The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1944
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER G, 1944' BLYTHRVILLE COURIER NEWS Coming Events THURSDAY Mrs. O. W. McCutchcn entertaining Thursday Contract Club. Thursday Luncheon Club meeting with Mrs. A. G. LJttle. Octette Club meeting with Mrs. C. C. Langstoh. J. .Louis Cherry entertaining Mid-week club. Night Bridge Club ^inuiouuy Hlgiu Brjage U1UD J|cetine with Mrs. Charles Bittner. ' FRIDAY Mrs. Lenrtcnnle Fowler entertaining C. B. c. Club. Mrs.' Ebb Reynolds hostess to Initial Club. Red Peppers Entertain With Banquet At Hotel - Tiny footballs surrounded with red and white carnations to carry out the high school colors decorated the table last night for the banquet given by members of the Red Pepper Club for the football squad. The allair, an annual event, was given In the Blue Room of Hotel Noble and was attended by approxi- 65 guests including team Christmas Party Is Given Mrs. Shields Edwards was hostess to 25 members and guests of the Wesley an " Service Guild :of First Methodist Church last night when she entertained with a Christmas party for the group at her new home on East Main.'Street. | Mrs. O. E. Quel'lmalz. gave the ' devotional and Miss Evelyn Parker gave a report on the Wesleyah Service Guild Meeting of the North Arkansas conference held Noy II and 12 in Little Rock, to which .she was a delegate. . • iMlss Mary Kubler read the story of I ho nativity from the Bible During the social hour which followed, games were played and gifts exchanged between members, with a tiny silvered Christinas tree as a feature of the decorations, .arid with Miss Eulopia WhUworth serv- in« as Santa Glaus to hand out the gifts. • • A salnd course with coffee was served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. W A.. Edwards. • • • ' Celebrates 6th Birthday - Sarah Bob Stilwell, daughter of Observe 68th Anniversary muiuiy OD guests including learn -•••—. ">"•. "uiweu, oaugnt«r of members, members of the High! Mi '- all(l Mrs - George SiUwetl, cele- school faculty, Supt. W. B. Nichol- brated her sixti) birthday yesterday son, J. p. Friend mid the hostesses. I afternoon when she Invited 22 of Miss Rosemary Child, president of lier young friends to' ; a party at thc organization, served ns toast-| llcr home on Kentucky. Avenue;- . mistress-for the informal program: Games and cortfests' were played given during.the dinner. Thc irivo-jfor several hours, with' : prizes won cation was given by Miss Evelyn! by Nelia Royce Woods and -Tommy Ashley, followed by the welcoming I Hnrtzog, and each child was pre- address by Miss Child and the re-'sented with a tlny:"r'ed Christmas spouse by David Sylvester. , (stocking filled'.'- with'.:,'nuts .and Miss Ann Deen, pianist, was in.) candy. , , .,. . ... charge of the music for the evening , After the gifts had been opened and brief talks were made by Ger- refreshments of ice- cream and aid Blomeyer, Miss Louise Mullins, Mt-iv^i.. -~ <;. -.-.:- .-•- ; J. E. Harrison, Miss Mary Nunh, Miss Rosa Hardy, Mr. Friend, John Mays, Mr. Nicholson and " Arvil Green, high school football coach, »»'ho extended his thanks to team "nembers for their splendid spirit during the season Just past. Singing of the Alma Mater song concluded the program. * * « Tri Delta Club Meets Members of the Delta Delta Delta Club were entertained Monday night by Mrs. Herm'on Carlton at her home on West chickasawba Avenue, when Mrs. R. B. Stout, president of 'the organization, pre--,.