The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1949
Page 9
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THURSDAY, APIUT, 21, Bl.YTHKVII.I.R (ARK,) COURIER NEWS US Participation In 110 Is Opposed DAR Takes Stand Against 'World' Government Groups WASHINGTON. April 21. M')— The Daughters of ihe American devolution Rot Into a hot scrap yesterday over a resolution opixtsing U. S. participation in the International Trade Organization. The wrangle broke out at the OAR convention after the delepate.s had approved quickly several other resolutions, inchidlne one opposlnu U. S. pai tieipation in any form ol world government. Action on the 1TO proposal finally was postponed after a series of parliamentary moves apparently pot cverylwcly confused. Mrs. W. A. nccker. Westficld. N. J.. honorary*president Keneral. led tlie fisht against the proposal. She argued that the convention already had taken care of (lie issue by reaffirming earlier the OAR's op|lo- sition to \J. S. participation in any form of world tfovcrnment. Previous resolutions were adopted quietly without a single negative vote. They included: 1. That DAI? members recognize Ihe necessity of "a resurrection of that, blazing faith that fired the hearts and spirits" of the fonnriiiiR lathers In establishing the United States. H said the Ideals of this |f faith have been challenged tay a doctrine of collcetiveism. 2. Commended Congress for continuing the House Un-American Activities Commmlttee and praised the committee for its reports about Communism. 3. Took f. stand against "Intro- ducton of subversive Ideas" by left winR educators "condilionhiK our people for subjuvatlon to world government." 4. opposed federal aid to education on the frrmmrt it would "hasten the advance ol state socialism." Debate in UN Continues on Clerics Case LAKE SUCCESS. April 121—<.•!•,— Britain's Sir Alexander Cndncan (old (tic u.N. ye.slcrclay HIP lin- prisounipnt of churchmen behind Board Considers Debt Problems at Hollywood PAGE NfNE :i ! Hub HV.I: "lln-iS a viiiiilerCul leltcr Ililuk .inn slunilil read." State Penitentiary C-, lllirmxl from IKIHC ri 1 p.'.ynu'. rlt Uii'ir pii>.s aj U'JTUC HOCK, April ai i-l'i .Th> • ;1 """ TS M'Mr:i<t or money. Arkansas i'emu-nli.n.v )iiubalily can! F>|X svl " " 1| " "' <•'•"' ( '''' [Kiy oil H!! it-s rtc-bts before lla> end ! Y>111 Wlmli'sali-," I'nnn Hie ' hi.'li, J uiu State G'cnnpl roller l*re Roy j ley tolil a croup of cremtors jiniiiy i the iron curtain Is one more pronf, the iH'niir-iitiary would \voik tun ' that Communism is inflexibly op- ! -some system of paying oil ih-.' posed to organi/cd religion. ;SI57,09ii in dt'bt.s the CnrlnRim spoke before the 58- ' "rrently owed them, nation special Political Committee I f ' 1 - vlu l H"' Institution now has nl the General Assmbly in continu-' abuui HOOOUO in cash to apply on '•'">' -'" whnlraili-. ,"'"" "" " >l"ll>«'i»>il Motel C-'oniiiu'iual Itieakfu.sts." Uavul O Ki'l/nic kV; Muillo i- InsLitiilion , ""'lit will L:D under (lie LHL>-U<II A movlr is w;'liiui:| inlk ol n- n\H'r:i >1;ir I'aMfniak ili'.il tor Andy Kus^t'll tip at M-O-M. •niciT's, the 1 crooner \\S11i I iilxim .stiirillK on OIIP nl his chllli'r.s Medy l.iiiimn'.s mother Jit-.i twilight an intenst til » bukery i:l llu- l-'.u- HUT'S Miirket. Hpeelali/,in^, no doubt, In eher.seeakel I n> lalira 111 H Ju T-mnsU'al. id Is [oruolllns ll'M'i ill ".Su.spi'" dio. Khc'.s lalXlnt lo tc director Tony I,o:ul"r «• Killed h.v Sniiiii] 'I'wo srlrulisls lu Trxiis \vrn> MII--j --.('.il In kllllnt: dartfini by |>io- .•illil sound wavi-.s nf rxtrcmrly :l) pilrh wLlh n nli'ki'l tuhr uuitli- vlhrnle iilmosl, HBlil) tlmrs a (Hut by rlrrtro-macii''!!!' mils. ing' debate In the trials of Josef • pan Cardinal Mind.s7.enly in lllllleary snd 15 I'rotestnn clergymen in Bulgaria. He joined the United States In supporting a Bolivian resolution that, would nive the assembly's approval In action already Initiated Against the two Soviet satellites ' ol il.s the bills. The remainder will be paid oil when the 1U4D cotton c-roo is sold. He.islcy .said creditors eoulit Accept iKu part payment plan or nli 1 suit the slate. He said the institution has a riMi oi $117,0-17.74 tor operation O:'io< fi.\n.,l i ii'.