The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1934
Page 3
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APRIL 10, 1934 Happiness^at Work Holds Key to Success fi .XA. I tK^. -« *• »»**—^'•-nasa-ii—-rvn-w BLYTHBVima. ( ASK.V COURIER NEWS PAGETHREB KITCHEN! «V SINTKIt JIAKI 1 NLA Smite SlalV H'rlltT Sill-Inn h ihc tlun.. i« cx|x>rl- mciii. Iliivt- you n-i'i- irir-il uvu- cmlos un tin- Ininlly? 11 ho i. M t u <">>'. In salmi or fruit cup. llicy will <ulil 11 inn,- ot urairtul novi-Hy when i-vi'i-yljody Is iiiul ol nil Hie old thincs. In Morlila (hi. nvur.-it!n is known as nlliB.ilor IX..ILI- or inliblilnnuiii's oiitli-r. In Cnliforiiln MJIMI' mil II calavo. Hy liny imim>, u w in ^m te ildi In f 11( lim( ;-| 1: ,| llllls A „ O, B nml Ci, nol lo siinik of eill- cliim, Iron, phosphorus n l;I | USMn . fil mlnoinls. They ruok U cado is cut In tllM« the Mm* tilt nnd chape u ttw (ripe fruit cwp- els «nd sprinkled with Mlt inj lemon or Jlnw Jutoe. They lire arranted rouuded aide up in a leaf of lettuce, »ltem»tlnf the iruiu. A thread of (tetn pepper can be laid acrou (Mb ,ultd If a »ivld gurnlsh Is wanted. Three of avocado and two sections of grape fruit uuike n nicy serving fur n dinner salad. If tlte salod Is wanted as a inuln course luncheon Milad to bo tervod with sandwlch- is. linger portions .should lx> provided. Another delicious way 10 sorvi Is lo cm llk-m In hnlves oiws In qunitent—nml remove Hie seed without peeling. The null niusl be thoroughly chilled before culling its 11 discolors on standing. Kat W |lh H spoon. for rtudcnt bod; membership. Manr at, Omon Blttt also de. dined to pay. Montreal. COMWgSIONER'g SALE Notlw U hereby given that the underlined, commissioner, In compliance with the t*rms ot a de--- r — .— ... ...- cree rendered by the Chancery rlw Juit south of Court for the Chlckasapba Duma of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 26th day. of Psbmary, 1934 wherein Taylor Roberts, Receiver H. & I,. Assn. (Por- 8AtE —•' is hereby given that the of Travelers ••" «•->-•» f o*' v »* t**»l lllc - . . undersigned commissioner, In com- pelinil) wus Plaintiff, No- 6538 of a de- nnd Mrs. Minnie McMnhan el nl' Chancery were Defendants, will fell nt pub-' pllnnce with the terms cr«j rendered by the idn, .... llVOCIldo 111 , but must people ilk,, ii lii-tii-i The chorus gi,J i i juli, loo, l4> smile. *Change Job Yon Don't Like- Officer in Nav * Three rp* TI ' ] Years Hadn't Seen Oc< :> 1 imo Lnougli for Play 1 The happy worker most often is tht -.ui-teMful one. So Mary Mur- Baret McHridc, lulled wrilrr. rr-,.. veils in Hip following iirliclr, die']; mend of fix or, "The Arl of Happiness." :il:ont Die iwo cluck-watcher. Hie •orlx'd in BY MARY MARGARET MilSRIlM: NEA Service Slafl Correspondi-nl (Copyright. 19:11, NKA Service-. Inr-.l 'NEW YORK—According (o a certain prominent execulive. an amazing number ol Hie men slid women who lost their jobs In tlie depression years ivere thoss wlio never had really liked the work they were doing. To te sure, they gol throuph their (asks well enough, bin not with HUM little extra flourishes tlitit mean', they were performing inbors of love. The ones who were onlhusias- lic abom the way they earned tl'.eir livin? were tlie lust to go er and mostly never went at all. There tliey arc today, tinned, still at the old s-uincl. turning out holier work because they tn- , joy It. In this day ol vocalional guidance bureaus and adult training classes, there is small excuse for anybody who keeps on at a chore *•» >">'- On every sitic arc aids boys, one a other so ab- he was doing tluil v.