The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUME XXXV—NO. 27. Blythertlle Courier Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Vflllcy Leader Blythevllle Dully News BUTIIRVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, APRIL li), IMS H1NGLR COPIES FIVE CENTS ! THREE MEN SHOT; HARRY BAILEY ARRESTED Sounds Warning To Ene- mies'of Nationalist Forces When Victory Comes PARIS, Apr. 19. (UP)—A threat to punish "foreign enemies" fighting in Spain was made today by Generalissimo Francisco Franco in a radio broadcast marking the first anniversary of his government. At the same time Franco thanked the friends of nationalist Spain, particularly Italy and Germany, "who understand the deep meaning of our crusade." Sneaklno from Aragon soil Franco jnid that "afler the war the army, navy and air force as well a.s Industries created during Uie war" would be consolidaled, Spain's In- duslrlal posver. her commerce and ^ merchant marine will be restored In order lo assure social and Agrarian reform and safeguard Spain's v.'orld prestige. "Former existences are no longer possible. The old things will not - reappear. In order lo assure peace we count on God and our zeal. We don't want Spain of lomorrow dmlnated Iw any one group—capitalists or proletariat Spain will belong to to those who work." He said that the administrative structure and order behind the lines had been restored and denounced popular front and liberal regimes, which hp said always had harmed Spain. • riose Mountain Passes HENDAYE, Franco Spanish Frontier. Apr. 19. (UP) — Nationalist forces reached the Pyrenees today and .plugged up five mountain passes, preventing further retreat of loyalist troops into France along the frontier.from the Bay of Biscay : in-the-west to ihe tiny republic of Andorra In the east. . Trapped and surrounded by General Juan Solcliaga's Navarre forces . an entire loyalist division under I Col. Garcia. Gomez crossed the • Pyrenees. Many peasants from the Ara valley also fled before the ad vanclng nationalists. ' Generalissimo Francisco Franco became master of the Pyrenees east'as far'as Andorra, blocking all outlets. Solchaga's army alreadj was-advancing-toward other towns with, the object of driving a wedge hplwwn France and Catalonia. Roseland Boy Seriously i Hurt In Farm Accident Adam Kclcluin, eigtit-yenr-okl son of Mr. and Mrs, Ott Kclchuu of Roseland, was seriously Injured yesterday nrtenicon wlien be «'n.s! dragged across a large Held after I havin? fallen Into the chains of] a harrow. lie has a punctured chest, trau- metic peroiiltltls of the abdomen iml extensive friction burns on Ills face and Ixxly. Tlie arcMent occurred near his icme when he was riding on the liarrow. Ills cries for help after, nc had folli'ji into the chains ap-1 jai-Piilly frightened the mules and they dashed through the field for ibout a quarter >A a mile before :hey weic .-.topped. The child Is at the Walk hosuf- IN Dp Fill Nude Body Plunges To Pavement; Police Find Ex-Convict In Room NEW Thelma YORK, Apr. 19 (UP) — Glroux. beautiful blond dancer, fell naked to her death on the sidewalk today from the fifth floor of hotel Lincoln, one. block off Broadway. In her hotel room, from where she plunged, police found Jolui Stoppelll, 29, an ex-convict. He told Uiem that he had been her sweetheart for two years. He is known also as "John the Bug" and has been -arrested for possessing narcotics and carrying a gun. On Broadway Miss Giroux was known as Thelma Thais, She was a native of Bntte, Mont. HFI HELD S§[SSFl|L Local Churches Report 186 New Members In ''Simultaneous Revival Lock Heads on Tax Bill Union's Drive To Collect Dues Causes Shutdown:; And Disorders; PUNT. Mich.. Apr. 19. (UPi — More thun 5.000 men were thrown out of work today when Wslier body plant number One and Hnlck motor company's assembly line closed in the face of a union dues drive, barring delimuienl Fisher workers from their Jobs. 