Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on June 30, 1955 · Page 30
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 30

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1955
Page 30
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3Q RENO EVENING GAZETTE Jane 30, 1955 DENNIS THE MENACE By Honk Ketchom 1 jj a III a ngfflj- m Hn ii fksrv is on in Nevada's First Sales Tax in Effect Friday (Continued from page 17) wedding ceremonies recorded in Washoe county. v - o I - - i mi n it ti ! i8.oo-i9.oo, odd head commercial 300 uauagner said tie had told San- monds would be too strong for ine slze or ine gratuity lb417i!0; w, ford he would supply the stock thpir will nnwpr As a result thpv judges have been receiving is dis- HOGS: Salable none. Temporary em- . ... . ., p J , ,. ineir will power, as a result, tney , - ,, , hamo continued on ail California Ws. sales list to the SEC and the Call- wnnlri l twn rlnhs nnrf two puted but a figure of $10 for on Monday, lew choice lsu-zuo id iornia corporations control group diamonds emerging with a score eacn ceremoy nas een usea in s'Ssaiabie i.soo. supply in- tf f- V?AeT the com- of minus '10o instead of the game P- .' u " . eludes around 2500 head leeder lamhs iiussiuu x uie, ofcuiagner couia give rUDber. LIVESTOCK MARKETS " SAN FRANCISCO SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO. June 30. ( AP) rSMN) CATTLE: Salable 50. Early supply Includes steers and dairy type cowb. Market not established. On Wednesday,. utility and commercial cows 11.50-14.00, canners and cutters .50-11.00. Utility and commercial bulls 15.00-15.50. Medium 900-1000 lb feeder steers 15.00-17.50. CALVES: Salable S5. Supply mainly Giant Stardust Hotel Granted Gaming License (Continued from page 17) JACOBY ON BRIDGE No Finesses Limit Losses By OSWALD JACOBY ' Written for NBA Service ' Most bridge players would muff today's hand. The temptation to slaughter calves. Opening moderately Cornero's salesmanship in the dis- try for an extra trick by taking finesses in both clubs and dia WEATHER Information as furnished by U. 8. Weather Bureau at Reno Municipal Airport. Temperatures high and low for 24 hours ending at 4:30 am. Date: June 30, 1955. H LI H L Nevada Stations I South Central RENO ... 73 40Penver . . . Austin ... 67 39' Fort Worth . Beatty ... 87 55' Galveston . . Mountain 68 32 Kansas city active, aDOUt steaay. uoupie lots gooa nocjnp 0f qtarrinsr :tnrlr and choice 240-250 lb slaughter calves Pilns Starcmst StOCK 66 361 Memphis 65 32-Oklahoma C. 72 471 St. Louis . . 95 61! San Antonio 75 35! North East 72 381 Albany, N. Y. 88 61 for special feeder auction. One load choice shorn Spring slaughter lambs with No. 2 pelts sold about steady at 19.75, other classes not estamisnea. this information to these authori ties. The correct line of play is to take no finesses at all. You win For the rich harvest, the judges are substituting a guaranteed an nual salary- of $15,000, provided Sanford told the commission the first trick dujnmy the by the new aw. that Stralla paid $6500 for his tion issued 650,000 shares of pre ferred, par value $10. LOS ANGELES LOS "ANGELAS. June 30. (AP) (FSMN) cattle salable 325; supply no preferred stock. mostly cows witn lew loaus blccib, choice steers and commercial cows very scarce; trade slow, about steady; load eood 960-lb fed steers 22.00; some held higher; utility and low commercial cows 12.00-15.00; some held higher; can ners and cutters 9.00-11.50: odd heavy utility bulls 15.00-18.00; cutters 14.00 compared week ago steers steady to 25 cents lower; heifers steady: cows steaay Banks will close on Saturdays Stardust shares, but that he owns f tnrmns 'a thpn lpad a w from now on, unless a legal holi-nnnroforrefn tv, 1 0L "Umps ana men ieaa a low -c-xa nn mnnrlc n eithoT- the. firct qap. ine stale win aiiu join uie leu- B Elko . . . Ely ... . Fallon ' . . Las Vegas Lovelock . Susanvllle Tonopah . . 73 431 Boston ... 91 70 Wlnnemucca 68 34' Buffalo . . . 85 64 North Csntral 1 Cincinnati . 86 66 Chicago ... 89 72. Cleveland . -.86 70 Detroit ... 85 70! Columbus, o. 88 66 Duluth ... 87 66' Louisville . . 90 70 Min-St. Paul 86 711 New York . , 90 Omaha ... 