Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on June 29, 1955 · Page 22
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 22

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1955
Page 22
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22 RENO EVENING GAZETTE DENNIS THE MENACE,. P j( f 6-29 'I thought you said you didn't have any dog bones!' Stock Quotations DOW, JONES AVERAGES ' 30 Industrials 449.70.68 20 Rails 160.80 .11 15 Utilities 64.13.09 NEW YORK, June 29. UP) The stock market dipped and then recovered today, closing on an irregular note. Some of the recent buying favorites were among the first to return to the plus side as buying came into the market in mid-afternoon, bringing a slow decline to a halt. Du Pont, down a couple of points earlier in the day, bounced back to show a gain of around 3, Bethlehem Steel, New York Central and other issues improved. Losses were trimmed in the motors, rubbers, rails and oils. On balance, however, the market re mained lower for the day. The market began slipping at the start and quiet selling drove prices to around their lows of the dav in early afternoon. Then the recovery began. Volume was not impressive, totaling around 2,200,000 shares for the day. Yesterday, 2,180,000 shares changed hands in a lower market. , Power Firm Asks Snake Approval WASHINGTON, June 29. UP) Idaho Power Co. today urged the Federal Power Commission ' to license it to build dams in the Hells Canyon reach of the Snake river.. Two dams should be built immediately, the company said, to avert serious shortages of elec trie power in the Pacific north west.' The company appealed from an FPC examiner's recommendation that the concern be licensed to build only one dam in the river along the Idaho-Oregon border, where the federal Hells Canyon Dam has been proposed. Examiner William J. Costello recommended, following a year' long hearing on Idaho Power' applications, that only the Brownlee Dam be licensed. He said the company couldn't sell power from its other proposed projects. San Francisco Mining Bid Asked Acme .25 American Copper .20 Apex Uranium 42 Best Belcher 15 Black Bear 20 Black Mammoth .35 Blue Ridge 15 Blue Ridge A 15 California Engels 16 Com Keystone .09 'z Com! lock Tunnel 09 Con Chollar 13 Con Virginia 10 Double O 25 Eureka Co 07 Golconda .. ............. .20 Goldfleld Con 1.25 Goldfleld Dev 10 Gold Metals .45 , Gold Zone 13 Jack Walte 15 Manhattan Con 10 Manhattan Gold JO Mt. Union 10 Operator Con 17 Neilson .05 Pacific Uranium 47 Pony Meadows .05 Red Hill Flor 31 Rose Gold .15 . Round Mountain 07 Silver Divide 07 z Siskon Corp .15 Smuggler : .05 Tonopah Divide 07 Tonopah Gypsy Queen .. .07 Tonopah North Star 32 Trail Inc 07 Verdi 49 Vivian 10 White Caps .07 Vx .30 .28 .43 .30 .22 .70 .20 .20 .25 .12 .12 .25 .11 .40 .09 .28 2.00 .11 JO .18 .25 .11 .11 .11 .22 .06 .50 .07 .38 .20 .10 .08 .16 .06 .07 .09 .35 .07 .50 .12 . JO San Francisco Poultry SAN FRANCISCO. Live poul-try, broilers, l-2 lbs, 31-32; fryers, heavy type, 2-4 lbs. 32-33: roasters, heavy type, 4 lbs and over 35 36; fowl-(hens) light type, all wts. 19 20; fowl, heavy type, all wts., 27-28; old roosters all wts, 11-12; squabs, all wts, 75; dressed turkeys, al wts, young toms 40-48. Eggs, Butter, Cheese SAN FRANCISCO. EGGS: Poultry Producers: large A A 49-50. large A 45-46, medium A 39-40, small A 33-34. Western Dairy Products: large A 45-46, medium A 39-40. small A 33-34. P.M.A.: large A 41-42. medium A 37-37, small A 30-31. BUTTER: 93 scores 59, 92 score 59, 90 score 56. CHEESE: loaf 39-43, singles 36-39. CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO. June 29. (AP) Close: - WHEAT: July 1.99-98: Sept. 2.01 t; Dec. 2.03-5i. Mar. 2.02-; 1 07-3i. CORN: July 1.43; Sept. 1.41 - 41; Dec. 1.34-; Mar. 1.37. Xt-c. ti asU.S: Kent. K51i KJt ao. ,wj - C7T.. Mar S93.. RYE: July 1.01: Sept. 1.04; 1.08-08; Mar. 1.11 . 4. June 29, 1955 By Honk Ketcham New York (Quotations furnished by the First California Co.) NEW YORK, June 28. Stocks: Open Close 36 y, 3 56 119 6OV2 73 27 Air Reduct 35 Va Alaska Jun 3Ts Alleg L Stl 58 V Allied . Chem 117 Allied Strs 60i Alls Chal 7334 Am Airlines 27 American Can 44 V Am Car & F 66 Am Loco 21 445 661, 21 26i Am Rad St S 26 Am Smelt 52',i 52 Amer Tel & Tel 183 Am Tobacco 68 Am Viscose 58 Anacon Cop ... 70 Armour & Co 143,i ' Atchison 147',4 182?: 68', 57 69 14 147 6 49 52 Avco Mfg 63i Balt& Ohio 493 Bendix Av 52 Beth Steel 1422 140 60 64 43 21 32 38 34 17 55 23 53 26 20 81 56 27 16 55 22 48 17 Boeing Alrp 60T8 Borden . 