'Union and non union workers—, men and women—battled with fists i in the street. Police, in squacJ cars, I cruised nearby hut did not interfere. Approximately 400 workers wore turned back at the fisher plant gales by an estimated 500 pickets of the United Automobile workers union when they failed to produce paid up membership cards. Both the Fisher and Bulck plants opened at 7 am. One hour later George Patterson, Fisher manager, ordered switches pulled on the assembly Hue and production ceased for the second consecutive day. A similar occurrence closed the Fisliw plant and the Bulck line yesterday. Accepts Resignation of Sanitarium Board Member LITTLE ROC'K. Apr. 19. (UP) — Ciov.' Carl E. Bailey today announced that he hnd accepted the resignation of P. A. Diesch of Helena as chairman of the control beard of the state sinttarium lor negroes at Alexander. - Mesch submitted his jesignatloii ns chairman of the board lo Gcv. 1 Hailey several month:; ago. Pressing stale nfi'airs prevented Ms ncceptance of the resignation until now. Ballev explained. The chief executive said DiesclVs successor would i)e named at an early date In order that the expansion I'rogrnm. soon to be slarl- A flnal survey of the pre-Easter evangelistic services which were conducted simultaneously at the First Methodist church, the First Saptlst cliurch. the First Chrisian church, the First Presbyterl- n church and the First Church 'f tlie Na?,nrene beginning tivo veeks ago and continuing through Easter Sunday reveals 186 adclt- o the five churches. The pastors of the various ihurches have reported a large Pennsylvania Will Save Covered Wooden Bridges HARR1SBURG. Pa. (UP)—Tlie vanishing covered wooden bridges that once spanned streams and rivers throughout Pennsylvania will be preserved wherever possible through co-operation of the slate highway department and local historical societies. Chief Highway Engineer Samuel W. Marshall notified Col. Henry Shoemaker, state archivist^ that In the future the department would relocate new -bridges, if possible, and allow the old wooden bridges to stolid Intact. ,Where a. new* br^ge'\mii.4t Constructed on' the site qf_ the old, lie added, 'contractors Vo'ujd be Instructed" to, dlsinirnJeJ t^e covered spans and<'.pflerj lliem for sale to Jilstorlcal societies.' : - : ^ One of j,)ie relics, built 105 years aE?i;''over;Enslow", Fork- of Wheeling Creek betwe'en Greene and Washington counties, will be preserved In Henry lord's early American village at Dearborn, Miss. ed of the Institution, would be delayed. not llLT€L YOU BY ~ - eoe — BURNS __ r sat in on a meeting ot a bunch of movln* picture producers the other night and one of 'em suggested that they make pictures a little more true to life. I right out and told 'em I came dldn'i Ihlnk people would wanta see pictures like that because real life li sometimes a litle too blunt. li would Just lake the sweetness nnd excitement oula the romance. I remember down home a bo; was engaged lo a girl and the; decided lo elope like they do tn pictures. They laid their plan carefully and In secret, and t night he sneaked up to her win dow and put a ladder against th wall real easy and she came down Then, so he wouldn't leave an evidence, he started to take th ladder aw»y, when her paw stuc' his head oula the second-stor window <md said "Leave that lad der there, young fella, I've still go a couple of daughters I wanta ge oft iny hands," nerease in both Sunday school nd church attendance because of he meetings, and (bey feel that he city wide religious campaign vas successful in that 11 has stimulated church life here, they an- lounced today. Trie Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pas- .or of the First Baptist church, had 86 additions to the church during the services. Baptismal services will be held Wednesday night at 7:30 o'clock when the pastor will bring a special message raptlsm. There are 54 to be baptized. Seventy five people svere received Into Ihe First Methodist church, of «-hic!i the Rev. H. Lynn Wade Is pastor. Special christening ser- vlce.s were held Sunday afternoon