The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 9, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T »E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKABT Am^v,^ "*" ^-"-* » » K-/ Blythevllle Courier lily ihov Ule Herald VOLUMR XXXVI-NO. 120. Fan Spark At Danzig; British And France Hold Aerial Practice Mississippi Valley Leader BlylhcvUlo Dally News AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, AUGUST 0, 103!) By United J'ress today by the greatest by a foi coast. The British tests were followed* with the keenest Interest by Fur- ope, tense over what may develop out of rthe Danzig-Polish dispute Five hundred war birds roared over the Channel irom Prance in! a mock raid and were met by 800 defending planes nnd all of the country's antl-nlrcraft defences Squadrons of bombing viaaes held mock lights over London 'and dropped mimic bombs. Paris reported that tl, e Germnii- Pollsh tension ovcl . Danzi , ly woiid reach the "acute- stage although officials did not believe an outbreak would occur just no.v Albert Porster, the Danzig N.T-' chief, returned to Danzig from consultation witli Adolf Hitler • Bwchleseaden. H C will address tomorrow Chimney Falls; Bricks Pile Up In Farm Truck C. B. Prltchai-d, of Annorei.musl , ,. ~* »-• • wti uii ails;K». h threats to bombard Daitei? which the inspired German prei has intimated would mean war in the Orient friction betweei the Japanese and the British w,i - Increased when the Japanese mid a strong protest against the land lug or British sailors from a de stroyer at Swatow to protect Brit ish subjects ' from demoiistra'.iu pro-Japanese Chinese. Japan demanded ah apology am Indemnity for a Chinese shot ii the melee. Other developments: Persistent reports were circuited hi London that Italian Premici Mussolini is ill of a heart attack complicated by stomach ulcers. The report was denied in Rome where it was stated that II Duce is in good health. Germany added to its defense preparations by ordering the registration of all men, women and children from the ages of five to 70. They will be required lo give details of their physical conditic and qualifications ror work in event of w^r. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Aug. 9 (UP)--Co't- ton closed', steady. . : . '•—~ - open"high" low close. Oct. ..• 890 8D4 '887 893 812 85G Dec Jan Mar 848 May 331 Jul. 815 875 SGI 852 820 868 854 840 830 813 873 liUl 850 834 818 C. Spots closed nominal nl 953, up New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. fl. (UP) — Ctton futures closed steady todav up 20 to 35 cents a' bale. open high low close Oct 900 S04 897 903 Dec. .. Jan Mar Mas- ujl 8G5 857 840 824 885 869 8GO 8-H 827 - 878 865 857 840 824 882 8G9 8GO 8-14 827 Spots closed quiet at DOB, off 5. Stock Prices I — i •*• *»i iiiui ti, i mi; have been surprised ycsl«stlay wlie he found about half n ten c bricks heaped up in his true which he had left parked on Noril Railroad street between Main an The bricks were part of a chim ney of the building occupied by th I. Rosenthnl Store Co. which fel Into the truck when an electrk wire, pulled across a radio Mire fastened to the chimney, caused enough pressure that the chimney The power line, which was being Officials Tell Of Conditions; Police Revenue! Spurts Upward eased thrown across the ether high wtl . e lo reach the Erlsco tower on Mali' street for installation of a servtet line, was 00 feet from the chimney nnd hew the slight pressure of one wire being pulled across another caused the accident Is something which has not been figured The truck was only slightly damaged by (he avalanche or bricks and mortar. BUS STITIOI IS Modern Greyhound Lines Home Is Modernistic, Commodious Structure .. of^the rav-hound Bus Company will move lo ite new- $25,000 home on Fifth street between Main and Walnut about Aug. 20. it was announced by Charles Eubnnbs, local rmnsger. The new, modern building which s lo hcuse the Imnspdrlntion company is Ihe tenth ly be erected in he past two years through Missis- ippi, Tennnessee, Illinois Missouri wa. Arkansas nnd five or six more m be constructed before the program is completed fcr he present.