645 Borg Warn 43 Va Briggs Mfg 213,i Burr Add M 33 Cal Pack 38i Can Pac 34T. Case (JI) n 1,4 Cater Trac 54 ',4 Celanese 24V4 unes & Ohio 54 V, Ch M Sp & Pac 261', Chi & NW 19, Chrysler , 81 Colg Palm 56Tk Col Brd A 273i Col Gas 16 Coml Cred 55 V Coml Solv 227 ComwEdls ' 42 12 cons copper Mns I7i Con Edls 49 49 88la 43 16 19 37 69 56 cont oil 89 s jrane uo 441 Crown Cork 17' curtiss Wr 197, Deere & Co 37 y. Doug Air 67 East Air L 57 Eastm Kod 80 El Auto Lite 41 80 41 30 42 60 53 82 75 107 69 61 15 39 421 38 71 110 27 aiec conn ac snr 30 FUntkote 42 Gen Dynamics 59' Gen Elec 53 Gen Foods 82 Gen Mills 751;, Gen Motors 108 Goodrich ; ; 69 Goodyear 62 Greyhound 151.'. Homestake 391:, mu Biz Mach 423 Int Harv 39 Int Nick 71 xab t-aper ill Int Tel & Tel 27 Johns Man , 86 Jones as L Kennecott 11a 413- 118 Kern Co Land . 54 46 81 19 45 23 ' 21 54 45 Lehman Cd . L O F Glass . 81 19 46 22 21 32 28 112 81 41 40 42 21 49 78 42 42 56 82 36 48 39 43 96 28 22 55 75 97 63 41 Lib McN & L Lock Aire ... Loews Lorillard P .. Macy (R H) 33 Martin (G L) 28 mtuu Wlllg GS iVIl g Mont Ward , Nat Bisc 112 82 41 40 42 21 49 78 42 44 57 Nat Cash Rett Nat Dairy ,, nai uistm Nat Gypsum Nat Lead ... Nat Sup .... N T Central No Am Avla ..a... . HJk Ohio Oil 36j! 81 xraKi uma OC KC 49 Pac Light 39TJ. Parke Dav 4234 Penney 953 Pa R R 29 Pepsi Cola 22 Pheips Dod 56 Phillips Pet ... 76 Proct fc Gam 97 Pullman 63 Pure Oil 4nJ Radio Cp 5Q34 50 98 45 77 9 43 38 69 43 23 937, 63 58 59 . 50 61 89 39 87 52 127 Repub Stl , 463. Revere Copper 79 Rexall Drug 9 Rey Tob B 43 Rheem Mfg 38 Richfield O 69 Safeway St 43 Schenley Ind 23 Sears Roeb 83 Shell Oil 64 Sinclair Oil 58 Socony Vac 59 So Cal Edls 50 South Pac 62 Sperry 90' Std Brands 3971 kjui 87l- Std Oil Ind 533? Std Oil N J 129 Sterling Drug 50 Studebaker-Packard 10 Sunray Oil 2534 50 10 25 48 100 18 33 31 44 30 100 54 170 45 70 48 52 25 28 68 48 82 J17 ojimu raec 48 Vj Texas Co 99 Textron ii. Tide Wa As 34 Trans W Air 32 Transamerica ... 44 ... 30 ...100 ... 55 ...170 ....45 ... 69 '2 ... 48 ... 52 ... 26 ... 29 ... 68 ... 48 ... 83 ...117 Twenty C Fox TJn Carbide Un Oil Cal Un Pac Unit Air Lines Unit Aire U S Rubber U S Steel West Un Tel ...... West Air Br West Elec Wool worth Younttst Sh & T Zenith BANK STOCKS Bid Asked 42 54',. 31 86i 64'k - 833.g Bank of America 39i Chase Natl Bank 51 U irving I rust - 293 Manuf Trust 82 14 National City ei u Guaranty Trust 793, INSURANCE STOCKS Bid Asked Contl Casualty 132 l.lfl Great American Ins ....... 43 V2 45 1 New Amsterdam ; 5.73i Home Insurance 49 2 - May METALS PRICES ' NEW YORK. June 29. (AP) Spot nonferrous metal prices today: copper 36 cents a pound. Connecticut VaUey; lead 15 cents a pound. New York: zinc 12',i cents a pound. East St. Louis; tin 95 cents a pound. Kew York. - - Dec. Dec. LIVESTOCK MARKETS SAN FRANCISCO SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO. June 29. (AP-FSMN) CATTLE: salable 75. Sup ply includes mostly slaughter classes; opening moderately active, about steady on cows; other classes not fully established. Few lots and odd head canner and cutter cows 8.50-11.00: tew low utility 11.50. CALVES: salable 10. Supply mainly slaughter calves; opening moderately active, about steady. Few lots good and choice 300-450 lb slaughter calves 18.00- 19.00; commercial down to 15.00. HOGS: salable none. Market untested. Temporary embargo on ail Call, fornla hogs still In effect. On Monday, choice 190-200 lb butchers 21.75. SHEEP: salable 2500. Early supply mainly spring lambs. Opening moderately active, about steady. Over 3 loads good to prime wooled California mountain spring slaughter lambs 29.75; few good and choice shorn yearling wethers 16.00; few cull to choice shorn slaughter ewes 2.50-4.00. LOS ANGELES LOS ANGELES, June 29. AP-FSMN) I CATTLE: salable 1000. Supply includes about 18 loads steers, balance cows; steers slow, odd sales about steady; I other classes fully steady, instances 25c I or more higher on high utility ana commercial cows. Few lots high com. merclal and good fed steers 20.50-22.25, some held higher; few young commerc. ial cows to 16.00; bulk utility and low commercial 12.00-15.00; canners and cutters 9.00-11.50; little done early on bulls; few common and medium feeder steers 16.50; medium and good feeder heifers 15.00-17.00. CALVES : Salable 75. Early sales nom inal. Supply hardly sufficient to make market. HOGS: Salable 75. Supply largely I holdovers. Few grain feds 25-50c higher, others steady. Few lots choice 1 and 2 185 225 lb 21.50-22.00; few down to 21.00; medium 224 lb loads 20.25: odd 275-310 lb 18.00-18.50; choice 275 lb sows 15.50; few heavier 14.00. SHEEP: salable 25. No Sales. STOCKTON STOCKTON, June 29. (AP-FSMN) CATTLE:- 100. Limited supply of scat-tered small shipments mostly cows; market not fully established. Commercial cows 13.50; cutter cows 10.00; individual cutter bull 13.50. CALVES: 25. Market