-... _ „ Thanksgiving basket given a needy family was made, end plans discussed for the filling of' Christmas stockings for 30 children of the : town. Miss Mildred Lou Hubbard, Miss Margaret Shaver, Mrs. W. A. Afflick and Mrs. W. A. Afflick and Mrs. Stout- are members of the cornmiltee-in charge of this project. ' Miss Shaver was asked to write a report—of---the-actlyltles-of-the- local club since .its organization in' 19-10, to be sent to the. national "• sided. A report on the of the Tri Delta magazine. A sandwich plate with iced drinks was served'by Mrs. Carlton. Mrs. Rouert Porter of Dearborn, f],,k Mich., a former member of the club, '*- luu was a guest at the meeting. Mr , ^g^ . birthday cake were, served.", Mrs. Stilwell was assisted by Mrs R. T. Ashby, Mrs. J. M. Carmicliael and Miss George 'Ann Stilwell.- • • V ••'*-• ' ' '"''.''' Baptists Meet At Ckurch ; Mrs. B. B. Woodson was program chairman at the Week' of :'Prayer Program given-yesterday afferhoori at First Baptist '. phurch,, using a's her theme,.-VJustice-, to, the 'Nations Througli Christ 1 .': '•..;• ,. .;. ' •.'. Tlie opening prayer .'was given by Mrs. Walter Bishop/ followed, by ihe devotional-.on' "The' - Singer's Symphony," given by-Mrs;' 1 H..'H. Brooks, who closed :the- devotional period with prayer. • ..'. ,.' : ^A talk was given by .Mrs.-.Ted King on "A Message frorii Dr Riinktn," followed by prayer by MIE..E. C.'Browri'and a : vocal solo by Mrs' Paul;Tipto»,-accompanied by Mrs. Brown. -.••'••• M:' . The Rev. W. Lj'Kqwze of Port Worth, Texas, madE.> talk 'on the seminary at Port Worth, arid also iold -of returned missionaries arid of the trahung_ foreign missionaries receive'.""" " ' "" <•--— PAUTV FOR BKIDE-EUCT Mia. p. M. Bonds concluded the scries of parlies for .'Miss Mai Ilia Kale Bryant,'.bride-elect with n four table bridge party M her country home nt Double Urldgcs Mon|«ay ni B h(, i fltc Autumn flowers Were arranged lit I he' living room 1 where ihe gilesls were seated for i Hie gimiw. MI^ . Brynlil was pre- 1 sculfd n gift from' Ihe hostess nnd liigli score bridge prize wns nwnrd- • M lo Mrs. Jesse' BroA'ii, and consolation to^Mrs. Roy-Ware. 'I lie liijitlst Wbrriiin's Mlsstoiwry Bpcluty ^i'ct.nt tho clitirch Tuesday aftciiiooij 701- their .a'ltnunl Lotllc Vtt . Moon Vtttltn Mission rsraiu. Jlr.s nyiion O, VVlIklns was leader. Mrs. S. Jitjii] llh'(! BVC the duvollon- n| i '"id dlscilssloiis were licnrd from Mrs. Mnry ;Diivlsi ' Mrs. John riiuwilt. Mrs. C, B. Wood, Mrs. .Mnry nicker, .and prayers 'were said »)' ulSn 0 ' H 0 *f°».-'»"<l Mrs, Min nie Hale and happy, despite Iheir ad- , vaneeri years, Mr. and Mrs. E, K ' McGregor today celebrated their 68t)i wedding anniversary nl their home, 628 Clark Street. Married at 19 and 17 years of aye respectively, Mr. and Mrs McGregor .: came to Blytlicvllle 33 years ago. from Florida nnd operated a store here for 17 years, and Mr. McGregor later was on the local police force. No special celebration was plan' ned h • the for the day's occasion but •Si 0f1U ' elr Ianlil - v " vl " Jl ™ S|lcnt thc d! cGregor home. Thoughts of the BBW! couple nro ini'tlcubrij. will, their lo grnnd- M>ns who now are Bi-rvlne their country jhro^hom tho world, and K ° tls """ """Kl'lers who, to „ con- be ivllh I v. --- IUI1H. Ihcir parents (odny Six or then- n children shir 'me' ' . . of I'lnnt city, MB M f n' D ' McDM ''™tt and Mis. M. E, Bryant, Ijolh of lMcm . Phis; and Mrs. Clarence Hurley of Lansing Mich.; and Uvo sons, IVE McGregor and i3d(U e McGrecor both of Dlylhcville. k ' Bits of News Mostly Personal Bryce Lnyson, n student at University of Arkansas under the A S. T. n P., j s spending n weeklies with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. c. Layson and fnmilv. -Mrs. A. G. Balm ami infant daughter, Barbara Ann, have gone to Decatur, Ala., to join Lieutenant Balm after a visit here with Mrs Bahn's mother, Mrs. H. Meury. M <Mrs. N. j. Nem of Eas[ pr ; liri Mo., is visiting here for 10 dav's ns the guest of her daughters, \\trs. George Stilwell and Mrs. D C Freeman and their families'. • Nancy Richards, who makes her tjome here with her grancHiuhc,-, C. A., Richards, underwent aii emergency appendectomy this morning at Blytheville Hospital Her condition is satisfactory ' ' ; . Qapt. and Mrs. J, • v. Haggard havejreturned to their home in at Ar- ;ceive. • . •• •• .