Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on May 25, 1989 · Page 25
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 25

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1989
Page 25
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Reno Gazette-Journal Thursday, May 25, 1989 7B Elcinore presidant: Atlantis closing won't affect Vegas LAS VEGAS (AP) - Elsinore Corp. President Jeanne Hood says the Four Queens Hotel in Las Vegas is financially sound ' despite the failure of the company's Atlantis Hotel. Las Vegas-based Elsinore lost a four-year battle to keep the troubled Atlantis afloat when the New Jersey Casino Control Commission ordered the Atlantic City casino closed Monday, citing the property's $144 million debt. Hood said Elsinore will now concentrate on ventures in Nevada, including possible expansion of the 720-room Four Queens, in downtown Las Vegas. She said negotiations to sell the Atlantis to billionaire developer Donald-Trump are progressing smoothly and she hopes that deal will be completed soon. , " - "The sale has to be approved by the casino commission so I really don't want to say anything about it," Hood said of a possible deal with Trump. "I think the sale will satisfy everyone's concerns." She said some Atlantis managers would be offered jobs in Las Vegas. $105 million expansion planned for Sahara, Hacienda LAS VEGAS (AP) - The head of the Sahara and Hacienda resorts announced plans Wednesday for a $105 million construction and expansion program, saying the city's current building boom did not deter him from making the move. "I'd rather face a bunch-up theory than stagnation," said Paul Lowden, chairman of Sahara Casino Partners. "We don't have that (stagnation) in Nevada." Lowden announced his organization would add a new 600-room tower and six-story parking garage at the Sahara Hotel and a 400-room tower and major casino expansion at the Hacienda. Each project will cost about $30 million, Lowden said. In addition, the company plans to spend $45 million on a 200-room hotel-casino on the city's northwest side. The new property will "look like a country club; there will be no neon," Lowden said. All three projects are expected to be completed by the fall of 1990. The Sahara completed a 27-story addition in September 1988. Asked about the city's current building boom and concerns the hotels may be overbuilding, Lowden said resort operators would be "foolish not to be concerned about overbuilding." But he said he would rather see the city moving forward than standing still. The Sahara organization also owns the Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall in Laughlin. He said there were no plans to expand that property at this time. "Our plate is full doing these three projects," Lowden said. Lowden said he has no plans at this point to expand to Atlantic City because of the cost of moving into that market. A move to Atlantic City is "awfully far away, if ever," Lowden said. Sahara General Manager Henry Lackey Jr. said the company has had one meeting with the powerful Culinary Union and is scheduled to meet with union leaders again next week in efforts to work out a new contract. "I don't forsee any problems in coming to terms on a contract," Lackey said. NASDAQ Ohio gaming From page 10B times before passing. The issue is still alive in Ohio, too, according to Spitzer. - A state referendum would be "winnable," Spitzer said, adding his polls show widespread public support for the concept of casino gambling among Ohioans. Spitzer would need 200,000 signatures to force a statewide referendum. The leader of the opposition to the referendum legislation, the Rev. John Adams of the retreat operation Lake Breeze Revival Center in Lorain, said he would oppose any statewide vote. "I oppose a casino anywhere in Ohio,,f he said. "I don't think it's good, I don't think it delivers what they promise." Adams said he felt there were two main reasons for the measure's defeat before the Senate panel: a letter-writing campaign to lawmakers by opponents and the perception by lawmakers that the bill was special-interest legislation for Spitzer. "I think just the very fact that Mr. Spitzer wants to continue on this lets us see that there is one interest in mind, and that is his," Adams said. In a parliamentary move to keep the measure alive, casino supporter state Sen. Alan Zaleski, D-Elyria, voted against the bill, thus allowing him to seek reconsideration of the legislation later as a member of the prevailing side. "Right now, we're going to sit back and look at what the options are," Spitzer said. Spitzer said the most conservative option under consideration as an alternative to a casino would be to build condominiums on the Black River property where the casino was planned near Lake Erie. Spitzer said his efforts had been worthwhile despite the committee vote, saying Ohioans have learned much about casino gambling and are focused on the issue. With wire service reports From RMUltd Ronton RsvltFn Ropak Roiesrr RoteB . 