not established on' slaughter classes; stocker calves steady . Good to choice stock steer calves 18.50-19.50. HOGS : 50. Market not established. SHEEP: 50. Market untested. I Murder, Suicide s Spree Kills Five CORA, Wyo., June 29. UP) A prosperous rancher went berserk and shot to death his wife, daughter, parents-in-law and himself, Sublette county officers said to day. Their bodies were found four days later at their home north of here. Coroner Francis Tanner, sum moned by' a forest ranger who made the grim discovery, termed the slayings 'Tnurder-suicide it couldn't have been anything else." The victims, their bodies pierced by bullets from a heavy 30.06 rifle, were Lawrence (Jack) Alexander, 45; his wife, Patricia, 40; their daughter, Grace, 6, and Mrs. Alexander's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. X. O'Brien of Miami, Fla Sheriff Morris Horton was unable to offer any motive for the tragedy. He said the Alexanders had been married about 15 years WEATHER Information as furnished by U. 8 Weather Bureau at Reno Municipal Airport Temperatures high and low for 24 hours ending at 4:30 a. m. Date June 29, 19o5. H. L.I H. L Nevada Stations i South Central RENO. ... 73 35 Denver . . . 89 57 Austin. . . . 75 38 Ft. Worth ... Beatty. '. . . 91 61iGalveston .. 93 76 89 81 B. Mountain 80 40 Kansas City. 84 67 Elko 81 43 Memphis. 88 60 85 73 87 66 Ely 80 46!Okla. City Fallon . . 82 43; St. Louis. Las Vegas 98 71: San Antonio 97 75 I Lovelock . 78 42! North East busanvuie 78 32i Albany, N. Y. 85 56 Tonopah 85 50!Boston. . . . 83 65 Wlnnemucca 77 40, Buffalo ... 82 58 North Central i Cincinnati... 83 60 Chicago ... 90 65 Cleveland ... 87 60 Detroit ... 85 67!Columbus, O. 85 56 Duluth . . . 78 60 1 Louisville ... 86 61 Mln-St. Paul 84 67 New York... 86 67 Omaha . . . 79 ..(Philadelphia. 85 62 S. Ste. Marie 84 58! Pittsburgh... 80 54 North West I Portland. Me. 84 62 Bismarck .. 86 62i Washington.. 83 62 Boise .... Fargo .... Helena. .. . P'tland, Ore. Seattle . . . Spokane. . . South West 75 46, South East 87 641 Atlanta 85 65 81 52! Birmingham. 83 70 64 51 i Charleston... 81 70 65 51!JacksonvlUe. 86 74 61 47i Miami. . . . 86 74 I New Orleans 92 74 Albuquerque 92 64! Raleigh. . . 85 58 AmarlUo. . . 81 63! Richmond . . 83 59 El Paso. . . 96 65! Tampa. ... 84 69 Los Angeles. 73 61' Canada Phoenix. . .101 68! Edmonton. . 81 57 S. Lake City 90 60 Montreal . . 87 66 San Diego .. 70 60 Winnipeg . . 81 61 S. Francisco 60 48' Quebec . . . 86 57 PRECIPITATION DATA Reno and vicinity: last 24 hours none; season to date 5.03; last year to date 5.45; normal 6.95. Other stations (last 24 hours): Battle Mountain trace; Elko .13; Winne- mucca .33; St. Paul .04: Boise .25; Hel. ena .11; Portland .48: Seattle .07; Spo. kane .17; San Diego trace; Kansas City 1.51: JacksonviUe .15; New Orleans .07; Tampa. 12; Edmonton .01; Winnipeg .11. FORECASTS Reno and vicinity: generally fair to night, Thursday, becoming partly cloudy Thursday afternoon. Little tem perature change. Nevada: fair tonight, Thursday. Va riably cloudy. Cooler east portion tonight. Sierra Nevada: fair tonight, Thurs day. Warmer Thursday. Sunset Wednesday 8:31 p. m.: sunrise Thursday 5:35 a. m. sunset Thursday 8:31 p. m. KNEV-FM 95-5 MCS THURSDAY, JUNE 30 9:00 Sign On . . 9:01 Here's to Veterans ' 9:15 Folk Classics; Favorite Polkas 9:30 Social Calendar 9:31 Piano Moods; Black and White Magic i 10:00 Public Service Announcements 10:01 Musical Favorites; Caribbean Carnival 10:30 Meet Your Star: Ted Heath 11:00 Entertainment Calendar 11:05 Morning Melodies; Neapolitan Favorites 11:30 FM Favorites; Leroy Anderson -Pops' Concert 12:00 Weather Report 12:01 Times at Noon; Van Lynn Orch. n-.M Luncheon concert; Van Lynn Orchestra 1 :00 Afternoon Varieties 4:00 Teen Time Tunes 6:00 Weather Report 6:01 Waltz Melodies; Johann and Josef Strauss Music, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra 8:30 .TwiUght Time; David Rose Orch, 7:00 Dinner Music; Music of Harold Arlen 7:30 Concert Cameo: Rossini Overtures a:uo Musical Comedy: New Moon 601 52 U 8:30 Concert Miniatures; Early Italian MUSIC 9:00 Music's Finest Hour, Tchaikovsky. None But the Lonely Heart and The Family All Together, Boston Pops Orchestra ' 10:00 World of Music; Mozart. Symphony No. 35 Haffner. Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 10:45 Voice of Bennett '11:00 Sign Off Says Democrats Ignore Vital Legislation (Continued from page 1) senate investigators inspect un published documents relating to the Dixon-Yates contract Sen. Kefauver (D-Tenn) in a senate speech accused the president of seemingly trying to cover up "a shocking piece of duplicity" in negotiation of the contract. SECURITY Eisenhower said he has no objection to the proposal in congress for a bipartisan commission to .investigate the government's loyalty - security program. This adimintsration, he said, has nothing to hide and is willing to cooperate with any properly constituted investiga' ting body. Previously Eisenhower had said he saw no need for such a study. ' The senate, has voted for ere ation of such a commission but the house has not yet acted. SATELLITES Eisenhower said he couldn't endorse in ad vance any congressional resolution expressing hope the Communist satellite country can achieve freedom. He said he always has urged freedom for them but that the subject is so complicated he could not endorse any resolution without detailed study. For instance, he said, nobody believes this country should go to war for 1 the freedom of the Soviet satel lites. A newsmen told the president the house adopted a resolution last week concerning the plight of the Soviet orbit countries. Eisenhower said he knew noth ing about it, adding with a smile that maybe he was fishing that day. The president's meeting with newsmen was dominated by questions about next month's Big Four Summit meeting. Eisenhower said he-expects to leave on the Friday evening or perhaps Saturday morning before the July 18 opening session so that he can get to Geneva at a reason able hour on Sunday morning. The conference is to open on Monday, He said he will take along very few members of his own staff, that the delegation will be largely from the state department. Asked if he feels Soviet Premier Bulganin really is the head of his government, or if Communist Party Boss Nikita Khruschev and others ought to attend the confer ence, Eisenhower said that is a puzzle; that no one really knows who is the dominating influence in the Soviet government. The president said there does seem to have been a definite change in the Soviet government's attitude of late, and that it may be possible to set up at Geneva new channels for easing world tensions. On the question of disarma ment, Eisenhower said his special aide studying the problem, Harold E. Stassen, has not yet come up with any formal program. But he said that through Stas-sen's efforts the United States government can arrive at a general approach to the problem. KSUE (SUSANVILLE 1240 KCl WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29 4:00 Club 1240 5:00 Kiddie Korner 5:30 Classified Column 5:45 Bandstand 6:00 Speaking of Sports 6:15 Supper Serenade 6:30 Newscast 6:45 Facts Forum 7:00 Proudly We Hall 7:30 Guest Star 7:45 Manhattan Melodies 8:00 Concert 9 :00 Mood Music 9:45 Newscast 10:00 Sign Off THURSDAY, JUNE 30 7:00 Rise and Shine 7:30 News 7 :45 Sports Page 8:00 Rise and Shine 8:30 News 9:00 Dally Cheer 9:15 Classified Column 9:30 Newscast 9:35 Civic Calendar 9:40 According to Record 9:45 Woman's World 10:00 Song Shop 10:15 Featured Band 10:30 Newscast 10:35 Music 11:00 K SUE Music Box 11:25 Your Birthday 11 :30 News 11 :35 Music Box 12:30 Newscast 12:45 Farm Front 1:00 Lassen Roundup 2:00 Juke Box Review 2:30 Local News 3:00 Melody Matinee 3:30 Newscast 4:00 1240 Club 5:00 Kiddie Korner 5:30 Classified Column 5:45 Bandstand 6:00 Speaking of Sports 6:15 Supper Serenade 6:30 Newscast 6:45 Eddie Fisher 7:00 Stand By Music 7:30 Joe Elliott 7:45 Look to the Skies 8:00 Light Concert 8:30 Roy Rogers 9:00 Mood Music 9:30 News 10 DO Sign Of Wanted lo Buy ! CLE An COTTOfJ RAGS Reno Evening Gazette Nevada State Journal JACOBY ON BRIDGE Entry Robber I Defeats South By OSWALD JACOBY . Written for NEA Service East took a serious risk when he bid one no-trump in today's hand. Game was remote, with a silent partner and two bidding opponents, but the chance of being doubled and badly beaten was not at all remote. ' As events turned out, however, East landed on his feet. North couldn't stand the double of one no-trump, and the upshot was that South played the hand at two no-trump. West had nothing to establish in his own hand, so he led a club in the hope of finding a good suit niott. in his partner's hand. East won Commissioner Norman Brown with the ace of clubs and resisted of Smith Valley noted that the bblmdf"011 10 retUm anther stockholder Hst had not t" fur-C The Sdding made it seem very nished' although it was requested likely that South had a very good y William Gallagher, gambling NORTH 29 A-J 107 52 VJ87 7 EAST 4A843 VAQ4 Q105 A8 3 WEST AK96 V 10652 843 J62 SOUTH (D) AQ VK93 AKJ962 KQ9 Neither side vul. South- West .North East 1 Pass 14 1 N.T. Double Pass 2 Pass 2 N.T. Pass Pass Pas Opening lead 2 diamond suit and only a singleton spade. East therefore returned the three of spades at the second trick. West captured the queen with the king of spades and