-.^ , "»re >feiiunea lo their horn Tlie meeting • closed 'with the • Arlill 8'°n, Va., after a<,visit ^nl lint repetition of'the'fourth verse •i'i° rel lvilh )ler P«'e»ls, Mr. ' ""> «"•« chapter'of Isiah ' ' " Mrs - E L - Hal(1 Robert Holt Has Party i Because Robert Holt was six ea last nigm,at,-:ier country home, years old yesterday, his- mother, | High score prize in ; -theAbridge Mrs. w. M 1 Wnit ;,n7if,i,j 10 ~F v,;^ games played-, was,won by -Mrs. Charles iangstpn and,'second.high . members .of Club-Eight and', two other guests, Mrs. 1 R. 'c. Allen and Mrs. C. Pryor when she entertained last night .at-lier country hprne. K. M: Holt, invited 18 of his classmates in. the first grade to a birthday party at his home oh West Walnut Street. Games anrf playing on the piny- ground equipment 'in the yard entertained (he children for several hours before a weiner roast was lielii. Birthday cake and hot chocolate ;also were served. Mrs. Holt wns assisted by Mrs. U. H. Holt In entertaining the children. • • • Executive Board Meets Fifteen members of thc Executive Board of the Woman's Auxiliary of First Presbyterian Church met Monday afternoon nt thc church, with Mrs. Zal B. Harrison presid- Ofua. G. W. Dillahunty gave a 0(|ristmas message on "Our Lord's Birth" as the devotional. Routine business was cared for, and plans were made for a Christmas box to be sent to the Auxiliary's ward at the children's home in Monlicello. The animal Christmas party, to be held this year on Dec. 18, nlso was discussed, concluding the afternoon's program. by Mrs. I/. S./Be'riish'. 1 .. A sandwich plate'wifh-iced drinks was served. .. ..•.-'-. . .•-..•.,•«'.,.... ' •. Bridge G|ub Entertained . Mrs. L. G. Nash ihtl ;Mrs.'.Baker Wilson played bridge, with • members of the Tuesday Bridge-Club yesterday afternoon when 1 Mrs W. C. Higgihson entertained the group at her home.. '...-:• • High score prize, went' ,to'. Mrs. Dixie Crawford and second high to Mrs. C. E. Crigger -Jr., and the hostess served a salad course. • .• , • . . Club, Guests Entertained Members of the Double G Club were guests last night of Mrs. John I-ippitt, who also entertained Mrs. Toby Long nnd Mrs. James Lee Brooks, at her home on Chickasawba Avenue. High score prize for thc evening's bridge games was won by Mrs. Albert K. Taylor and second high by Miss Mary Spain Usrey. , A dessert course was served. Grandma Switches Millions of Mothers To Her Mutton Suet Idea For Chest Colds Pioneer grandma likcci to "rub more comfortable—(IjPenetro re- colds" with a "homo rub" contain- lieves colds' pain as its mutton suet ing mutton suet. Sucli a rub was helps carry medication to nerve . her "old reliable" for relieving chest muscle lightness, soothing bronchial irritation, loosening phlegm, checking coughing, casing sting of chapped lips anil nostrils. 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Sergeant Hnrdin, who recently returned after 30 months overseas service in Australia .and New Guinea, is believed to nav^e received further overseas orders.' . • •The Rev. -Hoyt Jcrnigan arrived lotiaj' from Jonesboro, to assume Ms duties as pastor of calvary Church. His wife and (heir four children plnn lo Join l,ii n w ) t hi the nest few weeks to .. make heir hmnc in the church parsonage located on South lath Street L. T. Moore Sr., Is critically ill " ' s 101>lc o» W^t Malti street, wlieie ho was removed two weeks ago followlnu scvcVal weeks Ircat- mcnt in a Memphis hospitnl. His ^"'? MI' Mrs - Mnr »' Moore PhmiPs of Mobile, Ala., and his son'-'L T Moore Jr., a at Baylor Unl veistty, wnco. Texas, have arrive , . lo be with him. ed w m. Mrs Buddy B . Dnvls , eft lo(J lor Lebanon, Va., for a visit »lth her parents, Mr. and M re E W Olenn, 'after having spent llio pnst three weeks n.l