- Similar to other stations of this VIM Which have been erected, the Blythcville unit, j s constructed of itrohte. in Orcvhomid blue, in de- Wrtlne frcm the usual exterior interials. In keeping with the use of a ew material for the structure the esign is ultra-modern with a flat oof, the walls have rounded corers and the entrance has a circled lnsl charge llmt ells- nnd , wrk WC| , C , M sold promlsclomly ,„ uiythevllle that slaughtering for distribution or meal here is takin e place uiiriei jeiy unsanitary conditions and "ml court action is the next step : ii n drive to compel food handlers n this city to obtain health m . tlncales. The council also heard the test? polce department report on fines and costs collected in months, Including fall mouths for Ihe month of J(l , y , Polit , c rei)Qr i c( , a book" showing O f costs assessed and rent collected from the- radio station sufficient to pay about liair the cost of the police radio station building. Some of Hie cases were appealed to circuit cumi however, and part of the casts assessed will be collectible only in county script. Costs have been assessed in certain "city division" cases since a recent circuit court ruling, upholding such assessments. .Re-appearing as a'subjcct of discussion during the health and sun- tation activity city's "problem" Sea Keeps fortune; Search Yields $7.20 ' NORFOLK. V«., Aug. 9 . (UPJ-TJiTWian treasure ship mou Sn 0 ". 1 ," "* n"*^ 0 ''°° m °' U " S »" ke » »'*'• M. without finding the small fqrtuiie. in silver bullion and gold ccrll- ,ne In J u T* "?" *f ?'", ° f "" M1 ^ tc W niiii in isu it was leavned today. The Falco returned this moriilns from the JCCHP CO miles off the Vlr 6 ,n,a cowl, and re^rte, search of the bn Be a S e r W u, ,,,ul Us «,„„,„ ,„,, , small bar of silver valued at about $7.M l,, sl o«d of la silver bulUlon which the Mn «|,p re huil llo|le(1 ,„ '^ The treasure ship, qomplell.^ Its .>,co ( ,d season of 'undcrsens a 23 lo ls of " lolBl " Merilta t , M tonight to drntr the snnd under (l, c ship ,„ hope or „„„,„. the silver nml possibly f. 5 o,WO In gold certificate's "' foimtl Por two years (he Rdco's cvew has concentrated Its ellorls on the baggnge room of the Merldn, wherMhe a im bul "on and the gold certlftcates were ,torod at the teg.n ,i B of 0 iC ;, t0 , N " W Y °'' k U8 mn " B ° "» l '•'"'«">' the liner Farragul mmmK , Ule „ w NEW , YORK Au- 9 (UP)Stock,, and bonds made an rregu- anopy. Bands or tri white vitrolite i Cn C ' 1C ' St f. r . y buildillB - fuml, d in"'!,"" r0 ?'" ' S t0 ^ decline tcday with volume llglit chrom iufn with ™ rurmUlre of »_ m G • Liiromium with A T&T Anaccnda Copper Associated D a Beth Steel Seeing- Air 1BG 25 5-8 8 59 3-4 21 1-2 unrysier , 80 1-4 Coca Coin 130 General Electric . General Motors . Int Han-ester ... Montgomery Ward N Y Central Packard Phillips Radio Schenlcy Dist ... Simmons Soccny Vacuum ... Standard Oil N J Texas Corp 34 1-4 U S Smelt 53 U S Steel 49 1-2 3C 1-8 48 1-8 51 3-4 50 5-8 145-8 35-8 33 1-8 53-4 12 1-2 23 1-8 11 1-8 41 1-4 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Aug. H (UP)-Hogs 7500. Top 6.25 170-230 Ibs., B.IO-8.25 140-160 Ibs., 5.00-5.23 Bulk sows 3.90-500 Cattle 3200 Steers 8.00-9.25 Slaughter steers 6.25-10.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers 8.00-9.65 Slaughter heifers 0.25-9.75 Beef cows 4.75-5.75 Cutters and low cutters 3.25-4.50 Chicago Wheat Sept. Dee. open 63 1.-8 635-8 high 635-8 641-8 low 63 631-2 close C31-3 64 Chicago Corn open Scpl. 42 Dec. 41 1-2 high low close 421-3 415-8 421-8 415-3 4U-8 415-8 ti , the lounges and upholstered In royal blue Tn adiilticn to the waiting- room there is an office, a. restaurant, and four rest rooms, all of which will be decorated nnd furnished In the same pattern. For the first time the Greyhound Company will epcrale its restaurant ns is lion- belriff done in larger towns served by this bus company Fred Smith of Memphis, president of the bus company and who also owns more than 100 Tortdle Houses including those in Memphis, plans to use a similar Idea in the Blythcville restaurant ivhich will cater to (lie local public, as well n.s to travelers. Both the restaurant and bus cf- ficc will be ouen 24 hours daily for the first time. It was ten years ago that the company started oncrations in Bly- Ihcvllle and vicinity, having been headquartered in the large