saw that the key to a good defense might well depend on getting three spade tricks. If West made the conventional return of his higher spade, the nine, dummy would play the ten. .Whether or not East then took the ace, it would be unsafe for the defenders to lead spades again unless West lcau "' was iievei koiuk io reuain uie lead, this plan wouldn't work. West . decided to rely on de clarer's ignorance, and he return ed the six of spades instead of the nine. South couldn't afford to play low from the dummy since he didn't know where the nine of spades was. When dummy put up the ten of spades, it was easy for East to win with the ace and con firm his suspicion about the spade suit. East now returned a club to put South' in his own hand. Declarer had to lead the diamonds, giving East the queen. Now East could afford to lead a low spade, and West's nine forced out the jack. East was now ready to take the ace of hearts and the established eight of spades to defeat the contract. SIEGE ENDS BUENOS AIRES, June 29. UP) The government radio an nounced today the state of siege in Argentina has been lifted. Lean meat is approximately 73 per cent water. omn "T7 LOG WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29 2:00 United Nations in Action -3:09 Afternoon News in Pictures 3:15 love of Life 3:30 Kitchen Fun 4:00 Health and Happiness Club 4:05 TBA 4:15 Robert Q. Lewis 4:30 TBA '54 CHEVROLET 2-Dr. $1599 Rich forest green paint and like new In every detail. About the cleanest car you will see. A fine family car. your youngsters won't fall out. Stock No. 158A. 5:00 Service Club 5:15 TBA . 5:30 TBA 5:45 AP News Telepix 6:00 Sports Desk 6:15 Weather Vane 6:30 The Sportsman 7:00 Ruts Davis 8:00 Disneyland 9:00 Appointment with Adventure 9:30 Lucky Lager 10:00 Air National Guard 10:30 Late News 10:40 Weather Vane 10:45 Baseball 10:55 Nevada's Editors i 00 Future Film mw Chevrolet Co "1 1 ?f3Mf' 1 IS I I TWO LOCATIONS fl ( 221 S. Virginia St. II Phone 3-6175 J j ?VV 1300 E. Fturth St. KWS. PHoihm J-1I5 $K lliiiiiill Tax Commission Studies Fate Of Stardust (Continued from page 13) will have more rooms than any other strip establishment and that the gambling take thus should be higher, but Cahill noted that the Stardust casino would not be any larger than several others who re- ported the approximately six miV lion dollar annual gross. The Stardust application got around to the debate stage only after Commissioner Allen had moved to grant the license, with the motion seconded by McDer- control uivision ciiiei. Brown said he thought the ap plicants should be required to furnish the stockholders list. ASKS FOR LIST Gallagher said he had told William Sanf ord, attorney for the Stardust applicants, that he want ed the list and would furnish in formation to the Securities Exchange Commission and the California Corporation Commission which are interested in Stardust stock sales Gallagher said that probably was the reason why Sanford had offered the list for commission in spection but made it clear that he wanted it to go no further, The meeting recessed while the approval motion was redrawn to grant the license only if the appli cants furnished all books and rec ords requested by the commission, for use as the commission, and the commission alone, saw fit That motion was up for a vote when Lathrop sparked the debate by his comment that the Stardust set-up was an attempt to get around the commission's adamant refusal to license Cornero. The argument will continue this afternoon, with indications that the $500,000 a month Casino rent may be reduced by negotiation be- tween Mralla and the gambling corporation. Elderly KinQ Hurt OSLO, Norway, June 29 (JP) Norway's King Haakon VII fell today and broke a thigh bone. The 82-year-old monarch was moved immediately to a hospital In a communique, the hospital said his condition is satisfactory and that no complications have arisen. GAZETTE RADIO LOG (Radio logs are compiled from Information provided bv the four Reno (Radio logs are compiled from information Drovided bv four nf the Reno Reno Evening Gazette assumes no responsibility for the correctness of the logs or for network changes made too late for entry In the log. For infor niation ennrerninjr the programs do NOT call the Reno Evening Gazette Please call the radio station involved: KATO 2 4501; KOH 3 5106: KOLO 24516: KWRN 3-6156; KONE 3-4493. KONE 1450 kc. Hieh fidelitv music from fi a. m. until 19 mid night with news on the even hours. Wednesdav Bvenina Proorams KWRN ABC 1230 KATO MBS 1340 5:00 Cocktail Timel Sgt. Preston .:! m stern Si?t. Preston 5:30 Wm. Winter jMusic 5:45 Bob Garred I Snorts 6:00 Music Mast Heattr 5:15 Music M:r, Mnsc :?) Dinner wifz