The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1966 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1966
Page 11
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OUR IOARDINO HOUSI — With M.|er H*opl« OUT OUR WAY ly J. R. Williams tat, tucH IA2W1S3, \fiisrreu, i WITH L»AVI(J» THAT THIWO J JT PER A W6»K, ONCE, 0IFDM . 1MI* ISTMi WeiKO-)THI* IWS DIM WAS HAIISD PISTUK& IT WOW.' WITH ME IT ^ AlfJ'T H01V SOU PLAY THE fiAMH, IT'S WHETHER YOU / WIWORL05E"AW'I'M / TIR6P OP LOSIM 1 . AD: 1 TCHTfcRRIfcRMAMED / HEBAVASrNBONC)) •tOUPICKEO UP/ OWrJERtEAVWG TbWN t/srew, HOW OWE ITS AMtHS 7H£ MW WHO HAS TO OKAY. TOCAV1U. WOMAW THROUJ TUB oor cwoe IU AWHILE? frlZZY BlythevlUe (Ark.) Courier Newg - Tuesday, M«y M, 19M - Ptgt Eltv«i by Kate Osanh 1IH tf HU, l«f. TX. t^. U.I. flf. ••• I „'.', t "It mutt have been a tough day. Ht't written on thi* j. "Herbie, you could bi th* rtrong. silent typ«—only oni ' <T ° whom !t mav concirn: Nuts!' •• you yak too much!" Ttltvifion—Ttnight, Tomorrow—WREC Chonntl 3, WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Channel 13 WREC Quant? 3 TUM. May 34 fl:00 Amoa 'N' Anfly 6:30 Daktarl . 7:3(1 Red SKltoB, •::30 Petticoat juaet. »:00 Nat. Drl». Teit 10:00 T<n O'clock N.WI 10:10 Wutbtr 10:11 Ittt uam 11:95 Newj A: WMtlur 1J:W1 *t<n ftrt Wid. May M • :tft AOOV« oiouai . IM Qood mom ucm 7:50 CBS New* 8:15 Csot. Kankeroo B:00 I Love Lucy 9:30 Real McCoyi 10:00 Andv or Mavb^rry 10:30 Dick Van Drkt 11:00 Love ot Lit. 11 :J5 CBS Nr»« 11:30 Searcb f or Tom u :4i Guiding Ligo< 13:OU DecfmDer Brld* 13:30 At tne. world T i:uo tsmwcaa 1:30 Bouaeparty 9:00 To Till tta T. 9:21 N«wl 9:30 Eag« of NI«ai ' 3:M ffeerftt Stona 3:.W F«rl7 tlorlt 5:00 WREC-TV N-m 5:23 Weatrnr 5:30 Walter urouaitt B:0it Ammt it Aody 8:30 Lost In Sp»ce 7:30 BiVfrly HIllCllUw 8:00 Green Acrei 8:30 Dick van uvca 0:00 Danny Kaya tO:00 Ten O'CIC«K Mnn 10:10 Weatner !0:15 Lutn Mon« 11:55 News te wokkDar '3:00 fluri Off WMCT—cuannel f Tuei. May 34 6:00 tfewi VTrtoort 6:10 Trt Btat* Itupon 6:15 WeaTfier Report 8:20 Sports Report 6:25 Cam*?* i «ept, 6:30 My Moio., tb. Car 7:00 PI. DSn't lat. D. 7:30 Klldare COO Tua. ^»> Motla 10:00 Th« Rtporttr 10:15 Norm »raw«r 10:30 Today In SMrU 10:25 Weather 10:3u Tomgnt Show 12:05 TV Chantl 12:00 News Wed. May 35 7:00 Today 7:25 Today In Mld-8. 7:30 Today 8:25 Today With Pt( 8:30 Todar »:DO Eye Ouesa 9:25 NBC Newt Rpt. 9:30 concentration 10:00 Moraine Star 10:30 Paradfse fia.y 11:00 Jeopardy 11:30 Let's Play P.O. 11:55 Ml«ri»- •••-•. 12:00 Looney zoo 12:30 LefsuakeADtaJ 12:55 NBO Newi 1:00 Days 6f our t4y*fl 1:30 Docura 3:00 Anotntr World 9:30 YOU Don't say 3:00 Itouta M 4:00 Mike Douilas 5:30 Huntlev.Br:nkley «:00 News Keport 6:10 Tn-Btate Report 6:15 Weathn Report 6:20 Sports Report 6:25 Cnmera RbDort 6:30 The Virginian 8:00 Bob Hope T. 9:00 I 8pr 10:00 Ten o'clock Newt 10:15 Norm BreWer 10:20 Today in Iporu 1U:-J5 WeatBM 10:311 TonntUt BMW 12:00 Newa 12J05 TV Obtptl WHBQ— Channel lJ Tuei. Kay M 6:30 7:30 HCHale's Maty t:00 r Troop 1:30 Peyton Plae* 0:00 The FulltlTa 10:00 MldKrau «•». 