The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1930
Page 7
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™P_AY' SKPTEMRKR 10, 19M .JBT-YTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COUR1RR NEWS Five Hundred Inmates of Alcalray. Find Conditions Ideal. rty Ktfi:i!MA\ MONTtlOSt'. NKA Svriiie Vt'riliT KAN' FRAN''O.—Oil a mikv Kbir.ii in ihp middle n:" Sun Fr.isi- tisco Bay is one of The ir.osl mi- UML;I] prisnns in Ainrrlf-a—;i prison HI.ere- ihfi'o l;;is never !icen ;i u:i- vici liol or imi'.iuy, \vlim tlcanli- aiid order! and wiu-ri 1 i;'.i-li prisoner is kepi Irisy n! i;.-r- ful svork and laiiijlu n is-.idr- vliifh Me run suppnrl hijnscli \\li--r. his term ciul:;. It is Ihe Ur.iu-el R'.ales Army Disciplinary Barntfks on AtY.r.ri;: Island. n\c<\ since 1808 as it prison [or mili'.niy dvliuiiuciit.s. Foriiiifil in lf.5-1. il was iln- f'nsl AmcrkM!'. military on Hie Pacific was 1 . Us comniniulnnt. Colonel O. Mati- ry Cralle. U. s. A.. Iwlieves Lli.i 1 . prison riots brci 1 :: iliraisplvcs anil •assciLs bluntly that there i.s :::» e\- ciuso fo: lailure to lake jiieaMi; 1 ?': lt> pi event lliein. 500 in "Ideal I'risnn" AL present he has 500 pi'isoiu-n. lodged in \\hai nii^hi be termed an ideal prisou. '1'lie most .su feature of the pkKv is its cle nres. The cell blcx'k lias' luigi 1 windows on four sides, atlrnitiina a 1 .: itluirulunce of light ami i-lenn sill breezes irom (he bay. There is no cro\vclhi5. each man naving liis cell lo liiimolf. and tne "prison smell" - hnoun by every mini who Ins! ever visited Ihe ordinary penilen- ! liary—is conspicuous liy Us ab- j fence. AYhere Army Prisoners Keep Bus) comp stlffer than iliosc the temperature as the voom. <.' cure iniisl be i: ihe white f: ;i ilnv bit nf the yolk, the while Ironi ununiK well, cl (he yulk is broken ilii' uhil^ Chi 1 t'!;i; ran be Miiiii 1 other haklni:, hut t it merhmtie. A small j n! yolk can Lie removed by ii!r :i soft clean cloth and; it IIHI ihc Mmik o( yolk.; • t'i itu this imlil rvi-iv j yuVK 1-, rellioveii. ; I'll 1 mi'i-inviii> is iiM-cl fnr P'.iddsii 11 Iiuslm'.'.s. Tnr! vent II in:u thin'.:;'!; j IM'd ft'l 1 IK". I'll IIIIIO-..H i ll!|:i I'll .i|)|i:i:i; muni lli'Ci; I:'. A Ml !.:<• ;,:i ip" Simple 'Mrrillfclli 1 <":H' [;;,;. I ti.l'jlivi]] (did 'pooils Mi^ar. I -I tea- u. fi'\v KKiins salt, i-hillid u-.i; «!i::e 1,11 a , |ij||- j HIT. Add V..IICT ,rni sal! anil j in 1 !, siiii :m:l iliv. lleiil. in I 11:114 nnd 'p:rad on ' ll i-.iii. Dl iTinrjv I ivilli il |!:is:i-y 11:!;:'. M'.ike j iMr-lvc iniiiiitr.-. )n a slim-! "FACTS" IN C01JHT ; Min-lnrtlo Chirello. possessor n! Iwo 1)111 (n etiully |v?aiwks, was charged wl'.h harbor- hih' ii piiblle niilMincc. 'I'lie nclgh- .superior IJOSTON" iUI>i—A In «•!>• Imv hi'cn Hied In Suffolk the yiilk.jcmin lioit to nijoln Mulhilde bws dccl.irrd Hyndi 1 of Hcveri' from "miiklm; : 'luy nruiarly luces at. tin 1 plaintiff," Am;?llna | Uliulii nl Hie samo city. llie birds annoitncetl nt 4 n. in. ITACOCKS TOO AI.DUQUKHQUF;. N .Kim I'oi.ici; o ' HIHMIN'C.IIAM. Ala.. UJI 1 )—I'Ol- i li-e iiiv isoniiciiiiy who had the lieiiin-Uy to «:l) ti,, : . ,101110 of Pub- lie Safety Director John .H-T»ji*r of SI mid a caiiwra one nighi tf- ct-nlly. The police head'returned lo his liomc at Die lime to'find It completely nmssckod. . ' ' ••.;' iil iiKlillKli'. 1 l-s Illaili- wilhj . i.l tv.i> «;;v;s aiu! I 'M'<l Miyar. Oni- iabli-.