viriri' Pikley fi: ninnrr Waltz leaves: News 7:00 Fisrhts I'miaH Room nni1 Room I Music 7:1 irfThts 7:30 Fights 8:00 "am. Music 8:15 F?.m. Music 8:30 Blue Grotto 9:M Music Box 9:15 Music Box Sentenced iFamily Theater I News j Fulton T.ewis I Man Bible iMnsic 9:? "lne Grotto Blue Grotto ABC Sports Crowelt Show Sci. of Mind ICrowell Show 10:30 Romance Mn.tCroweU Show t0:45 Romance Mu. ICrowell Show 111:00 Romance Ma.lvawn Patrol 11:15 Romance Mn.vawn Patrol 11:30 Romance Mu.lYawn Patrol Thursday 7:00 Music. Clock iHemingwav 7:15 Aeronskv reakfast Ganir 7:30 KWRN Music breakfast Gang 7:45 John McVane INews 8:00 B'fast 8:30 B'fast 8:45 B'fast Club Club Clnb lEngle; News I Haven of Rest I Haven of Rest flrtM) News: Music 9:15 Bob Garred 9:30 True Story 9:45 True Story I Easy Does It (News Off the Record Off the Record 10:00 Whisoer Sts. News Tello-Test Standard School Standard School 10:15 Girl Marries 10:30 Companion 10:45 Close-ups 11:00 Homemakers "lorida Calling 11:15 Homemakers jlorida Calling 11:30 Homemakers joueen for a Day 11:45 Homemakers iQueen for a Day 12:00 Paul Harvey (Baseball 12:15 Nevada News iRasehall 12:30 Sam Haves iBaseball 12:45 KWRN Music iBaseball 1:00 Baseball 1:15 Baseball 1:.-W Baseball 1:45 Baseball (baseball IBaseball j Baseball IBaseball 2:00 Baseball steele Show 2:15 Baseball I Steele Show 2:30 Baseball jcheerful Earful 2:45 Baseball jcheerful Earful 3:00 Grable-James IMnsic 3:15 Grable -Iames (Swan Shop 3:30 Hour of Stars iBehinr' the Story 3:45 Hour of Stars ITello Test 4:00 Hour of Stars Fulton Lewis 4:15 Hour of Stars "eminrway 4:30 Service Time llere's the Answer 4:45 Cocktail Time! Sam Hayes 5:00 Corktai! TlmelSgt. Preston 5:15 Wll Stern S?t. Preston 5:30 Wm. Winter Music 5:45 Bob Garred ISports 6:00 Music Mast. :15 Music Mast. 6:30 Dinner Waltz Gabriel Heatter (Shell News IMnsic tKnox Manning I Pink; Hayes; News I The Loser; Henry 7:00 AFL; Fix It rfficial Detective 7:30 Strange Saga Rod tc Gun Club 8.-00 Fam. Music 8:30 Blue Grotto 8:45 Blue Grotto Cry Danger True or False True or False 9:00 Music Box . 9:15 Music Box 9:30 Blue Grotto INews iFulton Lewis I Univ. Exp.; Music 10:00 ABC Sports ICrowell Show 10:15 Set of Mind ICrowell Show 10:30 Romance Mn.Crowell Show 10:45 Romance Mu. ICrowell Show 11:00 Romance Mu.lYawn Patrol 11:30 Romance Mu.lYawn Patrol 11:45 Romance Mo. (Yawn Patrol Vital Statistics BIRTHS CAMACHO In SusanvUle, Calif, June 24, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ca-macho of Westwood, a son. DEATHS HOWARD Tuneral services for Daniel Howard, will be held at Walton Fu neral Home, corner West Second and Vine sts Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, witht he Rev. B. T. May. field, as clergyman. Burial will be in Mountain View cemetery. McVEY Friends are invited to attend funeral services for Mrs. Rose Veronica McVey, Thursday mornlne at 8:30 o'clock at the home chapel of Ross-Burke Co., thence to the Church of St. Albert the Great, where a requiem high mass will be celebrated, commencing at 9 o'clock. Recitation of the rosary will be held today at 7 :30 p. m. at the Ross-Burke Co. chapel. Burial will be In the family plot at Mountain View cemetery. SMITH In Blackfoot, Idaho, June 28. 1955. William Lou Smith; husband of Mrs. Mary E. Smith; son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Smith of Reno; brother of Mrs. Laura Belle Christen-sen; uncle of Harry Chrlstensen; nephew of Mrs. Dianna Besecker of McCall, Idaho; Mrs. Mary Calvin of Cave Creek, Arizona; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond I. Smith of Reno. Wesley W. Briggs of Boise, Idaho. He is also survived by several cousins. Funeral arrangements will be announced later by Ross-Burke Co. MARRIAGE LICENSES William G. Tapia, 31, Sparks, ' and Donna A. Curtis, 22. Reno: Gene W. Cottrell, 18, and Jo Anne F. Newman, 18, both Reno: Earl E. Emmer. 35. and Patricia M. O'Connor, 35, both Reno: Merritt C. Cox, 55, Colusa, Calif., and Gertrude Coon, 48, Reno; Louis Bass, over 21, Reno, and Ida Miller, over 21, Lancaster, Calif. Robert V. James, 19, Sacramento, and Patricia Jane Allen, 18, Reno; Wil liam J. Ferguson, 55, Portola, Calif., and Laura E. Myers, 59, Reno; Oscar E Bell, over 21, and Vera L. Bell, over 21, both Reno; James W. Russell. 