building on Ash street, adjacent to the Southwestern Bell Telephone C:m- pany. About a year ago. it was announced the Greyhound Company will build Its own home here and the entire let formerly owned by Mrs. J. M. Vivian was purchased. Contracts for the building were let In April. Monette Council Hits Mayor's "Speed Patrol" reports was th , of many year landing, the standard milk cr dinnnce. Qeorge Shamlln, county snniln •ian, charged llmt the clly "is be ng overrun with milk boolleggcrs Ic said he knew of one "milk aoot egger" bringing milk into Blythe ille in whose borne there Is an ae ive cnse of tuberculosis. Dr. W. A. Grlmmetl. city heall 'fflcer, told the council that ihcr re J2fl places of business in Bly hcville selling "eatables—food s'.n hink" and that they have npprdx aUly 880 lo 1,000 employes. He Siiid wnrrnnts hnd been is ued yeslcrdny for some 25 or 3 ood handlers who had failed t omply with requirements for pro urement of health cctificntc bowing they were free from com municnble diseases. He snld olhe varrants would follow and Ibn ertnin operators of establishment vhich had failed to comply will etiuesfs for more srinltnry cohdl ions would be dealt, with sliortij le said the owner of one wliole ale-retnil eslablislnnent had con Istcntly refused to cooperate am hat the city would take definite ourt action against the proprietoi ithin a few days. Dr. Grimniett also stated llm ealth eertincnles would be rc- lecked to ascertain If food haulers procuring them hnd beei ubjecled to actual blood tests for ertaln diseases ns the health de- nrtmcnt hnd reason lo believe that tests liad not actually bcei made in some instances, despite procurement of certificales. Dr. F. J. Weitz, veterinarian, nt the request of Mr. Shamlin, listed some 15 to 18 diseases which he said could be transmitted to humans from the carcasses of cattle and hogs, lie lold the council of one recent incident in which (he owner of a cow a certain disease hnd asked him whether it would be better lo sell the*animal for the market or to keep it, pointing out that the owner" said he would rather keep the animal but if Ihe disease was loo rar advanced would sell it. Mr. Shamlin said he had uncovered one recent incident in which a co\v that had not been on ils feet for a number of clays because of a certain had been sold to a market buyer here. He urged the council to provide for establishment of a small slaughter house here where proper Inspection nnd regulation ot meat supplies from local sources could be obtained. He said one party wns ready to prepurc n slaughter pen and meet fully requirements of stale heallh rules nnd regulallons. The sudden spurt In revenue of the police department was held attributable, partly at least, by Police Chief Ed Rice to the new police radio transmitting station. Alderman John C. McHaney expressed pleasure at the substantial Increase in law enforcement nclvltles. as reflected in Pulicc Chief Rice's report. He suggested .that if such Improvement continued the city might be able lo publish after all such a financial statement as he suggested last month when he called attention of the city council to statutes which make such mandatory. Chief Rice said monthly revenues of from $2500 to $3.000 from law- enforcement activities this fail would not be beyond anticipation. MONETTE, Ark,, Aug. 9-At a meeting cf the Monetle city council Monday night Ihe council voted unanimously against Tropical Storm Is Nearing Bahamas FourBurned Fatally In Rison^lome R.ISON, Ark., Aug. D (UP)—Foil members of a farm family bin-net to death early today when" fire dc strayed their home six miles wes of here. The dead were Join Graves, 29, his flme, also 29, a son Marvin, 5, nnd a 12-niontlis-oli daughter Betty Sue. A third child Ruth, 9. suffercc serious burns mid was laken to n Pine Bluff hospital. TK-O negroes discovered the fire nnd nwakeiieel Graves who then suffered fata! burns In a vain attempt, to snve his wife nnd children. L Federal Government Continues -To Broaden Scopa Of Inquiry NEW ORLEANS, Aug. ,3. (UP) — The federal government which has taken the lead in the cleanup ot political corruptim and graft in Louisiana revealed today It had tonight natural gas deals under its scope. Assistant U. S. Attorney General