rivers Gloria , SwanS0 " •» a? 00 * ^ rBCMnentiM Update presenters set for the same ® Fihm: left Make It Legal" network's Tony Awards show aces from thin air. and , rid, 0 *1:10© kto*: (C) Ifaari* S..»r. ffi^SfeW^ ,h. T ul|tMt » (8dv) .gj^rt Mor . be honored on NBC-TV s Oscar ris. Liana Orfei. the magic carpet (B I Dreaa of tannic (g) Filmmakers Fiesta (R) 63 Hodgepodge Lodge QgMaybeny RFD ffi)D AM 6:30Q Beat the Clock O Movie: (C) (90) "Fahrenherl 451" Part I (dra) '67—Julie Chris] tie, Oskar Werner, Cyril Cusack, An[ ton Deffring. In a future society where the reading of books is strict broadcast Monday. h if; one. CJ» <u iu«« Sidne y Poitier and Harry 01.15® Gran Cine del lueves Belafonte will be the only HI -JOS (DOS Late Movir (C) "In guests on Dick Cavett's ABC-TV tko Cool of the Day" (dra) '62- ^ QV/ my , Nornian Lear, Jane Fonda. Peter Finch. Angela producer of ..411 in tne ry forbidden and readers are huntetUj, Q u H(Wy ^ ^ {in) HAUffl ku 4aii4>tiAriTiau> AHA tiramoit J ^ >ar . . _ _ Anita, down by authorities, one fireman— j whose function is to bum the books —becomes obsessed with the desire; to read one. 3) CBS News Walter Cronkite ®) Hollywood Sqtares IB Nanny and the Professor (S) Guitar, Suiter Laura Weber be gins a new series on various styles] of guitar playing. Jazz guitarist Jerry Hahn guests. Qj) Educating a Nation Q3 Treasure ®Green Acres Q3 Tole-Revista Musical EB Victoria James Show 7:00 Q (SO® >•«"* f Nrro Truth or Consequences (E Dragnet Q WhaTs My Line? 56) Tom Jones Show Paul Mary Hopkins guest Q )l Love Lucy QI Dream of Jeannie Si Speaking Freely eDHatiuyofa JE Una Ptegaria en el Camino ® Movie: (C) "Move Over, Darting^ 7:30 O 33 Isncml Imagination: Child's World Jonathan Winters is] host and Florence Henderson special guest for a view of the world as children see it and as recalled nostalgically by adults. Other guests include JoAnne Worley, Johnny Brown, Art Metrano, and the comedy team of Patchett and Tarses. OUstJe (R) "Wings of the Ghost" 0 Movie: (2hr 15m) " COOK aw Get ir (com) '36 — Edward Arnold, Joel McCrea, Frances Farmer. rJD To Tell the Truth (X) I Dream of Jeannie Q Million S Movie: (2hr) "Alr|J Force" (aaV) '43 — John Garfield, Arthur Kennedy. Gig Young. 0) Hogan's Heroes IB (3) Dragnet S3 Newseekers 33 Rollln" on the River S.-00 O ® SD Flip Wilson Flip's guests] are Ruth Gordon and Raymond Burr. O ® © CD Alias Smith Jones (R) 'Twenty-One Days toll Tenstrike" Heyes and Curry join a[ cattle drive that turns into i murder spree. ® Me and the Chimp (R) The Reynolds family learns that Buttons! was once a member of the spacef program. Q| Andy Griffith Show QBoiing From the Olympic 3D San Diego State Presents "Saw dust and Dreams" Produced by students at San Diego State College. A sentimental look at the world of the circus. Host is Don Donnelly. SI Black Journal © FJ Show de Loco VaMez CO Nino 8:30Q(£My Three Sons (R) ID Men Griffin Show Bibi Andenson. By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI)-Notes to watch television by: The Heudliners: Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago is the subject of an hour "CBS Reports" telecast April 20 ... The new million-dollar-plus home of Los Angeles Basketball star Wilt Chamberlain is featured on ABC-TV's "Monday Night Sports" broadcast in prime time next week ... Ingrid Bergman and Lansbury. O® SB Johnny Carson O Movie: "New York Town" (com) Family," and Jean Stapleton, the series' leading lady, visit Cavett April 24 ... Another O CD® CD Dick Cavett (D To Tell the Truth '41-Fred MacMurray. Mary Martin. £;JH " H i a V^mmnn nmrjiniutJ headliner, Jack Lemmon, joins Cavett next Thursday ... NBC- TV's morning Dinah Shore series next week offers Rose BUM, «r,_ rf . r_aw. Kennedy on Wednesday, Rita ? ?£Lr»?S ru ,,L TZ. Hayworth Thursday and Rich¥H * ^ «d Chamberlaini currently getting raves for his title performance in Shakespeare's "Richard II," on Friday. _ Redd Foxx and Desmond ID AlHIight Show: "Guns of Fort w ^ stars of NBC-TV's new n n . .i" Mc:ua* itiiiiiii "Cargo - - ' _ _ . .... '62—Marie Persehy, Horst Frank. a 59—FredMacMi Green. 