The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1930
Page 6
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!did nD'. vote for lilm. This | [• Regular Alabama-Democrats Inrie- ' him from tlieir primary. "Jeili'i-- sonian lantl-Smi'.hi Driiion-af;" nominated him lu succeed liiinsol' on an independent ticket in the No- vuubcr elections. .Kunil Teachers Attend Summer Is Old Time Politician Willi- School Sessions Genius lor Oratory. Not; n ,. S| ,, le many - 0 7 Mississippi co.m- Lcoislalion, 1 ime Finds. ; '>' schools havinK summer salons. ^ ' tnelr icacliers lUiendcd colleges i The firsl of a series of thumbnail : dllr '"l! [*'•"• vai-ntlcns. 1 According to a report tnmiiibd Mis.s Winnie Virgil -| ni-m-r. :county Mipi-i-vi.-;;.-. 40 Ic.ich'rs in 30 nirj] Mho Is wore in rcllcne liiK :aummi-r where- i!»-y studied llu- •!!oin: James Thomas ("Tom- ,h»^'. mt'.hcds ol edumllon. Tom") Hcflin.. Loinna. Ala. Apv] . ' I!l '- v ;ll<1 - 1V;1 V school. Miss 0 ISM rnola Morn.nn. .loncsljoro eolieue; ' 'Slarl In Life: Mayor of Lsifay. Etowi.h, .Miss l.ellal Mike. .St;ite cue. Ala. ' • ''^cliei-:- jolicue at Memphis, Miss Career: Never in pecuniary need, '-''"a Mm-dllli. Jom-shoro A. nn'l he was forced by his Spavlun fi:t!i- : M - : l!:ilf Mo"". Mrs. Cassie Cald- IT. richest Randolph cotiuly lane!--*;:" Ii: tr.-;m. Jyiu-.sboro A. .md M. bit-graphics of urcimiu'iit ('oiiKn-ss- . nirn crnlpilrd liy the editors or,"*' •Time, the Wi-ckly Niw: and printed by special permission claimed "Give me liberty or yivr me death" at tile nearby seliool- housc; aged 12, ho had read a! owner, to plow and pick in 'the pa- ' Mi ' s l ' :llil _ Illdi:i-.v .luncsburo <-o]|;->;<-; i(:iniil cottoa plantation, weed i;ar- ; 1-one O.\k. Mis c. S. Hngijett ;m:l dc:is milk cows with his six broth- [M- s -s E^l> r-'ield 1 .. Juicsb'.ro A. and IT.-., one Mster. ARCS! 10. he A>- M.; Mai Lake. Miss lltntrlce liar- : a "< ; , you. .Jom-.sboixi iHllegc; Hickman. 1):)l " Miss Jan? McGhoc, Jonc.sbwo A ana M.; Huirman. Mr. nnd Mr,. Hruvus. I line Mountnin, Miss'-' nuynl-n. Mr.s. iiulia Pierce, W. W i Or.v, Josii-sboi-H A. and M.; Hound : Lake. HCS'.CT Robinson. Jones- i! bora A. and M.; Uiiukley, MiV Man- iirlnkk-y. Jui'.e.'boro A. aiii'l M.: HUM Ktcier. MLss Ruth i(a\vl-; ' Jone.-.bnro A. am! M ; Mullimiii' llwii!.;, Miss Vclina Williams .lonrv txiro A. and M.; Clear Lake. Miss Annie Lee David. Jonosboro A. umi '. M.: West Ridge. Mrs. Cjuinn. 'MI-S '• Clii-ismantl. Jono.'b-jro A. nnd M • i Frazier. Miss Hiisle Ural. Coiuvay I Teachers collcft.-: SUIIman. MIS ! Mattii' Mlildlelon. Tc.ii-hcrs ™l- ! le^e at M.-mphts, Mi. ss i-Yeshour I Jonosboro A. nnd M. : J}|. w Hope' Miss Cloln .\rt-Cnrml,'k. -i-eacl^is j college ai Memphis; ,\|j : . s i^ ri j; I Nenltiiiin. .Iniu'.sboro A. niul M • i ao.-nrll. Mr. and Mrs. I^nfesl^ ! JOIICSUUI-D A. anil M.; I'nwhren. Mi^s ; Joy UBW-IIS. Jcncsixiro A. ami M ; I Shady Grove, Mr. and Mrs. V. A Murphy. Jrai.^stjeu-, A. anil M • "! Untehei-. Mis. Anna Davidson, I Miss Florriifv S|ieakes. Mrs, Rose'. Tencher.s onlleftc at Memphis- D.u:gherly. Mrs Ellis lliiilson : Jc.nesboro A. nnd M.; Sli.iriy Bend i Miss Iron... \Vatkins. Jonc.'boro col- leiic; Rocky, j. A. McKeu/li-, Jones- ' boro College: Ekron. S. T aim,,, i son. Teachers c;:llese at Coiuvay i Number Nine, Miss May Hatlcy Joiusbcro A. nnd M.: "noimoocl ! Miss Arreim Ofl?. Toai-hers college ! at Conway; Siiady Lane, Mi« Edin Ueen, Mrs. p,.;,r] Hill. Joneslxiro wild M.i Ilnrdette. Miss Tatlen T. Aulry, Miss Parkinson! leach.?rs college ni Conwiiy Mrs Jicteon. Teachers culleue at Mcm;ihis: Hlghlower. Mr. and Mr< Sliaiv. Teachers college at Mem-' nhis. ,! IO:KI u ill ciiiisume l. r iO in- Ill-id tins year tlian .s',:- nl 1300. ac-cnrdhi-; i: an Id-srarch l-'ounila- •--..!. Irii::;;. fal. 1 ;. and 01!