O. John Itogge, lender of the government's broad invcstlgntioii, also said three more pcstol inspectors would arrive scon to delve into Hie fertile Meld of misuse of the malls The federal law, which forbids Ihe misuse of malls to defraud ms been cue of llu: government's nost potent 'weapons in trying to erase corruption In the state. The first five men indicted by the federal grand jury here were charged vlth using the mails to defraud More Indictments against pollt- cal figures were expected Friday r Monday. "We are continuing lo work (he ;raud jury overtime," Rogge said. Every day this week we shall hold II day sessions and use n maximum f witnesses. At present Ivc arc *fter the big shots bin, these in- being pushed "If proper evidence Is developed ndlctmcnln will be brought In rc- ardless of Ihe pcsitlons of the de- cudants in the state." Has 10,000. Vote Advantage; Conner Run-Off Foe To Be pro- gave JACKSON, Miss., Aug. S (UP)- aiH U. Johnson forged stendll' "head today with a 10.000 vole iiit- vmilngc In hl.s- rncn for (he nemo- era tic nomination for governor At noon returns from 89 ucts of 1.000 pveclncls save Johnson 48,093 voles. Former. governor Mike .Conner, w ho will be Johnson's opponent In the August 29 primary, trailed with 37641 " Thomas L. Unljey i,iul Zfl,3BB while Lester Franklin polled 13,- Formcr- Oov. Dennis Murphrec held n commanding lead over three opponent seeking the nomination or Ilcutennnt governor. Ballots (rom 570 precincts gave Miirphree 23,540. Clarence Aforgan 14,008,- Nelsori. T. Lcvlngs 3,M1- and J. C. Nclgrnss 2,191. Sccrctiiiy ot Slate Walker Wood npiwrently faced n .second primary vlth Roy Arnold. Hcbcr Uidiier n hlrd candidate, fclf'beliind slcadlly The standing In 570 preclncU Bave Wood 18,80-1, Arnold 13,554 and Lndncr 8.477. Lewis May, a former treasurer vns fnr ahead of Ills two oppo- lents In his new race for the oitlcc. Chancellor Not Pass On Second Suit Until Fii-st Decided 'estigatrtons arc vithcut restraint. LITTLE HOCK, Aug. . (UP) — Chancellor Prank Do<Jj;e agreed to- ny tci delay aclion temporarily en suit brought by Herman McKns- lc, Little Pock attorney, asking iat Gov. Bailey nnd members of the beard of finance Ije restrained from carrying cut provisions of the bond refunding net. McKaskle asked Ihe chancellor to defer the case until after the supreme court rules on the test suit brought by the governor's attorneys. Uadsc snld that if major polnls flissoim Farmer Fined i illW!!ve<1 '" ' hc McKaskic suit arc c f T i n °" '" " 1C s "Preme court dc- tXtra UBS lank clslo » the clianccry court suit will be dismissed. W. M. Lemons of Blcdgelt, Mo. •as arrested today on n charge of iolaling the gns lax law by having GO-gallcn tnnk of gasoline con- ealed in a truck lead of canln- oupes he was bringing to Blythe- Ille for sale. He posted a $125 cash bond for Is appearance in municipal court nd an agreed judgment for n fine I $50 and costs -was reached in special hearing. Den Haley, stale revenue officer latfoned at the Arknnsns-Mlssouri late line, discovered the tank when e stopped the track at the revenue ITice there for inspection. There were two trucks of can- iloupcs, the tank being In the irger cue. , Pla., employment slight tropical d been an- Increase In In ed Jackson.' move we lhat Monelte dtd not prcpose lo, operate n "speed trap". The, federal hurricane warning peed Preparations To Raise Squalus PORTSMOUTH, N. H., Aug 9 UP)-PreparatIons for raking the Mnkcn submarine Sqimlus and Us 6 dead \verc speeded today after 50-mile gale forced suspension of work. Two more pontoons hnd been lowered and made fast before the stcrm broke late yesterday. Ninety-eight per cent of milk is assimilated by Ihe human body, squalls." | meal, eggs, or fish. McKaskle centends Ihe refund- Ing acts' emergency clause Is Invalid because the vclc of Stale Senator Paul Gutcnsohn of Port Smith wns open to question. Gutcnsohn was appointed by Bailey. His favorable vote enabled the emergency clause to pass. Funeral Rites Held For Mrs. 0. Tillman CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Aug. 8. —Funeral services for Mrs. Oliver Tilman, 09. were held here Monday afternoon at the Methodist church, the services being conducted by the Rev. W. L. Meyer, paslor of the church, awl assisted by the Rev. D. K. foster, local Baptist minis- ler. Interment was In Maple cemetery here. Mrs. Tihnnn died peacefully in her sleep shortly after dinner last Friday. She Imd suffered from heart trcuble for some lime, nnd was apparently responding nicely to treatment when she succumbed. Mrs. Tilman was born in Indiana on Nov. 18, 1888, coming to this county from Tennessee about 35 yenrs ago, with her husband. Surviving are her husband, Oliver cin Alderman's Statement Ac discs Street Commis sioncv, Crilici/.cs Mayo) B.