Oosnell ns the guest of Corporal Davis, parents, wi- and Mrs. Joe Davis. Corporal and Mrs Davis are Jiinking their Iromc nl Camp Hood, 'Texas, where she v,lll return. !' REUNION ' ON THANKSGIVING ' Welcoming i>vl. Mnrvln Bpnnn Wi son home on n short furlough wiillc envoutc .froju Stockton, Cnllf , lo an Air school at Amnrlllo, Texas .wns a family, rciiiMoii at Ihe home oi his ,griindmotlior, Mrs. lauls Simiin. oninThnnkiglvlhg. Those present wore Ills niothor, Mrs. R. L. cox, ,\\ r . Cox,,i»nd daueliter. .olndys Lee Cox, of .Clnrksdnfo, 'Miss.; his aunts, Mrp y.ty ,'B; Yancey, nnd dau B hter,,.MUi Mn ry DlLw yincey, of Mnrln|iiia7nn d iMrs;:H. B. Price of Liworn\\ -i, •.;-'.., . , ' .'•'•'.•/..•.,' f ;.»!'; Vi M lfn A >H),: v Clalr6,- ( Wll!!lns spent the I lmnksglyln)j. holidays with her cousin, .MISS. Laura. Joe Wntklns, a student 'nt .Hendrlx' College, Conway. Ark. '•:,• '-.'.'., " '' •• it i n' - - Kccl wllh,hls..SD.n, R S yol W. Duller and family; '.Monday n'nu •Tuekluj-. Mss prances Reid Dowen, n teacher lr,-the, ••Blythovlllc .schools spent tliB.'.Tliim^glvlng holidays wllh |,or ijaienh Mr nnd Mrs Sam Boweii R Renfrd fclliriicd to Camp oRdci Saturday afle. a weeks fuiloiith Vrlth hb wife and dnugh wr nnd his, fathei, 1 R Ronfio Meetings At The 'Hospitals Wnlls Hospital AdmlUed: Mrs. Ocorgc' Shrinks, clly 'Hurry Htiies Humnnii. Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly IT Ton euncr Itftra rhcuraallc. ncthrlth or •iciirllli piln, ay l&U simple Irresponsive i,,,™ cripc itut (nauaanila are usli;fl On a iuck- BRC of Uu-Kx Cotn[«nnf| a twowrvk Tji'iilv tMay. MU U *tt.l '„ W, M ,,i *a, r .3';k Juice ot 4 Icmotu. It's easy. Xo irnul,!" at nil and plc.-wint. You upcil onlj- ci j- ajisi-^,') an: Ctlicn fltiila IS Loi M — siilrnilhl rriirlls r,r .. lulj t»o llmra --Mtnc«iBC3 ovjp — siirni rrirlls r, oblalnnl. K rto pjina do not aiilcklv ira and H you do not tori teicr, rciurn (te mpty [ucLicc ™,l HH-KX ,vll| f ,ot ,,, u ,.,,„,. 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Dowdy, Stcele, Mo. a Lodge No 134 r am M i ^".^"(omonow night 1 30 otlock at the hull a vms mi "^Ffl todn> bj D«ey acntij worshipful master Tlie Musters will be cohfeired Scout News Aipack meeting of cub Scouts of tt !, cl , L ?l>* Street Melodist Chmcli ^ if? ?fc lu , tomo "°» night, 8 ociobK, ft the church > Driver Abandons Stalled Bus, But Co-eds Start It AHKADKU'IIIA, Ark,, Dec. (i fU.l 1 ,)—A driver for u Inis lino oiieriUIng between Camdcn nnd Arkiulclpliln will know better next lime, He hns learned his \eim» I'bout women—cs|wclnlly college co cds. Tills unlucky driver's \ m slI ,| U , ( belvvi'en A|Hii-)ctnni) mid Unlink the oilier day. lie liled everything | H kmni 1 lo i;et (he bus movlnis. Hui the bus Jusl wouldn't .shut. :So hn (jnvo H up ns n Und Jo) and slnrled afoot for Dulnik, whci ho Imped lo find n mechniile. ' • Among (he passengers on 11^ bus wore several co-eds from ]len- dcnoii Btnle Tcnclieis College n Arkndelphln, No toouer had the bus driver gotlen out of slsht Ihni up Jumped Miss Ann Abernuthy ol Cnimlen. Miss Abcrnnlhy t>ol 'mil of the bus, looked (lie trouble over tinkered wit)) Ihe gas feed am then slfppod on the Mnrlcr. Yup the Uiibborn bus coiighcd on« nnd then rolled on Us way. Mis; Aljwimlhy slo])prd nt Dalnrk t< pick up Ihe driver—who hiul a very, very rod face. Pvt. Marshall Bfafkard Continues To Recover I'\'t, Mnrslinll lllnckard, .soilous- ly wounded In th« luvnslon of Prniicc, Ls now belter but 11 Is not yet known when ho will be sent to a hospital In the United Slnles Recently moved lo Iho third hos- pllnl In England where ho hns been a pallcnt since wounded, In Is Mirroring from shell shock am Injuries lo Ills hoiul nnd chest Neither lits legs nor nrins were Injured ns was first believed. In n leller received this ivoek, he Iold of the pleasure In rccelvlns mull from friends in lilythevllle address