lor the children. TJie Rev. Mr, Wade was assisted In that ceremony by Mrs. J. a. Sudbury nnd Mrs. Wade. As a result of the cooperative movement, the Rev. George W Patterson, pastor of the First Christian church, received II additions to tlie church. Baptismal services were conducted Sunday night at Uie conclusion of the evening worship. Both the .First Presbyterian cliurcli, of which the Rev. S. H. Salmon Is pastor, and the First Church of the Nasarene. of which the Rev. Eupha D. Beasley Is pastor, had seven additions. Presbyterian baptismal services have already been held, nnd services will be conducted In the near future for those who became members of the Nazarene church. Lighthouse Keeper Finds He's Three Storms Short STOCKTON SPRINGS, Me. (UP)—Capt. Arthur Mitchell, keeper of the Port Point lighthouse, is waiting anxiously for three more snowstorms. Last fall Mltcholl predictsd there would be 38 such storms during the winter. So far there have been 3fl. A Seamairat 2, He Knows Ropes W. C, Higginson Named Manager Of Oil Mill [jn'culhive Scores viclualism Secretary Rugged Indi- of the Past W. I', lllygmson, who lifts bi'i'ii ciishlor in Ihe niyllievillc Cotton Cll mill lui' IS yptirs, wiis made nunm(.;i'r loili 1 ,/ to succcnl K. IV f.yman. whu I;, retiring from business June I, Mr. lliijgln^oii lias'been in the cotton oil business for 17 years, having been conet'ti'd \vith Ihr American Cotton Oil company ui Memphis beloro he catiu 1 here. No hint of llio bitter deadlock between House and Senate conferees on the revised administration tux bill Is apparent in this picture, but only a few minutes before It was taken Senator Put Harrison ID.—Miss.), nt right above, challenged House conferees to n show- lown vote on the ScuiUe'.s amendments eliminating the undistributed wonts tax and drastically modifying the capital gains levy. The House committee, headed by Reprt.ieuliiUve Robert Uotigliton (D—N. C.), center, refused the challenge ami demanded lliut the original bill be passed. Another key figure In Use deadlock was Senator Arthur Vamtoiberg tn.—Mich.), left, oiilstanclliig critic of the Roosevelt administration. OMAHA. Neb. Apr. ID (01')—I Your "rugged Individualist" Is i\' "strife promoter" Secretary of Agriculture Henry A, Wallace said In n speech here today Iniuiguratlnx the newest phase of the New Deal's, yrlciilitirnl progrmn crop Insur- ice. Wallace made his oUservullon 'Ic telling how crop Insurance, be tried first on this year's heat crop, will work. He appealed lo 1200 fnim leiul- s tram Ihe leading wheat stales work for success ot the plan so ial It can be extended to corn, otton and possibly other crops. Wallnce said when President -oosovelt assumed olflce he liiul to loose between two pltuis ,ln hand- ng Ihe farm problem—a "hands ft"' i»!lcy practiced for 18 yearn y preceding administrations or co- pcratlon. "The dominant characteristic of MY PB IF E'S Federal Government Asked' To Pay; $742,000 On , Clarendon; Bridged LITTLE HOCK,- Apr. 19. (UP)— Oov. .Carl E. Bailey said todny that'he had been Inforrried by the federal bureau of roads olflce. In Fort Worth, Tex.. ' that, recommendations had been made to Washington to pay Arkansas $742,000, representing half the construction costs of the bridge over the White river at Clarendon. The bridge—one of the nine recently freed of tolls by the special legislative session—cost approximately $1.500,000 when constructed several years ago. The sumo lo be received from t!ie federal government for freeing this bridge ns well as lln> other eight, will be expended on building new paves roads In (he .state. Bailey snid. New for* Cotton Yankees Win First Game Of Twin Bill At Boston BOSTON. Apr. 19. (UP)-The New York Yankees rallied lo score three rims In the ninth inning for a 5 to 3 victory over the Bos„ .*"? . Sav ln llie nrsl « amc of a Patriots Day doubleheader today. For seven innings the game was * ,'W pitchers' battle between Lefty Grove and Vernon Lefty Oo- mez. Drove yielded only four hl« MH 'T M SS renwved 'or a pincli hitler In Uie eighth, NEW YOnK, April Cotton closed steady, open high 888 894. 