-orkcil on and on after Hie clcx-k-wattlier Ii n i[ depart e tl. Such stories Invariably end with I hi- cluck watcher .still a clerk and the ambitious fellow his bfis. there is something to be said lor the legend, but ivorkini; MEDFORD, Ore.. IUP)—Ueutcn- ant George B. nibble spent three years iji the navy before he saw • , e an ocean. Then, lie made a spe- ! ciul (rip to Brookings. Ore. , all hours, like any other until good tiling, can be carried too lar. Most mndcrn employers indeed prefer workers to leave the ofrice nl a reasonable hour. Such fore-sighted executives are thinking about next day and next week ami next year when they will need, vigorous help around the shop! Ambition; like long hours, can also be overdone. Good workers have been ruined by useless fret- tin,/ because (heir a'im was high- Ihan they could reach. Krow Yourself The lx>st way i.s to evaluate correctly, your own capabll- itics and not try to put them to the impossible. . In spite ol the CciiMitulion we are not all created absolutely equal for we rnnnoi nil do (he same things ncr do them with the same de Inol restrain Lewis L. Heidt, a j clerk, from filing u divorce co'm- j He took the matter Into his own ; hands. Heidt bought, some ofliclnl look, - Piper, lion-rowed a law book [from a public library, studied the , method and drew up his own corn- plaim. view ihe ponding surf. Lieutenant, Kibble was stationed at Ihe On ol ins enlisted mm:. jiu wus trans- — a ---.—......,« U,.,T* u^ uivuiuv ferrcd some lime ago lo take I 001711 ' 1 "'" 15 ' accepted Heidi's hnn- chnr«c ol a CCC camp. This was ! (1 '*' or k as the first compluint ever the closest he had approached an nlcd '" "'" " " " ' uouding surf. IJIUHII. in Kibble was stationed Cecil Eschmeyer, court file clerk, •cat Lakes during most , wl '° S I*" (1 5 most of his time lielp- slcd time. He was trans-' '" B "ttorncys draw up divorce occnn, ai he devoted a week-end to visiting Hrooklngs nnd looking at the Pacific. and In the county liy a layman 'termed the document, "a model piece of work." Layman Drew Up . Own Divorce Papers INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (UP)—Rc- luctnncc to pay for legal talent to handle intricate court details did Youth's Hine Wrecked Phones NOHWALK. Conn. tUpj-Morc than 125 tclcpliunrji were uut out ol coimnission because a 12-vi'iir- old boy "tried out" a rifle owned by a koardfr at his home. The bullet Irai-eled an eight of a mile and struck an overhead telephone cable, severing the wires. When Hi? . thiek-KkliiuocI 'lelds to a s |j B hl iir.'.SMin-, « an tipple dors when ivi- i 'mellowness." nvocndus unto i-al. T.'.L- n, then Is a.s .,„„»„., nnd lender us Ijuked custiinl. Tusly First CIIIIIM- A xe.stfiil HIM COIII-M- for a luncheon or dinner lists lunmtoes and n vox-lulus in cuinbliiuiiun with crab Hakes. Choose smiill. peirecl- ly rl|H.> and unblemLshcd lojiiutocs — one for each ]XM.son lo ti- .served. Scald, di]i In cold water and peel. Scoop out Ihe wi-ds nnd chill In a well teasoned French . fur mi hour. Ur.iin nml (ill with equal pails ol ruii-ly diced Hvorado and crab liakcs generously sprinkled with h-mon juice. Ume Juice ran be sulwllliiled lor lemon if coin-enient. The iilllgiiicr (icnr totnblne.s well v.'llh iioy citrus fruit and forms the base ol many plo.imnl cocktails. An field h- ii.sed to bring oul the rich flavor. A very simple and decidedly up-io-ilnte" wuy to serve an avocado cocktail is to dice the Iruit. sprlnkk.- with salt and u itu- giuins u[ white ixjpptr und ixjiir over u sauce iiunle ol lomato ciilsun mid ilme jiiice. 