Is I'vt. Marshal Blacknnt, 38500250-1190 U. S Arms Hospltnl, T. b, T., Al>O 209 Postmaster, New York, N. Y. Sent. ovcrsL'arj only a short Unit, after Induction, Private lilacknnl was home on a furlough shortly he- lore snlltng In Mny. Mrs, Dlackni'd anil tivo daimhlers, Kay nnd Mnrsliii Marie, nnd his mother. Mis. Idcll ulncknrd, »rc nl, their homo, 10-1 linst Hose. USO Worker Resigns Miss Allec Snllbn, who hns served-during the past II months us asslslnnt director of the local USO has resigned her position nnd will leave iiftcr Ihe Christmas holidays to accept, n position nwny from BlylhcvlUc. Mrs. Robert Grimes mid .Mrs. O, W. 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His wife lives at 005 Avuloi Memphis. * * i Mi's. O. i). iioone recently rccelv «l (i letter from her suii, Lien ij.g.) Duvld Hoone, who slated thn ie was well nnd happy Komcwhei In France. 'Hils wns (ho first news Mrt loono h,u| received from her so In six weeks. Ui'iileiiiml liomic is with n Amphibious Corns. More Divorce Suits Filed In Court Here The [ipiiroiichlnif holiday seaso lm.s hroiiRhl nuiu O r no letup hi th "risk divorce business here. 'I'ho noNt lurm of Chancery Coin will be held here Dee, ai at whlcl llicso Mills Died recently nro oxpcci «l to bu passed upon: Helen Rut llnrnell vs. Olho Jiuncs Ilnrncfl Cllndy.s Lambert vs: O'Neill -Lam bert; Murle Cox vs. w. C, Cox George n. Tumbow vs. Fay Tum bow; Leon Slllwcll vs. aelicvn Stil well; Olive Sclnmpenlmiicr vs. Vic tor SchimpcnlmHcr; Herbert H Aws tin vs. June Austin. Annulment of the jmirrlntjo o Eleanor M. Dnssler and Dale M Unsslcr Is sought by the bride. Divorces granted "In vacation" h Chancellor B. 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To flo this, scientists any, you must Imvo AU nrlcriuftlc supply or natural Momnch rilgcallvo Juices nnd Mch, red- blootl imwl lio present, Improper diet, overwork, undue worries, colds tho flu or other fllncu oltcn mpnlrs the etomnch'a dlcesllvo func- lloiiBrtnd reduces tho retl-ljToodstrengtli. A person who la opcrntlug on only a 70 to 75^ hcMthy blood volume or n stomach digest)vo^ cnpaclty of only 50 to C0% normnl Is severely handicapped. Undigested foot! sours, causes gas. . . hlonllng.., falls to supply tho necessary body energy...tissue rormlr...often re- EUHlng in nervousness and loss of energy. Go with nmplo atomncli digestive Juices PLUS HIGH, RED-BLOOD you should enjoy Ibnl sense of well-being which denotes physical Illness . . . mental alertness! 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At dr ug stores 1 n 10 and 20 oa. slzc3. wme Ac/ps biiild STURDY HEAITH -.- ~ and Remanded The" Arkansas Supreme Court* this week reversed and remanded for , . another, trial a case from the Mississippi County Circuit Court Involving $50. ' > r"rV, In the suit, Jesse L Mlllner^al-" legcd that Roy McKay owed Jhlm " money for, work which'the plaintiff " Is alleged \to have done for Dan Ashcraft with approximately J5Q |n- The Bupicmc Couit case 'was' styled 'McKay vs. Mlllner with Plauda F. Cooper icprcsentlng Mr. McKny and H n. Pnrtlow of Para- goulil nnd H. C! Paitlow of lilythe- vlllc having represented Mr Millner. ••* It Is expected Hint the suit will be tried again ftt tho civil term of Circuit Court iicic late. In January " I I I / CraHnooo* Skew'* Etery D«? Boi Office Opens 1:<» Show Starts 2:0* ' LISTEN TO KU)N ,, Wednesday Thursday mid DAVID O.SELZWCK His first • production since "Gone With The Wind" ancl "Rebecca 1 * ' Jennifer iONES , Joseph CBIIEH ' SIMey TEMPLE' Monty Selected Short Subjects' ROXY BUUnew Bat. * Boa. Only Otto* each night 1:45; itarti Open. Snub? 1:M; gurt* 1:M N» Smtmrtmj, honoml an , Nltht XzotM ' • Last Time Today The Saint Meets the with Hugh Sinclair ^clcctcrl Short Subjects Thursday and Friday ''••' Selected^ 'ShoH^Sulijctls'^ ' ^ * '

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