-n"k™™ 8V aw?. jB> M °" A " 8 fourlli ward mid u mcim>er°or Ui sneelHl commlilcc' appointed. Severn weeks n B o ( 0 !uvestl B ale cr last nl^ht submitted a re port to the council nt ih re g ,,|a monthly meetin with monthly meeting, asking the forth removal of Enninnel, , s mi'iily reprlmnnclinu Mayor D ' O '''" !i ll>ek of s»l"»-vls third Maying. Five prominent eld. llm cnCUVlllc ' S ''"' l " (r tho s l )col(i <! Tho report, when nicd with C'lt Clerk rjlins. w. Shields |« st ,,| g i, did not bear Hie slsmitures c ODJ'O Coker nnd Wymuu Ulllnmi other members of (he commute cokcr was chalriniin, and took a intensive part In questioning th witnesses wlio mnionrod before- Hi commltlec. James Al. Reeves of th ocnl law linn of Ward &. Reeves .vns relnlned by the commlltee n special counsel, the council hnvln nstruclcd Iho commute lo do s f It wished. Seventeen witnesses appeared be ore the committee-, which Is Investigation June 12lti. Th witnesses were Orvllle Durham •xlwaril Leroy Frn/elle, Elijah n< (colored), llcrnli! Jones, Will Ab wtt, John Claildy, Sum unycs, Bus- oi' Marsnck, Uriiest Lolton (color tl), Drew Unui, J. W. Woods Lc- •oy Bess, Albert. L. Stanley, A J Fisher, Floyd W. llovls, irn Cull'cm "id City Treasurer Jnck Scurles. Tlie charges were that EnelniH "1(1 used clly-imW employees or irlvnto consliucUiiK nnd roofing obs, nnd that Ihe workers were 'aid for their time spent on these hy city wnrrnnts, which ''I nnd approved by Mayo Pinion nnd City Clerk Shield*. The report, as submitted by Ald- "niinn Lewis, charged that lestl nony Imd established that clli U-iiolts burning'.gn^-ollna-. p»m to )y the.-city hnd bon used In- fur hernnce of .private Jobs secnm >y England nt. Coltouwood Point Slcelc. Unytl, nnd Cmmdy Switch is well as numerous jobs here li own. Tho report also clnlmci hnt 'the city hnd pnid for Ihe gns- Jllne used to operate the concrete nlxer used on Jobs, and Urn ftujlnnd had on various occasions ised city, employees to work hi iwn garden. H charged Hint Drew Inm. while working on a private ooflng Job nt a local poolroom ">(l been burned by spilled ho ir, :ilid tlmt Ihe city had poll or trcalmciil, The report charged tlmt Englntu nd used unfair competition prnc- ces In securing private driveway ml sidewalk Jobs, by forcing local onlraclors to follow certain specl- culions In regard lo driveways lit himself ignoring these specl- calions, thereby permltllng him o underbid on the contracts, .mong Hie local contractors tesll- .'Ing before the committee were dward Frnxelle, J. \V. Vfotxln and . J. Fisher. City Treasurer Jnck Senrles (csll- ed Hint no remittance:; hnd been ccclvcd by his office from England payment for any time city orkers had worked for him on rlvate Jobs, nor for any gasoline • other materials, equipment nnd ipplles used by England on the rlvate jobs. The report slntcd that England nd been Invited to appear before committee, but had declined, t the council meeting Inst night ugland stated that Sharon J. ntc, local attorney, had been clnlncd ns his counsel, and he skcd for two weeks In which to udy the report and testimony fTcred by the seventeen witnesses, id at that time would Inform ic council when he would be •mly to nppcor before them in iswer to the charges. Among the private Jobs specl- cnlly set out In the report In lilch it wns charged that E»g- nd used city employees, city ucks nud city gasoline, were: incretc garage floor for Olrnrd nllihnn In August, 1937; concrete ick porch nnd sidewalk for Byron Ward Iti 1938; concrete walk for Hoyl C.iln In October, 1938; concrete |»rch for Mary Shoptaw In August, 1937; nnd new roof and concrete floor for the Majestic Poolroom In 1936 nnd 1937. Coker and Dlllmiin, other two members of the special committee, of which Coker was chairman, said Tirursday^'nnd tVlltr <t ffnr>-mn.