11. must, ol be very cold. Prepared for S.'ilatl Avocado and grace fruit pulp Is delicious cither ns an appcliirr or salad. When used as u siiliul,! the grape Irull Is jireferred in 1 whole carpels carefully Ireed [rom Tumurrow's Menu Ulffc'AKKAST — Oronges, cereal ere: chipped beef In cream, pop-overs, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON — Baked nut ami tomato sauce, lettuce sandwiches, ilemtln-' Island, milk, tea. , DINNER —, Avocado cocklall, llesh crown roust of Innib, m-w potatoes miieti In paisley butter, mini Jelly, new n-aily I slrawbeiry bomb, cocoanut mamr. us. milk, collet-. Court Rules Student Body Fees Not Compulsory SAI.KM. Ore. (UP) — student xxly iissoclfltlons at University of Oregon nnd Oregon State College :odny fucc a crisis following u ruing by Attorney General 1. II. Van Winkle that compulsory cludcnt body lees cannot be collected le gaily. ' ' Students at the two Institutions ml paid 115 a year for the prlvl- 'CKC of belonging' to the association. A group of. advanced Rlu- denis al ihe university, In protest iigiilnM the ' fee, appealed lo the Ixmrd of higher education Hint it be made optional. Their request was itenled, so »p- pcnl was made to the attorney general. At registration for the •print; tenn, which followed, few- ;r Hum hulf tlie students at Ihe Unlvci.sity of Oregon chwe to pay H «'l.l r.' i,',', -"•. •"~,,,,, v ,,- ... ..u,&^-, wtlMtvll l[JC UOUr 1 ! »en th BuIldlnK ft Loan Assn., of prescribed by law, In the City of Utlle Rock, ArkanRM, a corpora- Blythevllle, Arkuasas. on the ll'h ijoii. was PlftinllfT, No. 65«, and day of April. 1934, the following HuU) Smith et al were Defend- 'Ml estate, to-wll- «»(.•!, will Ff}\ ot public auction the highest »nd best bklder, lor cash, on a credit of Three Months, at the front door of the Court House, betw<wn the hour* Described by law, in the City of Blytlievllle, Arkanms, oji the uth dny ol April, IBM, the following All of Lou five (S) nnd Six 1C), In Block "0," of the J |> I'rlde Subdivision lo ihe City of lilythtivlllc, 'Arkanais- al- 1,0 CertincnU) No. 8J8S. Clvx MAA. 4Q shines of Ihe Travelers UuJlillni; und i onn A'-so- clallon U'crpetuiil). Said sale will be bad to satisfy mhl decree In the sum of »IuWiM with 10 pi-r cent Interest Irorri rebrunry 20, 1S3<. The purchuser at wild s«|(> vvill be requlnid to execute bond with approved security, to secure the -. , Payment of the purchase money -... 10 per cent Interest from nlu ' « »en will be retained upon June 1st. 1933. and the hum of| Mll 'l Praperty us additional creur- »io.OO with 10 IHT cent Interest "V r " r H"o payment of such pur- Irom AUKUSI 1st, Wa, toaclhcr cll "- w money, with nil costs. i Witness my lutiul nnd the seal , , real estate, to-wlt; I.ot NO. 10 In Block One of the Chicago Mill A Lumber company's Third Addition to llic City of fllyllievllle, Arkansas. Snkl sute will be had to satisfy snlcl decree In the sum ol . The purchaser »t snid .sale will ° r snll l Court, on this the anth day of March, 1034. R. I.. OA1NES Commissioner in clinncery be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment ol the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said property us additional security for th« payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal ol snid Court, on this, the aith of March, 1934. R. L. OAINES Coinmtssluncr In Chtincery. 21-3-ID OHADE A Raw Milk ' PIMM ?« Craig's Dairy GUARANTEED New and Complete Line ol House Paints New and Complete Line of Fishing Tuckle. Oemibie Aladde:i Lamp . ParLs sac BUKKE 1IARDWARE CO. . nil .sktn and nianniiitd dressing for an hum 1 . In 'v.ncti established for the express purpose ol giving those who need it a new work deal. Take Time for Play Certainly it's goiny 10 make life a lot, happier when we- are all nbtp to do the thing we like instead ol Just something lu eke out our daily bread. For ol course Ihe very first essential to beini! happy in one's vocation is to like it. Even when yon do. there is a cerlnin amount of inevitable monotony, grind nnd disappointment to