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Mernatively, America West would have bought only the shuttle's gates and landing slots in the three airports for $375 million, without 21 Boeing 727s that are included in Trump's deal. The 21 727s, which are older than the 757s, have an estimated value of up to $80 million. Lorenzo and Trump renegotiated their original contract in April, after the strike caused many Eastern shuttle passengers to defect to the Pan Am Corp. shuttle. Under their renegotiated agreement, Trump would buy the shuttle for the original price of $365 million but also would receive four additional Boeing 727s, bringing the total to 21. Lorenzo has indicated Trump had an edge over America West, partly because the Trump deal was completed while details of the America West bid remained up in the air. Furthermore, Trump has recognized the Eastern unions as representatives for employees of his shuttle, while .America West has said it would notemploy Eastern workers if it bought the operation. The Eastern pilots union said last week it remained opposed to a shuttle sale, but if such a sale occurred it should be made only to a purchaser like Trump who recognizes the unions. The pilots union contended that selling the shuttle to America West would violate the union's collective bar-. gaining agreement with Eastern. We are Buying Uncirculated Silver Dollars SAMPLE BUYING PRICES Common Date Pre-1921 $13.00 Common 1921 and newer $9.00 187CC $550.00 1889-CC $4350.00 1893-S $11,800.00 1895- 0 $1850.00 1 901 $1275.00 1892-S $4500.00 1884-S $2550.00 1 903-S $1150.00 1894 $450.00 1893-CC $500.00 1896-0 $400.00 1897-0 $420.00 1896- S $340.00 1896-0 $190.00 1 904-S $500.00 J.A. Mitchell Rare Coins 1 East First Street Suite 1401 Reno, NV 89501 Located on the 14th Floor of the First Interstate Bank Building Downtown BASEBALL CARD SHOWS Mon., May 29: (Memorial Day) RENO Holiday . Inn, I-80 Fwy at Wells exit, 10am-4pm Buy Sill Trim Information 707 526 5616 AMERICA'S LARGEST BASEBALL CARD SHOW Sept. 1 - 4. 1989 Moscone Center. San Francisco 600 Tables Twenty Superstars Signing Autographs i mm man o a a The comfort and fit of these 10" Red Wing Loggers will "make your day", and tor hundreds ot days ahead. C E Ml 7M 290 I jts $15995 SHOPPERS SQU.ARE, ANNEX RENO 347 E. Plumb Lane 323-4966 Mon.-Sat. 10-6 Open Sun. 114 rtlfl lu-u-u nirm rTTrTTTT-l Guild & Hagen, Ltd. (702) 786-2366 is pleased to announce their relocation to THE PORSCHE BUILDING 100 West Liberty Street effective June 1, 1989 For leasing information: FRANK S. CALLAGHER 1885 So. Arlington Avenue, Suite 205 Reno, Nevd 89509 (702)329-4000 PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA. IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE Case No. CV89 2123 Dept. No. 3 In the Matter of the Parental Rights is to SHANICE SHERIKA BRYANT. I minor. NOTICE TO TERMINATE PARENTAL RIGHTS TO: Gregory Walker, putative fattier of the above-named child: and to all persons claiming to be the father or mother of such person: You are hereby notified that there has been filed in the above-entitled court a petition praying for the termination of parental rights over the above-named minor person, and that the petition has been set for hearing before this court. Department No. 3. at the County Courthouse in Reno. State of Nevada, on the 14th day of July. 1989. at 9:00 o'clock a.m.. at which time and place you are required to be present it you desire to oppose the petition. Dated: April 13. 1989. JUDI BAILEY CLERK OF COURT By M. Hatlestad Deputy Clerk 334513 Bryant April 27:May I0TICE INVITING BIDS 1. Sealed proposals will be received in the Office of the Department of Public Works. Room No. 3 in the county Administration Building. 1205 Mill Street. P 0. Box 11130. Reno. Nevada, until 2:00 P.M. on the 15th of June. 1989 tor Golden Valley Park -Erosion Control. Such sealed proposals will be opened publicly at 2:05 P M the same day in the Engineering Conference Room. The Board of Washoe County Commissioners will consider awarding the Contract on the 20th day of June 1898. at their meeting in the Administration Building Auditorium. 2. To assure consideration, all proposals shall be made on the blank form of proposal attached to these Specifications and shall be enclosed and sealed in an envelope which is addressed to the Department of Public Works. Room No. 3. Administrabon Building, 1205 Mill Street. Reno. Nevada 89520. and marked "Golden Valley Park -Erosion Control ". 