-t UU4' t;nins lor tin- next under peace treaty Ruruantees. | sevt-/;il moutlis. The Unlled Slates niirt Hrltnin licasley .said il would bo im|xi,- took Ihe initial steps toward iiwnlt- Mule tc pay 0(1 the entire debl and ing Ihe peace treaty o] crate the penilenliary. machinery when Ihey split notes to Hnnpary and Hulgarla April 2 chnrgtne them with treaty violations. The iinlivian resolution provides that the Issue would V>e carried over to the tall session of the assembly so that action could be taken then if the efforts of the treaty slRiieis (ailed to remedy the situation. Cadot'an reviewed the trials nl both Mimls7entv and (lie Buluarian Protestant leaders to back op his charces that the cases had been pre-jndsed. The tredilor.s oeoliLieci to I'nin- ient on whother Uca.slsy'.s plan w.iui'i be accepted. \ nu-t willi itu'mbf'rs ol tin 1 Penitentiary nonrit in lu)]i,\- -. iiiiiiy sonic solution to Liu- ' one moinin'.i. It was a hull cnnlirrufi!. Iliai most ol Hie .^ludlo janiti'is hud been laid oil. Mill .Mlveil 1'p Tile lltiu.suiii I'lintusiun c-onliiiui' While in llou.iiin (or Hie pr m:etc' of "The Ciieen l'i Hub I'.ii^e. the ^a CHenn AliOartln n letli-i liti Walter WallRer in wliu-h taxed i'.lKnil the pu-iure. MrCarthy showcil it uromul. Ilian- kcd liob tov lirlllgiiliK it to Houston. Ihci' ('"I il Into Ins poekel. One ; day Jinb li'rei\ed a noti- liom Cilelli:' 1 ' seuelary In whlrll In- en| eloseil V.'anm-i '.-, letln-. 'Itie note lo .w .Stair o( o PlObU'lll Teen-Age Boys Accused Of Looting News Stand FORT SMITH. Ark.. Anil 21 M'.— '' wo teenage youth.s were in jail her^ . -. Vertncsday chariied with stealiu-A ."'f nation to create more Interest Yangtze Attacks Reminiscent of Panay Incident By the Associated Prws Two British warships were cnuRl In the crossfire of the Chinese civil war yesterci a jr. The Incident was reminiscent of the -sinking of another neutral in the endless China werfare—the Japanese sinking of the American gunboat Fanny in 3837. The Japanese aerial attack, Dec 12. 1937 on the Panay, 25 miles upstream from Nanking, hart been one of the most surprising developments "I the Chinese-Japanese war and seriously disturbed the relations between the United States and Japan. The Japanese air attack was centered on the Pa-nay and three Statid ard Oil vessels it was conveying Two of the Panay's crew and captain on one of the oil vessel:, were killed. Seventy-four persons aboard ihe vessels were injured The Panay went down with her flaps flying. The Japanese government, a polo prized and presented. * the Uinter States with a check for $2,214,00' in compensation. F orresfa/ Is Reported Improving in Hospital WASHINGTON, April 21—' Former Secretary of Defense Jamc Forrejstal. ill at Bethesda Naval Hos pital yesterday to be improving. N date has been set for his release ForresUI entered Bethesda April 3 for treatment for "nervous exhaustion." Conference on County Health Units Opens KANSAS CITY, April 21. 1,7V A JHT-slate regional conU-i encc K!\N held brro ye.slordav uiulcr Hit* aos- pioex ot the National Mi-allli Council on i lie establishment ol counts lirallh units. Delegates attended from Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma. Arkansas and l.oiu.sinjia. The throe-day mrctiuc is third regional session held In Wlu'll You BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME 700 In cash from a Fort Smith news t;ind Tuesday night. The youths, one from Fort Smith nd the other from Van Buren, vere arrested sliortly a[^r the heft. One of them led officers to he cash box which had been hid- en unopened under a trash barrel n an alley. The box held $10888 in cash and S30 check. The Van Burcn youth formerly vorked for the news stand, ilc told police he had acquired n key to he building and gave it to the Fort Smith boy. The Fort Smith boy idmitteri entering the buildiiiE and .akir.2 the money box, police said. Both have been placed in the cus- :oay of juvenile authorities here. in tlie dcvclopmciM of health service in smaller communities. i Under the county health unit plan. H full-time stuff of trained workers, includinc a doctor and n, is maintnmed to handle ' public he;i!lh prolilcm.s. Call D. C. 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