>|Xii)ii I for ilawi in::! and i.o weapons. Each prisoner is paid S:! wages. There is ;\ we!l-s!ocked 0|X>n to all prisoners, and moliui' IJk'turrs slio-tn re;;ulal!y. M.tii; . Dic-n take conT.siioKftrarc uLjnrs'-.s. j I'ne prison yiud is o|vei) fui 1 ex- Colonel Crrulo points out. that the i rrcise whenever a prisoner is ptison i.> a .setf-conlnined inii'. | otherwise eny^jjeci '1'iiere i.'i where every prisoner has construct- nnn y c.inpiairT always on duty, live and healthful work, peforuu'ii Prisoncr.s who were not eini'vieu 1 in.der i.!ie tiirection of army me:i I L « felonious oltens'S ir.av ask lo t> v-liow nim is corrective ratlu'r j veiiirnert fo military dt.t'y. nnd t!'.: than punitive. This, he believes, is | reqiies! i 1 ; granted in many case- i Alcatraz Island, in Saii'Vi-ancls- resiwrisible for its success. , j Sentences can lie sliorter.ert lor [ co s bay. is shown above. Below niv i Solilii-rs Arr Ginnls nco.t. bjliavior. and often men are I ;. iv.'S in the model prison's din- : The use of soldiers as guards. !i? , paroled to a civilian sponsor if inb:- | ir.g rooni and in the laundry, aiv ]K)int5 out. is a distinct ad^ania^e. I ale wuitir.g fur';hem. TiriU.ilHy. lavoritLsm and opprr--| W iien a prisoner's term expires sion by guards are generally lar^e- ] 10 i s g i vcn ., suit 0 - cio.hlni;— iy responsible for the disconlen- ! tailored lo his measure, inciriinir-.l- -that blazes into mutiny in other j i v . in ;he nrivjn shops, au^l '.:i3d» ! noi | I SISTEI7' MARY'S CHEN ire unolliiT form used fur di'ssrrls. •d aluiie or the lii' -fivipeil nut. shell Icr Imii 01 ICissrs lialf cup I'i'ij wliiies, l-u tea- salt. 1 cup fine firanulaictl 1-:' li'asiioon vanilla- whiles on n larte planer .tinnl snfl. Uvat in two iables]>o3ns I si:u:ir. Add suear, Riacliiully beal- | ii":. runsiaiitly until mlMuVe will I keep its shape. Cover a damp I licanl ttllli licavy fuoS.vup p.i|>er. i ill:uii mixture from sp'Um onto pa-', j P- r. Hake lid mnules in a .slow I o\ 'a. Tl:e merinfiues Hiould l>c i .'•!i:;htly colored when done ruiil i I linn to ihe tench. Uemove from | j papu and scoop out soft inside i I |Ki:icu. Rcliiin shells to oven to i I dry I i Dally Menu | t-UNCUEOON—Coiwoiniup. tnast- 1 I ed ruck™, stuffed PJJB wilatl. link-1 wl quinces on sponge cuke, milk ! prisons. The soldier guard. l>ein:^ himself under strict dt.-cip!hic. is never gmhy of any of; 1 faults and as a result tile prisoners ge: lair, equal treatment. The present main prison building was erected about 20 years ago. over the old. fortification guardinu of scoci cloth ul'.ich lie is allj'.veJ to select—a railroad ticket to his place of enlistment, and S10 i: 1 cash. Kchaliilitatinn Is Aim \V. I(. Stewart, execuilve officer o c f "There is no reason," says Maior tile prison, "why a man leaving a swimmer to traverse, made tl'.f cd:ls asains!. a suctessiiil escape almost overwhelming; and then I)? lemarked. "Now. if you wani t' . r tart •uimetliing. yo ahead." > • words to thnt cflcct. Nothing hap]X»ned, nnd thorr have been no rumors cf trn'.:b!r the bay. Within the last five year j Alcatraz should not be \wU-ntte-l notable steps for Uie rehabilitaliov. to pursue sosne civil occupation. He ~oT~the prisoners have been taken. . has-Jed a strict- life for a iK'riaci of p*vV*3el Ornllc fot a. lo)n nf 53500 '. v^r^:. ^"iiouph not a Dhysicnllv hard j to start n" "model industries" "prbl-1 or.e"HLs Vftbits have been regular, cct. A furniture and woodworking | and he has learned a useful trade, i \Ve