896 SOI 902 909 906 HO!) Mas- July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 915 SfW 020 19. <UT>)- Jow close 881 882 688 883 89V 891 001 000 Spots closed quiet at DOS 901 90S on 15. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 19. (UI>) —Cotton futures closed steady today with losses ranging from 55 lo 65 cents per bale. open high 903 909 908 913 922 924 SIB As tnuch at case in a schooner's rigging as an old tar himself is 2-yeaf-old Arthur Johnson, son ot Capt. and Mrs. Irving Johnson ol the Yankee, due in (lie home port of GlouMster, Mass., May 1, alter a world trip ot •(0,000 miles. For a year and a halt of his lite, little Arthur's "terra flrma" has. been Ihe roll' 915 917 918 925 low close 896 891 500 900 909 912 932 014 924 911 912 9H 920b Spots closed quiet at 908, ofT 11. Chicago Wheat PBEMTIEK10 IET10M11 Approximately 40 Minis ctsr, Elders To Attenc •Arkansas Sessions Around -10 ministers and eldci of Presbyterian churches are ex peeled (o attend tlie ; Arkansa Presbytery which will convene her In Its first session tonight at o'clock at the First Presbyterla church for election of officer nnd a sermon by Ihe Rev. S. I Salmon, retiring moderator. The routine business of tonlgh! meeting, which is open lo Ihc pub lie. will consist of roll call, fo lowing which the Presbytery wi t>n called to order and constltule with prayer, election of mocicr: tor. stilted clerk and tcmporar clerk, and the determining hours for the sessions. Two other activities not preri ously announced are tlio examlna lion tomorrow of a candidate fo the ministry. Basil King, a sti dent of the Arkansas college I j'Bntesville. who has been sent her from the Presbytery In Lafayetl county. Mo., and ntleiidance at tl baseball game between Blytlicvil and Jiickson ns ihe guesl of tli local ball club tomorrow night fo lowing the evening service. Bird Caller Easily Wins Friendship of Chickade EAST ROCHESTER, N. H. (UP I—Harold Baglcy boasted to h neighbor about his prowess as bird caller. Bnt Bagley's friend wa skeptical. The imitator pointed across tl street to two chickadees In n trc lie wagered he could lure one tlie birds with his dulcet warblin Whistle —presto —Ihe chickad came closer and finally allghte on the stem of Bagley's cornco Pipe. open high 83 7-8 84 1-2 82 1-4 83 1-8 low close 83 3-8 83 1-2 82 82 1-8 Chicago Corn open high low close 59 5-8 59 7-8 59 1-2 59 3-4 Cl 3-8 61 5-8 51 1-4 61 1-2 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, HI., Apr. <UP)— Hogs: 10.000. Top, 850. 170-230 llw., 8.40-8.50. 140-1SO Ibs. 7.75-10.00. Bulk sows, 7.25-7.50. Cattle, 3,000. Steers. 7.G5-9.2S. Slaughter steers, 6.75-1000 Mixed yearlings and heifers. 7.008.50. Slaughter heifers, 600-9.00 Beef co\vs, 5.50-6.50. Cullers ft low cutters, 425-525, Stock Prices NEW YORK. April 19 <UP) Stocks drifted lower today in du trading. Industrial shares we heaviest losers. A. T. & T 125 6 Anaconda Cop 28 7 Assoc. D. G 61 Beth. Steel 43 5 Boeing Air 26 3 Chrysler 45 Cities Sen- 11 Coca Cola 122 Qen. Elec 3* Gen. Mot. ...' 32 1 Int. Harvest 61 1 Montgomery Word 321 N. Y. Central 121 Packard 41 Phillips Pet 35 Radio C Schenly Dlst 19 Simmons IV 3 Socony Vac M Std. Oil N. J « 1 Texas Corp 39 U. S. Smelt U. S. Steel 46 1 Spanish Loyalists jWanl Iiv tcvventicm Problem On Council's Agenda OENKVA. Apr. 19 (Ul>) — Thii Sinmlsli loyalist government nskci) today Hint the question of foreign Intervention the Spanish civil ur farm policy aid Wallace. cooperation " "Our programs arc planned ntid perated by Ihe farmers and tho overnmenl working together but ae plan and Ihc machinery are cad things until tlio participation f lurge numbers of farmers put he brenth of life Into them," The "bunds off" policy, Wallace aid, Is better known as "rugged nilli'ldilaUsin." war be put on the ngendn of the League of Nations council meol- IB, which bculns May 0. The request cnme ns u surprise —and one certain to prove uuwcl- omc (o Clroat, Britain. Britain had promised llnly lo ulse before the council the ques- lon of recognition of the cbn- lucsl ol Ethiopia 1 . Now Ihe loyalist government vhlch long hits accused Italy nud Germany of Inlorveuli'K dtrecll n bchnlf of the nationalists, threatened to lalso anew u problem vhlch hud brought war uc»r on uore than one occasion. -ourt Charges Jurors, Woman Can't Aiiord It HALLSTON 3PA,\NV Y."