23, and Phyllis L. Blake, 25, both Reno; Eu gene E. Mercier, 39, Reno, and Alleen V. Fields, 28, Fresno, Calif. Vernon C. Cooley, 28. San Diego, and Viola Vivian Chllders, 30, Fallon: Allen L. Frltchen, 19, and Karen A. Dvmkin 18. both Reno; Claude C. Warrick, 43 Reno, and Esther K. Guenther, 44, Reno. ACTIONS FILED Application of Frederick K. Godsev for a change of name to Frederick K. Scruggs; State of Nevada vs William C Osborne; James L. Smith, a minor, by and through Gwen B. Smith, his mother and guardian ad litem, vs Wll liam Anthony Cistone, a minor, and unester Miller, his stepfather; Ann L. Thomas vs Howard F. Thomas; Thomas J. Naves vs Anita B. Naves; Mona A Brennan vs James C. Brennan: Bar. bara H. Kirk vs Andrew R. Kirk; Clar ence j. Hyatt vs Gertha Hyatt. , DECREES GRANTED Dora E. Schwamb from Martin G Schwamb; John Paul Smith from Ann D. Smith: Louis Bass vs Bessie Bass Virginia A. Rickards vs Michael J. M Rickards; Janice E. Pellls fromlvin reuis; ueorge r. Gltcnel irom Virginia m. uitcnel. Eugene E. Mercier from Pauline E, Mercier; Frank M. Glantz from Betty Glantz; Thora V. Cole from George uoie; Mina L. Vaughn from WUliam D, Vaughn; Betty J. Honeo from Samuel Honeo; Michael J. McLaughlin from Sarah Eleanor McLaughlin; Julia Van Fleet Maxwell from Allvn W. Maxwell Sue Catherine Spence from James E, Spence. ENTER RED CHINA HONG KONG, June 29. CSV-Some 1400 Singapore and Indo nesian Chinese about 1000 of them pro-Communist students and the rest mainly destitute f am ilies crossed the Hong Kong border into Red China today. KOII NBC 630 KOLO CBS 920 lream Awhile Weather I'M-'.mnnd Dnt j "Dream Awhile !chel Nws jh-'.nsf'rtv H Vst v-vs: Co'. Puiz ld. R. Morrow Mnsic for Yon I Texaco SioHs Goss; Local '"piT'r Cmo j' ow'l rh'mg imo5 ? Andy ttc; News In Pece (": Nws jlisk Derhv lnorts: Frni" ! Terness"" Ernie lrn'e: Crosby ! """oast o the Tune iTnact o' the Tune I News: St?.irwv (Stairway to Stars lne Man's Family IShore; Sinatra (pt Vorr T'e "t Vonr T.ife Trnth or Conspj. (Trnth; Surprising ltichfte'4 Reporter 110 o'clock Wire IWash. Dance Music for You lT?.nce Time I'usnense I Dance Time JSnsnense: News lance Time j lance Tim. !rjtce Time iMusic Til MMnite IWui- Til M'nnite IMnsic Til Midnite Proarams Cactus Tom I Cactus Tom (Tocal N"ws j Cactus Tom fBS News Sunrise Serenade I Frank Goss I Harry Babbitt ICactns Tom I News I Meditation; Port. I News; Reveille I News; Reveille j Reno Reveille Cactns Tom Cactus Tom Cactus Tom Carroll Guild J Wendy Warren (Morn. Varieties Helen Trent lOur Gal Sunday ! Carroll Guild Goes to School Strike It Rich Strike It Rich I Mark Time I Mark Time I Mark Time I Mark Time Phrase That Pays IKellv Barton jifCT(ride: Peale IPrelude to Noon 1 2nd Mr. Burton (Merry So Round I Nora Drake Top Tune Time News: Iocal IVoon News !Ri7ht tn HaDpiness'"idd' Matinee jnpnner Young louse Party (Better Fanning j House Party RaeVstage, Wife !tPl'a Dallas jwidder Brown I Woman In House I Godfrey I'Sodfrey I Godfrey (Godfrey l-Tust Plain Bill iGodfrey Mnrpn-o Jones IGodfrey T,one Ranger ixcal; Melody Ranger; Adventure lunt Mary INews: In love R. Ashton: Music Woman In Love Music in Air This Woman's Sec.lwest. Star Time Myron J. Bennett I West. Star Time. I Dream Awhile Inream Awhile Inream Awhile joream Awhile Inream Awhile j'ocal; Weather lliarr.ond Dust I Dream Awhile I West. Star Time West. Star Time 11 vts Son? Shon iSierra Son? Shop Ed. R. Mtittow Music for Yon Texaco Sports Goss; Local iRosemarv Clooney Lowell Thomas I Amos-Andy; News iM'Gee; News City Hosp; News I News; Barrie CralgT)isk Derby News; Family Roy Rogers Roy Rogers Sports; T. Ernie (Tennessee Ernie Bing Crosby I Dr. Six Gun I Dr. Six Gib jjane Pickens I Toast o' the Tune I Toast o the Tune News ; Stars ;Toast. I Richfield Reporter 10 o'clock Wire IWash.; Dance MusicforYou I Dance Time (Gunsmoke j Dance Time, (Gunsmoke; News Dance Time Dance Time Dance Time I Music Til Midnite 1 Music Til Midnite IMnsic Til Midnite Moisture Here Below Normal Lacking a storm in the next 24 hours Reno will end the current weather season Thursday .42 hundreds of an inch below the 1954 average and 1.92 inches below normal for the period. And a storm, the weatherman said, is a very unlikely possibility. Precipitation totals are record ed on a fiscal year basis, and Reno starts a new precipitation year on Friday. July 1. The Reno area has had no meas urable precipitation since May 31, when an impromptu snow-rain storm pelted the area with .35 of an inch of moisture. Reno had a trace on June 9. While moisture was lacking here, two -important range areas of Nevada received some much needed rain. The Elko area logged ,13 of an inch in the 24 hours end ing this morning, while at Win-nemucca .33 of an inch was reported. . Battle Mountain had a trace. the only other Nevada station reporting any moisture during the last 24 hours. The low in Reno dipped to 35 degrees early this morning, while nearby Susanville, Calif., had a low of 32 degrees. Lowest in the country was Frazier, Colo., which reported a reading of 30 degrees. Reno will be generally fair to night and Thursday, becoming partly cloudy Thursday