90 74! Philadelphia 89 67 S. Ste Marie 69 .. I Pittsburgh . 84 62 North West l Portland, M. 91 67 Bismarck . . 92 61 1 Washington 88 69 63 53 south East 86 641 Atlanta . . 84 63 56 39 'Birmingham 88 66 62 55! Charleston . 82 70 65 50! Jacksonville . 87 71 63 43! Miami ... 85 79 Boise . . . Fargo . . . Helena . . Portland, O. Seattle . . . Spokane . . South west This money was used to build LnH r, f tw ciit nTW eral aid to dependent children and equip the 6 million dollar switches to a club through dum. progranthelast in the union to hotel which is scheduled to open W- You must play low from the Aug. 1. The attorney said that fy at this stage, not as a: ZUlo "cents lowtrt bufi, to the preferred stockholders will be finesse but Just tolimit the loss stronger; stackers and feeders steady paid dividends before the common calves salable 50: only odd heads stock is paid, and that Stralla has available; market untested, compared assigned two-thirds of his profit vThere isn't going to be any cake and ice cream, Dennis. I The party Mr. Nelson is talking about is me!" i Stock Quotations DOW, JONES AVERAGES 30 Industrials , 451.38'up 1.68 20 iRMls 160.95 vrp .15 15 Utilities . 64.34 up .21 KEW YORK, June 30. CSV-The stqck market closed higher to-da. The best performers were the steels and aluminums. "trading was active while prices weVe climbing, but by mid-afternoon the pace had slowed, with many shares moderately below their best levels. Volume approximated 2,300,000 shares, com pared with 2,180,000 shares yes- teraay. The steels acted as if investors were confident the current wage atco Mfg ". 63i talks would end in a peaceful set- f, ' f$ tlement. U. S. Steel, Bethlehem Btn Itee'i !!! !!!!!!i40'', and Republic were active and Boeing Airp 60i h;v, Borden 63 igner. Rnr Wam . . . 4W. Wide gains were scored by the Briggs Mfg 2i3 aluminums. Also up were the 1 u, , . .. j ... vai racji to'i llUJivia, C-ii v-A CLi. co, uiio oiiu " lljan XSC ....... J48 Itfps. Mixed ptouds included the Case 17 ri, ot,H o,Vw-ol. Mater itsc .-..o; Visions. New York (Quotations furnished by the First California Co.) NEW YORK, June 29. Stocks: Open Air Reduct 36 Alaska Jun 3 Alleg L Stl . 561, Allied Chem ....11JS Allied Strs H8 AUis Chal 7338 Am Airlines 27' American Can 442 Am Car St F 65 Am Loco ,.. 21V Am Motors 9T Am Had St S 26 Am Smelt 51i8 Amer Tel & Tel 1823,ii Am Tobacco 68 V week ago strong to 25 cents or more higher. HOGS salable 25; odd sales steady on common snares to the pre ferred stockholders. "The arrange- Am viscose 9' Anacon Cop 70 Cj Armour & Co 14 Atchison 146 Ches & Ohio 53 'z ChMSp&Pac 26 Chi St NW 201, Chrysler 81 Colg Palm 56 ' Col Brd A 273 Col Gas 16Vi Coml Cred 55 Com! Solv 222 Comw Edis 423V Cons Copper Mns 17,2 SAN FRANCISCO, June 30. UP) contfinVr nit Stockholders of Western Pacific cont can 81V2 Railroad Co. have cleared the way n' " 2?,, for the company to go into the crown cork i6 Piggy back" operation of haul- crown zeii 8i ing loaded trucks and trailers on re & Co .:.'.'..".'.'::.'.':.'.' 37 Western Pacific To Haul Trucks fLaicars. The action was taken by Doug Air -.. 69 amending the company s articles 15; L. .. Eastm Kod 801 vi juiiuyiHaiiuu. El Auto Lite 415,i The railroad .expects to start Eiec Bond & Shr 301,, the bay area and the northwest Gen Eiec 52V, shout Spnt. 1. in rooneration with Gen Foods 82 ui i -nt 4.1 oea muis uicviieuL iw uiein. Gen Motors 107 , annual meeting aiso re- Goodrich 687 elected all directors. ""year : ,r:j tt o iin.: ureynouna ia-4 ficsiuem j. o. vvuiiiiiaii mm Homestake 39 stackholders tnat earnines in the inti Biz Mach 418 f,rr Vmlf h,ic iof ,,.,,lrl v. Int Har 38T Auob item, ui jfaL niuiu Jq Nick 714 arpuna ?i,boz,uuu or q.a a snare, mt Paper 109V2 This would compare with $1,757.- mtTei & Tel 27 rxnn ot i . 