1:00©00 ®®N«»' lJOQMovit: "Flood Tide" (dra) '58 —George Nrfder, Joanna Moore Petticoat" "Silent Raiders,' to Capetown' 3:00 Q Movie: "Giant Behemoth" (sci- fi) '59—Gene Evans. 4:30 Q News DAYTIME MOVIES hit series "Sanford and Son," will tour the nation in a comedy-and-music revue from April 29 to July 2. Burt Bacharach has an hour ABC-TV musical special April 23, featuring Rex Harrison, Carol Burnett and singer- composer Isaac Hayes ... Dramatic poet Archibald Macleish and Frank Shakespeare, head of the U.S. Information Agency, are guests on NBC- TV's "Comment!" series Sunday ... Same day, CBS-TV's "60 Minutes" profiles chess master Bobby Fischer, as well as offering excerpts from a film on legalized abortion ... Also Sunday, Tom Landry, coach of pro football's champion Dallas Cowboys, is interviewed on ABC-TV's "Directions" ... Orson Welles narrates NBC-TV's wildlife special, "Secrets of the African Boabab," May 16. The Programs: The U.S.­ China ping pong match in Detroit, the first competition for the Chinese team in this country, will be seen on ABC- TV's "Wide World of Sports" April 15 ... "What's New at School?" will be an hour documentary on CBS-TV April 18... Amnesty, as applied to the Vietnam War situation, is the subject of a half-hour April 24 program entitled "ABC News Inquiry: Can You Go Home Again?" "An Essay on Church Architecture," a half-hour with Harry Reasoner as reporter and Andrew Rooney as writer, is set for ABC-TV April 24 ... The Oscar program Monday will be seen live in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) and Venezuela. 9:00 fll "Come to the Stable" (dra) '49 —Loretta Young. 9:30 QIC) "The Pleasure Seekers" (rom) '65—Ann-Margret, Tony Franciosa. and George CariinkOHJO © "Red Sundown" (wes) '56 — Rory Calhoun, Martha Hyer. ^2.-000 "Dick Tracy, Detective" (mys) '45—Morgan Conway. "City Without Men" (adv) '43—Linda Darnell. 1:000(0 "Triumph of Robin Hood" (adv) '60—Don Burnett. Gia Scala. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ m ID "Dino" (dra) '57—Sal Mineo. •niw»)lJJ"»^te^n^Paili«n^»awj1 Br^n Keitii. De ar Dr. Lamb—I have 3:00 ? ) 7^ ,re ITJ JT* ^ been told that a drop of (dra) '63 - Richard Egan. Viveca h m ^ d Honey won't help cataracts By LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D. Lindfors. e will dissolve the cataracts. ®"TheSquare Jungle" (dra) '56, s ^ ^ or fake? y our —Tony Curtis. David Janssen. rnm ments will be aDDreci- 4K »0 (C) "The Tall Men" (wes) '55-^ menlS W1U M appreC1 Clark Gable, Robert Ryan. MOVIE MTIN6 GUIDE OENERAL AUDI1HCM All Ages Admitted FJB • PARINTALGUIDANCE _ SUOOESTIO • SomtMattrlolNoT • S»HI«tltt Fur Pr» T—nt RESTRICTED Under 17 rtquirrv •ctsmpanylng Parent or AaWC«falon 00 • A ~ lurr. HMfajaBfi SHOW TIMES 7 P.M. "PINOCCHIO " -PLUS"BISCUIT EATER" noTH RATED (O) MATINEE 1 P.M. "FRENCH CONNECTION' -PLUS"VANISHING POINT" L •WMO.EIT. SAN BERNARDINO PUMM7 J Dear Reader—False. A cataract involves a coagulation of the protein in the lens of the eye which means that the cells in the dearlike lens become clouded and can't transmit light. There are several causes for cataracts including severe electrical shock and they are more common in diabetes. The most widely accepted theory of the cause of the usual form of cataracts, though, is that they are a natural process of aging. The lens of the eye is made up of the same type of tissue that forms the skin over the body. You know that the skin constantly forms new cells and we slough off the old cells at the surface of the skin. The lens of the eye also constantly forms new cells but it can not discard them at its surface since the lens is imbedded inside the eye. The lens of the eye grows larger and larger through the years and the cells that make up the lens are packed tighter and tighter together in the center of the lens. SD@ M n Playhouse Bbfreptntf "Gertrude Stein" A film portrait of] the American author and art patron whose Paris home was a center fori artists and writers during the earlyn 20th century. 