3. No proposal will be considered unless accompanied by cashier's rh44 rwMiii rkmrk to hill bond in in amount equal to five percent (5) or me diq. matx psyaun iv vn Washoe County Treasurer as provided in !k Ctanriaril CnM-iliralinnS 4. Drawings. Specifications and Bid rorms may oe lecuiro ai m Department of Public Works. Room 3. Administration Building. 1205 Mill Urn) Bann Nmiaila 19520. bV prospective bidders holding a valid Nevada Mate tomracior s uteiw mi the type of work specified herein. A mi..,.,, mi 191 a( rfrawinn and specifications will be issued lo eacn contractor, inere win w deposit required. & Th. iinriar thi rontrad will be prosecuted diligently so inn n is completes wnmn umii working days from the date of the notice to proceed. JUDI BAILEY COUNTY CLERK 349008 June 15th Bids May 25June l-mbl33 INVITATION TO BID Sealed bids will received by the County of Washoe. Nevada. (UWNtKi at Washoe County Department of Public Works. Utility Division. 1195 B Corporate Boulevard. Reno. Nevada 89520. until 4:00 p.m.. local time. June 16. 1989. for the South Truckee Meadows Wastewater Treatment Plant At said place and time, and promptly thereafter, all Bids that have been duly received will be publicly opened and read aloud. The Work to be performed under these Contract Documents consist of the construction of the South Truckee Meadows Wastewater Treatment Plant which includes the following principal facilities: a headworks witti two (21 influent enclosed screw pumps, a mechanical screen, a screw conveyor, a Parshall flume, and distribution boxes: an oxidation ditch with an intrachannel clarfier. air diffusion equipment and submersible mixers: an effluent pump station with four (4) vertical diffusion vane pumps and a reclaimed effluent pump and force mains: a blower building housing three 131 centrifugal blowers and a 750 kW emergency power generator with underground diesel fuel storage tank: sludge drying beds consisting ot four 14) gravity filler beds and two (2 sand beds with polymer equipment: a control building housing chlorine storage and equipment laboratory, maintenance operation, and personnel facilities. The Work also includes electrical and instrumentation facilities, landscaping, irrigation, yardwork. and miscellaneous structures. All bids must be in accordance with the Contract Documents on file with the Washoe County Department of Public Works. Utilities Division. 1195-B Corporate Boulevard. Reno. Nevada 89520. and at the office of Black i Veatch. Engineers-Architects. 3470 Buskirk Avenue. Pleasant Hill. California 94523. mailing address P.O. Box 4247. Walnut Creek. California 94596. Specifications and Forms may be secured at the Washoe County Utility Division. 1195 B Corporate Boulevard. Reno. Nevada, by prospective Bidders, holding a valid state Contractor's license for the type of work specified herein A deposit for each set of plans and specifications shall be required as indicated in the Instructions to Bidders. A maximum of two 2) sets will be issued to each Bidder. Bids will be received on a lump sum basis lor the Base Bid as described in the Contract Documents. No bid will be considered unless accomoamed bv cash, cashier's check. certified check, or bid bond, in an amount equal lo five percent (5) of the total Did. made payable to the Washoe County Treasurer as provided tor in tne uenerai revisions The Agreement shall be signed within ten (101 calendar days after the Contractor has received written notification of the award of the Contract. A Payment Bond and Performance Bod. each in in amount equal to one hundred percent (100) of the total contract sum. shall be provided by the successlul Contractor in accordance with the General Provisions Said bonds shall be in favor of Washoe County. The County reserves the right to reject any or all Bids. If there are minor irregularities or imormaiirjes in any dio or in the Bid process, the County reserves the right to waive provisions 01 tne apecnitauuiis icidung iu saiu minor irregularities or informalities. Contractors for work under this proposal will obligate the Contractors and subcontractors not to discriminate in employment practices pursuant to Section 338.125 NRS. and that contractors must pay the prevailing wage rates pursuant to NRS Chapter 33s. copies of which may be obtained at the office of the Nevada State Labor Commission, or the Washoe County Department of Public Works. Before submitting I Bid. each Bidder must la) examine the Contract Documents thoroughly, (bl visit the site to