10:19 Movlne Wtatur 10 :JO Law Show Wed. May 2* 7:00 uartooD 'nma 8:30 Jack LaLanna . coo Town * tountry 9:30 When Action It 10:00 Supennkt. Sweep 10:30 Datlnt Garna 11:00 Domt Rieo 11:30 Father Knows B. 12:00 Ben Casey 1:00 Cbnf. lor Wm»e» 1:30 A Tlma For ua 1:55 News 3:00 General Boapiwl 9:30 Til« Kuram 3:0o Punhouse 4:30 Aflventura Tlau 1:00 »•'< 3:10 Weatnar 5:15 New! 5:3u MaTencl 6:30 uatma'n 7:00 Patty Dukt 7:30 Blue Litnt 8:00 Tfie mi vainy 9:00 Long Hot Sum. 10:00 Uld-A>uth news 10:20 Lat< show 10:15 MOTlng Weather Remember Pay Your Paper Boy GODSEY'S TIRE SHOP & GARAGE General Auto Repairs W«ldin« • Tractor Tir» Flats • Vulcanizing Tube Repair • Valve Stem LAWNMOWER REPAIR FREE PICKUP It DELIVER! 1000 N. 6th PO 3-9734 Rear Strickland'! Grocer; FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY MATERIAL $2.00 yd. REPLACEMENT RUBBER FLOOR MATS $5.00 Front BOAT SEATS AND CUSHIONS 1/2 PRICE Complete Auto Uphofoter? Gilbert's 600 E. Main Ph. 3-6742 EU BANKS Flooring Co. 815 N. 6th PO 3-6092 • Lees Carpet • Armstrong Linoleum • Kentile Tile • Formica Cabinet Tops • Ozite Outdoor Carpet • Viking Kitchen Carpet • Stylon Ceramic Tile Open T/iors. Evtnings Til 8 P.M. DON'T BE LEFT OUT .... BE READY FOR JOB OPPORTUNITY THIS FALL! ENROLL NOW!!!! New Night Classes Begin June 7th Summer Day Sessions Begin July 1st All Class Rooms Air Conditioned BLYTHEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE "Approved By State Department of Education" Call PO 3-7496 or Write P.O. Box 503 Lawn Mowers 8 Small Engine Repairs AUTO TRUCK and TRACTOR PARTS CO. SERVICE SHOP PO 3-4511 316 North Broadway Your Authorized Briggs and Stratton Distributor for Mississippi County. ENGINES • PARTS • SERVICES THIS IS » 'Bwi Wwe 605 frw* CONOCO SERVICE urn » DITUIOM G.O.POETZ OIL CO. Brand C AIMMtfta GENERAL MACHINE WORK & WELDING • TOOL AND DIE WORK • HEAT TREATING • ENGINEERING And DESIGNING Manufacturing and Atochim Works BARKSDALE 325 South Broadway *S.M Scnibbabl* On* Ceal Covtrc Dri« In I Hour V Ntw«M FRESH Ctltn Oor MASTER PAINTR .Viwl Ut« h IDEAL TOR BASEMENT WALLS M wdl M <mr room 1m Ik* boo*. F«r irimr m DEPEND'ffi,; . 2 G ,i$5.00 Fondrcn & Sons Hdw. And Gifts 311 Wi Main "Fret Parking In Rear" Ph. PO 3-4520 HUH. NO MATTER HOW HARD OR PEEP I ^.SOTHATSTHESHORT, SHORT STORy OF SIUARf CAVWORfe LIFE. UPTO NOW I'VE BffiM tUCK PRONE SHE WANTS TO 9UY A six-cfLiNoee CAR 6ur HE WArJTS TO <SET THEV COMPBOMHe WHADDA VAW/ANT HOW COMB YOU SHOWlW SUBURBAN REAL H5TATE TO A ATTHISHOURi HB'5 AN EA5TERU CAPITALIST WHO WOW'T OML THRU «Y BROKER, WAS HI POeSKTT WAMT HIS NAME CONNKIEP ; WITH THB PUKCHAS6 VET! HE STOPI>BP Off BETWEEN PLANES TO SEETH§ TRACT ASAIM. ANP CAUEP V6 TO AWBT HIM .THERE! 15 HE TH ECCENTRIC WHO SOT VO UP AT PAWN WHEN HE- PA55EP THR LAST WEEK HE IS! BUT I CAN FORGIVE A T WATCH LOT. FOR THE PRICE HE'S WINS!) OUT WPP WAIT HERE..HE PREFERS TO SEE / i<w Mmt MBALOMB TILUTHBPBALIS CLOSBPJ «Sg£?K^:?532 HOVABOUT TH'GRA,NP / I OBJECT/ MUST YOU aMHiM 10 DEATH? Political Candidates The Courier News has been authorized to announce the fol lowing tandidates for office in the forthcoming Democratic Primary election: Legislative Pott No. I BOXY NICHOLSON * • * * District Prosecuting Attorney RAL?H E. WILSON

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