The Record-Argus from Greenville, Pennsylvania on June 1, 1908 · Page 4
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The Record-Argus from Greenville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Greenville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1908
Page 4
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FAOB THE) EVENING RECORD. QREBNVUJJl. PA. MONDAY, JUNE i, 1908. OUR SOLDIER* DEAD. SHErUHGO VALLEY CEMETERY. A Soldier of the Revolution. Hugh McOill, 8, Bat'l. Cumberland Co. I'a. Mil. The War of iBia. Capt Robert Bean, 135, Pa. Mil. Benjamin Boyer, 136, Pa. Mil. James W. Drown, 135, Pa. Mil. Andrew Campbell. 13S, Pa. Mil. Lieut. Oeorge Davis. 135. Pa. Mil. William Emery, 135, I'a. Mil. William Ewing, 13R, Pa Mil. PhilipPonner. 136' Pa. Mil. John Long, 13S, Pa. Mil. Cap't. Robert Mann, 135, Pa. Mil. James McCurdy, 136. Pa. Mil. Peter Miller, 135, Pa. Mil. James Nelson, 136, Pa. Mil. Peter Roberts, 136, Pa. Mil. William Tanner, 138. Pa. Mil Cornelius Tunison. 135, Pa. Mil. Tames Waugh, 135, Pa. Mil. John Williamson. 135, Pa. Mil. The ClTll War. John Annett, 65, Pa. Vol. Mil. John Bacher, 109. Pa. Inf. Daniel Baer, 01, Pa. Vol. Inf. Lieut, tames R. Bean, 169. Pa. Inf. Wm. Betts, 46, Pa. Vol. Inf. John Bloodhart, 146. Pa. Vol. Inf. John Bovee, 83, Pa. Vol. Inf. Wilion P. Braden. 134, Pa. Vol. Inf.— 0. Pa. Arty. Jeremiah R. Brittaln, H, Pa. Vol. Mil. James C.. Brown, 55, Pa. Vol. Mil. Lieut. Lewis Burton Brown, 10, Pa. Cav. Henry Canby, Sherman's Army. Theo. Carmlchael, 109, Pa. Inf.— 6. Pa. Arty. Reuben H, Chaffce, 82, Pa. Vol. Inf.— 91, Pa. Vol. Inf. Oliver B. Christy, 61, Wis. Vol. Inf.— 57, Pa. Vol. Inf. Thompson A. Christy, 65, Pa.' Vol. Mil. Hawley R. Cross, U. S. Navy. Samuel C. Dickey, 65, Pa. Vol. Mil. William T, Donaldson, 70. Pa. Vol. Inf. W. H. H. Dumars, 146, Pa. Vol. Inf. William H, Dunn, Young's Ind. Battery O.. Pa. Arty. Cap't. Tames W. Bckles. 20, Iowa Vol. Inf. Maxwell English, 2, Bat). Pa. 0 Mos. Vol. Inf. David H. Ford, 61. Pa.. Vol. Inf. James Foullc. J45. Pa. Vol. Inf.— 63, Pa. Vol. Inf. William Galloway, 10. Pa. Reserves— 191 Pa. Vol Inf. James P. Oarber, 0, N. Y. Cav. John Gephart, 22, Pa. Cav.— 3. Pa. Prov. Cav. Horace Granger, 57, Pa. Vol. Inf. B, P. Hall, 126, Ohio Vol. Inf. Justus M. Hall, 3, Indiana Cav, Philip J. Harlow. S3, Pa. Vol. Inf. Bernard Harrison, 0, Ohio Cav. Major Nelson R. Hayes. 83, Pa. Vol. Inf.— 65 Pa. Vol. Mil. Henry J, Hcnnlnger. 145, Pa. Vol. Inf. Reuben V. Hllands, 106. Ohio, Vol. Inf. Wesley Jackson, U. S. C. T. George 0. Keck, 146, Pa. Vol. Inf. Lieut. Isaac Keck. 83. Pa. Vol. Inf. Christian Kellar, 01, Pa, Vol. Inf. William H. Kemp, 109, Pa. Inf. Robert D. Kldd, 65, Pa. Vol Mil. William A, Lanpher, 1, Maine Cav, Harvey Larimer, 211, Pa. Vol. Inf. PUmp Leech, 100, Pa. Vol. Inf.— 55, Pa., Vol. Mil. Ant. Surg, P. H. Loet, 67. Pa. Vol, Inf. Lieut. Joseph L. Linn, 145, Pa. Vol. Inf. Marvin Loomis, 56, Pa. Vol. Mil. John Love, 100, Pa. Vol. Inf. Herman Luti, 32, N. Y. Vol. Inf. W. C. B. Martin, 169. Pa. Inf. Col, William Maxwell, 67, Pa. Vol. Inf. C»(Jl. Ralph Maxwell, 57, Pa Vol. Inf.— 11. U, S. Inf.— 20, U. S. Int. Daniel P. MerU, 47. Pa. Vol. Inf.— 128, Pa. Vol. Inf. Harmon Miller, 83, Pa. Vol, Inf. Jeremiah H. Morford, 65, Pa. Vol. Mil. James Morgan, 76, Pa. Vol. Inf. Capt.. Oeorgo D. Moore, 140, Pa. Vol. Inf.