1. r- . Johns Man. J, 85 mm in- .71 1 vw n . rp in m rL , v ... -rr ----- juaes on ia nail OI iyo4. Kennecott 118 Fnr tVi full vmt ho Mtimntivl Kern Co Land 53s, earnings at about $7.84 a share against the $7 a share of 1954. Close 36 3 56' 119 61' 73Vs 27Tg 44 66 2 21 9 25 514 182 ' 68 V2 a'Va 70 14 148 . e',2 49 51 141 Va 61 64 43 22 32 38 34 17 55 24 .8 26 20 80 55 27 16 53 22 42 17 49 76 81 88 43 104 84 : 19 37 69 00 ',2 choice 198-210 lb butchers 21.50; few ment holds, however, onlv to tre- 1 1 m n norh iw in nn nn ru, aim a i ' " I heeler and sowrunsoTdrcomP7red ferred stock in original ownership. week ago butchers steady to 25 cents EXPL.A1JN 5 KEASUJN hieher: sows around 50 cents lower. SHEEP salable none; market untest ed; compared week ago slaughter class es strong. STOCKTON STOCKTON (FSMN) CATTLE: 25. Receipts insufficient to test market. No sales on slaughter classes. Medium stock cows with calves at side 117.50 per pair. CALVES: None. HOGS: 25. No early sales. SHEEP: None. Tunisia Rule 7 Pact Approved Cornero made this arrangement, isaniord said, so that no one would think he is trying to hog all the profit." I Sanford said the casino is ex pected to gross $30,000 a day, and net $3000. That would give the Stardust an annual gross nearly twice as large as any operating strip casino. For their $6,000,000 yearly rent, the licensee group will rent space and equipment from the hotel corporation. The hotel cor poration will pay for floor shows, advertising and promotion. In other resorts, casino operators bear these costs. Sanford said that the hotel NORTH 0 A8653 VA72 10 8 3 AJ4 WEST , EAST 4 7 A 10 4 2 VKQ10964 853 AQ62 75 86 KQ732 SOUTH (D) 4AKQJ9 KJ94 10 9 5 Both sides vul. South West North Cast I A 2t 2 A Pass 4 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead V K PARIS, June 30. CP) Agree ments to give Tunisia greater self-rule were approved today by corporation will spend approxi; the national assembly s ioreign mately $3,000,000 annually for en. affairs committee. The vote was tertainment and promotion to at do so. The Nevada program has been approved by federal offi rials and the money will be avail able! The legislature appropriated $200,000 for the state's share of the program for the next two years, State officials, including the governor get a pay raise today, with the chief executive s pay zooming from $9100 to $15,000. Most appointive officials will receive S7iJUU a year, instead or $6000, and elective officers will go up to $8000. Two exceptions are the attorney general, who will receive $8400, and the su perintendent of public instruction. His new pay is $9000. Staff of the state highway par trol will be increased to a maxi mum of 47 with the addition of eight field agents to enforce licensing and tax laws. A commission to insure fair practices in the dairy industry also swings into action, and for the first time in the state's his tory, the use of economic poisons, 93 58 95 76 88 76 90 76 90 72 90 . 90 73 94 76 I New Orleans 91 73 Albuquerque 93 62 Raleigh . . 88 63 AmarUlO . . 89 67! Richmond . . 89 64 El Paso . . 95 771 Tampa ... 88 69 im Ancplpn 71 631 Canada Phoenix . . 98 69i Edmonton . 68 oi S. Lake City 66 421 Montreal . . 87 70 San Diego . 67 61 Winnipeg . . 87 71 s. Francisco 62 51IQuebec ... 87 67 PRECIPITATION DATA Reno and Vicinity, last 24 hours none; season to aate, d.uj; to oshj imi. year, 5.45: normal. 6.96 (end of current weather season). Other Stations: (last 24 hours) wi rn-o. .03: Detroit. ,uz: BismatcK. im Boise, .21; Fargo, .23; Helena, .16; Se attle, .06: Galveston, sz; Mempms, Jacksonville, .04; New Orleans, .98. FORECASTS Reno and Vicinity: Mostly fair to- nieht and Friday, except some after- noon cloudiness. Little temperature change. Fresh westerly breezes in ai ternoon. Nevada: Partly cloudy in north por tion tonleht and Friday, fair in south nortion.' Little temperature change. Sierra Nevada: Mostly fair tonight and Friday, occasional cloudiness in northern ranges. Little temperature change. Sunset Thursday 8:31 p. m.: sunrise Friday 5:36 a. m.; sunset Friday- 8:31 p. m. 20-5, with' 13 abstentions. Under pressure from Premier Edgar Faure, the full assembly is expected to ratify the agree ments next week. Tunisia is one of -France's tract -customers to the Stardust, Driver Injured In Auto Crash the suit. East can win with the queen of clubs but must then switch to a different suit if Jbast returns a heart (the normal defense, and as good as those that kill weeds, bugs and aiiyuung eise;, you ruit and con- piant diseases, will be controlled ' uie uiamonos. west an(j supervised. iais.e& me ace or aiamonds and TViorc iiVoncpc will met $9 which is approximately three ieas another club, but you must from now on. double the old times the size of competing ca- sw "gnt up wnn tne ace ot clubs, price.. sinos. you get to your hand by ruff- After covering such a wide In the licensee eroun are Mil- mS a neart and lead whatever fipld tho lawmakers still had ton B. (Farmer) Page, Las Vegas diamonds are left, discarding the enough vim left to turn their at- gambler: Jack DeLuca. Santa tlUD irom tne aummy. tention to the readine habits of IN or i n Airican protectorates Monioa: R. W. Silvpr. Los An- you can see, this line of Dlav th tPPn-atrprs. where .Nationalists aemanas ior plps. Spvmnnr Zimmpman Chi- gives you time to discard one Aft wiav mprphanta mav fc independence have flared into cago; j w Marks, Chicago; Wil- cIub from the dummy regardless prosecuted if they display, or open rebellion in recent months. iiam -p.. Pelnso. Oakland: C J. Ro- f the location of the missing hieh cpII nr riVP wav tn tppn-afrprs IVlorocco is anuinei. uyiismgs tnnHn San Rprnarrlinn nnrl .Tamps caras in OiamonOS and Clubs. You Hor. i nn,i WVC Healincr also have developed in Algeria R Bradley, Los Angeles. will surely lose two diamonds, but with crime, gore, lust and many tcuuwaiijr a pai,, i vilt iiv... Page and DeLuca were associ- wm lose oniy one club trick, forms of violence. nomeiana. - utod UI,V,Vt TT1U1 J TI11V.11 ll J. . The owner of a dry-cleaning establishment was injured at 8 a. m. Thursday when the car she was driving struck another at Tonopah and Pueblo streets. Mrs. Rae C. Gurvitch, 120 E. Second St., was taken to Washoe Medical Center and admitted with leg and head injuries. Officers said she struck a car driven by James J. Fike, 40, 245 Pueblo St. Mrs. Gurvitch, 52, was cited for violating Tike's "right of way. sion last night denounced govern ment policies in Algeria and called for immediate changes to avoid "another Indochina." A report issued by five deputies San Francisco Mining Bid Awne .25 American Copper .20 Aacx Uranium '. 40 Bpt Belcher 15 Bljick Bear 21 Blpck Mammoth .35 Blie Ridge 15 Blue Ridge A 15 California Engels 16 Cqm Keystone .10 .uv .13 .10 .25 .08'. 20 1.25 .10 .50 .13 .15 .10 Comi vock Tunnel Coll Chollar Cfo Virginia Dcfuble O EuVeka Co ., Gdbcondn , Gcfldfield Con .... GcJWfleld Dev .... Gold Metals GiJld Zone ....... JaSk Walte Manhattan Con . Manhattan Gold' .10 Mt. Union 10 Operator Con .17 Nellson 05 Pacific Uranium .50 Pony Meadows .05 Ked Hill Flor .36 Rose Gold 15 Found Mountain 07 Bllter Divide jOlVz Elskon Corp .14 Smuggler .05 Tonopah Divide .07 Topopah Gypsy Queen . . .07 Tonopah North Star .... .32 Tral Inc X7 Verdi Jl Vivian 10 White Caps .07 ',S Asked JO J2S .43 .30 .22 .70 .20 20 .25 .13 .12 .25 .11 .40 .10 .28 2.00 Jl .54 .18 .25 .15 Jl .11 .23 .06 .53 .06 .40 JO .10 .08 .16 .06 .09 .35 .07 'a J3 .12 .10 Eggs, Butter, Cheese SAN FRANCISCO. EGOS: PcJ&ltry Producers: large AA 49-50. large A 45-46, medium A 39-40, small A 33-34. Western Dairy Products: large A 45-46 xnetuum A 39-40. small A 33-34. P.M.A large A 41 V2W3. medium mall A 30i-31Va. BUTTER: 93 scores 59. 92 score 59Va. iu wcore 56. CHEESE : loaf 39-43. singles 36 4-39. L O F Glass 81 lib McN Si It 20 Lock Aire 45 Loews 23 Lorlllard P 213'4 Macy (R H) 32Ts Martin (G L) 28i Minn Mng & Mfg llUi Mont Ward 8IV4 Nat Blsc 41 V Nat Cash Reg 403. Nat Distill 21 ,2 Nat Gypsum 49 2 Nat Lead 782 Nat Sup 42 N Y Central i 424 No Am Avla 565a Nor Pac (XD) 81 s Ohio Oil 36,i Pac Gas & Elec 487 Pac Light 397 Parke Dav 43 Pennev 95 Pa R R 23 Pepsi Cola 22 Phelps Dod 55 Phillips Pet 74g Proct & Gam 971,-, Pullman 63 Vi Pure Oil ..- 41 Vs Radio Cp 508 Rayonier 97 Repub Stl 4558 Revere Copper 77 RexaU Drug 9'4 Rey Tob B 433,, Rheem Mfg 38 'i Richfield O 68' Safeway St 44'i Schenley Ind 23'8 sears Roeo 931, Shell Oil 633 Sinclair uu 57k Socony Vac 59 ',4 So Cal Edis (XD) 50 Soutlv Pac 60' Sperry rb-. Std Brands 39Tt sta 011 cai 86 sta 011 ma 51 Std OH N J 1263, Sterling Drug 50 Studebaker-Packard 10, Sunray Oil 25', Sylvania Elec 48 Texas Co Textron Tide Wa As .. Trans W Air .. A 37-37 ',2. Tmanfn C IVit Un Carbide ... Un Oil Cal .... Un Pac Unit Air Lines ..100 .. 