afternoon, with little temperature change. Nevada will be fair tonight and Thursday but variably cloudy and cooler in the east portion tonight. The Sierra Nevada can expect fair conditions tonight and Thursday, warmer Thursday. Thursday Rites For Mrs. McVey Funeral services for Mrs. Rose Veronica McVey, will be held Thursday at 8:30 a. m. at the home chapel of Ross-Burke Company, thence to the Church of St. Albert the Great, where a requiem high mass .will be cele brated, commencing at 9 o'clock. Recitation of the rosary will be held today at 7:30 p. m. at the Ross-Burke Company chapel. Burial will be in the family plot at Mountain View cemetery. From 1939 to 1953, the price of milk rose about 60 per cent compared with a 130 per cent average increase in food costs, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. LEGAL NOTICES IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WA-SHOE. No. 156983. Dept. No. 2. JOHANNES A. SCHNURK Plaintiff v. LENA H. SCHNUR, Defendant SUMMONS Th State of Nevada sends greetings to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and re. quired to serve upon E. J. Morrlssett. Esq., plaintiff's attorney, whose address is No. 123 West First Street, Reno. Nevada, an answer to the Complaint which is herewith served tipon you, within 20 days after service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day or service. If you fail to do so. Judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This action Is brought to recover a judgment and decree of this Court forever dissolving the bonds of matrimony now and heretofore ex isting between you and the above, named plaintiff on the ground that plaintiff and defendant have lived separate and apart from each other for more than three consecutive years without cohabitation, immediately pre. ceding the filing of plaintiff's Com-plaint in this action. (SEAL) M. K. BROWN, Clerk of Court. By G. Tessler, Deputy Clerk. Date: Juns 23, 1955. E. J. Morrlssett, 123 West First Street, Reno, Nevada. Attorney for Plaintiff. Je29-Jy613-20-27 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE O? NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE. No. 156736. Dept. No. 2. In the Matter of the Estate of FRANK AZCARATE, also known as FRANK S. AZCARATE. Deceased NOTICE TO CREDITORS , Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have been duly appointed and qualified by the above entitled Court on the 24th day of June, A. D. 1955, as co-administrators of the estate of Frank Azcarate. also known as Frank S. Azcarate, deceased. All creditors having claims againBt said estate are required to file the same with the proper vouchers attached with the Clerk of the Court within three months after the first publication of this notice. Dated June 24, A. D. 1955. JEANETTE LANDA ROBERT TAYLOR ADAMS Adams, Furrh & Reed 319 Gazette Bldg., Reno, Nevada, ' . Attorneys for the Estate. Je29Jy613-20-27 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE. No. 156965. Dept. No. 3. JOHN JUNIOR JARVIS, Plaintiff v. v MARY HELEN CORTEZ JARVIS. Defendant SUMMONS The State of Nevada sends greetings to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and re. quired to serve upon Charlotte Hunter and Sidney Fox, plaintiff s attorneys, whose address is 204 North Center Street. Reno, Nevada, an answer to the Complaint which is herewith served upon you, within 20 days after service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fall to do so. Judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint, for an absolute divorce. (SEAL) HARRY K. BROWN, Clerk of Court. By E. Lund. Deputy Clerk. Date: June 27, 1955. Je29-Jy6-13-20 27 IN THE SECOND JUDICIaTdISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WA-SHOE. No. 157002. Dept. No. 2. LUCILLE D. CHURCH. Plaintiff v. CLAYTON A. CHURCH. Defendant SUMMONS . The State of Nevada eends greetings to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and re. quired to serve u-pon Maurice J. Sullivan, plaintiff's attornev, whose address Is 158 North Virginia Street, Reno, Ne vada, an answer to the Complaint which is herewith served upon you. within 20 days after service of i.hls Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fall to do- so. Judgment by default will be taken against' you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This action is brought to recover a Judgment dissolving the bonds of matrimony existing between you and plaintiff on the ground of extreme cruelty, all as is more fully set forth In plaintiff's verified Com. plaint on file herein. (SEAL) H. K. BROWN. Clerk of Court. By R. E. Hawkins, Deputy Clerk. .Date: July 29, 1955. Je29-Jy6-13-20-JT

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