-> *»,_l »l _| i .. .... . . . * «"<J SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO' Roosevelt Requests Governmental Survey To Effect Savings ( 0 '?' A"*MU«Bi<!ent Roosevelt to£ n ™ '?i (1 - of Government departments and agen- h« nir« ? y . "' °" cll|lllo ' l! « to fwd what savings eoud bo clloclcd under improved administration ° V.G. Holland. Named Special Slate Justice rru.; ROCK, A,, K . 9. < OP) . Clov, llnllcy snlil loilny l,o Imd )iiin«l V. Ct. Hollniul, Illyllievllle iltorney, us special associate su- ircino court justice to hear Ihe bond refunding suit in ,,i ncc or Justice Tom Mflmircy, who dls- luallllcd himself. "Holland is one of the oiilshiml- rg iiltonioys of the slnlc and lm« served before ns an associate Ina- Icc" Hnllcy snld. "Because of the net that I nm iinmlng n member or (lie court I slinll not person illy argue the cnse before'H." The- executive revealed tlinl lie vns served this morning with n imimons from clmucery court by i deputy sheriff ns he slopped In i IDIIng station cnroulc from his lomo to tlic slatchousc. The deputy, nccordlns lo nl- achcs of Iho governor'); office, liiis ought to serve tliu summons since Monday. The summons vvns Issued ftci- Ifcrmnn MclCnskb nicd suit :i clinnccry court lo prevent Haley limn carrying out thu rcfund- »B program. administration. •>• In. n letter to heads of departments, Independent establishments find other government agencies, Mr, Uoosevclt said he belicvd that "substantial savings can be effected in tho cart of government." ".. He (Killed tliat lie wished to see such,savings "reflected In the .•apportionment, of appropriations for tho current year and In the submission of estimated for the fiscal year 1341." lUr. Roosevelt's letter-was made public by tho budget director. Mr. noosevelt said llmt passage Cleveland Police Say Victims Refused. To Contribute To Defense Funds CLEVELAND, O., Aug. 0. IUP)- 'ollce searched for, another pussl- ile Chinese "Iprt.ure.chatnbcr'* r.lay- nj • victim today n.vllioy continued nvestlgnlloii of one apparent b"al- ng to death and talcs of bnmliao vhlpplngs of otJiei- Chinese-, who nllcd to contribute to China's win 1 : imcl. They heard rumors of still CJIilncse were Detective Sergeant Marlln Coo- cy snld he wn.i lold that the ilsslng man vvns n -IS-yenr-pld lief. He said he wns Informal Imt the man wns flogged nnd Uud •Itli ropes for eight hours last 'rldny night in n torture den, Sergeant Cooney wild two In- ormnnU told him that the chef Isnppenrcd after he wns released rom his bonds and paraded ihvu pos- lie streets with a "slacker" r hung about his neck, "We're rtm up against a stone all in Inquiring- nboiil thlr, man," ooney said. )sceola Is Planning Active C. of C. Group OSCEOLA. Ark.. Aug. 9,-Pluns ere discussed . and a committee >i>otnlcd lo make n tentative bud- et and a survey of Uic business id professional men of flhe city oktiij; toward the organization of Clmmber of Commerce at a gen al mass meeting held at the iiirthousc here last night. Den P. Butler, who was nppoint- tempDrnry cliarlninn nt nn cnr- er meeting hold on July 31. pre- dcd at last night's meeting \vlth F. Manlcy acting as temporary crclnry. A considerable amount pledges WAS secured from the •oup present. Vance Carlwrfght ns limned clialrman of Ilic com- Itlce composed of H, J. Hnle, teve Rnlph, Nathan Weinbcrg, arl Robblns and J. B. Dunn who 111 meet Thursday morning to unch the campaign for funds irt mcmbrslilp among the ouo mrtrcd and fifleeti or more busl- css firms In Osceola. It Is planned to employ n fitll- ne secretory at an early date If of tho government reorganization net and subsequent transfers and • consolidations would "result in a more efficient and a more economical conduct of government operations." He snld savings during the present and succeeding years will "be stimulated, by the reorganization act." , "In the smile manner," ho said, "numerous' administrative' Improvement.? and economies In operation cim undoubtedly be olleelcd In many other units of government, quite aside from the ultimate need of further basic reorganization." Presents Bound Paper ' Volume To Legion Post .A Uvenly-oiio year old