18i .. 33, .. 31, .. 44V4 .. 30", ..lOO'i .. 543,i ..170 ova . . CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO. June 30. (API Close WHEAT: July. Sept.. 2.01. Dec., 2.041,4-,,a; Mar, 2.03V'2 ?i; May. 1.98 'i. CORN: July, 1.423g-2: Sept., 1.40',- V2; Dec., i.333,4-34: Mar., 1.37V4. Sept., 64; Dec, OATS: Julv. 645' 7ti: Mar., 68. YE: July, l.Ol'i-Va: Sept. Dec, l.OSli-'i: Mar l.ll'2. Unit Aire 70 U S Rubber 48 V, U S Steel 51T, Warner Bros 20s, West Un Tel 25s,4 West Air Br 28!, West Elec 67 Woolworth 48 jYoungst Sh & T 82', Zenith 117 80". 41 30 U 42 53V O i ', 2 76',4 108 Vi 68 61 15 39 418 38y, 71 Vs 10934 27 86 .41 V 117 53V2 461 80 Vs 20i 46 V 22T 21. 33 28 Y 111 80i 413; 40', 22', 495 78' 42 , 43' 57' 80' 36 48 40 43 94 28T 223 55 75 HI -,4 63 40 51 Vi IOOV4 464 77, 8',4 433, 38 69 43 Vi 23 83 63i 57 Vi 5934 49 613; 39T, 83 51 127 50 1U'4 25 48 100'i 183, 33 31 1 30 100 55 169'.; 45 70 V 48 4 53 20s.i 25 Vs 29' 673 48 83 117'; A French parliamentary mis-Lted the famous garnbling mes off the southern California coast. Page operated gambling for Cor nero for 96 days, while DeLuca held the restaurant and bar con cessions for the entire period of "I V; T" r, ":irrV" operation, covering several years, efforts to better the lot of the Moslem population. KNEV-FM 95-5 MCS THURSDAY, JUNE 30 4:00 Teen Time Tunes 6:00 Weather Report 6:01 Waltz Melodies; Johann and Josef Strauss Music. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra 6:30 Twilight Time; David Rose Orch. 7:00 Dinner Music; Music 01 Haroia Arlen 7:30 Concert Cameo; Rossini Overtures 8:00 Musical Comedy: New Moon 8:30 Concert Miniatures; Early Italian Music 9:00 Music's Finest Hour, Tchaikovsky, None But the Lonely Heart and The FamUy All Together, Boston Pops Orchestra 10:00 World of Music; Mozart. Symphony No. 35 "Haffner." Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 10:45 Voice of Bennett 11:00 Sign Off FRIDAY, JULY 1 9:00 Sign On 9:01 Let's Go to Town, National Guard 9:15 Hymns; Great Sacred Choruses, The Robert Shaw Chorale 9:30 Social Calendar 9:31 Piano Moods; Black and White - Magic No. 2 10:00 Public Service Aannouncements 10:01 Musical Favorites; Music of Jerome Kern 10:30 Meet Your Star; Stanley Black 11:00 Entertainment Calendar-11:05 Morning Melodies; Serenade from Rome 11 :30 FM Favorites; Music of George Gersnwln ! 12:00 Weather Report 12:01 Tunes at Noon; Calypso, Ros Orchestra 12:30 Luncheon Concert; Robert Far- non Orchestra 1:00 Afternoon Varieties 4:00 Teen Time Tunes 6:00-Weather Report 6:01 Waltz Melodies; Waltz Time, Mantovant 6:30 Twilight Time; Music for Romance 7:00 Dinner Music; Music of Rudolf Frlml 7:30 Concert Cameo; Trumpet Con. cert by Louis Menardl. The Trumpet, Vol. 2 8:00 Musical Comedy: Ankles Awelgh 8:15 Entertainment Calendar 8:30 Concert Miniatures; Homage to Fritz Krelsler, Alfredo CampoU 9:00 Music's Finest Hour: Gounod: Faust-Hlghllghtg ' "Kapell In Memoriam" Kapell plays Liszt's 11th Hungarian Rhapsody 10:00 Weather Report 10:01 World of Music Rosenberg Symphony No. 3, Tor Mann conducting Stockholm Symphony 10:45 Voice of Bennett 11:00 Sign Off Vital Statistics DEATHS EELNAP In Reno. June 29, 1955. Dr. H. Earl Belnap of Sparks; husband of Mrs. Emma Lou Belnap of Sparks; father of Bruce Earl Belnap of Schenectady, N. Y.; uncle of Doris Belike or Sparks; brother of Aries G. Bel nap, Volney B. Belnap, Byron K. Bel- napt and Delia Belnap, all of Ogden, Utah, Mrs. Emmett Carwln and Mrs Conrad Jenson both of Ogden, Mrs, Glen Furniss of Idaho Falls, Idaho, Miss Flora Belnap and Mrs. Walter Kerr both of Salt Lake City, Utah. Funeral services will be held in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints In Sparks, Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock. The body will be ac- companled to Ogden, Utah, for bur-lal in the family plot In City ceme tery. Local arrangements by the O'Brien-Rogers Co. SMITH Friends are Invited to at tend funeral services for William Lou Smith, Friday afternoon at two o'clock at the home chapel of Ross-Burke Co., with the Rev. Vernon Kot-ter, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd as clergyman. Burial will be in Mountain View cemetery. Veteran of service in , the U. S. Navy. A member of the Naval Reserve. The family appreciates the beauty and sentiment of flowers, but requests that persons share thoughts of them by sending contributions to the American Heart Fund. (Boise, Idaho papers please copy). Talks on Cyprus LONDON, June 30. CSV-Britain has invited Greece and Turkey to a London conference to settle the dispute over Cyprus, a British Mediterranean stronghold. Prime minister Eden made the an nouncement today in the house of commons. KSUE (SUSANVILLE 1340 ETC) THURSDAY, JUNE 30 4:00 1240 Club 5:00 Kiddie Korner -5:30 Classified Column 5:45 Bandstand 6 :0O Speaking of Sports -6:15 Supper Serenade .-6:30 Newscast 6:45 Eddie Fisher 7:00 Stand By Music 7:30 Joe Elliott 7:45 Look to the Skies 8:00 Light Concert 8:30 Roy Rogers 9:00 Mood Music . . 9:30 News 10:00 Sign Off FRIDAY, JULY 1 7:00 Rise and Shine 7:30 News 7:45 Sports Page ' 8:00 Rise and Shine 8:30 News 9:00 Dally Cheer 9:30 Newscast 9:35 Civic Calendar 9:40 According to Record 9:45 Woman's World 10:00 Song Shop 10:15 Featured Band 10:30 Newscast 10:35 Music 11:00 K-SUE Music Box 11:25 Your Birthday 11:30 News 11:35 Music Box 12:30 Newscast 12:45 Farm Front 1:00 Lassen Roundup 2:00 Juke Box Review 2:30 Local News 3:00 Melody Matinee 3:30 Newscast 4:00 Club 1240 5 :00 Kiddie Korner 5:30 Classified Column 5:45 Bandstand 6:00 Speaking of Sports 6:15 Supper Serenade 6:30 Newscast 6:45 Theater of Hits 7:00 Music by Mantovanl 7:30 Eyes Wright 7:45 Join the Navy 8:00 Light Concert 9 :0O Mood Music 9:45 Newscast 10:00 Sign Off . To Meet Again GAZA, Egyptian-held Palestine, June 30. UP) Egyptian and Israeli negotiators seeking to ease tension along the Gaza strip frontier say they will meet again next WeTf despite their failure to agree on an agenda. The agenda impasse was reach ed at a six-hour session held yes terday in a tin shack on the de marcation line. It was the sec cond such meeting in as many days aimed at halting violence in the Gaza area. APPROVE COALITION JERUSALEM, Israeli Sector, June 30. UP) The Israeli parlia ment early today approved Pre mier Moshe Sharett's new three- party coalition cabinet. It will serve until the general election scheduled for July 26. Nr Ever add a dash of curry pow der to egg salad for sandwiches ? Good! I k M & I -J7 1 m 1 Tt 1 f sta - tt KZTtn Civil Service Board Studies Albert Appeal William J. Albert, recently fired city employe has filed an appeal with the city civil service commission. The commission is to con sider the appeal this afternoon. Albert, who was head of the city sanitation department, asked the civil service board to take notice that he appeals the "order and decision" of Mayor Len Harris in discharging him. . . , In the appeal notice Albert . stated the mayor's order was dated June 21, and served June 22. . Harris first asked for Albert's resignation, then issued the dismissal notice when Albert refused to resign, contending that he was under- civil service regula tions. Harris claims Albert was a de partment head .and thus was not under civil service. Albert claims he was simply a supervisor of a department under the city man ager. The new city pay raise ordinance passed by the former city council, lists Albert as a super-. visor and as a civil service em ploye. ceiore tne civu service commis sion can consider Albert's appeal. it must establish whether or not Albert "comes under its jurisdic tion. George I. James, chairman of the commission, said Albert's appeal notice will be officially received at the meeting this afternoon, and that the city attorney will probably be asked then for a ruling as to Albert's civil service status. , James said Mayor Harris and City Attorney Samuel B. Franco-vich have asked to meet with members of the commission for a conference prior to the civil service meeting. - ' If Albert is found a civil service employe of the city he will be entitled to a hearing before the commission to establish whether or not his employment was properly terminated. Otherwise, the civil service commission has no jurisdiction. " PARKING ARREST Samuel S. McCabe, 59 