— 23, U. S. C. T. Stephen Moore, 160, Pa. Vol. Inf. I. D. Morse. 33, N. Y. Vol. Inf. Albert O. Mossman, 15, U. S. Inf. James 8. Mover, 109, Pa. Vol. Inf. U. Banning McDowell, 11, til, Vol. Inf. M, J. McEmaney. 66, Pa. Vol. Mil. Barney McGowen, 100, Pa., Vol. Inf.— 56. Pa. Vol. Mil. Joseph F. Parker, 4. U. S. Arty. Robert Plater, U. S. C: T. Lieut. N . W. Porter, Unassigned Pa. Inf. ' Charles O, Power, 3, Penna Arty. James Ramsey, 67, Pa, Vol. Inc. John L. Rcinor, 88, Pa. Vol. Mil Thomas M. Rcinor, 65, Pa. Vol. Mil. Emery RoberU. 102, U. S. C. T. Moore C. Roberts, 83, Pa. Vol. Inf. 1 Samuel A. Roberta, 16, Pa. Cav. William D. Ross, 1, Ohio Arty. WUUam L. Rutter, 65. Pa. Vol. Mil. Dnritt C. Scholl, 1, Pa. Vol. Inf. <• Phillip Secondgost, 55, Pa. Vol. Mil. Henry Shannon, 61, Pa. Vol. Inf. Jacob Shepard, The Erie Regiment. , Prank S. Sisley, 145. Pa. Vol? Inf. Stephen Smith. 7, . a. o , N. J. Cav. Keep Your Eye On This Space For Saturday Specials Abe Hesse The Leading Clothier When To Eat Is A Question Where To Eat Is Not Debatable CITY RESTAURANT Of Course. PARIS CLOAK HOUSE Store of Exclusive Styles. t We Are Prepared to Show And Endless Variety of Summer Garments in Tailored Suits, Lingerie Waists, Silk Dresses, Linen Suits, Costumes, Coats and Skirts At Prices to suit (everybody. It's the Greatest line we have ever shown. SHEHAHGO VALLEY CEMETERY— Continue I jolm Supple, 7, Chin. Vol. Inf. William H. SykM, 20, Ohio Battery. Oeorge W. Thomas, U. S. C. T. William H. Thompson, 63, Pa. Vol. Mil. Milo O Van Warner. 80. N. Y. Vol. Inf. William H. Walker. 145 Pa. Vol. Inf. Daniel II. Weikal. 121. Pa. Vol. Inf John N. Wrir, Cooper's Battery B. 1. Pa. Arty. John F. Whwler, 55. Pa. Vol. Mil. George W. Whitney. 145. Pa. Vol. Inf. Frank Wright, 2. Pai Ca . John Wilcv, 65, Pa. Vol. Mil William Yokes, 29, Ohio. Vol. Inf. A CiTil War rTurse. Samanthn A. Plummer Bignell, Army of the Cumberland. Tbe Spanish-American W«r. Capt. I). P. Packard 15. Pa. Vol. Inf. Charles Rke. 16. Pa. Vol. Inf. George D. Williamson, 16. Pa. Vol. Inf. ST. MICHAEL'S. James Cunningham, 4, Pa. Cav. M. P. Kelley. 1. California Lav Daniel Maloney, 4. Co. 2, Bngade Bombay Arty.—U. S. Navy J O'Neal, 18, Pa. Cav. Daniel O'RIley, Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, C. S. A. OTTER CREEK—Donation. George W. Hoffacker, War ot 1812. George Beerman, 125, Ohio Vol. Inf. Samuel J. Shollenberger, 63, Pa. Vol. Inf.—2 Ball. V. R. C. 3ALKM—Freeland. Oliver Precland, 67, Pa. Vol. Inf. SALE M—Stevenson. Joseph Allen. War of 1812. Hobert McKinzie, War of 1812. J ohn Joseph Thomas, Mexican War. ames M. Ball, 67. Pa. Vol. Inf. I. A. Barrows, 211. Pa. Vol. Inf. Philip Bortner, 2, Pa. Cav.—1, Pa. Prov. Cav. John B. Cole, 67, Pa. Vol. Inf. Joseph Dumars, 55, Pa. Vol. Mil. Jonas J. Pell. 57, Pa. Vol. Inf. Alfred R. Foulk, 2. Pa. Cav. Richard C. Foulk. 2, Pa. Cav. Wiliam H. Jones. 2 Pa. Cav.—1, Pa. Prov. Cav. John Lindsay, 81, Pa. Vol. Inf. Wm. Lindsay, 83, Pa. Vol. Inf, Caleb N. Minnis, 2, Pa. Cav.—1, Pa. Prov. Cav. David A. McClimans, 2, Pa. Cav. Lewis N. McGranahan. Ill, Pa. Vol. Inf. David M. Stevenson. 2, Pa. Cav.—55, Pa. Vol. Mil. James K. Swisher, 145, Pa. Vol. Inf. Hiram Vosler 65, Pa' Vol. Mil. John Wilson, 189, Pa. Inf. HEMPFIELD—Old Salem War of the Revolution. William A. Bean. William Bcatty. Lieut. James Williamson, 12, Pa. Colonial Vols. The War of 1812. Leut. James J. Bean, 136. Pa. Mil. Lieut. Thomas H. Bean, 136, Pa. Mil. Robert Beatty. 