9:000® CSS Thursday Movie: (C) (2hr) "The Impossible Yean" (R) (com) '68—David Niven, Chad Everett, Lola Albright, Ozzie Nelson, Cristina Ferrare. The generation gap is depicted in lively, laughable terms. While psychiatrist Jonathan Kingsley is lecturing a university class on "How to Raise Teenagers Without Problems," his 17-year -old daughter Linda is arrested for picketing on campus. O® CD Ironside (R) "In the Line of Duty" Ironside investigates the connection between a widow and the youth accused, of her husbjnd 's murder. Vera Miles and Brandon de- Wilde guest. O® ® CBLongstreet (») "The Girl With a Broom" Mike Longstreet investigates the theft of a Rembrandt painting for which a high ransom is demanded. He arranges to deliver the ransom money himself, and in a confrontation with the pick -up man, discovers a valuable due. Tim O'Connor and Shelley Fabares guest. §Q Noches TtpHias @ Movie: "For Whom the Bed Tolls" ©Natacha 9 :30 Q News Watch John Fullmer GDUCata 9:45 0 Second Look Steve Dunne hosts. 10:00 OG96DD*> n Marti " 9*« Special guest Joey Bishop dispenses advice on singing and the art of impressionism. QNews George Putnam OS)® CD Own Marshall, Counselor at Law (R) "18 Years Nut April" Owen Marshall gathers evidence for a new trial for Jose Borotra (Alejandro Rev), whom he I had successfully prosecuted on a murder charge 18 years before. O Movie: (Zhr) "WHd Srewher- ries" (dra) '57 — Victor Sjostrom, FAMILY FAMOUS MALTS & HAMBURGERS. OMELETTESOJDINNERS 1 STATIONED AT: IEDLANOS Interstate lOot Afabama CHframp OPEN 11-10, Fri.t Sat. 11-11 RIVERSIDE: Arlington oHramp at 6960 Magnolia OPEN 11-11 oaa*«j>j»j*jK»^an >cRn >l *wjienii WITH 8 GAL. MIN. PURCHASE ^^^USTHLLTAfjj^^^ or Eventually these tightly packed cells become opaque and form cataracts. Unfortunately, nature designed this system to be sufficiently complex that it is not likely to be fazed by a drop of honey. About the only thing that this treatment could do is to cause irritation at the surface of the eye. Dear Dr. Lamb—I am a junior in high school and involved in athletics. I think I have a hernia of the testicles and it appears that some of the coils extend into my abdomen. When I exert myself I feel an itching discomfort in the area. When I went for a physical to participate in sports my physician checked me for a hernia but he overlooked it. Is this possible? Dear Reader—Yes, it is possible to miss the presence of a hernia. The type that you are concerned about can slide in or out of the abdomen and if, for one reason or another, it is not out, it is possible to miss the hernia. There is another possibility. You may not really have a hernia. There is another condition that is associated with the dilation of the veins to the testicles much like varicose veins in the legs that cause the testicle and the area to be enlarged and feel like a bag of worms. These are not necessarily harmful. Legal Notices FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT PILE NO. 3717 The foUowtne ptnoo ts doing buslneM as ABLE CARPET CLEANING. 47 E. Vine Stmt. Redluda. Ca. 9U71. Cleveland Lee Hufhea 2SI77 Redlands Bird. Redlands. Ca. This business Is conducted by an Individual. a/ CLEVELAND LEE HUGHES This statement was tiled with the County Clerk of San Bernardino County on April 3. nn. Attorney or Bank or Agent Name: CBBTIF1CATION I hereby certUy that the foregoing Is a correct copy of the original on file in my otTJce. V. DENNIS WARDLE. County Clerk By Dorothy Clancy. Deputy EXPIRES 13/31/77 CAR WASH t|19 \li SPECIAL* I WITH THIS COUPON] COUPON GOOD I THRU APRIL 131 ncrmous BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 5700 The following persons are doing business as: BROWN'S A A W ROOT BEER. 416 W. Col ton. Redlands. Calif. 