Wells Ave., was arrested by police recently and charged with failing to pay his overtime parking tickets. McCabe, a signpainter, paid $35 bail on a warrant issued by former Judge Guy M. Walts. WARDEN SPEAKER Warden A. E. Bernard of the Nevada State Penitentiary flew to Visalia, Calif., Wednesday to appear as guest speaker at a Kiwanis club ladies night. He spoke on "Penal Problems and their Cost to the Taxpayer." He was accompanied by Frank' List, who was the program chairman. They returned Friday. GAZETTE RADIO LOG (Radio loss are compiled from Information provided by four of the Ren radio stations, which are responsible for keeping 'them up. to date. The logs or for .network changes made too late for entry in the log. For Infor-niation concerning the programs do NOT call the Reno Evening Gazette Please call the radio station involved: KATO 2-4501; KOH J 5106; KOLO 2-4516; KWRN 3-6156; KONE 3-4493. KONE 1450 kc. High-fidelity music from 6 a. m. until 12 midnight with news on the even hours. Thursday Programs KWRN ABC 1230 KATO MBS 1340 KOH NBC 630 KOLO CBS 920 5:00 Cocktail Tlmel Music 5:15 Bill Stern j Music 5:30 Wm. Winter Music 5:45 Bob Garred Sports I Dream Awhile Local; Weather Diamond Dust Dream AwhUe Ed. R. Marrow I Music for You (Sports Final iGoss; Local 6:09 Music Mast. Gabriel Heatter 6:15 Music Mast. Music 6:30 Dinner Waltz Pinkley; News I Shell News I Knox Manning I The Loser; Henry t Clooney lLoweU Thomas I Amos 'n Andy 7:00 AFL News lOfficial Detect! ve 7:15 How to Fix It lOfficial Detective 7:30 Strange Saga Rod & Gun Club Fibber McGee City Hospital (Heart of News I Hospital; News I News; Barrie Craig! Disc Derby 8:00 Fam. Music 8:15 Fam. Music 8:30 Blue Grotto I Cry Danger I Cry Danger I True or False INews of World I One Man's Family I Roy Rogers INews; T. Ernie Tennessee Ernie T. Ernie; Crosby 9:00 Music Box 9:15 Music Box 9:30 Blue Grotto INews Dr. Six Gun IFulton Lewis Dr. Six Gun I Univ. Expl.; Mnsicjjane Pickens Toast o' the Tune Toast o the Tone Mnsic;Toastmas. LOG THURSDAY, JUNE 30 2:00 United Nations in Action 3:09 Afternoon News in Pictures 3:15 Love of Life 3:30 Kitchen Fun 4:00 Health and Happiness Club 4:05 Tea 4:15 Mr. O'Flin'i 50 Million Wheels QUICKIES by Ken Reynolds ARRESTED HERE Charges of violating parole from a bad checks sentence caused the arrest of Henry H. Nevers, 29, of Oroville, Calif. Nevers was arrested in Reno on request of Deputy Sheriff William Gabrielson of Oroville. 1-CHWil BANS STOCKS Bid Asked 42 54 31 86 V 64 , 833 Back of America 39sk Chsse Natl Bank Si's Irnlng Trust 293 Mspuf Trust 82 National City 61 Guaranty Trust 79? - 1 - METALS PRICES NEW YORK. June 30. (AP) Spot monferroaa metal prices today: COP- P9R 36 cents a pound. Connecticut VaWey. LEAD 15 cents a pound. New York. ZINC lz'i cents a pound. East St. Loots. TIN 95 cent a pound. New York. San Francisco Poultry SAN FRANCISCO. Live poul try, broilers, l3,i-2,5 lbs, 31-32: fryers. heavy type. 2v-41a Iba. 32-33; ro alters, heavy type, 4l-i lbs and over 35-36; fowl-(hens) light type, all wts. 19-20; fowl, heavy type, all wts, 27-28; old roosters all wts, 11-12; squabs, all wta, 75; dressed turkeys, al wts. young toms 46-48. INSURANCE STOCKS Bid Asked Contl Casualty 133 140 Great American Ins ...... 43i 45Ta New Amsterdam 58 603 Home Insurance ......... 49 S2a Wanted to Buy! CLEAfl COTTON RAGS o Reno Evening Gazette Nevada State Journal L I - rt 4:30 Disneyland 1 ftj 5:30 Tim McCoy A f 5:45 AP Newt Telepix I XJfry7 ZJ UZfiXl "" rH 8:00 You Bet Your Life I yfi(f xj Uli - 8:30 Cav'cade of America ferv I 7 (H fTSr.Mi'tV. 9:30 On Target JVJy I IKI UeW 'T mi 10:00 Johnny I I rL 1 T TKl. iVX 0 loi9 New, X I ( I I i fry CKJH 10:40 Weather Vane W I I I I i 7T IT l ' 10:45 Ba"bo11 Scoreboard f I M ' ff I I o I r2i"i 10:55 Nevada's Editors Chevrolet Co. J Wt! I Hi milllllllllMIfy I TWO LOCATIONS ' I 221 S. Virginia St. ! 