be borne. In the must congenial job there will nlway.i be unbeatable dnys wh™ everything (joes wron» and you feel tine you should have tnken up scrubbing or ditch-digging. But thoiiKh vou adore your work, never let it becomr- such n Jealous mistress lhal it w'in absorb your lime nnd thoughts lo the exclusion oi everything else. If you are lo keep on Imvin-' a , good Ume at your job, ymi liiit--.! dilute it with pinny nf outside' working hours, a stable .'iunie : life and an nrrcnlion or two lo ! keep you from becoming lop-sid-i ed and eventually a crank or else, a dry-ns-dust bore. | We have all read moral tales ' gree ol excellence. Trying too hard nnd always failing may produce a EeiLse of defeat. Ami out cf defeat, too often grows the deadly nightshade envy which kills happiness al a' stroke. Finally — while cverv worker should expci-l ,1 fair return for his efforts, do not make the mistake- of setting money as your prime aim. The happiest, man in his job lhal I have ever known was a -scientisl who in return for complete freedom from interlcr- inct- with his work had accepted an ninuinl stipend lhat would take cnrc ol his simple needs ;ind le.ive a little over for saving. He might luive hnd an annual falaiy liom n commercinl company oi fifty thousand dollars but as lie put it. ihe company would have owned him body and soul. He was happier with his freedom. So are we all I NKXT: lJe llnppj in ].uve. TAKEJHQME A PACKAGFOF THEDFORD'S BLACK-DRAUGHT —^—^.^^^^^^ PURELY VEGETABLE LAXATIVE We Buy Government Loan COTTON Also will give cash settlement in full at time of sale-Let us see your samples before you sell 0.0. Hardaway & Co. S. Second St. F "T 1 getletter than V) miles to thegallon!" T HEY built astonishing economy into that brilliant engine that powers my new 1934 Dictator," says Studebaker owner George E. Hickman. "I give a car punishment. I take long trips and drive fast. And when I tell you that the 5,000 miles I covered in my new Dictator the first month didn't mean even five minutes 'time out' for an adjustment, you'll realize what a truly superb automobile this new Studebaker is. "It has the style a 1934 car should have- attractive, not freakish, streamlining. And it handles easily under all conditions." You too will be thrilled by the performance and value of the new Dictator.Whatever your plans or price ideas about a new car, makt sure you take a Studebaker trial drive! J. C APPLEBY \l_;_ D_ rjL •«.• .. FINEST OF ALL STUDEBAKERS Streamlined skyway slylc bodies of steel reinforced by jtec! ... quadripoisc suspension that ciadles ihe action of all wheels, noi just (he from wheels . . . high-powered, sensationally ccnnomicalengincs... uncanny "mechanical brains" iliai leave you linle to do but steer . . . siamin.i derived from years of triumphs in slock car and In. diaiupolls Speedway racing ... beitercarsthan the Studebakers which sold for $180 to $700 more bsl year. Main & 5th ffl.vtheville, Ark. : *H« o», AT rut FACTORV STUDEBAKER GRABER'S "After Easter" Sale of iats and Swagger Suits We had a. wonderful Spring business on Coats and Suits . . . The women who bought thought they were wofiderful values . . . But, now all that are left are marked considerably lower thnn the original prices. Sizes M to M and :)S In -IS. « Coats and Suits desirable for wear now and in the Fall at prices you cannot resist. Formerly Marked $8.95 - Sale Price $£.64 6 Formerly Marked Sale I'rice Fnrmerly Marked $15 - Sale Price l-'nrmerly Marked $12.75 - Sale Price '9 Formerly Marked $16.75 - Sale Trice ir i ir Formerly Market! $l!t.75 - Sale IVice $1 C.74 15 Formerly Marked $25. Safe Price $1 n.74 19 fiRARER'C ^^^ mrPT aTnpwss ^^^ DEFT. STORES

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