(UP) 'No; I can't allord It," the womnr. hesitated when Commissioner of Jurors Harry iramomnd asked her :o serve on a Jury. "!• 'don't • understand.! 1 he "Bald 'H will be an experience and education for you.' 1 - ' ; "I'm sorry, but I cnn'l afford it, ;he woman reiterated, "i understand tlie Judge 'charges' the Jii- rors." Hammond did nol Identify (hi woman. He explained that womei acciualntei are not yet entirely wllh court terms. "You know," he said, "it's less than a year since women were permitted to serve on Juries In Hi! stale." Safety Council Favors Strict Cyclist Tests NEWTON,.Mass. (UP)—Tlie New ton Safety Council has recommend ed that cyclists take written exam Illations and road tests similar k those given applicants for auto mobile licenses. Bicyclists also would be re<iulrei to give hand signals, obey Iraffli lights and equip Ihelr "wheels' with approved lights, bell, lock, brakes and reflectors. horn Burton Fatally Wounded; Hubert Utley, Bunn Campbell Injured liUlliw Burton, wounded In » >:hiiollnj? which occurred at Harry lialley's restaurant at ' Holland, BIo. ; early this inorll- IUR, died ut the Blylheville ' hospital at three o'clock Htls- An altercation which occurred it Hurry Bailey's service station and restaurant near Holland about 1:30 o'clock this morning resulted In Uie critical wounding of Luther "Goose;,' Burton, 2-i, the less serious Injury of Hubert Ullcy; 40, and Bunn Campbell, 28, nml, the arrest of Harry Uiillcy, -10, ori two charges of 'as- smilt wilh Intent to kill. llaltoy, who was freed on & j ' J(!,OCO bond shortly after his ar- j rest, Is slated lo be given a pre- • limlnnr.y hearing Friday at Caruth- ersvllle. Bin Ion, who Is at the Blythe- i vllle hospital, Ims a gunshot wound In the abdomen which penetrated the liver. His condition Is very crll- ' Ital, physicians say. Utley, who was taken to .-the, Memphis Baptist hospital, was shot through the right hip and the bullet cnme out the right thigh 1 . Physicians there said his condition Is serious but not critical, unless • complications arise. , Campbell, who reccved- a minor scnlp wound from a bullet, was • dismissed from the Blythevllle hos- j pltal at noon today. , ; One version Is that the Jroiibla : started when Burton, who officers i say has had trouble with Bailey j before, went into the restaurant, ; walked -up Uo Bailey, jerked ' his ! Iraf over .hls"eyestaHil"i«Id" ll C!rl's' ; go." Bailey Is said to have Jerked ] Ms gun oul of his pocket and to have started firing. Campbell and James -' Sanders, who accompanied tho Utley party i to na I ley's place, are reported to i ROME. Apr. 19. (UP) — Count have entered the melee, according .] to authorities. "Some ana Jerked my hat over my face and said 'let's go' and Burton put his hand |n-his 'hip pocket like lie was getting his gun • and so I started shooting," Bailey ; said lodtiy, when questioned about' Mussolini's Foreign "Minister Announces Nation's Willingness lo Negotiate Clano. foreign minister, Informed Jelcs P. Blondel. Freucli clmrgp d'altalrcs, today that llaly was prepared lo negotiate a friendship . treaty with FVnnce, it was said .authoritatively. it was understood that jn-ellml- niiry conversations would be 'started I the trouble. Ife said that |t • all tomorrow If Blondel received his Instructions from Ihe French foreign office In (line. happened so quickly that he was not sure of all the details but that IIP shot several times after he was.. .. Blondel visited Clano at the for- attacked, He said he had expected. - eign office at, noon nnd they held Ihelr first official conversation on the negotiation plan. no trouble and was -very surprised: Night Marshal Dewey KuiJey, of Holland, said that he was at the restaurant when Mr. and Mrs. Utley, James Sanders, Campbell and . "some girl from Cooler" came Into the restaurant. Apparently, • there was no trouble then and Bailey la said lo have called Mrs. Bailey from her apartment to Jain . the party. A few minutes later as the officer was leaving, Burton, drove up and Parking Meters Voted Down At Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, Ar.k,, Apr. 19.