630 ' , V lnSL 3A Phon. 3-175 JL -5ZZ T. ..,,., 4 $ fj 1 300 E. Fcurth St. mmmsmm '49 DODGE 2-Dr. $399 Rich glossy finish In dark green, original upholstery, radio heater, spotlite, sun visor, etc. Be sure to see this one before you buy. Stock No. 216A. 10:00 ABC Sports lCrowell Show 10:15 Sci. of Mind lCrowell Show 10:30 Romance Mu. lCrowell Show 10:45 Romance Mu. lCrowell Show Richfield Reporter Wash.; Dance Dance Time Dance Time lio o'clock Wire Music for You IGunsmoke s iGunsmoke 11:00 Romance Mu.Vawn Patrol 11:15 Romance Mu.lYawn Patrol 11:30 Romance Mu.lYawn Patrol Dance Time Dance Time Dance Time Music Til Midnite IMnsic Til Midnite I Music Til Midnite Friday Programs 7:00 Music. Clock iHeminrway ICactus Tom - ICBS News 7:15 Aexonsky (Breakfast Gang (Cactus Tom Music 7:30 KWRN Music I Te?kfast Gang I'.ocai; Snorts j Frank Goss 7:45 John McVane News Sports; News Harry Babbitt 8:00 B'fast Club Cliff Engle ICactus Tom INews; Reveille 8:15 B'fast Club (News ICactus Tom (Reno Reveille 8:30 B'fast Club Bible Hour News; Med.; Port. News; Reveille 9:0) News; Music IFaith Sc Prayer I Cactus Tom I Wendy Warren 9:15 Bob Garred News ICactus Tom Morn. Varieties 9:30 True Story Off the Record ICactus Tom Helen Trent 9:45 True Story Off the Record ICarroU Guild Our Gal Sunday 10:00 Whisp. Sts. News Carroll Guild Mark Time ' 10:15 Girl Marries Tello-Test KOH to School Mark Time 10:30 Companion Coffee Time. Strike It Rich viark Time 10:45 Close-ups Coffee Time Strike It Rich Mark Time 11:00 Homemakers Florida Calling Phrase That Pays 2nd Mrs. Barton 11:15 Homemakers Florida Calling Kelly Barton Merry Go Round 11:30 Homemakers Queen for a Day Mc Bride; Peale Nora Drake 11:45 Homemakers Queen for a Day Prelude to Noon Top Tune Time 12:00 Panl Harvey Baseball News; Local INews 12:15 Nevada News I Baseball I Right to Happiness! Midday Matinee . 12:30 Sam Hayes I Baseball jPep. Young's FamJHouse Party 12:45 KWRN Music! Baseball (Better Farming House Party 1:00 Baseball Baseball Backstage Wife Godfrey 1:15 Baseball Baseball Stella Dallas Godfrey 1:30 Baseball Baseball Widder Brown . Godfrey 1:45 Baseball Baseball Woman in Honse Godfrey 2:00 Baseball Music Just Plain Bill Godfrey 2:15 Baseball Music Lorenzo Jones I Godfrey 2:30 Baseball Cheerful Earful Lone Ranger News; Music 2:45 Baseball Cheerful Earful Ranger; Adventure Aunt Mary 3:00 Grable-James Johnny Olsen News; In Love iRnth Ashton 3:15 Grable-James I Swap Shop Woman In Love (Melodies 3:30 Hour of Stars'Behind the Story This Woman's See.lWestern Star Time 3:45 Hour of S tarsi Tello-Test Myron J. Bennett Ift estern Star Time 4:00 Hoar of StarslHemingway Dream Awhile Western Star Time 4:15 Hour of Stars! Fulton. Lewis Dream Awhile - western Star Time 4:30 Service Time iHere's the Answer Dream Awhile Songshop 4:45 Cocktail TimelNews Dream Awhile jsongshop 5:00 Cocktail TimeiSgt. Preston I Dream Awhile Ed. R. Murrow 5:15 Bill Stern Sgt. Preston Local; 'Weather ' I Music for Yon 5:30 Wm. Winter' lMusic Diamond Dust Sports Final 5:45 Bob Garred j Sports Dream Awhile I Frank Goss; Local S:00 Music Mast.' Gabriel Heatter Shell News iPerry Como C:15 Music Mast. IMusic Knox Manning Lowell Thomas 6:30 Dinner WaltzlVirgU Plnkley Rhapsody In Wax Amos 'n Andy 6:45 Dinner Waltzj Sam Hayes Rhapsody in Wax jAmos n Andy 1 :00 AFL News - - - (Counterspy 7:15 Fix It ICounterspy 7:30 Strange Saga IMusic (Ted Heath Ted Heath I Stars in Action iGoflrrey Digest (Godfrey Digest I Disc Derby 8:00 Fam. Music (City Editor Vews of World I Sports; T. Ernie 8:15 Fam. Music I City Editor (One Man's Family! Tennessee Ernie 8:30 Blue Grotto IMusic (Shore; Sinatra IT. Ernie; Crosby 9:00 Music Box 9:15 Music Box 9:30 Bine Grotto 9:45 Blue Grotto (News IFulton Lewis Orchestra Orchestra Nat. Rad. Fan Clubl Toast o the Tune Nat. Rad. Fan Club I Toast o' the Tank Nat. Rad. Fan Clubl News ; Report Fan Club; True 1 Stairway to Stars Stop at Riley's Market on vour wav home their Gaz-Jnl Want Ad says they's got more of those fish like , you caught the last time; V-" 10:00 ABC Sports lCrowell Show jRichfield Reporter 10 o'clock Wire 10:15 ScL of Mind Cro well Show 1 Wash.: Dance Ivfusie for Yon 110:30 Romance Mu. lCrowell Show Dance Time ( ;ity Hospital 11:00 Romance 11:15 Romance 11:30 Romance 11:45 Romance Yawn Patrol Yawn Patrol Yawn Patrol Yawn Patrol Dance Time Dance Time Dance Time Dance lima IMnsic Til MIdntU Music Til Midnite Music Til Midnite IMusic 111 Midnite

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