have cioue O'.ir best to rehauiU- ^ dcfcns:i - but fhe failed to ap- tntit was started, followed by shcs- rnaking, upholsteraig. tailoriir:. printing and other units to a total of 5fl. all designed to instruct, ihe prisoners as well as to keep them ! our that ,i! pi-.'scnt there nrr only | busy. The S25IM wns quickly re- . seven men listed as "second das-.' il !Car - "} u ' n ! llc '",' wel ' paid, altliongh the output of the 01- deprived of certain privileges, j Ilcr hp foulul 5h " na " .shops cannot be sold outside of thr while even fewer are in the triinl ;:i my. class, deprived of ail privileges. Farm Guards Unarmed Although the inmates are well Last year the laundry handle! 1 treated they are by no means cod- some 3.000,000 pieces and marie °. j tflcd. .Shortly after Colonel Oral: 1 r.ei profit of S105.000. Across thr became commandant, ii is said, channel is Angel Island, also a sov- some of the men were planning ar. emment reservation, where there outbreak. Colonel Gralie calbd th' 1 is a piisoii faim. Work oa tlii 1 : men together and pointed o;;t f, island is given prisoners as a re-j them thai ihe prevalence of arnv ward for good conduct; work de [ discipline, combined with ihc fa"' tails leave Alcatraz 'or An;ei> Dint the tidal currents abot:t A!:c>- I.sland each morning in a launch i traz were practically impossible iov 11V SlSTlil! MAUV NKA Service Writer Then is no mystic incantation i to pronounce over meringue mak- j j inc. The result may liu ethereal.! a rioscup of Colonel O. Manry I bul llu> "-''" l>™cedur? U of tlioj bakulll 6 t l|fft .,|"T.: m .;'.; Crntle, commandant of the army'-, | enrtlily—by miun force and elbow j pot . IUlK | ir;u ., s OI -^ nnrient penal institution. grease. j tanl lari. milk coffee I Tliis siifly bt'alen while of egg | ,R swimmer 10 iraverse. iinmi.- u..- is a 'Miglufiilly exampb of "i.hysl- I , „„„;., C , ^ t ,,^»n tr i,,i nc^^n-,-,!_ I cal change 1 without "chemical! change- of course takes place, as soon as sujnr is added, but- .the' action of air on the albumen of ihe : egg causes nu chemical cliang.?. All • cookery deals will) thes; "changes" i in an Interesting fashion. : In order !hat the actiin of air' may be complete, the cse whites j must be beaten wllh a whisk. A' dc.ver heater or a churn beater vannoi whip slio amouiu of nir lil-. to thein p."CDssary io make a per-: feet meringue. Eggs from three to five days old are most satisfactory. They increase in volume iiiciv at this .Mage of froshness than at any other time. Well chlHcd whites wit! be- STOKIv DELAYS THIAI, i NCR WALK. O. (.UP i—The s-ork I bL'Orrc up n burglary trial here. The l i defendant was in court: his attor- :ome a mother the day before. The casi was continued until ihe next term of court KIU.K WHITE SQUIRREL MT. VKRN'ON, IlTd., I UP I- One of the feu' albino squirrels ever shot near Mt. Vernon was killed by George II. Garrison while hunting in Point imuiship. Tb.i animal was a pure white with pink eyes. Its ' si/.e >SM.\ about thai of a gray squirrel. 'ihe G01-T 1IOTKI, nishes ta intiounrr a fen- vacaneirs avall- Jblr (n iHTinanent cnrsls for fall nnd u-inliT nccup.incy. Special rales have IK-L-II ar. r:ingcii. ivilli Hie awurance or the linesl accoilinioclalinns and 5rnice in (lie HI). NOTICK With our recent ii.irtnrr.ship uith Mr. Gee. {.'unify, we. noiv have tlii- liesl cqiiippril inde- iwndenl slioji in lown. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGI-; rirkwick Hiilldin^ "\Vr knnw u - c kun\v how" Across the U.S.A. and back 7180 miles IN REVERSE! A triumph for the NEW "CRACK-PROG^ TEX AGO D 1 and bigger profits from THIS GREAT FEED H KIN'S fed on this wonderful poultry feed ^ive you more-ami better egga because Quaker Ful-O-I'ep Kgg Mash keeps them healthy, active arid eager to lay. It gives them thcespcnlial materials that make good egys — eggs that will batch and batchslrong, lively clucks. While you are getting more eggs from your flock, they cost you less Q FUL* £66 MA money. Your profits nre l)if.'frcr because Ful-O- Pop Kgg Mash is all feed—no wastage. It goes farther thaiiotliei' feeds—-therefore it is more economical to use. A. fair trial will convince you of its superiority as an egg produce!'—a feed that ecps your laying hens intop-nolcliconditioii. Let Ful-O-Pcp Egg Al ash pn t your hens on a hig proflt basis. SEPT. 30th. THE FAMOUS ,lilV[", a fi-w yanls in reverse gpar. Notice I \mv (he engine races. Not ire what a pull il plana on your motor! TliPit imagine drivi nj; nt'i-oss the entire contiiHMit, from New York In Los Angeles timl back — till ilie IMV in rei'f.rsp! Tliat's exactly wlial the "batk-up" boys, world's chain |)ion reversed rivers, did \vith a Ford at ti speed of 10 lo 12 miles niihour. < nick-proof Texnco Tins is eq 'iial, ;icronlin<; Id Ford author- ilics, to T>0 !o 60 miles in high gear. upon per £<"<•« lubrication I'ractieally all radiator ventilation nnd fan cooling were eliminated by driving backward. Their engine speed, equivalent lo ")0 lo 60 miles in high gear, was irmin- tained for 42 consecutive days. The abnormal engine hrat was intensified lo almost scorching proportions on the Great Salt Lake Desert, where ihe thermometer registered 121° F. Anything less than perfect lulirication would have, spelled dir-aslcr. FACT S Tim driver — James C. Hurgis, 26, Si, Louis Interior Decorator. Cnr—n new Ford roadster equipped with rear heail- liglits. The fonrnrd gears \verc taken out EO that il was iinpossililo lo drive nny way lint backward. Conditions — Drove from New York to Los Angeles nnd back, 7180 miles, in rr.vcrse gear. Products used— The same new crack-proof Texacn Motor Oil nnd "dry" Texaco Gasoline sold in all our 48 States. After they h:ul eoiiducted many comparative tests limy selected the new crack- pi oof Texaco as the one motor oil most'; likely lo withstand the terrific, beat and engine strain. And onco again the new Texaco has lived up to every expcctalioB — lias proved its longer-lasting qualities that will not break down under any driving conditions. Modem engines demand an extra margin of protection. They demand better lubrication. Cur owners demand lower oil consumption, smoother, quieter engines and freedom from carbon. The new crack-pr:H>f Texaco Motor Oil and Texaco-Ethyl, the "dry" Ethyl Gasoline, provide all these advantages. Wherever you may be, slop at the first Texaco Service Station—where you see the Texaco Red Star with the Green T. THE TEXAS COMPANY Ti'Miro Pelraltum Prniiuctt This Coal lember at Delivered in lilyfhevillc Dinins Scp- SS.OO per Ton Cash. Browne & Billings Co** Ins. HJythDville, Ark. LAY IN YOUR WINTER'S SUPPLY NOW SUPERIOR COAL CO. Cherry and R. R. Sts. Phone 123 THE NEW TEXACO MOTOR OIL LONGER-LASTING, "CRACK-PROOF" Goodyear Tires MasniService Station Main and E-'iflli — Phone 711 Car Wash'nj; and Grensinp: Texaco Products Road Service

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