— The city council here last ulglil voted against Installation of parking meters In the downtown nrcu here The council voted on Ins \ W ent"into" Unbuilding! ,„. „ matter Indirectly as a "Committee ; restaurant were John Butner and of Ihe Whole" and the proposal dki not come directly before the body. Monkeys Play Witli Fire And Learn What Happen SAC1INAW, Mich. <UPI—Xfonkey who play with fire get burned, two simians tit Ihe zoo here have learned, A fire In the straw of Ihelr cage singed them severely. Zoo keepers believed the fire started from matches the monkeys Ignited, although they couldn't explain how Die monkeys got tlie matches. Paris Building Code Embodies Air Defense PARIS (UP)—France has gone a step further than Great Britain In air raids precautions by issuing an edict specifying Dial all new buildings must conform to tertaln standards of safety against air attack. i Tlie edict declares that all roofs must be built so that the danger of incendiary bombs Is counter-1 acted and itmst be strong enough! lo re-slst the fall of a 20-pound bomb. i hV uy WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight; Wednesday mostly cloudy, probably showers and cooler In north. Memphis — Cloudy, probably showers tonight with lowest tern Jack Hoisted, who witnessed the shooting. There were no other spectators. I Utley and Bailey are said to havfi ! been on friendly terms during re- j cent months. Officers said the.)- be- t-tQ T?ViTlvf i/"4« icf - !lcvc(i thai " lc trouble was started clo -L/A.HJ1 LIU II lot between Burton and Bailey. Kcnley, who heard the shots toed, after he reached his house, which ts nearby, returned to Bailey's place, where Bailey told him what had token place.- He then went to Utley's place and after calling ambulances nnd physicians, returned to Bailey's station, where he toolc htm into custody. The two warrants, which charge i him with offenses against Burt6n and Utley, were Issued from the court of Justice of Peace J. D, Huffman of Caruthersville. The bond was signed by Harry Keener, of cariilhersvllle, and Harry Brown, of 'this city. Bolh Burton and Campbell are employed by Utley, who operates the Crescent Night club, a service station and whiskey store near Holland. Trouble Is known to have existed .between Utley and Bailey In the i past but It 1s reliably reported that | the two men had settled their dif! ferences and had been very friendly of late. Officer Kenley said that when he was tn the restaurant the parly was a friendly one but that he was not present when Burton arrived. Charged wilh frying to extort $25,000 from the family of kid- naped Peter Levine was Secondo Frank Contl, shown above perature 62 to 64; Wednesday after srrest in Salt Lake City, partly cloudy to cloudy and cooler. The rnaxlmum temperature here Utah. Federal agents said Conti, who pleaded not guilty, had admitted writing two lettm yesterday was 84, minimum 68, to clergymen telling them to ih- cleir, according lo Samuel P. Nor-j form the Lcvines that he would rls, .official weather observer. I -. return'their : PoliM Hare Oirn Fraternity BERKELY, Cal. (UP) — Now, even policemen are to have thtlr own Oreek Letter college fraternity. H will be known as T-«rrH>* Alpha Epsllon. it'is open for Uie present only to policemen who h»v» intended the Police School at tbe San Jose State'college,' but It U expected that It wllj be made' a »*•. tlonal fraternity «vehtu*Uy,

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