82373. Carl Brown sol College Redlands. Calif. Batty Brown OM College . Calif. K ABOUT FREE LAS VACATION OUR CAR WASH 315 ORANGE ST. DOWNTOWN REDLANDS Ttmv, S. Normandle Los Angeles. Calif. (0044 La Vera Brown 70MMS. Normandle Loa Angeles. Calif. OOOM This business Is conducted by all four of above named — Partnership. a/ BETTY BROWN This statement was Bled with the County Clerk of San Bernardino County March 27. im. CTBT1F1 CATION I hereby certify that the foregoing la a correct copy of the original on file In my V. DENNIS WARDLE. County Clerk By Eleanor Van Schoyck. Deputy EXPIRES 11/31/77 : Iffl b, N[A. be. TM Ut Nt. ON YOUR BIRTHDAY ami HOROSCOPE STELLA "Want me to name the four seasons? . . . baseball, football, basketball and hockey!" Brian Donlevy, movie he-man, dead HOLLYWOOD (UPI) Brian Donlevy, the jaunty, he- man movie actor of three decades, died Wednesday. He was 69. He died of throat cancer, for which he underwent surgery last fall. He was readmitted to the Motion Picture Country Home and Hospital Wednesday afternoon and died at 9:30 p.m., hospital officials said. A native of Ireland, Donlevy played rough-and-tumble roles on both sides of the law in most of his scores of pictures. His voice was coarse, his manner brusque but there was always a twinkle in his eye. His two best-known films were "Beau Geste" (for which he was nominated for an Academy Award) and "What Price Glory." Donlevy's forte was military pictures in which he generally portrayed a brass-bound officer or a blood-and-guts sergeant. Donlevy was brought to the United States as an infant and raised in Sheyboygan Falls, Wis. He spent two years at the Naval Academy at Annapolis after serving his stint in World War I. He quit the Academy to become an actor in New York. BRIAN DONLEVY (1966 photo) Donlevy was married to singer Marjorie Lane in 1936 and divorced in 1947. They were the parents of a daughter, Judy. He married for a second time in 1966 to Lillian Lugosi, ex-wife of the late Bela Lugosi. Donlevy entered the Motion Picture County Hospital in March for treatment of an undisclosed illness. Isabel Jewell, film star, dead at 62 HOLLYWOOD (UPI) Isabel Jewell, who went from movie star of the 1930s— appearing in classics such as "Gone with the Wind" and "Lost Horizon"—to court dockets in her later years for drunkenness and bad checks, was found dead in her home Wednesday. She was 62. The coroner's office gave no cause of death. The daughter of a prominent Shoshoni, Wyo., doctor and medical researcher, Miss Jewell, her real name, was a hit in her first appearance on a Broadway stage, stepping into a role in "Up Pops the Devil" in 1930 with only three hours rehearsal. The petite blonde's movies included "Manhattan Melodrama" with William Powell and Clark Gable, the role of the seamstress in "A Tale of Two Cities" with Ronald Colman, and with Colman in "Lost Horizon." She appeared in "Northwest Passage" with Spencer Tracy, "Ceiling Zero" with James Cagney, "Small Town Girl" with James Stewart, and "Gone with the Wind." Her best known stage appearances were in "Of Mice and Men" and "Counsellor at Law." At one time, when she was THURSDAY, APRIL 6 -Born today, you are a person always absolutely intent upon the project of the moment. For this reason it is extremely difficult for you to be successfully engaged in more than one endeavor at a time: giving your full attention to one, you would most surely slight the other. Obviously, then, it is necessary' that you select a single line of work for yourself, a single career to follow, a single major talent to bring to full and perfect fruition. Indeed, were you to do otherwise, you would ultimately bring your abilities into a state of chaos. Although you are an affectionate person and one who needs the attentions of others for a feeling of well-being, you will probably relegate romance to a position of secondary importance in your life. Early in life you wilt have learned to protect yourself from the injury which unrequited love can do you— and from that point on, you will wear your heart, not upon your sleeve, but deep within the recesses of your own mind. By the same token, you are careful of others' feelings, watchful of others' emotions. You have an excellent head for business and appear to thrive upon the fierce competitiveness that is part and parcel of the world of commerce. On the other hand, you possess an instinct for peace and self-preservation which sometimes make it difficult for you to expose yourself to criticism. The combination of the two traits may in the end dictate something other than a business career for you. To find what is in store for you tomorrow, select your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star be your daily guide. • * s Friday, April 7 ARIES (March 22-April 20)Opposition to your plans for the weekend may cause you to change them completely. Don't allow your disappointment to spoil a good day. TAURUS (April 21-May 21)— Superiors are more demanding than you had anticipated. The wise Taurus will beef up the results of his labors with an increased knowledge of basics. GEMINI (May 22-June 21)— The tactful and considerate Gemini should be able to come to a mutual understanding with one who has opposed your actions of late. CANCER (June 22-July 23)— Where finances are concerned, take the morning's lesson to heart. This is no time to begin speculating; reserve your interest for a more auspicious day. LEO (July 24-Aug. 23)—Material affairs take your full attention this morning. Be careful not to allow concerns to spill over into your relationship with young people. VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sept. 23)—A difficult day insofar as gaining support for a pet project is concerned. The wise Virgo will content himself with duty well done. LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23)—You may find co-workers unusually helpful in a domestic crisis. Listen carefully to the advice of one who has been through it all. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)— Don't be surprised should higher- ups find fault with your plans for a change on the employment scene. Time should cure them of their skepticism. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 22)—Self-confidence in combination with vigor: these will see you through the day in high style—and with at least a modicum of success for your efforts. CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) —Though you may well put forth more energy when it comes to- working on a mutual project, you must take care not to deny another his share of the credit. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) —Affairs of children provide many a hint as to the proper solution to the affairs of adults. Consequences may begin now to come into view. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 21)— You will have to exert yourself to an exceptional degree if you are to make much of this day. Pep and vitality appear to have fled for the moment. (.5 1977. by United Feature Syndicate. Inci Legal Notices NOTICE Or TRUSTEE'S SALE NO. K-lel On Thursday, toe 34th day of April. 1J73. at 11:00 A Jf.. at tbo front entrance of C. w. Kelly. Jr. Investment-Mortgage Co.. m East Base Line Street, m the dry of San Bernardino. County of San Bernardino. Stale of California. C. W. Kelly. Trustee, under that certain deed at trust eaxuteif by LAWRENCE E. GOLDEN. JR.. Trustor, to C. W. KELLY, a* Trustee. Murine B. Tremper. Diswfsrlarj. dated December 3, IMa, and recorded Deceeaaer 11.1M In Book 7143. Page ago. of Orfldal Records of San Bernardino County. Stale of California, now the owner and hoUar hereof, win sell at pubUe suction to taw highest bidder for cash or lawful money of the United States of America, payable at the Ume of the sale, the following road propel ly situated In the County of San Bernardino, more particularly ilaorrlhed as: Lot IS. TRACT NO. 4m Cnllesjs Estates, as per plat recorded hs Book tX of Mans, page.S. records of said County. Said Sale will be nut*, heal — coBvaoaBt or warrsjsty Implied regarding title, encumbrances to pay too prtnclpal sum of said ae«e. ts-wsL- XXSS5.11. wtth Interest thereon at tlw rate of 10% per annum from August *, lin. sdveace*. If any. under the terms of ssdd Deed of Transfer, fees, charges aad eapeawas of the Trustee and of Trusts created by said Deed of Transfer. The beneficiaries under said Dead of Transfer by reason of a breach or default In the obllgatloae secured thereby heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned a written Notice of Breach and Election to Sell said property to satisfy said obligations and thereafter oa November 30. 1971. the undersigned caused said Notice of Breach and Electka to Seu to be recorded m Book 70M. Page 900. of Official Records of San Bernardino County. State of California, and mailed a copy of said Notice by registered Mall to: Lawrence E. Golden. Jr.. Chester J. Beasos and Rita G. Benson an at lSat StfUman. Redlands, California. Dated: March 37. 