135, Pa. Mil. Francis Beatty, 136, Pa. Mil. Lt. Col. Andrew Christy, 135. Pa. Mil. James Linn, 135. Pa. Mil. Matthew Ormsby, 135 Pa. Mil. Major John Sims 135, Pa. Mil. Wilson Bean 140, Pa. Vol. Inf. Edwin Pry, 153, Pa. Vol. Inf. -. W. Gill, 7, Kansas Cav. oseph M. Kitch. 145. Pa. Vol. Inf. • irge Thompson, 140. Pa. Vol. Inf. WEST SALEM—Baptist Lieut. D. C. Comstock, 57, Pa. Vol. Inf. WEST SALEM—Brown, Adam Miller, War of 1812. Leander Miller, Price's Army of the West, C. S. A—14, Pa. Cav. WEST SALEM—Good Hope. Jacob Kamerer. War of 1812. John Lewis Mohr, 145, Pa. Vol. Inf. WEST SALEM—Jerusalem. Reuben Borti, 189, Pa. Inf. WEST SALEM—Parker. Stephen Burns, War of 1812. Carlisle Losse, War of 1812. WEST SALEM—Rock Ridge. Samuel McGowen—War of the Revolution. Tbe War of i8t>. George Bums, 135, Pa. Mil. Thomas Cherry, 135, Pa. Mil. George Cord, Indian War—136, Pa. Mil. James Hunter. 136, Pa. Mil. Matthew Hunter, 135, Pa. Mil. lames Melvin, 138, Pa. Mil. James Mossman, 136, Pa. Mil. luel K. Parker, 135, Pa. Mil. w J. W Jose Geor The War With Merico. The Civil War. Jai Sai Joseph Morris, 2, Pa. Vol. Inf. William Amon, 4, Pa. Cav. Guel E. Burns, 169 Pa. Inf. John Calvin, 169, Pa., Inf. John Carnegie, 8, Iowa Vol. Inf. Henry W. Jones, 4, Pa. Cav. Conrad S. Parker, 14, Pa. Cav. "THESE REST WHERE THEY WE RIEO AND SLEEP WHERE THEY FELL: Three hundred and thirty-seven thousand nine hundred and thirty six men went from Pennsylvania to the Civil War. Thirty-seven, thousand one hundred and eighty-three never came back—and these were oura: James Aldenderfer, Henry H. Bear, Jonathan Bear, John E. Boil, George A. Blank, James M. Boies, Samuel Bowman, John H. Clingan, David Cole, David Davis, Truman L. Deikman, John C. Dickey, Cornelius 1'eathers,. B iseph A. Feathers, enry H. Felthousen, Marcelus Foulk. U. S. Navy, Samuel R. Foulk, Elias Foust, Christian C. Glatzau, Daniel Gleason, John Greenawalt, William P. Gregory, Israel Gongawere, Albert Goodrich, John T. Gutherie, Beth A. Hays, Henry Heckman, Lewis F. Heller, Joseph H. Hildebrand, Leonidas H. Hill. Daniel Harry, James Harry, S. D. Husunplug, Henry C. Hoober, Jpmes Hoobler, Ephraim W. Keck. Allen Kirbey, losiah C, Long, William Loudennilch Lt. Comdr. James G. Maxwell, William Maxwell, Jr. Cornelius McKuin. James McCoy, Harmon McDowell, Wesley H. McFetridge, William A. McMillen, James Mohr. Cyrus Moreland, Newton H. Morford, "ohn Mosher. 'ames A. Mowry, aseph A. Nelson, 'ames A. Ntckerson, John Nickerson. Syrenus Pcarsoll, George W. Poole, Michael W. Ream, Keller Reynolds, Benjamin Saul, Packard Seweli, David Shepnard, Edward P. Shepnard, Andrew E. Slater, Simon Smith, John M.^Stophenson, James K. Swisher, John M. Taylor, Lieut. John W. Vincent, Robert B. Warnook, Playford Woods, George W, Woodworth. B. F. Zimmerman, J. W. Zimmerman. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 139, P. V. I. 57, P. V. I. 146, P. V. I. 145. P. V. I. 145. P. V. I. 145. P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 8, Ills. Cav. 4, Pa. Cav. 145, P. V. I. 77, P. V. I. 83, P. V. I. 83, P. V. I. U. S. I. 57, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 83, P. V. I. 145, P. V' I. 10, Pa. Reserves. I 145, P. V. I. 57, P. V. I. 57, P. V. I. 169, Pa. Inf. 145, P. V. I. Ill, P. V. I. 145. P V. I. 140 K V. I. 145. P. V. I. 145. P. V. I. U. S. Navy. 15, P. V. M. 145. P. V. I.