b;und vol- ' ume of "SUira and stripes" was presented, lo tthc Dud Cnsoii Post at the American Legion by Jesse Taylor at a meeting' of the group last night at the Hut. Tlio complete nies of this over- sens paper wlilch was published from Fetainiy, 1018, to June, 1919 are 'Very rare. Don FMwauh, post commander, at tho meeting last night apnslnted Roscoc' Oration, Jesse Taylor, J.' Mcll Brcoks, Floyd A. White, E. A. fllco and. Jim p. Harwell to a committee • to wcik •v.llh Nellt Reed, department commltleccticih, on the advisability of sending an Eastern Arkansas Cotton float to'the National convQiitlch In Chicago, Sept 27,-28>aud ,29th. '.;."'. ',-_, announced that the post had been Invited, to West Memphis rlwrsdny nfglit for, a barbecue given by the Marlon and West Memphis ,' Msts at the community bouse. All who want to go but are without transportation should meet .at-the ; . : Hut at G-.30 o'clock Thursday night; officers said. ,. Among those who signified their lolciitton ef nttciidliig we're'' : Mr.~' nice, EugDIio Dickinson, Dr. W. A. arlmmett, J. D. Smith, Mr. Harwell, G. B. carter, Mr. While, Mr, Hoed, John Nolen, Bryant Stewart, Mr. laiwnrds, J. R, stovall and floss Stevens. Youths Pursue TKief, . Aid Police In Capture Alertness mid vnlor of four boys saved a bicycle for J. C, Ferguson yesterday and made It possible for police to "get their man." Ucrry Rives Allen, nine, Jlmmle Allen, 14, J. C. .cole, 14, and Paul I Bujnrskl of Osccola, 12, saw a negro . 1 youth ride oil en n bike parked near the First Notional Bank, They knew the bike belonged to the Ferguson lad-and so they started after the culprit. After a chfisc which led them Into n cotton field, the bays overlook the negro who abandoned the bike nnd fled. In the meantime, police had gone to the assistance of the boys and they continued the chase until the culprit wns apprehended. The 10-year-old negro was turned over to juvenile authorities tcday, after having sjwnt the night In the city jail, and the bicycle returned to its owner. ifflclent funds ittcr said. are secured, Mr. Two Fined In Church Disturbance Cases Alleged recent disturbances at Ihe Assembly of God church services at Driver Grove resulted In two ycung men being fined in mu- nlcipal court tcflay but their fines were suspended and nine other young men and women were found not guilty of charges of disturbing religious worship. The Her. Mr. Andrews, who Is preaching there, had warrants for the 11 issued. He said that the ohn Langley, Former l Local Resident, Dies John Laneley, who lived in Bly- eville for a number of years, 'crowd was rowdy during church cd In" Birmingham, Ala., where he (services on two occasions, the mcst d resided since he left here 20 ; recent of which was Monday night, . this afternoon tlmt they did not sign the report for Ihe reason that they did not feel it wns the committee's duty to offer recommendations In regard to their findings. They pointed out that in the original resolution adopted by the ars ago. He was C8. The remains will arrive rites here : be Tilman, and five children, Misses' council authorizing the Invcstlga- Edlth nnd Ltnnlc. Tilman, and lion, that the committee was not Austin, Alfred and Oiin Tilman, • charged with making recommend-' """ three grandchildren. One aliens, but only of ascertaining - Theodore Yates of Ire- the truth of Ihe alleged rumors I., also survives her. concerning England's misconduct held Sunday afternoon nt tho Cobb Funeral Home. The Rev. F M Sweet, pnstor of the Lake Street Methodist church, will officiate anil burial will be macfe nt Mnple Grove cemetery where other relatives of his families nre burled. A 'news butch' on trains for 40 years, Mr. Langley was connected with Ihe Frisco rnilroarl when ill Blylheville. He Is survived by a brother, Frank Langley, of this city. ; and tlmt when he made them leave the services they, left the building but caused a disturbance on the outside. Arthur Crump nnd Z. T. Prultt were given suspended fines. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, scattered showers In northeast portion tonight or Thursday. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy nnd not so warm tonight, Thursday partly cloutJy.

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