familiarize himself with local Condi bons that may in any manner affect cost, progress or performance of the work, (c) familiarize himself with federal, state and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations that may in any manner affect cost progress or performance of the work: and (d) study and carefully correlate Bidder's observations with the Contract Documents. Liquidated damages, as specified in the Agreement shall be Three Hundred Dollars ($300 00) per calendar day. Bidders do not have to have a Washoe County Business License at the time of Bid submittal, but the successful Bidder must have a Washoe County Business License to sign the Agreement to perform the work. All Bidders and listed subcontractors must be a Nevada Licensed Contractor, licensed to do the type and amount of work specified in these documents. No Bid mav be withdrawn within a period of 30 days after the date fixed lor opening bids. 349008 Bid June 16th . . May 1.6.13-idl33 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA. IN AND FOR THE COUNTY Or WASHOE No. CV89-2679 . Dept No. 3 In the Matter of the Estate of MAUDE FULSTONE KNUDSON. Deceased. NOTICE OF PETITION FOR PROBATE MARTHA B. McNEALL. having filed in this Court a document purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of MAUDE FULSTONE KNUDSON. deceased, and a Petition praying that the same be admitted to probate, a hearing has been set lor Thursday, the lit daw of June 1989. at 9:00 a m., at the courthouse, in the City ot Reno. County of Washoe. All persons interested in the said Estate are notified to appear and show cause why said Will should not be admitted to probate and said petitioner appointed Executor of the Estate of MAUDE FULSTONE KNUDSON Dated: May 10. 1989. JUDI BAILEY. Clerk of Court By J. Koffler Deputy Clerk WILLIAM C SANFORD. JR. 43 North Sierra Street Reno. Nevada 89501 Attorney lor the Estate 340601 Knudson May 15.19.25 idl33 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. 87010840 On JUNE 15. 1989 at 10:00 A.M.. STATEWIDE TRUST DEED SERVICES. INC.. a Nevada Corporation, as Substituted Trustee, by that certain Deed of Trust executed by THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT. CITY AND REGIONAL PLANNERS. INC.. A CALIFORNIA CORPORATION. DOING BUSINESS AS THE PLANNING GROUP as Trustorls) to AMERITRUST FINANCIAL CORPORATION. A NEVADA CORPORATION as Beneficiary(ies). and recorded October 6. 1986. in Book 2418. Page 469. as Document No. 1105878. Deed of Trust was re-recorded on December 18. 1986, as Document 1125408. Book 2462. Page 406 in Washoe County. Official Records of Washoe County. Nevada will under and pursuant to said Deed of Trust sell at public auction for cash, lawful money of the United States ol America, at the Front entrance of STATEWIDE TRUST DEED SERVICES. INC.. 5290 NEIL ROAD. SUITE 175. RENO. NEVADA 89502 1702) 825 4120, all that right title and interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust in the property situated in said County and State, described as follows: PARCEL 1: All that certain real property situate in the County of Washoe. State of Nevada, being a portion of the Southwest quarter of the Northwest quarter and a portion of the Northwest quarter of the Southwest auarter of Section 21. Township 19 ortti. Range 20 East. M.D.B.tM.. that is described as follows: Commencing al an iron pipe marking the West quarter corner of Section 21. Township 19 North. Range 20 East. M.D B.iM : thence South 88 degrees 56 minutes 30 seconds East 122.33 feet, along the one-quarter section line to a point on the easterly line of the HuHaket Glen-dale Road, said road now known as Boynton Lane: thence North 26 degrees 55 minutes East 51.40 feet, along the easterly line of Boynton Lane: thence South 76 degrees 29 minutes 30 seconds East 716.39 feet, along the northerly line of I county road, said road now known as Pembroke Dr.. to the TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING: thence continuing 76 degrees 29 minutes 30 seconds East 319.61 feet, along the northerly line ol said county road: thence North 13 degrees 30 minutes 30 seconds East 172.51 feet: thence North 76 degrees 29 minutK 30 seconds West 319.61 feet: thence South 13 degrees 30 minutes 30 seconds Wes 172.51 feet to a point on the northerly line of said county road, and the TRUE PO NT Or BtUINNINU. EXCEPTING THEREFROM that portion conveyed to the CITY OF RENO, a municipal corporation, recorded June 26. 