1971 C. W. KELLY. TRUSTEE By: Doris J. DeSpeJa Trust Officer C. W. KELLY 171 East Base Use Street San Bernardino. California 92410 TURNER 9-7311 or TURNER 5-C01S NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY No. PR 41330 In the Superior Court of the State of California In and for the County of San Bernardino In the matter of the Estate of DfGER USE KROEPELIEN SCHOU VOGT-MLSEN aka LEE S. VOGT-NTLSEN ISABEL JEWELL (1959 photo) under contract to M-G-M, she was loaned out to other studios for nine months in a three-year period, making her the most in- demand contract player for borrowing of her time. She was making $3,000 a week. In 1959 she was arrested in Las Vegas on charges of passing a bad check for $37 to pay a cab driver, and of leaving another bad check in Wyoming. In 1961, she was sentenced to five days in jail and placed on a year's probation for drunken driving. Funeral arrangements were pending. Finishing Touch Notice is hereby given that the petition of Letf Vogt-NUsen for the Probate of Win of Infer Use KroepeUen Schou Vogt- NUsen aka Use S. Vogt-Nusea the above named decedent, and for the Issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon ts Lesf- Vogt-Ntlsen petitioner, testmna to which Is hereby made for further partieulara. wUl be beard at 9:00 o'clock AJf.. on April 21. 1972. In the court room of the Probate Department. Room 308 of the above entitled Court at Uie courthouse In the City of San Bernardino In the above designated county and state. Dated March 31.1972 V. DENNIS WARDLE. Clerk By Edith Houghton Deputy Clerk Rex W. Cranmer P. 0.44a Redlands. California Attorney for Petitioner (First Publication April 3.19731 Answer lo Previous Puzzle Judge rules in favor of topless go-go dancer SEATTLE (UPI)—A superior court judge has ruled that topless go-go dancing is a form of free communication protected by the 1st and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Judge Robert W. Winsor ruled Wednesday that Seattle ordinances prohibiting topless dancing in taverns or theaters are unconstitutional. He made the ruling in the cases of dancer Ruby L. Code, and tavern owner Frank Hinckley who were arrested last Nov. 18 at Hinckley's Lucky Lady Tavern where Miss Code had danced bare from the waist up. "Topless go-go dancing is communication, although the court and other people may not like the message," Winsor said. "Miss Code has the right to communicate through her dancing." He said it wasn't a revolutionary decision but followed the lines of decisions in similar cases, primarily in California. is It's that time YAKIMA, Wash. (UPI)—With the April 15 income tax (leadline drawing near, regional blood center director William Pugh has issued a call for blood donors. He said the blood is needed for the rash of ulcer operations that occur every year at this time. ACROSS 1 the light fantastic 5 Buy and 9 Belling the 12 Ceremony 13 Operatic solo 14 Spanish cheer 15 North or South (pi.) 17 Robert E. 18 Fruits 19 Colonizes 21 of oxen 23 Observe 24 Type of lettuce 27 Hit or 29 Culmination 32 Egg dish 34 Highlander's garb 36 Venerate 37 Concurrence 38 Had knowledge of 39 Indian weights 41 English river 42 Nothing -44 Stagger 46 Foreign 49 Sovereignty 53 High card 54 Impressive display 56 Meadow 57 For fear that 58 Fly aloft 59 Bitter vetch 60 Suffixes 61 Within (comb, form) DOW.V 1 Walk into a 2 White frost 3 Genus of willows 4 Pear cider 5 Pouch (anat.) 6 Expunges 7Inthe of fire 8 Endures 9 Cool, calm and 10 Nautical term 11 Golfer's gadgets 16 Chemical compound 20 Rips 22 Hawklike birds 24 Bottle stopper 25 Foretoken 26 Sail the 28 Fixed look 30 Lion's pride 31 Grafted (her.) 33 and Clark expedition 35 State positively 40 Boy's name 43 Kind of threac 45 New on life 46 Masculine 47Cakefroster 48" Sesame!" 50 Portrait statue 51 Pleased 52 Roman ruler 55 Courts (ab.) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 . • K8 29 30 31 32 33 35 36 I 37 38 39 MO • « 42 43 45 46 47 48 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 GO 61 s

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