—53, P. V. I. 140, P. V. I. 01, P. V. I. 145. P. V. I, 63, P. V. I. 146, P. V. I. 140, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 12, Ohio Cav. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 2. Pa. Cav. 57, P. V. I. 145. P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 14, Pa. Cav. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P, V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. ' 145 P. V. I. Ho, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. 14, U. S. I. 145, P. V. I. ' 145, P. V. I. 145, P. V. I. Culpeper. Annapolis. Virginia. Wilderness. Wilderness. Andersonville. Arlington. Cold Harbor. Cold Harbor. Predericksburg Point of Rocks. Salisbury. Harpers Ferry. Alexandria. Andersonville. Salisbury. Hatchers Run. Florence. Kenosaw Mountain. Gaines Mill. Gettysburg. Philippines. Wilderness. Alexandria. Salisbury. Salisbury. Georgetown, Fredericksburg. Gaines Mills. Washington. Gettysburg. Fair Oakes. Yorktown. Predcricksburg. Atlanta. Arlington. Fredericksburg. Cold Harbor. Florence. Tampico. Mcx. New Orleans. Petersburg. Spottsylvania. Fair Oaks. Washington. Wilderness Andersonvile. An dersonville. Washington. Nat. Military Home. Palmouth. Andersonville. City Point. Washington. Arlington. Fredericksburg. Spottsytvania. Spottsylvania. Andersonville. North Anna. York. Andersonville. Cold Harbor. Washington. Gettysburg. Washington. RichmoSd. Predericksburg. Fredercksburs. Gettysburg. Washington. Fredericksburij. Chancellorship, 7O8 State Street, Erie, Pa. Consumptives Made Comfortable. Foley's Honey and Tar has cured many cases of Incipient consumption and even In the advanced stages affords comfort and relief. Refuse any but the genuine Foley's Honey and Tar. Oeo, F. Kamerer, Bessemer Pharmacy. Our line of commencemnt books Is complete, including set* and single volumes In leather and cloth, handsomely Illustrated and printed. Whitewash will not hide the freckles on a man'q reputation. ,< is/as.*. .GREAT MERCER COUNTY FOLKS. Col. Derrlckion Elected President of the Reunion Association at Pittsburg. A reunion of Mercer county folks living In Plttsburg and vicinity was hold Saturday at Homestead park, Plttsburg, and was attended by about 250 persons. Officers were elected, speeches were made, games playd, and It was arrangd to hold the reunion next year at the same place on Memorial day. These officers were chosen: President, Colonel C. II. Derrickson, Monessen; secretary, W. C. Riddle, Wllklnsburg; treasurer, David McCune, Wllklnsburg. Dinner was served In the big dining pavilion and speeches were made by Librarian H. O. Lamb, Braddock; Professor J. S. Fruit, Bellevue; Honorable S. B. Griffith, Plttsburg; Attorney S. R. McClure, Braddock; Professor W. A, Rodgera, Apollo; Ernest Gamble, McKeesport; Attorney J. G. Sllveus, Homestead; J. C. Van Orsdell, Plttsburg; James M. McConaell, Duquesne; Mrs. Dr. H. C. Zlmmerly, Hazelwood, and Miss Mary Maxwell, Northslde. REACHING THE SPOT. It Can Be Done, So Scores of Greenville Citizens Say. To cure an aching back, The pains of rheumatism, The tired-out feelings, You must reach the spot—get at the cause. la most cases 'tis the kidneys. Doan's Kidney Pills are for the kidneys. T. Mathay, retired, 46 Union St., Greenville, Pa., says: "I suffered with kidney trouble and rheumatism for some time and was In such condition at times that I was unable to get around. In the morning I would be stiff and lame and if I contracted a slight cold tt would cause me a great deal of suffering. My back was always weak anil lame. I had read of Doan's Kidney Pills and decided to try them, procuring a box at Aldenderfer's drug store. It took only a few doses to convince me that I had found a medicine of merit. I con tlnued the treatment a short time and was rewarded with a complete cure. I have.suffered no rheumatism or kidney trouble since that time and cheerfully recommend Doan's Kidney Pills to anyone suffering with any form of kidney, trouble." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milbura Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the Unl ted States. Remember the name—Doan's—and take no other. YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS. Foley's Kidney Remedy will' cure any case of kidney or bladder trouble that Is not beyond the reach of med Iclne. No medicine can do more. Geo. F. Kamerer, Bessemer Pharmacy. REGARDLESS OF COST. Anybody can apply It. A thicker coating than any other Rubber Roof- Ing on the market. Can be applied over old shingles. Sold by reliable people and backed up by quality. Needs no painting. Samples, prices, etc., on request McHenry-Mlllhouse Mfg. Co. South Bend. Ind. FOR SALE BT LIVINGSTON 4 MOYER, Greenville Pa. * WANTED * A CASE OF ECZEMA Serutula, Sale Rheum, Psoriasis or Ulcen (tiot has baffled all doctors «kll> aodotbei ujudk'lpefl Dr. Taylor's Eczema Remedy, will positively cur* U—tbs wont kind • caee—or no pay. Sold by Creo. F. Kamerer, Bessemer Pharmacy. Ask for tra« booklet PERSONAL. —Earl Keck spent Sunday In Youngatown and Warren. ••<•*••* —.1. L. Young, o£ Plttsburg, called on friends here, Sunday. —Miss Anna Huth visited friends In Youngstown, over Saturday. •^ <•. (•! —Miss Ella Hawks spent Sunday with relatives In Sharon. *• ^ •» —Miss Jennie Anderson has returned from Conneaut, Ohio. *> •• ••• —Miss Allene Mack, sf. Youngstown, spent Sunday with her parents. —Fred Steward, of Pittsburg, Is spending a few days In town. *• <•• .•> —Miss Kathryn Callen has returned from Plttsburg. —Miss E"tta Callen, of Youngstown, spent Sunday at her home on Elm street. —Miss Veda Becham, of New Castle, visited Miss DeEtta Shaw, over Sunday. —Miss Ethel Cannon, of Stoneboro, has returned home, atfer a few days' visit with Miss Lois McCIellan. «•• ••• *• —Miss Nora Bresnan, of Cleveland, is spending a few days at her home on Clarksvllle street. —Mrs. Fred Helle, of Plttsburg, has returned home, atfer a month's visit with her parents. —Mr. and Mrs. William laesher, and daughter, Helen, spent Saturday on their farm, near New Hamburg. —Misses Una Muntz and Bessie Grimm have returned home, atfer a few days 'n Sharon. —Mrs. Olive Mandeville, of Corry, is a guest of Mrs. Helen Thome, of Clinton street. —James W. Morgan and wife, of Cincinnati, are guests of Arthur Mor gan and family, of Plum street —Mrs. William Edwards, Jr., of OH City, has been visiting Mrs. C. J. Achre and Mrs. C. C. Richardson. —Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bell 'an* family, of Leeches Corners, spent Sunday with relatives In town. •»• *. .