1980. in Book 1516. Page 360. at Documenl no. baaai Official Records. PARCFL 2- All that certain real property situate in tha Countv of Washoe. Slate ol Nevada, being a portion of the Southwest quarter of the Northwest Suerter and a portion of the orthwest quarter of the Southwest quarter of Section 21. Township 19 North. Range 20 Last, m that is described as follows: Commencing at an iron pipe marking the West Quarter corner of said Section 21: thence South 88 degrees 56 minutes 30 seconds East 122.33 feet, along the one-quarter section line to a point on the easterly line of the Hutlaker-Glen-dale Road said road now known as Boynton Lane: thence North 26 degrees 55 minutes East 51.40 feet, along the easterly line of Boynton Lane: thence South 76 degrees 29 minutes 30 seconds East along the northerly line of a county road granted to Washoe County by deed recorded January 11. 1956. under Document No. 255414. Washoe County Nevada, records, a distance of 531 00 feet to the TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING: thence along the northerly line of said county road South 76 degrees 29 minutes 30 seconds East 185.39 feet to the southerwesterly corner of parcel conveyed to DUMONT. INC.. by document recorded March 14. 1962. under Document No. 355201. Washoe County. Nevada, records: thence North 13 degrees 30 minutes 30 seconds East along the westerly line of said DUMONT parcel a distance of 172.51 feet to the . Northwest corner thereof: thence along the northeasterly and northwesterly line of parcel conveyed to HEWARD R. WALKER, el ux.. by document recorded March 21. 1956. under Document No. 257915. Washoe County. Nevada, records, the, two following courses and disfcnees: North 76 degrees 29 minutes 30 seconds West 185.39 feet and South 13 degrees 30 minutes 30 seconds West 172 51 feet to the TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING. EXCEPTING THEREFROM that portion conveyed to the COUNTY OF WASHOE, a political subdivision, recorded Jury 11. 1985. in Book 2194. Page 494. as Document No. 1008668. Official Records. Said sale will be made without covenant or warranty, express or implied, regarding title, possession or encumbrances to satisfy the remaining principal sum due on the note secured 6y said Deed of Trust, to wit $291,323.79 with interest thereon from September 29. 1986. plus late charges, as provided in said note together with fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and such other sums as may have been advanced by the owner and holder of said note, with interest, as provided in said Deed of Trust. Dated: May 24. 1989 STATEWIDE TRUST DEED SERVICES. INC.. I Nevada Corporation, as Trustee By:sONSTANCE K. BROWN President 342631 No 87010840 May 25 Jun 1.8 mb 133 NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS CONCERNED Pursuant to Chapter 408. Nevada Revised Statutes, notice is hereby nv.n that on Mav 17. 1989. Contract No. 2135 between Las Vegas Paving Corporation and the Stale of Nevada, for construction ol a portion ol the Primary mgnway system u s. m from the north city limits of Minden north to the Junction with U.S. 50. Carsnn Citv and Doufflas Countv. Protect No. BF-F-395-1(5) was accepted. All creditors having claims against this contract must hie their claims within thirty 130) days after acceptance of said contract Information relative to the manner of filing claims may be obtained from the Administrative Services Officer, telephone number 70Z8H5MU. GARTH F OULL. DIRECTOR Department of Transportation Carson City. Nevada 89712 333804 P 0. 12202 May 24, idl33 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE No. CV89-2453 . Dept No. 5 IN THE MATTER OF THE GUARDIANSHIP OF CHARLES M FARACI. Petitioner. NOTICE OF HEARING TO: KENNETH A. FARACI and all other concerned individuals: YOU WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on June 8. 1989. at 9:00 A M., in Department No. 5 of the Second Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada, in and for the County of Washoe, a hearing will be held on the Petition for Appointment of a Special Guardian for Charles M Faraci. You are entitled to be present at this hearing, and to contest the appointment of a Special Guardian, and to testify, and to cross-examine witnesses, and to present evidence relative to this matter. HAGER. OAKES t MAUSERT 357 Clay Street Reno. Nevada 89501 (7021 329-6907 SMARK MAUSERT. ESQ. Attorneys for Petitioner 312220-Faraci May 11.18.25:June 1 id 133 H 043477 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T. S. No. 202106AUSTIN IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNER: YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST, DATED JULY 5. 1983. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. On Juns 15. 1989, at 11:00 AM. Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation, a California corporation, as duly appointed trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust recorded July 8, 1983. as Inst. no. 865679 Book 1889 Page 0211, of Official Records in the office of the County Recorders of Washoe County, State ot Nevada executed by Bryon E. Austin, a married man WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH, CASHIER'S CHECK DRAWN ON A STATE OR NATIONAL BANK, A CHECK DRAWN BY A STATE OR FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, OR A CHECK DRAWN BY A STATE OR FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. SAVINGS ASSOCIATION, OR SAVINGS BANK WILL BE HELD on the front steps of the South Virginia Street entrance to the County Courthouse, Reno, Nevada all right, title and Interest conveyed to and now held by It under said Deed of Trust in the property situated in said County and State described as: Parcel 1: Unit 302, In Block A, as shown on the Amended Plat of Donner Creek Village, A Condominium Subdivision, filed In the office of the County Recorder of Washoe County. State of Nevada, on February 25, 1981, under file No. 725124, Official Records. Parcel 2: An undivided 156th Interest In the common area as defined and delineated In the Declaration ot Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions recorded September 17, 1981 under tiling No. 759066, Official Records and In Amendment recorded May 24, 1982, under file No. 796821 , Official Records. The street address and other common designation, If any, of the real property described above Is purported to be: 4897 Reggie Road, Reno, Nevada 89502 The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any Incorrectness of the street address and other common designation, If any, shown herein. Said sale will be made, but without covenant or warranty, express or Implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances, Including lees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed of Trust, to pay the remaining principal sums ol the note(s) secured by said Deed of Trust to-wit: $49,708.27 with Interest thereon from May 1, 1988 1 2.000 per annum as provided In said notefsj Slus cost and any advances with Interest. ESTIMATED iPENING BID (57,907.16 The beneficiary under said Deed of Trust heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned a written Declaration ot Default and Demand lor Sale, and a written Notice of Default and Election to Sell. The undersigned caused said Notice ol Default and Election to Sell to be recorded In the County where the real property Is located. Cal-Westem Reconveyance Corporation, 7863 La Mesa Blvd., 2nd Floor, P.O. Box 9006, La Mesa, California 92044 (619) 466-9910 By: Freddye Mays, Trustee's Sale Officer Dated: May 15, 1989 May 25, June 1,8, 1989 Reno Gazette Journal 314622-H43477 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA. IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE No D89-780 Dept. No. 3 RAMONA MILLER. Plaintiff. CHRISTOPHER L. MILLER. Delendant SUMMONS TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT: You are summoned and required to serve upon plaintiff, whose name and address is: RAMONA MILLER. 451 VARNUM CIR.. 7. SPARKS. NV 89431 an Answer to the Complaint which is served upon you. within 20 days after service of this Summons, exclusive of the day ol service. If you fail to do so. judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This action is brought to recover a judgment and decree of divorce based on the grounds of incompatibility, as is more fully set forth in the Complaint on file herein. Dated this 31st day of March. 1989. JUDI BAILEY Clerk of the Court by C. Decker Deputy Clerk 337961 Miller April 27:May 4.11.18 25-idl33 MFOM THE PUBIIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF NEVADA NOTICE OF APPLICATION Cal-Watrn Tronaport, Inc. ("Applicant") hai NM on applkotlon with tha Public Sarvicw Commission of Novoda ("Commlatlon"). Tha filing woe modo pur-wont to NAC 709.15 and NRS 7M.42I ot oq. Tho op-plication hat boon oofllpnatod a Docket No. f-544. Applicant ooolti con tract carrlor pormtt to provide irrogulor routa, on-call ftorvlco in tho transporla- of milk. In bulk, In talnloai atool food arooe quality tank vohlcloa from California Cooporativo Croamory's farm In Novoda, to point! and ptacoe within tho ftato of Novoda. Tho transportation fonrlco would bo provided under continuing contract wnh California Cooperative eemery tovon () days eekly, twenty tour houn Kh day. The application la on file ot tho oHtceo of the Com- minion, 727 Falrvlow Drive, Carvon City, Nevada 1710 and tho Alexander Dawson Sulldlng., 4044 S. Spencer, Suite A -44. la Voaai, SOISR and Is available for public vfow- Intoroctod and attocted nay comment in 4 mm appropriate andor Petitions for Leave to Intervene ot the Commission's offices on 7, Ittt y tho Commlatlon, WIIUAM H.VANCE, Commission Secretary Doted: Carton CHy, Navada May It, ItM lie-Docket lv-541 May IS NOTICE TO BIDDERS The Board ol Trustees of the Washoe County School District, in accordance with the provisions of the NRS Chapter 332. invite and will receive sealed bids uo to and including: 10:00 am. Local Time. June 8. 