-. iu-ti'.c 1-. ;irc l]'!n» cali'ii |i'.i ni 'I, United Slates" ciiniii ; assumption u! •:ii::;it"-il at abant Ifn :s year. co:npiiri.'d wit' pi-r i-apiia in ludy. I'.ir Hi:: tins year, coin- paii-d with '1-1 iKiiituls a ls i-nr.silmptilill ll;r :irji; lilu gn.ijiids to l.or frcsii :iui:.s fniin HXI to 19.' "Meal i'n:i>.-.:iiipiiflii hiis shown li'-- !!c- viiniiiniii. ]-:iiti;iii>; from H2 t.; 1-15 pouniK n year per pcr.sun. ••nsjin-hiij :ln- IIIL-KMSCS uilh the decline, (in- avern'jc p?r capll. foxl eon.suniplion shows a gain o. 150 pounds annunlly In the lasl'-snl yeais. "An Inciraslni; preference fo; or.crsy and heat prtKliicing foods Is evident in the modern American dietary. SiiKar larai-ly supplies PH. crijy, Mhilc- lats are netd.^siuy i Brneratiiu: heat and power for [I-,- j body." Lloyd Adcock Honored at Oklahoma A. and M. Adi-'.-'k. a ;;radiiali; ol thn | iliy hish scliooi. has brcn p!:i'./"l | nn tin- Drtins' llsl of I)l^.^jn{;uisl](•.•i ' S'.iidi-nt.s at tlif Oklahoma A. an'! ' M. i.o:tf[;i' ai Jjtilhviitev for Hi. srcond .v-ir.i'.'.r-r i,'. l(i2'J-:in, II-• was also oj] /or lhr iir:.l 'i'his n i (jf-'iiitinn is accorded lo sludf-nts \\iio have passed in :.!! courses ink.-n with an averaj!" o! nut lii'A-cr tlinn Sri Only cne out of every la .sludi n:s altiiin tin- dJMhietlon. aicimlini; >lo Henry C, Ui'iinclt, iircsiciein. i.ivi- DOVRR, o. <UPi— When rjovi-r youths v.-i-ri' brtnifjiii ijcfort- Mayor \V. H. HtucXy an u rimr^ of raising t'n> ima-ii ;«-lnorH;p." in a local ihi'iiler. lit: luld Ihem to s:..; I heir own semi'iit-i's. They eim- I dtinncrl ihpnwlvc.s to cniuh:emenl ! in the ImincilluK! vlt-inity of theii , homes alti-r r, o'clOLk in the sve- Jamrs Tbonns Helliu available lomes on the American Revolution, much Shakespeare, in preparation lor an oratorical carter. AI- Southern University iGrrensboro. Ala.) nnd at the A i r c M. Cotleqe (Auburn. Ala.K he rtohaled. oral"d. played selionl ivjl- ilics. Gr.-iduatln?. he moved lo l,a- ri'^'eMe. Aln., (here sludird lav.-, was r.dmlitod to (he bar in .lanuarv IFns. Two months later he wn* r-lfclcd mayor of Lafavetlc. youn"- r"i >23) in the town's lilslorv. Tp Ifn'i he married Minnie Knt« Fchne.-sler. now dpcensed. who b^ 1 -" )i : rn rinn sin .lairds Thomas ir, T-Tr- has h<>]rt nublic otTire ccinllnnouslv r,.-. Pr-aislrar in Cbancorv. Rtai'- Lc?if:.i(/ir. Stale Constlliitlonal n"l- enair (1901), Alalnnn Secrelarv (if f.iain I13W-41 v. S. RenresTi'n- li'-" from the 5th Alabama District onn^-sni. u. g. Sr-natnr («inr« 'f'°fll. His" term expires March 3 We Must Streak-0-Lean 10 Pound Limit With Purchase of SI or More Great Northern IQrlRlfT Very Fancy 2 Pounds ISJCIKIl/t fn Full Head ib. 5c Chicot Rid ge News i Tti Conbross: He Is one of the most voluble sneakers, best raconteurs, in either House. Enterinc lh>- P^nrite. he became a vinlent criM'- nf the Federal Reserve Sv=tem a"' 1 its 1920-21 donation nolicv. if claimed to have driven 1 ' 1 " Beard Governor William P. Go"'- 1 Hardin" finale-h<ind"d rad of office. Allied with ihe Kn Kluv Kh" he nexl turned savfi^clv imon tb° Kn'eht! nf Oolumhiif. charged I hi- Rom&n Catholic Church with no- litji--<l nlots aea>Tist 'hr> U. R. Wrek- Iv he bellowed his hate*; and fe->" a"ain?t tho Romnn Pone, innd" himself notorious throuchoul t h " land. H» susiectixl papal plot; against his life. becan)e wary r where he went, what he ate. He voted for: Tmmternllon Restriction (1923). the Soldier Bonus (1924). Tax Reduction (1921. 