«• —'Miss Florence Hamlin, of Grove City, spent Sunday at her home on Union street —Miss Edna Wellar has returned from a two weeks' visit with relatives in Predonla. *» «. *h —Miss Edna Waugh, of Plttsburg, Is visiting her mother, Mrs. Ella Waugh, of Main street. —Hugh Annett, of Pittsburg, Is visiting his mother and sisters, of North Second street. •*. .«. «. —Mrs. Carrie Henglst, of Plttsburg, is visiting at her home on South Front street. —Frank Williamson, of Pittsburg, Is spending a few days at his home, east of town. —Mr. and Mrs. John Lehan, of Albion, have returned home, after spending the week with relatives here. —N. F. Wahl and wife, and Miss Olive McCIeery, of Pittsburg, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. t. A. Wahl. «•• .«•> « —Joseph Carberry and wife, of Springboro, have returned hpme, after spending a few days with relatives here. <•>.*.••. —Frank Owen Amon, of the high school graduating class, has been awarded the Allegheny college scholarship for highest rank In the class. —Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Morris, of Alliance, Ohio, are guests of Mrs. Morris' brother, James W. Vaughn. Mr. Morris was a former superintendent of schools In Greenville and Greenville people have a very warm side for him. Both he and his wife are welcome visitors. •» ••• HP —Henry C. Wertz, of Conneaut Lake, was a guest of Mr, and Mrs. F. M. Buck, a few days ago. Mr. Wertz is one of the well-known family that settled just north of Greenville In early days but though'living within twenty miles of Greenville had not been here for 63 years. Eating Coeoanut-ouitard Pl«. Everybody sings me praises of cocoanut-custard pie If Its made Just right so as to melt in one'a mouth, but a heavy, soggy pie will spoil the entire meal and Injure the digestion. It is now possible for everyone to have good pie as grocers are selling "OUR-PIB," each package containing Just the proper Ingredients for two pies. Varieties: Lemon, chocolate, and custard, 10 cents p*r package. Order the custard for cocoanut-cui- tard plea. Flrtt Conneaut Uakt Excursion. Exposition Park will open for the season, Saturday, May 30th. Inquire of agents or see bllla (or ratei of fare and time of trains. Complete Line -OF- RUBBER GOODS —Just In— — AT — West's Drug Store Go To Jackson's FOR YOUR GROCERIES and MEATS Lowest Prices 28 Spring Street, Bell Phone 70 W LAWNS Your lawn and grass will be increased in beauty 100 per cent, by using our specially prepared lawn fertilizer- Nothing under 5Q pounds will be delivered- COAL Either Phone LIME AND CEMENT. To excel at all times U to b« expected of every house, but to «xc«l at all times marks a position raiwljr attained. Yet this 1* Just our position today In the Lime and Ocmrat business. We can give you excellent Building Materials at reasonable prices and prompt delivery. Try us with your next ordw for Lime and Cement Your Trade will be appreciated. GREENVILLE COAL AND ICE CO. N. Water. 8t Both 'Phons*. Dr. S.±i'.!3tiaklev DENTIST, LIVINGSTON BLOCK Office Roomt 190^ Main Street National Temperance Pledge. I hereby promise by the help of God to abstain from taw use of all Intoxicating Hquor, Including wine, beer and older u a beverage. , Sign here W. T. •. BAKU. CONTRACTOR ANP •UIUDBM. ESTIMATES FURNISH 10, 60 Columbia hvenue. UshlsHB vn>v» MONIYTQUOAN b. KODWI, Walnstmt,

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