1989. for Certain Vocational Training Systems. These bids will be publicly opened at the above specified time and date at the Administration Building. 425 East Ninth Street Reno. Nevada. Bidders mav secure soecifications and bid forms from the Purchasing Depart ment ot the wasnoe Lounty icnooi District. 425 East Ninth Sheet. Reno. Nevada. Bidders may bid on all or any of these items listed. Bids shall be on forms furnished bv the Washoe Countv School Dis trict and shall be delivered in a sealed envelope marked: "Bid for Certain Vocational naming systems, bio Number 101169 The right is reserved to reject any and all proposals or accept the proposal which is deemed by the Board ot trustees ot wasnoe County School District to be in the best interest of the School District BOARD OF TRUSTEES WASHOE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT Michael A. Wright Clerk . 349503 -P.O. 943562 May 25 -mb 133 BEFORE THE PUSIIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF NEVADA NOTICE OF TARIFF FILING Nevada Sell, hat filed Advice letter No. 1537 with tho Public Sonrko Commit- 1 of Nevada fCommli- lion"). Thh) Hllns wot mode pursuant to NAC 703.390 and 703.35. Tho matter hat boon designated at Docket No. tf-44. loH'l Hllna reflects changot In Tariff P.S.C.N. Not. Al, At and S3 changing the name of the exiitlng Oatlt Exchange to Western Wendovor ottoc- re May It, 1M. Tho choruses mode by thit filing hove no effect on tho exittfng bato rota area, exchange area or torvico provided to this area, ft will not Increase any existing rate or charge, cause the withdrawal of service nor conflict with other tariffs or rules and regulations. Tho filing Is available for viewing by the public ot tho Committion't officet, 737 Foirvtew Drive, Carton CHy, Novoda M71S and at tho Aloxondor Dowton Sulldlng, 4045 South Spencer, Suite A-44, Lot Vegas. Nevada SflSS. Interested and affected persons may comment In writing and file appropriate Protests and or Petitions for Leave to Intervene at tho Commission's officet on or before Wedneedoy, June 7, ItM. Sy the Committion, WILLIAM H. VANCE, Committion Secretary Dated: Canon CHy, Novoda May IS. If (SEAL) 331M-Dockot H-44 May 15 SEFORf THE PUSIIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF NEVADA NOTICE OF APPLICATION Marco Company ("Marco") hat filed an application with the Public Service Committion of Novoda ("Commiitlon") for a cer-tifketo of public convenience and necessity to operate as a common motor carrier ot property. Tho application was filed pursuant to NRS 705.314, NRS 705.31 , NAC 703.155 and NAC 703.S35. Tho filing hat boon designed at Docket No. 1 524. Horco pfopOeMse to con vort Its oxi.rt.ttg contract motor corrior awttority, PSC MM, to comfnon motor carrlor outnortty, ol Wring hauling Mrvkos to tho public In addition to Ht vlttirvg ihipport. Tho commodltio to bo transported will bo tand, grovol, rock, aggrogoto, fill dirt, earth, clndort, asphalt mix, damotition dobrls, top soil, wator, era. granite, stono, day, loam, mud, slog, shala, salt, trash, barito, ko-B-Bon, snow, fluid concrato, building matoriols and supplies, construction matorlals and supplies, and construction equip ment not requiring uso ol a low bed trailers. Horco also proposes to transport oirmmodities used by Sierra Pacific Powor Com pony in tho conduct of Its public utility operations in Nevada for Sierra ocifk Powor Company only. Except for service to Sierra Pacific Power Com pony, Horco will only transport trucklood quan HHos. Tha proposed ser vice will bo on call, over ir points and places In Car son City. Churchill, Douglas, Ilka, EsmaraWa, Eureka, Humboldt, lander, I yon, Mineral, Nye, Per shiitg. Storey, Woshoa and rVhlto Pine Counties. Horco will usa Its Kitting tor ntinal located at 2M Sago The application Is on file and available tor public viewing at tho offtcos ol the Co mission, 737 Fair view Drive, Carson CHy, Novoda B710. parsons may comment In writing and file appropriate Protests and or Pottttons for loavo to In torvene at either of the Commission's offices on or bofora Wednesday, .tune 7, By the Co minis ston, WIIUAM H. VANCI, Commission Secretary Dated: Carson CHy, May IS, 19M (if Al) SS435e-Docket M-3J4 May 25 4

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