192fi 1928. 1929), Farm Relief '1927. 1928. 1929). the Boulder Dam (1928) the Jones (Five & Ten) Law (1929) the Navy 15-Crulser Bill (1929). He voted against. Reapportion- mer.t (19291. He votes, drinks, and speaks Dry. Kis attitude on foreisn alfairs i.~ \Vi!soni3n. Chief legislation bearing his j name (as co-anchor): the bill ere- : - atir.g a national "Nfother's Day." I Tall (6 ft.), massive (215 Ib.i. h- aflocts th» appearance of Ilic old- school Southern colonel. HLs ey-t in z broad face that flushes crlm- ion in the heat of debate arc steely grey. 'His hair, parted near the middle, is a thin, sandy grey, lit dresses in a black froek coat, grey tro",i?ers. cream vest, pince-nez on a laree black ribbon, wide-brimmed blacV. felt hat. H:s voice Is nil orat tor's mighty organ, strident in nttacV: soft and tender in appeal Artful is his use of language. His runner Is violently emotional, demagogic, with heaven-splitting gesture? and flying coat tails. His reo- cti'ious li.'ades which make him perspire freely drive most of his I'llow- Senators from the chamber. A. pious Methodist, he believe Gcd guides his actions; he give- penerously to charities. Ho does not rmjks or chew, use cofTre or tea. Outside Congress: Ho lives with hi? ion at the non-fashionable Con- linf-ntal Hotel when in Washington; whtn in Lafayette in a co- lonial-lype tree-shaded mansion, owas: no automobile. His one diversion: watching baseball games He is outside Washington smart .'ociety. Impartial Senate observers rat" him thus: an oratorical genius, a'i eccentric, no great legislator. An oldtlme politician whose personal magnetism has overridden his leg- iFbtive deficiencies, brought him. ifiloifiil, (o. a drab mcdern Con- CKS5. He bolted, bated Democratic .supporters ot Roman Catholic Alfred Emamiel Smith in 1D28 Mumnod for President Hoover, bn; Misses Kalhryn and Jewell Baker and Corrinnc Thome were the :nesls of Miss lle.ssie Cassidy o[ Huffman Saturday and Sunday Douslas Wilson, son of Mr» and Mrs. Arden Wilson of this community. broke his arm Saturday while trying to crank a car .Mrs. Claudi.-. Cnitcr and daughter, visited Mrs. Merlin Ray last Friday ' Misses Jewell and Knthryn liak- er, Joe Cassidy and Lynn Baker I attended the dance nt the Guhol-c Hall Tuesday night. I Miss Jevv-ll Baker .spent Tnesdav • with Miss Corrinne Tliornc Owendolyi, Naves, small daughter! of Mr. and Mrs. G . R. N i>v « , s I spending the week with her g , aml '. ["rents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Nuvcs Little R. ? x nakcr jr., cut his foot whlK- iilaying Monday. Mrs. A p. jjurks visited her mother m uragg citv lriM lveck Therefore it will pay you to watch our SPECIALS Cane Chairs Our Best All Cast Iron Range The well known Black Diamond 50-lb. Banner Cotton Mattress Not (he .ir> I-'limsuv Kind Simmons Iron Beds Best quality, 2-in. post Read Courier News want arls Beautiful all enameled green Range Wood King Heaters 22-inch AS! Cast Laundry Stoves or Carnation ge or|6 Small Cans 10c BACON Ib. 13c No. 2 Can Standard Libby's Delux No. 2 1-2 Can ISc CRACKERS K. 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